OMF - Per usual: NBA trade deadline is crazy; Isaiah on the move again 2-8-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, February 8th

HOUR 3 - Not to be done by the NFL, the NBA trade deadline ramped up as expected. The Cavaliers traded everybody, the Celtics seem to be standing as is. In the course of an hour, the Cavs may not be so tough after all. Speaking of the Celtics, Glenn throws out a bold prediction: the Bruins will a deeper playoff run than the Celtics.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 there were two things I'm told that really made Josh McDaniels shipped here Bill Belichick said they him. I wanted to be by my side I'm an open my world that you feel you how like you roster building. How I look at financials and the salary cap Bob Kraft. Flat Josh McDaniels and they're owners crazy I'm not there quarterback Andrew Luck has a bad shoulder barge is the greatest of all time will be back in the AFC championship at minimum. They flipped him with Lou and Lou and Christian hill knows exactly what he's supposed to do on every single blind you and I we don't is that. Possible get a tattoo yesterday the right back in bill we trust write her back and say you can play the love it would be a just a dark and it's not the secondary stuff here's actually it's you'd think he would make the argument because you have no answers all your answer is I stupidity knows I was bought -- you know on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm back here on hole and that we'll get back some of the football stuff out of touch on this basketball stuff because the Celtics are trying to acquire. Tyreke Evans from Memphis I'm not sure there gonna be able to pull off an ideal for markets Smart. Because peddler Greg Memphis wants Marcus what they want a first round draft picks of Danes got to deal marked Smart and get a first round draft pick but we do know. That he deal has happened. Here in the NBA in which the Los Angeles Lakers had just acquired Isiah Thomas that winds through the rest of the season. So it's Isiah Thomas Channing Frye. And the cavaliers first round draft pick that department at the cavaliers first round draft pick. For Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance junior so they get some athleticism. Going in the other direction Cheney Fries kind of up. Am that the deep bench guy. And what does this all mean for Isaiah thought about it tossed out because is he the lakers next year is what Broncos to. The lakers is the biggest promise there happens is that the lakers keep coming years there's no video. You know commit the rest and ego is you don't ever don't have February 11 you know you live. Well the video and we are ninety without any kind of event dramas now gone oh yeah outlet that we don't see him on Sunday Sunday afternoon we thought that was going to be a big badly do you think Isiah Thomas right now instantly just stabbed by any case they get. Rob assailant picked up source for a B was here he'd be playing now a lot more comfortable and probably being closer to himself after dealing with the injury just because he's comfortable in the setting a team that he knows. Now look. Well I mean I have to sourcing and act anything about how is gonna fit in LA it was excellent playing pretty well as of Lee. Even without a lot of ball who is by the way is going to be a dad now. While the ball's going to be a father art is ninety year old kids now and I mean it could be a death early on building out of the when you're when you're young. Is what's that gonna look like I mean it's maybe he's gonna you know he's not. No but could maybe he's more himself maybe he's more of EC. What we saw with him. As a Celtic caiso if you put him on and play him the way he played as the Celtic where he takes over the game. First of all matures a 100% healthy certainly not it is it is not it is time now this way every couple threes yesterday so we looked a little bit better but. Yeah the legs nothing looks the same as you're watching. He he looks to me like he's months away from getting back to the allies there but the ones he could do. Unless Alonso ball is going to hog the ball. Is that Isiah cries for Friday as they could just take over the game. And they win some games they and then apply to any but they went a few games because Isaiah is just taken over again. Right now because effective being the guy. But he's not a stay in Los Angeles is with the lakers. If the design is and they unloading money right you said that low one of their danger reading have a lot of money donations are the lakers on the lakers try to. Clear money what the clearing for LeBron. I is going to go to one. Now your team and beyoncé isn't gonna do go back into the Sacramento road from ruin query goes anyplace you know running six minutes and he and it puts up 29 points. And they lose you know why within reason LeBron James Cleveland that's over. That's happening anymore noted is sailing on the ball probably gone too yes. Well if you're if you're the lakers you wanna add. It's very because if you get LeBron. You are adding experienced players along with LeBron you're not playing with kids anymore okay. You might even be dealing Randall and others feel like that's pretty mean Richard violence on all on the body needs some