Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-12-17

Tuesday, September 12th

We check in with the MMQB's Peter King for a look back at the Pats loss and other league related issues including Adrian Peterson.


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Peter King from the MM QB our conversation with Peter. Is sponsored by Honda north hey Peter are you today. Everything's okay I'll buy you guys. A better than the patriots were in week one was that the most shocking thing of week one free of. No because of what might it might power 32 or whatever you do power be ranked teams. Entering this season after my training camp trip. I hit she's number two for the patriots so I thought the best two teams in football or playing. On Thursday night. You know when you spend time it seems training camps you come away with a specific deal. The first play I thought Kansas City Chiefs training camp in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Was tight re still splitting the safety of the corner and Alex Smith throwing the ball. 44 yards in the air and it dropped from the sky right into his hands touched down. And so what happens the other day patriots busted coverage. This went 48 yards in the air. Yeah Alex Smith to Tyreke hill and afterwards. Eight spent some time I actually hate. Would I get a life podcast out of the out of that game. And eight Thursday night. And I hate to I don't know twelve or fourteen minutes and Andy Reid afterward and told me that. This is really been Alex Smith's. Point of improvement this off season I think and read would not tell me this but. You know clearly you'd draft one of the great deep ball throwers in recent drafts. And you know for other recent draft pat homes. And that you have to stand there and throw them every day in practice NC it is incredible arm that this guy as. And so you don't wanna look like a noodle arm and Reid told me if he's been working diligently on it deep ball throws during every practice. And that your showed in week one so I mean look the chiefs are good. They'll be less good wins without Erie area obviously but you know that's a team that could have come back to see the patriots again in January. Why you say you that they may come back to see the patriots in January so you kind of answered my next question which was going to be I got a lot of work on a little bit. Other patriots in trouble in any type of way offensively defensively no Julian Edelman any thing. To send off the alarms for you Peter. Well I don't think after week one and the only alarms that would set up to me after week one honestly. The Indianapolis Colts houses on fire which I'm sure he's gonna make everybody knowing and so unhappy. The he in New York Giants in the Seattle Seahawks. Can't block for your quarterback. That deadly for Eli Manning it's not good for Russell Wilson but at least he gets out of the way. You know and there are other lessons from week one but. I don't really view week one as any sort of debt now for the patriots in any way shape reform. You knew that if you wanted to play in England patriots have your best chance to win very early is the best time to do it. Because clearly the patriots have issues. Chemistry issues you know last you're ready ended the year. Tom Brady was absolutely. You know on the same way links. With Malcolm Mitchell with Chris token with the with the new guy on this team. He's not on the same weight linked with Philip source that he just got it ten minutes ago he's not on the same weight link yet. With Dwayne Allen with Brandon cooks they're getting there but it's gonna take a while the real worrisome thing I think for me is that. Malcolm Butler has looked pedestrian the pedestrian acting the other night and you know. I don't that you guys that much better and I the status to done they had a tower and how much did. He may admit if at all and whether he'd when he plays he's gonna be able to beat the same guy. Those are the things I would worry about I absolutely wouldn't worry about them yet winning the division. I would wait until the end of September before. During or really any conclusions they lost to a really really good team on Thursday night. Peter what do you make of what's going on with Ezekiel Elliot it's in the it's going to be another year edit it another time where the NFL is going to court was though one of the best players in their league. You know I think that. The NFL. I wrote about this on Monday and my com. That Paul Tagliabue had this saying. When he was commissioner used to say all's well that ends. K not all's well that ends well. In this league seems to be in the mode of all's well that as well you know you don't. Get any advantage when you. Getting towards sweep your players and that this is why I think there's two lessons to be learned. Number one. Roger Goodell has got to find a way someplace somehow. To get along with the players association better to get along with players in general. And I think that for some reason after a Blu-ray rice they decided that okay we're really gonna draw a line in the sand that. Six weeks if you're