OMF - Willie McGinest joins the show, reaction to JAX/Pats; The "Patriots are cheaters" argument is for fanboys 1-23-18

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Tuesday, January 23rd

HOUR 2 - When Willie spoke with us last week, he said that the Jaguars defense was one of the best he's ever seen. One week later, we get his reaction to the AFC Championship. The Super Bowl tends to draw the attention of people who may not be the biggest football fans in the country. This is all fine. Except when some of these people go on television and say "bleeeeh the Patriots cheat." Seems like a weak argument at this point. The callers chime in with some of their interactions with Eagles fans.


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You've wish. He explored ways alimony and forty K I'm the biggest Michael Jordan fan you'll find on the planet but this guy is even more clutch then why can't sort of Michael Jordan never lost in the final look at it hazard counters for the patriots team. Mean this is just the facts as established by investigations that are there they are treating team. Atlanta I mean the facts speak for themselves with the gland Lou and Christian at what. Point during the week were you confident Tom was going to be able to do what he needed to do to play forty well I think this is a lot more the media circus than it was. Football crisis and for itself that well think anybody does those close down. Pretty good movie planes and we'll see more of the media circus than it was football crisis. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Christians like the stretch but I'm not sure business is well became on the surface but. It was because nobody can get any information and it turns out I think it was a little bit more serious. And even some other people thought out their Brady was pretty revealing I thought yesterday wasn't it. Kind of waited out. It was a problem. So and reaction last night was pretty pretty interest thing will a lot of people on my god I mean look at Brady went through for the last three days. And it is certainly plays like that's impressive. I'll say this out of the associate Twitter but the patriots for the home team there wearing white who they couldn't play with a light. Jerseys for the Super Bowl go to Hawaii there are 30 under Bill Belichick and when they Wear white in the super yet to choose the Eagles yet again Tuesday Eagles when they were agreeing owing to new all time consumables and they wake re written and so now goals strategies Ali meant to allow mental stress it's night and I liked the slut and laundry UC dictates when I know the names out there wearing white. This thing is all day and they're wearing green there. Why even play I don't even need a game strategy Don I just jumped to ten except. Who's the first one from out of town is gonna sit there and and and tweet on typical in Boston they don't know where. Why eighths while I have ever wanna fell it slip into that they want I think white yeah why. Did you pregnant right to regulate I get why so you know adult comedy this makes total jerk or non profit value around there you're delusional if you were you won an award not a ten and I saw this headline. I usually don't read it registered headline got but I thought. I look like that we've and and I thought this and said. This is from for the win races lane Johnson Chris Long tell and a Photoshop to donate proceeds from the Eagles underdog shirts. So sit there read it I was like. I Chris I know you're donating your entire salary to charity but doesn't everybody wants to donate all their all the proceeds maybe they're doing. Money to publish what is this out of business anyway. At that because everything has suggested slams in a couple years they'd like to see and I think there's is that you shaming. You know the NFL pro shop who may wanna make some money off right and it just it's a now there's this whole extreme effort going on because this spells. Officials shops selling those these T shirt he's underdog T shirts with a Super Bowl logo. That the Eagles you know these are wearing the mask and editor of the massive Dougherty yesterday to profiting off of it. They're calling it the Philadelphia eagle and a pro pro line by fanatics brand blacks it's long it's a long life. It's a long forgive me for underdog T shirt please call it underdog T shirt so I don't know him. Point 799. And NFL officials shocked. That's had so. But long Elaine Johnson edges there not a press you know they're not excited about it and it starts rolling. The NFL and they say hey. I sold at our shots is able to be sure these are great. And Chris wants and today NFL you should donate the proceeds to charity like we did. And Elaine Johnson gets involved you know street saint talent to do the same date Chris Long gets involved again. I mean it's all charity. Love Sherri let me. Back to that than me. But not everything you appreciate everybody did and didn't go away the money yeah because marginal because you don't want to me doesn't yeah I don't. The entire salary for the original series he wasn't nominated for Walter Payton man of the year. That's often in west also. That's true price so we gave host Ben on hold and gave it. He gave up a million and you thought JJ what race what 38 the united I don't know what yeah I don't presently get G declared all the credit world. Was this month. 