The Real K&C - Behind-the-scenes of the Borges Catfish 2-9-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 9th

Another wild, news-making day on the Kirk and Callahan show as a listener duped Boston Herald reporter Ron Borges into writing an erroneous Tom Brady story and Kirk Minihane was elated to break the news to New England. Ken and Chris detail the day.


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Move. Do. It. A night of February 2018. Keller Chris Curtis this is the real Cain and see if those we've done this before cars when you oh come on saying can't believe this happened adjectives Gibson additives and Atlanta Gator bit. Commute an adjective Britain's. I want a yes fast and bizarre bizarre and surreal and get away and an analyst and that's not an adjective you're an idiot that was excellent material of quiet during Kirk wrote Clinton and its Jewish deli mart said no these are trending Boston boards number two. What's number one. It was late crashed that that's weird passionate might Q was number one at a cash justice and Jewish marketplace I had a gorgeous why what should what you have more Jewish people nothing nothing I'd even knowing I was Jewish you know I didn't mean you know I'm Maria minority groups to pick on god the assume the globes were sent there and away from and I wanna touch where babe in my -- you see that's on the front of the globe g.s and I hate Jewish people you that was that was just that stuck at your career amounts mystic heavily edited anyway I'm sort of Almonte was sort of there you can ask for attract some Etsy so what is Borges say this loser Borges what does he say additionally not only gets set up like IMF for what else can you say is neutrality on the website to day were tracks as tomorrow how does that work yes yes history as he has very tracked them tomorrow that we retract meant to. In which our track traction traction yet trust of its contract meant the bolster its soul and every news site that we take. Step back and how this all began an addict you wanna know a little bit of the back story here of what to say another viral day on the curtain Callahan show me how many national sorority picked up this one Borges a catfish the. Unbelievable. We had reverse situation which ruled that too deeply into here but that was the bigger story in the country with all the media in one small place in that felt like it will never reach top it was just is really. More and you have this today where at 6:30 this morning it was another day where was the perfect storm you have. A great story which is about to take office the story of the day nationally. Yeah. And then you have the number 1 morning showing America what they call or refute said story. In this piece of paper my left hand is the entirety of what Ron Borges wrote. Scammed by a guy pretending to be done he he in second source that in third source have been tried contact each. Calls company fun of it's actually eat talk to somebody I'll talk to somebody else in Brady's camp. This guy duped Ron Borges in the person who may not pretend to be done he joins us right now they can Boston nick morning Howard you. They're perforated the word good nice to talk to you explain how this all happened somebody you you're complexes on number. And I just picked up and somebody's and I just got regular text material. And equipment summer. And so they meet at this apex or 830 where you got. Pro football talk dead spin big league New England cable news you name it and it's everywhere within seconds so walk Turkey Jerry said this at the end show the prankster listener in to stand under the greatest error yet the chart. Yes it certainly does it certainly could be the biggest boar ever need to be on the classic apartment at times he won head to settle this for couple days can you imagine you know the reaction everywhere it's true this this guy nick did a favor. In a weird way by releasing the information that he had at the time did I mean it's we've met if we. Oh it just held at a Monday. Manifesto presenting to people you can blame you'll want to cite you didn't do it month reported just tickle the critical or asphalt nick it must set a mob and if we didn't bring into everyone's attention you didn't write. At six. It would be the number one topic of discussion on all day and he has piano mostly because you were not at all nations know on nests and and Comcast and everybody. But so if you ask for the back stories so basically we get we open our GM's up a couple of months ago on the show putter the show is a force of nature is a WEI it's always WG write its WEEI. But the account KT Twitter account also a force of nature it is. More torque are out of outlet just to torture rich anyway so we have these open to yams and people slighted people slide and in this mic in Boston slid in with this insane amount of screen grabs I don't agree a text messages between what Ron Borges thought was Don you're which was nick. And Ron Borges. And you are texting him back and forth on and detection for a while you're talking about. Some other giving Taiwan in the hall of fame Brady or something and he Madden back reported that Brady's arm as well back and forth. So you