Red Sox Review Hour 2

Boston Baseball
Friday, June 16th

Hour 2.  Christian breaks down the Red Sox loss to the Phillies and Chris Sale’s brilliant performance.


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This east and Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody enters fields. So why got a bit strike 310s strike outs. Ford Chris Sale he's a recap of the Red Sox and the silly piece. Analysts in the Dublin feel there's balls going to do this all the. They are not alone. Celebrate turnaround Thursday's wise and secondly those first career. Sales. Slipped off the won't let you don't know. Dial 6177797937. Yeah. Red Sox rookie on Sports Radio WEEI. You're the man jokes stick around not blind tee there Purcell was brilliant tonight one of his best starts in awhile and it goes to waste the actually picks up a loss in a complete game where he allowed one run strikes out ten scatters from units and the Red Sox offense unable to get one run across the played here in Philadelphia in the concluding. Game of this four game series with the worst team in baseball. They won three of four. Two of those three winds took extra inch. And this loss tonight was his battle losses this team is suffered all your they've been shut out six times but I think this is the worst loss of the year I don't I don't think come. Out of it's not some hot date either I mean that's. That's the worst team in baseball and you had pre sale on the mound and he was awesome on the mound any was awesome at the plate. And the rest of the team just took the night off as rampant here around wanna read a couple of tweets before I get back to your phone calls. Donnan on Twitter says. Sale pitch the jump rope the double tag up the third and got hung out to dry manager should appreciate young no matter the matchups. Young's shirt and linked shirt roughly sure anybody sure. Publishing and the ball off. And what a terrible at bat I don't publish and the ball is gay which was a long time ago was a pretty good low ball hitter. You know you try to sneak a splitter pass their meager roper right over the second baseman had. Some it was good eyes good low body being seen flashes of this year. Very brief flashes but flash is nonetheless. He's wanted to pages. That the catcher had the block in the dirt. Strike one that was an actual strike. Straight to in the dirt Pablo swings and misses straight three same things went to visit again. And that Pedroia had bad in the eight inning with Chris Sale on third base. And some slap pick Phillies reliever out there. Knee shaking in you swing and miss it three straight sliders really. Brutal just a brutal offensive performance. Michael onto where Turkey and DC a Red Sox looking to Trevor pollute sure why not at all at wide Allah. He's a slight improvement in -- believe that for guiding through fourteen he's a slight improvement over problems and the law. Oh did she is on Twitter says let's agree signing panda was a NASA is rating move I hear chairing the laughing from Toronto then probably. Janice on Twitter says they hitters never seem prepared for these mediocre pitchers that has to be part of hitching hitting coach is reason to exist now. Yes good point and you know I I don't like when hitting coaches get. Get fired or over prolonged slumps like this because we think about it you know Janice and everybody else here. I just urging the numbers the Red Sox offense is not an overall bad offense. They were pathetic tonight. But there in the top five in batting average top five and on base percentage and on top. Fifteen in. OPS and slugging ages they're down at the bot the very bottom in home runs. And you know situationally hitting there's not I know that there's certain stance taken kinda give you an idea that they're a rather doing but man if I. And if it was up to me I would say is one of the worst situationally hitting Red Sox teams I've seen in awhile especially with the amount of talent that they have. You know based on on their talent and what they should be doing here this team situationally. Is just. A major disappointment. All season long they have bent. And that S the change I don't know I don't know who's gonna step up and over that has the change six point 7779. 7937. As your phone number we got a couple open phone line to go ahead and grab them here as we react to the Red Sox losing one nothing in Philadelphia. To the god awful Philadelphia Phillies in closing out this series probably the worst way you could possibly do it let's go to mark in Springfield with a thought our Chris Sale I'm mark. I'm are I think I I appreciate all you I'm good. Actually got to probably for the first time so that's how bad it is you know really it was one of those games. I would actually at a restaurant when my daughter watching ambassador we had to be right about us and and I pointed to the number to a problem that adamant that strikes Kodak said. It is going to be remembered extra. In perhaps its second and it's gonna be normal. Yeah and it was even worse Pittston strike the. How do we. Really weren't up there and it was it carefully