People like Max Kellerman and Rob Parker have been talking about the downfall of the Patriots for years and it hasn't happened yet

Mut at Night
Monday, January 15th

Hour 3. Mut is talking about the Patriots-Jaguars AFC Championship Game matchup, and he plays some sound from Shannon Sharpe and Rob Parker, both noted Patriot haters, who have already picked the Jacksonville jaguars to beat the Patriots and go to the Super Bowl.


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Just some idea occurred Callahan stuff later on the show I'm shortstop tonight maybe tomorrow flooding night's Sports Radio WE EIU calls until. 10 o'clock we told you loved last hour no guest tonight have a regular crew I think in the rest of the week patio with pretty much set. John Tomas he'll join us tomorrow rob Bradford Wednesday. Alex Roemer on Thursday politely figure an opportunity to. I set the scene for championship week a lot of your participation. On the phones at 6177797937. And on Twitter at Mott and UT. WE yeah I we did this exercise yesterday. And now what are people want that can actually get it I'm delighted today. Not as much I wanted to but I wanna go back watchable the Brady plays in the second half and in Brady obviously you know by now had a great game. On Saturday night we took some dumb calls yesterday or one dumb called picture of that particular from Albert and Ryland. Suggest he wasn't a great game to came against Tennessee but it's a playoff game. It's a winner go home game see throw for 337 and three touchdowns. In the process break a bunch of NFL records and add on to current NFL record Jordy hold. It's a big deal for Brady especially given. What's going on here for Brady here recently you know he he took a lot of the blame. Or he took most of the heat not blame but the heat in that separate portion story he looked like the bad guy. Breaching a crap about his contract wanting security long term celebrating when Jimmy go Rob Lowe was traded. Drop logos out locals and a 51% for Cisco looks like the young hot up and coming quarterback. Brady hasn't played well the final final weeks of the season. And there was a weird. People it's not anti Brady vibe about saying that but nationally more so locally there was something approved for Brady in that game. Colin coward said late last week when he showed Drew Brees. Was a better quarterback right now. Big Tom Brady is odd caliber who'll get to has been cameras in for a while now so all eyes were on Brady. Did attention get too easy showing that he's forty years old does he struggle in another divisional round game that we struggled against Houston a year ago. And it did not happen Brady was awesome. On Saturday night and and the one that we mentioned this yesterday. And what went back and watched today would that drive to open up the fourth quarter. Are at that point 28 to seven. Our opportunity if they wanted to the Payton can run the football couple times a dink and dunk and you know just kicked the ball back Tennessee tight for a comeback in that game. And the patriots come out that fourth quarter drive and they are throwing huge third and ten and they chart a couple times and NBC sports Boston tonight. Third and ten Brady is in trouble in the pocket rolls to his right scrambles. And that while he is running. On the run. Turns essentially field of 45 degrees to his left. And throws all the wrong and this beautiful touch pass over defenders said into the hands of Danny Amendola he makes the catch he gets a first down. Brady falls down on the play. And I'll watch it again right here a forty year old should not be ill make that throw. A forty year old should now be able to forget the throw roll out the way Brady did and then wal running in motion make authority and the dual. Sick sick throw action one that was. Not quite as pressure but he dropped one into James White. On the sideline in the first half I think it was that white drop. But it was a spectacular throw. Five radio that drive two plays later after a deal Lewis Ron. Brady threw its rate sideline pass to and in motion Dion Lewis. He's the guy right in stride got a bounce for big game. Big gain excuse me. And again it it went unnoticed by an egg Rommel and it for the title a member with a comma one but it wasn't. It wasn't on the level I thought it should have been. Because the role was sick from Bree comes act two plays after he scrambled to his right fell down and found a middle for the first down then the touchdown a couple plays after that. The touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski. Was not easy as a passes that was of the fifth touchdown of the game for the patriots third touchdown pass from Brady passing month and a now with 103 touchdown games the policies and most ever by an NFL quarterback and the patriots go on to win. And Brady was spectacular in control beginning and act reachable couple drives start. He threw a 31 times in the first out the bulls past content he's ever had an eight game regular season play off pre season not anywhere. 