500000 sic crystals that hate my salary. That's pretty ball he's able dumb poor dumb or would you say the JJ watt. Should win this thing because guys is they hand you a question down the left and he organized that he put together the various charities. It's gonna win this thing off. So I watch is a wonderful guy is terrific guy who's go to Charlotte Carolina Carolina and. And also you have very little suits are yet to tide it doesn't surprise that John there's great guys and a nudge it did you what's gonna run away from. A run away with it but he wasn't man of the year was account Catholic like the ESPN magazine he on the judiciary in the you know that there can be out here earlier this Sony and if I don't sold military it's of these these military veterans. Were asking to run me they want to run a on suitable and boom. Asking everybody to military and to Zulu to stole met military medicine wasn't like an arm of the United States a service academies or whatever it is right there that's though it's this is like a separate group. A veterans they want to run Super Bowl ad. Asking everybody to stand during the national and it was nice and the NFL or not I guess of the Anna or whoever's miserable this year said no. I'm gonna run. I asked user going to be issues like I think I do not only wrote all you really commercial bit when I'm innocent people had a commercial when you're about abortion yeah and there's a big issue about that this stage when he. It's like a public money for it at 52. Act in a market and it into the ratings were down in the NFC championship game this past week it released by the way were down from one year ago and AFC journalist at the end since then people Olympic vote nearly don't pay gates as they wanted to say I. I get that side of up to you want out of a one nothing mention about any of this column apotheker. Any of this stuff. That's jeopardy go to this game god bless. United church and on track critic of course I go to the games somebody's a lunatic and what do you do not what are you don't hear it he holds his pit stop. And does something like that that's what he does. Right why would you exactly what you would usually the national we now. Nobody if you're cabinet generally anti you do is you have your day at radio row opaque. In eagle around you're message out everybody you'll talking I he doesn't talk. It is a do or thought that's voted out will he said the opportunity to talk and every showed America right nobody. That's really talk to me doesn't wanna talk. He just wants to be a symbol and it works much better for him as a simple talker a lot more now want more you would you talk about it the Illinois arts are sort of paint. Thank assist in the Anthony in the National Anthem at the Super Bowl yes pink. Pink neo. And noble she's. Of course it's market. This question because she's too I don't I don't I don't click base as say it's about this issue of a big question I have is Lola Justin Timberlake pull off Janet Jackson's rule brought you Hezbollah they would get Jackson beater to brought to be good. TT delightful myopia a problem he will be looking at like 61777. On seven ID 370. Are we gonna check in with a Willie McGinest are god Willie McGinest components O and we return to more or way Merom owning and forty on Sports Radio W. Sort of got anybody would take any sliver of information and really kind uses. For their advantage this move pretty stiff what did you think. The the Lou the patriots weren't born yet is it eleven of the last twelve teams. Did your wife is a global winners of one point eleven. I believe so yes eleven consecutive. Okay eleven of 1211 twelfth and some people are getting all excited suddenly that is out there on Twitter. It's out there that's a developed Erica three known white of him. And Eagles are always two greens so this thing results might show lost it's just it's coincidence it just all let's scroll. I don't wait I don't think that tolerable laundry the uniform has anything to do with who's gonna win the super ball. Let's find out if Willie mcinnis thinks that he's brought to you by wind river environmental. I don't buy it. I'm doing great barrier just money. We're doing work really well one it's kind of you know this monotonous you know it's like up here we go oh man go to the Super Bowl. And now it's just you know where. It's Russia. Also bad men are so bad right that there. I didn't skip a shoot take an ad that game over the weekend because if you look at what Doug Doug morons game plan was. And you look at the one thing that you feared the most from the jaguar side is that Boyd portals. Which is not be able to deal with the moment everything was working out. Perfectly. For you and yet New England again finds a way Tom Brady finds a way to win this thing. I was gonna say the presumably. A lot of things that was happening the first half. So simpler. New England. Home. Or didn't expect or similar to reduce what the back cover the backs had a really big day out of the actual on the first or actually built. And it's also miscommunication. So all. A couple of what are leadership it's notes are clustered with greater. It was written. In other runners get outside and given up their players are all key first perils. Home. And it was perfect Gary Player or shall web portals are where they were trying to do. You know offensively from there are all about clock there was the ball down field out at least at. You know you're good working whatever where's the area are more. You know there that's a perfect game you look at that speaker took another bill. There's secular there's adjustments that need to be may I don't think Jacksonville make those necessary adjustment. Upbeat outlook the game plan that was it and you know you know you played New England. So our situation it's about in game and have some adjustments and these are came out seven