The Real K&C - Short pods, Taray's return & Kirk on the ledge 1-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 16th

Ken & Curtis have time for half-a-podcast, so they put together 13 minutes of K&C Show recap on a Tuesday dicussing, among other things, Kirk's threat to leave the station last week.


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Says parliament and likes to bring times seekers is 1170. Sorry minutes after 2 o'clock you listening to the new drive I can't IMAX stakes this is up and we haven't reached the media actually back office Tuesdays is our meeting with the big boss SR Aziz why prices are non while. The boss the so we don't overlook things he'd choose a part time and was excellent third or worse it's excellent for serious now we've done. Fewer and fewer of these pot McCain it's got to gave podcast Kurtz from from personal thrillers that an outcry quite frankly I've got at least eleven tweets in the dock port. To work would cast what. This is unbelievable it's it is interesting spot right now we've cut back because we're management analysts up sharply what are. We done basically one week and we could one live show during the course. On the line shows that does podcasts. And mango phone bank we almost didn't want to angels pulled the details aren't stupid today and pop out of my Callahan. Punt it away certainly didn't but the bosses which had pitched this. Because well first of all the reasons this was on the chopping block is because they told this is not billable work outselling McCain it's correct if you lessen this was not part of our new negotiations right we went and asked for a raise they said all right we're giving you more work that means less of the real Cain at sea and it's not no coincidence by choice and she went did this other thing you guys suck at this job again Kirk thrilled. It's very happy and layered I hate him eat two was our bonds he Chris Curtis Jerry listen anyways so to manage your habits decline. Eagles' Michael what's normally regrettable that the Eagles Eagles suitable. That's not that dumb not TCI. Would sit chiefs are right there with the patriots long story short the bosses will on a day like today while he was shortened version how is like just focus on Mott is marketing at. I would say banning me for that is stupid my point is is we didn't do once we get killed we get to your producers and I think if we do it this way killed. I hate this place. In hell cares where your monthly dual focus a little bit today submitted now is that the right instinct no focus on my animals feel like Afghan like focusing on the lowest rated hamburger teams that were right. Much when your best friends are what you wanna you wanna join do better in the ratings of course. Only better a case of immigrant so a month mutt who months between with a guy play the trombone guy took his clothes off. Innocent Clarence Clearwater revival that guy. Told you love that guy just Asif you know snapped which you made him do by the way he pushed more how you finish with me and you pushed him to the brink yes. More exciting news I think that might no imagination no thought tomorrow is the glorious return of one at a rate gears huge wow. I came into the studio about an hour ago and you're duty on the phone with the speaker. Going over script with one to re Gary tellingly garrison. I am liking a real man no not happening. This is a good thing is in that or revenge sex is supposed to be about maybe this is a guy who's just so good awhile I think I coach Lou. He pulls me closer to his lower torso. Here are gonna. Bone bank bag bull holy bleep. We have liftoff and you were. Full year while this goes back now again we've had some things were brought back from Gary tang away one point note to announce Gary tech we two point ought to lock out just three point. I'm just a quick. But the both block outs we had Gary it's the post which was a disaster epic. Am not one WHB I it's great news radio recently came out of Michigan his New York are hey I'm. Oh yeah America's. I'm a bird and here Jerry still revels in the fact that that was disaster that was number not that but again you're not here for the original three garrison right from wrong no I was not I do looks look at how to might finally achieve that swept and it's my dad like that it had. Says it makes it look like thoughts. I certainly don't look like a girl this morning are straight what for that matter lest this baggy flea says my boobs which are pretty amazing MIA it was a big hit. I listen to remember you and all were touching each other beneath the fourth and final out on the fifth and final day boy you look for that because. At some police started to pull off his scripts to res screen writing scripts of people Kirk read one. The warm water powder making flesh my daily six mile runs have been more for grind than usual this week. The stress of working with a colleague my despise. That was for fall off 100 foot cliff on to bed at five inch nails but not two we suffered multiple hours of just like them so powerful pass a tickets told Bradford bread one. The keys jangling was music to my years in reenergize my tired soul I could feel sorrow in the year. It was magnetic Cain drew me down a pack. Where I saw my one true low there might poor baby kneeled dressed. All these tidy why eighties as his Furman crowned. But actually the of the authentic to re garrison the bingo bank go boom bang bag bull you know that whole deal that's terrain reading to rate and that's what's coming back tomorrow that's what's got me excited I don't wanna build look too much club is truly a man asked for. That is huge we have two reasons to be jacked in pumped for Gary today tomorrow one obviously traders and sue we've been working for someone who doesn't believe in a boogie man the things the jaguars pose a serious threat to the pats and right after the game anyway said jaguars are going to be a problem adorable and Saturn of anybody notice but the patriots really don't have any players that is I'm sure well studied in form. Put Baltic yet he should be imposed New Orleans morals as a football guy herbal look at it quashed jail at Ramsey. And age people who have would no peace I ceremonies faiths. We've been needed to football like this week to justice from the real want the EB Ben walked. Prediction I just heard last crap about 27 graphs three or stored before I did and like the stuff that really. I did. I guess even more support London and any of that that we got to go back to last week we had some bizarre happenings on the show last week so. Michael slumped this is not a stunt I don't called a stunt like call it's serious threat to the technicality in future the middle. Me hang in here Molly hanging I think it is don't know this is not a financial issue at a great contract management here's the great treated me fantastic from the start and earnings going