31 pass attempts in the first half most he's ever had. Brady is now six and two. What he said fifty or more pass attempts in a playoff game. There's been 32 other quarterbacks at fifty or more passing attempts in a playoff game you know what their record is. Three and 29. Brady six and 20. He's got double the wins of any other quarterback in NFL history with fifty or more past tense in a playoff game he's six and two when he does it. The rest of the league ever it's 329. At the Roethlisberger took an L yesterday with pick the warpath against that is freaking ridiculous. There would no less than 10% clip around the NFL. We have more than 51 pass attempts in a postseason game Brady is six and two winning 75% of the time. And outrageous that the public doesn't get enough credit so he was awesome on Saturday night. Al careless against Tennessee I don't care either a bad pass defense. I don't care they're coach is a dummy that was an awesome effort Barbary and it's and I get to Sunday and Monday how will the patriot. Brady haters handle. Rich keep suggesting what they would do is is downplay Tennessee. It's they all Tennessee's not that good let's see and do it again. This week in Pittsburgh. Max Talbot took a different angle today. On ratio. Max Kellerman who of course couple years ago suggested Brady was already on the decline. She's Super Bowls later he's on waiters third still doing pretty well. Max Kellerman had the balls to say well not only music though gonna be on the cliff. The clintons right now for cupboard is this element today on a show. Do you still think that Tom Brady clip that's coming. Yes I do it back I think it's here now that was his first good game in now set in weeks. He had a good game against the team that won that was lucky to be there. Let's be honest Mario attaches is all the pats because. Really patient even gotten by that she's not one you know. That everyone knows that the titans had no. Way to win we knew the patriots were gonna smoke the titans smoke the team got to score a lot of points but. Brady was I will say this Brady was better against the titans then Peyton Manning was at the same point in his career. In any game and those playoffs they met its best game it was 21 for 37 for 222 yards that gets the Steelers. On that were in that run home. But let's keep in mind that for the first time in seven weeks Brady was very very good. Ed it was at home. All four box. In the cold. Oh against probably the worst team in the playoffs. I pull mean that last part I mean we know buffalo that he's with a worse than that that's that's how he's doing at the clip is here right now. And the example leagues it's his first now how about this. His first very very good game in seven games. That is now the standard Brady is that. If your Max Kellerman he suggested years ago. That there was a cliff. He was going down necklace. Now he's sort of redefining. What a cliff faces. And I guess we have differently when I hear falling off a cliff there's no coming back from that. You fall off a cliff and you keep falling and falling and falling eventually splat. And as we said about Roy Halladay. You can't come back from it. And here is key elements suggesting that the clippers right now. It was cold weather it was at home. And it was the titans. And it was his first wait fort very very good game. Boy that's subjective to become. Very very good games are two very that's not a standard Brady asked to play at. Oh the patriots are getting to about six and one in those seven games. That he talks about. But that part doesn't matter. He went on to talk about comparing Brady to. The standard he set. Which is not what he said three or four years ago and apparently now it's Brady against himself and Calvin Klein. You know what top Britain will look like fallen off a cliff what is not with a look like kind of like late portals that is Tom Brady fallen off from Clinton playbook it integrated but yeah a lit bit late portals but at what point. Ounce level dot com. That that that that's not let water that in the end what you are doing if you spotted off the show. Pain and great big Blake the old one of the top right away. Rough the light of what the governor Tom yeah we wanna cut they ended. Up yet unclear. Let's layup and a video clip it contingent upon individual. Yeah I saw the clip the middle rob you're judged by against your own standard Peyton Manning Fella that mentioned. I want a reasonable. So that's him sort of redefining the clip and judged against his standard that. Again I have no idea what that means. I have zero clue he's dug himself in this weird hole now that he just keep can't get out of he's staying with that taken not acknowledging that he was wrong. And I guess that's one way to go about it. Bode C game like Saturday. NEC you'll win the MVP so he's being judged against his own standard. His standard that says he's doubled his MVP level quarterback. He's going to win the MVP this year. Isn't that the standard. OK so he had another good year. So cal has put himself in this weird position where. He can sort of say what he wants I'm gonna play this out and make fun of them because he's dug such a weird hole would this take. But he sounds to be really really really dumb. When he says things like this titans it was cold outside their home and then suggest that he's already at the clip and then try to compare to Blake portals. Who was even close to Brady this year. From a season long standpoint which is already a small sample size sixteen games he wants taken down a six or seven games where Brady was not. Very very good give me a freaking break. I'm not sure what I would do I I think what I've probably I'm doing this is the lame way doing it but. I would probably just admit I was wrong about Brady and eat the crow eat a big plate of it hasn't followed that move on. And credit Brady for what he does Kellerman can't seem to do that. Rob Parker can't seem to do that. Well place apart come up later on this hour. How about his take is aged the last five years. But any guy that we have to do it if you're not gonna do what I would do which is own up to being wrong about it. Saying Tom Brady's prove me wrong I should probably knowledge he just won the MVP this year. You dig your heels in and say I did against Tennessee. He did in cold weather. On compared against himself. Which to me sounds really really down. Especially watching plans Saturday night. And you acknowledge that it's not a physical issue. He's issued this year had been a mix of much different things in ain't physically not running around like a forty year old quarterback Peyton Manning at forty looked different. Brady doesn't. Brady looks the same Brady looks better Brady's playing better image or as well as he did. And the throw he made. Running to his right. Back shoulder over Logan Ryan their best quarterback to Danny Amendola forty year old don't make that catch. You are your ignorant if you don't acknowledged at this point. And I took element is being to me. What your thoughts and as we see your Brady calls go to war one open line on Brady. At 617779. 