Red Sox Review with Tom Giles- Sale dominates Rays

Boston Baseball
Sunday, September 10th

Tom talks about Chris Sale and the Red Sox complete domination of the Tampa Bay Rays. He then gets into a little Patriot overreactions with the callers. Wrapping up with talk about playoff starters for the Sox.


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I it is Red Sox to view on Tom Giles sides coming off a nine nothing win over the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park. Once again jumped out to an early lead much like they did last night when McKee that's it that three run home run in the first inning instead tonight it was Dustin Pedroia. Well a two run home run out of the gate. And then decides piling on for five runs in the second inning in at that point the conversation with Chris Sale on the mound kind of became. Allen is John Farrell both Chris Sale Z 05 innings to 06. The united C guy who's on throw more innings than anybody else in the Majorly so far this season itself. You almost make it okay maybe give him a little bit of extra rest in sale. Was side good once again on the mound for the threats ice team did not give up a run in six innings of work allowed just six hits and a walk struck out eight. He's now got sixteen wins on the season. And the Sox still for a half games up on the New York Yankees and down which one against the plight. So bad numbers dwindling where we're not that close to a magic number yet it's bullets. That's that's common that's don't this Red Sox team if they continue to take care of business against some of these lesser opponents like Tampa bank. Going call it 677797937. We can continue to talk. The post season rotation also bombed out some people out there are some thoughts on him there Mears who has been struggling a little bit but I to come up but it. Tonight for this ballclub in fact I mean I play and it's. Across the board for this lineup he had three for a dramatic ten. I'm excusing Detroit to its but he drove in three runs. Pedroia Nunez Bogart solitude hits apiece devers had a pair itself the author has got to come alive. Against Tampa Bay which did not get much from its starters. These last two nights but boss getting now women's. Rita continued talk about that if you don't wanna get the patriots who you may do that as well coming up in the 11 o'clock hours will be here until midnight putts I'll start. So this way it does nine nothing when it Ann's. It had pretty much every team can want death yet contributions from top to bottom up and down the line up. The young guys continue and hit and then. I thought it was encouraging Ed Zander Bogart's. Aiming colts. Pinch running for Eduardo Nunez who again cells he bruised his and he injured his knee sliding into second base. On not on a steal. And then came up limping on an infield single. Maybe the next inning if they don't like so Nunez came out of the ball game. At that point in John Farrell saying after the game that he's doubtful for Sunday in the affected cities doubtful for Sunday it. Title hopes. And he played short tonight but nice in 319. Since coming over but it Bogart who. You know rob Bradford wrote on WEEI dot com before the game. Oh that's basically again the night off because he struggled was two for seventeen since returning from the you know three game I had a hiatus whatever was three or four games their work. He sat down and Bogart's comes back goes two for three with a pair runs tonight. So he he made his contributions. And I thought that was good to see there's a guy that you once were and about wells specially if he gonna continue to give guys like Dustin Pedroia some rest which usually. On the stretcher you wanna rawness is healthy and as as spry as possible for the post season push so Pedroia is as scheduled off day. On Sunday but tied it again the young guys get it done penance and you with a three hits motif that's. Who came out midway through the game just try to give him a little bit arrest would Raj date is taken its place but that's was one for three and a a couple of runs. And in Moreland bullet with a couple hits in devers continues to do it after a three for three night last night. He went two for five with a run so this threats are steam pilot updates in this 115 effect nine runs on fifteen hits. 20 lead down to that nine nothing win over Tampa Bay at Fenway Park in doubt. Office gets it done and that's that's got to be nicer Christiane because how many times early in the season do we say you know he's just not getting the run support. Pitching great. But like in the run support. Tonight got the run support. But it's time we went back on the mound for the top of the third any was eaten up thing this thing was out of reach and he even going into the second in two with a three nothing lead that's. That's huge for your starting pitcher in Andy get a guy who's. Thrown as many pitches as he acts. Now ERA down to 76 and it aid that the number of pitches that number innings that was another thing that Bradford aren't about what aside and the pregame show between him and Palmer as they're both. They're both up there. So when you're looking towards these last few weeks of the season and trying to manage how many innings how many pitches they throw maybe give them an extra day rest. Big at seven come out of a night like tonight though just 97 pitches to a nice job. Get the W and then make way to the bullpen who wouldn't shut it down with three shutout innings. As well tomorrow's reports aloe and that's when they're gonna try to make it five in a row with Marcelo on the mound didn't. It's about that time for personality to try to figure out whether or not he's how you're gonna use him I should say how you're gonna use for so. In a playoff rotation. Because it you're gonna need for guys. At least initially you're gonna need for guys and died to me he's one of those four along Doug Fister drew upon racing Chris Sale. And Marcella a big outing tomorrow go up against Tampa Bay who as struggle in the series like to see him go out to gain some confidence. And indeed decisive. Double off days coming up is well which is nice to get ya Monday off we'll Fauria you play Oakland cell. I deceit or selling out there and and spin a good one for this this baseball team