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Kirk & Callahan
Monday, November 6th

In case you missed it -- and because Ken & Curtis are too busy (lazy) to record a fresh Monday recap show -- here's a condensed version of the Real K&C debuting on WEEI FM 93.7 this past Saturday, Nov 4th from 3-5pm. Please note: Mut was the first guest in Real K&C Radio history.


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Can't see who knows what the hell you're talking about. You know Katie and seen our producers do a fantastic job investors the market got a lot morning she'll producers this do this yeah. And I think that's up soccer seriously I think you're breaking box podcast are similar prison and now we gained fairly since please. Robert greens can layer that Chris Curtis on your radio I think. You're scared and as a citizen you can ask him a and yeah I love and grace and her. They are sick this both of them will try to make me look like and a state can't accept your lot of focus on Sports Radio WEEI. God. All Curtis on the side we are of them yeah that's what's going on actually in right here with the first runner up. For me to man intelligence Padgett yesterday he is Chris Harris precise film rent with option a nice cross is well very well done. Excellent stuff with Hamas in Bradford. He'll get yeah man what is now living up as we speak at Mohegan Sun he said that weekend so far your slip and you're back in the studios with Nate but. We'll do our best here for two hours must have a great night last night I got a text around 845. Curtis. What was the name of the appetizer we had a couple months ago authors are mark that's responded garlic bread month. Let's head to tell announced travel of latency does not just is locked easily as used to. You've been bludgeoned for four hours actually here on the the B I'd by yet. Our good friends the mosque in Bradford sell out I guess they played some of that audio for you'll with a tick collars for. Basing the entire showed people ripping you. Who challenged the now people say how dumb I was in so many words so that was there on eleven to three program today I thought it was over with after yesterday I thought I'd taken the beating that I deserved. But eleven to three today was you know compelling stuff they don't 96 year old comic to him by encouraging and all the other stuff so I thought tires and stole the show. Yea that was that was a good finish but they let into Gonzalez yet. That's my guy typhoon Saturday skate we might do some hockey talk later he said we had debt to her to come up yet Gucci and the 4 o'clock hour it's reported that. We are the end real can't see podcast during the week we used to do those sun every day. At a tail that act about once a week at this point five visited once we we recap the number one show in Boston the Kirk Callahan show in the morning it might might save later it's a battle Ramos was good yesterday I thought Kirk axle shields them imparting stunned to hear that and he had a pretty good performance happy birthday to my buddy. But here on the radio version of it this is a terrible idea it's been brought from podcast forms actual air. Not sure how little short terrible no matter what we do we get mocked relentlessly for. All can I think you're under selling yourself looking at I would just say as a general rule for this program always any time. Open phone lines your thoughts on Kirk and count and welcome. Appreciated. I'm probably will take texts that's not we do right now protectors but it about the fall line 61777979237. Anything about the show you what a rip anything you want to behind the scenes dirt on actors play it they're to be had this week and last was pretty chaotic behind the scenes some stuff who can't talk about that's true there's an accomplishment you want or think about you know much in a pre show routine or what Terry with demands when he arrives any of that stuff. I say you were a couple things we can get to the podcast yesterday we may play some of that a little later in the program are real okay NC wrap up of mr. brain let's battled rebels for. Maybe before like I will get to that. But everybody listens the podcast these days it's very popular Monica is spot. But there are couple nuggets from the behind the scenes part of the show we do we never got to did you hear. Callahan gushing about mutt and his physique for that entire. And the hours and jet pulled the body of this it is unbelievable a modestly fascinating and very open. We usually like you're secure but it was fruitless you know why. Think I'll manually and no when it's all share a few times before OK ma you stand up and show us your business journal. Honey come on the Mike and a G act T is I think he's a look at him nicest guys like he wants he's got him to his answer them. I it's time to think that sure enough. They're much more to the mutt Jerry relationship that he and I'm aware of being part of the show every day here Gerri play Emeril Roemer there. That's right will be followed liquid in a grocery rebut it's not like a big joke about Jerry was out it's a dry cleaner today making an appearance and a VIP may stopped and but that surely football Boutros it was kind of a bizarre show though because Roemer was there he he was a little bit. Out of sorts out. Place is bizarre so we asked for recombinant aid to be one of the judges with Kelly we'll get to later. And he shows up in the control room and Linehan has pissed off is that what you're doing and are eight people in the control room that we start the actual mr. O'Brien with pageant. And he does what and he ordered the studio. So repetitive blows out leagues and pop back in for the pageant the one half or Kelly decay. Monday I think money she caught in a threat to the basket like she was still hung over from the bats Monday morning she called him and she was. Inebriated on the air still from 1 o'clock pats game and we got on with their own pad that you know back and forth and then the guys like. Let's however it is one of our judges are important for another judge of the jets gets on the original cult of let's hear from Kelly and the Kelly. Good morning. How are you. I'm good RA Harry do you a call for any reason. I'm climbing I love you by. Whose voice Jerry's. Okay and Tom Celtics dig my voice that's always been the way. Back. It was later said she thought and you're right. Very sensitive probation officer. Oh does he. You guys friends you can do you currently violations said pro you're okay. I'm not wrong and you sound supposed to drink on parole for the so. Now did you drink it all digital the page skating yesterday. Did you have any drinks at the and I drank out which Hamachi there. And I. I agree I think these yeah I know this goes on ten and that this does is on my idea was there was a lot of back and forth so she called it later she called back later in the next segment. And got back on the air with Albert. Right and that was just a disaster but so Thursday afternoon. I get her number I caller I'm sick are right. Ready to go she's using gonna judge coming judge Garland Essen Danes have been committed jets better not mess and is not liquor and color and so that was a kibosh so I'm on the phone with her and she although Mark James maybe. Posting next week three to five boys joining us at 44 OK so we. Went back and forth and she was all excited she was. Gushing over Kirk she says he's so sexy. I love them agree so cute and great she said I was the second best looking which she was down about and then she talked about the rival what times through dipper sort set up a car. Become thicker you do dad's points used but that's ports and I got a call at five of six from the driver he's outside its editorial it's foggy this morning I'm here early. All of you know go getter and a couple minutes. He calls her phone rings she doesn't answer and then from that point until the end of the show she never turned a phone function of the door she never made herself available so. Must've forgotten about it yeah it might not work then it went off radio to effect the Q&A segment was probably the worst part of the brain let's competition. I don't know why it was just. It was a jump the shark but it was not. Until what came in with a troubled say it. The first descendants were much better the rock bottom of mr. brand let's was much talking about bringing a jockey too and I'll write it just bizarre I had no idea what was talking but it was not a funny nor serious there was this sort of weird. Desire of his that he. On her and told the audience but by the way may check in later in the show he wanted