elect its sad and an unpopular manager not know. That's what's gonna happen somebody else it would take. I just don't get it. Yeah well you listening John Ferrell have the audio for you just the second year marquis was dead set on problem Macon ended the haven't added that will play it will play is full comments free afterwards V critic I almost drove off the road when I heard that now he's our guy. We need him I don't want anyone else that there in that spot really you don't want anyone else up there and that's why John really. But you know Christian out at second base in indecent and and I set myself back just gave it right on the basis last year. And no I mean we need to come out of that game. At that and it is locked keeping an intentional or. I know he didn't pitch count low bit rate and at that point he's been going at running into it got Craig Kimbrel should be aired. You don't still don't know edit I just can't you rich got richer they got no chance without producing that's yeah. You know mark. I agree with the I was thinking that as she was standing there on the base I thought our man in now is there anybody on this incas. You know I think about you knocking a pinch runner Hanley Ramirez. You wanna save Chris Young in case in case you need image in a 00 game the pinch hit later on. And I Josh Rutledge you know he's. Where he put him at third base maybe eight I guess that to work. Much doubles match yeah. And then he'd taken out and I didn't. Now you know that that wouldn't I mean listen it didn't matter because they can drive around in any way that I I see what you mean and that might it that would make some censure him why not mean it didn't it didn't end up making a difference mark thanks for the call. Either drive the guy any dog doesn't matter the pin drivers. And they can get amend. Chris Sale at a great big day that tag up to go for second and third was. A plus. And it's not like it's volley Ferrell put him in there to pinch run badly he got a he had a doubles so. Down a camera on the back end they certainly had enough insurance that they decided to remove him from the game their but I didn't have a huge problem with them not doing that. Yeah I suppose there's a risk. But Chris sailed just strikes me is a much more coordinated athletic person and Stephen right. Maybe it's just you know other look can't judge a book by its cover but in this instance read the marine I think you can attend a little bit right. Chris Sale steer rate. Run a race like rooted in you did you did you sort of look at the two and probably figure out who's gonna win that 6177797937. Let's go to Mike in north Providence I might. Secrecy in just quick. Knee checked actually good picture Yang now he's in a year ago he was I I said right as I said that I realized two was but I mean he's not you know it is having a great season this season by. Really I mean that was those were three straight sliders that were 86 miles an hour Pedroia swinging out of his shoes he couldn't touch any of Michael mine. Well he's he's he's he's is a rapid rate against. Me and so anyways. You know on the thing is that I think they've gotten the point now where the only real choice they have reduced that went one step is gonna come up. Because he's he's head and shoulders and as ordered out double layer right now. And in he all the nets to a nine year. Because the bottom line is I think that whatever he does is add that the very least going to be equal what's happening yeah out there and status. That comic until the limit here answer as the options that Eric AAA and with. You know on the team unless Brock holes suddenly get elk. Yeah and I don't anticipate that happening I mean he's been shut down indefinitely and I think that they've sort of moved on from trying to get him back on the field that. Trying to make sure that his life is ruined by this you know concussion syndrome that he's that he's experiencing right now so yeah I mean there's. You know there is did they gotta do something might mean this is this is a bad situation. Not quick note I'm in the NBA you know if it stayed the Celtics do exactly. Josh Jack and find out that maybe they keep. May be upon looking at lake you know being able to do that physical I'm on full status like the way he's up maybe okay. Because I mean just Jackman is going to be really wouldn't be a player so this is not late yeah it's tragedy that it takes. So. Yeah now I agree with news on a better team that did did more in the you know internment and that faults is you know and make it so yes I mean are I'm with you on that one might thanks for the call. Yes and as I said that about any share resent what exactly is slapped their reliever mean I mean. I'd first of all thought that it wasn't he shares that he Shaq was out at that point and that the and at the closure was in a kid actors and heiress whose. OK meaning god problem but yet for some reason at that and he should pitch the inning before I thought he pitched the seventh but he pitched the eighth and then. Nears in the ninth so I take that back knee she's a very good reliever he's seven