kids. He needs some young athletic. Just talented young kid I don't got to stay away of the heat from the all this and he's he's. We all that will be some young talent Irving was a young up and coming superstar. And is exactly what he is that's what he needs he's he's surrounding himself against old used up players. Okay they're he's on the oldest team in the NBA. So why would. That's not that's not what you need to heat here yeah and that. And then oh by the way but old guy that don't wanna play defense yet they want less like to the final score I've watched 1481. Maurice Williams disaster is ridiculous they didn't look much better than that I just they looked at the night before with a bullet we want I'd say the way laid claim that want that's not gonna work for him live look good last surround himself with younger players that he can do the whole mentor on your daddy roll right I got to bring the kids along I'd. Agree I think what he does is if he goes to LA he tries to convince Paul Georgy tries to convince us some other veteran out there was a free agent or somebody that they can trade forward one's a ball. Another gadget he's gonna put three veterans that gets a sense though army do you think Emma does I don't know that's how he thinks he can I think it's like a Kevin Durant. Tied with that the thing you know whether it's joining Houston. In joining Oklahoma City. Mile Westbrook mean Paul for what we just what do weak way out an obvious that regretted starting over in Saint Paul George it is it's like OK we've got to a three superstars with the rest of our. Team look like a man it's almost going into at this point in his career. Yes isn't a Miami along goalless Miami for God's sakes when he said you know second started up Wikipedia for ever will do this from will build and you're one of these will be great and if we miss in the peace you to will be will be even better you are three mobile on forever. Now. You wanna do that again what he wanted to jump on it say I would go to Houston when Wilkinson. If they will find a way of the rumors about him in the warriors who knows that he's more. Probable than and in that class. All delete all the all the old cat Xena all you know run in the east and you know making a comeback in you know just flip the switch that's not happening. Do you jumble with that mentality woolly when some gains could steal series sure. Okay because it's LeBron James Kevin Love lethal that crew. They've gone very far. They're there and app would be amazed that they Canada it's just not happening haven't showed any life whatsoever and one guy that you thought was gonna make it different Isiah Thomas. Healthy Isaiah Thomas. Gone is gone else. You guys now he's not healthy at all listen I think. You know he might be ecstatic today Isiah because he's out of Cleveland because he looks like he's miserable there a watching it last night. The front makes that that final point 12 left inbound pass to Mario let our Friday it is don't water the court. No he he tried to go over. And tried to reach out to an end to hug a variety pulled to shorten life events like that looks like a liberal thing and but he was ignoring don't. Well probably I don't know I. I don't know Cleveland's daughter now. But if they all are. Does this make them a concern. In your eyes who your conservative Republicans are. No you don't have the more concerned with I am more concerned with Toronto awesome what you see what what I'm saying is is that I don't think any guy he's he's got a nice little pieces. But what can really concerned me about Cleveland was okay when love comes back. And Isaiah eventually figures it out beneath the player that we saw in the eventually figure out. How to play Isiah and the bronze in love and that is the talent. Figures out how to play against one another is they have talent. Joseph the other skewed Richards the player in oh. Yeah and it Nance. OK you know for pretty good player Clarkson Rouse are. But does that Palestinian. How does scare me anymore. Cleveland now. Like it that you artists either Egypt it's obvious they had one good run early in the first half of the season the one like old sixteen of eighteen or some like that. So whether they were is there a nice little run going. Since then. They're terrible they're just they're old they're slow Jimmie this team five years ago eight years ago and we got business right now no you looked at her with him before. When they won on these drugs when they want on that run. When the one on that Beisel Ron after they had early struggles and I was like are they figured out already and they're gonna infuse I'm Isiah Thomas and that and their and they're gonna get better. I think Isaiah Thomas is his help his lay eggs. I feel like it's it's taking longer appears look at this look anything like some part of me is his health and no partisan system. He's added a better game or he could be in Charlie's federal courts. You got a huge east. The other guys play I don't think as it was doing anything to help them I think are better has been nothing to say their Fries been knocked out I don't understand how say that I think they're better. You know maybe this week. But I don't know of their better in the post season. Because the fear of Isaiah figuring it out and figure out how