7937. Is the phone number we hear more from Kellen and you'll hear rob Parker state which I'd not heard a long long time patio set gently today. I'm not hurt Parker's original taken a while. Boy he is a moron. We'll get to that able talk Brady here in this hour 617779. 7937. Mocked at night with your calls next. Do you think they can beat him I think Dave will be the way that I really do I've been let Jackson go all you have to watching that team. Defensively what they did in the other parties. The defense didn't do their job yesterday right OK. And they want to get a so not only did the defense not to do it part of Blake portals now has some confidence going in he played out of his mind and here there's others that. When Blake auto doesn't draw an interception. You don't you don't Jacksonville Jaguars but while winning right but is 110 and all. So when he doesn't make that big mistake. They went behind this guy if people look into wasteland and delivered war bother those big plays that he made yesterday before. They have a shot. I think that we'll win and beat the way live. I was I was really but like everything I thought there the composure every time Bob Pittsburgh came back to look like okay spirited don't know how many times blog Twitter. People are saying all right hit film the choke job by Jackson book never can end that rocked by two touchdowns. Most of the time. The last rob Parker the original on hot take ours when it came through Brady will will play this out at some point here tonight his original. Two Super Bowls ago take that Brady was never gonna get back to a suitable. We have rob Parker us is that when Brady was about to turn is at the age of 35 I think at the time go ahead pat you. The downside of his career when you say that as it turns 35. Tom when he's on the downside of his career and and if you ask me if feel obligated to another super boy have one answer. No way he Knoll Powell. That was two Super Bowl MVPs ago. I think and I escorted out the throw actually featured the Brady throw that I I just can't stop watching. In that fourth quarter his third and long throw across his body the Danny in the dole I just petered out and when when Max elements sees that throw. When rob Parker sees that row what possibly what do you say. It's insane. And forty years old below make that play if you are Brady I would say the same thing if you will play 2526. Years old. Running right. Falling down and dropping it perfectly. Into the arms and Danny Amendola and hit a great it was great catch I am a dole on that play he had a very very good game. Obviously but just to throw itself at the age of forty I I just kick it over I cannot get over. I Dave on the cable stock Brady at 6177797937. Idea of. It would put on Mott Tillman and I mean. Television clock give me a break it's like with a guy on TNT. They want to get the flash and make the action to combat but look at breached out. They may be right hold it went now. White ankle got ball. Op Birkhead went out. Crawl Vista gaming there is opposite line was banged up he made some questionable plays and there's a bunch of different things their day about I'm with you now play. At his best but it never did you say you'll basically don't he looks forty years old physically he had a look at the same guy. He doesn't get what you missed some weapons like you gotta do second third read in the boat you are first and second block. Berkett you bet I'm telling you people actually put on this imperialism running game can actually talk while pat again. But I don't look at that she actually gave up more Russian got regain the patriots it can be got Birkhead and lol it's going to be. Many Berry head he looks like recently. So I'm it's gonna be ball control is going to be just in the outcome of the red. The Tibetan pictured eleven at five against the spread. All they've been and they've been out a cover machine that been a winning machine. And the reality is that Brady actually has done better this year. Against better defenses. It's he's not be a pick on a that these sisters of the poor this year and the the the Washington Post wrote the story today. Patriots Tom Brady's a freak in jaguars defense all we make them better okay what what they did begin to hear they point out good the Jacksonville defense wants. Best in the NFL 2017. Allowing a league low one point two points per drive. Best quarterback ready against 68 point five number one in football. Okay they collides Campbell bully Jackson blah blah blah. That's soundly through bad news for quarterback Tom Brady Neil Greenberg writes. And the patriots but it isn't because Brady is one of those freak athlete that rises to the occasion even when facing the best the NFL has to offer. And is it a little walkie so bear with B for 12. The patriots scored a league high two point six points per drive this year. Get a clear quarterback