lose twenty games above 500 and one thing that kind of stock as a looked as if the Red Sox win their next twenty games. They will finish the regular season forty games above 500. The Dodgers I think of las like a row and they're still. More than forty years about 500 that's just blows my mind. But that's that's neither here nor there a couple other notes from a round American League tonight Cleveland is valid seventeen in a row. Their half game back the Astros and we spent the last couple months talking about. Matching up with the Indians the same team that swept the Red Sox in the divisional playoffs last year. And it might not be Cleveland that the Red Sox see. In the first round of the playoffs. Should probably start prepping for Houston the way things have been going. As the Astros continued to scuffle little bit ands. At the same time. The Indians are losing the loot does not just the there'll losing they're not leaving falling behind against teams. It's almost ridiculous. They are the hottest team in baseball no one wants to face them. And I I don't know curious if anyone out there. ID obvious I'd you have to write it you have to do. Rather face Houston. And Cleveland. What is the rotation a lot of whatever and it's. It is also won again this afternoon so. You're keeping pace and S 31 went for it for them after they've had some tough ones as of late but at the Yankees rallying late to beat Texas. Yet as you as you push closer to the post season you start looking a Houston out of all of that changes the way you got to deploy irritation. Move guys around I wouldn't think that it would but. I'm sort of that that's the team that you're gonna face. The way things are moving in the American League. And I'm not threats I get to a call in six was 777979237. Outside Dow's is Red Sox review were taking up until midnight. This evening and again Chris Hill gets the W that's that sixteen wins now for Chris Sale wall more than drew Palmer ensued joined them last night. Tied atop the the lead in the American league for wins. And in the bullpen just got to take it over there. Where it's a quick break point comeback Teddy get to love you your phone calls and again. Maybe mix in some patriot socket as wells REIT. Move up closer to. At midnight hours or it's nicer view against six or 77797. I threw seven quick break right back. Of times thousands of spreading now on WE IWEI. Dot com David Price. When they two innings of simulated work at Fenway today on the mound throwing its allies hitters place again back on and on about four to five days and I. What is role may be with a return we still do not know although we do another Chris Hillis a sixteen game winner he beat the Tampa Bay Rays tonight Red Sox when he had ninths and nothing in those sixteen wins. Atop the American league for Chris Sale Ager Bennett said he providing the ball to the office three hits three RBIs as the Sox. Exploded for three runs in the first on a Dustin Pedroia two run home run in five morons in this second inning. Reports sellout or to get the Sox the sweep on Sunday he goes up against Alex Cobb first dates at 135. As the Sox also have their fifth straight win. Yankees won on Saturday afternoon as they beat the Rangers 321 in the Indians also beat Baltimore for a 20. So the Yankees for half game back of the Red Sox Cleveland meanwhile has won seventeen straits. And there are now a half game back of Houston. Who are lost earlier to Oakland's. Because football score story as well UMass falling too Old Dominion seventeen to seven in Wake Forest all over Boston College. 342 lights and the final score in Dallas some top 25 scores forty Clemson beats Auburn fourteen to six. Oklahoma beating up on number two Ohio State 31 to sixteen with six minutes ago in the fourth quarter. Right now it's Notre Dame with a 1917. Lead over Georgia and about four minutes to play. In exact game and USC with a 48 to seventeen advantage over Stanford of the minutes ago in the third quarter of that game. Weather is 61 degrees. Some showers going on as well out there in the Boston area. That's restraining Allen dvi to VEI dot com. Our toy games to go in the regular season. The Boston Red Sox send they've got a four a half game lead over the Yankees in the American League east. They get contributions. Up till it might ipads as well coming up later in the program joint Colin on that patriots. I know a lot of people we're on a naturedly when the at the pats suffering that week one loss team like Kansas City. So if you want to its medical get to that. A little later in the show but. Let's ask don't do that nine up that way. And up and down the order he got a little resulted from everybody in this when Jackie Bradley junior sandy lay own eyes. Without a hit. And yet they mayors just want for four but see like everybody else got to. Nice job of rallying giving Chris Hill that early lead ins. That they did that's that's got to make. Not only his job easier on an ounce but John Farrell's job easier with the DC suited to pulled after six innings in 97 pitches. Speaking to John Farrell we do that Jon Farrell's post game comments and Dave Wilcox is gonna give us but John Ferrell comments. Right now is as a Sox pull off of the window 8161 on the season. He's sore we'll check tomorrow while I guess right now he probably doubtful for tomorrow. But you know when he slid headfirst. Knew the impact on the ground obviously. Am I mean from Donna certainly can on going to second that it's sort of says tighten up a little bit more so. We'll check and see how is in the morning but I would anticipate. I hadn't given day off tomorrow. It's big in the long term is it to be able it get Chris on deficits and expedite its with a couple. You're giving. Him. The innings total is that right now. You know the extra day this time an extra day next time these are these things and hopefully we can take advantage of and certainly Chris. Put a bit early runs were also helpful and then maybe not make him so much. A mistrust lauding her through the six innings of work puts you know he was able to pitch comfortably is so. On a night where your hopeful you know come back a little bit the game allowed us to do just that. Policing this have to make any adjustments over the last four starts or is