to play together was scarier then Jordan Clarkson wiring in junior on his team. Yeah even last night no one of the reasons that they were in the game. Was JR Smith had one of those nights where he was hitting stuff so but that doesn't happen every night. Said the elevate the JR Smith's doing it you're gonna get on most nights you're gonna get. Close to triple double numbers from LeBron you got trouble bubble mobilized by. You're gonna get that from that can't do that every night and they can't rely and they seem disjointed. And you were talking about the points. The number of points that you had to score. To women I've eaten. See it's just felt great idea idea and I'd be amazed that they on icy and you know first round obviously but it depends on whether or that would seat there. If they decide to drop that they could drop as lowdown is maybe six. But I would say it's just our lives and how little he's prizes at Milwaukee is a good team and they're getting healthy abroad and in the coming back yeah and you sit there ago. I mean Toronto looks to have the upside based on you know there started and the bench and how well they play at home. I'm about the same time you sit ago go anyway otherwise I wouldn't if I don't be surprised once in a beat one of these teams is not wouldn't either. Because they've got a great player and player that player can take over game and as having teachers and it did good players wrapped around. I would say this though from a Celtics point of view. I still worry about the Toronto Raptors I'm not taken the game the other night where they got blown up by like thirty a kind of that's been the Celtics aren't that bad against Toronto that was a game in which Toronto had to win. They were looking for credibility okay the Celtics were the ones at the top this was a big huge game Toronto with a looking forward to. But there's some bad matchups there it's one reason I think they went out and got Greg Monroe because you look at upn and balance unison in the middle though the Austrian kid what's his name of the Jacob bulb total whatever is a pretty good player coming off the bench and they're branch. Cant score man. They can put points up on the port. There are legitimate threat and you don't wanna give them home court advantage they're much better at home to look at Toronto on the road to it was OK and I wrote. They are unbeatable at home. They realized what that's like that the whole love winning the division getting home on what is usually gets around to why that is important game seven. Here in Boston and meets and we put we put the video up of of Williams and up and if you could see at all MF on WEEI two winner. And it gives all your. Well yeah I don't know it real or what do 400 coastal three year old is reaching out. Can you give me animal funneled present at all of the people following this are you in are gonna do what candidate to candidate how to retreated. We're gonna retire they don't even have to go there. Don't even have to go there there it is there were overloading impersonation of reverie. Jeans territory located in mountain and going in and I'm gonna what do you like I don't like my my idol Brett Cecil put. You want to judge this after all I know that they are there hello I'm clicking on the search I mean he would die. Of this little village square looking thing was to arrows is the data was at the parade we lose act. Coma and on the it was for a million. And breaking news that's gonna have the Philly dude. Bring in prisoners rights fairly cute games for the due to affiliate I was until the dream come will be I inaugural ball bounces the phone because this is more concerned the most talked about Lindsey Graham had more. There's some Isiah is ecstatic today this is where I wanted to go all along if you guys remember and no one talks about this. When he told the Celtics they're gonna have to back up the truck. It was because he says everyone wanted to play from magic out Los Angeles. So he got his wish it was a little detour but he's happy as a clam. Yeah I think he's bright ecstatic to just get out of Cleveland more than anything that you might be right but what you're saying about magic ineligible what happens when. Magic has the same thing that and it does the FBI says. They were brain and LeBron we can't afford to pay you maximum contract money because we need the brawl we need Paul George and we did a couple of as the his friends. What does he think what does he feel about that. Well without the most disappointed that it might say is now becomes a journeyman. He's not once it was brokerage that would do not Wear it. Parents who was then go right I mean I emblem from it his best hope effort to count you know. You know lay some roots was here in Boston really that and that's why the anger now I'm not even a video you'll get a big dealings solid. Added just what is the attitude the effort at us and Italy is now here's a video that we're gonna send this charity assembly. So Sacramento on things have turned for him in a year Sacramento last year and BP got the got to pay him whatever he deserves any demand. And they love him in the city he was adored miss that. And in Cleveland you could tell they didn't care much about a series around Sacramento Phoenix. Boston. Cleveland the lakers and he's going somewhere else and Nazis and so he's going to his sixth team. By next season 2000. 