OMF - Tom Brady wears gloves during his press conference, time to mash the panic button? 1-18-19

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Friday, January 19th

HOUR 4 - It's Friday, per Bill Belichick. Meaning: this is really the last day the Brady detractors can get their shots in. Cue up Kellerman trying to make an argument that favors Blake Bortles over Tom Brady. Cue up Bart Scott and a Brady grudge he'll carry until the day he dies. Also, we go live to Foxboro as Tom Brady, donning red gloves, shoots down hand question after hand question.


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On him when he. Speaks Fort Wayne alimony and 48. Practice. Thomas actually every day when this thing that people. And run hard. Great drama there was no working hard and he's a middle except all quarterbacks you know did you have any horse that's been here. I hooked it violated his usual some days as more some days less is just a matter of what day it is really was hit and I want you to check injure or Arabic they put that on there now with. Glenn Lou and Christian the risky stuff. Yeah at least it's not great just listen and I got out veterans haven't him while. I'm very very heavy at heavy get her lead by let's go hectares taste in those who vet to have the pet. And our thoughts and Richard Jackson as a group might. Few times and indeed. For right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Thank god today is could we take another player to deal with this for. Todd what game. But yeah. The fear that you need two more days than that this thing heal a little bit and actually looking I'm actually looking forward to a more now. Actually. Because of justice to use the beginning of the game I don't know when this first court there. And there it's a comfort championship. Since you miss the first. Warner has its first courtroom ultimately gets you going when did you first play again and a flat you know he's going to be good but this week's differently but don't watch Brees throws right message I didn't have responsibilities on the be on the field as you know that's right zig raffle. And radio shows and he's done in the last 48 hours a battle lots. I don't lots. See you Saturday and after you can still buy raffle tickets at dol BO's job counts it is unbelievable that is that to the get to do everything Saturday Sunday around the field. He get a every autograph we'll all be out on the field with the winners of this raffle right after they gave you know there's stuff their face with food and daughters of tickets you did yeah. I would. Well on the winner and you hang out we can we do you mean makes sure narrow path I'll ask you visited me get that you know neither does the treatment of these. Has span decades and now. He thought time relating gold got us now they could have until 4 o'clock today just because you're there weren't just because I thought that yeah I -- among why he does he's got the benefit the way back legal online outlined some things got a ticket that you know I haven't seen us through for a I'm going to tell you deploy as a big rapidly Padilla they tried like you know you know look at not try to leave their grades you don't you don't you don't model I don't know all of the ideas and you among line you know I've used to you can buy throughout. Food PH. Everybody up that you can think I'm this big debate at the moment of humble opinion I thought about how the process that I. If you are that I saw you here and was. Impressions of me from 6 AM not to be calls a sting even a Carlos you. I had no one I do. Hey I wanna say the only person that I really made any subsidies Christian he's brought up the great Patriots defense. Right now they get the best points against the last twelve weeks not. A drug that Steve I brought and I brought it it is that we are there. Not as random guy Christian ideas now soprano announcing it was. I knew you know and actually not true. We give them credit build Jackson's book you wanna clear the just disrespect card conflict. I mean is Steve's point. Lot of shine on Jackson was deepens what they've accomplished although all all pros pro bowlers someplace that not. Word but Paige urged defense and everything they've accomplished. Think it's like they edit chop liver that Grammy stars on her team was the story of this game. One of us thought the jet to kill innocent woman and now gonna score against this the eighth nationally or locally discuss. I want the patriot and embody dad and I yeah. Uga loses. And he about it. Thought I don't know another caller ID of what is the story line talking about the past Jack's. You talking about dialogue much brightly portal Sox and the Brady vs secondary. Mean yeah it's just not yet but I think the thing is they like to our discussion I would like to be talking about the defense and not like get it but because it's not a story line in this story as well as saying. If you look at four. Fuel you know Putin patriots center ago all of it on patrons deeply about it given all this attention to Jacksonville. And look at us look at look at we look who we've gone against the go we've done hey we played Pittsburgh