this just and I am getting back on track. Much you know I think he's gone through it as every country does so you don't just some. Routine normal rhythm oriented type of just boosters trying to establish a release point a little more consistently and I thought tonight he had a really good changeup that he used. Maybe a little more effectively than previous starts but. I'm you know he's had success against this team in the past and an old held true to form a night so. You know and less time on a lot of foul balls while a little higher pitch count was some balls over squared up front. My thought it was much better understand to the edges here tonight. I says John Ferrell and the first question that he answered there was in regards to Eduardo Nunez. Who I was two for two in the ball game but once stealing. Base. I a appeared today injuring his knee as he he slid into second base so it sounds like it's just a knee contusion but Ferrell. So he's he's probably oceans are probably he's doubtful for Sunday's series finale that don't mean. And hopefully get back and a couple days it is just and knee bruise that's you know that's seems like you would be best case scenario. Hoping get back in the field because he's been degree sparked Saddam's Bessie atop the order and but able to give Zander Bogart's load at a time neared all the voters came in got a couple hits today. When he came in for a two page drawn in and stay in the ball game for Nunez. So you have that going on and died Ferrell also did say that Dustin Pedroia you know the scheduled off day not gonna play. On Sunday said he PRD down unions and Pedroia. For us Sunday's series finale against the rays getting into the Chris Sale stuff. As the other thing that you gotta bring up and it's if you get a brief the fact that Chris Sale. Has struggled in you know the later months of timber October. And he got to bring it back that he went out there to pitch really well tonight for the state sixth inning stint developer Ron. Struck out make guys. Now that I just throw strikes only wants one to solve a good outing for him in John fairly now's the fact a yak. They'd like to cut back some of the innings some of the pitches for three act out because he's got to work course for on the season. And he still has a few starts to go here before he gets the playoffs and he's obviously your number one in the postseason so I don't think that. Even though historically the career numbers start to drop a little bit in September October I'm not worried about that. For Chris Sale. Of the last outing against the Yankees went just does. You know few innings it was a fourth argument of those three runs. But turned around and put together a good one tonight on an extra day rest him yet yet five days of rest. Which I think was aboard I think thirty day get a track do you doubt a couple off days looming here as he gets appear next couple series but. Chris Sale. Gets the win that that sixteenth win and does offer also topping of talking about his stuff Barings. Yet the stuff seems like it's always been there personalities sometimes it's just maybe some bad luck and some of those other starts. I read it's I skip when this is Red Sox review at 6177797. ID 37 on Tom Giles or hang out until midnight I know that time. Some view joy it's awesome that so we'll get is that a little later on but some. As far as the American League landscape in. Well the Sox are right now yet for a half game lead on the Yankees. A subtly this schedule. The F three more against Oakland next week and then three against Tampa Bay editorials for three Cincinnati for three Toronto. I some of these teams are gonna be out of contention. If not most of them you wrap it up with a four game set against Houston and act could be a pretty important separate used to have to looking to get home field advantage over Cleveland's. But otherwise. The way the schedule sets up. Is is pretty favorable for this Red Sox team who was that for half game lead over New York. And they started. Try to line things up or giving guys enough rest that that third. Fully ready to go. Acting is getting used to knock Leland. The way those two teams are playing I think Cleveland's gonna end up passing Houston so he can be looking at the Red Sox in the Astros. And at first round of the playoffs and I would be quite okay wood desk is right now clear it was played so well and I as something they're good matchup. To me they still look like they are the best team in the American League. As a reason they wanted a seventh game of the World Series last year in. It out a day did struggle to the first after this season but. They look like the best team in the American League you do not want to face them in the division series. And getting back to the the David Price. You know through couple simulated innings today. Addie S feel about it is David Price is healthy enough. And he makes the post season roster. He is a just an eight. I I think best case scenario is. If he does eating get a chance to throw in the regular season or say only gets wondered two outings in the in the regular season. Not starts outings Indian relief. I think he can use it as a reliever out of the bullpen you can use left handed pitchers. And he has faced as a reliever in the playoffs before so. If David Price and come back and give you that I I think that's great you right now. That's house money team get that added David Price. But out through couple. It's humiliating from from all indications. They get to do that again and the only thing we're gonna just missed time because it's not like he can go make a rehab outing for for the miners AAA anything like that that's. Those seasons of our Don. There and they're you know they're they're playoffs and that that's that's gone. Surprised at this point skinny go through those simulated games and hopefully they can make a determination whether or not they're gonna use and I needed the fact that there are still. Working on the rehab tells you that. They would like to use them. Because if they know plants. To play him on the post season roster then why would you even risky why would you even have not they're throwing at this point. Which you know makes me believe date. They want him for that playoff roster and I'd I'd it just it makes more