Red Sox Review: Has Doug Fister pitched his way into the playoff rotation. 09-06-17

Boston Baseball
Thursday, September 7th

Doug Fister has another strong start and with his recent performance is he now the game 3 starter. Mut also previews opening night for the Patriots.  


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This season's Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Once that senator lined it to right field it's a fair ball it's gonna run around the corner. Rounding second on his way to a third of the moment they get their way home and a third of the standards that with a standup guy tripled and correction actually it should go on. Ito recap. Of the Red Sox and the blue chase. Jackie slings and launches one deep to right field forever going back to the track into the bullpen. No one Red Sox his jacket. If Bradley junior launches his. Eat some Red Sox were you with Mike Mike nasty. Dial 6177797937. And the road to pitch Kevin Iraq goings. Swept over. Red Sox beat. Toronto with a rubber game of the series six to walk the Red Sox now have a four game lead. Over the Yankees Norway got denied in the American League games they went behind the outstanding pitching. Mr. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Boy it's amazing what a difference a night can make for baseball team your thoughts of a baseball team your expectations for you baseball team this is Red Sox review not with the guys until. Midnight here on Sports Radio WEEI. And I should say off the top at midnight you are not getting Christian arcade and Christian arcana is. I take into social media sees moving on to was different and bigger better things and you can certainly get in touch with him on that. I've been told that we are getting their debut of Reimer after dark Alex three Merck comes your way at midnight so essentially it's Red Sox review. Really it's the pregame show for rumors antics he will join you at midnight will take you until that time. I talked him patriots at some point but Red Sox start here which your calls 617779. 7937. Than ninth inning last night. Red Sox are down two zip. As soon as in the game. The looming. Scandal I guess at that point was still a scandal certainly changed today. The Red Sox stealing signs was there there was certainly going to be some John Ferrell was. If you want to fire the manager announced that time with the stealing signs you've lost to a road Toronto. And the Red Sox scored two runs that I inning last night. Tied the game force extra innings. They come back and win a bottle on the nineteenth. Good win last night for the Red Sox and have a Red Sox shoot in the game ended at about 1:45 in the morning. But it was a good win last night for the Red Sox bullpen was excellent to be able pull that thing out. 88 good night overall they come back tonight. And you beat the blue jays again. And Doug Fister is lights out. And you work three outs away. Brennan lost the first two games of the series. John Ferrell being talked about all day on the radio today and being fired in the month of September by the Red Sox front office. And instead. You score the ninth you'll win that game the bullpen is great last night. Fister is great tonight. And instead drop on the first two in the series and taking two out of three. You pick up. A game and a half on the Yankees. Because the Yankees blew their game last night dating plate today. So instead of being in two and a half up or 83 up you wanna get the Red Sox game your full four up now 12 in a row. Boy that that's that's a pretty quick turnaround this Red Sox team that could've gone a completely different way. Had they not come back to win that game last night. And obviously tonight the story is Doug Fister. And and a week we sometimes mock up our good friend Steve Buckley. For getting in a playoff for occasional little bit too early. But it's it's not too early today acknowledged that you know should these guys continue on their current trajectory. John Ferrell will be out of his ever loving mind. To start report cello in game three over Doug Fister. Doug Fister is coming here and be the best Red Sox starter that includes Chris Sale that includes troop honoring its. He has been their best starter in the last couple weeks 31 in his last four starts. Back to back seven inning performances. A complete game one hit shot out. Mixed in there as well he works fast he keeps the ball down he did not give up home runs. I'm not start over Chris sailed to pom rants I'm not crazy. But I know what a Cy Young award a year ago. John Ferrell is gonna take a long hard look at this. And he cannot be. Loyal to a fall when it comes to report sell and I'll admit I concerned about that. That he'll look at poor souls track record a year ago. Ignore the fact he's given up now 35 home runs this year most of Major League Baseball. That he can't locate his pitches he's hit hard seemingly every time he goes out there on the mound. And deep down I had these guys pitch the way they're pitching right now unconvinced. You get Porsche shell in game three against Cleveland. 11 series. And back here to Boston here comes report cell. To give up gopher ball after goal for bought the gold always not the same pitcher this year. And so I'm shocked we're at this point right now. But Doug Fister is put himself in that conversation to start a playoff game. For this Red Sox team. He's put himself square at the conversation. Given what he's done. And to think about what happened last night played nineteen innings you pitch nineteen innings. Your bullpen was exhausted a pitch Carson Smith last night courses Smith hadn't pitched in a year and a half. He's pitching in the eighteenth inning last night. Alston Max. He gave me a couple scoreless last night everybody pitched in the bullpen was tax day got an update today. But there are price and guys you don't wanna go to including Carson Smith the new couldn't go today. And Fister comes out gives up the run in the first inning. And shelves. And you shuts down the blue jays after that. I thought did a really Smart thing to once the Red Sox got bleeding before you go back to watch those fifth sixth and seventh innings. Doug Fister and you knew a couple