Red Sox not getting the production they were hoping for from stars

Mut at Night
Thursday, August 17th

Bradfo and Villani take a quick break from the Yawkey way talk to discuss the Red Sox hot streak, and their sudden power surge. The guys discuss players like Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts, and how they Sox are succeeding despite them not playing to their potential.


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It's much that night fox Sports Radio talk we. EI. Our effort to Hawaii Brad post wartime. You know WEEI. We do review a lot of our own version report. I doubt. EUU I don't want to I carry that I agree with you rob. They I get a W he had back Thomas shout out he had not largest or against it highlights that words do so did its opening things. I I viewers say this assumes debug these old time baseball games going on right now as we speak I'm sure that. It as an old time baseball game everyone has their radio tuned in while watching the game. So. But the big drop there a law besides John Martin who was being the funds going to on Monday asked the cameraman as they LS. Pedro Martinez. So I belong on Pedro might follow to tell how many NC for a two innings gave of one hit. No one strikeout to fly outs double play he also batted I don't know what he did though. This is from Jim McCaffrey. Matt slide was a drug withdrawal today we also such human poppy. That's that's big news hydraulic quiz is going on about how he thinks he hit paint or how hard hook up and he says his argument was. His bitter at the end of his Major League career and Hewitt touch. Low ninety's is essentially high eighties that are everywhere he came in third defendant part. And here's with the Mets whose arm is falling out and I I'm pretty convinced that they had their radar gun Jack found. Because you like the early 81 mile an hour brass balls. The whole hearted. The Red Sox executives feel light nerds one Pedro was here and that whole thing. But even if he's throwing. Like eighty to 81 now legitimately hats faster than average realized but he's my guesses. He's still has the ability to put it. Relatively speaking where he wants. So you're not getting 82. Flat. Down the middle I was kind of getting 82 with cut. Outside black in droughts not hitting well he's not does not listen I'm pitching tomorrow at Fenway Park for the median. Evans on my team but if you was against not first one hit them then you'd be an invite is second at bat I was frightened you aim for that high school kid was aiming it to you whether only got hurt that's not exactly. Yes so now it's is deceiving him. You'll I've been out you've been over to the old time baseball gamers think I have yeah. That's a great event I played in one year in year. He think you're going to play against all part -- now than guys have blown like ninety's like I'll talk to college players dad and in some pros yeah if it rob what do you bring to the table in terms here to the I have the bonds is straight ball. And the twelve to six curveball which speeds up Miami want to street ball forty miles an hour and listen it's about results Jack and I get results. Here are your like one of those pitchers who's pitching into their forties just has location. I have everything. I have on the whole are not easily paid or use that velocity had to remake it way that he lost also about Obama fifties are also bringing back the old Tom Seaver dropping and drive however yeah like you know ought to all lacks the lights seem Mulligan Jamie Moyer tonight. That now and no I'm more. Our speed of and I wanna down around talking about this thing but. The rally on on the comment on Saturday a bunch of people that permits were leaving they wanna get in the middle of any Michael on. Except for this old tiny baseball team. That plays that like ET 86 rules or something he said we are still playing a game they're going to be out there on Saturday so there could be. But he does this rally going on on both sides people screaming at each other and then these guys in these. Heavy wool knit frosty at dvds uniforms out there playing their all time meeting spot there in what black players play back. I like their resolve the gas for some just appreciate their resolve Baghdad summer that positive or or you could be you need to I don't think you're sticking with all of the T well I mean listen you stick around you're gonna be lumped in with the rest of I don't think. Abraham Lincoln by. Net profit odds that the wells at American. American hero Robert easily. That they that was doesn't strategies like that in the same you know what I eat and I you know how low and that I eat broccoli and playing for the time. Rough really was not planned for the time now he's now. Late for my constantly let's go to general Walt we'll get back some call 6177797937. Agent. It acts. Apple never agree with you but I eat you and I tonight yeah I eat you gonna be upset that we're in agreement. I knew I would get you someday someday I. Well like baseball soccer and. Should the trigger and everything out and I like the way you treat too eloquent