1819 season while Tony and Carl wants to talk about Belcher I tell. It going guys good. Aaron I got it think your problem duplicate that they are closer to change you have. And my opinion is that that is all they have to Belichick GM's Candice look a little bit. Failed miserably. We only get to the super bullish you're right. The only guy and then when he only got one. Well read but they won it last year they won it really is great to me that it. Yes that thing. You know a quick review of the day it has a quick check on nick we'll let it all cried out. And the music or athletics reclined back political cover anybody on the back. Well Tony and indeed you Tony Tony Tony Tony and telling you when it gives Logan Ryan ten million dollars a year. What are so that's why let of the all time you don't get. Would you rather it Gilmore or Ryan who now. Where credit you know polarize this or that includes ought. And did you don't have Ryan. That these don't have Ron you of miles. You can't fumble. Under a third round draft day. What you read it so I've never. Really noticeable. Almost everybody got to know that people or I'm gonna come back invited I read it finally did. I have. On a long hard on him what is one of ought to look back the second simple and god gotcha moment why why you decided. This is this and say this Tony Tony this is the dumbest thing people do it Ahmad is playing you I think people too little done. So you get to a Super Bowl after you won one a year ago. You're bringing up a player that they could have had whose team did not win a single game OK so if you print and they did nothing they had no impact. On the other team and you sickness saint. This is where they failed even blow. It was want to play that made the difference in this game really want to want. And yet people do this they go back and they wanna go all let's go to last year the year before. Jim Jones. Is anybody ever Gemma Jones judge could Jim Jones. Have applied a little bit of pressure on Israel Nichols. Why don't we bring his then you're paying fifteen million dollars a year act and you know use what he was third in voting defensive player of the year this year. And yes and and and a little bit deceiving and I'll tell you why. Because if you look at the sex he had he had he had numbers right. But the patriots is that he had more sex than the Arizona Cardinals did it. What does that do. Well because they they will they ended up David Moore their children. I've we don't know. Well somebody's got to take on somebody else you don't you know that there isn't. Is there an element tell that you there is no limit an army sex you can have as a team I don't is that balancing it that way of saying that someone that. You don't you don't allowed this police still be easy and it takes them somebody else when he's better about it but what I'm saying is if you if you look at the patriots. The patriots. What Arizona is doing is that they want an awful lot of money to. The other does art get the job done with the New England they're taking a lot of you know slot slouch is here. Ended getting you know at least getting the numbers relating or don't they got. They go to pay for. This year I'm not debating addition to giving them money but they go with a painful targeted no France at 6177797937. That is our phone number week for the first. We have a couple of open phone lines for you all about experience. Lane 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away now back to Moore what wait we're looking at 48 watch Sports Radio. It's between now and I'm far more of those who away. We're reaching. A few moments Bloomberg like you we get into all those who. The way things we look hats off control we put in eagle that. It's not good to see if I'm gonna inflatable ball. It. Built on. On again not that we got done popped urged downloaded this government hopman bringing him back believe it but I bet it. It played deceive us and good luck and an eagle on big home states. We're gonna do that yes he could well. That's all patrol. Chain's parent overloading right definitely a and we we sent out the video piracy in that single thing is really good body language. He is is key as a theater fuels and violence they get a full three point territory into every game here and love. Is great personality. So at this at this Laker Cleveland cavalier trade if you missed that. A Jordan Clarkson on Larry Nance junior go to Cleveland Cavaliers. Isiah Thomas Channing Frye and the cavaliers first round pick up Burke on that end up going to Los Angeles. So yeah this is. And yesterday. Well Whitney Hurst brought this up he said that they're no longer including. LeBron in any of the conversations about who they're treating. That's huge thing because LeBron told us before that he never had any say in anything that was going on right nobody of ticked off about it in Brussels that he might look I Rick yeah exactly. Back so apparently now though when horses said that they're shutting out LeBron. So Cleveland is doing is they're already. Figured out. LeBron is not going to be here next year he's gone so let's start building for next year's team that's what they just did. So they take on Jordan Clarkson Clarkson