of things one the rain was coming we're gonna get massive rain overnight tonight. UNH two inches three inches and some spots of Boston and around central Massachusetts. It is gonna pour. And the rain is gonna come in the next hour or so and he started to work quickly in that fifth inning. He also knew I think. That Toronto is an absolute give up mode. They're 101112 games under 500. Their play for the bottom in the AL east. He knew of the league gave them pitches to swing at they would swing and swing early at bats he did. He worked an easy fifth sixth and seventh there we even made easy easy easy work of the blue jays. Any works quick he's defense is into it. Because you work so quick Bogart's edit and great play. Over thirty get shielded by devers still made the play tonight. And I I respect what four Soledad last year but. We're seeing with him in my just BO on on off on off type your thing for a four cell. Any just off this year and I know we've said the Cy Young award winner last year. But the home runs are too much. For Red Sox team that struggles to it in many games put together multiple runs and ending. You cannot afford to be down for nothing in the third as the workforce Ilia the second home run. And some day he'll find it it'll look back at this sell additional red soccer you'll laugh at it at some point. As for sold himself locked in the doesn't seem like it's going to happen or into September. If you're going to find it would have found it by now it's an off year for Porsche sells you wanna start and in game four if David Price can't come back. OK I can see that. But the way he has pitched as of late. Doug Fister is in your game three against the Indians should that be your matchup. We'll start there are what you saw tonight and the exploit to Doug Fister a 617779. 793. Seve can jump in on Twitter as well a mutt and UTW. Reality wallet before the break wall your first up your auto Red Sox for you. Yeah what's so much about who looked at you look at last that was ninety citizen it was a complete you to. We were residents to call in and night and then came back from the dead yankees gebbie Dave Lewis six wrongly. But these next. Didn't simply to mark the planned at the bottom teams in the league you have to grow at least 51. Why don't we don't have the explosiveness. In the lineup like Cleveland and Houston have celebs discreet so rugs. Well as far as that dissident is it to me it's a no brainer that's been going immoral book sell all. He's been out much better as of late and we'll see if he's able to continue it it seems unlikely he's got like a 15 ERA. In his last 45 starts now so I'm not I'm not calling for that that he's going to Asa plant you know Chris sailer. Palmer rants. But. He's pitched really really well and I I'd I was afterthought add I think you want one we talked about him just being DF eight. If the Red Sox had to make room for pitcher. And now I think he's number three start in the postseason to always play about the schedule. Your next not your next six wall LA your next nine. Three against the rays three more against the eighties and then three at Tampa the following weekend. I mean I'll what are you wanna go five and one I mean it's. Six in three is is private gold these next. Nine games. At that point 06 and three they put the Yankees away. If you make those last two weeks as the Orioles the red the blue jays and of the Astros that final series of the season. Worst case scenario you're battling for. Playoff seeding and not well yet again EnerNOC and you're battling for home field vs. Ballad just win the division. If we take care business. In these next three series Tampa for three. Ace for three Tampa for three at Tampa and go six and three buried yankees' focus on a the first or second best record in the American League that should be the Red Sox goal. And they get Palmer rants against Austin Pruitt. On Friday night's art thing so they should be in a pretty good spot. Plus the all day tomorrow plus the off day Thursday extra rest for Chris Sale this another off day next Thursday. Things should set up here for the Red Sox you have an opportunity now to. Our race the crappy weekend set against the Yankees where you dropped three out of four and let the Yankees back in the dailies conversation. You can erase that. Co six and three in the next nine games. Against two bad teams in Tampa and Oakland. That which in a pretty good spot. 61777979837. Phone number this is Red Sox we will start Red Sox get into. So patriot issues as well some other not just game issues tonight. But Basra only interesting story on ESPN this afternoon about. The Red Sox and signals during the ceiling why it's so important. That the league punishes them. And John Hammond as a ridiculous. Punishment you'll talk about 617779. 793 several due to midnight and Reamer after dark yes that Alex three Merck. Is on the air from midnight until 2 AM. Right here on Sports Radio W media eats Red Sox revue with Mike Mike net ski on Sports Radio WEEI. Hockey Red Sox view on this Wednesday Sports Radio WEEI less than 24 hours away from patriots and chiefs. The kick off to the NFL season to be. Roger Goodell clown towels being handed out by the folks at bar stool sports that you let tomorrow be. Clown T shirts will be worn everywhere. Yep calling immature comic excellent I can't wait to see those. On TV tomorrow are full coverage show on the day begins at 6 AM. With Kirk and Callahan recourse debt L pres David portal join the guys being at seven. Tomorrow morning on the shows to make sure you are locked and loaded 617779. 