about the running and want to do Sunday who's on Sundays in the whole lot more of that. Good arm you know it. I'm glad that I forget your partner and I and a line you a couple of the cause a lot of show secret secret how do you not know Baltimore culture flee market. I just don't I don't care if there's no argument ever freaky cared about it I might I might might read only had so much ran out here is only room for so much crap Morse code was never something that was cemented in. Correct it's correct here heard a simple I didn't and I think that if you if I. I ask how did you not know. I don't I don't and I don't know GM Europe and eat world I don't know I don't know. Pick up along the way but you know I wanted to get to the opportunistic comments the region that. It's. Bad because that's opportunistic in the weeks to discontinue a lot of great point if you wanna legal weight to it when it's not popular eagle to win it's official events happen and everybody colony an insane it's because of an event we have Cory okay putts keypad and never do anything with the things completely under his control. It's that he did he didn't try and he did try and Armenia. But the mayor all the Elizabeth didn't do history. I'm not talk about mr. McLaughlin what rob said but to halt the Red Sox All Saints the most coats on when they're young to discover my uncle had in change and in putts he had things under his control he could change in Latin wanna ask students. The key culturally appropriating. Native Americans by naming his yacht the airports. Would settle out. I have no idea American ally I'm I'm filing that with the Morse code I did not. We used a lot of it you know that pod I love that you sent back. Because now we know what the barometer won't be from the laughed when they want to excuse somebody for their actions let's get into it let's. Positive linking. Deposits and seek and while they want to get down Jackson memorial where he spent on the. I would keep Jefferson Memorial up there. The problem is the problem with widget with that we think with your line of thinking is if you look at. Okay one thing is change and then one about this one about that one about that and ask all of those questions are asked all of those questions. But just because one thing happen now doesn't get to the next ten that might yes and you can look that way on an individual. It's that it may spiky is Jim. This is why I love. That you speak intrude itself on people have called the the walk the Washington Lauren. Mean I'm aware of that Jim Landers and felt so we're gonna not only will you ticket and or are now you're the barometer I don't know I'm not the balloon. If somebody asked me about it I think I have an opinion you'll have an opinion no end we get on our own weird line is strong we did have our non. I am. Like the problem. You what I can have an opinion but only you think Yorker opinions right any opinion that apology is brought. What is it that when. You're the only person who said at your wrong in the conversation as you know you're doing when it's that. Just thirty seconds ago. Just everything that you have discussed tonight has been that span that you'll write in if you don't agree with you you must be brought. There are. How how important do that I think right and I like it thank you my opinion Jim obviously I think I am right. Obviously that that's the definition of an opinion. That is literally the deputy is to give a different opinion that's buying will agree to disagree and move all. It all right it is disingenuous and day. John Henry want to change the name now. I think it's optimistic absolutely any absolutely opportunistic I think the timing is driven. By events and I 888 say that's at 45 times. And maybe didn't hear it and that's I don't hate you didn't hear it and I think what war are times there are opportunities. Are here still. And I'm putting you on hold because you were talking over each other it's going to be completely useless. I said 45 times. There's an opportunity many opportunities. For John Henry to do this sooner. And I think it is an idea I think I believe that uses exact word. It is some of the language they used about this is haunted me for so long it's utter comes off as disingenuous. When that you wouldn't have had the push back. From City Hall. The last three and a half years when management they are so to speak changed I said I agree that I still think it's the right thing to know Jim did you last work. Okay ate it the only thing that I would bring up its EU talk and opportunistic. My losses up for reelection in what some happy yes it is big it's. Let's not yours up for reelection in a month and I noticed while the crime ridden big proponent Tito Jackson. Was only on what he projects in widened my did not do this. I don't know that he was asked about it before but he TO three honest I don't I don't think there's while you rage issues they re so what is it. He is mayor it's so important what did you do this we ought to pretty full spectrum you're gonna have a Grand Prix in the Arctic star is absolutely. You do this for