as three years left on his deal this year and two more. And eleven and a half twelve and a half and thirteen and a very good benched for yeah Larry Nance junior. As this year next year and then a team a qualifying option in the third year and it's cheap money one point 52 point two and 3.4. But what is that so what what the lakers are doing is they're unloading money here so that they can clear it up so that they can move in LeBron and a couple of low bronze bodies. And what did Cleveland Cavaliers are doing. Is there unloading money themselves Isiah is not gonna be part of their team at the end of the year it's an expiring contract Channing Frye expiring contract so for the lakers they unload money they take no money on. They get a first round draft pick as well which they can use a Long Will launch the ball in trying to get another one of those veteran players. And what they Cleveland Cavaliers to do it is important on a couple of bench players that can help amount for the future. That's what this is so one team wants LeBron and the other team that has LeBron. Is facilitating. A deal so LeBron can go double occurs next year and that the Cleveland Cavaliers right now start to pick up what they need for the future. Because they know LeBron skull yeah. It's which is what will be curious watches to see now the wrong response knowing the game winner last night and I'm sure there's. But they're not they're not going to define this is up for this year I didn't know I was just curious to see how that year exemption or allow. I mean his guys and all the compares stands although you know in a pat on the back it gives themselves but you know comparisons to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And start looking at. And his clueless as Michael Jordan he's not a geek. Minnesota her final balance on the left foot putt went into the game it was just it's just any come. He's he's got some finals and won Roland it's all in them come on yeah that's right sorry Clark and I know you listen I understand right now he's he's in a mess. Because he doesn't players around him none of it is working for them and and I agree it's not gonna work. What can hit it value is this your little it'll Laker fan boy I don't know what's what is it just it's just funny it's going to be a liquor. Nabil liquors like if necessary on the man yeah don't wish him on the I would highly mostly in Moscow. And a lot like schedule all Laker and it really care and love them. Care about the future of the lakers and the future of the Catholic care vote now. And I worried less about cavs now. That I did couple days ago as fast Celtics point is as bad as they were playing I think this makes them better. Currently like right now they're a better team Isiah Thomas obviously there's some issues. So they get a couple guys Nantes in no whatever just dirty work Clarkson off the bench. Read so were the keys so only the Williams to score more points off the bench than this guy so he has to be nice role player. But come playoff time. They don't scare me as much as it comes down to talent. And the only chance they had was Isiah figuring it out with LeBron when love comes back. So now what are you gonna have in the post season you know LeBron give Kevin Love. And yet at a couple role players. That not a scary as the as they work which may have that is they were playing out there and that was it. The one thing you might have to go through both of whom you might have to go through both Cleveland and an earlier round. And so Ron tell in Eastern Conference fine I don't despite straighten them out they might win more games the regular season. You're seeing it might drop down and you let the play them early on I think five I think as they want I think anything's policy I just I don't think does them better now. They sucked win when they didn't have Isiah when they added I say no there isn't very good they went and once there you wanted it once you have they were better without Isaiah and once stretched. But all of it Strachan mean it would better with them no doubt that. But the bad stretches without Isaac I just don't think they're good enough I think they have all sorts of internal. Problems there and that's what attempted but you might have to go through both of and you might have to go through Toronto which is what attitude is I think we all agree. The ceiling here for Boston. Maybe Gordon Hayward coming back if you can can cheer Butte at all even coming off the bench might be a plus for. What is the ceiling getting to the NBA finals or do you actually think. They can went note getting Nokia get. I think you can make an argument today and much is taking a last night's the Bruins game because the Rangers are having their own issues I mean. Lundqvist is is a disaster right now we have ever seen him. In such a rock and a message he is right now on the whole team seems like their disaster but the Bruins have been doing this stuff three months button. The Bruins have a better shot. Being that next championship team and the Celtics do get the data. And irons. He'll sit that elected president of the American college citing that the you know I I did you do not incidental. Out there as they necessarily been this year yes yes it is a Golden State knocking back that's because that