OMF - A Whole New World for Josh McDaniels; It's Theory Thursday 2-8-18

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Thursday, February 8th

HOUR 1 - Some clarity has been added to the many puzzling storylines coming out of the Super Bowl. But for the stuff we don't know? Let's throw some more junk against the wall and see what sticks! And who knew it would take a magic carpet ride with Bill Belichick for Josh McDaniels to turn his back on the Colts HC job.


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On him maybe. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 there were two things unfold. It really made Josh McDaniels shipped here Bill Belichick said they him. I want you to be by my side on an open my world news show you. How like you roster building how I look at financials and the salary cap Bob Kraft. Flat Josh McDaniels. They're owners crazy and I'm not there quarterback Andrew Luck has a bad shoulder ours is the greatest of all time will be back in the AFC championship at minimum. They flipped him with Ku and mu and Christian bill. Knows exactly what he's supposed to do on every single pool you and I we don't is that possible get a tattoo yesterday the right back in bill we trust right or a bad decision can play the love it would be until they know Garnett stopped the secondary stuff here's actually it's you'd think he would make the argument because you have no answers all your answer is I stupidity knows knowledgeable opinion. On Sports Radio WEEI. I did anybody really believe this is just taken out of context this is the quote if I don't Belichick. I'm going to open mind Warhol's studio does anybody really believe that I'm not the. I'll hold the world I'd like the land of a hole. It isn't it it turned into like a musical right I hate that to deter the delegate his musical in any areas think even I can't come on magic carpet gosh come on I had a question all the. It's ours is a free ride just the label is just and then here I Robert Kraft pizza. It isn't and its. Neighbors does look powerful. Group of all I'm. My. It is their own. It. Do and Josh but a much at all of these. Models and and yeah. A month ago but there's a month you have succeeds him. I've been. And the and he was apparent. Maybe a little cynical and I was admitted to put the blood in the bills that I'm gonna open my world do you hold the whole all the it was bad. There closure and I think I'm Josh McKinley was the first thing as me is why should close all the GA your way at all that I think a lot. I. Thought up our entire territory going to be okay. Aren't isn't it this week is well let me do it but don't you dare closure rah stuff. Packed. Yeah. One so I. Girls and boys don't match what onlookers and campaign jobs well enough. Well do well. Obama met admits it is flying around and that comes a day is going over there. And advises people that you. Look ahead it's supposed to be playing 20. Oh man I just don't see pills thing that I'm sorry I'd call me cynical not you you know not I don't know. I got arrows and a half hour. That you guys about a half hearted thing and it turned in the summer now you know. You know High School Musical might have been crowds that might have been somebody else who sugar quotas must now she I don't kind of open our I don't let Josh Siegel books on the salary cap gas are required him Jimmy only evaluate your youth and energy. Yeah evaluated downward. And I anyway let's. It head coach what. He. Let's evaluate but he was doing it the wrong way and see what we all know he won relatives people aren't all bad. Seed and yeah it has the Hamas and I Chacon who. And that it. I like god they got satanic pattern. That may be. Actually I've cried I've read a quote I. I'd love my hands reached pair phrasing that's got to be honor phrase I mean I don't. Yeah old Alexandra do we will know around the it's like outmoded yeah. Talking caterpillar. And August and and piled almost as my earrings as an interesting. There was a lot of theories that we can we get there is carried off extraordinary Thursday's Mary Earth Day everything we are up for insert itself we don't ask don't. Mike recent okay here's what he's taken the position ever. You know witnesses to bring you Josh McDaniels this is craft he's pissed off about Jimmy G stuff. He's pissed that a Belgian frequently don't know our Brady is the war I thought I don't have a rating when's the war so what this is Belichick is gonna be out effect I. I don't even think he's going to be there on opening day Weber all of theories out there. So Mikey Greece goes and totally different directions you know one. Which stuff gets uncomfortable Mikey Reece finds a way of bringing us back right comfortable president Disney's beat me so narratives. I Josh McDaniels return might aches and bill Belichick's coaching when. When Josh McDaniels reversed course to return to the New England Patriots on Tuesday. One of the first questions that spark was how much mortgage Bill Belichick went to coach Belichick turns to a 66 in April he's committed to be back in 2018. Seems fair to say easier a year after that some only mcdaniels return could accelerate Belichick's eventual retirement we towed to bottle at the rate. But he says something totally different. It actually might prolong his stay on the sideline. Because it reduces what what I bet eight majors rain. This was shaping up to be one of Belichick's most challenging years. Because he was going to have to replacement Daniels is offensive coordinator. Defense of coordinator Matt Patricia may be even special teams coach Joseph judge. Whose contract is expiring may Daniel's return. Takes a major headache away from Belichick as the patriots didn't have. A clear in house candidate to replace the offensive coordinator. So basically this point is. Gotta be here longer right now because this is yeah easing everything. Forum. Interest thing yeah we've had other theories are everywhere in the bottlers and nobody really knows that struck on to saint lake meadows that's true. I think he's