guilty of domestic violence that's going to be the boiler plate why they chose it. The you know but they get. And so now I think anybody who. Looks it look I I think probably something happened between his regularly at this moment. I've read enough to know that even though she and her story's changed a bunch. Some of the evidence to me seems. Irrefutable. But even having said that so we're eager to gain now by being at war with the NFL rushing champion. For the year I'm not saying you shouldn't do anything he should do something but in my opinion. The NFL's got to get out of the disciplined business when it comes to appeals because all that does. Is it bloody your biggest stars in the indicate that. Tom Brady and Ezekiel Eliot. They have bloodied the biggest two of the biggest stars in the game. You know over the last three years what good does it do. This duke does it do good hurt for the other owners to look at Roger Goodell and say yeah I know there's going to be a law and order guy. OK fine but what really does it do to beat game. And how how does that help your your readings how does that help anything when here at war we your players ready. What does Eric times since that day the AFC championship game in two G January 2015. Where the NFL hasn't been at war went with a with a player or more than one theory prominent player. Gotta stop and the way to stop that in my opinion. It's Roger Goodell to issue whatever discipline he wants the issue and then for it to go through an independent are partner at because. Egypt you're never ever. Going to get any that the players to be at peace we view if you're not only deciding penalty pitcher also deciding appeal. One last question before we get chatting here and I know it's one game in and it's way too early to make these predictions but I'll ask you for one anyway. Does it seem as though the Adrian Peterson New Orleans Saints marriages don't last as it did last night. Well that was a little strange. I was under the impression. When I talk Sean Payton during training camp. He he loved Adrian Peterson I was under the impression that he didn't get Peterson every chance. To run the ball not only running between the tackles but to run it. Why it last night and you didn't see much of that that surprised me last night. And also you know ESPN cameras caught Peterson barking at it patent. So you know we'll see but. Somebody floated this I don't know who did. Somebody said giants got a treat for Adrian Peterson. And you know what they really should. And not even saying that Adrian Peterson would be able to do anything for the giants. But I do think that. Which it the saints wanted a staple of running backs. But it seems pretty clear that Adrian Peterson is not going to be happy touching the ball five times a game and so we'll see what happens but. We we cannot we not read the last chapter of that book. Peter we appreciate time we'll talk to next week. I care missing from the NM QB joining us. I'm thinking about that from and I can't picture the Mara family trading for. Adrian Peterson canyon. And I am. I can't I I can't anybody trading for Adrian Peterson went with the resign them American America around America are already said publicly. That that they wouldn't dare go near Colin Capra. At that date they were afraid of what their fans would say about that right what on solid bill it is crazy that three of us don't think this way but some people feel like that's worse that's more of a handers it's morbid distraction. That what Peterson or some of these other guys have done. I wasn't talking about a from a what he's done off the field perspective just always tough to have a production you know how much light because how much how much production of the outlet. The last night's first you first run what for nine yards and probably thought okay same idea on the something and then. That was it and nine yard run just was not explosive. And it's unfair I know it's unfair you can't just look at one game and stick and say this is what a guy is. And it Adrian Peterson had that run five years ago when I'd be saying it. He was in his twenties as opposed was thirty what I do things done probably not but. Still didn't look didn't look all that impressive. I wasn't happy when Bill Belichick had Peterson in for a visit. I didn't wanna seem wearing a patriots uniform I wouldn't wanna see the patriots. Acquire him like it if the saints cut him tomorrow I would wanna see them bring him and acres and only play anymore would be a thanks. I know I'm holier than now what else are there are some limits here beating children's you know pass those limits for most. He just seems done now. They are of the the last time that he was was good and it that was one of the big things through is when Ray Rice no recent rate rising dollar everybody must be like I don't want Alec out of their team or knowledge that he was getting more that they did he what do science or more until Peterson could very well be down. 6177797937. As telephone number it's Dylan Hollywood keep. We'll talk to Patrick Chung top of the hour Sports Radio WE yeah.