were doing this back and forth with gorgeous yesterday afternoon the stuff I just read correct. And Borges bought it hook line and sinker. What are your opponent part. Well. Well at all funny because they're so hopefully partner old traffic on the current political content there. Right for the just like what are the crew of the Coleman can go on. I call the material earlier. And. Like we talked it was and he yes. And I circular will be their second quote brook and this is yesterday. It was a last night in the Iran. Erica sort of the paper on slept in my house. You pretty much roller Twitter account you go I mean you can't go through all the DN I can't not regularly but you know. Especially onslaught of people are saying check this outer can you believe this to glance. And this was unbelievable it checked out I mean you had. These Borges was promoting saying you need to talk your client radio about getting dialogue on the hall payment it was unbelievable and so I wake up this morning and I see. This Brady story in the Boston Herald. And I see the screen grab of nick as dodgy telling Ron Borges that Brady will demand. Equal pay as Jimmy drop low over the next three years are. It's almost verbatim it's not like the texts and it's not like board is done any further with other sources and up until nick called and so reconfirm this nick sent this is the screen grabs this morning in you know you said you'd call in some calls him. Up until that phone call I had no idea that he would spoke. As dawn you with the raw import right right because the latex there it's anomaly borders on. Right he wanted more information you know we was. Slow reared its opens are that you would take 850 wait number with regard that it appears through the tax has some sort of relationship with dogs at least knew of his background at the batting coach whatever it's him in additional thirteen year old and he was a man accused some minor league team so. It's just. I couldn't believe it was unbelievable this morning were comparing the story in the screen grabs astonishing it was just remarkable and then you had a on top of that you have at midnight or whatever it was he had pumped and say and I was told this is off the resolute action. We're here long before any of us were here. Which you don't kudos the top which I totally agree reporter knows exactly I mean you guys have covered this about right and so buckeye listening. What is. Her all the effort to promote what is it. We're just check out this message that tweet from NASA and all this is so nest time mess and writes. Tom is in essence we used to be on every day right did you hear the report of what Tom Brady threatening to seek job in the DA 9:12 AM question mark while a source tells NASA and its not true. This with the guy's name that comes the patent snug Qaeda high luxury item and this is Doug Qaeda I don't know it would tweets from NASA NASA has a source. That be the guy who puts the radio archive is the person done or high he had dug which is so. Who sought to get dug the c'mon and we were always friends are Charl while guys we got them I just renewed. The F word and off back in back to the source denies report to Tom Brady will hold out for. We should be problem money right there on the front page in us and doing a good good sources of great resources and Doug high edge you're French or Charlotte while they're everywhere after us about that. You'll you'll have the balls to call right now we got to know dots. It's a horse we got off. It got to give it a source a source we cat. Is our operation I called it a source I hours ago source hi Ed you're right how outlets Dick Awad. Source Kirk and you're right for NASA dot thought he reads zero source Kirk in hand story. You sock. Source. Able. It is tweeting back after the attack of Cairo who have decent opinion. Out yours. He denies that the story was 11:56 between up this morning has led 56 PM Thursday. Arms are between two and appear when you reached a politely to him trying to thus. Say ass hat you know. You tweet it's you don't listen to the shall I know for a fact not from nick in Boston but from one right and he deeply our guy Ryan probably and their hand will be that you are AP one today show Europe assessed with Kirk bothered you do know and last year at the White House Kirk in single load you. You Lori loser. Our us Charley Walters show connection repute to check your credit but yes so anyways so that was pretty wild wild start to today's show and then of course you know Kirk and Jerry get all the information Ol man Kirk was muted and not eat it hurts him to do what looked shocked you know look right. Have the whole world play. Over here over at. There and every big sky they opera. It is good morning Boston how I love the front see the signing C. He from the tips of Maine to the bottom of Vermont you have my heart it's what you want. I love Boston I love sports and that's go away and I'm not gonna say what drives alive is not as good. I'm gonna ruin someone's alive today. Let me. You don't. Yeah. Yeah yeah. This is what Davis has to celebrate one of the great new users immediate as yeah that's cries. So it's. Car. Yet evil would get some restraint