Patrick Chung with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-12-17

Tuesday, September 12th

We check in with Patrick Chung live from Gilette Stadium.


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Time to talk to on New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung Patrick brought you by doctor Robert Leonard. By Mike Pella dot com use code word WEEI. And by Honda north Patrick joining us from much let's they've had Patrick carry. Scarier or we're doing great thank you we spoke to build telecheck yesterday let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant conversation we've ever had. Now it gave me some idea that it probably hasn't been pleasant around your facility since Thursday night. Yeah I mean if you know we've got a little shocked the safe there and you know blah you know. Closer back and we would work out you know exactly what you're comes out is just gonna you know. So chilly side and then he walked. Are you have that game on Thursday and it and it didn't go as well as everybody planned outages and juror. Your weekend was it preparation was it. He's going over the film does this give us a sense of of what you went through post game. All I need you that's what he was not seen that it was well we'll safeguard. What whatever the case that the we're left after the remains sort of involved miserable Volvo and a lot can change and no he just gave political round in the personality you know just lots and lots more than I am a revolt that what. Losing and Lamar Odom what. What are we up to their excuse keep pushing. Is your process to watch it once on your own or watch it well once with the team then move on or just wait for. You know watching it as a group and then that's where you say OK see you later on the next one. Yet amid a lot out there and all laws and one quarter of meetings and Washington in good collections and then after that. That's it and there are some laws and ultimate in what generally draw the but you do about it you can change broader note shot well we'll move on those in the week. For some of the put in new field turf did you have any issues with the field on their side. Are subtle but our own we don't feel it's a bottle of water or better and better ankle taped. Was there anybody did you does anybody on the team in wide receivers or anybody complaining about her at all. Our audience in Baltimore moved from these I mean they're changing it to work Clinton actual controller that. What are we know that you're deploy emotional well you know about it. Or talking to Patrick Chung of the New England Patriots there were a couple of big breakdowns for your defense on Thursday night a couple of 75 plus yard touchdown plays when you look back on those. Did you feel that they were as simple as communication issues or where their physical breakdowns as well. Why does. And that's what we're Maryland chairman of the yes and while playing. Ohio park and while he. Part in the game and seeing what that means it's come about that didn't play. In Oslo should've played better about what's in the form located government. At all compatible. It. Well looking forward to take on the New Orleans Saints what are some of the challenges that you see from your position that. That it that I make this week interest and you take on the war. Are they able to float achievement and who do you want him. I mean experienced Q and they called road. We'll offer shortly a lot of large photograph on the you know there's from the -- starters Weiner mean you're Ingraham all of that and if at all. There could play very content and also we can't control. Well. Good amateur player agent got a little too liberal limit their place whatever for a while Lesnar and you know so we'll see we'll you know girls were no reasons and they are children of the British America. I'm curious about this that I've heard a lot about you know early season football on everybody's got a an opinion on why. Early season football not just for you guys but a lot of teams. It's not up to the standard that you'd expect in a what are the theories is tapes that they change a collective bargaining agreement they changed training camp. I can't tackle as much is as you could in the past and that's affecting people or York tackler and a very good one. How do you think there's a difference between that tackling and training camp where vs. You know now vs when you first came into the league in 2009. All in that technical battle for marketing and when you know people more. In the old school ball carrier earned and your old garden or low low. Parent airlock now. You know it's. Kraft and what we're watching live if you let it. Was really just you know what the content part in the world war there's. You need to do. You know predict that they could not get an opportunity. So. Got to work and craft in the orchestra which you can go to their computers here. Technique and all things she's just to be one tackles Cha. That. Our own welfare quote whatever triggered yeah. Credible of a sudden it was. And it. Not a problem for ball. That straight mayor for all. In the filter it out there. Now being a punt returner on the patriots is not that a great place to be gentleman gets hurts our shelves dancer Damian dole against her on Thursday and leaves the game. Are you expecting to be the main punt returner coming up on Sunday and is that something that you like to do. I don't get on the other although both of you guys yeah it's hard gorgeous but I saw an abortion. I doubt that is how I doubt I doubt plug. Hundred was I wondered if that meant was brought that they're gardeners fees that we got their glue on who you are cool but what about. Go out and get you know I'm definitely looking cute little physical childish. Confidence in the slot where. Well that's a lovely thing about Gardner onto our reliance on though you'll come back and you'll go from there. Approved view that you know more than we do on this and what tell us what Bill Belichick said yesterday that they had a hotel and we don't know Dallas. Our what'd yesterday yeah. Arm or are we about what. I do you. I certainly appreciate the double talk to you soon. I got here take care now that is a New England Patriots safety tests Patrick Chung he knows more than us that he wouldn't answer the damn question for. I don't remember in us. On the lock feature forgot.