7937. The phone number Johns in Needham on report seller John your Red Sox should be. They're ally good John how are you now. Listen understanding of Portugal's situation insurers it's so great is your arm in just about every category. But one thing that I analysts say about what you say is talking about who might be. Able to pitch in that second or third game against Cleveland. So my view is ordered for the emirates should. This is not going to be easy just to get in the playoffs. Baltimore's getting very odd. The Yankees simply handled better since since we saw Jirga and I think it's got to be your race in the finish. In the jail. Second team you know in the locker whatever it is maybe in certain post but. You know. I wouldn't all of our target let's talk about it fish next five eighths. Yeah John I guess to me and and maybe you're right maybe it'll be a tougher stretch then then that I expected to be but. I see the Red Sox have a four game lead right now. And their schedule really is helpful the next nine games rays jays rays 33 and three now they cannot get daycare business Darren. We're heading into the final two weeks of the season same boy they're very got to play to the end. Baltimore seven back Baltimore feels out of it to me. Are now seven and a half back with a Red Sox when he tonight and the Orioles being right now. I the Red Sox are nowhere near lock to win that first round series. And that I don't think they'll be Cleveland or Houston. In a best of five the way they're set up this year there's too inconsistent offensively. But yeah I'm at the point with a four game lead. With essentially three and a half weeks to go. I feel pretty confident they get it may be I may be able group the caller John that it's not done yet it not that appeals done but it feels. Feels pretty good after what they did the last a day or so really today that's all the one day Wednesday's game. And early in the morning it started on Tuesday we had tonight. Was sale pitching like this and not sailed to salute the Fister pitched like this in my station that sale is going to figure it out here in the next couple starts. They feel like a pretty short shot to get him. As for Fister Alex fear Boston will points out since the year 2000. Here are the guys who done what Fister has done had gone four straight starts of seven or mornings fiber viewer it's. Fister. Pedro wake. Beckett Lester sale. Doug Fister. Just joined that group. In his last seven starts the Red Sox a 15 ZR Ramos seven starts two point 79. He has been nails. For this team. And I have no problem pitching in any game three are now especially given that report cell always been a a home run monster. Given up any record pace so far this year. Mike Hsu Whelan on the playoff rotation I'd like. You're door I would love love the idea is coming out and the show is great but they do way you choose this guy it is just the simple back. It is simply out of bias here I like to use of sanctions really don't think we get into the playoffs should the first irresistibly out of our. This story options we go into that third game. All of you wanted one or two without so if you're oh I'm sure you. Are built into decades hoodie approach. I mean you got to pitch just because there's no way that you put what the other guy on the mound like. I had depending on the schedule and I would say depending on schedule like you might wheeled back Chris Sale for game three. Exactly exactly but it you're up to order so you might throw. Was shallow and their. To me you know gives the question does and actually scheduled rotation knowing just it comes back to a one. To hopefully close doubted that he doesn't you can start sales. Of parliament's. What are and an extra couple of days rest because they get to your light water as well. You know you're guided attitude to stretch it out noted you're gonna give you options but you know comes down to a third what words ode to. You know it's got to be tested there's no there's no other choice that would keep dial alive. Until that you know targeting what were already down sport about it. And I am and and like maybe you're right it's it's at its lot it's a lot more difficult than I am making I'm just I'm saying at this one I never would have expected. Based on your Doug Fister. Signed this deal comes in looks OK in any gets beat up for couples start chipping OK that's it for Doug Fister go in the bullpen. Oral B along guy against big DFA him at some point. And now he's won five of seven starts the Red Sox won fibers last seven starts in that seventh start stretch he got 279 ERA. And he's done something only guys that Pedro when Chris Sale of non. I never would have expected that. This right now as a Dave Dombrowski I only all of David Ross he's moves who worked. This a good one for day to browse he's given them some rotation depth and at this point forgets is depth. He's a third best starter on this in this rotation. It says more about Pryce and his injury it's as warm up or sell low and that the bombs he gives up left and right but. In a vacuum third game on start and I've destroying many of you guys are as well. 61777979837. The phone number on Twitter at mutt and UT. WE EL we'll get you up until midnight to patriots up for patriots chiefs later on next hour we'll come back in. Reset your little bit on what happened today. When it comes to patriots Amy Red Sox and yankees and the I think for now but the final sordid chapter of this. Back and forth to the organization. Given the Dustin Pedroia had some thoughts. Boss are only had some boss Jon Heyman had some thoughts. Just to put this thing in a bow and I'm still very ordered the Red Sox I get it it's not a big deal but boy they are dumb. To get caught do what they do. 61777979837. What would you guys until midnight Red Sox win their four games up on the division we get to more your calls coming up here on WE yeah. It's Red Sox revue with Mike Mike net ski dial 6177797937. Red Sox were revealed on Sports Radio WEEI. Probably about the budget that you don't want weekend about it. We can't ask somebody in that bat got forty Glenn went that's why she added that night I didn't talk about Beckett actually that thought about it. But my book. Signs that the average was up might want to have the right of the plot. That's good sportsmanship athletic kids watch and it's you'll put together quickly outline to apple through electronic stuff that job. Solve my guy Chris mad dog Russo went absolutely. Bonkers today. On a show high heat over on the MLB network that is like it was a thirty seconds. Band of eight minutes. To eight minutes on this today he's I don't rates. Though it is. Well worth the eight ball away they feel free drop in any other 32 clip you wanna play that I. I sent it along I just I didn't know what to pick from the CD doesn't