also a bit but 45 but 42 on our defense. He's at their goal Blake morals is just gonna suck because he socks and a defense is an actor and have anything to do with Pittsburgh's defense sucks right now. Socked with a much easier there are totally different because it's it's you know it's it's almost like that. That's going to be that it's really talking about I did it because it's more on the rag on which I did Jacksonville's offense that it is understood that as I do the pager deepened. I would not be surprised at war. If one team doesn't score a single point this game it'll be the Jacksonville Jaguars who do not score. The defense is an all Italy Lola because public or fox but they don't do it for for good correctly looper crappy quarterback. And then not keep talking and because that it is already played what's going to me. These deputy as to when we OK you are correct but what will you explain the feeling on many things that we implement it almost can't put him next tonight that I gotta get information Jack including legislation including that of what it meant it instantly excellent Clif OK you know broken bones yeah what he. All. It is time as usual. If he's not playing big time football. In crunch time obviously they're gonna say okay Blake portals you know that mortal since we saw a pat down that you'll put it happened. Just saw him do I think he's gonna do it again and rule of two shots. I don't judge you take it is not sure he can make big plays in big moments where what do what do math if you ask if you let's take Jackson that really. What have you done for me lately. The ital this I shall we can make big plays when it counts he has depicted before we asked if he asked protect yes even right isn't easy way for him to pick them right now. Okay Tom Brady is hurt. Brian Hoya may have deploy and gain Jacksonville defense is really good what does he go for he goes for the Blake portals that debate argument. Yeah that's where he's going. Bleak portals. The one thing I would say I don't think it happened in the schemes and we played portals can go out and win this game for the Jacksonville apparently and he he can talk he may be. Cannot socked. I would give you that UB old and he can get body. That that would be a good thing for them and if what if Florida is running the football and Brady's not accurate in his defense you know gates of the to a three picks in the course of the game. That's how you win and it dope wants to pick Jacksonville I get you playing your little game. Yeah you'll character that's good. But then you play you pick bully boy you gonna back bowling balls that's the reason. Still so it would take a break right now we gonna try to line apple brief interview Croats were gonna that they already love once forty playoffs in the patriots and AFC title game we've been here from all the haters write papers winter from one. And while. Bart Scott. Who I heard from Bart Scott while having we have not only spoke. Now we get some quotes and now he feels about this Tom Brady injury aren't we gotta like he got it coming up next. Jewel in the mid day with the coal and and a Fort Wayne Loney and 48 on Sports Radio. We'll bring you always seems to have an injury rugby game I think there's like a built in excuse but when you say it's an excuse do you think Brady builds in injuries to excuse for play. I mean the elderly they're made before with the Achilles in the days and that. You every year there were going to big game so we seem to be it injury are factored injured on his shoulders was messed up. Neil we just let them off the scouting report things like that. You know I don't know but it ya know if it is just bombing asked where glow. That's going to be in the case and that it was a legitimate injury told. What's got hasn't lost since touching a hall is an unfair advantage while you have to follow all big game yet but it earlier uncle Michael last year they're injured last year. I mean it's just I mean he's on the major sport froehlich shoulder but that that that was a little like an ongoing gag products no. There was an excuse now over this terrible and no game. Apparently this. You know we don't maybe at times it sums going in some of their right ribs that was going on. But this is like you on the public don't feel like he's got a ghost and began to build that excuses. Now now it's around his there's no I don't usually at Bart Scott's just count each of states. Tomorrow at least the patriots and we we know he's yes I know because it's so obvious goal Rizzo. It's just like. Something that's. Barrels somewhat believable doesn't it doesn't always usually the year which is so nice thing about the organization every once in awhile or they're great success or whatever but he's one of those guys that. That can't admit the head that did this to them a few times he's got a checkered past here and each is each set so anything he gets an opportunity sticker shock and this was on with Damon amend a law or DNA. As he took a shot. I think there is gonna do this I mean can we do on this and rocking chair when he's 85 it's not that rip it and get a Janet you it's far. The court I just feel