Red Sox Review with Villani

Boston Baseball
Sunday, June 18th

Chris Villani chats about Porcello's struggles after another pitiful outing. The bats go cold again. Are there any answers? Chris might have some. Luckily the show isn't all a downer because the Celtics made a crazy move for Chris to go over.


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Police is a quick game Evans a lot of those lately two hours and 34 minutes of course we have three hits when you never put a runner in scoring position. And Chris young's home run is the only extra base hit the Red Sox add. You know I can have a whole lot to talk about its canoe would be a fairly expeditious process that's what was the Red Sox that is they fault 721 the aligning with you up until midnight we will take you Celtics calls as well no it's Red Sox review when all that but. Well this is a third of the way through the season of 162 of the Celtics are making decisions that could impact the franchise for decades so you wanna talk Celtics. I'm between now and midnight with the news that they have trader will train. Officially on Monday according to when all the reports are saying. The number one pick and they'll get all of the draft picks back in every panic at this point damn about the gift Phillies number one pick which is the third overall. They'll also get 820181. Rounder. That is the originally the lakers picked becoming via Philadelphia it'll get a 20191. Rounder that's the king is pick originally. It's gonna be coming again. The F Philadelphia's he want talk about that that's on the board 6177797937. Big takeaways though the Red Sox the offense and stop like getting it shut down by David Paulino. I'm willing to it just kind of suite that pass because. Red Sox had the ball pretty well overall. The Astros despite the fact that it's been something of I'm not patchwork starting rotation. Over the the past several lie games here and he went a little bit because of it. This is still really good baseball team. And sometimes you're gonna run into these bombs read you just don't hit on balance the Red Sox have hit pretty well over the past couple weeks. I said consistently throughout the course of the year I think they could use another bat so it's not as though the offense is fine as it is. And there's nothing to worry about whatsoever but the upshot for me here is again. Did the same tune that I've been singing for awhile now report Seles just not right. And I feel like a lot of the the beat writers and the people around team all the time had sorted downplayed in shooed away. That whole idea of poor seller is not struggling that bad and in he was gonna take a step back from last year I expected him to step back from last year to one African Cy Young. And even with all of the run support that he was able to garner over the course last year. He still pitched as well or better than he had an eight point is career. Reports LO this season. Has been a different story and it's spend the same. The same stuff game inning game out. And I think were past the point of wondering whether there's some kind of a problem here reports cell there is and it's obvious he's not getting anywhere near. The same kind of action the same kind of movement on his two seam fastball some of the his other pitches within the zone. As a result he's getting hit hard. Early and often. I mean this is the worst starts now in his last six. Where the other teams put up a double digit hit total. This is a restarts and roll. Where he's allowed at least driver runs it was seven tonight. Seventeen earned runs the lab Ira port so low over his last three starts. And even though. I maintain yadda Red Sox to use another batten third base has been at an absolute disaster the starting pitching situation is. At a point where it's getting less they ire. His socks Philly gains over 500 and in the mix the top of the division and in position right now in the wild cards so their right re expected to be your hope they'd be. A third of the way into the season but. It's thin. To say the least after. Chris Sale. Who takes the mound that you feel really good about other than sale who takes the mound for the Red Sox he say boy this team's really absolutely get a chance to win tonight. Or anybody is apt to be a starter gas via starter. Greg Craig Kimbrel Joseph Kelly don't count. After a great when Joseph Kelly in the game it's fantastic and a great when Craig gambles in the game. Eduardo Rodriguez have been pitching well. That would be my answer if he and on the disabled list that would be the answer. And David Price has been a mixed bag so far and it's been a patchwork for the Red Sox try to figure out the back end of that rotation. As some of the other guys that have gotten hurt her palm branch has been troop armory it's about what you expect from him. So. Now the Red Sox give price again tomorrow national TV game. When he four year old Joseph mosque world. Getting the start for Houston. I don't know what's fun about must grow to about 500 pitcher this year four point 81 ERA is coming in off a lot he's not a strike out guy not a power pitcher. I at least based on the numbers but. David Paulino is far from overpowering tonight he was able to shut down a Red Sox and and it's as we've said before we talked about this on the show. Because of the way this Red Sox team is built this is by design. It was designed