The Real K&C - SB week recap, Kirk rides shotgun & Pats fallout 2-5-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, February 5th

Curtis is back from Minneapolis and details the previous week of hanging with Kirk & Gerry. Ken and Chris also look ahead to 2018 post-Pats life on the show.


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Fifth of February 2018. Back in the friendly confines wreck tricks ease the greatest can't Chris Tucker's first apology welcomed you back personal problems whose big week. That was a big concern of shell we expect super I was going to be yelled at for not being home and type punched you were driving I gave Kirk ride to will him after we landed report for active hands him because Kirk Douglas flew commercial and I would consult the shotgun shotgun media but he. And so we're driving and just calls my wife and I try and pick it up with my hands because it's on the Bluetooth and a popular pick up my phone it would go to the Bluetooth but it went right to that it is a conflict. It. Hurts. And it has marketed say Kirk's in the cart approach between two. It wouldn't hurt. So awkward extraordinarily awkward and I'll just felt like. I burned my intentions ago. And I think I have. I think what our best. That's great aunts and output and you know bruised really just you know football games. At my intentions to ever return to Minneapolis berg to what secrets. I will never return of that state to that city party folk oh god it's worth the news and much worse than Houston Rockets Houston everything was compact we had laws. Houston left right nope the hotel to the actual radio row was direct from my room and while outside his right through and through a am taller too and there and units based upon arrival Vince there was no roots of the entire media is staying at these hotels round them all the media circus reroute the merry everybody figures in the media literally everybody shares in the ever in the media pastor work in the mall there's no room there was no room there is no. Police officers there's nothing. Yet the sort of make your own path on the whole like sidewalk into. Grassy Knoll and highways across and you go through its parking lot. Courage apology to black would know the first morning Arctic is that it won't be later Norbert orbit that was the only member ever took from. All ball over the walker Gerri what do yeah I sure the American dream and you get up to the mall the radio row in your sword dean's next week cellar was to show Houston radio but he did make it did turn out to be good. The show was successful week I think it gas. We have the rights of Golan Kirk was in the middle of everything Garrity turning around he could canvassing how's Guerrero walked by it was I believe this is weird I was exhausted by the end of the week it was just a lot of stuff you'd given to offer a month a week ago today with the day the rumors life ended and it feels like it was six years ago and it's all his fault. It's three simple words we can go from there it's rumors fall yet that's what I would say don't question a man I've Knology compete did you think. He was remiss Fo the strip sack I do using Butler agreed with three. I think that's possible and you federal dale is a comfortable for you is he had little prick that he tries to do with the game of hockey which is Chris produces. Game you know bill are buds you're doing when he nineteen preview of the affair and essential for a prisoner reports given a field retires and really needs and jam on your bottom sex so the flight back on rhetoric you fell asleep I did I don't know how long I think it was just ten minutes or so but I woke up. If and when your exhaust you and where the hell you are you get up what's going on I go up from a girl Michael (%expletive) am waiting for pictured between and you look at like mutt I asked Steve Mel flight openly Joseph Kennedy exceptional leader it's not opulent but I noticed that are out seafood hourly would you go for we had we had some cold cuts there was is that chip the spot right the coolest part about it is we. Get to the airport was in the main airport we flew into was this eggs Hillary airport about twenty minutes outside Minneapolis and there's no signs or anything there's this this little light guy in. Pickup truck reap pull up next soon you give your tail number and that he calls the scuttle the guy with the worst job in America there's no close second driving a golf cart. Up to this gate and escorts us in the gulf cart are yet. I mean it was negative twenty degrees real feel that the three are off and my nipple hard about him got no exaggeration it's untrue and were driving Dina as a late for us that's it's worse acrimony repeal through most they'd drive right up within the object that's already warmed up there loaded and mood among sit down ago ready and they rotate. Room pull out take off and it just you market your bets that a lot of room. This was a much smaller ship them missed about a Tudor and could your reply people in oh yeah curious yet. It was unbelievable and up to 42000 feet. And 