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Saturday, June 17th

Tom Giles and Evan Drellich discuss the two biggest issues facing the Red Sox: starting pitching and third base. The guys talk about how the Sox got to this point and what they can do to help solve these issues.


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Okay John got in Saturday at. Right for CSN. Also appears on the television screen with him there him. And I'd make on your good Boston sports that's right. And then woke up in Philly. Actually got a text and if you wanna text that you can do that 37937. And we do have a text from a bartender and fished out which is the part of Philadelphia urine and they want no fewer. It what will argument because called garage garage is the name attached itself to the bartender or judgments on Alec in news probably. Seven with skis the. Yep. That's accurate there was the bottom long what do life now I did tell by the energy and oyster right now. But what I found is that. You know people talk about getting older how you process drinking and all of us. For me it's like everything has just delayed and like economic I don't know what trinket is that after the you know let's just say it support. That drink that fifth sixth and seventh drink but there's such a process to the next day from OK so it's just it's like it extends my. Invited her to become than a they have turned. It is it is getting old cops say it I got a few years on the outside of the get any easier policy. A few years I'm 31 they're brought up last area to keep aging me now. Train remarried at mosque before it was a four months. Or so is that a big deal. Nelson and you could make it once you you're united feeling differently. Tonight. I know that some people freaked out by Corey. You just feel more more comfortable about life fantastic so you're Philadelphia talking to Clint buckled us. It toilet now. Yes and Mike Hazen and Mike Hazen who's now the GM would Arizona was the assistant GM or I guess he was the gym for the red side but I really am he was working under Dave Dombrowski yes. Which makes consistency. Rights sole or assistant to the general manager yes armed. What you find out little what was all the point of that. Buckles the most I mean isn't Lavelle said he would think it's great to talk about. Great group they've got there and and kind of they've tried to implement saw those gone in Boston and but it's not totally that it you know got other influences jackets and there was one it was a long conversation with aids and longer than ones with. Lavelle all the bells did not say how hot suckers you guys let me get away but you wish I was still there he defended John Farrell which you totally. Would think he would yeah of course. I didn't ask him haters on their sockets that you know Heidi having watched what Carroll's been through turns immediate criticism. Spain criticism you know you feel about that. Torre tried to remind people that lets guys done a lot of good. Witches is not accurate in the ads did it where they world's digit Giles didn't look at how do you mind none all. Via a windy but I also think that it's easy for Torre Lavelle of office space what is team's 42 and 26. In Arizona not supposed to so there over achieving so it's very easy to say. Great things about your former team when when things don't laugh for a. And what world of the Diamondbacks expect to have a better record and rhetoric but colts though awful some quotes and tease the upcoming thought people's lives on C obscenity. Dot com either tonight or tomorrow morning but it's about how he handled the media. Annie in it's that there are two choices you could either. Say what you think people wanted to hear and he made selling that was the easiest way to do it just kind of basically lie. Or. Be honest and and he made that sound like being confrontation. Could you sense. When he would employed to different tactics the different approaches with the media. I mean did he say that he kind of told the media what they want to hear early in his career and then towards the end of the same Boston heat in eighty yards just decide attacked. Say whatever he wanted to and then went back to get a line in the kind of discussed when he would try to change the way you approach things. So I think most of us and and you covered you're out there right chart to think he was always I never got the sense he was not. Being truthful. He is always and probably to his detriment. Accessible. And you know willing to talk and he just he would take a beating in in in the papers. On these airwaves right I mean he was the guy it was just easy. To jump on and he's definitely. Happier now and hand it you know he he said it before talking yesterday it was time to move off and he feels that way if that's indeed its policies and and honestly teammate he doesn't do any social media right he's on on Twitter it's his wife and kids are. But that's knowledge that purposeful. And when it could quote. And I also mean. Obviously. The context of this conversation all all comes back to David pricing count how he's handled the median Boston in the lives yeah social media so. I hated that buckles had anything to say about price because he was teammates were there for a year. So Oakley was aware that uncle that prices had that happen but. I didn't. I didn't question him about price. I really I want to keep it about his experience yet. It in just totally not too it's a weird position for me to to kind of try to subsequently report on an incident which I was at the middle I think