as a not as much power more run prevention. Rely on starting pitching rely on a goat good bullpen kind of team they were not designed to score. The kinds of rhymes did put up the kind of run total that they did last year the year before because of that. You're gonna have stretches where they just don't hit. And it can be gets mediocre starting pitching to be in the David Ollie goes and Joseph must groves of the world. But the fact is when that happens. The way that the team's built has got to be what to fall back on to stay in games in and stay competitive they got that last night. They got out last night from drew upon ransom from the Red Sox bullpen. Gave that team a chance when they weren't hitting. Other then need the RBI single early on by Mitch Moreland. Unable to get anything going consistently with the bat last night. But stay in the game and hope for that one big blow late may get a rookie that they've got not a lot this year. Right now I get outside assailed. There's just not a lot that you feel good about coming into game and say all right if this is one of those games where you're just not gonna get a lot. In terms a crooked numbers idea have a starter they can they can at least give you shot to win they can at least give the opportunity to turn it over to. That bullpen which is turned itself into one of the past bull pens. I'm frankly and I'll baseball 44 innings now. Without its or it's 26 innings added two more tonight without allowing. Around. So that's impressive that that's a street that only the Dodgers have believe have a better streak going on right now when it comes to bull pens are runs allowed so. I'm pretty good run their by the Red Sox bullpen but by the time they are in the game was Oliver's long since over aren't. Let's get some your phone call 61777979837. Wally ball rivers up first. Wants to talk reports solid guy and while it. The article on the train them mommy's on a pace to lose 1718. Games. Let you look at the division in general lately I'm into yankees as struggling and we could've been and that type of misplaced. Baltimore's tank NN throughout the struggling to let I know what the brush is gonna go like this that it just a part of pop rocks fenced. We get men out basement to attic we have arrived that we have anybody restated basis. Second they don't carry a lets you count Chris Young touching all the bases nobody reached second they never had an about tonight. When they runner in scoring position which you would think it's hard to do with the Major League level but they never want it back. Not lawn with a runner in scoring position tonight. Leapt let's just face of a gallon of six plus there are analogies please get to a three run by the this game was over early in my opinion. Of course allies as they once had two run home run was hit in the it was the third inning. By Beltran that was it there's no latest it was putting six on the board is is not happening not tonight. And I forgive that again these types of things are going to happen but that's when. The way that this team is built a run prevention the pitching and defense report cell will be some reasonable facsimile of what he was last year. That's when that stuff has got to come Perot. And it hasn't and by the way while he's right we look up and down the division. A bunch of myths lately. I air judge has been fantastic. Another home run last night but not a win. A's came back and won that game a's won again today. So the Yankees are 500 team in their last in their last ten they've lost five in a row. Baltimore's spend. Again today notwithstanding they were great today they scored fifteen runs today at five home runs team that's only their second win in their last ten. Toronto's been sputtering all season Tampa's 500 team and that's with the rays actually playing a little bit better as of late get back up to being a 500 team. And a bit that it isn't gonna keep the Red Sox and and that's up and down baseball outside the American League last. That's an and I guess the National League east to nobody's catching the nationals there but. Did there's a bunch of divisions here that at least have a lot parity. In some cases it's the mediocrity at beat the Yankees are a little better than mediocre in the Red Sox are better than mediocre you on the central. Indians twins Indians have been a big disappointment compared to the expectations and you get some mediocrity there are some teams hovering around 500. Then the other end of the point get the NL west which is African wagon of the division. The Iraqis time and packs in the dodgers'. I have all been great but that the fact that nobody's playing particularly well look back the Yankees are slumping get a chance to grab first place tonight's act got to stop this frustrating. But the bigger picture issue for me again tonight we're Sal. Because that's a guide each accounting. That's not a spot starter that's not Brian Johnson that's not I Hector Velasquez is gonna start Monday Kansas City. This is a guy that you were counting on to be at the very least be solid. Middle of the rotation guy and he has now for three or we're starts and getting absolutely. Shell. Not good start bad start three starts his last 317 earned runs double digit hits in all of them. This is the kind of stuff that you can't have out of were so low if this run prevention pitching defense things can work timid