down certain and or expulsion low. So what what play stands out you the most to me we went over me yesterday there's a bunch and you know and the first. In the first half of the third and eighteen. I mean some of those in a mingling of the clocked a delay of game of the penalties that enabled. What do you the patriots to get points for half what what's what was the biggest play overall do you think in that game. I mean there's a lot of equipment in the past and shares player so a lot. And it just social situations you know. Well Christian situation for all manner almost thirty. You can't make mistakes and you can't give the pictures and and you know it was it was good evidence. In the U trigger when our what I did regain. I forgot about this that and even when I was certainly game. I'm sure they're there we're gonna have to win one on one matchup somewhere else. And and were able to do that so there's there's a lot of pleasure at ordered all Tom Daschle prepares appearing. They hit on war was a big ego wasn't very well debate in their character their. It featured the boss first down anyway it would lag of course presumed you know of course automatic rate and who also. There's a lot of different era through the red game I think will debate the the debate turtle are their defense. Really stepped wrestler. They just couldn't get nothing or arms actually this side of the ball. You know what I don't think any of us here thought that it hit a grown up it was thirty by any means I'm just curious your perspective defensive player and he would. Look at some of these guys do especially the dialer growth. Well I don't I don't I don't think there. I'm hoping church so I think it'll. And or settlement out of their dirty hit at all. Because of the hit radio shipment target how it happened. George was committed. While most racing here so when it if it had to be Helmut Albert sometimes. You know most things happen and they're split second reared. Door to react or get out post here are some ripples being. Markedly more of a monster compared to somebody straightened indeed being so big that a government big out at 8 o'clock or so. And and watching the game I know it was not sure he wasn't trying to promote certain element it just into that word. You know that's what happens now the Lee. Or try to protect players and as part of that so no orders orders. And we talked last week but the fact that. The remaining teams word defensive minded teams to four teams were all defensive minded teams one to. Four and five the Patriots defense because they don't have any significant. Names a couple of there but people kind of ignore them. They don't. Give the same type of respect to the New England Patriots and when you see it does like. Ricky John Francois and James Harrison. Comes over here in three weeks later he's making some big place. People can't figure out what they do you watch him you understand the defense. It inside and out. How could I think fourth quarter you can't score on his defense right now. They're really good. Since some post players don't start off would also Americans would you have there. Be consistent in your play there are bad like a lot of was here. Our home. When you look at their deeper they give you a lot of different looks a lot of different factors. Patricia berg of the bridge out there were certain guys. On the football domestic air strips like you'll see there's some out there and a lot of passing. Situations although there are a lot of you know let her personality as a normal ball. There's a great detriment block it was a physical game as a physical part. You nude or overweight before also games like this was built torture of the team went right into our governor all the all of the players. Limited ability it. When he doesn't and there's all the players and possibly arm. They do what we used to do the same thing. You're right it's dangerous. The game player traders and you know maybe reduction bill big machine well they solve. Last week against Tennessee Titans and you're you're not literacy. The same game plan because each team here are the pictures shot or go out because of the other side you differently. Each week so. Two weeks crucible where I Derek Jeter is going to be something that. So that we have matching before RB especially they've received or are they gonna see some bit from words calls. And it proceeds from the this god in the backyard that's what we are it was very. Willie talked bravely. You have been able debate I'm a massive. Let him let. Him. Could kind of busy right now. Started a whole load to express it in the mirror and you try to get out and congratulations. Equity real big guns out of England right now. I'm militia moral weight lips were. You can have your past history you can't help them anymore seeing that's he's moved on voters who don't. I listen we will see you next week so we won't know by phone will find a way of doing it alive out there in numb in Minnesota will see and actually. Water for a mouse you have mixed. Yeah Willie Willie McGee. It is the whole defensive thing that was one thing I've noticed the here in the last few days. You've got four of the top defenses in the league going into this past week one through four and five as it's at patriots at number five. Patriots is the defense didn't know at that most people nationally. Are not giving any respect and I say internal locally here. At the same way we not we should say. How the hell are they doing it every week they shut teams down in the fourth quarter can't scorn of of the fourth quarter. They give up yardage but Peyton don't necessarily get a point. Annika