to be on the show he declared that yesterday's so until he actually meant that we make it as it teased it will appeal to. So but anyway but yeah so what is well taken it was it was an odd finish it now. But that was it finished that was actually. Quite a Christian stunning finish yet it was the only way for him to redeem himself from which what was prior an awful Q today and it was just it was a weird. I don't particularly was in general but he was having back to last night it was just an odd sort of I thought the highly yesterday was the karaoke. Which I completely butchered. And martz just sort of highlight slash bizarre moment was much sort of inability to come up with big game quite particular section yet again when you say. You know what what you don't euthanasia laws it was down from the bizarre that was our our star card and it just that we didn't get in that moment I don't know what to do I was got a player like you know. Played dumb but that a mock returned either way so. I'm you know about demonstrably does but I know euthanasia is so. It was a it was an odd moment but I also screwed up not saying Jerry was my area. My hero when I was asked again whether greatest disparate elements I don't know it's easy that was almost as bad as me missing the you know in the prior mr. Brin. So your 13 we may bear. A battle to bring us from here on out we may not for desperate for ratings will probably bring back again at some point next year anyway more recap of all of the brain lists. Battle yesterday probably a 4 o'clock hour. We may play some of our podcast which we yet put it all the cuts and drops and make it nice and tight before that's why that pockets is good people but two hours into it. When you are raw and filter like this it's obviously. Much different story up. It's too bad. We did have Brady on this week to set the tone for the week as we do so at the violence the city he's going to be back Ellis this Monday correctly in the violate you say brace pretty good bye week. This is generally pretty I think when you get to the get out of them you know day to day operation of the season for a week he comes on he's usually not time crunch user can do about point 15 minutes with the guys and they asked Morgan off the wall questions about his personal life and other things that are more pretty interest. We'll get back to bring unity this week the bigger like guests cannot quote was on Halloween outfit with the the avocado Sosa and all that which is get. But the law over the week went on and after the brothel trade. A lot of people were referencing the quote the he had Kirk asked them about the Brady Belichick relationship but it was hot and listen listen this thinking back on. What happened later in the week and also the story from ESPN which we'll get to which came out in the middle of the week which took about three days the read it. Anyway here was Brady talking but the Belichick in in Kirk that country get behind season there relationship. Does Belichick ever. You know try and speech about certain issues during the course of the week ago in the course of years or grab you and say hey should we be doing this should be doing that you have that kind of they shippers it's strictly coach player. We talked about you know we talk about different things they figured he's you know he's obviously the coach on the player so. He's a different issue that was saved even like six or seven years ago if you get older he gets old you've been together now for almost like yours that means is that that kind of thing. It's. I'm not sure it's its. Internal didn't change Russia over the years. I'd say that analysts say that that's exhibit a that they hate each other and it's like it'll speak behind the scenes but he has not. It's very and I think that the other thing that you get from this is that Tom go out of his way to talk about relationships with craft with. Other players and he's played with the only problem he he line well right. They got along and not the wolf pack it all that's exactly so for him to sort of go out of his way in these that cautious with his words after that question was curtailed so this a piece that set wicker shimmer NE SP and we talked about it a bit the date came out and he hates our show right yes it does not wanna come on and is. Very fearful of going on with her and Tom Brady's most dangerous game there's a lot in their departed it of course is this allusion to the collision course right that's coming between Brady and Belichick down the road. I don't really see that you were all hot and bothered by the behind the scenes like it was a major deal you'd think there's something to. The Belichick or at least the Guerrero portion of their relationship come into ahead. Absolutely you have Guerrero who's trying to get players on his program through Brady you already have element you already have gronkowski. You have this. Totally different way of doing things in terms of rehabbing from injuries led by the biggest player on your team the biggest star in the NFL. Who is openly recruiting people to join us. And then you have telecheck who will muddy even acknowledge the presence of Guerrero as a member of the staff on the sidelines which he obviously is goes out of his way to press conference. To demean the reporter who dared to ask about terrorist presence on the staff. And it's obvious that that is the chasm between the head coach. In the order arch symbol of that a collision course means that there's splits coming to a head like Brady's going to be gone or. They're gonna probable some Andy is traded back up into the color like that they Bryant polar orbit. You don't sandlot it if we appreciate it wrote that piece a couple of days later after the droplet trait would you still wrote that what. How's this collision course and take form my guess would be the question well it was quicker Chimerine said that and I think earned his source who told him that that was gonna happen basically. You have Brady who sees a player acts who gets hurt. And isn't on the program and you have powerful players like rocket settlement and Brady who are. And they're not rehabbing they're taking instead of four to six weeks or taking six to eight weeks or whatever and are ready for big playoff game. That can cause and issuing a walk from easily you have players. Openly questioning the trading practices of the staff that salt aren't adults two guys that are injured now settlement high tower or both Guerrero guys right. I'm not sure my idle idle minutes I don't know like I thought that was at least a part partly full right. A case of so how does that take form and like its history. Opened the locker rooms in the discord they're getting their six until they played with with settlement hurt these there was kind of no brainer is gone and your anyway. But I don't know I thought well let's see it be this big thing that's gonna bubble over and is gonna knock the team off. From there successful steal sunny after the Belichick hates distractions hates them right the tiniest thing a deep Kelsey global decal on the home opener he hates that reminds him of the season before he doesn't want anything to do with that. So that's his and that's as much focus is we'll give something this is the trading step of the team. Competing against Tom Brady's personal fitness guru about the proper way to come back from an injury. You have a roster where injuries happen every Rican your fellow. And yeah as someone else trying to influence. How players on his roster rehab and come back from injury bulked that's the case Belichick now has the leopard went to what can needle does not indicate Guerrero often. Facility will still. Rate Brady's gonna be here now for. It's just to destroy at least two years it's just something the team has to do that he doesn't want to OK and they've dealt with a already for a couple years and in it it's. It's been fine what what dollars this collision course it's what's changed I guess atlas. I think not well check. Didn't anticipate Brady playing as well as he has right now I think he sort of expected as you can see about them trading grappled for a second round pick effort through December and he didn't think Brady was going to be part of the team I'm going forward right if you read the story I mean he doesn't pick mean nothing to do it but if in that story sort of leads you to believe that. Rob Lowe is going to be around next year and for the long haul and Brady was going to be gone relatively soon. Yeah you hear that like out of chapters all this this week a court challenge here that his voice. It's it's obvious they