and fantastic season not a bad team. But still. You know this is Dustin Pedroia were talking about here. And those are three straight sliders around 86 miles an hour and he was swing and out of issues in didn't make contact. And didn't make any contact with them all for four on the night with a couple strikeouts in nine you need to traded even try to put the ball in play there at least. Runner on third one out and nothing nothing game against the worst team in baseball and you can't get him home I mean. I'm Saudi sand and the Merrill was weather's Pedroia event attendee Bradley junior guard Morlon Bogart who doesn't matter. Bogart's choked do. And now there is there's no way. There is no way. There when Chris set out on you know that win probability thing that you know that little chart the little Dow Jones looking chart that you see sometimes a post up there. Certain points in the game your win probability is 90% and 10% as 5% when Chris Sale at that double. There when probability had to be like 99 point 7%. You know all lied saying okay your pitcher just doubled you got your 1213. Hitters coming up. Who were in you know and three bet arguably your three best hitters. You know mid morning get the moral and moral manager tournament in now they'd managed to get them some now but they didn't. That's you know I'm not gonna fault him hurt move and Iran over its part of it. It was solid contact he made two line out to right field. In round injured to left on that bad knowledge son you're talking about an extra base its sales coming around in the red sec state Italy but does the Madrid. With one out a runner on third. Straight down on three pitches like that off brutal. And in San and the ball same deal then the game striking out and three position with a runner on base. Runner wasn't on third base per say. Buy it in now what what more can Jean what more can you say about this. There is no excuse to lose in this game. And then sail in the eighth inning you know finally cracked a little bit. He prior today eight inning if Chris said let's say Chris L command of the game assay pinch run for. You would come out of the game in his line what do look like this. Seven are on or seven innings through hits. No runs. One walk in I think. Did he strike anybody on the eighth. I don't think he did. In the bottom of the eighth. Now known struck out so we would have had seven innings to heads. One walked ten strikeouts. No orange. And then it would have been in the decision. Well maybe it wouldn't have who knows. You know who knows who would pitch the eighth and other would have gone. But that's who Chris sales line would have been what more what more can this guy possibly do what more can US government. In error it's it seemed like the Red Sox and stop with this whole thing where they can't score runs for Chris Sale seemed like maybe that was over with. You know sale wanna bunch of starts in a row he's eight and two going into this game and then they go out there and do that against the rookie. A rookie who own them. Nick prevent our own them tonight. And that should just never happened in our relations. And I got Houston this weekend. In Houston. Best team in baseball after you're really fought and struggled to win three out of four against the worst team in baseball can't feel good about that six once. 77979837. As your phone number phone lines are open go ahead and grab one in your quick break over your bank after this. Sox review which. Yeah. Tough loss tough loss for the Red Sox tough loss for Chris Ellis is reds are interview here on Sports Radio WEEI Kurt generic in here with you met the marine taking your phone calls it 617779. 7937. You can text 737937. You can tweet me at Christian are cans. Caller mentioned it earlier and this was news or before the game. And that was the Tyler Thornburg situation. Tyler Thornburg will have surgery tomorrow. On his shoulder. It's. Store grass sick. Just harassing. Some than syndrome whatever it. Is some did some wrong with a shoulder OK there's some run initial. And I if you believe this and you may or may be different I'm not actually doctor. And I have no idea what it's. Not really called by. He's done. Started feeling it is feeling the feel the pressure there. In spring training. You'll remember that he said that the throwing program was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. And a lot of people set out of mind you know toughen up you I exit throwing program you should be able to adjust to a team's throwing program well not necessarily. Whatever was maybe was part of throwing program maybe it's just the as a fragile shoulder whatever it is. The Tyler Thornburg areas gonna have to wait another and another season two she won't be ready until at the earliest when he team. Meanwhile Travis shot a position a real need on this team right now for the Red Sox third base is out of Milwaukee banning 300 with 46 RBIs. And some home right he's not he's not in around Karen the cover off the ball but he is. Certainly would be one of the better hitters on this team. Certainly. And Pablo Sandoval tonight. Ending this game by swinging at two pitches in the dirt. