SNE Sports Saturday - Around the NFL in Seventeen Minutes - 8-19-17

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Saturday, August 19th

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6) take a look at the upcoming NFL season. The AFC East should be a lock for the Patriots, but what about the remaining divisions? Will the Raiders provide a challenge now that Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement to play for his hometown Oakland.


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We're back to southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Welcome back southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI Scott critic she nicked a Corey we view. Patriots pre season test number two tonight against the Houston Texans. Down in an RG stadium two teams practiced together this week in West Virginia and ironically will meet again in week three. Of the regular season so a lot of familiarity here the good and then in the post season. That we O'Brien coached on the staff here knowing and so a lot of familiarity between these two. Mike Vrabel and west well area and two and is what to name their two. Who was brought me a bit no linebacker special teams guy Larry Izzo is he still. Oh. Good question I don't know thought he was an idea though. Yes so it's the odds a lot of familiarity after share me you know he. Eight at one point really felt like patriot south you know on and some of the guys going and defensible for went down there before I retired I mean you know. You know and and the Texans are playoff team in and done you know we'll see with to Shawn Watson tournament just to see how that kid does. You know he's one of those student yeah OK so he's not one of those hi Lee. It's highly touted for sort of his intangibles more than you know. When a look at animal like he's gonna be Andrew Locke and coming out of Stanford San was got all the great tools you always going to be you know he's got some tools. It's intangible things it was a winner climbs in and I I'll Zapata was interest thing. Is god this week you know Brady goes over and talks to two shot Watson after practice and you're really give my juices like to have some of the shows and good luck kids good good luck I'm not giving you any secrets skate he got to figure out is self. And that adds that's pretty funny to exist so Tom Brady it's like Curome gruesome look put on the greatest alumni giving away my secrets I'm Michael book go it'll tell you Eric 200 bucks. Did you see earlier this week until barn all came on on A story called the perfect NFL roster what he did was he took a look at all almost 17100 players in the NFL. And he tried to build the best possible 53 man roster all while staying under the 167 million dollar salary cap so we saw guys that perform well we look to the contracts and he made it all work. And there were three patriots that made his perfect roster who cracked can you guess who's three patriots are Wu. Operating. Yup. Perfect roster. But again keep in mind he had defeated all of the salary caps a 53 guys young under the cap okay. I would say grown but then me put you over the cap but you don't you'd be correct okay. Defensively. Obstacle DeVon according maybe in the close but so has he still argument and waste unit paid course shouldn't get technical estrogen you know for your true so. So Brady into the court about. Position for instance he's got Tom Brady as a starter at fourteen million. Dak Prescott is his backup. On the books for 636000. Dollars and that's a bargain right here at any place Keenan from the vikings as his third stringer one point nine million. Now you go to the tight end position. And this is pretty funny because they are all either patriots are former patriots. Go wrong at six point 75 million Asia starter your back up this Martellus Bennett a three point 85 million. And the cool man Michael. And well under way and Elena what do you one point 93 million so all a a strong patriots presence there at tight end. And then as I mentioned Malcolm Butler. At quarterback one of the starting corners I mean he's on the books her three point 91 million this year so that's a that's a bargain. Yeah let's wow that's interesting that's an interesting you know article to to bring up to and some of the Arkansas to what we got to think that means that. I I'd I wouldn't think just to be a hard exercise because there's going to be some great players on almost every position that our relative bargains whose contracts are not yet. They haven't hit their big payday but there's a perfect example of that. I think everybody would agree Brady for what he makes is a bargain bargain compared to what both quarterbacks Arlington. Yeah I mean what to do what's in a couple of dissent one year was a ten million dollar deal for Miami zealot Alicea. And laid out yeah it's always on the books or close lane really you tell me that they're that close yet and bradys in shape and Jay Cutler is not enough you're not doing great two point quarterback can't body. Can dolphins Manning hits just keep coming I don't know to me and they lost I was at their safety getting torn Achilles I think last week and is well and in all the of the Mason was coming into the season. They were the only competition for the patriots in the division crowns they I mean there are playoffs everybody knew the jets we're gonna suck this year. I think most people believe that the bills would and they got rid of the guys one of their big stars and in Sammy Watkins then. Who's the competition right now for the majors in the division now that the dolphins been ravaged by injury. There's no competent they can be done with Davis your quarterback I guess we'll find out listened he had his best year under Adam gates and a day in 22 and I believe it was of the players. I I'm not a believer I didn't know jewel colors not a good leader he's our he's such a mall yeah. I'd just hate watching Jay Cutler really or it's easy just. He he's just he's one of those classic guys with a fantastic guard you know with a million dollar arm a fifty cent head you know it's ages just doesn't have that a test of and that it. Thing you know deputy to make all the money in the world is he can throw the football throw for you know few touchdowns