too early in the show. I a lot of things that never receive Kirk like that five years with whom I have medicine courses bizarre too because he comes in dressed as he never has before in big trip to Philadelphia going on right now they're in the air wheels up in ninety minutes about our dealings wheels up in ninety minutes don't greatest idol private the styling and honesty to be a week Friday midday flight to Philly that's itself loss of Jerry -- flying down to corporate headquarters strange timing to say at least a little on the trip itself which the guys touched honestly Jerry was eager to talk about it's been summoned down the corporate headquarters I'm proud we are we really discussing this on the air. Collison Kirk stressed and nineties that is no skier on the store from at least suit. Sport not suit right. And he's coming he's dance any season against hands on the jacket as caressing the boards are collecting this is the obituary. Looking yet. And a month is periscope when this and all. Where is the -- of all we overtime Warrick can remember Kirk references to show his reaction amok sound in the Mall of America when he was wrong about the dollar story Tom Brady speaking as a gash in his leg bitten by wanna security dogs that was a quick impulsive celebration laughter a couple of cracks there was great Aminu went nuts for about thirty seconds the conversation I had with Kirk I was in Newbury port when Dino announced that he was done thank you everybody thank you doing on August when he sixteen he was so sort of happy install and he was sort of giddy. Britain and it was a similar vibe but not nearly as explosive in terms of his demeanor good deceive come down. Have full bottle gorgeous tears on the things that it this was unlike anything ever receive. Now what's the history is Ron Borges in shell Kirk ironically it's total it's so he's a little mustard Johnson lost it exactly that's when I asked what we need help when insect to seek out. Well well. And I was really he's on the war it is to a missed my name calling on Saturday mornings yeah I mean that's the recent history course which but yeah no I don't know of anything other than that with Kirk I mean Kirk explain conservative legacy. Is it worth the effort from others is that general nose in the air he knows everything about football you don't if you question anything your heart is. So what did he do other than them. Among. Other than questioning of. A law where the you know how to get the fox pro mostly due to economic challenge you sort of like how it's is that what's assays has been half hump to me you know as in he's always been happy Dickey and I just what's the point I assume everyone -- chain management and having been riddance. Op I treat the little person. Which boards thought it was 456 years ago. I find great of the US people worked here interns whatever I'm nice I'm I'm actually niceties people. I know you don't even look at them you know mommy mommy know you if they don't look at chew them giving your way that's post yes. So via I don't mean not personal but this was awe and believable. If you needed to get out of bed in your bag your alarm set for the media this morning jump around at 603 am wondering what the (%expletive) was happening. It's. Decent that was four out it was just four hours of reacting does get a little bit of the three children now which would have been. That was a bit more on another all thought that was treading elect a big. Say I like trying to shame on her to she is built. Her being this liberal feminist fighter about men and man answer to a video and she put our shoes and tapped danced for two Rico it you wouldn't believe. Not only victory field one of the best in the business when he and also when it nice and I've ever worked and it was so excited I had you. As we face up and BC Olympics good luck tonight Mike and your first ever openings there. Police I mean or doesn't capture the cougars silence for three seconds Buena vita can we costs socially are you just assume that she was told ordered got a dues she should send some flowers to mr. borders and escaped for the most part today although you know he's still he says outrageous things she out. How we still has a job at 00 proof that none. I'm a member of the clan these complex plan I'm going to have a leagues and I'm going to meetings in Minneapolis. Had played against India I think I did not go to our current average I guess if not the so walk that we might launch at the blue door you'd you're already go out on. We have these white. Down I don't like gallons at a knock it loose and schools and you burn crosses we had white white white white. White white white white. White light. White thankfully audience is Smart enough they know Ron Borges the lying and that's fake news from Kim take new things not a single African American restaurants. Right now she's you said you don't wanna be by people games that I did not go to Kuala militarily acceptable to counsel your set says that he thought he'd say he'd once we ordered other people not to. This could have been a dale Pollock poll question. Of the three prominent fake stories now allowed Borges story the Asian plain story and martz. Erroneous