hurt for eight minutes 854 look at the corporate out 854. He goes in the Red Sox for this and the and at some level I agree and I get this story. My guy when this story broke it felt like the biggest story in the country. For about thirty seconds. And partially because baseball and partially just football starts tomorrow Parsons is not that big of a deal it turns out. It is fizzled like a fart in the wind. In the last 24 hours. And so where we stand today on this rule gave phone calls I promise on this and patriots in chief 61777979837. You read John Ferrell today we at the Elena holly with Keefe. No big deal. Which is handled better by the Yankees. I didn't know was going on if I'd known I would have stopped that. Dustin Pedroia. No big deal capital kind of baseball. We rather play of other expletive to worry about not focused on it. And so the Red Sox are still doing this thing where they don't think it's a big deal. And from a competitive edge standpoint I agree with them. And most teams are doing some form of what they are doing to an extent. Do I think they're getting caught blatantly using apple watches or phones or iPad or whatever doing it absolutely not. And so for dumb brows ski and Ferrell and Pedroia. To. Try to spend this off like boys will be boys and everyone's doing this that is bull crap. The Red Sox as far as I know are the only team recently to get caught using the electronic devices. To try and steal and relayed these signs to gain an advantage. The whole point is not escalated to this Star Wars war game crap. Of all we're gonna high tech you were gonna out tech you. Oh yeah we're gonna use fit and it's all he had ordered he's the apple watch. Oh yeah we're gonna get some Williamson game Boise and retrofit those they have throughout make those things work. That's not the point in this. I have an album rob Manfred I don't want this crap. You guys are still signs do with the old fashioned way. Quit with the high a high tech crap out of the Red Sox or die that's why. The coverage of it here locally it for the Red Sox standpoint has annoyed me. Because I feel like in order Red Sox fans talked about this they're blowing it up and what doesn't. If the Yankees got caught doing this we would spend two days here in these parts. Written the Yankees mocking the Yankees. But for some reason because the Red Sox were sort of not a big deal. And I just wanna go tit for tat on this. And say that just because the Red Sox doesn't make it less stupid. And moronic is that less embarrassing for John Ferrell quite truly believe didn't always was going on he had no clue. Told the guys that dugout don't respect them enough to tell him. Is that how we should he get away and we only games you're got to do what it takes out and they'll skip not a hotel skip. He's been he's busy and other stuff. Don't tell him. And so I still can't help but think a day later. That and probably is now the Red Sox and given their offensive futility as of late. He really didn't help them out. But god they are done and got a sterile look bad between this and sending Hanley about your loss of DH against Baltimore and Showalter not saying anything to about it. To. The pitching going out to the mound. And not knowing that to the communication just that good. Bad year. Bad year and a bad vibe that still good team there's perished to click the sixty clearly still a good team. There what again they should awhile last night Doug Fister was great tonight. So they're on the playoffs and win the division very good team in spite of all that crap you've seen this year. As for the back and forth now. Here's what we are we had the yankees' first. Go after the Red Sox here's the Red Sox come back of this was less than an hour ago boss for only ESPN. And I all my Rowling already because this is I'm on. I'm not surprised venereal the Red Sox have presented to the commissioner's office what they say. Is video evidence of the yes network maintaining he fixed camera on bench coach Gary geese are Sina. During a recent game at Yankee Stadium a source told ESPN. That particular camera shot. Was one of those the Red Sox received in their video room feed. And according to a source they were so concerned about it. Whether or not is being used to steal signs in DC are Sina that they actually had their bench coach Alter his position in the dugout. And is restores also indicated the Red Sox were aware of the particular camera angle is being used by the Yankees are at least one other occasion. But that this time they captured the images that were afforded to the commissioner's office. It continues. Sources also indicated on Wednesday afternoon as an issue began festering last couple weeks. The whole the commissioner's office was the rivals we keep their side feeling allegations under wraps and out of public consumption. The New York Times broke the story Tuesday. But that the dot. Ties reported the raw Red Sox admitted the baseball accusing apple watchers to do it. Baseball's looking at the allegations. Mr. rob Manfred it was at Fenway Park up above Obama we are Russo on this part of it to Ben talking about the a back and forth these two teams. This is what. Never thought you'd ever get the now begging don't acts don't have sat down backs but they can't get. Yeah that saw this on this. What they negative thinking any of that act. Not sex where the problem. Well the proved just got sent there so rush goes out to lunch on this part of it. I don't care technically owns. The yes network. The Yankees had controlled the yes network dummy like that's that's how it works they had a camera angles. They had the producers they're on the network they can get the feed. And it no doubt that NASA and its use cameras to help while the Red Sox and said. Rogers TV in Toronto has helped the blue jays and yes helped the Yankees that's how it works. We're talking on the Red Sox now we hold different angle of of I iphones and I watch jobs to other stuff. That's the difference here. And I disagree I would Russo wanted to of the Yankees are blameless concluded they have they do their own stuff too but I'm with on the Red Sox response. Let's another don't listen things the Red Sox just can't like just