640 miles an hour past Detroit keep Whittle please I've never seen Detroit. We flew over Detroit and I pointed out lake Ohio they were very nice name four of the five Great Lakes. Late on Ohio. Like Ohio. Lake Superior. And Goldberg my jokes on the way out went over a lot of the jokes about. I'd want to live -- certain -- after Ford they were so. Here we are less that are we were this and Twin Cities grow in the mall America it was awesome food court launches with crisper I picked rescinded in three words during two Americas urges the what are we gonna say at this point retardation on key for ten minutes my school that that have now scoops Manningham had proof how. Could he made from a bill I have stood at the end of the last two super walls and the highlight of Minnesota we talked about that the down points you know hotel and commuting to the small it was -- The highlight for me he was Wednesday and I Wear it dinner and our phones are blowing that much. (%expletive) up it via Tom Brady speaking as a cash and it's like I wanna security dogs at practice earlier today so Kirk's seeing the tweets I'm seeing tweets I'm like what's going on so we get up from dinner were walking over to radio Rhodes justice and see what's going mutt and use and need the audio file. Operating at these scar on his squad. From being bitten by the law after. Practice in slightly Kirk got the audio file we're standing in the middle of the small I just playoff lives in Kirk is a guy like. Tackling reports pulpit what they're doing. All over the mall its creator is uncontrollable after a battle is so priceless so far meets. Selig had the WB didn't. I'm still giving you think they ought to if there and the upper. So perfectly bad from what my I thought Brady got attacked by a military dog I did yesterday. Is it as big question is I said it may fourth is that you just go back. They are about. It like report which are operated. I like that bullet between us it was a globe not. Haven't scarred his life. Stepped up all week for us for the most part not today on the month ratio of two loss he reliable. So Jerry's bushel scratch pigs confined to nasal concern last censoring text and hey you know I'm and you third Diane think the problem. Not an issue so the first Kelly go to is much in my can't. Commanders say the Monday after the Super Bowl on the number 1 morning show and America can come in because he is babysitting issues he has so say OK numbers you on the coverage your choice is John to mossy. Must see claims he was drunk inebriated at the greatest we can come in there hung over the next day yet. The level of commitment to is again you know in and boom we get angry about the solve that that's what you need to know babysitting issues. And hung over now or golf sorry. I got I got mixed up bright mob was drawn right Eric Tomas it. Something like that yes but he didn't get. It's multiple days last week probably too many days because Jerry is not you haven't modeled Thursday Friday back to back this week you know and is there yet and it's we're putting them out Thursday or reasonable to Gilroy Thursday maybe my two hours Friday in all sincerity month you're pathetic. You are skewed and so that's the plan as we currently that your casting couch for sure needs a little re shaking. Yes it's easier. It's tough man Roemer. Really really hurt himself WEEI radio says Alex Roemer has been suspended speak to with those comments because he would then you lose. I think I said this of the time it's really hard to five people like Alex who. At the drop of the hat are in. Paired rated ago yeah as we experienced last night not everybody's looking forward to that 11 o'clock text from me saying can you come in last minute and a remote is always there. Rewind back last week gators are postage thing to me and probably new deals the news podcast but. How often did you curtain Jerry peel out from meals together ship so we went out to dinner every night every night yeah Jesus so. I was solo for launches. Because I Vermont used with the murder of my all men and having fun. It's. Taken this cayenne pepper mix in the earth. I'm reasonably. I love mutt I just their help I love the guy he's so happy he's so excited he wanted to go to this place you looked it up and yell blue dork club legal pot and will be you know we get there and that gives the table is all that's menus and this is stuff that she's in these guys who is right that you wanted to punch emea. In the video he tucked in the murder so. Out to dinners now just around the hotel we were every dinner was at Mall of America all good service so weather was taping mad dog on Tuesday or Alice or talking to Brady on Wednesday so. I thought we could bring you the actress press conference he walks over could have been nicer talked of for policy of what even the this half hour or taping Portnoy for all intents and purposes like could've done the same exact thing from my house on the phone it usually the answer is yes. Threats I don't care what they are. I said it how sad that so we'll see in the future. On Thursday or