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth he's in the top of the ninth. With a runner on base. One of two embarrassing three pitch strike out she that it did. The Red Sox suffered here with runners in on base and Dustin Pedroia is case it was a with a runner on third and one out. And sand evolves case it was a runner on first and too much. And that's the way this game ended Chris Sale eight innings. Allowed one run on four hits struck out 10210. Pitches. And gets the loss despite the complete game and despite the fact that he led off the eighth inning with a double in the offense could not drive amid. One good thing about this game as it was over quickly I guess. That's it. Two hours 25 minutes to Google Chris Sale performance. But while Chris Sale was mowing down the Philadelphia Phillies. Nick took verde and the Phillies bullpen was mowing down the Red Sox. I mean this guy put batter was making them even making mincemeat out of the Red Sox tonight. And there's no reason there's no excuse for that. You know this guy's a rookie in another scene young players here on the Red Sox that they just put seven try to put five runs in the first two winnings up on Alex and last night. And now it Knick Bavetta comes out there and they can't touch of. Even with the bases loaded. The bases loaded in the second and runners on first and second. Dad Mitch Moreland and Andrew Bennett Kenny led off the second with a single and walked Jackie Bradley junior policy and the welcome up to strike out. In I mean this is really a theme with this team. Jackie Bradley jury and you know why. They both struck out on three pitches that was the theme of the night three pitch strike yet. Moreland singles better attendee watched Jackie Bradley junior called straight foul balls and swinging strikes via three pitches. Published in the ball comes up next runners still on first and second. First pitch called strike second pitch swinging strike third page called strike three you're out. So it really owns up and they want them obviously because the pictures coming up next and then sell almost. Almost puts one through grounds one up the middle Howie Kendrick made a great play. And death threats over. I mean from the beginning of the game to the end of this game this Red Sox team was unable to do. Basic things at the plate. Basic fundamental type of things and I'm not saying that they need to come up here and start bunting or running suicides squeezes or whatever went. Something's got to change I mean something has that in these that a Phillies. The Philadelphia freaking Phillies who are 22 and 43 they're the worst team in baseball. And the reds are to the third best team in the American League and they couldn't played a single run off some rookie pitcher. While Chris sells out they're dealing. I mean why what are we doing here. How did you get to this. Especially after a game like last night where. You know you see them appear to be Boston out of their slump. They won five out of six going into this game. And it's just so hard to really feel good about I I went on after its second extra innings game that second game at Fenway. Two nights ago three pentagon out. I came on the air and I wasn't that enthusiastic about it a walk off wins fine you know integrated it's exciting. But the fact that it took him twelve innings. And many botched opportunities to beat the Phillies and Fenway Park. Had me thinking you know maybe L wins a win and that's great you take the win obviously but there's some there's some issues here. And people are getting on me for being too negative we're all those people now. How do you put a positive spin on this one. Chris there was really get checkers was really good. Is the best hitter on the team in the best picture to. If only he can hit before and after himself and you know. Pitch forever like Debbie great. Instead we got an offense going out there or what not zero. Getting shut out for the sixth time this year. And I'm to the point now where I just I don't know what this I don't know what. I don't know what to make that honor of these teams. Ever gonna play the way they're supposed to. I don't know if we're ever gonna see them really go off. And start you know rattling off wins winning series against teams that they'd be you know not just the teams like the Phillies and I know that they want this series. Boy you know do you feel good about them going aren't going to Houston this weekend. Do you feel like they're really head and shoulders better than some of these other American League teams that are hovering around 500. The Red Sox right now the third best team in the American League in to meet that means just about nothing. It really it doesn't mean anything. It means that there are slightly better than some crap bag teams that are all just struggling to take on water right now. That's it. Red Sox are a little bit better. Then Tampa and Baltimore in Minnesota and Cleveland and LA and Texas and all these teams. That are sort of meddling around their right around 500 Red Sox