Brockton on the starting pitching go ahead ten. Do while. And it couldn't be more I think about it it is tragic trade you know. I think it's obvious seaport seller had a bad night tonight but. India could fill out that rather Asian island but. I just don't see the rotation getting any better and I wondered. If you know we we're trade for somebody I'd just. Billiton. The only person it can I actually pick something up. As far as they're taking. So yep price obviously in certain. That on but just very what you guys they looked at red doctor. Is elegant and thanked him for the call I a gave if you my thoughts right off the top. Outside of Chris Sale these nobody that I look at and say yup I feel great about that guy coming into the game easily give a Red Sox a chance. I wanted to went. It is just nobody. There's nobody dialing gag going in and say other than sale. I you feel good tonight even if the offense doesn't show up even if they struggle a bit even if they can't get any extra base hits even if they don't show any power which. In that kind of stuff has happened quite a bit. When you look at this Red Sox team up and down you know as far as external solutions. For the Red Sox there are probably going to be some out there as we get closer to trade deadline as you start to look at. And there is some of the team is sorted figuring out whether they're gonna be buyers or sellers the problem that you writing until. Is that in some of these cases. The mediocrity that I talked about you know the the parity if you want a college that if you want to build a more kind. It keeps teams in contention. Minnesota's got some potential options that is starting pitching options they may want to move but. They're tied for the division lead right there at their playoff team at the moment. So the number of teams that are keeping themselves in contention by a the fact that teams can't run other teams can't run away with the division. In that there's second wildcard we know that's been a factor for a few years that's gonna sort of limit on what happens for the Red Sox in terms of guys they can find. Out on the market. The biggest thing they wanna do in terms of the start irritation is get help. And Eduardo Rodriguez pitch every five days try to get reports LO right I don't think we're Seles her necessarily. And it's a stoppage report's Alan he's giving you. Outside of the lack of of command within the zone and the lack of movement on that two seam fastball that seems to be fighting every single barrel. Nothing to pour celery showing indicate the injury indicates he's got to get rights and out indicates. Mechanics command that sort of thing but. In getting I Eduardo Rodriguez healthy getting David Price. Act ramp up to 200% more consistent. Some of those internal options and anger with the Red Sox are gonna look for on these coming weeks and I overly confident that means yes and now. I price can be better. And I look bird for David Price and it's a big spot for him tomorrow night. I wanna make too much one out of 162. But it's not an insignificant game tomorrow when you're looking at aid. National TV audience. S team in baseball on the road chance to win the series. We'll see if the Yankees continued today just dive against this this Oakland Athletics team they lose six in a road mark get another opportunity may be. To like grab a share the American League east it's the kind of start. That if David Price is going to be an ace. Or David Price gonna be any. Any version of days. Where you want Ted to step in and deliver. Have to get shelled tomorrow night is at the end of the world not necessarily needs still is only if you starts coming back from significant injury I understand all that. But act tomorrow night's one where. You were priced to deliver. You wanna dig give you something to say all right this is why. The Red Sox spent so much money on this guy because of what he did and because of the potential that he candies are never gonna live up to that. But at least something to make you feel a little bit better about it tomorrow and advocates are reasonably big spot for priced those are the options early. For this next next month or so we get into July I think that trademark we'll start to heat up and you still get to see who separates themselves haves and have nots. 6177797937. I mentioned Celtics is on the board tonight. For you guys you wanna talk about that. Celtics treating the number one overall pick jacket handover. On this decision by Danny Ainge and I think he's gonna draw a lot of polarizing reactions go ahead Jack Reed thank. I think Danny did it again I think you police Philadelphia. He's gonna get a player that he wanted it really he's either gonna get charged jacks in the Tatum and I think that's who you're originally wanted to begin with I don't think he was taken full so at all. So he's gotten a play that he wanted to three and always got a lottery pick next young which is going to be the lakers I don't lottery pick yet wrapped up. Which Sacramento was probably going to be in the lottery is it going downhill. And would next year's net stick in the lakers tip in could have two picks in the top five next trip. Yet there's some protections on the east Ivins you see them jacked it. I and there isn't one of those picks protected. Their both unprotected all Nike's Yani could be it could be top five picks. I think you