miscalculated on Brady I don't know why people see it's going to be this huge you are you with Kirk about this place and that audio coming up later in the show as well. Which took some guts I think feed. No longer so I I audio from time to time one of assessed that are now down like you to step albeit man yeah. Are you got the phone lines bank as they say people react to Kirk Callahan and Loma. 617779793. Said anything and everything about the show art gallery and you want it on at work here for a couple of hours. And we'll be talking about sort of the Brady and not craft involved who cannot predict a party. I'm the saga as well those were big issues on the show this week. As one John enough petrol is a first appear on Kirk and account in the real Casey was elegiac. And the Pentagon that. And what you get on Twitter I his name responsibility for the action. They would sit down that would zones surprise. Thank you so I don't wanna talk about year. So valiantly yeah. The acting out Amber's but I don't talk much about your report and if you like you've been looked at last couple months he can't remember now where. Do you get nose at all. He had one moment where he forgot about the PR Tennessee dropped government Curtis on the the beat Tennessee where he loses notes yes yes yes. And I guess it was momentary in Asia and you wanted to speak to Jerry performance lately. I'm Jerry guy I think Jerry has a great job I think part of Jerry's charm city has a couple stories that Kirk and mark and four for repeating from time to time but yeah. Return it or you're getting you know or he stands nothing's gonna get him off of his idol ideological standpoint. He's great in terms of having the courage to talk about things others are not to stick with positions that. Owners find controversial and I think his role has evolved with Kirk's role I mean it's different in general used to be withdrawn but how Thomas pick up ever heard them in the room with everything right. Well he's the price vice president Kirk is president. He's number two. He can heart soul show on the bright rays are and so I did great a Gerry credit as he did nail I guess in hindsight. The Brady Jimmy G relationship. Or you know the future. We lost audio confided in a true yes yet but we didn't hear any of Kurt saying that Jimmy drop low was that I can take over brio and even detonate mistakenly want to meet its first mistake he's made this broadcasting career camera forced to put too little too much on macular. The dog Jerry was saying from the beginning we were talking about drop was featured back into the beginning of blog last year even in the offseason it was it was that you. What are they gonna do withdraw blowing a year one ever. Is Jerry said he just can't afford them but people were bending over backwards to say they're gonna find a way to sign again. And now even like Michael Barr Ian in all these others it can announce in Iran at a time. They thought they never would've traded a facility is not I will give Jerry credit that he sought Kevin before. Obviously a lot of the experts were duped like yes into the patriots. Mystique they must have thought to drop or ticket discounters and strangled this. One of the strangest stories we've had on the show where it's never made any sense even in its ending it hasn't made any sense right we don't know why they were keeping them why they were treating informal offers from pecs. And then they finally trade and in the trade doesn't make any sense so. Holy daughter grow up blow as of the draft last year made no sense that everybody Jerry Kirk unit it didn't make any sense and then they finally unload him. Eight weeks into the season. And nobody can what that's all for it made sense that they would keep through the draft last year if you if he was going to be a long term answer if you could Huff to keep keep morale for a company but that but nobody could actually provide a way for him to be kept long term how to work is he wasn't gonna take a pay cut he was a good aside a three year 45 million dollar deal to patrons were asking too but made no sense for him. Brady's performance this -- did not know that they'll how Belichick look talked to Don Meehan and talk money at least a ballpark because the culture didn't expect Brady to play this fall that's the only thing that makes sense Belichick thought that Brady was going to be like every other quarterback at the age of forty hours is last year Belichick's mind this is Brady's last or at least obvious decline where it would make sense to either franchise or signed Jimmy droplet to a number one's. Quarterback type contract at the end of the season and operated the mid one more your and that's it right. That's sort of an accent. While they obviously miscalculate I don't what it costs of my guess league Jerry's guys Shawn Watson will pick the drafts if they could have made that deal. Last year draft undergone Watson I think they're gonna actually end up located there's games going on now global mistake there are good quarterbacks traffic sheer luck out with the second round pick they got the fact is I think is going to be a really good quarterback draft and they're gonna find. Somebody in the top 33 picks or whatever the will be there repaired right and they now they have to address the order. That's going to be the plan but. Knowing that there are gonna do you know Belichick he's not use the second round pick you got for brought on a quarterback is he's one of people think that that was a waste but he could departed to the detriment in a trade up or whatever Lotta options they finally have an actual first round pick. As of now that's there's been three years. So when it behind the scenes note I heard back from Chris mortenson today about it possible appearance thinking back to the first trumpet lost because of the play always gonna come on the show. Not to confirm but I have been reaching out to multiple times over the last couple weeks when Wesley was on the Euro. Never he was scheduled to be all and after of the role of medical football's two pounds under inflated. Situation and in the morning of that show. He'd bail. And and so we've obviously been pretty hard on him for pretty or atomic ignited the screen showed a tweet about 500 times before deleted. But I heard brought back from him this morning and he said that. He'd like to come on sometime down the road of the dating so and Jerry asked chapter about so wide mortenson went on with Peter King in SI had an awful. This just a it was an odd question I don't know psychological some awkward to occur with all of that because there's just you could tell she after. So there's a right thing or sugar started I think you told me that two months ago when he was all the fans of the Gardner's podcast. All right that's GBG theories of people DeLeon and I don't we know I should actually even continue actual sport stock that would not be received well by yeah. The overlord but. All. Some of these calls into it must show earlier will do that war here the cards bashing on tomorrow's show will also hear your. Tenth takedown Kirk. Yes you're a cheap shot him we got the Guerrero discussion earlier this week. Some more highlights of McCain's he shows we go along including a recap the battle Ramos and 4 o'clock hour we might get model of Seattle it's going down it's a mighty Georgia. Yet we apologist that in advance. It is at question mystery as to all utopia. I'll keep the show moving next exit door okay there rest easy jet is a little today. The real Casey on the radio for some got a no reason we're here at the 5 o'clock this is or traded or B. And T and C global war. You know case and see Hitler Chris hurt us on Sports Radio WEEI. Hey yeah one win and yet today. And they're that they were getting word. Yeah area credit want to come out. Going right that bodes well you'll Milton told him Bachmann. Better. I've heard it you know I would view everyone's mourning you use those but when you are out usually pretty food. He like I'm five Nigerian whale grid card it's not a one man. We want the lie it's. Okay. Overrated. All over rated U capital gains here. And Curtis you are. Chris. You've got to lay you off the chin you floating. Too many red dead brain shows for a young man you know range put it Jintao body police guard. I gonna take. Couple calls and even if you don't know who Chris Curtis is I'm gonna demand that you tell me on the news. That legend from four big hours Chris Curtis I took offense to that little nice with bodily. Nestled between now and fiber in the Matt Walsh challenge green and into that part of it back on