like there are some guys it in in past even if you do once you do it to a 33 times especially. You know lethal and injuries kind of before big gain any decently there was a dramatic. You know usually ties that doesn't build an injury excuse cases are plea while I. I don't ever remember Tom being that never played a lot of big games would mean right a lot of these things. In the government in other guys across dealing with an ankle is viewed equally. And never remembered built an excuse for Tom. No I don't think it's sewn Iowa that's coming from and it's that he doesn't use he never talks about your net he was talking about the injury and verbally explain in it and units while he's just set himself up so he has an excuse sort of and you see this all the time quarterbacks we'll get up to players will get up there and dual role to lead to hawk about the Internet you I mean British doesn't rank pretty hesitant to do that. Doesn't go there it's it's it's off limits. You know everybody's heard at this time of the year you know everybody's feelings I had by his family AMOCO he never gets in the way. Certain of these totally made up by Bartz got the does that surprise you know. Not at all of this hatred that it that it's the drama he continually and eggs on a regular basis you just that that's it that's we will tell you when you hate somebody. Yeah yeah bush human drama in cap nonstop from four hours every I think it is when she would come out let's before we begin and it is you guys don't like he patriots just you can always start I mean I don't and so ballots I don't conflict which they would yap James Harrison was so lucky that. I was there where I played the jets. Yeah I mean c'mon they never give me a shot I headed next year Olympic and usually. That's really want to I would understand I would understand that a guy. That has gone through history constantly playing second third fourth fiddle. To this New England Patriots franchise and never getting the opportunity to play for he's pissed off again it. It cents. Just so we are going to find out the moment of truth rate is coming of the Brady we're nine minutes it'll be easier to speak or is back in behind doesn't speak that means in practice right if the well a whole lot lunatic he apparently can still. Safety rules now and I know he can still speak. If he didn't practice but he doesn't have to. Right now so I would have thought Odierno went right so if we know how the patriots operate the legal let you out of the speaking. If you don't practice but he could sit there and say I'm like what ports got thinks I'm a good guy. And got to give their league period and one of the people yes they don't so much for me that if it is I gotta pay and work. I find out four of us I'm Sarah when we find out that he was gonna speak yesterday. I was after knows after the scheduled time Utley was hit yet they thought we around award thing or two days ago there waiting around for. Yesterday's right where I think you're right it's not war and it's ten minutes now new advanced before we hearing anything that he's not gonna see anything. Which guys they love about cameras are pretty primitive language or is it easier Jim Brown. This is not so I was talking about this pictures jaguars I had no idea aged boo yeah it was his cousin is its cousin cell who's got some family objects so he's got a game on Sunday against the Orlando Magic and he told the media last thing he's gonna be wearing his Jacksonville jag law. In general of the Yankees a shirt go ga. Come on Sunday which probably not the smartest thing to do but so be it and then. When they started asking them questions about his cousin Maggette awards. They watch dvds can actually watch the event absolutely. Hunt jaguars are you on me when I'm doing and I. Pillars of the pacers go my presidents have some very through songs as well. So I'm coming especially becomes an endless under Obama as a brilliant. Hello oh boy I'll call it it's a lot of fans and to believe over the Jackson checks from for Brady took three pick sixes. Jane yeah I tell your audience now its its. This earlier on he's just don't I don't play is what it looks at pacers go mark presents its operating. There's houses around so he doesn't understand that that's three times that's the biggest fear that now that the wind when it adds. Is that he's gonna get that. You know all three times during the course of the game results. I'm now. A slow plane while the other way one quick because we have one minute here before we don't get ready for Brady. One quick Celtics a minute. Yes she was last night more evidence that Al Horford is the glue that keeps the Celtics to get a terrier. And a the people that were actually. Upset that Jules and B was named the starter. And on bail outs. And then of BSE monster game must mean against and a discussion. All the data they didn't dominant force in place many games right but just that dominant player and obvious all star right. Another guy that makes people around him better. It is can't take over special retirees now and isn't. Doing eating extra. It is it's a no brainer reported yeah you can see with Tatum and with