gonna coach this year I think that's probably the only thing that I feel like I know I think he's gonna be back this year we don't know. Having just needed different offense supported different defensive coordinator maybe you'll then considered signal a bill might stick around for law because the challenges is who years. He wants to see you work he wants to build you know the what he wants a goal for a third dynasty. He'll for the third time in New York he wants to try to win three out of four you know it did years ago when he attempted to do now. And did you know it's all new to him it's it's you know inspired him to kind of continue notes. These are much of the much yet I think he's gonna be here. Longer than everybody else I'd I do too. I NN I mean I know you feel the same way a Christian and I just from talking to put it nobody else I mean Crockett Brady you know the discussion of the week. No no you're right Lou nobody knows but I think the people around him. Give you the sense that he's going to be here for awhile and I think the one thing that that that people aren't touching upon enough. And I thought it was interest in worker Sheehan did it kind of took it out of context. And wasn't sure exactly what was so somebody talked to work a sham punched her son's. But at nobody is he got confused in the article if you remember that he wanted to like wait and hold on and he and over the reins. To them to one of the two kids as the knicks' pick out. I don't think that is is in play here. I think what he's in line. He loves the fact he's got adult sons that he can spend time where everybody got single day this to him is unbelievable. You know bills a divorced. Bill has. Blended nowadays life. He's got the kids and adult kids is I can tell you when they go off in the there own little world constantly you know you cherish you'll you'll view it as I had said no you cherish the moments you can you can. Charlie Weis said he Hewlett time it's the only time and I think I think that's huge for bill plus he knows the kids want to do what he did. He wanted to do what his father did. I think bill's going to be around for a long time and they keep your if you're asking me what the number one reason is it's those two kids. I mean. You are probably. I don't know that's that's the whole thing as good and a more reason that is the only reason yes it upon lining up the reasons I Greece makes up an interesting situation on its external let alone a it's going to be. I think don't do this explosion. This is gonna. I know all I've argued this this is why I see how. Feel walked into the bills and here goes a little genie in the old magic carpet if he's going to transmit it looks between you. Two. And talked did we talk salary cap. There's you trust me I did talk talent evaluation and start to talk to about chemical all right Josh G-Unit. I've sort of there are a lot of things that I just a bill do a lot of things. Don't know about this stuff the lot of things we don't know the one thing I think I'm 100% positive I do know. He never said I am going to open my entire world golf Paulo literally overall Orton never an outfit the only. Really getting the all youthful ours kids. Because I would say right at me he looks set a house chanting and what Mike Shanahan did and that a lot of a lot of people looked down upon that nepotism like guy you just bringing your kid in the tunnel the only guy out there he has yet he earned it. So. He's he's already you know he's already made it happens helmets that's fine I mean wait builds bump fills and it's been going on for years. So as the Verlander and now it is like what's but the timing of this whole thing that's what I don't understand but it. They just sat down on Monday because the season was over. On Tuesday as the season was already opened up this told the world that Josh McDaniels well we're hearing that bill. Was a proponent of this he was portion event but do you really believe that during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl bill was going to take time away. From the game plan might have made an ounce by doing that. But who's gonna take it away to actually address the situation not vote on public. I don't read week fourteen. Which sixteen. Public the bye week you know hey Josh you gotta go interview with these jobs. You want I mean we've been down this role before Josh McDaniels ever be turned down job opportunities are meetings and other teams. You can't you can't sit there today so what's the deal and pitchers like hey I'm good interview for New York can be in you for Detroit. Is this is what I want bill I appreciate everything Josh again I'm getting a view at this in this in this. This is what you guys watch and you know look good for you mean that that the weekly after the season was all we're during the bye week. They're out there interviewing with everybody. Why don't you just sit there and say listen Josh I am. If you're kind of wishy washy I'll open up my world view and the. You know we don't want gul. But why wasn't that done before adjustment did decide to go meet with everybody has I'd love to know which you were his hope and by the way is maybe take a fool but we've been killed two senator he was found out this morning though that statement only human you know the other if you're that another coach do you see jobs coming going off to a good to learned the churches like I know you'll you know what what what company anyway I mean look on all the other caught it right artist does it I want magic as I know the secrets. But it's like it's like guys like him at the golden take usually I only time Wonka the kids are at the patriots could express. There opinion towards Josh McDaniels that they don't want him to go that they would like to keep them here that they would offer an extension was Tuesday. That was that was the first candidate they can let him know that they've let it isn't happening Bonilla at the table. Ask all my job a whole new world like you know like little picture you know consent of that Josh McDaniels now has