the air so many calls you know when it was during 6177797923. ID challenge now we'll get into that sun on a college note arsenal callers but no I hit I thought it was good a topic I was pretty close the deficit I was gonna die soon so even though so now. It. You've you've dealt with worse guy to the nine men and at first or duty at 840 you and I are both or abuse. Granted. And yours is a notch up from mine. You hung in there Friday it was probably name all seven continents we can get some of that recap the 4 o'clock hour nailed it in bank bill. I didn't impress myself with that one yet what questions we can get to use you were diverse in your Dixie you don't stick on geography for 45 the questions Ehrlich and happened. Thought maybe later on 4 o'clock hour and we have Darren pang at four point five yeah we liken it to some of the questions that or on the cutting room floor so in my due to about four on ask it questions leading get to him. We have Dick from up in an ankle a little later all of our so he's great border. This is obviously work in progress were Phil and here today is that in your regular weekly spot for us but that you are kind of trying to feel out how to move the podcast in the radio form. Of course you Irish senior produces station now which is was the first big mistake yes mom. You are in charge of directly. Programming the weekends anyway so basically we were desperate for people today you would that mean and you. So it was your fault. Yes this is my fault I was told to do this in finding a fill in for three to five and instead of making phone calls I just test future ratings so what's the RB are you gonna shake things a couple of little beacons Vegas is the the poignant of course I Anderson here now begging to be on the radio with the Bradford lost any ideas for how to shake up this well I'd like that ties him up. It's a great signal to great station and we wanna have people who wanna do it that's my biggest complaint with Kirk and Callahan. We have a great rotation of casting couch members the show is doing great it's number one with a bullet in Boston the morning. And I find it frustrating that we don't have enough people saying Curtis. I wanna I wanna do this you know we did they think that it's done that we've already finished at this is the show going forward these notes training and Tomas him but in those of the people going. Now only one more we're always open for more people. We would love to have you gonna springboard for dreamers career analyst speak for him and that you would say that became analysts about a year ago is a real problem unknown. At its grip portray his wallet out of character she's turned into a Twitter today I mean she's. All over Iceland taking pictures out and say today was the day focus on for the character she's become yet. She's because my god she takes it she takes on she's the toughest number Monica and would like to get and we try to get Draper in from. I saw day Hewlett yet. He's got CC spot so eight yet suggestions for Curtis and how to program the weekend those are welcome 6177797937. On the on this slot before it was Saturday skate that will be heard from until well after the Super Bowl would say that seems to be the plan right now when they're out of the Stanley coupled to a puppet Wally Applebee's. It keeps you close to clinching in a rear part of one of the highest rated shows and Kurt and Callahan history the I Nowak is right that we did with Cheney were running it with Kirk and I'm about to rag tags all my god he was. The unique individual I never really met her before that here's something else as far as we're tentatively good show gossip on the scene we got a bunch of breakdowns or ratings usually we do this. And bring out the Albany shale weekend. Now we got a lot more search to do but over the last month or so where we were number one against what the fifth month Euro correct it got to ten months there for a fifth month thorough. Carton Cali shell. That we break it down by the different to our lack Packers of course who was in. Mud has taken it on the she in Europe and luckily we lost a couple days and the market were Wal-Mart days. The real us two days in the last two months and both muck bowl pays much it was a and so. I don't know what's going on May be broken trombone to trying to back and good you know when you do goods bought the guys but it's been an idea rough going from a I don't know what it was interesting on Friday. I'm curious trying to tell the on Friday. Really the winning update I can understand how much was feeling right you're getting into this battle to brain let's yet where it is only successful if you wore more. It hinges. On you being made to look like to complete not a full I don't mean listen it's very easy from. It's not acceptable already complaining let's take you now is done sadly we were born that way when our parents but. From six until eight it was almost like the day I talked about my alcoholism. From so I set at six Kirk said he's committed. Unveiled by secretive o'clock I notice I'm sitting there like a puddle and later Clark wanted to talk about that while Friday from six until eight. Are sitting there. Just waiting to be punched in the face that's basically what it is and so much on Enron what people want to partners and on Friday were sitting there I didn't basically said six words are the first two hours the show. Literally goes solid and just sat there and I was Good Friday became the it was it was up huge in the final hour now you weigh in Alicia from some idea will play this clip of you wouldn't go toe to toe with Kirk here the second. On there are sometimes your little afraid to do so yes. Why is that. Because it'll do you have a good opinion. This was a visual tepid when I used to work with the old Dennis and Callahan and it was geno Jerry and Kirk in the studio. That was something where if I ever waited and it was Kirk hated it because hey I've was. Not for lucid. NB. Didn't really add much to show what it took time away from Kirk being able to jump in because John would monopolize all the conversations so if I jumped and it was even more bizarre. And then there's eight if you look at it today. I find that I have to really be accurate because it or see something done which is good for the show but I get marked. Or if it's not an obviously clear concise point. It's just wasting time and Kurt we'll just you know told me to shut up and hasn't a no lose that you lots of as you ask the clash and I'd say this year I had to stick usually say it's absolutely almost always yes piracy no I guess I'm done this. Sometimes you're you're both sometimes and you're on the thereafter on the job for his mr. if you have dead yes. I conceived tripping out Guerrero but you're sticking up for a human Jerry rump swabs on that you are. But you would stick up for your group but you got you you talked to a lot Armenian. But 25 seconds total beginner you talk to one of williams' interviews monitors Curtis can occur in the pizza and the year that make you pay me. Yeah it's I mean now but the man having many claim that that's saving the world. Nobody clean energy and it definitely does he claim it's changing things this is. Already claiming some that works have been sharing the rest the world in a foothold is chain there is quite a works he he's the chase the suspect. Forgot it's a fact that's how I'll ask him why ask questions about what what are you talking about. I think I got a party that's not how do you know for sure that he's not so easily bring it he doesn't have what you it has membrane I think I don't know. And now everybody don't go nodes comes precautions that's out of business bounces that's out of business is bought the rest of his body. What's big money that is the good with his condom is Coke on his pockets appeared Guerrero. But on this one now he's had none and none of its abysmal right now he's run a reply that Belichick you white that Tapeh. And I economy spend more what to expect in the detail every concussion he's ever gotten from the media what is a it was a time in my pocket and not as bombs at September I was myself want to hear talk about his managers because. I don't know why atom bomb was erratic because I don't know question lesson plans. What does your what does your gut and poverty here. The Auburn career would you like to do in his book he talked a similar question but. It is also talked about he talked and he's really thirty days and train operators I write to help protect your brain from brain injury he used by the way I just part of it by peddling his new safe. That's in the past