rating of 67 point two rank third. Least total quarterback rating number behind Wentz in case Keenan. But it got better when he faced the league's better defenses. Teams that were 21 or below. In the DV Elway pass defense Brady had a 61 point five QBR against the Ford defense is Brady played that or the top and in that things that. He was 78 point eight. Which you sustain over a full season would have been the best mark by any qualifying passer in 2017. The average QBR is around fifty. A probe ballplayer a 75 he was 78 point eight. Against the top four defense this. So he actually played better against those teams. The offensive line played better in those games. Radio under pressure was better this year. First and quarterback rating of facing pressure. Second in completion percentage. So they're playing a better defense this week as as the aegis the caller just pointed out. There are on the football they're gonna throw through it they'll let Brady throw they may work some play action and try to take some pressure off the Brady. He's got to throw in alive because this year when they played against better defense is any through. He was better than he normally means. I als in Georgia on the patriots Aleks on. Thank you Mike how are you. Very accurate yet you know there is certain amount of buckets hatred that he'd patriot backlash. You know that let that out here in the country and it kind of on the but because the one thing seems to me. That it will lead in the back direction that you could. Conceivably legitimately complain. Is the one thing you never hear me complain about it which is that the other three keys and our position. Are consistently awful. And they really don't care what what you looked like out no well not in this year's Miami market last year but generally speaking. The other three keys in our division always cheat and curtail the always rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic that weird thing happened with that Miami offensive coach ship with the Internet or something earlier that he's made at fire all of a sudden. During the year it just some people would blow it now than it does have a ripple effect it's. It's how we get these first round bye and home field advantage and get the the plate and that's the in the opening round at all what it does apple wrote that the fact that we don't have. Really who the other any of the other team's coaching you look at Atlanta they're very upset if Atlanta today I met her court because of the falcons but. You know their in the division where two years ago Carolina made the Super Bowl last year Atlanta made it to the Super Bowl this year at the war we've had. Cuomo at the last second. They might have made it to the super that region needs. From the NFC south so you know some teams are good divisions where you can almost given up past the patriot I'm not just these pictures all. It our all you thirteen saw Alan. I like what my question is though and it and help somebody has done this before right but just lucky in and out there have been years when they suck but for example this year. The other three teams in the division the AFC east had a combined twenty wins the AFC north sixteen. The AFC south seventeen. I NB AFC west was the best with when he won so. They were actually at the second most wins in the America AFC. In the division in the NFC east it was nineteen. It was when he exactly. At our 21 in the NFC north a little bit better NFC south with great the 26. And the NFC. And I'm just saying we're judging and I'll wins that they war they were nowhere near the worst division this year. What what do you think the patriots record is within the division sent these divisions were. Oh it's tremendous ball when this is come up and I get and I had the stat handy but what people have done is set OK but a lot of it's it's a lot of wins but they've also been as the ad they've been as dominant. Against non divisional teams and what Lyndon when they've people said what you just said and the goal look at the numbers you point out that your right in in very good it's the UCs but. You look at their non divisional schedule they've still been just as good as they are against the division against those other teams. Well but don't you think that they're a report that there that know when you don't have. Really the toughest competition internally. Improve your situation acts normally. I don't. I don't know because if your playing just as well Al against those teams outside the division then the other what does it matter. You know how how does that matter it's a team like you know for example you're just this year. Right eat you played a team in buffalo amid the post season the team Miami that was okay in the jets obviously had their issues. Jacksonville at two different four and twelve teams in their in their division along with Tennessee. We saw Tennessee up close and personal played a worst division this year Jacksonville the patriots all they are now all. It was Jacksonville. With Tennessee the colts in Houston. It's leaking gulf thorough look at neo nonconference records. Katharine three and one everyone in the FC south was one of three this year. In the non conference games and saying gulf oil look and pick and choose Odyssey five and one of the division. Good way to get it done. Good way to do it not how is it ten into the conference. So you you did well in both those cases. But I think when you look at the numbers I don't have an economy. They've done as well against non division teams they have against those teams they faced in what some years has been as Al pointed out. Up and down division this was not one of those years off thank. I'm