Friday after the money plus the money's your personal follow up with you guys so there was all after every show there's a lot going meant it was this push and pull every night between Jerry and Kirk and Jerry thinks he's in high school and he can't be spotted eating dinner early nonsense like it's a loser you weird beauty do normally it's yours already all the dead Gerri as he wants the late suck it out where is Kirk and ire like we're not happening where it's 6 o'clock 7 o'clock back home. Were exhausted. Let's just (%expletive) yeah. So it was this sort of months we had to meet halfway every time Jerry it's like buying gold there appetite to reach. We walked into a Mexican please know was there was expected good Mexican food you wrapping yeah mad because they were not just told me I've just kidding man. Just the worst choice at it as well. You said ordered I ordered the Aurora we room with the boss I want to run up Taft -- actually think that there was nice steering Kirk split each time they've been tickets out of it the whole week was pretty solidly Alatas a lot of blows a lot of things going on I guess the downer for you when I was headlines Friday it would mess now yes that was a disaster. Just what you know when I asked they said so we're here on location weren't tells while the north and actions caddie Kenny boy. Helplessly headlock or does the I don't understand why white remarked I saw the the icon next Austria over the big news it's Groundhog Day ya he saw a shadow next. I just to look guilty to the halftime show he's had his press comes next. Very don't don't just was reading a lot I think that was a big stories of the morning talk page tweeting a lot even that was a big story I finally got back next wells we got. I don't have anything that's your tire headlines that your job. I got the feeling that they were tired they were frustrated with being in that Amir Jerry the first day Jerry was was was ready to like say about it that's sitting in. It was uncomfortably close to everybody. Real real real real real real close. Don't blame especially if it's a little goodies music and so. Okay. Syria by the end of the week epic rural out of gas and they were sort. Tired with that I was much feeling coming in every day he did show up released today but does the classic. Move by the war and in. I lost my temper okay he loves being lauded he loves the loves the drama and Joseph keep which apparently killed Kirk we. Got a text from Kurt. How much Keith yesterday talk about eight terrible show. You know I would have been I'm almost into a diet and possession driving to the big gulps he might my mom and dad yesterday. I would apart just have to just adjust to dig a hole just jump in there with them with that guy yes this is the rest of the Buick MVPs and predictions. Our third. And then go to the the highlight of the week in hundred bureau for me in terms of on air product was the wall him from USA today a and it was paying way because that was a bizarre. Moment here's this guy I'm looking at them. He is whack patrol saw modified Wright is overconfident. He has no clue what he's getting himself into and he has the argument lost because his columns awful images. On facts alone was gonna lose even if Kirk doesn't have the facts on the side 90% of the time he's been out whoever's going to this guy was in over is said and wasn't very three sets down Kirk intentionally isn't talking to him during the break up in the restaurant grabbing breakfast. Comes back down reproduces himself and goes right. There walker from USA today talk radio is that we grandma you have nothing compare to heal this radio Boston you said that's how they'll be able I had about sports. Particularly possibly and you should know possibly US. A and three stores and it's been two years here you're right rob. She is a set it up like he's actually you have not listen at all. And Intel way. For no. Actually made the rest of the show that much ado I'd unity and turned into position on to anyways and wait you are. Arc or slash hero and that there are boys it's now. I'll pitch up Kirk did not its objective iiroc is not the time after her. I do so regularly amendment and all of a mentor and your timing stand at all yet you talk about a lot and they're just. Stupid that's what we do you know what I wanted to but still make. Did not get at least that we really can't tell you would be anybody but so you do that that's what you're. What it did dot bench all of let me do. If you'd like perk once we could genetic it's an escrow you do and you're dumbing down the discourse I know all masturbating there not my marriage about double that of Derek to everything or are shot like it is your way to make art as your way to ask me yourself. Interesting but very entertaining. Ultimately did connect the week. Yes after the show Jerry as you've heard voices. Going through rough patch and oh Doug liked offering cough drops and Boyd back. She adopt a button and killed. I. Had cancer and moral. So at the end of the show Jerry's in there with the plan tomorrow sweet moments ago maybe