that whole new world what it's like. You gonna to the executive club like you know only the really cool people go here. How does that work was him because he's an opposite corner he's strictly a running the offense. So there's an offseason. You know to coral that he's getting right is he does in the room but he doesn't have an opinion easy just listening. I mean during the week on Monday and Tuesday. A hazy eighty breaking down film and put in the office together is he also going out on a Tuesday and watching guys work out. Or Izzy Izzy Izzy Brit is he said yesterday he had to get any source whatsoever seems really seems really kind of hollow. If he's really just this is surface driven Nokia would give you this title but it's really just. Mean I don't talent or value right be involved in that part of the talent side of the the I think he was he was involved. But I was not undated baby just on the offensive side is gonna get involved in a defensive side when he got to say listen here's the film of Britain and is Keiko rappel. A what you come down to watch him work out I want you to see him throw or his the film watch this kid look at his games. He has to be involved. In that right there in years past or Hillary story that's why does she moved to bring in this idea how to think. Can use them so right so he has Braga is is is restored they say would you consider staying if we did this. And the big question is why is this. There are two things I'm told they're really made Josh McDaniels shift here number one Bill Belichick said to him. Good over them by name title were a bit yet but I want you to people and myself I it's like. And Enron but now we're gonna be just bodies you know. I'm gonna open up my entire world I'm gonna show you about our view roster building how I look at financials. And the salary cap. To make Daniels was 41 years old the chance to be would Belichick arguably the greatest coach of all time 65 years old at that opportunity was viewed as to be extremely valuable to him than his once skeptical Oval Office. I'm because one. He's got his side he's at the opportunity through osmosis. To pick up stuff from the the the genius right and on top of that. If his desire was always to be head coaching he's been paid coach before. Would spend some time when you've got some free time and learn the salary cap inside and out a short. A little bit complicated but if that's what you send that's what you want I was sent to help you not learn the cap inside now you know you're not work Enron. Bill you would think yes especially the last two to three years when you've or even before. W he became a head coach. In what the hell we doing now and Lisa salary cap stuff and and since then you got to be thinking OK now. I failed the first time as a head coach and go back is offensive coordinator my eyes and ears are gonna be open I wanna see more of it now. A wanna have a better understanding of how everything works the next album head coach. Which we all feel like that that was a desire at some point sure we'll all be better attic. Wasn't he hasn't been going. At the CI and the most bills felt it for united it is what it is noted is. I thought about it's you know Josh McDaniels. Is Charlie bucket from Willy Wonka put up until his death so. Take care of the Atlantic here do homeless program I don't know the little football loved to tell. People do wonder if he's his way. Six times this is this politics. The peninsula along loving loving child which is Jon Johnston. Whom he kind of looks like that's what it of this whole thing you lose some giant and so that's what we're calling it right. Hearing Thursday when they're on every Thursday just this is a big giant chess Alaska every day of the Wimbledon summit called Jimerson and how many gave him down for him to. Nobody occidental sees him take then I'm gonna give them a better awful exe is looking back. And I'll put a little god stop right there on. That. Got out of yeah it. Figures say this is especially saying right now when he he didn't know the cap he slugged it you know there are days at work there are days while we're at another. I here's the second part Mikey reached throws out there in theory Thursday here second part of this. That appealed to Josh McDaniels. Was when the patriots sort of sold him on the idea. That is kids who are twelve pins six and three would have stability. Because they were willing to make any long term commitment to him that in this coaching profession. It is hard to have your kids in the same school system for the retiree you they were willing to make a commitment to him from eight timeframe perspective. That was possible your kids will be able to spend. All twelve years in the Foxborough school so. He noted what I. Well first off you're better off you're leaving now well gay because what's that deal five years yes our some twelve year old senior high school we make his father from making him leave it. Okay the out what was in that Levin would get ten hold because I don't we have that twice fifteen to and it's the best. Has he loves this check out and school when he got a crush on just fifteen. The six year old she's she's past and the three euros is he's actually got friends now yes he's like in fifth grade. And the three year old that let's start in second grade and. In his tell where Mosul the streets in five years it's even worse in five years. This is all. So I don't get with so women just didn't understand that. When he originally took the job with Indianapolis how much I don't I. I'm glad I got by the money and when he when he will burglary tumble like in lowering the capital and the numbers and stuff like that most guys most coaches. Don't have that ability. They don't do the whole GM coach but he was already at Denver as a matter you have to do what you tablet you have a little out you have he was and what happened there in their personnel of course he's the head coach. My point as far as the numbers in the caps and you know moving this number get this guy this value blah blah blah. Options