Mike in New Hampshire him Mike. What's up like Barry. I do. Oh excellent getting the go ahead. Okay so little program should as a currently Studdard did it break we have sort of people always used Ole Ole the other cakewalk division argument so low. Three days ago I actually rated Brady's career regular season numbers look look radio producers there I can do about it did it. So are yet to slicker quicker they are some resources eight division of football obviously they realize. All I only counted restart I don't care council year whatever so. These are just numbers on. 08 divisions people that first it's eat that there he's in the bottom out how he performs. On burst and it seemed to work. 875 percentage. Are sort of ignore the AFC north at 833 but it cease all 828 and east. It circle at the seven birdie two. At a C so sudden that the NFC west 6667. And well it's 630 circles over to the dapper but. Yeah for the literally. Better than four divisions. You know for a bit of that he'd better than that if he's. Only three worse than so he's actually a majority better or the other. Would cut dispelled that yep. At an annual was similar like I'm glad he went did those numbers feel free to you know email those long at some point I mean we're gonna probably get that from Jacksonville fans all it just. We did we disapprove that and and Mike just did and I've seen those numbers elsewhere I just don't think it's that simple I also don't think. We're gonna look back at Brady's five potentially now six Super Bowls on and say boy they the easy roads they had. I don't know who Joseph Montana played in divisional round. I know who they played in an admittedly some of those conference championship games some of them I do I I can't name all four hour right now they played and because once you get the suitable wind that's up doesn't matter. And so when Shaughnessy writes that it would doesn't mean as much because your beating lesser teams panel. I don't buy that aspect of it certainly helps the road when your playing marionette and morals and and you know. Polls or keep them. But it doesn't take away date they've gone through date as as they've kept winning. All these potential AFC up setters head golf by the wayside. The next team Big Ben was supposed to go Pittsburgh. Indianapolis no Miami no Baltimore no. All these other teams are supposed to be the equal to the patriots to dethrone the pats. Had continuously. Been knocked off along the way you with a either by a patriots or somebody else. And the patriots keep on winning. That destroys to me any narrative while they really have played. That many people. Or David played the gauntlet of teams. You can't say that when your any seventh consecutive AFC title game. 6177797937. Is your phone number here until 10 o'clock we're talking Brady pats telecheck Jacksonville. It's a screw Pittsburg type the night. The Steelers losing yesterday and depriving us of a Pittsburgh week instead we get Jacksonville week. Mott at night's Sports Radio WB yeah. Give Robert Kraft credit for making the decision. We talked about franchise changer is awhile ago and there's the craft's right there outstanding job. By him to make the decision to hire Bill Belichick and nobody wanted to do that. No one at that time comes from Cleveland. He comes in new cars and sticks with the the great content in the stretch as. I gotta be me the city of Foxborough the change patio was that the city of Boston was every city. In new way to much or oral always quite addressing there I know I I become the turned the punch holes. For all your role more people like Richie. He's just so he's overrated it it will the Romo love was too much early. He's too talkative on the broadcast he's way too talkative on the replays. He talked himself into things and out of things frequently because he just starts a sentence it's a big run on sentence. Those a shot of the negatives Dora positive positives god I can't speak. There are positives of Romo he is a sense of humor he self deprecating there are some things to like about him. He is it a decent sarcastic wit about him and it comes across in the broadcast so it's not all bad. Eap and thoughts okay we're not put Nat I'm Monica. But I prefer Chris Collins worth and I probably prefer Troy Aikman and columns were specifically because he does what Romo does but he does it better. Rubble all do it before the play it's a here's what's coming in and a lot of times he's right good for him to get a little bit too much for me. It's on the replays. He's brutal. When they're slow when it Downey that that Ed Ed Ed Ed Ed Ed Ed that let it breathe Tony. Where's Collins worth right after a play the first time he seems a replay. Right they'll wanna play and I say why don't watch this out watch this and I. He eat eat you feel like you're learning something with with him the not laughing as much understand that. And Michael's they'd better play by play god finances solely benefits from that. But he's overrated the DD coronation of Tony Romo. Before he had an entire season was too much what is a patio. Romo's input on the Keith Jackson. Tribute so this is again where a season collar guy. Would have. Let's quality more at controller nuanced take this was Romo. Play the whole thing play the run up played Nance. Gimme your right there was little. He's tough spot for Tony they're unlucky there. We missed him today. You know Tony I woke up this morning. Very blue and so many others did as well. Find out the news about the passing of a legend in our history Keith Jackson. He did at all and then that we all remember him as the voice college football that's undeniable. For some forty years. And that's