are eight games over 500. They run differential plus 33. In every time. It seems like we're about to see a Red Sox. Putter all together. And I don't mean put it all together and that everyone's healthy and everyone's in out is that it's you can't eat can't do anything about it. But you know David Price comes back to this rotation. Your bullpen has been lights out. Smokey bad start and hit a little bit mute Mitch Moreland. Driving in runs hit home orange. Sander Bogart's still doing a lot at the plate despite the lack of power in 320 getting on base upon. And for whatever reason to situationally hitting on this team is just nowhere to be found. Nowhere. And I'm start to wonder if it's ever gonna show its face I mean I'm just wondering if maybe that's just the type of team the decision. It's been a long time. It's been a very long time. I Kenny remember the last time the Red Sox were in the bottom half in the American League in home runs let alone down at the very bottom. Now it we have to go probably pre 2000 ray one of those early ninety's teams. 92 Red Sox may reject clarkin Carlos Quintana one of those themes. But that's what we're seeing right now. And tell this team kin can start you know adding some power into situationally hitting. On a regular basis especially against teams like the Phillies. You know yeah Houston coming up this weekend but first things first here how about the Philadelphia Phillies how about you. How about you go out there and show them why they're the worst team in baseball. Instead of having to struggle through two games at home they're both going to extra innings. And then dropping a game like this one tonight 110 nothing with Chris Sale on the mound online. Just an awful performance here for a year for parents. Softened 6177797937. Is the phone number. 37937. Is your number on tech's quick break we'll be right back after this year trajectory of Red Sox review which. Back here it's larger view Sports Radio WEEI. Texture and the four on threes is sweeping a four game series especially on the road a stopper wasn't a four game road series with two games of Fenway in two games only two games on the road. The Sox took three out of four in a comfortable in the wild card race and still bitching and moaning did you watch tonight's game. He'd watch tonight's game figures should be celebrating. You let your mind texture in the 413. I insist sky was falling I said that this was an awful game. And two of those three wins that they had it took extra innings against the worst team in baseball at home at Fenway Park not on the road. Current on the road they split. At home they won both games yet but it took 23 innings the doing. You know I could sit here and talk about how great that is that they won three out of four games against the best the other worst team in baseball. Are you take a more critical look at these things and tell you that. You know going in the use that it takes that much to win three out of four against against Philadelphia Houston good chance and cannon on their lunch here this weekend. And put the Red Sox right back in their place with the rest of these AL team. Because you know I mean I I I look at this Red Sox team here I see an offense that. We're all waiting wanted to come around and one half months into the season we're not area. Three weeks still the all star break. You know this gonna happen any start happening. We have us from post game sound for you here John Ferrell and Chris shall start with fair rollers skipper. Just an outstanding performance all the way around and he personally did everything that he could to impact this game it in all facets. You know an outstanding pitched ballgame. Complete game two very good at bats one where you almost have to base in RBIs in second inning. Leadoff double he ran the bases exception while tagging up on. I'm a fly ball from Hokies spent. One runs a difference in this but he was he was outstanding once again. In terms of what end them nominal flow is key from the sergeant his control when he had in mind it'll keep from the position. That we we've seen that type of performance and number of times already that's. There nearly ten times as he walked out men and struck out double digits. Here he's he's one of the best pitchers in baseball so that's phenomenon common performance from a mound standpoint but when you Lyndon actually ballparks. The builders in the back like he showed tonight the building on the basis. Just an exceptional athlete congress proforma. So. It's tough you know good fastball took the ball down have to talk to break in malls and get attacked her actually for its next season changeup to lefties backdoor curveball. Tighten up a break and both for slaughtering us and right handers and he threw ball we're all. And not against righthander now. So. What tactics. Well we're really gets me Shaq who's soon you know extremely difficult and right handers they matched up you know the they from our guys in the right spot in the order. He may call it pitchers had to go through the who the top of order and he did. Houston bubble and it worked. Well