while I'm humbled you do that as my own TVQ doesn't that you were killed it was on the show. Seem like she's. Are to be a debate. And Kirk let you go for that little. The other thing is is if I agree with Jerry and Ann Kirk in trainer Kirk and whoever else is in that day you know up on Jerry I wanna jump in and provide context and you know. Help out the argument military needs it but disorder David balance I think. In the case of Brady even tomorrow she's written about this year that Brady is written these position that no athlete. I'm the world is at the open. Has been put him you have and the we put the book out himself he put up the T between method every already has he asked to you know stay say what he knows about them when he knew about Floyd Mayweather I mean that's a spot every friend that's a pretty high profile friend he's got to eat go out with a book that has helped him yes this method that's with. Creepy testimonials at the end attributed nobody you admit in this sunburn quoted there at errors are all odd things in there but as a whole if you look at Tom Brady the person what he's done on and off the field for his career I mean. It's hard to argue with what the guy is integrity in what he's done I mean. I don't know I just feel like it's easy to do it's easy to you know say Brees is Kook in this thing is this stupid medicine that he's got from this idiot who was battling cancer treatments have been work I get that but I'll pretty himself says it works. He wrote the book you don't have to buy it. Yes that TB twelve senator market. Your face it's all over the place especially lately part part that's the ball to right yes but it's creepy with Kirk Gibson on this now it's been a stranger for Brady we can get to a some of the cost of a couple of on this and that but. Look back after the Super Bowl think all the things that Britain we are on our show alone a couple briefings and Donald Trump did this of comet was almost like. It's a two word answer but that was major at its. You had the best buddies staying back in April. Tony Robbins was a big thing where he spoke with Robinson the whatever that was the the convention center Boston that was a huge deal with the people hadn't been. There's a bunch of people who had been given any. What was that they had been promised the pitcher with Brady admitted that in happen and so there's a lot of things going on without that we write us but. He has been in the news that I think that the trumping really did change in general. How we. How he's approached by the media missed out I think. The second and make America great had appeared in his locker there as a percentage of the media and the start especially the Boston Globe that was going to search out. What ever skeletons in his closet they were gonna come to the forefront and I think that that's about it. Buddy story but it it'll search. But the concussion and Gisele Charlie Rose that was another major firestorm. As good as he's been the it was six until right now. Whatever sixteen picks a sixteen touchdowns to pix he's unbelievable what he's still in it in the heart of controversy despite all the stuff. Of course Dolly trade problem. What he's the biggest athlete in the world I mean. This show is very fortunate to have him on every week and no matter what he says I mean even if you were called there is a question about what music. You like Kirk asked epic paddy just passed away and yes bombardier about you know did you like Pettigrew Oreo. And even that moment. Brady did the pause sort of like the break is finally answer you want to answer because he was afraid if he said this band about that and or I don't know I present Kevin Spacey like two weeks later in respect to the killing exact. I kept New Hampshire on the real king it's a year on the that he idly it puts a gallon. Are you 3545. Minutes and I'm gonna say it right now this about a program Icrc Callahan descent. While we appreciate that. All I want to challenge what you're saying about the Rocco you I it's almost over analysis what were people saying I think it's very simple. We all wanted to see in the majors ago fifteen and one something or even basic game and I'll. They have so many holes around on on that lost didn't you go the next seat that you can't have too. You know massive quarterbacks contracts on the eighteenth I think it's really that simple you know how hard is so much over now. Level what but the biggest deal analysis is that why did they miscalculate in the offseason candidate they knew that they would know and that blaster at the drafts so why don't cost yourself. A first round pick. And keep them free games. Because I think going into this season there was some unknowns as to what reproduction of peace you have you have grown quote an insurance policy. And let's face it. You know yes there's 21 point I really wanted to Egypt. Going into this this this week. You're not gonna get more evidence you get 21 round picks were guys on expiring contract. And I think you know. We're gonna first round pick that would have helped this team this year how they treated him before the draft last year. Well he's a great week franchise and right now we're talking about not applicable waiting to trade imbalance of trade agreement last off yet just the timing of the. But both blog I want it emphasizes. Garrote although he's only but he beat you need to premiere in Los quarterback is. This recession it. Or are a great eat it if he's an audit team probably contract. You look at these top fifteen teams in the league and ice pick it. Our trucks would have beat Baltimore beat the saints. I think that an underrated. They could remain work with equipment that they would they would have done it is pretty was gonna make less than him but financially you can make that work. You can work and they were taken her or risk your title the team. I know what you would have done announcing that the patriots really wanted to keep Jimmy G and Brady. Financially they could have figured a way to do it they wouldn't I got desperate when they're out modalities Gilmore projects or other stuff they're they're you know that was even worse than. In the drop low miscalculation. And that's straight about what an awful I mean that they know since we live on the air up when they signed Gilmore and we had no idea what they were we were thinking maybe not I don't know I don't watch Gilmore I I can't say that that's like new for schori was sucked auto we were stunned by god we had no idea what it was going to be weave in and immediately get all the via the Twitter videos of him getting burned by Hogan Lester but read and I'm happy shopper watch associated either we had that. But that's the ailing so it's that it's been a week of love a lot of patriots thought I was EG EG reaction Kerr Elliot and more so we don't put some of that. Cars going out with Kirk your thoughts on a course to trade you'd be welcome to weigh in on that the probably we're gonna recap bring us top of the hour right correct. Which happened yesterday and teensy. We've bunch guests lined up. They're pairing hang get credit accidentally carried maybe you know they're enough illusion case own good or thirtieth looked more of that and that you know will. Replace some of dale -- time it's as well for the shows they got to our brand was basically. Yet again rim were dead and at the end it was nice gentler Chris Curtis this is the real K and C. And odds bought all the podcast actually on air on the weekend it's been a major disaster so far before finding her. We're only through conceded to do so opens Hillary Roebuck and here at 5 o'clock the Sports Radio Padilla. Now backed at king and sees his madness don't we feel OK ENC get Laird Chris Curtis bug Sports Radio WEEI. Groups that a poll today. The worst thing you were open about typically. Banking spank it. The belts. Grounding or parts of the amount would what's worse lately what it was your parents reveal my parents remember what threatened advertise mob threatened with a wooden spoon. Go for the draw but don't use them through. Threatened that if the dinner table much about what that it. All there was what is wore down very gradually just it was a look that solid okay. Month or remote at one time she didn't catch me. That's a great read these Jeffords who love the love big feature on hurricane Dolly and I would say pretty much that we hum highlight of my job. Yeah going through his show with Craig Xiamen and finding pirated you dog is outlets Florida sports leader right now. Apple formally of course the for many many years were worried Pete's leaving the family