Peter King on DHK “the Steelers just don’t fire their head coaches”

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Tuesday, January 16th’s Peter King makes his weekly appearance on DHK. King talks about the Patriots losing both of their coordinators and how Belichick will rebound, How successful Patricia and McDaniels can be in their next coaching jobs, who will make the Super Bowl after this weekend's championship games,and if there are changes


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Time for our weekly conversation with Peter King from the MM QB Peter joins us on the line right now. Hello Peter Dario yeah I think how you doing sorry we we Koch at that moment there are now our credit for Eric power I'm doing great thanks let's talk the coaching carousel. At the moment appears it appears that there are two jobs still to be grabbed. One is in Tennessee one is in Arizona it looks like all the other jobs are probably spoken for. And I know Bert Briere writing on the MM QB seems to think that Mike Vrabel is the guy for the Tennessee job. Yeah I mean Albert there. Roker yesterday and then. It was clear interest because honestly the other harder at the other part of that that is very interesting that. It out were also at that final 20. In the Indianapolis. Sweepstakes. Were just being you know like great. So it's almost like and I wrote a week or so ago that. What I would call it currently it is at the one guy who really wants. You know they're The Who everybody was saying it right the year or weaker at two years early that. But Mike Vrabel is one of these guys that we really really like. So. I think that is he. I think that. If I would be here right now I would guess that tennis that you eagle leader in the clubhouse in Tennessee. And everything goes right hand heal yet so this could be it could be the year of our ex pat. Letting the coaching market. Tell us what you think Matt Patricia is gonna bring to Detroit and what mcdaniels will bring to the colts. But I think you're a convenience brings server. A mentoring relationship for Andrew Luck which. He really hasn't had eighty cents right media had at all or maybe. Since. Since super aryan wept. Indianapolis after works were each year. And I think he also brings. The knowledge that you bring when you've failed picture first head coaching opportunity. It wasn't quite the same things Belichick feeling in Cleveland because Belichick had some success here. I you'd think that. Just like the angels went on anti. A corner after he got fired in Denver. So learn everything he'd eat raw and picture there. He would incorporate those elections. Syracuse. Next job the work one. And I think the one thing he learned more than anything adults is. If I'm ever gonna take another job. I'm gonna take your job only if they are quarter if they've got a quarterback. So. You know obviously he's going to a place where. He's been told Larry I think she and that the colts are set. That in your book is going to be healthy soul of except the first met Patricia Goss Rick thank. You know I'll pay you would really interest in Michael last year. After Iranians there. Sean McVeigh. I remember. Saying to somebody from the rams beating get it okay what direction we're we're you gonna go. And and we we're not sure what the one thing that we would tell you is the most impressive guy. If we interviewed uttered in the day we met Patricia. We love them and we were expecting to welcome it we didn't really know what it's not much else. Well. I think. It's been spot Michael in the last. Say in the last year or so. That when he got his shock he was really ready and I think the one thing he earnings introduce. A lot of intelligence for us I think he's he's going to. Going to a place and people are gonna know he's building a program. When variance Clark who want access. This guy could be general manager some day. Because he's got he had eight. Jacksonville with the upset of Pittsburgh last week and sets of jaguars and patriots is that. A break it all for the the patriots Peter or could Jacksonville actually present a bigger challenge than Pittsburgh and. In my opinion right now I think Eric Jackson presents bigger problem. Even though. You know the patriots kick you to break it having to face Roethlisberger. Antonio Brown. And lately on built by you know four days is dangerous right now at this tiny year special called thirteen. Certainly beyond trailers I believe. Work you know the Jacksonville beat Francis significantly more formidable in Pittsburgh's. Jacksonville's secondary is a lot more workable approach works. In my opinion. So it's going to be really tough. I mean you would think it but the inning alma got it sets up its Jackson owed telling them what a great for the patriots I don't think it's a great. I think is somewhat challenging game for them. Than Pittsburgh. We're talking to Peter king of the MM QB IU were there you got to see what Minnesota pulled off against the saints. Is that as wild a finish to a game as you could remember. Yeah as wild an issue are seen in and the strangest thing all things considered perhaps. It's 25 years ago one when I covered the bills Oilers wild card game. And on obviously the bills came back from whatever 31 points down ever lost the hear the real oddity I thought. Is that that that you know Kate kingdom. And and and and you know his story is ridiculous enough. But just the fact that the key Gary that he keeps seeing them you know the ram excuse to have Q there are rains in the Turks and given up on in two times of peace. Adam eland who has lined up on wants tighter formation and white it's been the intent to Turkey if he not been double cover. The guy who walked. Edit division two school and obviously was undrafted NFL. And they need expert on the fifth round pick her acre Arctic in 2014. And you know Tina obviously Ed and and and Mike Zimmer who is. You know for years and years he just want it any party. To give them a chance that the head coach and I think it's just all of that that put together to me. Yeah they're just sort of the you know the Ian tiny height were seen that there dirt that's what most knew about them. Our shows are Super Bowl match up always are Super Bowl match up now on who was at the beginning of the season. Who at the beginning of the season and I have to think back I think I hit Seattle. And New England I'm not positive. Let's see rural matchup that was New England fairly and insert the I 95 Super Bowl. And but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Minnesota's key scheme urban Nicole's. But I think playing at home with the defense. I it is he's playing really well right now I think. Our criminal or come in wanna dome team prominent Philadelphia. And I just make it into saint Michael's. There's so much about clean in the scheme of this magnitude. I think it. Jacksonville component in the Lugar American Indian community it's it's the wrong word but they will be affected by it. And and I heard people say well hey it's good to know what you don't know. You know it's good to it it's good to go into hopefully without being. Either to in without really knowing too much. You know like at feet Leonard Cornett was sophomore tight score the last time the patriots were. In the AFC championship in try to crush. And so you know maybe he just doesn't know what could be the secret tape we should be in this game but. Just a kind of art depicting. Again it's. Brady and Belichick in the patriot mystique in this game. They're going back to the Steelers for a minute do you think there could be any changes. For their policy they have a tie talent maybe they're the expectations are higher than they've. They should have been the last few years who's where they finish the season. I don't know about Tomlin but I mean you hear of the coordinators or catch changes there. Well old you know have been Pittsburgh Steelers rent three coaches in the last 49 years. And I remember. Asking some real hard questions to be in removing. After the Steelers in. I don't know you have to look your media as 20042003. Aaron they went six and ten. And he keep milk power contract extension and I thought it was actually. In the next year he won sixteen and one of the year here at the Steelers went to the super or want it. In deterring and so you know receivers just don't fired their head coach unless. The head coaches and they didn't even fire truck only reach some sort of deal put the you know Chuck Noll coached currently three years past. Where he should ask the Pittsburgh Steelers title unless something strange is happening inside the building. Be extremely surprised if they fire head coach after he's won forty in four years in by the way. Unless there's some very strange happening I would rid the living crap out of it because it's just it's ridiculous now. You want a change or offensive coordinator. Todd Haley near you or make changes. On the coaching staff that one thing that the strength of the Steelers and he has been stability and that I absolutely don't think nation cartel.