and they get a day off it's it's it's a benefit. You know we're we're gonna go up against a good line and we know that but the Hokies start to go deep in ball game was needed tonight we've got to. They go out as a manager and that is one good thing about the it does start tonight is game tonight one positive you can take away from the net the username bullpen arms. And especially after that game yesterday. In which Brian Johnson gets injured just come out in the third inning. And you gotta go to Hector Velasquez for three and a third mentality in. The Barnes there's less fine. Camera whose barn derive he's got one of that of should be able to Elmo par one really good ones okay this year and you know the bullpen has been. Everything for you so for. And the Red Sox need their bullpen to be you know rested and ready to go for this series with the with Houston but even still more than that. They need to score runs. They need to be able to go out there and and drive runners in when they get the bases loaded in the second inning when they get a leadoff double from their picture in of the top of the order coming up in the eight inning behind them. To get I just can't believe they got shut out by the worst team in baseball tonight that that blows my mind. You know it's not all wins are created equal not all losses are created equal this is the worst loss of the year. This was fought to me far away the worst loss the other lost 29 games this year but this is the worst one. And you know there's some. Decent losses and some bad wins you know I mean that's I believe that. I thought that those first two wins in the series it took extra innings were. Not great wins a wins a win obviously don't count the standings that's what matters beyond a 162 games here and split series with the Phillies. And now it should not have banned it should not have been this difficult to win three out of four it was a it was a struggle. And I think that that's it that's my main take away from the series here that the fact that they couldn't score single week around for herself let's hear from Chris show here's his post it. Especially. When no less than there. So when Rick more than double courtroom. Talking against. Stuff. My strict no violence from a handful Stark's love really wanted to pick them up tonight. It's not a matter of if its one existing. Really would like to. Its own form. And events and at that some volunteers it's just this morning the majors weaknesses. You have an animal bones. It's feel tired or what she's canceling that's it I'm. There's no court just. Figures info postponed. Its swan. And over one and a run off about this sort of running. There's been Justice Department blocks from what was it. The run especially. They don't know I mean. I think all pitchers like him. Small part of all the hitters likes pitching to. Failed to do very often so. Pills from the doctor and lets her own Booth to vote. We're looking at the went through it and pieces that are professionals. Say a few of them is there. Not known for example voter felt loose. They're normal warmup which some folks who have a better it will move move around a little bit so. I just through the worst into the game at the wrong time. Acknowledged totally girls go to even umpires just like his he's going to be all right I was minutes. Just another what was going on singing so. I mean once you get locked in the of those things kind of drown themselves so. To those interest and the band warming up. You know this whole nuclear have a good time. Chris sailed pretty mellow after the game even though this was pretty reminiscent to start for the White Sox. You know I probably thought I can a book and I think I'm the Boston and I still it they get a score is zero for me I'm the only one here is gonna get a head. Big hit in scoring position on going to be able to do this really. And by the way this could Nevada he pitched well tonight and I give credit. He's made seven starts this year and this is the first time he's gone past the fifth inning. Images go past the fifth inning he was mowing guys down. Second any as runners on first and second with a single and a walk in any strikes out Pablo on Bradley on six pitches. Red Sox offense just I don't know maybe they're just dying to get out of Philadelphia and had an IV I forgot about this but the fire alarm went off in the stadium. Never changed Philly fire alarm starts gone off sales and their hands more noise in the stadium where you want to bother him obviously. I don't know about the band there's some band playing while I was warming up for some like that is that what he said that in I didn't know about that and hear anyone mention that. But in this offense you eat you're gonna go out there and get owned by a rookie who has made it past the fifth inning ever in his career. While Chris sales at their pitching his ass off and you know begged. Not extra base hits around. Pathetic it was a pathetic performance here for your offense. And they better get it they better get it straightened out soon because you get day he had a date with the best team