you haven't even taken charge and that's okay. So talk about opportunistic there as well that's what makes it disingenuous when people Kamal from incident we need to do this now and it's wrong at Enron Fiat will worry when it was. Was clocked C. That's the problem people like I have I don't know I can't speak a rock but I understand what I'm talking about when it under your control. And change it. Yeah I don't think I I did a lot of times in I don't think anybody disagreeing. Oh what's that what's the answer just don't change it don't do it now see here's the I guess is two different conversations because I think he has been trying to change it. As he stated in the Michael Thorman story he has been trying to change it. One of the issues I have as well if you average trying to change it. And we your asked about this time in time and time again and you don't give the definitive answer that you just gave. All these years leading up to this. Then why not because Chris. You might say well it's just it's just words indeed why he does is just doesn't mean that much it does mean something because if he was after it Charlie Andrews asked about this. A couple years ago which he was. And he gave this same answer a couple of years ago. Then it would have driven the ball a whole lot faster just like this going to sure we're we're not disagree on that rob yes that the timing. Again I think the UBA situation in Charlottesville. Played the Romans. Adam Jones plays a big role in this beat the marketing and said that they'd truth behind even believe it or not but the fact that the story was out there and it didn't exactly cast the Red Sox in a positive light. That plays into it beat the incident at the anthem singer that was documented. Early guy is banned for life. All of that plays into it hit a boiling point and he decided. The jump on you guys so you phrase used the phrase opportunistic. And but none of us I don't know. Surprise and you don't know is I understand by in it by disingenuous is also a word that was viewed you can say the mean very similar things. Why is disingenuous. When. You'd when you are trying to do it you're trying to do you try to do it and then boom all of a sudden now you you make this public I do with it. That there is a problem with that Chris and I understand you know and I know why he did it we agree on that. But if you want okay he wants to get this done just that he's being chased by Tom are you ghost or whatever right pocket you get this done. Don't think that if he said when he's at the Michael Silverman a couple of years ago that it and probably already be gone. I said an hour and a half ago when we first got into this this element of the discussion. Yes it would have been more straightforward and probably more honest if he said. This is something that has bothered me but after the recent events. I've decided that this is the time to do when he. But the problem with a secret that that he. This isn't after the recent Internet that I decided to now pushes for no we have no evidence that he's trying to push it's harder now other than these words. That he was five years ago. He says he's been trying to do this all along. So if you're trying to do it all along if you try to do is back with Menino was Mayfair and when Marty Walsh initially get elected. Then if you come out in state this thing you're probably gonna get it done but the exact reason it's gonna get done now because you or more to rack and definitive in your state. NM and I agree had he. Come out and said that the event what pushed this over the edge for him or made him decide to get out of been more honest. That would have been more honest and less. I wanna use different words and disingenuous to keep coming back to it but was disingenuous the white. This statement is and that thing about being haunted by the ghost and everything I do you think real and and my does not surprised by may get to scene at a lot. Being around politics every day. I'm just not support. Prize to buy new rated. Is that EE we can agree that the street is the thing this greed is the the the priority here the street is the the biggest symbol of and what we're talking about. But in the words of John Henry had the might so adamant he made it seem like this the legacy of Tom yawkey is haunting him. If that's the case I don't care if it's 5% of the equation. You have these things right in front of you if it is haunting use so much then you can take Arabic. It is our. Is famous changes freed I understand that. But there are things that you could have done. He can still do that you don't have to go through the city for that you could have done five years ago whatever was an interest that it. As important as you say it is now then why don't why did he do before leaving it's an entirely political move by John. Think he's lying about being bothered by it or no I think no no I absolutely think he's being bothered I'm just asking why he didn't do these things before. Like I just don't I don't get that and that's a fair widened to type out an email them. And asking that question. Because IE saw