is that you should you go weakens in one way a bit that jumped in France welcomes another week and does something and you get. Parents can't. His donation plays. Let a pleasure it's just look at them now and I think two things that scheme and discipline. I don't think it's talent all over the field. You know it's scheme in discipline in a toilet is art is not quite Harrison it's just like this is what I need you to do. And you do this. I don't need you to blow by this guy one on one and whatever I need you. The set yet to do recognize what they're doing on offense and Jim beam position with. And by doing that's gonna help that got the right helping daddy left to do your job right that's just it. Tides it's like scheme and discipline. Because I don't fit that this secondaries with a talent is on this team. But. That's why I think people to state they don't they don't see the names they don't see that talent. On this defense and threes made it a love. And yet out say you know would with his as far as just looking goes really all of them you just knew that Jacksonville had. Well I knew that they had a limited amount of plays and formations they were gonna. Muddy the waters with a bunch of different looks and and much different route combinations or run plays. And then the longer the game went on and the more day more plays they ran Euro was a guy we've seen this before. We know the do when this now we got him in an ideal situation they don't they don't have any more placed into the recycling the old ones. With a little bit I can't be on it or the running the exact same play or all those plays all the plays of the backs were catching. They were doing anymore. NB a but it odd that you were first and second down success and obviously third downs has had seen it was a play into the hands of the patriots and their defense and if they were chasing. They were chasing but they weren't so far behind when the guy caught the ball we can tackle right or then Blake portals became Blake bore holes he started missing. So be it big because again. Got to be perfect so nick polls be perfect can be pervert for the entire game I mean it that militia ran off yesterday. It should be the same thing with with with Philly checklist it be a checklist OK when that when the time of possession when to turn over battle because in the red zone grown go to control Graf. The gonna give you the gonna give you a a similar to that they're gonna vote to what you saw last week and spread it out try to pile you up the middle gonna do the same. Got to give a lot of that same look just think is different I just think I think it the first two weeks the first two games the patriots were very similar. And it was like front seven game plan. On that front seven. I stop the run Accutane in mobile quarterback. That's it right. Did you think that that was kind of at linebacker play maybe that's it the weakest point now what is this exposed. Last week. But against this Philly team and we got to stop the run they're a powerful back but isn't it more secondary defense. No is it more still you don't think it is you'll know I thought Al I don't Jeffrey and you are exact hurts at Torrey Smith go deep. More so than it was the first or you all are well I thought you meant their defense and so the value if the patriots it's the paid yeah it's it'll be more on their secondary yes stopping the vertical game. The wide receivers. Because the first two games at wary about their wide receivers now. It was stopped the run contain a mole quarter now in you've got another situation and that's when nick false I think his suit is doing so well as you've got the safety valve and in soccer team just mentioned him. They go to him an awful lot easier underneath guy he's got that when everything is breaking down let's go words he's gonna get us in to the chain of close to the chamber direct. They have more offensive weapons I thought you meant the other way around. Because I thought last week they faced the best corners dual quarters they're going to not a face only a little patriot yet the evidence yet paid a record. Defensive game. Yeah I would say that it's if it's something that they're gonna have to I guess at least address at some point in time which I'm sure they ruled devoted bunch of time. Is that Dolan. Like that is he's unique player because he's not necessarily just that Julian Edelman tight. He's more than that race yet that either you follow him around your bracket them you devote a different type of coverage to him. Or people want your better coverage guys on him there before leaving somebody also opened him that's gonna be a case the disappearance say. Cross not going to be it is in the dole is not going to be this. OK so you take your best cover guys that your 211 with a rock and then and dole is manned up now who becomes important who becomes. You know who comes who has did the toughest challenge so we told again and Louis. Him or diet cokes or sects I mean so what does that mean act or sat Patricia we have this last June's your ball because that's what air a it landed did effectively last year who winds up winning the game coming up with a lot of big plays into why I do think that the the burden can bomb and another as I think that the burden of covering all those athletes. Okay and neck in a normal situation is tough. What a great quarterback that knows how to dissect a defense and is and is patient enough to like deal with that they hits and a lack of production early in the game. Is too tough for you old ultimately overcome for four quarters because he eventually. They're gonna get tired they're gonna