report last week radio row which one which will stop till I after Borges number one the Brian Williams award that I accidentally ingested some of the flood water because you can have less journalistic integrity to do with you. I mean it was and it was the first that was Laura Britain print blitzer in the he nailed a name and it's Norah. What's your name my courtesy. Norah. Osce saying that right from the Boston. Putts and I can't patio. It's got it thank you very much you know he was right he went out there and was on his own this amendment in Boston dog you're bubble number right number two is much. Typically he's O. But buried at number ten is that you buried at seven contributors he didn't trust the BC dot it's thing I've ever heard in my life. Has been his leg while the marriage and he is the trend is really I was not confident about the story Kirk you know that that's a well. As the league's collective right three between under quotes team after his within less than an hour of Jerry and Kirk talking with Tom Brady. About his status in the showbiz exclusive. And he's going to be important and by a dog what car. Blood gushing way you can be Jew by one source so you know for putting its seventh for nordic Perkins period just spoke with them and still sitting on the year but is number two ahead of the greatest unbelievable talent he did but that last. TTE was just learning the names of the fourth pilots who were on board the flight they are captain sun Latinos want. We eat too low income movie film content Banque de how. Probably Fukudome they in my life I won't be funny I guess I shortages of food he reads whole whole Li fu says well she says she between two low. Being gang Howell it's some angry on low. Which was the worst son they want something blowing. Because I. I looked at stake giving them that it was and where I think the older so she just puts on the prompter you know Ron Burgundy will read it and it gives us the assembled. We have a budget collars early to show. On this could have been four hours of people pretending to be other people as it was funny for the first guy that I kind of backed away from B is now I'm let's go to line one this year is Gisele I'm going to zealous and ages ago. Morning guys. The lines and I record rich on the line okay site ratings story here Gisele I wanna like give it to them. Well Giselle guys how we as possible this is to salvage and obviously Tom Brady's wife you've talked to Iran obviously in his voice right like the regular his own voice. I guess my question. My question for you. Excellent to sell I guess my question is how is the marriage right now with pomp and whatever you say I'm gonna reported so did you please be honest Gisele go ahead. It's a little rocky but I don't wanna get into that the big story yeah yup. Com is retiring effective immediately. We had Jesus Christ ooh look who's on line Jesus Christ Jesus is on the line from have what's actually Jesus glasses songs AG Jesus. I territory doing good how are you. Pedro Martinez this hatred and build that well and it's more hi Pedro. Good morning or. Something the morning. My entire year on steroids. Since Irish or Scottish additional flight and course you know I thought. Bring next you mentioned that I thought they were all stories that the personal sniffed it out right away or. This has an article this morning alleging that Tom Brady ain't happy with the fact that he isn't getting paid as much as the guy who warned the bench behind him. And that only Tuesday news eager to give us credit and very smooth delivery and in what is the deal on this is this considered this is considered bad information. That's what looks like yet it sounds like is some OK it was were you were once again. Hearing that saw. Oh yeah GB agent. What you hear rich is out of I don't I'm shocked. Howard's. Opt out of that debt. I doubt about that about. If you ever want a year what the state of Boston morning radio is and twenty team. Listen at around 6457. O'clock this morning to the two shows one making news edgy funny ending a career the other. Dancing around the topic wondering what's going on and getting in the polls but they'll support. A little bit of a slow start to January navy but this has been an excellent last couple weeks I think we're back. Riding the wave and and doesn't by Kirk Rueter it's going to be busy weekend and Monday to be very interest yeah happy birthday to you my friend thank you Ken your. Big poppy 34 Big Three for the and much has turned a thinker 39 or thirtieth and hopefully get sex in the show our guest is get in the shower and his wife tonight to celebrate her birthday but Bertha it was today they said on the show it's that everybody. Decided this staggering backward or or a day apart. The take back those things settled a muzzle Nina may gusting that's. Pretty much into this at Jesus. Out of line for watching TV. She. Is not necessary in jail she's not over eight. Is it true they do not believe an intimate protesting what that Carter he told courses where you have a chance or practice. That's in the league is currently threat and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WE RUW united com. Could weaken.