court he treated at a competition saying welcome to his family because old company that owns Pete's as I say it. But to say you want to hear it that's true here. US and all the time he's up early listening I mean if you if you lose this is also the weekends. Oh it was not only the real immediately well if you. We Pete bodily. Good file often talk about Mel oh is beginning got very pissed about it he did was corrected people about Gisele sufficient. Order because somebody threw audibly through wire you can see Gisele smoking a cigarette outside of a whole restaurant eating a fisherman's potter. And he said yeah I did and then somebody to have him when he lied about Kevin Garnett seemed equipment they traded form of the draft which never happened. And so he was sensitive to the beginning but he's gotten better while. As long as we don't care he's on print next round we'll listen we thought he's with our company currently anyway. Choruses and devastation affordably pires audio I highly doubt to be the worst he could come ons are football Friday expert at the epic game. Greats with and without with racist doubtful violent past who may never heard from a guy who might not be back on the show right. So anyway that's a little behind the scenes were little concern me lose Pete for audio purposes hopefully not listening and takes the legal action. Like trying to subpoena bought crafts as a phone records immediate death is bigger star in this town as he's ever been and he hasn't been on the air at about ten months of last summer's on the air here were saying that the Summers in Florida. They got an island as they are true you've got denial. It was a good week for the a but the a don't sort of like two months off about fired a lot. All right top of the hour I think we were the weather replay the real king NC podcast we put together yes he recapping battle to bring lost four in its retiree. I think the first hour has proven yes we should probably replay that in its entirety as opposed other console to show why he's a cutie looked like part of the whole thing. We do have like calls like legitimate football calls back and everything I'm wondering quickly. Before you go to the top of the second did. Okay Matt Gloucester is up here on the relocated team what's up Matt. You know. Drink not currently is everything not offered to let alone our radios out I got a. Part about four hours of patent mossy so I've I've got to thoughts. And tourists. Who. I declined to say this job I'm a fan I'll keep it in an ally. I want to get a paycheck yet you're in my commercial. Especially out. What's the name they have most alarming. What commercial we'll be talking. You've got to advertise. Nick ratio we've Whitney I'll gladly and baloney baloney. Again action all of Google's Bible that we appreciate it give you some cut from the successes pro at Albany. But he praised this description can operate there. This is not mitigate Shelly woods slipped and the disaster does not do it well as a member of management I would say it's been a little choppy but. And what joppy. All more dirt. Well that's what people want here's C here's the push and pull. With that Curtis tonight as part of management were probably management we didn't wanna be management people we asked for a race correct they said they're getting a raise you do more work. So we said okay we'll do more work I was surprised Kirk with political Yang just find it. Then we had to cut back on the podcast correct now you're in charge of program to weekends. And so I decided instead of you were put us. More I just said look at what's coming and we'll do three to five an epic its available and so for what war is so hasn't that spilled dirt on people but now even more silly you've had a meeting with Alan FB Dillon at the day accurate accurate you. You brought in the second. Talent consultant to tell Orleans radio which is straight I thought he loves that a lot. A consultant glut Ord where about how to do we show I thought it went well with ten minutes of just magic you logs through Paul the producer. Base with the minister saying that would be accurate. Even this show. Our boss Josep. It seems fearful is doing it but he he does he like petrified of organ actually try to talk sports just recap the became seizure Tatis saint. Isaiah Friday just like to three cuts show. There were some nervous people in the building yes I guess that nobody wanted to actually pocket pretend rational talk show host what are your new powers and responsibilities. I did charge reviewed not a duplicating here at 3 o'clock or report showed that he's just what he's got to get US. You wanna do this for about 3 o'clock. It was yesterday with that dale all but oh well back to back days. Last year at noon dance and I are scheduled for that yet. I guess you cute. Curse you do know I don't get paid until the very clocked it starts you aired it okay that's the jet attitude is shot into the bearer and show. Jet you're like me debut with a rookie NC. You like me came from a a house that plenty of food on the table and lots of things in it and I was in radio a long time not getting paid and showing up for work so that you ought to do you do if you don't you don't. And how much money and made from doing big show on built for two years ago. Oh. God you. Much to lose sometime records he's at its respective papers all right we've got the full ANC pockets coming up we do that actually four people. But I wouldn't bottles take calls. Well the exact text not take well the biggest moment the show is coming up in a couple of Mexicans undue trending. Are always and yet what is needed to training at three a W betters a good president Chris Curtis does trending as only he can do. And yet speak whose ear of the entire time he does it that's coming up next this is the okay NC actual radios which rated B. You mean EI trending now. All right at 4 PM here's what's trending now WEEI WEEI dot com. Then come back when by the seized last night down eighteen in the third quarter of Oklahoma City and playback to playback came back to when it what do what 94. Al Horford with 78 in the second half. Seven wins liberal for the Celtics next up Orlando Magic at 6 PM. The bees host Washington tonight at seven Bob Kraft is among several owners requested to be opposed to have their emails and phone records. Access to MacCulloch effort collusion claim against the NFL. College football big game right now unranked Iowa a 107 or hop over Ohio State. You mess fell 3423. At Mississippi State BC is off this weekend they will host NC state next Saturday. Whether right now sunny with a high of 55 tonight mostly cloudy very hard it is to. Tough to see Saturn get one then below 44 degrees I'm Christopher Cote and our weather is brought to you by a right window. That's what's trending the real okay see god help us on the radio coming up next. And she knows what the hell you talk. You know Katie and seen our producers do a fantastic job investors and market not a lot morning show producers this do this the and I think that's. Soccer seriously I think you're pretty backs podcast. Similar prison and now we came to Philly since please. The greens can layer that Chris Curtis on your radio I think it's a bad idea appears check next system you can. Yeah and I love and grace when he heard. They are sick this both of them will try to make you look like next week. Set your mother and focus on Sports Radio WEEI. Sea dogs lost my training. Not only for the show I would never be friends again. That was so good. I don't know how I made it through. Yeah totally access from the collar company collision point and I couldn't say whether the that is my brain is a freaking mess you said it was your favorite body part as part of the embraced I didn't love it yes pay one not that open where in Nigerian Kirk both say they love you yeah. That was because they just work with jet for a couple days act exactly and witnessed desert back in since the engine and ten minutes after that. We find out that I Hernandez have killed himself here in the snows today yes and it. Jet does a fantastic we want on the big jet fan he's in the mix for the dale Pollock producer job all the Sharia ace decks and he wants to produce this show in the weekends yet. He thinks he should be a part of the show as it's now he kind of the producer weekend wrap up show it's only been scheduled wants at this point but anyway. He's done a good job in Greece scene so to that afternoon drive through yeah Italy Paul's immediately put the kibosh inadequate key element be leading now but does the job. This is the brocade CEO actual