this year thank you. But you know give you would expect from a different story. But this year yeah yet this year than another it's the nature of the sport is while. We all know they got a chance right now the best he can. How many are there and if you're a football player of the live and and then the first game you'd turned on was last night's game specifically the second period with the ages were edges of the Rangers are off with you did everything you are a matter. Of let me like me who said he wouldn't check out the first dog fighting simplistic and try to walk like. Whole league carafe. This does not look legacy that is someone answer this widget that it took a wrestler. And at an inquiry. How is all good and if that was what I was doing the do yes or nick Hogan's home alone on loan again I'll be glass stuff in Ottawa inside the glass at him and our guys need to do that you are here you're sick right now 06666. Lancer. Yeah. And I got him just yet wants to I don't know exactly how. Your record is that it that it is pretty much going year anniversary. Right I'm 51. It 5119. In and the record right now. I mean in the last count a year it's a 111. Points. Until the second best at a casting the second best. Record hockey unbelievable 111 points and it's a 515119. And nine. So you're couple games shy of regular season in the 111 points through the same thing with close look at his numbers with Boston in the with much pretty homage it's ridiculous you see what those numbers are. I was complexity of phone calls did you want to talk about PSC's guide Daniel. I don't have Kerry and all I heard her say earlier that you would see ya. More afraid of Toronto. And possibly. Washington wages and job welcome packet. Because if he comes back all and I was just one analogy is somehow someway Gordon Hayward were to come back. A couple games prior to the playoffs in all get a rhythm get a feel for Mateen. Ed by you would be afraid of either one of those teams that they came down to it and not any one of the round of the playoffs. Well funny is that the kind of us scratch I would say Toronto was real good and I. Really believe you know one team and that's yours you're not one now tell us one till benefits and didn't listen didn't CNN LC a little liquid now merely different Oklahoma due to goals they activated just flat out just worked him over. On but at the same time things are different in the playoffs. And you look at Oklahoma did you don't was overall personality I would. It's in a one game series if you're playing a one game series. I would shy away about thinking about the Celtics possibly going in beating them for worst Super Bowl in two football teams aren't yet yet no one and a seven game series they have sold many answers for anything you throw it where we gonna teach in a cell phone call one day on behalf. Let which has brought with Gordon Hayward is back vote in a 100% then okay 100%. All are what you if he does come back what you expect fifteen minutes. So this is since these are coming back as Gordon Hayward that's next year right he needed anything from oddly this much. You know talking about trade and Marcus mark Wright did look you know maybe did that they want a first round pick back maybe to me of Google make another move. Do you want that right now. It's very mart is smarter. And if you think if I'm just saying if you think. You know Tyreke Evans is out there and Williams mentioned before he signed his extension if you think you can you know win needs to conference and get the NBA finals on this year's team. You wanna lose market Smart I'm a huge market Smart fan but I think that he has a huge role. On a team if you think you can win yet. Two while one of invest long term goal. And I think maybe Terry Scioscia will take over that role model to give the guy what is gonna make on the market did we see because nickel and can everybody make. Solely long term he's not of the investment wanna move forward with but for this year. You picked a better getting a guy Tyreke Evans coming off the bench scoring Ord or presence of mark to smartly I. I had I don't and I and I think that the the elevation of of -- year who even in the loss to Toronto probably you know play some of the best minutes but that I saw during the course of the game and it. In it the Celtics uniform. I think you're right I think Marcus Moore has a unique skill that he brings to the table. It certainly is not put move the ball the basket but he could challenge guy down. Need to put on lottery could put them on some you can maybe you changed the game around a little bit because you're. Yeah you're you're out there. You know having him go play that music reality that you need and we all will play just becomes far more physical you get away when Mustafa to the officials. Let more go that's why I think Smart can help you out. But if you could a got a Lou Williams. And I think every every outing every other Jeanne he had a guy am I crazy about Evans every TIT every team needs a guy like him. But does the dirty work its impaired I think you see it all the time. He gets that one steal that makes makes a difference to Tony Allen as guys is likely only frustrates when your best scores. In so you're okay with them not corny sixteen point there's you know he's doing more