please stop. I think he did it again. Yeah I don't hate this deal as much as a lot of people seem to do and and and Jack obviously doesn't hated Garrett thanks to the phone call the initial tweets they saw. For major awards announced he said that there were some protections there in those picks I'm seeing this tweet now that willow to reach weeded. That that notes the lead changed the rule last year allowing teams to put protections and unprotected picks they received in previous trades. So if they got this trade I young got the pick from the lakers for example that was unprotected. They can't just slap protection on it after the fact he used to be able to do that now apparently they can't. So yet you're looking at an N let's not forget. It's not a guarantee that in fact of the gates it's far I'll less likely than not consulted to make all these picks. You are hearing rumblings of who they could potentially spin. I some of these draft picks to anti davis' name is popping up and did you least got to make phone calls he could pry him out a New Orleans. You look at not wild about the idea of Paul George and lets you know he can. But there are options out there. And and I just think the reaction that I've seen and it's it's somewhat knee jerk here on social media and whatnot. Just universally it seems Jack is in the minority they're handing the any Ainge. For giving up on the opportunity to get mark health faults. I hardly saw Apple's play all year I'm gonna go out on the limb and say mostly all probably didn't seat folds play all year. Org or not the scouting reports and what's this got to airport say the olds is the best player in the draft most potentially draft could be the number one not all. I saw executives quoted is laid is a couple of days ago saying that Josh Jackson can be a number one pet. I still think of all the guys that I watching college basketball this year and I met I saw very little poll the so much more ball. Much more Jackson much more Tatum much more deer and fox the guys frankly that played for teams that were worth a damn. I saw them a lot more than mark helpful to his team won about in games and last Yale. But of those guidelines on balls the one came across to me is being truly special they got a could just do things on the court that nobody else can deal. But the scouts and everybody teams think the mark help all the NBA ready could be a star nobody's saying though at least not that I've seen. That this guy is a can't miss transcended franchise changing player no question about it a LeBron Ager rant. That type of guy you retiree you're being tied just not seeing now for mark L fault maybe he turns into that. But the the reaction. From Celtics fans. On the idea passing on mark tell pollsters teams over the top for me I just don't know that he's back kind of player. Is he better is he more NBA ready than Jackson I struggles they battered to the such different players. But is he more NBA Raitt and Jackson it seems so. It seems like he is except offensively Jackson seemed like a better are at least more NBA ready guy defensively. But if you're able to if you feel like Jackson's a better fit for the overall plan when the overall plan is keeping the player. And then try to use some of these future picks to. Package them together in trade for star or packaging Jackson trading down again. All of these options are on the table for Danny Ainge I guess what it comes down to may the simplest way to put it. You watch the NBA finals this year. You watch the Eastern Conference finals this year. Next season probably the year after that probably a year after that the Celtics are not mark L pulled away from competing for a championship in just not. And this team is probably going to have to go through they're gonna get to that stage Johnson making get there the next couple years. But it's gonna take more than just defaults. So what they think they are better position of Danny Ainge feels like he's better position to add those other pieces. Whatever they may be whether it's Gordon Hayward in free agency whether it's packaging some of the assets they have now to get a star. They need more than just faulted they're gonna catch up to Cleveland and then they need more than that. As we saw how far away Cleveland is from Golden State at least going into next year in the year after. So I'm just not ready to hit the panic button on the idea of passing a mark help olds. Being is idiotic move for I Danny Ainge I'm just not there not buying it. I don't think a few more your phone calls or here until midnight it's Red Sox review the Celtics on the table 6177797937. Gilani here till twelve Sports Radio WE yet. 3793 sevens tax finally a few minutes left here don't wanna get a couple of attacks and a lot of people. Seemingly Matta bench Arrington or an up and turned department Dave Dombrowski. For the way that this team has put together. If this strategy this run prevention strategy fails and you look at some of the deals that have been made in. And try to shot talked about winning the trade talk about winning hatchery would Tyler Thornburg and another opinion and it's held today but none of the updates of it and do with him playing baseball anytime soon. I yeah a lot of this in a fallback and number ask him and his question about that. And couple other techs here one. Who but we for Kim won the lottery at the a lot of