the stories as primary and asinine attitude collect my freelance when he first I think you steer your knees at that point down on them to. I Indy is funny because you know I think that I'd probably amassed John Henry about this I know this having Tomas he. Most recently for us to the story on the yawkey way thing I think about lap might have been last year. And I think he reached out. It's been asked Ian Kennedy going back to the Adam Jones press conference on the field right after this out was asked about this at the same as not I get it Sam isn't. If he can't speak for the dollar is not the owner of the team. By Ian this has been passed numerous numerous times. It so you're writing you mad that the instrument to Silverman yeah I know I am very. Content it played by it's it's a great so I'm gonna let the story let aggravated an hour away. By when he goes back to that Democrats we talked to Michael Silverman before you can catch and WW dot com. By an aggregate yes but if he studies that you he's been working on this story for awhile right yeah. And he also that he is committed to Henry last. Right by heat by Easter he had said that he'd contacted John Henry for the Charlottesville thing correct. Yes yes yeah so. And at that point it was it was more procedural vote you get a street changed name as street well it is up being a whole lot more than that jerk. And so I and I know you know I've tried email I John Henry's got back to me sometimes sometimes the ads and by John Henry. After he had initially not responded now get back to America. It just leads you to the debate in the question in the conversation. About who will it what was driving this and I think that you and I both agree what was driving it. I also think to rob point the jet might agree times you tell us and going through right now with a related or not if if John Henry rice was being accurate thank you so haunted Hewitt. They use it take to get rid of some of these things ready and student and you without wearing a necklace of garlic. And rewarding crime like this he needs he needs to permit by the way I didn't know about the freaking Morse code unwilling to admit. Jim might not be unwilling to admit there are things in this freaking world. But I don't know I'm OK with that never as per for a low grade he would never admit I don't know fine with that. Didn't know about the more skull. And cute cute please do read it anyway without reading your code unless you're running like a radio tower in Pacific theatre of World War II you. Penance is connected you to 9 o'clock trending now in Morse code. Not that dash dash but that they asked the patriots Texans it cast got it. Or your phone calls next it's always seek. Which mosque at night on Sports Radio telling you. Yeah I. So you know things are gonna talk about it now for around Michael Solomon this afternoon. Was on top your list from Bradford. Top in Chicago there. Back markers say. That's not what you sarcastically texted me you're at local blows the other thing with and we all time baseball game yet real time based on. Jon Karl stand cleared waivers. And if the about talked about the lazy old the lazy story retire probably right and sometime next week yeah. The again the red nosed attitude and Palestinian yet sure that's exactly what they gonna do the to blow up the entire organization in the middle of the year. To get this guy and pay him like I don't rule out getting stand at some point down the line. Eight we've seen that with some of these guys although the fact that Bryce Harper in Maine shot over hitting the free agent market the same year. Killing one of those guys going to be in Boston the other one's going to be in New York the minutes thousand in Boston I mean it's out of in the New York. I. I think I can see that I could see that but this was the forget you talk about power rating acquisitions. I mean we this week will be known for. As the guided in the crotch for the first pitch right. And Michael soreness story and night Andrew and Encarnacion coming in town and into on Bryant's you do that now. Yeah and and me writing a story about it right template two seconds after. We talked so much about this team not having the power bat. And there's no obvious internal solution it's coming any time soon enough some weird thing is that part of the Nazi on conversation. But you don't want and Dave Dombrowski said at the winner weekend. We don't want a blocks in Travis. Travis is OPS and Tripoli right now is just over 700 he has four home runs he's actually I think you'll be a Major League player. But he doesn't hit home runs. Right and he hasn't really gotten much the sniff the Major League level is that we are on him by OK so that will be evident quick how are you way to meet every game Majorly let me ask you assess the so the whole the whole plan you would think is. Integrate them a little bit here this year and then next year meets world and contract runs out boom there's your first baseman do you feel good about I was being your first. Oh he's I don't. Would you say is gonna meet every innately player meteorite I don't know that. I don't know that I see him as an everyday player I think he's a guy they can be on a Major League roster. 