work more dirty work. Especially late in game when guys are kinda get tired and he isn't. Always say is if you think you can get the NBA finals. Don't you want that guy on the court yeah. Covering whether to curry or some of these guys who mullah fighters flew out at a time that he's going to be here after three only because the NE fifteen inches holding out for first round draft pick any may be looking answer I got to get a lot form. I don't think the team's gonna give the first contract thankful. I don't know. I don't restrict its attendees again for a couple years whatever bullet. Our end of the year by just. But I don't know I cannot get enough some a lot of money I'm not saying invest long term but I'd I don't think I want him off this team right now if you think you can get that final day and a little worried about Evans like. Lou Williams wore Evans defense concerns we will fight back to the phone calls all the people wanna talk about the patriots were still going to its fury Thursday here and all MF anymore theories that immoral to jocks I like working with jobs as you can. You can play with a little bit ago on sports radio and we yeah. They're an apple and that these theories Thursday were rushed of these phone calls and apple gets it wrong coming up in the last hour. Snitch used to fund who. Wrong in the future of Rob Gronkowski with your New England Patriots kick his said Kevin Edwards won it hello Kevin. I guess I don't like all right so I had a solid theory and then you know it all depends on how Patricia coaches that. I think in two years now Belichick will walk away. Patricia. Won't do too well you know coach and that alliance. Come back to be the defense of coordinator under navigate. And it's just scale and I think you know everything will be okay well another ten years and this and everything will be. Here because Patricia is teaching them about this censorship Christmas shut out. Pool. All press AA. Occasion last name users are. C'mon hookers I will say based on based on Nam. I am actually a little nervous for Matt. I'm very nervous from that I know this race I do think using goods but I think there's some there's. Connection issues I think could be difficult for him overcome his fourth Howard college you release of the players and just palace messages procedure. Received by the players who like this speech yesterday. This is a great speech yesterday here to grab it. I thought that remotely Rosalyn Coleman governor wasn't as we we've got your normal to be faster and this is opening statements you limit and I. Tiger. Let just got to have a problem opening remarks and a lot of talk and obviously. You know thanks in people and in kind of so everybody at the bit about myself so that's all I want to thank everyone for being here today. It's really this is a dream come true forming. I believe that having the opportunity to head coach and now. Team is brokered her return and oh yeah. Stop with the Panthers. On first loans on easier by NASA's lip wrecked. There's always one of those guys were his voice does not match up his books is that fair I guess you're right and he showed me that's big burly guys should avoid steep there's admin and I button then yeah he doesn't that he can't be successful it's just a small plug guy today in a load of bull but I think it just somehow. First a little thing that it is papers that he owns as lucky owns this person out he's a little awkward sometimes it'll Cortese is. We got yesterday though he's shaved his beard brilliant game and that's that's fine and good immunity to it. But I'm just curious to know how it there at the players gonna take him seriously that's a good. There is a brand that's about it and I thought they get to east because that would. Kevin I think you're brilliant and was originally wanted editorially. Tell us till the big solely to show up again please your real ally is they houses they have you got up dates in that room when I hear from cal crowd are irrelevant California you tell guys. Yeah that's even worse to have an 80. California it's even worse thank you even worse. It's important. It's the alliance. The lions have had a quarterback for how many years he puts up a zillion yards how many games does he what does he won a road game yet. Yet won a road game it's still lions it's the organization. There's something wrong to do something dysfunctional after everybody looks at the talent of a blunt the pain out of them the best wide receiver in the game a couple of years ago he walked away. Couldn't deal whether it anymore. Thank you you know the trade yes. Cavs back at it 03 team trade ago they Sylvia Cleveland Cavaliers. They get Rodney hood from Utah rule. Yard OK so there and stay with me here so big it Rodney hood. And they're actually gonna give George Hill as well or Sacramento. They are enduring hard did you targets Joseph Johnson and Utah will send Joseph Johnson the Sacramento. Cleveland sends Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose to Utah. All the Celtics guard. And all I felt I love my guy is a big big articles you saw Derrick Rose and cavs is that it hailed it plain old from sect Georgia from Sacramento and they get Rodney hood from Utica. And Joseph Johnson goes to separate nights our heels are good players he can handle the