Rob Ninkovich calls Patriots haters idiots and tells a story about getting heckled in Indy on DHK

Dale & Keefe
Monday, January 15th

Former Patriot Rob Ninkovich makes his weekly appearance on DHK. Ninko believes people that hate the Patriots are idiots, why the Jags are a threat, and tells a must hear story about getting injured in Indy. 


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Roberts Michael Rich a real well look look guys I just had to fight traffic. From Boston back out of Foxborough that the auto show for a few hours and school science and babies or. Nice it was that technique was signing a baby actually he probably shouldn't press too hard nor your crappy parallel right before heard her nice. I'll why should they take away from the game on Saturday slower start for the patriots down seven nothing going in the second quarter but then dominated the rest of the way. Blood to a close. So quite as more clearly at play out again what's so. Tonight because came you know warmup in the playoffs you know people predicted and this. It is worth it not to debate they've definitely executed at a high level and it seems just out massive work you know ready for that stage just yet but the quarterback. Obviously has that been sacked. He didn't recruit the ball. The it obviously was the patriot and rather than a game plan that actually scrambled for a first down so. Took that away from you develop do. And the second there for the pictures and they've played well as long you know slowed drastically also. Not that the patriots were out there that is exactly what they wanna do and became you know on unfolded exactly. The witty platitudes ago and I I hit Cole. 35 to fourteen game to my body for the game now right now. That on the arm. Money little money on certain issues are real money and would have to go to auto sales forty. I sit dollar amount should have put put everything I had on but exact score. Home. So it was cool I didn't even go to games that are going to be. A blowout and you know sitting there are gonna duplicate my my chair and didn't put it right up to the TV it looked like just. Click on the you know Max the cracks here click over huge Saudi ranked team that Tony Romo to deal and there. I turned down Tony Romo and he talks too much there at the beginning it was cool Broward got more confidence than ours are too much. There are a little humility and all that well let me ask you do you use it he says the titans weren't real playoff team how about. Jacksonville and do you expect. Jackson want to give the patriots any trouble. On Sunday. Well you know I've told many people this sort of well C was only there to embrace. And disputed and so with all well it's really only hatred of lunacy. The Jacksonville Jack worst a couple of talks are ordinary and I'd put all that money that I set I had put her. On the patriots again. They're just not happen I don't see. Them being able dot com they don't have a quarterback that can release. You know it it comes in the shoot out who's gonna win the best I wanna smell. Yeah but you know they wanna shoot out against you know. Roethlisberger who's you'll probably retire this off season. You know it's just cited the Steelers are looking to have played a pat Regan focused on the road project work and they happy throw. You know again at this state that. They didn't play well in this whole year the steeler we've seen that kind of power they were playing down to their competition and they were really. You know. Executing all that well until the end of the game and it did in the boat again where they didn't play well. Got down a huge amount try to come back to it just didn't have enough and they lost clicking so. They're not in the patriots that don't do that they'd be prepared that they're prepare each week as hard as they possibly can then. We're gonna brought their their excuse me. Get ready to bottle up and go to Minnesota. How do you think you're talking with a Rob Ninkovich how do you think we got to where we are now with the four teams that are left. It's been a quarterback league for a long time I get the easy days ahead the best quarterbacks and they usually gonna make it the furthest in the playoffs. It he got nick full speed at T scheme I'm Anita Blake morals being three of the final four quarterbacks how it how did this happen. Man I don't it's crazy right all the injuries so epic thing now. You look at 2017 season muscular injuries that are a lot of teams so. You take some of those injuries and they don't happen and I think it's a completely different playoff picture. After that it years that I've felt all well and can stay healthy. You know fight through the adversity you have an injuries and it can't so. You know again. I just think that you look at it right now. You know you got one team with a quarterback yesterday. Good defenses like you know what. That's really all a bit that are going these these last couple games went so well. I just think that for those scenes there are going to be tough especially. After the storms were point. So you know you have to move forward in other. And I just I think that that saints vikings game hoosiers that Andy was insane and it funny story right so. I see saint Pete if you will they go up. OK I called up friends. Ortiz down in Louisiana he's at you saints fan either here or there might argue correctly great fan you probably won't ever talking to let calls. Whether he's talking about it appears saints. Pat who Ruble are we're going to be crazy gotta gotta gotta. And also he thought he just almost all of it. It's like good yeah I'll just say the articles that goes all out nickel well I I don't know party talks anymore. So I left that often who's on me so I actually feel total putts and it is good news. What affirms what an incredible finish so here's. Oh yea used apple got you know and I. This is so many pupils are jobs. Larry that work just to hold the thing to say you never right it just tackle Olmert just you know make the catcher just. Slow down like people realize that it's a flash of light. Speed and that's what happened boom right for you instantly in back you know he's. I don't know exactly what happened not to use common if you are at a all that their so. Then you go to school or saint Omer go home and that's of those. Sorry it's too bad you lost your best friend sort of talking got a dead yeah you don't they've broken up about it right now but I don't have. Anything heck I fell. You Mitch and Mattie. You get the lions job now defensive coordinator does a great job there. Obviously you'll be able to. Just go up that next go to that next level and the head coach how do you think you'll do. You do agree on. That church it's more. Being a leader Matt and Matty has cued it. Calm personality. To work each candidate Justin he can get the best of each person the Pentagon. You know where they're back on it is. Or girl all. You reached the eastern region. Of steel group of people pretty quickly so. It ought to be great and not just the good Easter march. People forget you worked on the offense for a long arm. You lose you know doing a rock or early in scorer. They can all the copy all sent special teams you aren't so you know the game. You know back offense defense special teams any seat from higher at all right so you don't just see it. From the side curtain orbit for teachers and that's what really set or promoter from coaches that are. You know we always in the last thing for you we always joke about this. Gonna have a patriots haters fall like all the people who have things to say about knowing the patriots players commentators. General managers on and on. I bet she got a good patriots haters story from your time playing or. Since retirement any haters stories you NTELOS is people seem to really despises team nationally. Well I mean I think. There and they're they've been so good for so long. They just. People Mac early this light. And you'd think that's really do for really long time and I don't know why I don't get it because it's really hard to be imputed. You know first such a long time consistently. As Richard says it all comes down I'll order work. Mean support Peter's story you know it. There's been up there and odious stuff that's been said to me you know all you guys can't win without cheating but that the joke because he talked about. You know. No brown. No code talker by saying that mr. Most people are idiots anyway right so. You know I would say I would you know what's funny what time we o.s and it was dated much or haters saying what this is just the cool mystical world itself. And you know also Hoosier native app looser some Indiana. Until ability. Well we're here in Indianapolis in 2009 and I remind the guys twelve times you know. I was walking in the locker room after we checked out by a doctor. And there are some hillbilly streaming out be a pay fifty you eat all you are on her. I. Because we all are. Really wanted it bought back all that everything inside the Obama Burt Burt I did do it. They guided every piece sort of act form. So you you had 3514. Last week I guess I was he had made two or are your thing I got to score I don't know Carter goes out you know all we have loser were laughable thing I had an outlet you gotta gotta gotta make a popular on the record what's your role to. Thought when he 48 and Jacksonville aka scores reports they they're going to be Jack Bogart it's little like the awful game for them offensively. And then if not beat the patriots scored not sure and you know they get twenty point total energy that gives god credit. Our objective of that you have to confront every defense. But I do you think that the amount of touches the offense get they're gonna capitalize on those because. Where they're all gonna square in terms of the ball like I happen.