folksy down home kind of sound that he brought to the game little little comments that he had the big house and whoa Nelly and fumble and all that what was. Anybody in the industry looks ahead. Were genuine guy for. Wonderful man she loved in this industry. I think we lost to convert just three weeks ago and hours behind a few Jackson. Very sad times. It's what a glorious career and life leading nine. He passed away at the age of 89 today for last night actually up Los Angeles. Implies. It's. Fourth down in the morning. Boy. Time flies big run up from Nantes. Obviously down a bodies in the play by play paternity. Keith Jackson out past the way. Time flies. What that's. What. We're talking about here Tony can you give us something. Give me your take on key that you wanted anything. Time flies through guns. Sure does a man has died at the age of 89 in time does fly. You had a good life Jim. Fourth down in the ring and it. And and attend second thing last week in. We other Cutler and it doesn't pick the game the Jacksonville game the that that I dollar makes you laugh every time to. Try to get involved there tiger pump up. I get some thoughts on the next day. Joins us hope that tomorrow. So we get Jacksonville wins. Pittsburgh the winner will be coming here next week but there's a little little handicap on this when we really further again tomorrow. Heidi that it's gonna be a three point win one way or another I don't tickets can be no one. This is all he's gonna do agrees not. And I'd be a three point game you wanna say after the game to be a two point game. Again he's not terrible but it just isn't that too much. Am I overly critical Romo patio do you like rubble on these games not a fan okay see I'm glad I'm glad we're where we're borrowing we are in the minority Reeves lauded. By everybody it seems like that in the next guy the best guy doing it why don't you like him. 230 just over explains everything and I'm on me it gives them the lover's eyes every tiny code to the Booth you know why he's free if Wilson's that's true. But I would I would argue Phil Simms said some of the things that rubble assent. Think guys like been handed to fill some quotes it Twitter account would be Barry Romo this year. The 102 run I'll be free be about what you play this game what do you need to freebie. What what does a freebie. Did you work the word freebies and that that the book. We're talking about. But he's the chosen one I get it you folks level. Patio and iron island little bit too much so he's still good. But he's not as good as you folks think he has. Gyms in a car on Romo I Jim. You know mutt I got out. I'd put that marriage caller you that is. You did your in your car during your card gym I hear you talk I hear your windshield wipers on. Belly noted that they I. I got absolutely doable Romo I think it all it's honestly. Let's start really act this is the greatest quarterback. In the world. Quarterback everybody you know is site where. About it's like. You know what it's not that I. It's not a you know he he used that is certainly gave away all of these things are well liked what he did was perhaps take a quick though all its glory. None out the jets back Tony the jets were desperate to hire him and he said I don't wanna be HT DNY project. Yeah us yes he does he starts going without a normal thing yes. It's like okay you want broad access you wanna use this new career I get all these huge purse here right to edit by. They'll start making up your own history about what's going on here it's like. It was just that's what I honestly that's where it was like a bridge where I actually got some friends text me say well what got you on Romo at it's like. I think in the beginning it was nearly as the shot Neitzel it was different. It and you know he gave me insights loads of quarterbacking now it's just play well or I get your insight they edit by. You know toward Donald Brown. It's not well but you what you do it. You know and it's just. In the justice it is to get away from the sport feel like. Well I've heard yet what we got it I think we draw a little bit of a line thank you for the call we're up against him but I announcing he should be doing. We go through and find guys that you shouldn't be doing their color commentators that you know I would say go gold find something else to do. Rubble is not one of those guys. Roll call is different Romo is. Two active in the broadcast he still he's OK. I don't think he is definitely not. He's not great. He's overrated that's my point and I act and I'm so I am pleasantly surprised and opulent one that was me patio and I on this little island. People would say Tony take a little bit of breath there. Not only gets things wrong way to get things while I'm I'm a moron I had a hard time naming double digit president's. On Friday morning sell on the eighty I acknowledge that. But as a viewer of sports on TV. It's a one who thinks and tea and takes that part of seriously. And thinks it is as an art sorry Jerry. To be a play by play guy. Just a little breath Tony it to be a lot better off. I appreciate the patience on the phones I've had a million calls we'll get to mall between now and 10 o'clock we we we purposely went guessed freak. Tonight to give people an opportunity a to get an early on patriots and jaguars more your phone calls and I will address we come back here. The talk this morning and I was obviously all of Kirk and Jerry on Friday show. There was an incident on the show and mining with Bob today. With the phrase possible ban. Are from the curtain Callahan show I'll address that and we'll talk you guys until 10 o'clock and 61777979837. Final hour of luck at night keeping.