sense to me for him to. Come out of the bullpen you don't say there's a start where yet true Palmer answer Doug Fister those two innings gives up three runs rank in the post season. You gotta give a quick cuts and tax. So savoring a price for the third inning one of those games. I think that can be good spot form and may be built some confidence as well and maybe you become like I forty alert. These are long reliever TP at a ball game and instead you went. To David Price I don't think is is is done for the year I think DIE ten LP and like to see that out of a night. Back there's still work and added that tells me that at that they feel the same way. But it at this hour rotation though. The rest of the way in and I know some you wanna weigh in on out there. It's got agency yes him off days but. How are you get that done that's that's a question actually Mike is in north Providence. And Mike. You might have an idea on how to do this what do you got four in my. Well you know you can go you can do is potentially go to Louis six man rotation. If you want to start kitten details some extra rest and and what. Where. I Blake and Adam and team drew bomber and true bomber and yet you're an amber amber some rest as well and also get you know a lot of prices back into the rotation that would give them a couple starts then maybe he would be that. You know because that we've got to kill two birds with one stone and you can keep these and so keep on starting faster you know this. Kind of heating go to the quote he's been doing that. And you know maybe crisis can get into this when it things may be wall but at least you get to see an ad in the meantime. You arts you know taken a little bit of the pressure off the guys who can carry in the wake of the team. Yet I I kind of like the idea do you. Do you think dime yet at this point I don't know if David Price is going to be joining a six man rotation. You know maybe now finally to this season they can try to get him out there but I do you feel buying coming up the bullpen. I'm a pilot the bullpen thing I you know one thing that sticks out in me is. When one of the giant. World Series Ron they are bringing out a freak out of a bowl prep as a kind of a long reliever seamless yeah. Yet it was it was a kind of at they would need a big impact for them. He was able to go out there you know two or three times and really have a big impact cancer gains and may be you know priced to do the same sort of thing query he'd give you two really good innings when you really need it. You know and one other thing that may be should just go I don't have the numbers environment right now by Rafael devers home to waste words are so extreme like you know. This whole split so late prime Ted Williams and has always been this way split so late prime Bob view cards to basic. From my way. Prime bubbles and all. Yeah all I saw take. I don't I don't say that it is the splits in your youth Ted Williams vs the opposites and Williams has his problems and help appreciate the call like. It just the idea there would with the six man rotation for the Red Sox and now I. Right Johnson's solo around. Brian Johnson available to start some games form if he could use of I mean there's no the guy can you can put in a big deal of two off days left in the regular season they've got. Monday off the eleventh and in the 21 they have off as well. So. Jackie he get a six guys in their I'm totally for that. I don't think it's gonna hurt your chances. That much of winning the elites to that that's Paramount yet make sure you in the division there is no way. Do you want a plane in that one game wild card playoff. They've been a first place the division firm. For the most part. A second after the sees a yankees a dollar for a second there but. You gotta make sure you wrap up the division. Which also have to make sure that's the keep yourself the best chance of winning in the playoffs. So all. Giving guys rest I am all for that six man rotation I would entertain it. And I I think maybe you would just need one or two spot starts from a six guy. But Nam. I like the idea I just don't think David Price is going to be able to to be one of those guys based on the rehab and and how things are kind of progressing. You know it doesn't seem like. He's. Two weeks away your three weeks away and he's run and had time to do that so. I don't know Alec and maybe coming out of opened it to help this team. It's our skip the wind I nothing tonight against Red Sox are these 6177797. ID 37 taken. All your phone calls. What they had and are not all year and it's. Idol mania just. Wrong. I don't want them to finally an identity is a lineup. And it doesn't seem to matter. Who was hitting way there although they tell. John Farrell starting to you know he's moved. And there Mears down the lineup he's moved devers down after he struggled for a little bit in what we'll check those was for him like I'm coming up a little bit but. I do like the fact that moved to bets down eating you know that third fourth spot. And attendees well but outside of that seems like he got a lot of moving parts and like Jackie Bradley junior down towards the bottom of the order I think he gives you a bit of pop down there. Makes things difficult on opposing pitchers. Festive yet doing has come on back around. I don't Obey goes wrong maybe maybe don't need a concrete line up is that's kind of what I wanted I wanted. Definitive roles so these guys do win they're gonna be hitting every day. And it doesn't seem to matter doesn't seem like there's a rhyme or reason. As to do. A lot of looks like this today vs you know we at bats cleanup tomorrow it. This team's just got to raise its its ebbs and flows when this offense right now slow and nine runs in each of the last two games. If one for a role. And done. It held on lap for a half game lead over the Yankees. I don't think. And that third they're not as good. As the Cleveland Indians but I think if they match of the Astros in the first on the playoffs they could possibly. Dip as Houston despite how good Houston wants the Astros they they don't post season experience. Another it's I don't have it's on but the Astros don't have any. We have quince in Connecticut. Followed in on Red Sox should be quite what he got. Yeah. You know like Karstens merits it's we it's we make me a play doctor but I carton Smith that getting a spot in the bullpen I know he terrorists. In nineteen game ending. You know. I mean in the players get paid off in between games so so I like that aspect of it com. Where do you wanna see what. What do you wanna see Carson Smith who. I ate just rank for me like your level of trust in the guys in the bullpen and then kind of sliding cars and Smith re kind of fits in four and it is Craig Kimbrel absent read. Is Carson's third. A point. 