that's. This is this when your stirring the pot yeah. Out right and walking in the clubs means that your play so I I didn't want it to become a here's the clay buckle sensitive parts it was a really wanted to write a here's how clear buckled in Boston because he what I mean even last year when people beating up on price buckles have like. If a high five your race this time last year and he was in relief. A little doubt that John McEnroe it's page right he's the reason they do get through Palmer he didn't think so terrible. You know. And people are gonna say that you're. Paying clay buckles 31 million dollars you're you know he was an expected to do much for them last year where is David Price wasn't Cy Young winner and expectations are completely different I think Sarah called cliff Buchholz. Pitched pretty well down the stretch last year. Yet here. Is going to make something you are way. From July 27 which his second half right around the time that he will but he could be traded. And he he has acknowledged that he thought might be traded ever but he did right like time to get an idea that. And the Brooklyn buckles and ambiance of being an important part. All of them winning the division alternately right and and lessons than me you know Palmer chances. Sucking yes at times last year was kind of drowned out by the fact of buckles redeemed for here here's one interest in quote. It was always said that I was a mental midget or as weak mentally. I think of one of the stronger mentally sound people in the game just because of the fact what I had to go through what I put myself through. On a lot of occasions that buckled talked about. His tar balls he knows that people thought he was kinda. Not you know. Re not I don't ever them lashing out really ever and I never Beijing for for fans like to hammer you know saying he's gonna win everybody over. Saudi it and there's already a huge difference there. Yeah I played I go back to I think he was a guy who. Took that honest approach you know I at least at least as far as I can tell us what you did you ever talk about the Sutley Jon Lester Josh decade. And he said not really because everybody our personalities. Are so different lately you know Lester just quiet. Beckett obviously Curt Schilling were not so it felt like they can kind of behind the scenes like. Or here's how we should get yours are we should handle the media. And that kind of thing so. Again I I would assume then that you know you never countries and to press about that stuff. And we're than party almost misses clip buckles a little bit. I mean I know he's hurt he's done for the year but I kind of miss that part what part of humans I. A borrower clip buckles is getting committees get it. It up a couple bad outings but it's gonna come back in the days it give you some useful starts as well I don't. You know I was the guy in it they needed depth at pitching every door that I write these guys yes literally at the winter meetings after the Chris Sale. I'm sitting there going don't trade clip buckle portrait any communal like as they get hurt and they didn't get hurt you know it's worked out thus far but. Even in the form injury he's like he's done is right right. Clearly it would have been a bad thing if he'd stuck round they need to clear salary space but. You do know the dangers currently topic that nobody's now lifted that so you could have locals and on the Red Sox could use your help. That's that's the one it was starting tanked. For the Red Sox on the mound resident of the last analyst for cell tonight but it is an act of Alaska's come on girls and yet he's he's he's the villain for. Eduardo Rodriguez had done I can't write Johnson's yes right. Tonight we're used to love after the last skis. They they paid 30000 dollars for the guy came out the Mexican League. Like the man that Red Sox and the Yankees were both going after him you know they can pay me nothing although pitch forum. I told you should put those it was a gets. That was two days ago yet and yet those taking shots I mean you decided join in when you go practice that's. Now airway bullying that's what you guys are due on that night. But let's let's get it this team is that it's our sales and Brian Johnson might feel a comeback a little sooner than it looked. When he's a very. Concerned when he well I mean but but with the way they've handled. They made every downplayed everything. Counts expected source for Carson's well OK fine but like. It's not good at the guy coming back from Tommy John surgery all of sudden has kind of recurring shoulder symptoms lap whatever right and you meet Karstens with Tyler Thornburg is. Disappearance. Is is unfortunate. What you need one of those two guys like like former going away makes nick super important because bullpen it's gonna collapse. Well it looked straight double numbers to you and your nose is yet he could Red Sox who are. About by the way another former successful shoulder surgery so good news for him now. So everything I know a successful day later I I don't know you know grassy shoulder syndrome. You know they've been successful or how do you know I'd a match I guess it just came out of it made me feel like they didn't screw it up right. And went as according to plan think they would announce that they did. We started this surgery he's gonna have to go back under the knife for immediate release right there are Sox bullpen has got 24 innings document opera. I'll select. What a four and seducing them over so that's the longest streak further for the franchise is 2009. That's earned runs. Ice