here in the Arab went. Off the lord and comes out he says nodding you don't have to be great sheet that tells you everything you need nobody Jay Cutler. Like to know much set the throw the ball in somebody's got to catch it. You know it's like that now there's more to within nine now I noted dolphins have some good skill on off. Fans to their what is your position and I on the huge Jarvis slander and our love our key I I knew he would be a perfect patriot but. Mine would never let him go. Jay John uses is a terrific young running back to them as well I mean 2015 draft pick and he's he's terrific tell my fantasy football team it's the playoffs last year because I stash some of the exciting you know yeah helped. They self a stunt I've got to believe too that dead geese is gonna try to feature him a little bit more in the running game more get a should enter it can't help but. And got a teams might know that do the Barbie dear Cutler yeah. Then I you know I think Q when you look around the league NEC some of the young coaches in the coaches that you say well who the heck is gonna try to separate from a packer come up and and do something. I don't look at Adam case and I I think he does have a great offensive minded and I I think he does have the chance to be a decent coach at some point. I just think that it's. It's just so tough to at. Which takes partnership court. At all. You know but I mean how much you know much better or worse they going to be with I mean tin mill was so you think every year are you really hadn't been that great so. I mean Google say. Never down in your right need color did have a good year under gazans so it's temples where's the competition for the patriots right now in the AFC is is Pittsburg got in Oakland. Did you see. I grew idea that that's the team I wanna see how good they are. This year obviously the quarterbacks healthy again you you at a guy like Marshawn Lynch. They'll be an interesting study I'd love I I think our car was very impressive when they were here a couple of years ago. And that's September games like a 169. Wins for the patriots a minute just it was a grind it out sort of came idea it was more is the patriots struggled offensively in that game. But it's it was interesting to see you know some of the intangibles of the things that their car showed in the throws in Maine so just to can be pretty good and he's come along and and so we'll we'll see but I think defensively too you know you've got a guy like Julio Mac leading the charge I think he's a good. Young player that can lead it could young speedy defense so. The I think they can be really really dangerous in the confident. Was in their co noted that has some things left to be desire to but but you know what they've they've got some good young talent and they do scare me. In terms of what they can do offensively and you can Kansas City in Denver be. Okay this year I and I don't know and you know. A team that I am curious to watch but I just don't know that they're ready for prime time is Tennessee would Marcus merry Oda yeah. In all yeah shirt and they are ready to take that step forward Mano maybe not the greatest division I mean Houston's solid. You got to think and Andrew Luck we'll have a better year this year for Indianapolis but still that's a very winnable division the FC south. Why it's it's good that Indianapolis is made the changes that they needed to make in the front office I mean I think running Greeks and sucked. I think sucked and that that's that's a little bit and maybe maybe a little. To all the thing we deflate gate thing but I also think he just made some bone headed moves you know and I remember than with. Was that drafted instead of Malcolm brown and they did the clear need that that year. The Holtz was defensive line because it couldn't stop what Garrett won every time they put the plate the teachers in the I don't get another wide receiver. Some of the moves he made it even Pat McAfee and executed punter the just retired and Greeks and got the candy was sort of like I think he sits among long lines at Twitter like. Finally. Slept well that that's a hearing you need to know about what they thought of the front office so that a couple of necessary changes are simply adjusting to seeing. You know hopefully Andrew Luck does have a a bounce back year because he's he's one of the better young quarterbacks in the NFL there was a lot of you know hoopla around this kid I'm really curious to see. The cowboys this year in became. Can deck Prescott's follow up last season with a another terrific year this year. How much does not having Ezekiel Elliott if he does indeed have to sit the first six games how much is not having him in those first six weeks. Written them a little bit as a put them behind the on the NFC east. You know I think that's a good division not a great division I think Philadelphia the giants in the redskins' all be competitive sure but I don't know that in any of those teams are as talented as Dallas but the question is can Dallas. Match what they did lashing because. I mean act press disagree FL by storm nobody expected that no as he Helio was terrific got offensive line is great but we'll see. Yeah it's it's it's I have a way of falling apart in Dallas next time. You know I mean yeah well you know Dylan Jerry journalist showdown Mary you know I'd say it's Seattle we'll see you it. And that's America's tame though so that we got back and we got there but you know yeah that's it'll be interesting I think he had the most interesting position to division possibly of football be NFC south. I because holy that was going to be my next point I totally agree with the falcons you know so listen there's no denying the town today out on that roster. With that said. Teams coming off of Super Bowl losses a lot of times absolutely. The bed Gloria in Al. These plots well Sally and our and to suffer an historical odds like they did the patriots in the Super Bowl blowing that lead. I'm curious to see how they respond to that this year. You know the north saint have been down a little bit even all of Drew Brees it'd Sonny do your Peterson's so that that bears watching sure what it but the team that keeps people talking about as the up and comers Tampa Bay Tampa right and