Jim Brown there'll OK what do we do now what are we doing now I mean there's no question. That carrier installing the best player and Al's gonna include all star game correct he should absolutely he's an all star no question he is an all star but started on the on. Oh in online. Worked up about it bogey cousins probably is stretches at a terrific season that you don't just like he plays when he watches when he doesn't I don't -- Nolan shouldn't be any better at two starters on the NBA all star team and their my husband's cheating was it one game over 500. Games over 500 lost the night after they were you I wanted to take a break when we come back we expect to hear. From Tom Brady what is going on with the hand the questions will be asked you should be hearing from Tom Brady here and just a matter of moments. What's more. And what might. In constant beat. There's brother. Tomorrow Saturday. And the next they would be something that would the fifteen day to. So the question is what does Brady says he's gonna be asked questions you playing on Sunday. That leaves for the sake yes. We're gonna know apparently moments away patriots dot com has just tweeted out that Tom Brady will speak along with. Amendola at 140. So there has been telling them yet coming from the organization rideau and so it looks like he will be speaking it is now 141. Term. Talk radio I'm gonna be available today to the. It's all day. Is today you don't own an easy pissed off honesty with that it. That's that's you know but you gotta believe the delegates up their first right. He's like the L he's yep as the opening acts. The bill is along Obama. Council Jones or saint I would be surprised at categories as was instrumental person whose memory immediately let me get in there you can win rank right here usually usually big gloves big men is gigantic you know let me go Hamburger Helper missed that they have the mouse and a lot of people you let me goals that way when I'm done they can all lead and you can talk to people now publicist Egyptian crowd around a backup quarterback like that I mean a lawyer had like forty people in feisty to he was placed in an apartment yet. It did not do. Slate but it and I think it gives us you know let's ought to look for mental challenge the final and true more steps and. Or to defile it as usual I mean since I've been here there's been days where I've taken a lot of reps there's been days where I haven't taken any so. I just do you know what's asked of me so. How are million Arabs that is Weathers the scout team whether it's a few plays on offense it's you know whatever whatever they come into. Well because of and talks and injuries haven't limited. Think that you would put more stuff. I don't know I mean it just depends on what what would be more of some days as more some days or less just a matter of what day it is really good and Obama and. My favorite I don't know what's at and the I don't and so on today immoral. I don't Maryland and home only take you through or Arabic they put that on their. Now the economy and on. Podemus still empty right now they've got the and the backdrop that is duties that majorities into the 23 cameras. Carolina and I'm I'm looking at right now the crowd down there that's a huge media crowd they have filled up the room today. There are a lot of cameras and a lot of bodies in there and a lot of questions and sure I don't know how many answers were going to get but apparently he is going to space. So the patriots are not coming out saying that yet because they. That sort of at a -- over three and a half minutes like. It is. Yeah yeah. What is where that is I am. It's that they don't know us ask that gloves are rules and it's wearing a admits to well they edited the tape they recovered the stitches. You know the sort of things prepared for that massive surgery that he had of the days ago you don't maybe comes out with the the Jersey that's comfortable couch on there so I never takes his hands. A tango than there yeah have you zips on NBC unit you Kansas as a regular cars outside. Hey Tom did you raise your right hand and look at what would signal to them the refs make when these Gortat. I'm. You got any disadvantage if it when he and they make you do that schools and they do want to finish out an ad ready in the past. Now. Doesn't run that they're not changing their there there's nobody down in knowing unknown. Headquarters down there is that they're saying anything but Tom Brady is expected to space and it'll get done and Stacy prepping him behind the scene right now they're probably trying to figure out but it the tape off yet. What's gonna look like it's all but they're resuming. Looking at Pena right that's why it's so typical patriots it is Susan is at six. Here we are again another championship game another I guess issue this you know in another organ for the FBI. Man X. It's as is its flaws like all this is why that this is what the NFL is while Rodrigo wants needs the patriots in this game Saturday because of Don Rome. No global accorded this went so as images announced that and feeling is questionable. He's missed practice this practice and somewhat