take responsibility and move on. Don't pretend it's not a big deal don't play in the Yankees you got caught red handed. Own up to it. Just don't up. John Ferrell admit your pitcher David Price was an eighth hole in dealing with and sec firstly why can't you just do that just say it's. John Ferrell just say your team can't run the bases just say that you're the Red Sox do things wrong sometimes there are great baseball team. They're four up in the division. There a lot of good young players any very passionate very strong fan base they make mistakes just. Eat it sometimes. Instead of that and that and out and and huge sheet to what Brit that's ordeal now. That's ordeal and and and that part echoes of the Yankees to like they couldn't keep this thing and house. And I wanna know why did they. Did they tell the Red Sox the Red Sox kept doing hit. It would seem like something pretty simple pages. That talk you'd call big the rusty date on the stop OK we'll stop. Could you make everybody look bad. When you do this so I don't put some on the Yankees retired isolate the Red Sox will be worse the Yankees do. The Yankees a child is the Yankees looked petulant. By a leaking this out the New York Times. I'm with you on that. What the Red Sox look worse. You know you can steal signs you know everybody does that you can't do with. Apple watches. You can't go that for. So the back and forth continues only went on to write in a separate piece. About the importance of this thing. And why it's so important for. Baseball to come down hard. On the Red Sox he believes this is sort of the beginning of. The technology being used going forward. And he wrote today. On the high tech cheating is he this is the headline I'll be back. I guess he does mention this along these lines somewhere in the article. Boston's high tech cheating is like sign stealing on steroids. And that's what they got to come down hard yankees' search for answers on how this might be taking place some of the Red Sox cheating. On August 18 the yankees' staff discovered video determine the the in convertible evidence. As first detailed New York Times on Tuesday. This is the trainer received a message on his watch. The trader for Red Sox placed in the dugout the player relayed that information the runner at second base indicating which pitch signal in the sequence is real. Bob Bob about that you'll know by now. You guys although by now. And it's all buster on this is just stupid an teams are doing it by yelling. I parent would lose right that the neighbor bedroom showing break it down today. Teams do by yelling down the hallway from the video review into the dugout. The Red Sox take a step further so they should be fine they should be punished. And that should be that. They're idiots they're morons for doing it I'd pull I'd blame Ferrell for not sniffing this thing out. But it's not the end of the world and in John payment today to put a cap on this Johnny Damon saying today we're a straight face that. The Red Sox should vacate their wins against the Yankees. Is about the dumbest of dumb takes you are ever going to hear. In a world taken over by what can I say to get clicks what can I say to get views what can I say to get listens. That takes the cake. I don't think anybody in their right mind thinks the Red Sox should vacate wins against the Yankees for this. Except for John aim at and I would love debit eat truth serum to reject and Johnny receive he even believes that crap. Or females have I want a Boston radio station to say that Albany gets above. And it's going to be good for my brand. The only upshot. To put the cap on this thing finally here tonight. Is dead does feel like Red Sox yankees is about his back as it's ever been recently. There what you need it was a playoff series between these two are really getting going again it's been a long time right 2004. Between postseason series. And the next time they play each other playoff sold ratchet things up again now be a good thing if your Red Sox fan or yankees there's a baseball fan in general. But this helps speed up the process. Because whether it's Cashman or Levine or don't brows ski or fellow or Ferrell majority. These two teams have very very very. Little use for each other. And that's a good thing. You need more this in baseball he more characters in baseball 2017. He more emotion in baseball 2017. And you need some more hatred. There's not enough for right now all the global cubs global Red Sox says don't the rivalries don't exist like they did. In the NBA think about it. Celtics cavaliers cavaliers warriors all those teams out west. These great rivalries NFL year in year out. Patriots jets patriots ravens and admit as competitive but both still exist. Bears and Packers and cowboys and giants. Bruins Montreal you got robbers everywhere. Baseball needs solid is because I have a hard time coming up with a real impassioned plea for. Or the great rivalries in baseball outside an eighty cubs cards. Dodgers giants. Red Sox yankees mankind dead. Even with a Red Sox winnings rug titles and World Series it it feels daddy needs something. This is it this is that steroid injection. Red Sox yankees needed he ratcheted up a little bit. Get that hatred going. That's about the only good thing. About this the Red Sox looked terrible. The Yankees look petulant. Baseball today trying to sweep it under the rug. The players look dumb for doing this and Pedroia today's I didn't know he knew who you know. So nobody looks good there's no good positive. The silver lining being this Red Sox yankees might in fact be back. So there you go you one away and you've got a chance last couple days I feel like the story sort of going away I wanna get up only stuff for tonight saying that the Red Sox now wanna. Go back after the Yankees. With their own video evidence and on and on aisle we go the results can be a couple of slap on the wrist couple of fines and we will move all of our lives. To world word cut Fister is pitching in game three male BS against the Indians. The number 617779793. Said walking into our baseball want to come back. Get it to some patriots chiefs tomorrow and yes I admit it dislike the Yankees are excellent and immature. I