200 or so three hitters are plate appearances Macs per year in in a platoon situation at most. I just think he's the kind of guy if he's out there for a 140 games you gonna see diminishing returns he net negative. Yeah Travis and he'll that is like I kind of got a safety net neutral as you so eloquently called he's not going to whom which at least I need to do what is net neutrality. You mean being bitten you need to be more than that neutral at first base as he goes back to the current policy on thing is that. It's not just to be hit two home runs you today is not just because I've been pound on the table about him since November. By the way case now once thought I was he's actually got out of my ass simulating confounding and all that is because you could get a guy who has flaws in his game but is the perfect. Fair or a three year contract which has been a lot and yet you go through the luxury tax but deal with it its money. That's why the stay in conversation is not even worth starting is no matter what no matter how you slice it. Even though you say yes the Red Sox had the young pieces. Farm system in Major League ready guys to get it dining yadda Marlins if they're gonna trade him. Are gonna pay some of the contract no matter what you blowing through luxury tax. There's just no connotation that it works out that it appeared act committed to it. It's a non starters conversation this is the promise. If you wanna blow through. The Red Sox. They're in first place. They've won like twelve or fourteen games they are they believe Mike it'll smile about it and that they're getting crushed and I applaud you take a item today so good job to them. There a good position. But if you look at them going for about what they are banking on his terms of position players stay in like three tax. It's they're some discomfort you hit it premieres. Is he is under contract dot early next year but because he continues to play huge option for the following year will vest. You have nearly the mayors for two more years after this one. And is that what you he figures that's best for your DH position he's not blocking and Travis. Not they didn't say heck yeah that's that that music like Asia and that's the other plane burst that's the other part of it all who'd you have coming up in. And okay you wanna go out and signed Eric Hosmer go ahead that you said you're going to be blowing through electric tax. So it's I don't know it's it's. Because they're on it solves everything why didn't they signed him Kress. Why I don't know around and he hit two home runs we must be really really just wanted to make sure they had a unit of the arm as it is apparent artist heartbreak there is captain Morgan and if this rowdy second as it's like it's heading for every time it and I haven't learned anything. That every time he'd sign a free agent and there's some sort of marketable aspect to it the you can attach it always works out we have the panda hats still for Pablo. We have Astro the doctor David Price. The spirit always works out. Figured out if that. A lot I looked out the way this team player now it's easy to say when they're on hot streak by. For a team that doesn't have that power again at a homer list sons homer and victory. Last night but the for a team it doesn't have that kind of power. They do seem to have at least right now the type a lineup to keep stay competitive with everybody and he married a lie looking at the play out bill because they ordered calcium. Now the body because they actually have had some hourly like these stories about you look at them and when taught me or any devers invented ten well not how did how did they come back last night. What happened at the very first batter that inning now in a Bogart's it's a home run home run. Eight you've got to have one or two home runs every once in awhile and that's exactly what they've been doing better intend to eat it right bet intending endeavors they've given them home runs but those weren't coming in need this whole idea that you don't need any. Home runs but I don't think anybody with saying bat by. Then this is never going to be a power hitting line you get the occasional home run. The occasional streak of all right this is not an elaborate cadavers with the union as we've been antennae with any these guys hit some pot not a lot. That threat needs to be there and it has been their. The last two let me ask you this is is like the Evan relic windows a lot of stupidity. And which which is a fun game we probably will play on Sunday morning sounds so I said you're in the one of the problems is how you the Red Sox who'll win if they get. There main guys the best the Bradley the bent intend to ease the daily Rivera's is these guys. Living up to expectations. Coming into this year. If they just do that doesn't matter oh the Yankees had their gonna win and they've gotten some of that that they embark on a New Year's endeavor as a unit. Doug good maybe they'll go down but if