Celtics fans feel the same way. You finally get that number one pick but I tweeted this earlier today and a lot of people. We're tweeting out does some versions of this last time the Celtics traded number one pick 1980. Well before my time a lot of people probably remember this. Joseph Barry Carroll. And that that's who straightaway sell its ended up getting back Robert Parish and Kevin camp. That was read not Danny. There. But just file and the just saying category. And then this year from texture in DC your DC area code Chris. Did Danny Ainge pulled the trigger on the trade because the got a signal like Gordon Hayward not sure he's coming to the Celtics are not. I still my gut feeling is that Gordon Hayward is coming to the Boston Celtics. I like him coming to the Celtics more than likely gripping coming the Celtics might. Again my feeling on it is the Griffin stays in LA. And if you look at it. Say they do add Josh Jackson and keep him. It probably puts the Celtics had a better position. To rule. The key. 888 better perimeter defensive team with a guy like Jackson he's more NBA ready defensive player. In most of the other guys in the draftees long athletic a sixty wing kind of player. So you're adding a guy like Gordon Hayward. You're gonna get the scoring punch you not to worry about Jackson to be can't get his own shot at the NBA level. As effectively as old ski in early on in jacks to be more bad defense a presence. Andy bigger defense of guy you can still score big annual volume Bob pence of firepower with Isiah Thomas and Gordon Hayward. But don't Gordon Hayward in number and Josh Jackson in the same position glad you said that. Because the other thing. That it's almost like we are towns like B plan Natalie really didn't. The other thing that taking Josh Jackson we deal. And he gets aides say they don't mark helpful to Isaiah time in the Celtics have a Thai guards if they were and mark and able to get rid of his van and then open but it but it's only GAAP to hold on a Jae Crowder Jalen brown and when the Celtics were talking about. Dealing with the young dealing for a guy like Butler last season. One of the sticking points at least according to the reports. Was they didn't wanna deal old Jalen brown they don't want to deal Jae Crowder. You're more able to do that if you put Josh Jackson's the next. So that depth that you had it ain't it is standing about bolts I understand AgFeed. You can just easily led Bradley you're Smart Goer try to steal one of those guys we got mark L fault. But you have gap that multiple spots. Depending on which way. And had a big problem with the draft I've seen is that the real big need for the Celtics would be five or four. In the top five not a kid from Florida State's probably the top. Big man or around market and Mari market and from. Arizona. But now his now allotted this aid that's that's what it is it is what it is in terms of the draft. But if you just like it won't be the best thing give the Celtics scoring punch the following combination faults and Thomas. Or Thomas in Hayward. It's obviously Thomas and Hayward now the comeback to what I'm saying is launches to have all three want to have. I faults Thomas and Hayward. But it gives Jackson on the air you better able to cover up for Isiah Thomas is glaring weakness especially in the post season the pops up which is defense. You're better able to I just for that with Jackson as opposed the fault not try to make the argument he's a better player. I'm just try to say the Celtics aren't making this deal one for one you're getting a bunch of assets coming back. You may not hold onto the player they may still trade down there's a lot of things still in play. That's why I'm not freaking out right away about the possibility. Or not possibility the fact that there's no chance the mark helpful to come to Boston. So I heard today as it sounds like you'd might be removed to make another move is that how you feel bad that I make investigate more assets to go for Jimmy Butler some well we'll put it this way they can't possibly keep all these players they have the following draft picks. Are and nor appear in a minute I'll try to get them in quickly. They have the Philadelphia purse this year obviously number three pick. Next year they have their first the lakers burst Brooklyn's first Tony ninety in the of their first the clippers' first the king's birth and the grizzlies first. Therefore first round picks and when he nineteen they have 31 round pick next year. So no I don't think they're trail I don't think you're keeping all the specifics. I think it's it's there's some other. Issued a drop here. And that's that's a thing saying Celtics fans got a hold onto Billy tonton. We're almost out of time the twenty seconds you real quick out. OK we tried. Nice I gave an opportunity that was quick and I thought it was going to be. We're gonna thought it was going to be aren't abbreviated Red Sox are viewer I hear I'll be back tomorrow 5 o'clock. It John Ryder late night shift in the national TV games and writers back to its prime time spot. And I can be on time for dinner which is great. I could find me on Twitter too like crystal light 44 urban fight with Celtics fans already there's appeal pretty join in the conversation. And the fantastic rest your weekend everybody into all the dads. Happy Father's Day in five and a half minutes CF.