had petulant I amateur. I loved the idea of 70000. Clown and good Dell towels tomorrow at Gillette will get to that we'll get you pats in chiefs as well it's mop up until midnight. On Red Sox review and then. You have not heard a news show debuting at midnight we'll take about that as well Sports Radio WEEI. It's Red Sox revue with Mike magnet ski on Sports Radio WEEI. Great coach and one and two organizations. Respectively these coaches changed but the whether it was always told. Great great battles with them that anybody's. Constituencies have handled this better than what analysts and 2014. Those one game there's been a lot of very competitive games. Seven and here. It is Philadelphia. Noah and his family horse veterans. And personally and professionally as one of the great coaches excellent. That is still though a check as he gets set for his team taking on the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow Thursday night football. He's tired kick off to the NFL season from Gillette Stadium with. You know BA jam out Gillette tomorrow with a bar stool crowd at. Right there front and senator 60000. Or so towels. Going to be distributed I believe in and around Gillette Stadium. A show they can do it exactly on the stadium grounds I'm not sure the NFL or the crafts allowed but done my guess is they'll find a way to get. Lots of towels and lots and the fans were going to the games or keep an eye on social media and Twitter you're born to gain a and looking for ray clown towel courtesy of bar stool check out Al pres check out the bar stool feeds for how to get that tomorrow. When you get to the game and yes I am admittedly. Looking forward to that part of how looks on TV how much NBC is going to show. What the reaction is small to let stadium and across the country either turn. Of Roger Goodell that as they subplot for your patriots finally taken the field you get the banner before the game to get down there and Boris. Singing the national lit them I believe you get a concert from dust dirt downtown tomorrow this is after Miguel. Who I have no idea who Miguel is I admit vice I know that he's not called in sick. For this concert so duster a local man is going to play downtown at some point tomorrow a concert to get people pumped up at the beginning. Other best time of year you get the football beat the baseball while final month the playoffs. Our fall is the best as it for the patriots tomorrow. There are a lot of things I'm looking for to see I'm sure many things a year look reported seeing as well. The thing that I am most locked into is how they employee. This running backer of tomorrow night. The line is what eighty map patriots win they win comfortably there at home of the of the record of he's Thursday night games with a boob Super Bowl champ opens at home. They win they win convincingly they cover the number swap I'll be the patriots play in the points. In the first game tomorrow. Well you look at that couple running backs. All four of those guys get the ball the backfield. All four of those guys are explosive. All four of those guys could be on any given day. You're sort of feature receiving back they don't have that. Traditional. Singled. First second third down back and so I'm dying to know. Hi you employee white. And Birkhead. And Gillis league and the rest of that crew. The L Lewis in the fourth guy. Those four guys are all explosive offensive players and a near trying to replace that the downs in the wraps in the targets of of doing gentlemen. I don't think it's going to be just Chris Hogan and and Malcolm Mitchell get some more passes and here comes Brandon cooks and here comes Phil door set. I convinced the running backs have a humongous. Year for this patriots team. I just don't know week in week out which guides going to be. Wave your plane daily fantasy guy I would stay the hell weigh in tig especially weak Warren I've no idea. It's not or gambling in that case I just think is a group. It's not gonna surprise me at the four running backs have a combined a hundred catches this year. And we see James White line up in the slot to go back to the Super Bowl last year James what was lineup as a receiver times. Deal Lewis can line up as a receiver Rex Birkhead can line up as a receiver. I didn't see quite as much as Gil is lead there in buffalo but from all indications. He has support type of player. Third down back and gets out of the backfield explosive offensive talent and undersized but. It is fits that mold the would Prado it's a tour of the back field. And opium war pump up the seat coaxed down fielding rocket won a water what does store sect give it Hogan. Taken the gentleman route. On dynasty would as a running backs. And how much these guys are factored in to view you cooks and Hogan and endorse Sen and the feel maybe not we Kwan. And you run those guys deep and you leave those running backs we just talked about underneath against linebackers. Hit kids. Brady will pick those guys apart it will be. Check check check check check all like Teddy KGB. And routers that that's what will be. And then eventually bowled you played your. CN Rex Eric Burke can make catch after catch or play after play you'll bring your safeties up and they're all the topic cooks and door set gronkowski you know. And Malcolm Mitchell. That's how it's gonna work. So as for what I'm most looking forward to tomorrow it's. It's how Belichick employs those running backs in week one at Albany end all be all but get a good idea of what that pecking order is an. Maybe there's not a particularly as we get a week out we're gonna game plan for what we think can. Do the them the most against the opposition. Without running back group. And obviously on defense the impact that Doug Gilmour Butler can make is that one of the least on paper one of the top two pairings defensively. At that position week. 6177797937. Is your phone number Blair's up in Maine on patriots and chief Seidler. AC. Blair what's up man. They looked all I had what zone. The other night and I but it got baptists in boss dead and boil it. Our houses shall we let down the out that outdoor spot in the water. No it was actually Portland State either. It's really nice