Rich Keefe: No Rene Rancourt fan

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 17th

Rich Keefe goes on a rant killing Rene Rancourt and we hear some of his national anthems.


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Can't believe how disrespectful. You have been here at the Q she Jeremy do. Would you obviously there is a up and yes yeah higher up in this regard even disrespectful you've been very disrespectful and I don't agree that I think so at all I think you need to share with the people because this is shocking. Now dale gave you breaking news. I thought more breaking news the new expected by the fighting in hockey I like the way he was well I don't even know I feel as though it was breaking yet it's no I learned a great but at that point it was expert. Says yeah. Reports a lot harder or Zdeno which are our son Ryan Grant court. Schaffler has the flu. Your thoughts Rene Rick court art tone setter since 19757. Is 7576 season is retiring off at the U sitting here as strong singer yes they you don't. I don't think that he had a legal trouble are they good musical ear hasn't what I've always that it it would have always had a delicate. Other straw bullet and mock. I was that rich key talent self appointed Abdullah records re old yeah I don't have a very good luck of public. No I don't think it's a lot about him I I tune in the Bruins for the Bruins you know if players they do not Mary how many fist pumps is Vietnam's they're gonna throw at yet. I don't need any of them now you see your son get off the -- keep 33 look there's a lot. You want to I don't and audio out of the back on and it went all the back and I thought about it but that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I. Speed boat tied bath. At eight here this retirement. In years too late rename French court has been most overrated. Personality associated with a sports team in the history of Boston to get them off more I am Al Horford more than an Horford. More than a war effort. And the series. Evil it's. What a voice that's got Estonia's avoid visiting only does now Omaha he went and did you wouldn't get ahead Hollywood on American Idol Vigeland Nolan banks sell disrespectful. Who like Rene Rick yeah. I would love notre don't operate representatives. The air so the next person also goes against them all of the you know that's part of it you know we're not a alternate to part of it. Basically he's not on the team already pretty decent singing tonight grainy and I'm in one rename doesn't say. I open the applicable kick him out there are saying it I'm much better I just wanted you reviewed just a little sample small sample size. What's trending right now on Twitter and AFC championship game should be we have Wednesday wisdom always a fun one. Renee record number one Flynn day ranks all effort to right center AFC champions in Florida as a slow down the nation is talking about a game. Yeah. Out over Boston. Those are Boston friends in Canada. Well you can think a lot as the ball reached today keep my better half of that you're out of its exploding into got a single candidate up there we got Emporia are tough long hard. Come up there tall wall that ultimately got Ottawa. They had that that mounties Lyndon slowly I'll play all they would want him then I don't amount is going to do an RPM pity that's great that's much better. Don't have energy so it's okay. Some that your reading the worse off. The papers you have almost one of the things aren't saying yet though there is some please read. Hierarchy and I don't like it's candy was not reading of cat and I was you know witness don't ever and also can get Renee singing oh Canada. Why all he crosses at the crushes on Canada TV questions that you know I five million dollar I it's mildly impressive if you guessing both but if that's your whole job in life and that's that you should be able to sing both. Where it's at at the center stage that you develop this this this and typically Edouard is. Our court cup run. A couple of because. You are raced through Indiana and I didn't on the item to say about a top prize the government's great. Because there was that should've been all about the players we know it wasn't all about the players could he get this guy out there giving you a thousand fist pumps and wrote I try to open up the crowd he's doing anything. Wow you know guys. New ideas what used. Okay. It's. Bigger part. Disney World. Okay. We'll get the flu now. Of the six figure my whether. You're injured all drivers on the track for the guys. Always good it's. Going. I'm not a big. Gertrude. You're an award rented by the players. Okay good. Yeah oh yeah. My god. That was bad. That was a bad. I was oh c'mon Michael are you kidding. Aren't you about a fellow. There is how are they ever gonna replace them over there is alleged huge loss guys' legs he's been doing a long time he had. It longevity matters. We do it for a long time that department has been coaching the Bengals for a long time now Renee record has more postseason. I. Oh my and it very well for their back court has array that's Euro Austria has been there. A Betty we're doing everything. Please. Don't. Try it and then. Yeah. Her ago. Please. I'm gonna. So there believe that uses you know Liam. I think it yet passed I do you know why all of you I'm not sure are always into the future do you think if you I don't know a whole city of I don't know manner singer of some sort of look for. Eric resources as popular as I could probably. Bubba good traditional hard about it actors McCartney and admitted it governing is pretty difficult to want to go onto one of this. It just stopped sir please please. He's not upset about this those Greg getting this great living legend this is really about every while it's gonna help this government and local weddings all he'd eat a lot of appearances it it it has for years weddings department does yeah. We aren't they parties. Which you have been available for mine and Adam wood out of there and saying you know and it's photo opportunity for me to the five. There are a notify notify us of game five the cup final couple cuts are Michaels and before but okay India increased rate. He should have the right thing that I on the website there order umps never crystallized this. Never heard someone. It's like retiring core dot yeah and a panel not that not talking of people not liked it. This is that's no respect for elders. This is about Al elders and this is. The deep seated that you can sit on this for awhile is that I need to look at me particularly the teams want to win the cup for the first time in decades by and take a look at behind this ponson might throw a like. Legacy and I. Okay. Upon him. You know I hope you got this I've known as London well the lyric on the jump street and how. And. You guys saved. I'm. At a Baghdad. But going to the right now I gotta go the other room and close down this is just. It's blasphemy. I mean it's it's dollars on the this is and I'm burdening today every yard you feel better already have been waiting out this opera like 6167. Years yes yes. Eight when it was anybody even when we're talking like during the cup rounded people of your friends agree with you like yeah your right it is all about him. Yet the board you know reliving or only once thought I was not alone voice goodness. So confident saying that while Renee from all of a certificate. I grant for a Israeli army out. Greta L loves us and incredible career just incredible.