you get those guys go and you're gonna win. And his response was well it was stupid to expect those guys would do what they did last year like why. They're 24 years old the only 15 years old dad and his mood he's the only one word had that he drop off shore a little bit well a little bit out not a cliff but nobody he had done it for already for two years that attending expected to step forward I I'd expect ever to be in the major leagues contributing know about is tiger about him like boat. In all artists these guys have lived about the problem. Is that these guys in the Bogart's the Bradley's they haven't lived up to one no matter what. And I know you and I have talked about this before if this team can win a championship. Where you can get to a World Series at some point your best players have to be your best players and that's Bogart's. At bats. Op Ed attendees in that mix and get the draft healthy will see. But I just don't think is as sensational as he's Ben Rafael devers has carried our Eduardo Nunez. Or. It ticket to that to the other side mr. Palmer ads carrying this team at some point with David Price need to get healthy and deliver in the post season they don't apply to him as well. Yeah I think at some point you have to save drew parliaments is a good pitcher he's a good pitcher. Yes so he's getting to a World Series he's your second best pitcher Clayton you might be we don't and I have a choice I think but I think it's a different conversation because with the emote I agree with you and that's exactly what Hussein smoky bets Jackie Bradley they've done it for a couple of years now. You know what they are at a Major League level so for them to take a dip down that the problem because you are counting on them. It's like it go to built our bill I don't know if you do this bill james' work for the reds that's they'd done the math bill james' way that hill James away I'd be dead. I doesn't typically heavy to the F can be difference there aren't other rather than Ortiz usually what happens to get away with that Bill James I don't know if you do this he doesn't projection will James projection avenue yes. Next level of play is like his statistics we take it to the next I don't Soviet TV show. But by picturing him jumping out of abandoned like solving crimes he's. And you have to admit that. I think generally the gates it's ambiguous. So builds James has his projections in a lot times he's off Wilbon Brooks tonight at forty Bryant. Like if they keep it for forty in his career something like that so but for better intend DB AB you look at his projection rent and it's almost. Exactly word's gone. Sum up some down by pretty good pretty close and what that tells you is that that's probably what the Red Sox for sort of projecting as well. And and if you weren't getting that before he went on this roll you were getting it and that was a huge problem. Now so it to come back the year ago here I agree with this is this what this if you had your foundation guys for the Red Sox playing like you thought they are gonna play. Then there you go don't go away and editor. And now I know things I want to see after you did you fall on the on the positive on the net positive side of the Avant relic Mendoza line of stupidity I. Would like to be among the net. Wait is is being on the other side being more stupid or less stupid LSU okay then yeah wanna be and that's apparently a follow on that side. The other element of this though is. Looking across the landscape the American League. I'm sorry even if they are getting. 70% 75% of what they should from some of these guys we just talked about having Cleveland's. Alex a single teams are Cleveland's team right that's at its. Houston mean how how things are starting pitching in Arabic there if they're healthy and all the at the best lineup they don't. They don't. But I still a lot of them look at. So last year the Red Sox who were basically done after game I just and have a lot of faith in in David Price the bats are gone quiet at that point. You're looking at the only team Cleveland. They can match you in game one in your guy can throw pretty well on their guy can per pretty well you can still lose that's as good seal it sailed through as well. They're beating every other race team yes. I agree and the price at the rodeo today Cleveland is the team that you should be the most part about that exact reason but you don't know where these feuds ago land. And that's the other thing we get a month and a half Houston if title gets on a roll the Severino was on a roll that the ghosts are against the Red Sox and boom that rolls out the window out. So I agree with you right now Cleveland is the scariest team for that exit we are agreeing on everything Hillary a single thing except for a Tonya markings and and and didn't. And roads and streets in a project our judges. I I fully expected the judge wasn't gonna hit sixty home runs. I thought it you distract you still might buy you might be dignity like 188 counties. But he is just looked lost. The second half of the season. And after they this'll I I guess baby