98 Kimbrel. Re 88 I know two of pero relates work in stemming back to two doesn't thirteen talks which you'd cut as a lot to be back. After the Tommy John I mean I know we have our trust in and Matt Barnes and mean that splits between him back home and away. Yeah really scare me imminently and we kind of know. When we Q Matt Barnes the precursor seemed to be illegal Faulk. Yeah I got it and it frustrates. A goal that it just not to become so comfortable lead off walk. And book and we can count on Bart system and I have it. Like 22. Hitter minutes with him. Not Smith has when he deems last year hopefully we can see him for 56 times. Q what he can do but I'm not really worried about his velocity being in the 1991 mile per day. My mile per hour range he's got that good slider. Which Q what we got here in which he does well. Deserved a spot. Yet I I think they'd they'd like to use them here here's the wanting quick don't point out is any judge Joseph tell it and make steel. All these guys are hard throwing right handed pitchers so. That's just the once spot or look at post season and you start to think that they have but I mean Fernando body doesn't seem like you know it's not prelates tease him and I leverage situations he got Robby Scott. But. What do what you do in that situation where you wanna go lefty on lefty. I I think Robby I deserved it deserves the nod. Yeah I mean guys like it's not enough. I'd I'd that's the sea and that's right think maybe David Price could could actually. Help you out there I think out of molested and I'm not directed can help you quit base for the call. Yet the bullpen is definitely. I don't know it's gonna take shape but. I think we're discussing last week when you look to the bullpen in your level of trust. You know Campbell's bad breaks as a Reid's been pretty good yeah I had that. Addie NCA tees on Sunday that. Struggled a little bit but. You know Joseph Kelly Brandon Workman Carson Smith tonight. Gave up a couple of hits I think two pitches to hits they got the double playing and got out of Yang. So. He's come back and Lee is yet one breaking ball at started is a backdoor breaking ball to left handed hitters that are way off the plate. Came back over the corner. Which. That we could. And AT the mines. That. If you dispose of your eighth inning guy that was the guided teased him brass he went out and said. All right Carson Smith extremely violent for him he's going to be very canny guy last year. And as was V talent Thornburgh this year. He went down with a injuries and now you're at the point worry yet to growing get ads and read but Carson's respect. That's huge for this bullpen. I'd I don't think it in matches up as well with you know. Andrew Miller ends it cleaver when Miller comes back and Cody Allen is out of there. To be better than Houston's. Guess we'll say we'll find out but yeah. Narcissistic good and begin to get at the moral exit him are his threats are to be 617 sevenths of an Ide seven ID 37 you what's our socks. And does their way tonight over the rays and in the conform to the post season we can do that. Got a couple calls scholars went on the line as well body and some patriots. So we can do that may duel will do that next actually threats acts of Leo I'm Tom Giles to take quick break we'll be right back. Hi this Red Sox reveal on Tom Giles. Sox got the win nine nothing tonight over Tampa Bay that's four straight wins they saw before a half game lead over the Yankees for first place. In the American League east. Gets our attention on a football because on tomorrow. You know at the rest of week one in the NFL seasons it look guys by the glass he's got his he's got his gear bodies. The Eagles fan Dave I mean I am now. It's too bad no one's perfect. But that's up opener defeated Eagles while sorry gonna start. Tough loss to the patriots on Thursday night 42 point seven. Ands. That's really some some points of concern there I think mostly that the front seven. I don't know what they're gonna do the front seven on defense. As far as pasteurized you know you lose Donta hightower in nineteen to what. Looks like any strain who knows I added I just can't see him coming back against New Orleans are we to even though he had ten days between games. Then as far as line Becky writes I dated airs wizard middle linebacker he played two snaps. You know not as good in pass coverage as Calvin going so that's what you know I played every snap you with a green dot. And then elated Roberts. Yelled at a pretty good rookie season. Last year but he only played nine snaps and I team against the chiefs in Kansas City credit I thought they played great game they schemed well they made plays. And data patriots had a few breakdowns. Offensively I think I was most surprised I am not concerned with but and I was most surprised that the patriots. They got no separation. I mean. Tom Brady at the beginning of the game had time to throw put in order thrall. No one was open. You had Chris sold in defended by mark is Peters one of the best corners in the NFL. And you think and hope you may be is going to be to guiding picks up the targets with the absence of Julian element yes just one catch. Rob Gronkowski had just two catches. Ready coats. Make some plays but I actually wanted more touches to bring cuts on. I'd like to see the most he's brainy coats see where we saw that she sees Tyreke hill and I guess the blazers out of the backfield just getting some early touches. You don't as a dynamic playmaker. And then also getting guys like James White more involved in the passing game. And fourteen catches in that Super Bowl and I just thought that maybe they'd usable little mourn the passing game. I know that's our Phil Perry CSN any dot com wrote