limited they need him what it's designed I don't I don't see them in Minnesota right now amount at a press conference trying to figure out of the and a player not deal. Why is this guy's more important about these important part of their profits later. This this guys have formed a suitable needs a superstar like one. One human who's considered a superstar correct yes the legal yet they do you dealings. Like one of these late blooming guys the Q and those come out of nowhere like yeah. Local Vinny played the college what and one of those local Minnesota little men don't always regular army that I have some you know pop culture breaking news. Elizabeth let's just give me Kanye West of have named their baby or any reasoning for Chicago. Forget the basic I can only do I swear less noticed this stupid whatever. Great day she's really a little bit stupid she started man at all. Average leverage delegate lead both Levy punched in the face. Yeah Chicago. It's just to have Chicago. Cigar story of the coma shy shy shy a short time ago there all that's cute then on my back I take it back. To beautifully and that's precious it's precious name is parents have to think when they name kids weird stuff like that vividly enough to live there'll be a little love it. No oh yards three of the pats PR head Stacey James is in the building. Says that Tom Brady will speak in a couple minutes who experts day. But the L. It's pretty bitter rivalry yeah. What's it going to be a big eye socket that. I and the core Medicaid. And I have shut out. Exactly yeah city's east of the a couple of minutes that's exactly as they go or two minutes away. Police celebrity news at that long I can scrubbing you're is you're on you want your TV vet I I do I had to deal doing it's let's watch it won't. Here's the deal law. I know that at 2 o'clock you're out around this for whom that threw 55. Degrees it's hot and easily. Dozens solo and I will be able to handle that and we Giuliani you won't be part of a olives and my car. Through just as evil little thing. Yes we just talked about a comment that works well when you talk over the rest auspices utopia does he really wanted to do. That was also really good overall play some sound effects and stuff. We all agree that organ me on that elves working in the world gonna be on a jet and then in what next Monday. On a way to. I saw real life that you. And so Ross that you wanna you wanna give me every who got through on Amazon brings us down on the NC deals to be laws that sentenced last vestiges of enough for say that if if if you eat first yeah. Deal with the week's G jobs cuts a deal mobile Lewis often begets suggestive looks deeper. That and try to do you go to public gamblers at. 21 person. Supposed to happen. He's talking about. I I would do an interview. Like for Spanish station I would start talking English. But I'll bilingual I would go to a note to a Spanish radio station you must have an anomalous in diesel or molest doubled edged I think. By the way in case you have until 4 o'clock or the rat also the opening go to dobbs has dot com I Iraq while stroke by Iraq bloodshed while truck did you buy that I had a lot hedge fund on distant second stimulus yeah the whole process. I'll buy influence and mental well being shut out the guy a hundred people bottom for use a good. Well no yeah I mean if nothing yet we want government uncovered yeah right now. Well it isn't just as Tom Brady why guys next week expert. Get ready gloves on by the way. An. Apartment. And then. From about that. Yeah now where it is far. From it. With it. It's a great you know it's a great challenge and I think he's worked hard to get this point in. If you're breaking. Yet main thing is really good team that's in all phases. And in a raft they grew up. If you thought it. I salute you as best team we faced all year. Yeah that the other for reason. To their policy. Top right defense and be some great players. At all levels. And we will coach. And a lot of points. So are there really won't. Everything will be playing some history. We were real good this would. Wouldn't. Yeah I don't try to practice him. Yet also. That you you thought he had 100 physically capable we'll take. How would you mind reflecting a bit on your relationship your friendship with John McCain. Of course you have been instances that are working together it's who we both got your unity yet he's been a great coach and great friend and and he so well prepared gets me scared or weak keys. So diligent. And he's just a great coach and I've loved playing for him I loved working with them. And you know a lot of from the get. Flimsy. Practice partner after him. Weren't. I hope. My I think didn't actually it's a lot of yes a lot of that so he's defense coordinator so try to keep things light practice in the friendly competition. Try to get everyone to step it. Anyway. A warning before. You when you're managing injuries and work functionality of holding gripping Covert team. They're a different. As well. What exactly happened on Wednesday. And I thought about it. There. That it could. He's here. A couple of days. To determine. As it now waking up. I have