boy the argument of some that look at a homer of all the sixty and fixed his swing in the home run derby but. He is looked at sleep while dad and I and Doug as you go this scene on. And you go this long and people. In this is again this goes to the Evan relics Mendoza line stupidity which you can hear on Sunday mornings anyway. But he's this Iran is just a street by you go this long. For airing judge awful he's done this a lot more than he what he did for the first task. This is what you wives. He was the guy with the enormous hold his swing and why it's the highlight film. A very judge these swings and misses he strikeouts fastball right down the middle half these are close Erin judge away. Last month to a three. Still seven home runs day I use that opens the rob deer to a victory. I'll get to bill Maltese and waiting patiently 6177797937. Guide them. They had just call because you talked about war would run copy of my Canadian thome hits here and Brady did talk to the body never saw. He feels as good at I he wants to tour days. I mean that that's the topic I want to talk about. And then in the moron called up to a year earlier and the captain Norman suite from Libya accused of HGH. To hear that guy. Now I don't listen to the station on. Some pretty total in its idea now I appreciated bill I mean. I can't believe. Sink my teeth into the patriots as yet. That's one pre season game especially disappointed a lot that's kind of 123 now you think it was a waste of money go to West Virginia for these people. For the patriots are for an off a reporter's. Yeah were there West Virginia with what city I don't know but I know that Morgantown on I know that. And it couple wrote I think is backyard Ian moves the cameraman. Had to stay on an hour and a half away. From wire or want to add is that I don't think a nightmare to get your better West Virginia. Now Obama and other acts I have. Several times New York man about town while you sit right here is that Syracuse and West Virginia. Used to be in the same conference in the east and so I trusting never at a bad time in Morgantown. But yet their hospitality industry is not exactly booming you know I have to stay in the Bridgeport or something and do them like a rocking chair in front of very motel room yet or. Absolutely with a can you ideally have a long white beard that you can can they keep kids thoughtfully stroked his view of rock back and forth. Yogurt you don't have a canoe again West Virginia now now I've never go -- never knowing for referral that ritual fight club an area canoeing and six was 7779. 7937. Gilani and Bradford with the at the till 10 o'clock get back to your phone calls next sports hernia W yet. My at night. On Sports Radio W. Scott road islands that matters to me it's acknowledged the luxury Greenbrier you don't have it do right now what do you permanent tax. Build a scenic cameraman for Comcast now that colony gives away way there that a White Sulphur Springs or whatever the holiday as. It here's the movie that the new vacation movie. Not apparently take they think they're going to it he springs these Hot Springs. And taking taking a dip in some sewage was muscles and terrible movie it was it was always is supposed to be able as there was pleasant reality it was a reality or theaters and did you. I've not non it was it was one of those things you couldn't turn on TV without getting to rotate them vacation. Yeah I. The other area all the more reason why it is to have an additional Christina Applegate the fact that it happened and other reasons right at that a lot of risks that stupid. If you. Christina Applegate and homes and now Holmes yeah at his best now not his best. And track he's giving it goes like restlessness equal essentially that he was his son was and he rusty. I yes yes he would yes yeah days that's and that's selling this while now idol I don't wanna sell out so I think about this the other day though. Movies terrible movies they used to be this summer you have at least you know three or four. The last two legitimate. Movie where you say that is a good movie that is a movie there's no debate about it. It's a good movie is probably blow. He almost got through that this could fix it didn't it close I follow it twice. I just want to you know like Dunkirk and no I didn't say like you you don't like it is not a very popular topic or. Are you sure I liked it I walked out of argued. How do you like it the level that Jerry knows life life have been changed that now it's it was it was it wasn't as it wasn't for me. It wasn't nearly as deuce in prime time. I used to go to the movies all the time is we have today news or radio station or foreign Vermont we had AM. I'd deal with the movie theaters we go for free or want it aside everything. Now I feel gotten into the movies a month just you know I don't think there's no good movie yet or if nothing is is grabbing that I've got to go to. I'd go to theater seat near one of those new movie passes at ten dollars a month or one movie day for the whole month. Now. I I don't have that kind of free time. Anywhere near