actually situated as they like can it go until ten bucks gags and ask him browsers wondering. Why what ego to ten what we really anti equal time to stop 930. Yeah like my third of each other blogs throws you know he could go to later he's seventy years so don't give them a break these guys seventy years old you know. I have a Wednesday Blair good starts the week let's go. Yeah I don't hate patriots tomorrow you got to achieve some of the logic. They let WG I'm on Miami Dolphins since I to break it to yet. But I'll still watch the patriots and chiefs. But to break it down to achieve from the patriots. He got two guys. Actually toward their ACL. In trees is ball. But treated in football but I don't know why would you ever put them out there that do that. To register. There's season ending injury like. We are talking about Blair arms aren't. That eight military. Says they have two guys. Tour there is cl well I don't know. You've ever put out there to do that you know terrorists there entries for the whole season I date but coach put it out there does it feel good being aware of and they. Further east yelled you don't know that there can do that but why would you ever want to talk about their dictator these chairs there. Coming out of fourteen in the case of a guy like Julian Edelman thanks for the call tonight Blair will IG well rocks and bonds Skaggs. Up there Portland amended to elbow injuries and non contact injury you've got to. Get some reps in the pre season you can't put these guys in bubble wrap it played Brady the pre play everybody basically the pre has helped. Grunt Robert tells you never plays in the pre season. He's playing in the pre season now. Sell. A fortune this is just these forward this this stuff is going to happen they're going to be attrition with your roster. Some of your very good players are going to get hurt. That's the NFL that's football. In the case of settlement is a huge loss for this team he's Brady's security blanket e.'s the third down guys the go to guy all else fails. Breaking a year go to cattlemen. Break classic case of emergency pick your terrible cliche. That's been an omen for this team. And Ali we'll know right away who that next guy's going to be in that role and it might not be a next guy in that role. It'll be up to hold him in Yemen dole and the running backs. They got to play a much bigger role going forward. Because Andelman is a tough got to lose fortunately when you are Brady and the depth this team as a receiver. It should not deter anybody if you thought they're gonna win that the Super Bowl this year I wouldn't change your pick. And elements injuries sometimes you might at their top receiver went down for some other team like. They probably can't win it this year I don't feel the way about the patriots I'd only feel that way of it Brady went down. A still a drop below. So things pretty good if your patriots fan they are primed to have a big big big year I'm not saying nineteen and all the way Keith and holly are saying. But they're when they're young record of thirteen fourteen games in the right there in the Super Bowl against the countless. I let's go to. Patrick your New Hampshire. On now the patriots and filling in for join animal I catch. What's going on not what are young men first first off let it SA I definitely think. Odd change and why can possibly be that big expense benefit she yeah benefit the most from Adam the only yeah. You had a right beneficiary don't don't second guess yourself female network capture. Damn eyes and I think I'd been Super Bowl actually true that because inability to adjust. On third downs especially you know he might not like have been moved to battle and like route running but on third down I think he definitely. Troops to a lot of people they can beat that guy. He was so clutch in that game he was used everywhere gets first rushing touchdown of the year in that game and he two point conversion he was a monster I'm way got to give as a an increased role this year with this patriots team not just third down guy but. I could see it in the slot Patrick and some passing formations and acting as receiver for Brady absolutely. Yes absolutely and honestly don't stance he lives yucky PR value from Jeanne why I think they'll be huge in. You know like you brought up DF that's actually checked out that I videos showing key bellows Torre I get a lot of respect in coming out and given that the value Brian Hoyer pick at quarterback I got you back on that one man I wouldn't I would stinking mad at present I saw them. In pretty easy then they'll look Cory let's under house Shanahan and Carlos side IP and that's really. Play and he plays and every doubt people miss today wanna go and at that you mention that pageant of every Keith and I do like a ten minute fifty minute draftees video today. And I admit that I'm not. That Patrick mentioned fantasy football I've been a Tennessee football player for a long long time his. I play in this league and yet in pressuring somebody high school we get like computer printouts look like in 1990. 9495. A computer pretty dealt play three days after Sunday to find out you won. Pre Internet type stuff. I'm not doing that this year I'm not drafting any teams I'm all in on daily panacea and Moline on draft games. So to Patrick's point I don't know we wanna you wanna look at it with with James White neck and a full year regular PP ER fans football league didn't bile means go forward. But until you have any sort of clue I would not touch the teacher running backs in and draft eggs. There's no known as there that what what Steve in I'll let you know somebody on the team unless you have some inside info pay. You know Berkett going to be the goal line guy in the first and second down guy he's for game one that he had some info maybe use it. Pleasure dummy like me you have no idea they're gonna play. What the rotations gonna be like I love James White Patrick I'm not I'm not banking on him in daily. I'm not doing it I am back and I'm Brian Hoyer. You folks riding your mind their pay for quarterback draft kings. She and I go what go watch the drag watch the video. And what if people are gonna want why is by the mall where and