yeah guided does that Mike Holmgren had a guy edited that all the codes that are dealt with I get them all and I. I don't want a real debate he knows he knows the place. What do you what letting you know the basic fears that you say you continue to easily excuse might have easily it's working for easily you can easily take it head coaching job and no nothing. I think about the cap. Nothing. Did you not buy the groceries. You you tell you tell your GM I need to we need a quarterback. OK and we need to left tackle we need to nose tackle an outlet to get a quarter and a special teams guy. I take you guys I'd like. You tell me if we can afford him or not really that that relationship has been going on for. Years it's it's the older coaches out a lot of credibility that when they sign a new content they think you know I want control. And I wanna be the coach most guys don't get both. And that's what you hope the GM and the head coach have a good relationship so they can work together and and crunched the numbers and I'm the guy. And then decide together who they're gonna keep. And with a gonna get it right so here's the the the conclusion here the theory. On there theory third period period third period there every part of it there's capital that. So Josh McDaniels takes that information. The information we just gave you but the cap and about the roster building and about the twelve in the ten in this excellent for a hero takes all that information. Now he did that any had to make that decision like this is Tuesday. And he didn't have that information up to this point apparently. So it's Tuesday suddenly he has this information I had no ID guys want to keep. That you don't let me go to Indy and it is you've flattened me with all of these. Gets exactly. This is great news about how we've just woke up how should you arrive in the cockpit. And ended ended but there's something electric and we do what is. Get to go on the first flow would hold a trophy on the job I could just open up just a giant wrap it and bill. Get what you judgment and we got a calculator for you here our salary cap 1:1 Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock. Here where the time comes in when when you learn those things and it's like so he's had an excuse you have a group you have leukemia had gone over in a player evaluation and what this guy. OK guys everybody to leave the room as noted Johnson. Talk about whether or for the stern sorry run got to leave that you built a little. I guess as a you know the best like always and that does that's his arrow thing he's a deeper more and the powerful like executive boys have a better got a. You have to the one thing I thought that I would I don't I don't fly via the family side of the of the family you know about it but it is a thing at Wheaton whatever I understand but. Staying. Somewhere for 45 years one of the nice added bonuses of that. Is your family doesn't have to move right. That's an added bonus I'm sure that the Finley is excited about what shall decide not to go that's an added bonus but not the reason why you don't leak. That's not I love this place has not seen yet. I continued on Saturday close of the sailor it's not it's a nice added bonus once you decide to stay. But this is this is that life of me and this is he gonna turn down a full five year deal over seven million dollars and be one of the highest paid head coaches. You know double your salary no maybe now doubling it before probably tripling it before they gave Google added bonus. You're gonna go to Indianapolis. Innocent Israelis and it would just. Yeah in this camp it probably looked at a that's why. If you really wanna do Josh and you know we'll get up and believable go to Indianapolis that this injured because that's what they would do. When he finally said no I really wanna stay here in Foxboro I know you and kids really love Foxboro whatever he's probably find with a but he was she was probably more fine with the in that he did not want to elevate himself. To be done head honcho he was willing to be the offensive coordinator so she saw that she's at OK I get Foxboro. You're you're cool would be any offensive coordinator you don't need to be dead goat but here's what's happened. At least take your. Called it a challenging yourself yes. You're cold never try to take their lack extent designs that you're scared to got to do you know what it's become the director that's what you just gotta open the book is why some people with I call. Can't or something on your gonna made man that's going okay you're here for life is as long as you don't go outside the frame with yeah I got my friends in my living Bible class is hunting and have the money in my music channel put the keys are gamblers don't union teacher than me if we don't have babysitters off on the bad that we had been gravy and you know I'll artists it is not easy fighting all babies once you get when you. Data is there whether it. Brand new dry cleaning service news Austin that go. You know without all the nice things that are coming off an ample and heart of. He's taken have to pay but you're still gonna liberal really comfortable life from all of them are put his right hopefully and I know what people do when they're looking at same and they're doing it in the outside world. What does Charlie Weis says it must be crazy if he's not in line to be the next headcount I'm not sure he's in lined up. Coach you know and I tell you how much you know and because it it I said I'm not kidding when I say it is. Everything's subject to change and not going to sit there and there's only different things that can happen he he just be the next in line. I mean not technically what I'll just got not okay did you tell me what you are subject to change but when there if there's a line of successors who was who don't want. Let me give you want that's okay but yet now but would bills not going anywhere. So what he's shown lying so we're it will write in where right in the deal's not going anywhere and Mikey Reese is right that this