that may be Rex Burkhead. If you look at him as as a guy who fills and in the slot position that Cincinnati looked out of that back to 2014. Tom Brady did target him a couple times. But offensively they just. Knowing got open. Half of the plate causal waited too like the and around two Hogan era and now a couple times in a row and it's a stop working after the first time. Yet and they also. It seemed like they were. Is that cites these and accused popping up in outs when they're down at Saturday's. Big guy the voice of analysis type rhetoric I. They also really committed to a palace attack I felt that first app sought to haunt of Ron. Tony and Austin James White in that first half and Mike ilsley about a like. Pretty much. It's cheerleader block now they used him in short yard situations. And people yeah say well we missed leaderboard is Gilles we couldn't get the fourth and one. Well you know what Al resides in Selig your blunt not pick up their short yardage situation last year TO. Yeah heat you did fall the end zone. Nineteen times Gilles at three touchdowns at night. But it's when it's fourth down and you gotta get yardage that's when you find a which got your big back gains. The testing did Sunday really give many what do gulp. Andy bush I would argue on this fourth down play as of the chiefs are rumored to make him play on now Eric Berry. Off what us dot. Plus they have loss of my god. And that was the thing I like what I've found that out the next day that he was done for the year the ruptured Achilles. I kiss you you cut out to begin with and she's a pretty solid Al Smith a good. Maybe they're for real. Let's other Julia as everybody else. In now you're not gonna know how good that she's really are because they lost the backbone of their defense Eric Berry. These are all pro safety right now. I mean it's like the Seahawks last year they come in they beat the patriots at it was a week or two later they lost Terrell Thomas they aren't the same. You is an impact player safety like that in your defense you just. You're not the saints of joy it's awesome patriot 677797. ID 37 we've got Kelly is in Amber's Kelly was some pass up what's going on. And it was all about. So Jeff first of formal courses he said obviously that was the bridge problems and neck game on the bench in the front seven and all make it a little. What specific. Simulate the three colleges absolutely pathetic I think if you put three parking meters. On the line of scrimmage they have done enough but equally good job of pressuring the quarterback. It was really just so lame. The backup in new and New England built at a lot of epics such Eli and and that's you know that's how it in the case so vital and Lisa that we look at are there. But what I'm not used to. Is at play at cornerback position and so a fully expecting. Great they're Carter hound two great stuff at all about but that's it for and right the little game the only chance do it you know a lot on David and it was an accent but. How many of these games right here got two questions were. What it's from your point of view the other one is for the patriots point abuse Bill Belichick I how many. Patriot losses. Where Brady throws a lot of but it a touchdown and had a rating of like sixty how many viewed in a row. Four somebody else that's it's attractive apple. While. What's LS feeling you've got and a loaded answer ready go what's its real. Sure Atlanta although it's late here. Michael for Rihanna wouldn't be right now the that are now and I said realistically of course I would say war. Would be my thought. These reality out approaching and it it would build up a poet had. Before it actually put it up look I think they're startled or Unicode I mean it's. A second pulled out like a slate opera's second. Yeah owns or old five I don't have to schedule funny but there's no way his teams don't own four point 50 and let me. Let's just also clarified on the on the braced. Did you think it if yes he missed on a few throws. But. I mean those dudes I'd date no one was open they create any separation. And you know what you do when there's no pressure from other deep sense I mean there's no pressure from the big I on the other side and nobody open. You run Edward Brady tractor on what to let him look like to pack trying to get away and green and that's not been. But he did look a little extra stiff compared or edit the first game and all that needle in whatever but I mean on that play recently bought hardline. At the Pakistan to drop and he runs it you know what I mean like I know. Eight people opt in a NG. I saw woody he thought the whole package you know it ease anytime you put an end when the game he would've won that game he demanded that at all and I have to wonder free you'll probably to rewrote the cockpit recorder pocketed that adapt. Book pending how many games in a row what the patriots 040 about ten where where you where where would you regiment is sent a. Yes OK I appreciate that did it I I take your pitchers fans so and they did just won a super hole where Tom Brady you know came back his greatest comeback. And it's Super Bowl history. As a representative of all non new England and I agree with Kelly in after four games they shouldn't get adding here. Yet adding here. That's quarterback of all time Dade who. Please from all other fans of every other team that's what you're saying that party as you know always the best that you didn't you're like yeah. It's not happening there's no way Bill Belichick still in that out either. That's also just got it happened just like. It's a strange hypothetical for me to answer. Like if if that's the situation that old five they've got to be laid down series bodies. It's just not happening the used to play out the season. And aid to it that they're not going sixteens but if you wanna tell really twelve and for their attendance six somehow. It breaks plane all the way now. Natalie Tennant six. And is not overwhelming sure that becomes interesting because again Jimmy drop blows up after this year. Ands. Yet it then you dead if you wanna have that conversation absolutely. But there. Does it out loud we give it to tell because it was is an interesting question. You almost gotta like looney in and now one. This is just not