radio for some reason we half hour ago and we need to check in outlets doing that they can you convince me it's a it's good idea what happened last night 1008 going to set up where he as you talk of the attacks last night. He's at Mohegan Sun withdrew me for a big. Horse racing breeder cups event and he had a crazy gonna last night at Michael Jordan's steakhouse we appeal to the tail it's all of my friend. Overall it's only fitting that the biggest stand of the real Cain keep Arquette is a spurt yet in the history will show that I have. I am honored absolutely on the show the metal Wikipedia at some point or what. Yes it will build atomic you've been generally mad at Canada was when we talked about ending the real cain's people we got a promotion you were legitimately pissed in the studio there be a fall asleep at that very well. We're you got their band afforded a band of four ought to really like the podcast in that and I wouldn't. The actual results of the show I mean this show you eat your utility your podcast catch up what happened yesterday and we picked promotion I'll be it. What happened last night that the people really don't know. What happened last night's. Want to want to money in the afternoon and that does Chalmers with an excellent dinner. At Michael Jordan Goodman garlic bread verdict. I didn't we didn't knock at the college we eat it or not we want to say for the the exit LB we don't want a lot and out. We sure got the dark red ought to be asked to leave it Europe that it but. Like that at stake I had lamb chops and as you guys know. Ought to be great dinner. Like the black Jack walked around enjoyed it I eat out what I want with good night out which published have also consider. Goodnight shower action afterwards how good we like to. Whoa. Good that's. Absolute yes. It would it would be good night attitude notion our. I enjoy the rest of my it was the trump all there yet we're the troubled. Shall audit on the office so what like watch that more Q what. It's a delicate paper are on the YouTube video watch unity FaceBook why. He hit it in the control when Curtis sitting in this law. Carcass in cheek tackling any more listening to Curtis try to get these lyrics and Zach brown that was. It. He reload our mr. I was so nervous I watch that was my biggest take we're watching it yesterday afternoon was how nervous I was even in the studio we did the walk you know with Roemer judging that was a what shaking. Or near the other to take an after he noticed that Kerr. How happy can layered is the evil puppet master Kirk. It's not eat and eat the bad guy can't and wouldn't you know all its glory all ideas excuses still shot smiling laughing. Yeah each year to. You're so while it was like his face when I completed that Richard trending about forty minutes ago. You what did a year after you like incur tire or street ignored pretty. Al exactly well a lot of work into it's tough to get you guys off your game you know it's it's a difficult challenge the Great Lakes notified via some he's got to do it are you actually ought to do it shows there are no needs anger. Always doing a show that we are so there's all under the order we'll get a right now this probably. 1000 people your your Q Bob Dwyer united when he picks and only goal for race not auto race neutral people love. Get onto Twitter and a lot huge huge curtain Callahan on getting a lot of on nice trouble yesterday. If you're. That's a huge bite you how do you not bring the trombone to Mohegan acrylic people be asking for you to perform. All. I I probably could have but he can't simply carried out. The key to convict somebody back playing. I could've done that that's actually good idea to use the money right now I'll bring it next should applaud their. You're listeners are open or talk about on your talk that he sounded. How much Rick allow officers are now. My I have a question for you. Ten told me that strategy all of us shocker I don't know how but the until you hold the trombone clarinet. Before you brought it in is that true. I did why. Yeah Earl a couple of days before use UT's did you had an instrument you to a unit proficiency yet I I could've swore he said of the clarinet. Lets you also are proficient at Florida. Back in the dark I said on the air. Alan glad no remembered it but I did say that I played the tribal. They just randomly we talked about doing it talent. But I want you to forget about that I that it never quit never quit not all right sure it would have been seemingly comes declared it would look at it does have that down now it would almost. When you when you watch active video almost too good trombone. And so could every time I play whatever that what that fight song itself if only I can make this song on if we're not done that that's so good I would. And one sneaky thing was Roemer at the end said let's go big red for some reason was reduced that put it like a hundred for the big Brown's corner office and the other thing was so many had in Jerry nobody knew because I had no clue I don't know if everybody else knew but me so that was six secret from everyone. The trombone. Yes ought to tell me what kept it in my car that's white eye with a reduction and it played as a celebratory thing I think that would wind. Economically we you're bigger and talk eye to celebrate I will treat them that there were able able laughter. But I knew I had to play that card write what Kirk was about to vote for you. I thought I viewed as a seeking public pullout so walked in the car got a broad new W except war. My wife my mom. On my son who object to count that's all you do a corporate table or it doesn't figure out what the hell we're gonna play. So I was tonight but I get a text from Ken saying do you have any hidden talents. Mutt as he has one he was sort of give me an option. I turned my weapons into I haven't hidden talents as she goes well with the we should have cooks he should let's go to it was not suits that have been here like to open to Jerry but he was kind of you know that would really work out but anyway it was an excellent was a graduate department. Awesome problem. Quick follow it you guys know I guess I'm not sure about it later why did report. What was her purpose. That's a great question which last contaminant next the well you know why he was there he was there to. Provide the expertise in the song and dance world army's Apache guy he expects. Yup but I Otto Kirk was not into it from the B I was always talked about or talked about that a bit earlier but yeah it was interesting I don't know wasn't what are the baby boy here we had Kelley and and Reamer we could play more into US out of. I get try to forget that Kelly. I hope it occurred due. And they got to love ya I opened culpable in that that which you would say oh well it was watching that you'd like try to keep Bonny Lee Dugard recently entered. And I I didn't know how to play that that. I sucked and that that did you did you still get a good job well. Like it better than you because you're really about I was almost dead and in terms of the how seriously to take it I RE talk to cat I said you know I screwed up with The Who was my inspiration that was Jerry fastball right down the middle should go on offense or a series of my sponsor but. Yeah I was atop the stuff to read I didn't know what exactly they were looking for because everything else who tried to succeed I mean they wanted us to fill with decide for a look like morons but. You what I we're trying to get the answers correct an image out of Q and I didn't know exactly how to go. I sucked air no wanted out audio yeah that jockey Stewart doesn't have a clock. Either let's also look at no light yet or an out of body experience as a lot of Turkey and that that. It did make an accent though I needed to play in particular saw that's due. By having it done but. Isa eighth. Wednesday night hot still showed debut we need to back your money itself yet we've heard already and I am gonna say that if you're playing Belmont or the day the outside the main track final curtain on the audience not on the outside their Kurt Tibetan courses later one or on the outside. Put it on out they Cuba. I think it must have trouble. It's across the board podcast slightly lower rated. I disagree I haven't looked at four times a year we get yeah but it ought. In Britain but drops it's like I can literally just put the cursor anywhere in the hours just playing it's it will sometimes a little bit of over six ahead we have any of the star promotes podcast and initially will Felix should we don't have any of the sound because really corporate