ball he's got a got a lot of money and yet he wasn't happy out there because the team socked. Riding hood is a big guard who can who can shoot the score in because they've got the kid. Mitchell who's been terrific out there in Utah they no longer need Rodney hood so you talk and move on with good. That's a good deal. For the Cleveland Cavaliers there. Donny Don I tell it what I would love I would have liked to seen riding hood with the Celtics chopper to short on to you to yeah I was sharper with our satellite of love and and for a good time then pulled out just on top. Still I am not going to exploit new pieces. Yeah. Nice players. Yeah time but there's no I read LeBron and love for old Annika don't have. Big on and off but you'll get a handle the hill can handle the ball but the question is always going to date. And it was with a Isaiah and apparently it was with carried and that's why he wanted to get out of elope. Is how does hill and LeBron candle ball. Because they both touch the ball it's not a problem he's a guy's gonna shoot like 68 whatever he's gonna score for your big guard. Or what are hills going to do. Is hill's gonna be the guy that's got a handle the ball a lot move and you don't know what you're supposed to do when the bronze in believable it's finds a. I saw this so so or self exile or on last year's Eastern Conference finalists right he he Scott Simpson team. Avery Bradley Jae Crowder IT Tyler Zeller. Who were treated and not resign from last year's east Eastern Conference finals have all been dealt. By the respective new teams. The past two weeks and you know all of or did he knows that I got you lot of character I act out your house I know I can't imagine anybody I have project I love you dad. You talk about lights is just. To break it up your team. A blown out well you're not breaking up your mental load up brawl blowing it out because it's being what do they treat. And Jake Crowder and you know I T obvious he wasn't working but I'm just saying so you've. You've broken and you brought in Clarkson in Nantes and hood in Georgia area for new play yours okay but that they got a hold you don't try this again Nazis didn't go so Wallace tried again so what they didn't do. Is they didn't do the deal that everybody was talking it was a possibility PDI Andre Jordan deal. In which Tristan Thompson would have been part of that night. So there's still stuck with the Kardashians. Yes they haven't shed no actually it's meal that I don't anywhere there. Let's go back to the the phone calls here yourself Kurt in play that's what's of current. They get that new board do. I have my theory on ballots checked gun well not equality without Butler. Position is that idea is game plan that though Neville was wrong and he'd put his team in the position have the ball with two minutes left. Two minute warning and two time out to school because they get that strip sack. He's in the position away. So the game plan was to to keep detract me and then have the ball last right. I know that wasn't what you want to stoop to your you know you're really good certainly. And that sort of thing come upload site we will let. Belichick is that they had to HO Obama. Earth but it's on to say you sit Bafana dating anyone over the game plan know what unedited the I'd heard that you're said the order traditionally stored away and so you wanna do when you solo we wanna get it causes a lot of guarantees to have the ball with two minutes ago. Or even guaranteed that. And we wanna give up 38 points and have a chance to score at 39. I agree I hit it there either but I mean if you that in Maloney investment. It's the pats could have the ball with two minutes left would become a two minute warning to time I'll let you take that. We all felt good about it. I don't care what anybody said. You felt awful last year when they were down 28 Hillary said no kids but right. Which you felt good about it with him with the with the ball Luke brought up before the show you brought up that one played on the incomplete pass to. Oh hole in the area you know it's on that on the big island that was a big plus a minute to gold and restarted my first drive that awful reverse on the kick off yeah Jeanne I have no idea what that 19. But the first row. You know to hold get out there and right it was at the 32 it went incomplete there's 56 seconds ago. The first play was looked looked like Hogan candidate liberated let him Lobo to former hotel almost slipped and out of his break. You complete that pass or the 32 with 56 seconds ago two timeouts. Yeah now it's not fourth and ten member of the past Amendola for continued just got to get a first down in the clock runs down a twenty some seconds left is get a spike it. But if you complete that first past the holder the 32 inches 56 seconds ago you know talking hail marys and get the grunt work sideline they get pretty good feeling that you you can beat the twenty with shots in the end zone as far as the fifteen Chaka right. Take some you take take something hail Mary entirely out of the game. I 6177797937. A lot going on a lot left over from the football game. So were all over that and the Cleveland Cavaliers are re inventing the game of basketball as we speak here. Now more view phone calls with one hour to go here and Owen map.