take a playoff there is seagulls there a peek into the backfield or breaks gonna throw a dark one of the players and there's just too many half. The only difference is is that with this Philly team. With 55 seconds to go to timeouts that kneeling now you know are not the only differences that with thankful five minutes to go in the third quarter. This Philly team that don't will see. I don't think that it just try to hold thought. Right run run run run pass punt run run pass puck that I just try to hold on some blog you're like you said for four quarters trying to figure it out. And eventually Brady will figured out. The question is what about that Phillies offense. It's not gonna be checked. Just trying to hold on which is exactly what it felt like up to what heated tents just hold on. Run the clock pundit defense. That's our strength. I don't Phillies got a good defense I think offensively they can do more. Yes not act in watching a NFC game again. The big problem there was. You know people said moment sort of didn't play no can skim just blow you fell apart. He he saw the ghost he saw it does coming off the end he started panic and and he blew that gained it but district is that defense snicker Trent but the coming off the edge Philip himself Diaz which we all know is the strength of Tom Brady. He's got eyes in the side of the said he sees some of that stuff. I'm not as worried about that Philadelphia. A defense guy right of the offense and they can't still comes down nick fool is he gonna go out throw the ball 75% clip again. That's what he's been doing what is he going to do that again is that can change their running game a job right now is far more a part of it. Where would Garret blunt is more of your you know goal line more power guy in in short yard situation. Where before they didn't have a job remember they had to go out and get some gotten so they've kind of changed what you're doing. Offensively but echoed our there's no Donna this is another tough game and again. I don't think the patriots. Are nearly as good as some of the teams we've seen over the last eighteen years so I think that plays into no. Want to be institute is a one weakness that the pictures we saw last week you and even the court grant just three catches and three catches all year right for 59 yards and is that linebackers covering guys out of the backfield and they're running backs don't catch the ball. Are correct we don't blunt doesn't indicate one that agencies and they gave it Jai. He isn't easy to winning a solid season as they ten for Philly Colette doesn't really catch the ball is not that's silly eight and the year ten year. The running backs but maybe that well maybe they'll do that more and of its Kyoto exploit the linebackers but. That's there it's a weakness the patriots but it's not sought the Philly normally does and by the way it's another team. That struggles against tight ends they're not great against tight ends defending tightest. So a healthy Glock might be. In in this game quite 6177797937. That's our phone number I know I'll be go to your phone calls we'll talk some football the patriots. And now last week's game and well twelve days from around the game expo. Periods to lend 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way now back to more we're way we're looking at 48 watch Sports Radio W. I wanna talk about Super Bowl last year south. But it hasn't cougars broke the patriots keep me in this this is the fact. As established by investigations that are very cheating team a czar I don't you tell you tell different government. Good luck and I mean the facts speak for themselves. Well we'll let themselves so what effects that aren't tapper. Did you go on to CNN McKinney I'm happy now. We're gonna get worked up about this if you don't hear a zillion of them if you're Philadelphia fans. If you've been frustrated all these years to Jeanne you did you know you get a little Smith and then suddenly you can't win it and you know Donovan McNabb put the paper bag trying to you know hyperventilating. Underneath. You frustrated you go crazy. So you're gonna do whatever you can't in the first thing you can do if you wanna hurt the New England Patriots if you wanna hurt a fat guy what he said you're fat. You are killing the patriots are New England Patriots their first thing is that each Irsay first. Are there that is site come gotten probably not a football fan because it's just it's at it's it's the surfers are to. You know I'm just saying that you don't really know you city's independence of balls you're all excited played a patriot what do they do they cheat. He knows any of the details and now into assailant so it's just like your original and orbit doesn't fall away. The plane patriots. They cheat you know so it's. It is you would know right away the arrogance of the tea. Instead he's say that's it documented Wilfork is utterly and any other information I don't know not the talk about your does that mean the facts speak for themselves with the. Housing numbers Marshall Simmons should stick Omar effects of the thoughts I think of social. Don't get worked up about any of the stuff people over the next few weeks you're gonna get this nonstop cheaters are gonna come back deflate Kate's going to combine I think you could better look at the facts because of if you Philadelphia that's Richard if our affiliate do more concerned about their own franchise but you can do not we never. We never do that nobody ever does right. Nine activity and is it such a tired old little almost like a cliche now it's just kind of more now it's played out. And you got Osama laid