and so yeah yeah I don't know but it's also I mean they're second in the majors as far as ERA goes for effectiveness and fox. Also has been fantastic Craig Campbell's been amazed. The question I keep going back to his. When do you consider him for real like have you seen enough of you can't read that bars. Byrd and all five can jerk Jerry Kirk whatever names are. Bailout economy in portrait or care about and about have you seen enough of these guys. To this point. Personally personally I don't see the stuff from most of those guys from from relievers you wanna see stuff well not really as far. In and throw as hard. Joseph Kelly's on miles an hour and I think there's some potential there I'd be you know that's soul not sold on the bullpen I've. I need to see Karstens an actor I think they're in the company's gets an awful lot innings early in the season. Goes on Carson's. I don't know notable big question for you if you shut down a shoulder inflammation. Which is what the cases fortified. It's 2145. Now. Or five one game back of the Yankees but that's for but it's OK you know on seventeen and seven. In the last four after the the losses are basically being on the phone yet when they're they're nine games above 500 just one game that it's a good team. We're gonna continue the Red Sox stock but dollar also. It take a break here it's I Giles and relic RW hall yeah I get some calls is ago the couple calls Milan will be taken those while we come back. That number 6177797937. Again trail in Giles on W yes. He sees the WEEI Sports Radio. Network. Is Giles is relic on WTI. Where the drilling. Well. Here's the big one I was one of us lose it yet because you know at a time. So who has it all out here. I concede. I'm minding your ship you're an moderate Cory Reamer. Yeah so I've still surprise you not heard the word and phrase. Term twins before. Without him here it's on the discussion for a it's front. Probably not. Back to the Red Sox and though we got Jimmy Connecticut who has some thoughts on one of the sides glaring needs to what's going on. Oh stimulus bill. Are you know aren't you about you know are. There a muted so far. I don't see evidence you've heard he's not getting his sinker and where it needs to go which is like to sink. He did throw a lot of innings last year right that like the hang over the affect on an arm after 51 plus innings compared to your war could be real I don't see it that he's hurt now. Near. The end and holding an editor Grayson. Wants. While chasing. You started slow what are you willing to developers for Mike who stuck it though because he's not gonna be free. It's due out some form. Or where players. Yeah repeating because you know you can't just like. Throw together Eli here's three guys it's got to be something of value he birdied traded away so much of value wanna keep you know reckon the farm system Jim. We. Are all due. IA at this point Jim I mean I'm waiting it out that there's is it Trevor Lewis who was DF they'd buy Oakland I do believe. Went to the race and he did go to it's a race today. As player to be named later cash seat that that's a guy who who I would have been OK bring an end of bettering guy who is a decent third base. Who when it cost you much but. Yet to face of the call and and third bases. Eighteen home runs to its leverage from the start. To put this come on lately at I don't remember looking in April being like he's having a great year but it could be wrong about. Enemies he's on pace for. More than thirty home runs close to forty home runs at this point and companies driven into is that he's got more than forty RBIs with the yesterday. He's got like 42 and I think he's a free agent as well after this year sold. Hitting two between against lefties. Right to 54 BP so yeah yep. I mean if you trade for Mike restock its. You need to open up a roster spot let's just let's just play. Jim's game weary and give up some of the farm system to get Mike we stockings yeah how do you open up that roster spot who's gone off the roster. Mean it's possible sea animal somehow gonna still be in the team in September October. I wouldn't think so but you just get these days number this is this the both Catholic and to rescue talks about you know we got it can the chance rightly getting me get a map that. Is another week that that's what you need Dave is that really you a look at probable terrible week for now golf. Okay he's at third base he can play now. But what. You're just per huge flip the big day. Or what direction or the other plane every day let him get back in this playing form that apparently they think he can work. Or. Again here with us in between. Doesn't that folk addicts and can't. I think I'm sort of wonder if it stayed to brows ski. Orphans come up from from higher if it's coming up from ownership John Henry's like yeah because how much money are you are you paying public stand at all. And isles is he is he giving them anything on the international market. Like your cities is pleasant so yeah I mean to what was netted some of the the promotional items that they had their way down. I don't think that when he went and downloaded bees the Venezuelan entails and a night Red Sox and I don't know. Maybe because you'll get a gaggle alienation to I don't know. Right that that that's that's markets like that like Daisuke rightly when they signed Daisuke that theory with that he would just make it all back in marketing or something that now I don't think that. I don't know how big a deal problems. Korea. All right so I I don't opens come from ownership