that usually movie night next movie and the legacy is the Floyd Mayweather fight the move. The video bit that'll that'll be entertaining for about five minutes drive and a regular theater. Oh five could doing tried absolutely you're gonna drive and they are yeah where did amended. Awesome remain delightful make out before it be great how many people use the in the trunk when and if if all the kids kids did abbey like everybody outsiders. Ethnic. The but he so pretty good movie better but so when you're talking about this is my perfect segue to that conversation back I notice you mentioning trending now. The much talked about change from the announced close to the club yeah. Why apple. I I just this entire thing the spectacle. Why I enjoy why is that trending now I know it's because that is on the paper front it was because in the paper in front of me yet that that was it bubbles who'd. Jesus would do this has been a bad narrow. I don't know I guess about is this a big deal that they went from ten ousted like I you don't want to Wear less. Deal where a little low and a little low and sell the tickets we did take two ounces off the gloves. Any thing the gives McGregor. A little bit morbid chant as fair. I think I think that's that's it that's the only reason that threes again timing to route in case you're wondering they want to do before the fight. Time yeah. That was as it was all about. Today optics on an up or they were opportunistic a little bit disingenuous six actually 6077797937. Richard in Rhode Island is up next with polonium Brant O'Hair Richard. Honey yeah I believe I have a name yeah. Yeah he way laying on our name and name it after Barbie Dora because that doorway. Early and then. And comedian there area. Was he faces the polio. The notes and editorializing if I mean now we're real home. I wish anyone here I was thinking about Jimmy Fund drives name is you Jimmy Fund the if if VO Tommy harper Jim Rice they wanna call up I would like to hear their interactions on. Yeah yeah. How was he faced to face with the guys are literally or even like what was the word industries employ in abide by then by the ended toward the end of his life the reputation authorities have been cemented. So what does there mean much like the talk about Dennis sucker sleep in the clubhouse that would match and they talk about the owner being races in the clubhouse they came up. You would yeah I SS. By the way text he says either you're an idiot or Bork that movie is funny from beginning and we were too often these senate Dunkirk. Now has he died about the vacation one. Are you kidding me. Are you serious looking guys can fight it out I haven't seen it that that person little busting your all of your description made it sound like it was terrible. It's yeah it was me I got through it. I tell you go movie editing it never works like here at the end of the movie hello as I got I guess all I see after root canal the mummy that Tom Cruise movie the mummy I watch now app and Aaron. You get to a point where you know where it's down in a news today I can't allocate another hour might I don't ever walked out of a movie feeling at that point I'm just pot committed in an ams can stick with that they'll point the problem with what you said there rob. That Tom Cruise movie all I. Combined all right move cocktail. 45 years ago tonight you'll like Jerry McGuire the Mission Impossible. I like having a that are relentlessly and slice rather good action flicks but the people like what like like wal Bergen patriot peachy right in my god did it by mr. tough guy Jack creature not at all I don't why I've never seen Jack I'd like all the cheesy dialogue I usually I usually be able to pinpoint the Tom Cruise movie to avoid. By this case I was there was nothing else line. And Russell Crowe might go what has happened Russell Crowe. And it Acela isn't in this move up. So disappointed ever since mystery Alaska he's out there at times I hurts our country's ability just mail it in for a paycheck which I respect the wrong that. There's nothing wrong down at all about all the other document rich he found ways he's walking out about the breeze is pretty breaking news about Batman yeah a blow you know a Casey Affleck Thierry yesterday it was yesterday and he for. And stated Ben athlete he's brother wasn't gonna do Batman set. And then after the next day AM zero backtracking publicists say no he just got caught up in the spirit of the that it joking and everything else and and I totally don't buy I buy exactly what he said he do in Babbitt as you said they just like Gisele same sort of thing. You'll the un filtered honesty you go to the relative with a wife yeah absolutely yet so yeah see these being disingenuous and if six what's ahead 77 that's that Adam say things. The ghosts of the penguins. I'll get more of phone calls coming up final hour of lying and Brad thawing and Al toxic Red Sox with you. Celtics thing I want to ask you about evil agreed to Celtics states is not about markets Smart are all unfortunately we know he's never gonna make an all star team your calls next.