might beat the a longer shelf life now for bill because the life becomes a little pushy or because he's got them the comfortable people around him. If killings around for three or four years gone. Now you have the next quarterback it's not unique or rappel which is what Josh warm. It's some other kid who knows you said yesterday probably get that made a decision yesterday I don't know if I signed yesterday are. Now Josh is out there and the team is five and mental and the team is struggling because the quarterback and he offense can't do anything. What was he is the offensive coordinator when he was in Saint Louis when he didn't have the tools they with the worst offense in the league. Number 32. So if he can't do it. Does Bob Kraft look at him as head coaching material. We look at him now let's say just hit a great jobs coming off of the Super Bowl. In which they lost again but we can't play Josh can't blame Tom Brady. But for five years from now when they don't have the confidence and Josh can't put up 33 points and a freaking game and he doesn't have a quarterback. Is Bob Kraft or Jonathan Kraft gonna look at is that Josh is our next head coach no. I mean no well I wouldn't be surprised the other thing is based on the ways they do business you know I would be surprised if somebody LeapFrog him and he's a coordinator for life so. I wouldn't either. And it's and see that happen before Panetta organization dislike it wouldn't be surprised at all O'Brien hey good to us for years and then he gets fired and suddenly bill O'Brien is open in the marketplace and crafts looking at also just Josh national rumbling here. And get a pretty good job down there in Houston I'm talking about 202021. Whatever. And he did he brings him Billy O'Brien. I think there any guarantees but people are reacting right now to complete this is and that affects some people think bill has gone before us weekends. In 2000 well it's because people feel adjustment Daniels. Ups is Marca. And this makes no sense to be stupid. To turn down their job in Indianapolis if he didn't. Wasn't told that he's the next guy you know when the reality it's just can't win means just. He doesn't want to be head coach he's wanna go somewhere else and fail he kind of likes to slow job or you're currently being second charge. His Robert Andino and I was ready to be that he's a head coach and therefore I don't seriously. Want this guy's an excellent coach what he did that's disgraceful. What he didn't Indianapolis to be honest with the act and it's not just turned on a franchise that I don't like it's what he did to these other coaches. Who by the way all you don't want to leave Foxborough did you like we have fairly there's always that nice all well against Kyoto because of what disrupted your family. You know what you did get a guy down in Dallas who accepted your job. You have Dallas nicer than a box bro. Dallas warm weather and went to Indy because you are asked you think he's mystic has yet to move his family but you don't wanna move your family. C'mon. Only part of that guy yeah as a coordinator and Japanese was well he's well. That was all logos don't vigil all the world atlases unit though he only had themselves to blame edition signed the contract provisions are tricky I saved it. All you need reaction guys blaming just blame the colts that it signed a contract we're gonna to address Verizon had out. You agreed to go yeah. 6177797. Three several get to the phone calls coming up next it is theory Thursday and it without a lot of them all week long. But we're gonna put the theories to bed today and we've got one more. A major theory on why. Now come Butler did not play in that game on Sunday yep it is theory Thursday we got. Won't keep up with the show on Twitter back a win that on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Back to morals or waiver of loading in 48 right now. Fox Sports Radio. Bill Belichick said to him. I want you to be by my side I'm an open my world you show you how I view roster building how I look at financials and the salary cap. And to mcdaniels who's 41 years old the chance to be with Belichick arguably the greatest coach of all time 65 years old. To have that opportunity. With you would add to be extremely valuable to him. He wasn't ready to be head coach. Somewhere right because he needed more mentoring he needed more classes had to go back to school here. And I'm maturing and scandals that stuff. Now the the what you have as much knowledge in his head of all of these things is Bill Belichick know. But he's got the situation before he was involved in personnel decisions. Out in Denver you mention it earlier Christian eight he was the one that was behind drafting Tim Tebow on the orca so pretty good yeah well. Short period of time. To just throw this out because I don't know if you guys are sick and I'm really sick if we're getting it on the text line at every day we communion. I've seen it but other stories written elsewhere. People comparing the mcdaniels and what he did to the Indianapolis Colts. To what. Bill Belichick did. To do to the New York Jets. So just we can make clear apparently a lot of people didn't watch the two bills here a couple weeks ago and didn't work didn't get the refresher course. On how the whole thing. A war. So it in 1997 the patriots go to the Super Bowl and they lose to the Green Bay Packers during the course of that week we are inundated. As we seemed to beat every week we go to the Super Bowl right every year we go super ball inundated with eight another sides don't. Where inundated with Parcells he's going to leave he's going to the jets whenever so it happened he left he wanted to go to the jets patriots workable -- on this contract. And so what. Happen is they were they were in limbo so what are they can they admitted Parcells like a consultant as they couldn't make him a coach. And they hired Belichick. As the head coach in February 1997 he was a phony position he was sitting there holding the spot right. And so what ends up happening is they