no idea. And you see. This jaguars team. It's. A bit different you know I think it definitely it's do some different things dramatically covered flies for a wise play a little bit different so. It's a very unique challenge you not think different street their their linebackers are very instinctive very fast and great cover guy hasn't secondary so ball hawking defense if they're brought you this excuse me scored I think in ninth national insurance defense. So another great defense artillery mountains. Here yesterday. And who aren't. From diseases and that this whole. Posted. Brian. He'd have to. Friday he's also confront as if they show. You worked with him to help prepare for the possibility that you might not play for parents are. And we're in the same meetings every day you were sitting right next week so it around here saying he turns. More pain right now. Paints. After. He set the extensive field thank you. They go later Tom Brady why should Wear red gloves. Well he says have warned them before in a press conferences what is. Disaster quote I would go as our president Robert that he wanted to early you split and everything else you tape saga. Fine you take all that off you'll press beat the American field what are you hiding stuff eight you know he's got an injury. An inside dog do you feel and let me ask you if you do you feel better or worse after in his press conference. If you're worse I detail what's hiding via the swelling. Get stitches it could have had a procedure. Now I stone is a friend he's sensitive. To these it the united shilling shillings that it came out later remember. What usually goes to the press count with with his group. Let's hope this clubs on you Heidi set of guys you don't want to show us what kind of fax number four is the fact that he's heard together as you guys seen displays on what bomb tickets that went off early press conference on June I grew tired and then there's going to be pictures of his. I mean he's hiding something it's obvious he got hurt. Okay says he's not talking about is he playing on Sunday. What is he normally says expect to be out there expect instead what he says is at that we'll see I love all looks into questions all the different. The retired two questions people are trying to brought her beautiful both volatile. So brutally Josh McDaniels gets a slap that person of Rada RJ that this argument it was a scene that live on video you know. In smiling the whole time he was one it wasn't like Tennessee and it was a bit there's now he was just smiling the whole time answering everything Woolsey. Do you think he was simply guessing as to battle for what they're held to think right now I only like that they'll cost you the same question you feel better horse after listening to that. Works. The fact he showed up with a glove on as your as you guys accurately say he's heightened you don't want to see it whatever it is he doesn't want to get a look at it. No he's never worn gloves to press conference acknowledged that are out. He's our guy and I don't see one of these warming games enough for a long time. He doesn't Wear them and it's not like he came right off the practice field he was all showered changed and jeans on and a sweatshirt and a stocking cap wrecked. It's it's concern he shouted I would say exactly how some people don't. And as a miracle that. I don't I don't know but we'll talk about that obviously as the afternoon goes on Michael Irvin and join us later on about with thirty or so. Guy I heard Tedy Bruschi earlier today say he's her. Communities and changed it. Well these men and I listen to this morning when he was talking about you know if if your thumb is bad he can't grip the football that's why it's got the glove on. Because he can't grip it. To throw now might quit the here's what's gonna happen when practically means report comes out today it will be limited participation question yes. That's what you get at 435. That record and I think you're I think you're they can throw it they can keep it in in limbo but it's the one thing you feared the most. Is that with the Jacksonville defense. That they beat up on quarterbacks or not. Accurate your quarterback is an accurate all year long. Now suddenly you put her back in the lineup is actually put this guy that's a Dickens women tells us that until Brian whores who noticed what was I. It's my right ahead as Bryant pours gonna win this one you should I don't know what you'll lose I will say to ask if they had questions about whether Brady could play. There'd be another quarterback here every book lies and all the press conference honorable. Always I think I don't want buys a can now is that. I don't know. So we double portals against Blake is a dozen finalists all of things are you dale Polley keep coming up next. Enjoy the game boy saw a similar fears he'll be around and TV I'll be on radio after the game I don't look you know I can't be drunk on the a regional final quick thought of as well yeah. Please call and you know moving backwards sort of gun at spots from Vienna private jet with correct its own ultimately be okay not a and a great weekend everyone we're hopeful that.