or not but. He started two of the last seven games. John and we thought the slopes like it is not John Ferrell. Making it clear how he feels a policy available what he wants to happen. It seems it seems pretty hubby had a that you make statements at the guy like oh well with his picture on the mound who might have grumbled going to third base right I paraphrase. Doug literally thing. I got a few of you used the words quick in fields surface. OK talking about it's not minute part and what do they call in Houston now installment of a that's one of the did I can't run anymore that's an idea that some and one. And I yeah he he referenced. The surface. In the infield. As it is the excuse for why he wasn't playing Pablo Sandoval. This manager John doing a good job cinema by its players that situation. Now I get into. I don't know you have take the temperature or how I feel about this but. Mr. John in people bodies on the hot seat. Need to win games and you spell it out thirties winning team so be sick bubbles and of all I stand behind him Purdue and you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your job and I totally OK with that. And I think he's he's had to back with players too much. Wait and I think everybody agrees that that like Beckham played just crazy. But whatever on this player feels unprotected. You're wrong and you're sensitive and and we know we are dealing with these sensitive about I can confirm. Directly. Meanwhile he sought to figure out what you do this mess at their base of Plouffe is off it if he's gone he's with the race now they looked over the work. Somebody had interest so why didn't they make a move sooner because I was with a roster spot situation. I got to believe that the public holding everything up. It's what you make a decision about him what you know it's like you just you can't move full. Every doubled your facts before you really start. In relationship. Got a text coming in the says. Why not try teaching Blake swipe our third base. Which everybody will sell a hate going into the year. And by the way trust that if you wanna send text 3793 cents. Going back to last year right there there was this feeling that by moving plates flare to left field. You would interrupt that guy's development. That which. You wanted him not knowing what Christian baskets would be novelists into don't be you wanted him this year. To develop on the plate because the reason clarity and last in the big leagues last year. Least initially if he was not ready. As a catcher okay. Right now he's also getting to sixteen with a 27 DO BP. So I don't know of Blake's wife or if your answer offensively. You know he liked it Guerrero can play the position it is offensively yet if it's a matter like. I'd like Rutledge and and have liked Rutledge and and well this guy who got taken out of the position. When Valero took over is due partly had a terrible night. But it never defeated the effect of Rutledge has record that it into basically a month with worked on the position that he has been perfect since he's been back over there but. You need some voted him a production. And admirals around the league that. I like watching tomorrow play he's he's actually entertaining baseball player because he's that good defensively they I'd actually be curious to see that appeals felt that way news. Up in the like that Red Sox have watching it like appreciate. You know the guy hits nothing. X opposed to home run them one game Saint Louis and it was. Auto for Lou Maloney talked glowingly about his defense at third base demery. As you know I'm the agility and Hillary loves what what what what gets them going more than some some good glove work right appreciate that's. I need it looked. If if you can punts on the offense and just getting guys can play defense then. You literally have that in and Guerrero and on saying yeah. And then then that's fine but it but if they need this on the line and if you're not getting offensive production from other guys and you need it bad or at least capable back. Blake's like our here's my thing was why is that how many times you been moved around. He went from catcher to left field and that's how he got hurt last year was. Trying to make detached on the left field line in and yet no foul ground out there at Fenway Park in that left field corner Eagles crashed into the wall. Don for the year. And then they move them back to catch this offseason I mean if you get them back to catcher you have to. Have to give a chance that right. If if you're really telling a basic. OK if you move in the third base what are you gaining he really gaining much more than your current options the waste why are hitting it AAA. I would argue now and then you've been so so you have in one com. The gain for the team in in the near future in the other column it's what about the kids long term development league wild ever come. So what's the point of teaching Blix wire third base unless. Alessio work the point where you believe this great out because he's a great dad with his career. Is is better tracked should be a utility well do you really wanna. I don't think if your Blake's wife heart that's what you want that that that you wanna be relegated utility infield so. All right we're gonna take a break. We come back and get more of the Red Sox topics is a guzzling of the tax line right now if you wanna call in which you do that as well I know we have a a call waiting on the Red Sox pitching staff will get to that all your calls later tax six or 77797. ID 372 text in that 37937. Is Giles and relics. A WEEI.