happening. Brady gets the season for sure. He's earned it. A mind. Was not definitely was not on him on Thursday night he missed the double throws. And yet we know we can't run he's never been able to Iran now. I want suggested that he used him in the quarterback sneak on on the fourth downs the fourth the ones because they're so good at that. I think they have in 90% success rate it's insane. It's insane but a big part of that might have men. That the just knew they were getting the bush with the offensive line so if I can get the bush. I get it like get a throw your. Your your franchise quarterback headfirst into. And aired pairing our pilot. Who also imminent. He still there now Dante oppose and I India now he's gone I just narrowed by a giant Derrick Johnson yes yes. You know Justin Houston might do more or less not do that nine game one when you're down what are your weapons and and this also gave baker won them. Eagle fourteen opting I think Kansas say people who are you what you were still have 177827. Penalties the penalties Kansas City was trying to give the game and all stupid. Pass interference these. I mean let's not panic was not bad but as good question tele call from the fallen through we got Johns in Maine and John was the way in. On Thursday night's loss was don't want. Yet I don't agree with that car so much I think that Brady looked dead I mean I know it was sixteen to 36 now attacks are enormous actions by. He was pretty good volley where it where it needed to be put. There is some drop taxes. They were creating any separation. And that. That forced the one's I I patient on the quarterback sneak I was this huge momentum shift in the game. After that another lap 121 goal in the fourth quarter but they couldn't get anything going and I didn't feel confident about Bentley nagging after the bat play. But yeah I mean I think that is the defense didn't look horrible thing it was a mess not it's I think that every time that. No offense you know faltered and the defense kind of go back out there was more wives became a lot not necessarily Brady's. Started operating and I think it is fine I would like it if you work check arms have to look at for the third receiver I'm not very pretty big game. Yet they'd like those those past is James White right you know just. Get the ball those guys in space that Dylan prom was there really wasn't any room over the metal there are really they weren't able to create any space. Yes they closed that net a lot pretty good or bad they are that's five receiver in how they need to figure out. Yeah and again and pace of the call John I think that's where maybe you'll see them get a little creative in that situation. We two against New Orleans com. It assists. I thought it was a winnable game hands at the difference was explosive place. It's Kansas City even when the great and I think there were already up by eight points when they pulled off the two huge runs the two play drive the two long runs I mean. It was just a number of explosive plays that. And that the long touchdown at Tyreke hill where yet supplying Gilmore in in demo according to miscommunication. According you know took responsibility for afterwards but I. You know. Well that's the case or not doesn't matter they're there was a miscommunication. Ends. Given up that long bomb to lie to Tyreke yelled back quick strike. This team last year. You wanna calling bend don't break. Day. It would give up some yardage. But not a lot of points in this situation in a not didn't really give a big plays last year. This was like the opposite I'm over 500 yards of offense just big play after big play from Kansas City Al Smith. When his butt off and 8000 fantastic. Performance by Alex Smith. Does he get a lot of credit I think we all kind of look at him as a game manager. Who knows maybe more than that now. I did begins the city and the wide receivers either but. Larry field kind of proved to be a number one the other night. And or else follows soup. I did threats are studio talking patriots right now mode and get its and socks as well the number 617. 7797937. On Tom Giles are taking up. Until midnight Red Sox got the win tonight ninths and nothing. Over the Tampa Bay Rays and Chris Hill picking up. When number sixteen on the season frank easing Cambridge Boston toxin Chris Sale what's going on frank. They had going. While that went brokers you know if something were irrelevant for awhile now. And it goes it was a big win often. Not knowing. It is you know overall game I think we all got a patriot and not about the Red Sox get pretty fired up. These are dug my dad get some ground yankees keep Madison and they got on. Adding it was a pretty big win tonight. It was big when we we did we tied other sites or else all thirty minutes there and to be us for the young people I think we're. Really wanna call and Al pitchers that's all we did that but not not huge attackers sale. Let me ask you break you look at in the post season this is a big bounce back for him. You feel good about him being you know one guy the postseason but do you also feel like he compete at lights out number one guy to lead you in the post season. Definitely definitely get you really do I think I at this point would put Palmer a majority. Feel pretty good but one through that put him in Palmer and in the bullpen taking over it you can. They're pretty good there are certain things. According to deter them in the bullpen taking over in being able to give you two really good so all win. In any answer the outlook for pot or in. Who wrote. It I'm still have a Cy Young stuff so I think he could really use some special and now I think. No reports that are going to be at this point. I had engine feel pretty good audit any seven games there with those guys. Especially welcome mr. in the team brought it up and it's going steak or go to them and may go it. As the rest of the optic node but it looks that didn't know is cute but this team. In I think he'll keep going I hope that the state brought out it was all. The real quick. To clarify franks got Chris sailed through pondering its report sell your top three through policies rotation. That report that's really big quite what led a systematic. Abbott I mean rely on. It seems they were saying about your bombers