work out a deal Kraft gives up the the just the draft pick. And you end up with Bill Belichick being thrown into the backseat of the car over the kid's tale don't go back out of the kids it so a couple of years later than having a dispute. All of the legal Eagles upset over that. That it was upset about one make it sound like you know they looked at bill and bill the EU and going back seat by the sergeant at that time. I think it's not a done that was agreed we all know all right you know just fill us in unique to sit here and to lead the Parcells and treatments Parcells thing out and the minute we do his defensive coordinator for two years later this wasn't this the no no but two years later it was horrible it was. He was pit deploy a lot different in 1999 what happens. Parcells is going to retire he's pissed off because they don't know will be owners going to be in an owner mess that was that was going to be Dolan. Wasn't going to be Woody Johnson it was a complete mess. And so what Parcells is said his stroke and marketed deal with the you know not knowing who the owners or what the operation is a matter retire ownership change IdeaPad show was tight with them. And he knew that Parcells was not going to rip tiger that once you solidified the ownership Parcells was coming back in you know one we know. As bill did come back we'll just get Becky and was retired for good. And that's when Belichick said screw this I'm marketed the upon a upon two years ago you played make. I'm not doing it again the. You here Michael Ervin yesterday. I was yeah the Brooklyn there or at war yeah it's not what I want this sort of event what are hurt. How did you lose in the call. They're here sterile or mighty here and I feel at all let go out there are legitimate not injured don't you all over keys and I don't like. Yes see that's thousand well okay because. I don't care how good release should be as I don't care how much are winning. Any thinking paired apart and then one Eagles get involved and personalities don't match in. No one can you know and we'll leave it compromise you do have a Jimmie Johnson Jerry Jones situation. But yet bears what you come again editors you know. And then once and then he's playing in the second. An area where Helen Ross play at all yeah that's the we act like that we act like that's never going to happen right we have late and because when I heard I was like wow that's. I was and you thinking about that because I feel like you know the release of so strong. But who knows Salinas who knows that we really don't know and I would say that none of us would even. Have a warning you would know now it would be Clinton would give Max Kellerman clip for a spam gone feeling here's now concede. So what do you think they were doing. It's obvious that to a and they could have clearly. We know adios delivers what's different reason they went there to show off it would yeah it was a picture that's right. We're we're good. They wanna Ding they can't cannot say neither one of them can come out of the senate before we're good we're gonna domestic question. By Dell's stock and that's gone there around on up so most and it's sneak a photo got even though. That's the reason why we're going there is someone to take the photo correct to make it look like everything is fine that's exactly what and in they got the photo and let them we secret folder that they went that dobbs yellows and this is an expert running everywhere you want to marry every dollar states they could have went on and I'm pretty sure they can go as I got to my brother rent houses the way they could have gone if they want to do what they want it to be out of the also because they wanted they know what's going on they're well aware. Of everything that he now works down there. You know Stacey James is he's got his ear to everything. Versions gathers here Belichick's guys get easier they know exactly everything that's going on that good idea yeah. You know punitive U I do know and it it's not like Belichick would even when he plays dumb out there about not realizing what's going on with certain media people he knows it. He you know he might not hear it might not see somebody tells. They would doing that on purpose. It's Sharon trying to think it's mentality we're gut it's like. And Hamilton as Dubai. Yeah yeah well go quiet good. Around. Yeah I think you you're reading too much into what they I didn't know I think I can they were hungry. The artists think they don't want some jockey bullet he. A do you think if they called it Stevenson making you bring a soul or an order of this this this and this spring Oly artist if you don't. Same as I think you want that make that white linen service you know you want to say hi David do every day and got all our style is not. I got a problem. In the back you know it normally seats that sixer eighth but I'll just have it for you to if you want to be behind nobody will see nobody bothered you want that no. Give me the most visible table you have that people can take a vote is up as Chris and I don't benefit don't accidentally sent it's. Theory Thursday at the navy's DD Philip had to do is we should call him I would be surprise was gone what he does what it is find out ice feed what went down we know Pete. It gives answers Steve let's put it this way if we call Steve right now since Steve. We don't wanna go in the in Nebraska you know down on the street we don't wanna be seen. You know we want her daughter and world together. Can you bring over the same food okay the same stakes the same great. Food the ball and they could you bring over that plus the white linens and that innately and they have observed heel and it would not be a problem. And craft if we can do that. Kraft can do more than OK I don't think the shots it was a challenge shepherd shall. 