the team is Winston. A lot of people look at the box like the blogs I think a lot of people expect a resurgence for Carolina this year's well. That will be an interesting division. Yet they will be interest say yes and and we'll see how much. Carolina you know who comes back to the surface. You know way it was that bad a year two years ago Cam Newton was I mean that was years he took the NFL by storm that was you know Dak was the guy last year was canned two years ago and you know we'll see with the health is a loop key glee you know he's been dealing with a law especially concussion wines. You know that's a that's a tough thing especially for linebacker. And you know it hurt when they lost. I'm blanking it was Josh Norman they knew they lost just dormant apps than that I'm really hurt their defense and I think that really led to some of their downfall. So we'll see but I am interested to see what Tim it does you know they they do it will will team SP the real deal will he maybe this is the year that Janus. You know comes on and and has it does is decent seasons so all right. It's it's an issue and it's. It's the division that's on the schedule for the patriots that's the intriguing thing here is that you're gonna face all these teams I think you got a tip on a Thursday night. You know so that's going to be tough thing to prepare for cell. Yeah interested to see how how that plays and then you know the other divisions in the league you know are in the NSC I should say I did a lot of people assume that the NFC west is Seattle's to lose yup right and then an NFC north they get to the same thing about Green Day. Sure yeah and it divisional lose I would yet and I think green Bay's add a little bit and I think Martellus Bennett is a good addition for them I think that's another thing Kiefer for Aaron Rodgers is great quarterback and you know they made it immune from your foreign deep in the playoffs last year too so mom always always good to watch them. All right so you'll be up I assume to a stadium on opening night something wells and I came calls to the action closer and closer. He and opportunities doctor Roger Goodell gonna get him on how. I don't know maybe aware of the T shirt I notice at teams via popular thing they got it is second half and he do you think I I would love to see that. How about the season many patriots fantasy that I couldn't believe that he snuck his way into that first pre season game he snuck my wedding or respond I think it's unbelievable that was. All calculated that we have trying to defuse his appearance at the opener because Turkey knows how Wanda patriots fans are going to be for the unveiling of the championship banner. And you know they they it's just the past few moments from patriots fans back to Goodell for all that he's put Brady in the franchiser over the last year. So gee I think wanted to lessen that ball moved on Thursday night by showing under the pre season game and singing a party vendor. Foxboro and then no big deal and it's not like this is some new from Omaha and now and it's insists tax. Off award this year clown every time he opens smoltz to deny it was that they ask cement like jets practiced up in Foxborough as the there. Revert with all come on Roger. You know Ambien when this press conferences lesser of the Super Bowl too is just. That was an interesting stuff because you just look at an eerie ask him a tough question he always sort of looks elected. Up near you figure asking me a tough question and you're not he was laugh didn't they ask somebody asked him Bob bar stool sports not being credentialed for the down all debate not yet he's I and let arugula and it's you know it's like me and you know exactly what's going on you can't hide he's bad sicker and now 4017371287. The phone number text on history says somebody says that Izzo is still there are used to prison that is my question Larry is another one of the Petri connections. On the Texans roster McCain getting back to two Goodell and and you know that opening night ceremony. First of all to deny your words are read somewhere to the craft has some mean in the specialist or because they don't have room for the fifth the banner win back to four banners currently aren't to let stadium on the on the mock. Boston skyline buildings you know and that in one of those end zones but the two banners down. In their building so in between that those little you know mocked buildings there's that sinuses Gillette Stadium the look like you were building something. You know behind where it says Gillette Stadium between those buildings some sort of like longer you know structure scaffolding something like that so that could be where the banners Gupta speculation but they'd. You know Jonathan Kraft keeps and it got something special in store these banners so. You know well we'll find out soon. We'll definitely find out soon be fun and be funnier and the Internet right now when they unveiled a banner will craft speak. Probably while he'll say in a you know it'll say he'll say. The Fed the line was unequivocal. Day. Still way it is. Any or all patron tells oh Stacey please ask him to retire. I'm a M police tell I know if your boss who you have to be very carefully tread lightly less is born when it comes to Bob yeah great owner. Great guy not the greatest public speaker not anymore I. I feel uncomfortable sometimes when he's behind the microphone yet not anymore and it's yeah it's been tough this post and far right. That'll do it for us while Siva can hook up with Matt Light at a future date plus. Will be back next Saturday. How do you make I'll be dreary night after a week he can't. Now what time do we start next Saturday which supposedly itself. OK but definitely at 717 no later than that yeah no later okay all right I'll keep that in mind died when I was doing. For southern new England sports Saturday. Thank you to Kevin Millar on the other side of the guys he's nick Kuwait I'm Scott pretty she. Have a great weekend everybody. In Cranston. This morning yeah and we received so it is just getting information from Boston they called us is that your off the air fake news analysts said is sad bit. Peace southern new England sports uttered it on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEE guy.