all you do is click on one spot. At any point and it's something we can marks. I'd Roemer and Buckley air in here and from 5757. But some thirty to thank you for two and a half hours and when we may yank it re read your for the cross over we may not we put Alex and get his take on battled rain just put a put a bow on it. This is Taylor Chris Kirk is the real ANC don't think it'll be a weekly thing. They can probably be a spot duty fill in when their desperate and basically nothing better we had a big week on car candidate you wanna call and say elected him like we got about two minutes the ticker calls for a little gal that where we should. But Curtis schedule is more precious got a conflict of interest anyway which is 6177797937. Tech slide is 37937. Barry go back with Roemer perhaps send more of the recant seals were traded idea now factor can't see one ever though. We you know cave and seat Hillard Chris Curtis on Sports Radio WEEI. You. Song title friends. This due. How the body of followed by dvds exactly. That's Curtis knows all music movies literature built geography they exude a gutter. Barack though mr. Ramos battle to bring the sport I prefer second place obvious calls on the people leading analysts to show today. Ideally Roemer stake firsts before we that the alternate to the calls and careers I say we take the calls they're realistic fair enough. Well good afternoon felons are well I'm a cash outs and then with dusty but it but yes he's locked himself in the control room doors shut. Into that they hours of the two outs on an off in radio for you guys have done some resentment he recently Peter King are too big to ruts sand senate's meet its needs me or podcasts rise in the car was the breakdown today's program Bart Bryant. They're quote I take this old guy good geologists doubt like gang be prepared Monday. The other big few guys have ot let us good indicated radio guys fuel. Thank you Brian. Well a lot yet. Now you thinker and trash the trash. We deserve. We regret the week hopefully you're training will be to take the brunt. A little surprising guys led off with Brady eagle rock low in GSE more sports leading off than they did all we. Concord circle Curtis get criticized for that are trying to find their way with. Did you actually get Brady dropped what we are they just did what no way did you lied to disunity here patriots socked in China and India the boss. Texted I didn't know guys had to call an early look at me. It was very it was all choppy but we got through it's a DT north province with a gaping. Curtis. What is it. Straightforward commentary in the braces off and running next hour. All of leadership guys straight next time do you call and I'm not the only now would be somewhat excellent radio station guide right. IDF from JP you eat are backing. Talks with the yesterday at least not on block you are in charge of booking him for Christmas the breeders so I wanted to show it Dina I think medium when Trent. A good one to our attention. All I need to sort out what the most is Dino and Tamar gas question where did you guys somber. Christmas please tell us he would mossy do. Poly where. That's true I was Diego tonight. It was which that was a shot by Tomas he would deal on Twitter about a month ago on the degrees is with Kirk from what we that's. By the way Roemer was your question for battle bristles with this or some reason we're discussing year old killer project our show about your peers I don't think it was your fault you were just getting kind of edged out to get out what I segment I thought I was gonna come into there's gonna be more of a beauty pageant component and actors can be more rocking more outfit change it's I thought I was there. Forgot ports now I didn't know I was going to be asking questions team yet the question segment fell flat and you yes we probably should alleged. Write your questions just like until it was just standard questions right yeah came up with those those it was I noticed there was. It was an honor being a part of it big day after contrast import Bingham Dresser of course but I don't know BI I was as happy to be there but not sure why it was that. There was it odd feeling because you walked in and I thought they want you to be a part of it in and because there is apparently their idea ordered her idea to bring me right by you guys didn't make decisions and bad media part of mr. -- us with something we talked about the show a couple yeah. That should about a team now Kelly too bad tally as I was about I don't know in the Lucy things are Jerry wanted Lucy. I thought EC would have been against that occurred is totally down on receive from an on campus she's out there and she's reading an article on it coming out Wednesday. Are you read it I'd not we demanded like foundered and the final and with an answer on skis while she's up the deal Ollie Johnson she's she might actually. Gives copies. But it's I'm sorry they got here I don't know what you say are multiple multiple multiple people like tinker collaborating in on this one and I think it's just Lucy. But it has but he knows him Kirk. Yeah any mention she was in yours Alex he's totally outs out of there is I don't know. Yeah I lose he should go what her more and how they're unaudited I had her on the lake which you know curt says he sucked on the exodus Ali Al I'm not academic pussycat so. Andrew can't and get the feedback that's what's your. Whatever yesterday is that due to bad jeopardy sliding back put pressure got to did not make this could pull what about Tommy. I was hitting good ball player I mean I know you Max which I guess is when I actually today. This is jets' worst nightmare by the way he hates me and yet the two people he hates most ID. You guys all doubt we need each. But he settled we're on the arm wrestling understands more and understand and arm wrestling was like. Had to get the had to get the yanks out male testosterone. Out. It was a big moment a lot of the little testosterone between yet to get it out now that's still painful for Tuesday and oxygen Armisen hell yes that's my father who you guys love dearly we're not what does not immune to down government occurs secret you do regret everything and yeah exactly exact words my parents. Although I do talk to guys a little bit. About how I have been. Since I've been back with the program. I think it's. Then okay. Has been guy has been my feeling for the first two episodes of meet. Not enough to break in virtually no I would say he paid dividends and Dion is going yes I got crushed to tame it was through today I surprise I thought the room was I would I wasn't expecting parole hearing obviously hinted at four hours now expecting 605 some shots. Outlined this that's what you can add yeah it's at that Lucy can't sit there and civic works fine just to go after them. If you roll the show is to bring right craziness right tame you have to write say something to get right until it was yeah it took me off guard yes Leo that's why the last one was the GBG eight got a cap or take which was good but I get out quick yes. We did that at a bit even though I was rolling with you guys know of that shot did you meet G trade would have been it time for me to shot. Now on your adrenaline takes a week after we're ready. So we got to be a week from Tuesday sort tickets this go bare there is no you know I know it's got the first one was. Bad the last one was sport you know for. We get comfortable again back in and backing groups here in depth of feeling that. I Wii gets to us podcasts stars Alice released Buckley canady any tension and giving you a bottle of being a car accidents on the right to make now welts the senior management position now remember you cannot you cannot hit a terrible thing you cannot tackle the talent on social media. Supportive and kitchen would have never done a good line to muzzle and I said little hostility though dude but you do. I think you're becoming a big star Al huge bucks I hit my guitar and just want to add a little scene he's taking credit or fees. Thinking lots of fast buck wants to ride my coattails idiotic on to Saturdays at 5 o'clock sorry 1980 looking for some house to jump on all know now part. You can't incurs a bad that. Two I think we have been handed the biggest ratings lead in an ass Saturday history yet this was electric I have to say. Radio match I've enjoyed a reader thanks for evidence hopefully I don't see it at least. Alex a bunker and the next it's the d.s actually called two outs on rating it to rats yes never a theme song everything that's the imaging department takes a class cars document.