00 and there's and in the show is what. Yeah we're like in what they tell us all the emotion he showed some messages subtle message of we're good. The headcount it is legal people out there we have a lot of I think I think I have probably craft had a date a younger I would it is and look I think this community nobody pays. He's that he didn't look a lot I wish you and I saluted each they rapped on as it I don't know I'll be getting a third party has built care. It is more Robert Robert Watson asks that you could no one care listening about the bill will go along with a because he understand Nazis Robert Hendry was as if it's gets a robber had to get a lot of money to talking about he's he came out with that unbelievable quote I am going to open up my entire world deal yet worldly goods aren't. I'm sensitive. Onset hit you back to Seacrest and listen what you need to do is you need open that you wouldn't. That's how I'm not comfortable you know I don't know I think they do aircraft and you need to open up what's it like magic carpet. I still that the theory Thursday going on there. I'm still confused with the timing of actors affiliate. These people go you'll understand colts' worst jobs out there and then turn it down three weeks ago via the IE I don't understand. There when the season is over. And names are up you know Flores going out to Arizona. You know Josh is going here and there regime but treasure everywhere at giants in the Tennessee's open. That the reason you don't have time they're now that one bye week we nine playing football. To have a conversation. But do you really wanna go well who would do this want to double. Football world she the only then the only the only why now why on the debut on Tuesday and we theory that makes sense without one. Is that they were speaking to you wouldn't Toby didn't trust them with what the patient at the unleaded I'm at the Brooklyn guys. But. No I think there's a lock it because I think they stick to the game plan and that is. Would spend any time with Josh and going to Indianapolis got Hewitt and Indianapolis you deal with a so if you do that and you're wrong we you know the timeframe you know the days you go you know the days gotta be back here go figure out if you wanna do that that's what you wanna do would you like to. Josh was sentencing and and I love doing so maybe I have to go to Indianapolis are. Yeah this is an unbelievable opportunity wherever now suddenly they'd lose the suitable and after winning Matt Patricia what the bill and today at the unity is the Georgia. Yet when it there's going to be distraction because it has all the time I think it's I don't think Josh would go to bill let's say hey I'm actually take a take Cindy John. You know what we have time now but hold off on his outside and everything is all open up world yes if they can offered him if you wish I had to apply it needs to be left. Different relationship isn't anymore but my understanding is goes get a really good personal relationship with Matt I don't know what it's like I'm just very dealers don't hasn't been an assistant that. Bill has worked more with it brought back this article you wanna go for rough idea and Josh McDaniels. Now anyone that he's that that's any longer. I've fears of an ex coach okay. And whatever you Germany and photograph Boise don't wanna we need to offer you have any isn't important to me and Josh and why or why. I want loose and Josh the timing of the two weeks go by. I get to this point oh I don't. Forget to all of. Alcohol. And he without it. Who hold on modeling a song. Barack didn't get easier and without playing a free kids aren't you know you love that I do you love it we like better Aladdin. US IQs of and I wanna do today because I'm kind of advice they're going to talk. And I want to get them visual we need to did you live in an unedited video as it may be viewed the videotape we're gonna send it out we'll we'll ask people if they if they don't. A they want you to some to support impressions. Lose impression spot on I was a start tour is is right on on it is is the snarls sound effect males and stuff and what he's done with this morning. Because these Italians and he ordered early political slogans of the Italian and I want that is I do wanna with these guys are you all right dude I want it to ignite a little bit today could you don't going on today now. I. Eyebrow the Philadelphia very. Yeah. As we can hear on an annual. Dugard twist in the night heated seat to sound effects lest they run a little bit SR a little confused. The freezing as well a little bit of that goodwill can grow older we get much talk about we get to your phone calls I promise coming up right after this commercial Bora experienced the land twenty force. Follow him on Twitter right now. Or now back to more importantly admirable euphoria. Watch Sports Radio WEEI. The fight to the Pope goes as a promise for the 6177797937. Years down down mechanical. Morning done. Hey how we do have to have human. Good how you Saturday. I'm in theory the thing we do we mine and and keep you mean I didn't end up at night and c'mon Tom. It died at it over. That's. Your accident and nobody emea. What's the best K now that he would you stand on the team you've. Identical to reject and looking at them though. Coaches are gone and see. Well Swanson. On a locker room slot yet rated not your older tree lit a quarterback of the future for. Warmed. But a bit more controversy now more than ever in all adopted at two jets Brady. No. Check a look at one more that the market agent look at writing up into the I'm getting it over to Josh. So no economists say this Tom. You think patriots fans the elect feel that it's gonna last forever. Lights honest and we know much urgency of another year or who doesn't think that it's not but who who who doesn't think. That this thing's got another year or two shelf life hops. Doesn't that everybody goes through it somehow although I don't know some I don't know how old are you Tom. Thirty years old OK so so unfortunately. CNN's resident. Unfortunately everybody that's listening to the patriot since they have this they have done this over and over and over again. And unfortunately or were you were born in wartime Franken should have to go back in time machine