out yeah notes from. You tell me they're gonna go. You know in order is it's like it's like you get a fight with somebody to get their ass kicked and beat kicked in the balls. Right it's like okay I'm getting suffocated here my only recourse is to go for the cheap shot. That lazy man shot. And that's what they do that that's the cheating mentality is with any and I think you'll see it. Awesome don't they don't hear about it I don't we should look down there. I think it'll be because its so it's somebody says that legally be serious right now. Even if they did you over the worst cheaters in the world and got cut everything the time promised never do again. Last of the flaky they've proved you wrong all great old old pregnant and Christian name has not unionized relative. Now you did you think they are not good way though it played out argument though well it is Geraldo but none of them but Ashley so that's all you got. So work were debating these guys. And you tell me the only comic you had is you guys cheat but that's it yeah practices that says that's when you round and it's here if I lose to write music EG that I didn't end there runaway you know is it still cheating and the victim that you got any rash cynical and don't get ready Ford and now slightly worn out glacier or not what I asked you not agree. That is because it's warm out terrible like it's my course it's my favorite but rhetoric backed up that OK Jimmy and Jimmy if ever there was one other our argument could you throw on there. How can you put the patriots honey put it back I put I don't think they are running these days. Agency don't like him because they keep winning to say we would like the Yankees just argued any other franchise that is dominated that's the reason why you don't like him. Because this is say the you know now you're back in the other sign again of the Marshall Faulk argument. No have they once in spiky no fact OK well now they have. Have they want since the flaky in fact I'm Wilson he'll let us you know so. Was already suspended they still continue to wait yes they did and that was later deal with facts now and you deal with the likes elements of the world. Their fingers in the area isn't that none and then. On an island and pull you even imagine. Kellerman is light. Is his defiance. And is an ability just to give up is pathetic. It's like dude you can you not fees that you're you're backing a losing horse. I mean it even that isn't even that. Now you look like immediately get a little right and bad in sports. Right yeah no they're not they're right you're dumb for picking the one guy that he should hold up to when he came on birthday to show. For first take apply said okay we're gonna make a splash you guys see something controversial you know Soviet yeah really just jab at somebody you don't think. Number I get up Tom Brady. True there was silence in the room. And Steve and isn't sure. Yet gap our piece out all right fine he doesn't if the worst pick and a history of pigs. He's been wrong every single here are I thought I eighteen months to Barton doubled. It's gonna be right under his own day feast days with the that he will be correct so enjoy watch you can OK. All right you know fortunately for him it'll probably be it 106 season you know on eleven and five season for knowingly because they'll get a pick up the Vic falls or something. As their quarterback. I won't touch somebody in Philadelphia accident Philadelphia hello Jason. I'm one who lost acquaintances but that could set and I can't. If you guys are animals if you wanted. And they are. And I IQ what they've been to Turkey. And what at least for JD to collect at outlets open to treat. Fact when you could prove that they aren't important likes onions shattered. I'm I'm with you I mean they are vicious violent animals. Right from the get down there with the. Well if you were less able to implement and to get back to that is that the city of Philly. And I brought this to my wife's or through service distributor. Ball respond to a gain to opt in like old hacker. Yeah I saw the results of the video of them dearly. Not. Element. I loved it listens to it we remembered from from Jacksonville it's going to be absolutely. You know crazy there's no question about is those people are out of their minds. Are. But I saw this yesterday and that people have a New England were like before 2000 if you remember the old stadium. OK with the aluminum benches or whenever I remember a Monday Night Football game down there they do they had debate ends. Thank you very much that they had a man. Monday Night Football games down and in Foxborough after a patriots jets game. In which patriots fan page real bad. We now and Tony okay Bruins games they used to throw bottles out on the is okay though. So now there now the fans involved in winning and success there educated you know improper. Sports fans they walked in with. News in years but it your regular gay disease to disease Google. And it noted that that I hot dog run our business does it. It that I don't think so I saw a lot of pressure a lot of video last and viking fans you guys price art to travel more to the parking lot. And Al drugs out of anger callable all sorts of Danes or whatever. You know you'll get a guy that it will do that every once in awhile to somebody walks in the awful bill jurors hear jets Jersey when you're down in in Foxborough. It's still. Have 99%. Of the people all direct their attention to somebody who's wearing a laundry different than theirs and start calling him a hold. A lot was as yesterday militants and treat 2000 when they're bad and we were there