on my wife way if you right now so I decided to step aside I think at least on the take a year off. A year off yes the I don't want to do that but I also don't think that you wanna do and I do what they wanted to which I took very seriously I gotta say. Maybe you had a better instinct that you didn't believe it at time are you going to. Live everyday without being able to have this for four hours it is it's not a used to play bass pro prize empty right now I don't think you quite believe it. I haven't been that stunned surprised. Shocked whatever. And a very long time Curtis has nothing. I'm shell shocked I didn't know what. I don't even care I was numb I was just like what do Leggett all I knew nothing I did a memo was gonna change anything and I was so caught off guard in mystified as to what he was doing I don't like being treated. Like Cha I sort of resist like stone cold face. In that moment I heard Wright envisioned what they showed feel like without Kirk. Oil 6000. America's sports sports fans aged twelve and all the who is your favorite app. That's simple and they do not and no one mentioned Mike Trout for a possible but then some in my ears like I had a question again elect can pretending that these mock me he loves and if he would postpone it spent two hours on why Mack truck it's not more popular is an excellent point the rest of that day. I went to heroes I got like six slices of Sicilian pulling me along let me have my pizza I was eating like crazy. You were worried I was gonna roots re hit the ball as well as mud prior employer. Brian Hoyer the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns it was a bruised bizarre bizarre day Kirk of course is the heart and soul of the station is kind of hard and sold the show unless it was an idol threatening it's a very serious still remains somewhat of a threat the new contract is not done. Other analyst demands he laid out on Friday tenets that you know walked back from alleged bit. Strewn lots of phone calls lots of text lots of meetings votes in negotiations. Where does that stand now the court if you took racially from yesterday was and I wanna some changes. Within the building correct again did not been mugged and about the financial situation about any of that stuff my bigger issues inside the building. With certain people people I have issues with people that I don't think I can really work with at that had to deal with them all the time. For weeks weeks weeks ever tell people this they do not listen to. I won here yesterday did this in very quickly I got a phone calls from people very high up who were willing to assure me they would do anything possible. To keep anything possible to keep me happy I was glad to hear that I believe that to some extent I need more proof going forward. I am willing to leave the door open. I very simply want 100% control. Of the curtain Cali she told control. Actually my show my shall we jury very quickly agreed to that. That was a tumultuous 24 hours for all of us. Consider what the possibilities where I mean I was considering really the O in C show audio quarterly Kelly it show we do astute young for that. It is and we all know even try to get them out here for awhile to get morning journal examines the your reaction was. You're the most unflappable guy I've ever worked. Nothing gets view you don't lose or mine I'd sauce it's growing (%expletive) you know I'm certain there have hammered you know whatever. You are a steady hand in a crazy world him adult screen who. You play minutes I'm not a little bit of time that you're seeing it up a way to where they really well I don't know what went on air force back I want you to click OK what's a girl I was naive not a high ninety's and but the look on your face was just abject. The year sisal traits for 1990s. And anxiety about what was what was going for an elected to see you I was looking at Santa and there applications and online bit clients obstacles to about I would break sold so where are we today. Mean it's not really been addressed this weeks of march Kirk's been here than greatness always you know today it was a close. It was of the was rerouted on Tuesday was benevolent first hour all over the place. Insanity episode as well as those shows go buy access movement there's no real time to sort of pitcher Brett you know with the glossy Ocala it's usually well liked Yahoo! Sports I have a medical condition as explained in a minute inaugural in the medical condition when we know it finally getting on the right food we know that yes what are medical condition. I'd be yes. Irritable about a huge ego yes. She and that's why you need a nonstop I'm serious that's why you didn't want to capitalize on this I nearly importantly it'll go on in in in port. It go on an airplane. No not at all it's comfortable as a wide receivers six hour flight was a matter because the short of the fight the bad when the best disease to have given year. Predilection exactly it's just the struggle batting live with on a regular basis I go to semester McLeod cafe often. It too much tapered down on the seat I am now he's wipes him out. Of course you always have to. The bench. At Torrey. Well liked kick I get when you reach we'd I don't know lose the Bill Belichick not comment. Nobody in over tie him to play it's disgusting. Seattle logical. And horror and I thought today was all over the map. I thought it was route that they held. Lumbered on hold for three hours but they're not regret a question for great support it think in there and it was an accident we were only two questions a lot. Is it is like shaking your family and I like less in case state relativity we hung over time. We're right on all right that's weird yeah. What is supposed to get it you never know Kuerten could just be like are out your up you know in the middle unity Barbie for meat to tell her man Jerry Kelly and do their job but next time if dreamers and and I think Brady has an affection for because it McCall's and Alex's here troop everything's okay with the Brady minute hand Callahan. Situation right this is a couple of Tuesdays and wrote later there's no friction is there. Oh I cannot say cassette separate the sham we were in the right. I don't I don't wanna get the middle of this. They're big they opened the interview says Heidi Tom and then to silence. In his point two Reimer I'm going to unannounced lead off the interview with the question the ideas for and a rear it's likely. I or at a time basically mirrors we were sold better to do a short version is podcast on at all she is this only is gonna go well. Reaction tomorrow right now Kirk there's about halfway through his the run. An eighty's was he plays again please the scene of a focus on better this. If he doesn't hurt can get at it. I'm blaming your higher management you were. Lead management. Producer of the deaths so I'm sure you'll never look at that down.