in 1969. But don't actually enjoy it. All up they didn't have the very real chance that we may never get to take it back in the Super Bowl certainly got yeah. What does Vegas show an act out of Vegas and I think next year they got a good one. Upon. Program I think is. And parents. The hits and jets fans than I listen if you're Philly fan you can rub it and I gather. Congratulations you've finally won one very do you would Mediterranean OK did you all laugh but jets fans want to hear from. So many feel is missing though I mean so yeah they're they're just as vested as anybody else every every team. Once this thing and it. Every team wants or does your candidate you know so it's going to be Philly it's in Chicago it's India playing it's going to be all of at all but if you're one of those T one of those fans from one of those cities you want it to end but you want your team. To us and and and take over the crowd has an. It's not a lot of not the pats planning I think the jets. Would happily lose every single game if it meant that the patriots -- going to the Super Bowl let me ask it I think I'd be happy let me ask did we ever did not as simple but how many years will we have to wait now we know I agree with everything Lou just said about this is the beginning to the end and you know maybe only a couple more years so we get all our. How many years do war we have to wait. Before the jets actually have a better win loss record and the patriots 56. The united. I haven't I'm not gonna give them the building something special tag yet they're not there. But buffalo quarterback in the Buffalo's got a better shot and I wish they got buffalo you go on for the jets Miami. Will do it before the jets the jets together they're there and deepest hole east. Here's Owen in New Jersey what's up Colin. The pad the benefit from a garbage division first all the x.s and there's never said I'm sure fastener also I would say. He'll listen Sheehan in Schenscher is. It. So it doesn't matter what goes on and that is where the pat tour. It owed adequately without a Muslim League play out the two teams in the division I mean the plan. And they don't have quarterback and another I mean they end up with the disease is on Q and whose teams from your division make the playoffs you can't say the division Sox. Well in my division. There's some of them. You don't choose 10 yeah. So called. NC or or up north I'm happy that there's not a culture are at operated older I'm having a military is not understood that it has. Carcasses of the secret sauce unbelievable they only it's always I'm Jessica meetings all in everybody that all in. Congratulations. And when I TT. What did you do that we had the bravery I don't want it to be pretty clear why would you be applauding UT as usual excitement yeah I would on the full. Watch and to raise my daughter had a loose like you know sorry to hear you know what you eat regularly uses well Brit ever all of us. Oh you know what you should here's the thing that some advice from people who will stock. Spends all these are within the enjoy this I'm very happy for you guys we actually kind of bored with it so glad to others can share that would that would. We'll have brilliant the that would argue that they aren't Thursday's all out of that car blues don't realize how important what's is when you go in all the times I. I'm looking forward to the days where you regulation if I need to go 97 or ten and six and see if you can even make the playoffs to me that would be more enjoyable you know when unfurled a couple of cut your Philadelphia Eagles fan today. Should be ecstatic odds and what that does it appears on the patriotism where it is going well and what the penalties on the patriot or is it French president parade right now to say to do a better job than you guys are. Big battles ruled the Celtics opened 57 years the parades don't know. And it's as caller radio show in Boston via bat like it'd sit. Since school watching Ricky yeah I hear there's water on hot ball in Portland Maine what's apple. They get on I have a series wasn't my steering Thursday UN human. Yeah it is my theory that meant difficult children trust into our game and told spell checked levels are. And they also. Beautiful top we got a chance to get him pay him back late and never had an acting they pay back their. Well isn't this the cops isn't even a couple of things I think we can shoot some holes into this one right Gretchen are no longer there in Indianapolis. It was Chris spelled patriots had a good relationship with Chris valet. And if I'm not mistaken. Did knowingly patriots give them a quarterback when they were desperate for quarterback. Mark quarterback and I don't want you but. I'm not sure the kid they got to return at wide receiver did squat right. I still I still think that paying them back. Why did they didn't quarterback then why would you do that if you wanna get them back for the late game. Why would you give them back percent why would you give them a quarterback and bailed them out. Around may airport that it recommends you Blackstone. He got a little sense did you say that. Stop me back there already gave them something. The series Thursday's cast sucking now and not a creditors while I mean even. Here a gagged him back and I get a good theory dying I got in here doing what I'm Malcolm Butler as we. It would never gonna find out his bills never gonna tell anybody and they didn't seem to be any disciplinary. Stuff that that's popping up bright with it. 4448 hours now since then he let me our regular new theories got a good theory actually now makes sense in how bill Belichick's genius. They don't know really know that a detailed notes don't. He killed it or don't you IE I cannot excuse him for not at least attempting. To use Butler somewhere to give them I'm gonna usual line by that is I could understand if he didn't start of but I can understand why you didn't play him somewhere on the level never had theory understands there Thursday Mario I'm tired got a theory it's coming up next.