two months ago. I thought I mean announcements are absolutely. Without smug but if you really good guy. Oh opposes any spirits up when you're gonna take a lot of agent. Yet. Nice opposes it experience. To meet we're seeing the same things about Doug is doers at about two bombers two months ago so out of now I'm not opposed to it. But it sport guy or agent that's great but I don't that you really can't rely on that having great. Kind of help both the agent bolstered that we use somebody you're eager rely on. I've bracing chambers frank base and he's pumped up about the Red Sox with that I can appreciate that for a half game lead over the Yankees poignancy go on the regular season. Funny games above 500 threats are to be 6177797937. Or it's a quick break. We'll be right back to wrapping up. I look back threats are Israel Tom Giles coming back to end wrap these up here at midnight. Gods of the Sox earlier that night at the when they had over Tampa Bay also misses some mud patriot stock is well this seems like. Lot of you wanted to talk about the out post season rotation Ryan is in Weymouth and Ryan who is your third starter in a post season rotation. Oh Doug Fister. And I was on hold think about it and honesty I think it's. Should be an open competition for your third starter and no. Everybody says. Hill parlance was so little but Carcillo has been. A pretty much gone off this year mean nowhere near as Cy Young achieved yet last year. And I think you lead the majors or at least a alum auspices. CRA's abysmal he's given up our light. An awful amount of hits it wasn't like 200 hunkered third career home runs how connect guide be your third start in the post season there's my question. So then recently would go to crooked performances. I think if our barrel and we all know how bad Ferrell is with great citizens. I think you ride the hot hands your heart and turn ourselves. Our armor and Pakistan. What happened sir and ask your iron over the next three weeks if things change of Doug Fister has doubled that outings. Report so as a couple good ones you run and hide he instilled on. You going pores over Fister in that situation. All. Would you go into the postseason at all matters who's autumn operate a tentative when the game yeah so I mean things are key to change it. Right now sisters. I don't know let's handful of starts has been better than Corso policies are I. Brian Weymouth he he likes sisters the number three starter we got to allison's Jamestown and Alice wants to weigh in as well who's your number three. I I didn't go in my that it I don't know mr. third all home. You know last year with Marcello winning the Cy Young award views you as our number one guy right. Even him winning the cy young and glory season which obviously this year even and he gets hot. It's whatever his views are all last year. Notoriously rowdy or carries these really struggled in the post. On. In last year was supposed to be. Is time to sort of La. But that all things arrest in this parade of dispute him happy at. EU help they need in HL com unit the hours. A good three weeks will seek I was really hoping that he sort of bounced back in the help as it was. Last year or the remainder. From you know post break. It is really hasn't happened so I don't I don't think you can sit there and say are always been good the last three weeks but it. Third. Sister has the experience and you can be proven winner so. I think that it sort of Billick an adult thing and I gotta say I mean all branches that look good by a little bit shaky and I'm I'm pretty glad that sale. What now and had a game that he did. Today. A bigot getting a little bit fired. Yet in acting that's why they tried to give them an extra day of rest tonight I think if they're gonna continue to do that through the rested. Regular season let me ask you real quick Alex. Doug Fister. Basically it was without a job when the Red Sox picked him up. It sometimes it's our efforts to appreciate. Just. Though what this guy's been able to deal. I mean how surprised you the fact that you're you're sitting here saying Doug Fister beer guy for for games period of the policies. Our team noted that question. I don't know why I think the Robbie year and if you are debates all year and again at. A little bit. In these sports. There's always a guy that sort of goes through the you know during the draft order out where you have and you started. He picked up bench players and so like that went wrong and eat he really you use those credit sneak peeks. You know into the points and well guys really producing. And not just a little bit. In not just a little bit is really just some awesome games. And maybe you reviving itself a little bit. All right out out receipts phone company so much I yet. Doug this is my number three right now to get people texting and say one out Eduardo Rodriguez out of now and went out there are kind of feel like a lot of Rodriguez. In the confidence to have him in in your post season rotation at this point I'm just. I guess not feeling it may be does something over the the rest of this month then he considered him as your number four guy but. I'm just out there with him so little sexy in saint David Price. Yeah. David Price did you still feel like is gonna be able to work his way back to. Being a starting pitcher this season. In the post season. I I see him possibly helping on the bullpen but again it's one of those sayings. He got to see it first. Before you know we have. Busy sort his way back to simulated innings today it's allied batters. But at this point he's got a long way to go. Wouldn't mind having him in the bullpen though another left handed arm. And all that's not that we just added about reports so he's on the hill tomorrow. Press our as one former role. You go up against say a race team that's that's reeling. Young scored what eighteen to three over the last two days. Rip or sell a ghost is sweet pussy decisive fifth straight win. One of the gets out stop being can check out the game maker in this Johnston BEI Red Sox radio network is Jones eleven call. But again once I Chris Sale. Pitch well. Probably open himself back in the lead for the time being. On the side yup. I that's reds activated they stable guys on the glass sometime Giles and tonight.