Lou well we were back. But we weren't like this. I'm just saying we were people in Philly well by that I mean like you in Boston. Only people moll in the big mouth and yap at ya know there was a lot of Libby Lu in the final months Alabi gauge of violence. These people look forward everyday. These people aboard every these people or worse because all that the Iraqi. Ambassador these people weren't surprised signs yeah Iraqi gobble up these people worse because the drought for them as it lasted a lot longer so what would it. Then lights here. If the drought continued for the rights if they're drought continued for the patriots head of the job conceded with a bruised is the Celtics have won a bunch of those in right. I think you would've been a we want it. We're really glad not like ever want to move we will not let them fascists I agree I think you're right did it get worse now because. It's it's it's it's 2000 and AT and so they've gone a lot longer what do you think it's gonna be like in Minnesota. At the malvo American nice peaceful mid Willis trashing a don't want you here. Know exactly. We'll throw it boots still in the now Stoller and is a threat what do they got a grasp at anything of the world through those doors in a ball out of yeah. You're dealing with a really bad there's there's like so collected Nickelodeon lane or something like that it's like right in the middle of the mall merit would think that can. Be waking up with Dora the Explorer really don't get a bit Sana to like wiper goes slightly when I. File that bill by the way I mean it's gonna be people sleeping in the east and in the open right. Yes let's go to our go to all night can be only unity of they've warmed up. Yeah at yeah a lot of places to go to. His radio rows over they can listen to a degree program program that actually I'll have you sent this to return to break I find this hard to believe. But I think you worked for. Setting up radio row in the food court at the Mall of America well not just from Jerry felt as soon. Yes allows Boehner and Ted that we unit costs. Tree it's got to realize it's got to be our own behalf I think it's going to be closed easily have been a suitable for full radio row the security. Yeah to get through there is a lot of security get the radio rows of people in the NFL hall of famers you name right. He's got to be security to get through the radio row section of this food court he's not gonna just happened to be open. To anybody wandering in mall so short a cause problems. What would you simply put one of those dog mask on you know look over the over your head into a near Apple's problem shirt. A six movies there was people put the dollar hits and notice it's the Persian movies per yes that's the that's what it feels like an in Philly. It just there are some things you can't let these people in with those dog mask over their head you can't do. I would be dogged you can't you can't allow that. As securing join the bases and doing doing anybody any favors by eight you know keeping them an underdog. Is that it activated plane right into. Yes OC BS that this whole like John Markovic you know pregame lewis' children a privilege it is far too long well you know what it was all I know about it and I was almost alone. I just Newton democracy and also master he's he's he's great piece or does money Jaycee Dugard they're doing this whole David vs Goliath you know against Jacksonville. And I thought I was like you know what is the problem. The patriots think there'd these they think they're a life. They have a they have it David mentality regardless of who they're playing her how much success they have. So they don't roll in there like with the with the big rock you know they roll roll in there with a slim. Shot you know what they do though and this is where there are a lot like we were before 2000. If it blows up on them and they lose this game and it's had miraculously. Play by Tom Brady. And with with twelve seconds left in the game whatever they will turn on their team. They will hate their team they will go out it'll be yeah I don't think so oh yes they will because it is well no because it will be their future. That it happened. Carson went to the plane. So it'll be like valued art final next fuel which comes back I don't know most players go off the field they will we call and that those eagle fans will be calling them every name of the book they will hate those players know it by next fall they'll be good Carson once played Agassi out at daylight if he's a guy goes down let's see how it happened. As we call it the patriots have. Breaux and psychologically growing organizations. The I don't think they psychologically ruined Jacksonville in Italy coughed up the leak because and down there they realize that. The move to target for quarterback Luke went into the same thing with Philly happen to lose this game they'll sit disable. Or BP went down and it took the last minute or so this game first balloon flew patriot fans watch their team fall behind 28 to three last year OK you know what they did instead of screaming at Tom Brady in the players or whatever. They got would Mark Wahlberg. Now I couldn't see it I can watch as soon as I normally that's your take the Eagles fans will turn on the thirteenth. They will turn on their team they will. And if they lose it at the end as those guys exit off the field they will be called them all named an all different names of the port and by the way. That's exactly what we use to two years ago we would turn on you bastards. Oh. Okay they're gonna so. Are we get to your phone calls it 6177797. Down to 37 coming up next.