Jerry were scheduled to him tomorrow first place a couple of cars service ended year coach cheese today awhile receipts he was staying downtown India apartment. And it takes American League and he was at the mall every day firm random reasons that's pocket around but no it was their work. The secure the ball was so bad times it's detect early a year ago. Walking and yet need to know about talking about it and beat Milwaukee here with a couple. Let's talk a ball radical Islam in Houston this I trashed a year ago and every mall restaurant or hotel upon entry you had to bees go to battle. In this like. Eight block or stupid in Minneapolis block in the ball America milk chip you walk into radio row. With what everyone know which borders open borders eight people deep threat is the only area where the government detector was where the media serve breakfast. The unabomber is gonna blow up the and Shaughnessy like. Not okay is so weird anyway. It was a bizarre securities and well unfortunately you guys you know back on the road in just two weeks and back to spring training adds that seems like a lot of travel width U three plus they'll glean from it in a short time which is gonna go well usually by Wednesday that we obviously a couple blow up speakers right plus is Red Sox which as you know. The shows that it strange place Sox but the paces a 180 degrees from or at least the weather's weather's race tears washes clothes and material he's sitting in the full lodged in his undies and Kirk will be right outside people to more relaxed and peace radio row is just it's just the nonstop. Today violent folks what shall today show she was pretty good show Kirk wind as he. Even declared rents starting was gonna get walkie on the B scientific can be football Gambia walk with a break it down any data rolled sleeves up like Allstate bang them out point 50 fault lines we got a lot of calls for segment which I like to do you do Kirk was adding Gerri what do got their curtains like not out where it all off on this let's start with. I was -- aspire one out etc. but. Busy showed that that one of our better days. I didn't know what to expect today were all running on fumes. You know there was obviously want to react to is almost too much to react to our district but there's been times when we've had these shows. I thought this was our best post pats game Monday of the year. Not only because the symbol means a lot there but a close focus at the it was good real lot of reaction. And get some great predictions of what's gonna happen if we yeah I mean you're the most important guy for the show you started big story will be there is no longer in meetings scheduled between Kraft. Belichick and Brady. Kraft is livid. That Butler to not play he found out last minute like the rest of busted and he is now with pre having a temper and listen they certitude Downey at some point yeah. Why is going to be. Front page news tomorrow I literally already saw the globe tomorrow and a semi cup and it's a debate meeting is canceled and a lot of mumbling Gerri I only know what you're traditional us with that he didn't have one. Period carry nines and Vietnam. Should take you back. You told me while compared. But I think someone will retire not necessarily grown plex older tumbling and I'll be good from top lines right now I'd like tomorrow. Jesus is on the business meltdown left tackle retires I'll blockbuster you know gonna see that gave Leo okay Eric mixed district. Jill. Jesus. A fun plus he's gonna try to put Steve Belichick as a coach snell shot the crap he's hurt of course 75%. Mcdaniels is staying as rumors. Opposite of that right now but this time you respond to that Kravitz is out there's sin in their announcing a button. Currencies has broken out rightly it all right so now pat season is over this is interesting normally we thrive after. Patriots season but with the cast and counsel limited this is an interest in time for the shown with the cannery the retool or refocus three damp gotta get back into our group. I agree but I do think this is when the show is at its best rush speculation on the lot of news reports nobody's more apartment during Kurt we're going to be following all the stuff and I think Kirk singles perfectly minute hand because he's stubborn. Believes in doing what he wants to do and what he believes in sticking to his values the matter what the consequence. And I think the callers have a genuine disagreement with her which was good today I don't think that's going to ride this for couple days Tuesday yes it which try to add assembling parting shot like Tony Dungy. Pick polls told me at Philadelphia he thought the Florida headed here for us this. Tiger you know dale is big items on display isn't sports reporters last week as we Syria build up play us out OK I'm for a parting shots and I know you're excited Arnold because how many years did you watch us give parting shots. On the sports reports tell a joke. Thank him what are we don't want them there. How are supposed to continue to belong to the Mall of America I just want to go home.