in baseball coming up this weekend. And I have a feeling that go really really bad. Baseball's a funny game anything can happen you can. Lose for the worse Damon and beat the best team stuff like that happens in baseball with time. But after the series after how hard it was to win those first two games and then this performance tonight it really feels more like they lost three out of four in the 13 out of four. And I know that that's and I'm not trying to be overly negative here really and I'm just signing now I feel those those first two gay youth. You have to we have to go 23 innings to beat the Philadelphia Phillies in those first two games from your home at Fenway Park. David Price who reports on the mound. In his team's got problems. They've been able to win in spite of them but those problems are still there and there are not don't seem to be going anywhere. I don't know what I don't know if there's any relief common at third base. You got starters dropping like flies over here you know Tyler Thornburg Don for the years a guy who I thought maybe if he come back at some point this season. Which we're told a few time were we told John Ferrell sang. Maybe it was Dombrowski didn't someone say at Thornburg wasn't gonna have surgery this year. They might crazy eyed Chris Warner remember someone making a very definitive statement on carbon now they'll play he'll be ready just. In a deal with that shoulder thing right now while now not so much. In the fact the EU EU had to go through this with David Price increase sale and reports all get in the starts where he means that most of those guys are going to be pitching here against Houston. You waste a start like this against the Phillies from Chris Sale and they get Houston coming up and you get drew Palmer it's going tomorrow night. The last is blast is gonna pitch in this series. He has that now he's not going to it's going to be Palmer is for celebration again Reid is cycle right Specter. Pom rants against Mike fires reports Salo and David Paulino. And then David Price against Joseph must group. NA Houston offense which leads the majors with 366 runs scored. Be a tough weekend here really couldn't. You know those starters a lot's going to be weigh in on them but the offense has got to be able to describe Iran's foreign. Drew palm branches what he is reports Salo he knew he thrives on run support he GeMS from runs of forty be the best pitcher in baseball. And David Price I mean he needs all helping get. Red Sox offense better snap out of a quick as if they if they go in the tank here against Houston Agassi champion a three game sweep and I can see them falling right at this. Not right out of the race or anything right out of this little weird area that they're in right now where they're not quite you know an elite team in the American League but they're better than all the drag in the drank is basically the rest of the AL. It goes Houston here New York right behind them the Red Sox buying new York and that everybody else. And the Red Sox are in danger this weekend a falling down to be when everybody else and that's. That's really disappointing you know that's that would be real real waste of of money for the ball and of inner room. Talent you know this is this is a team that's much more talented in this they should be doing much better than this they should be as good as she is Houston is honestly believe that. They should be on the level of the Houston Astros and instead they're just slightly better than the rest of these crap bag American League teams who can't get out of their own way and the Red Sox having that same problem they just can't get out of their own way. And it's it's starting a pile appear in other won three out of four against Philly but it doesn't seem like it does it. And I really doesn't to me. It take 43 innings when those first two games you win one game comfortably yesterday any of you heard me last night I was I was right now hi after they game last night. I'm not finally okay. You know it is deemed to what they're supposed to do against the worst team in baseball. Let's keep that going let's build some momentum going into this weekend let's have them all you know playing with some confidence swinging the bat with some confidence and instead they come out and do this. I got a bad feeling about this weekend folks aren't we got a wide take a break here is the end of red sock to view as we transition now into WEEI late night we will take on a variety of different topics you can keep the Red Sox because coming in if you want to a 617. 7797937. The NBA draft is officially one week away less than that in three minutes. And we have a lot to discuss there more reports here on the Red Sox may with a Red Sox to the Celtics may draft with that first overall pick Chad four with an interesting report. More and he Blake Griffin rumors Gordon Hayward and your calls again at 6177797937. Has been Red Sox review State's Aron. WEEI late night which sounds just like Red Sox review but again I assure you. Very different programs coming up next don't go anywhere Sports Radio WE yet.