had to work at Fenway Park. My hair so bad right now I am too through weeks late for a haircut I'm finally get one tomorrow thank god. My hair is atrocious. I it would add the hair was in bad shape they had to put the hat on. I spilt salad dressing and some White Sox salad dressing all my pants today. It was a rough one here Fenway Park go check out the video RWE EI FaceBook page. Leave a comment tolls we suck just watched the video that. Our bands and Sharon on the patriots I've been. Asia and I just say it or downplaying. He and Beckett laid out in at this year he's earlier blocker picture book is tied to evidence that. You know have the opportunity. A monster. And I see it didn't separate touchdowns some rules. Just so that that nobody can start now since it's their double cover crops in the red zone there early wide open. And I can have a better at that data not Benedict but Scotch and they're in the previous years. He'd better that's it that's a good point then of a VP you matches what Martellus Bennett did you be happy is patriots fan. They're scrambling to go to the kid die Hollister the rookie they kept. The twin brother of the receiver they like they picked up his twin brother the tight end they cut the receiver they keep the tight end. How about that and cut James of Shaughnessy and once he's got to make the team. I like to join Allen signing I just was more pumped up fort. Before they signed cooks indoor set in Burke held until the guys they what did they loaded opted. They load up on offense and where he fits he's gonna have a a gamer to worry flashes but seven array touchdowns and Ali. If Brady got throw fifty I guess he could add seven rate potentially. In the red zone because there's so many guys to cover. I sort of forget about when Alex it'd summary of the moves. Let's begin our guy Stephen Miami Steve on the Red Sox and yankees what he got Stevie. I'm getting ready for our camp yeah I'd say stay stay safe down their brother. Thank you very had people affair if they're saying now Miami. Lowell are you in Miami Beach. Not but Miami I mean what are candidates are denied a sequel that I just saw eight didn't Miami is in theory an evacuation going on right now. I mean I kept a beat Carolina that stays safe and publish to watch a game tomorrow Steve. All that's well that's more important art as part of its old sail when he got our. I know I know by the way I did at buy gas station everything's gone. No more alliance. I want to talk about epic like that community. Yeah. I'm more worried about. The bottle at the got some like to dolphins think I talk about with Kansas City would yes as he went out as well. And you know Jerry type of offense well and you know what goes well also I mean it happened now but this thing I want to talk about it is trying to. I'm more or vote. If someone gets hurt I don't know they have enough. To good. They have depth but too good. As they might have had in the past and wanting to vote and the thing I want a thing about the Yankees could only quote interpret. Well let's they keep bullets at its Keebler footballs to outcome Ali it's a year will call will get you back on Red Sox shaking next time steep banks simply stay safe this hurricane Irma. Batters down on the the state of Florida. I'm with you on the debt she we spent some time this NFL Sunday. But it permeates warm up a line backing core I don't trust anybody jumping in that group not named on the high power I'd I just don't. I don't Lyn Roberts played well last year played in the Super Bowl and key event oil play in the Super Bowl and these guys I guess emerged I don't trust him. And so the for the front offensive line group Belichick will figure out you figure out that that's a good talented group. With flowers and brown and company. I would say if I had any concerns what what concerns you the old Tommy current line. You be dealt line backing core. And we'll see what happens over the course we will see that's an area they addressed either trade patriots are not afraid to make trades during the year. Quick break come back. Wrapping up here on any Red Sox are you may get to set for the debut. And Alex Roemer Roemer after dark at midnight here on Sports Radio W media eats Red Sox revue with Mike Mike that's key on speed. Having not. Watch the game. Being here Fenway Park in the game Magellan Tim you're listening to much of the game sometimes and back in studio. For the road games during the pre and post you can watch portion of the game did not happen tonight so I'm gonna defer to you guys. Was Todd Walker any good. His hair looked awesome I was jealous and hair Visio bad mine looks right now. Was Todd Walker good tonight or is he stacked up with those some of the of the NASA in trials they've had here. I tweet me at mutt and UT WEEI Lenny DiNardo Jarrod Saltalamacchia do absolutely nothing greasy Mike thanks guys. Should not be doing the broadcast with the able Bryant who deserves. A back brace for carrying some of these guys they're first couple broadcasts. Over on NASA and Woolsey what they do go back to camp we have more weight boxes. Back in Tampa next week will see. But how was Todd Walker was eager it was a bad in different at mutt and UTW we ya tomorrow at 6 AM. You're WEEI a curtain cal and of course you get that L pres David Portnoy. You'll join the guys beginning at seven I know the afternoon show with dale holing keep will be live at Gillette. Getting over the game I'll be there at six with Keith six to eight NFL Sunday Thursday edition from the shed due to the sights and sounds of what is going on. Down at Gillette Stadium so a busy day. Get your radio locked in get the app tuned up future phone charged. EEI all day tomorrow we get set for patriots jeetz I just starts tomorrow starts at about five minutes. And it starts with the debut of Reimer after dark Alley three were banned from. Speaker and Callahan show from a month or so does not mean he can't do shows on this station he is coming up. At midnight you'll love on you hate and called at 617779. 7937. All be listening to Roemer after dark you'll be listening to what talked him all at 6 PM from the Gillette Stadium patriots chiefs. Thursday night football Aussie.