OMF - The Steelers continue to be a mess; JAX radio parodies Sweet Caroline, now they have to keep it 1-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, January 19th

HOUR 2 - Reports coming out of Pittsburgh indicate that the Steelers are closing in on "dumpster fire" territory. Our radio pals in Jacksonville debuted a Jaguars/Sweet Caroline themed parody song today. Outside of the Jaguars, none of us know what Jacksonville is famous for. 


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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Right. It's almost accidentally hit one of us that people. I'm Brian Harman. Very comfortable out there it's been working hard and he's a middle accept all or else you know did you have any horse that's been. I hooked it violated his usual some days as more some days or less is just a matter of what day it is really good and Hala. Only if the ticket injure or Arabic they put that on there and I went. Gland Lou and Christian the risky stuff. Yankees it's not great just listen and I got out rhetoric haven't him while. I'm very very heavy at heavy get her lead by let's go ahead terrorist cases those that have the Packers. And our thoughts and I forgot some of my. Few times and indeed. It on Sports Radio WEEI. Plus Phil nothing that would. Absolutely. Nothing to do this the worst nightmare. You quarterback. Gets hurt you've got to go before the national media what are they asking you about it do you regret not death dealing away Jimmy go around. It right now thoughts again Richard Jackson. I'm that this weekend for us those competitive team out there. And play it doesn't go to those weekends. That we might. In times and been. Those. And then look at six yeah you can get the look of the sting it's. It is Friday it's too worried at Nellis and in the just to hear you got it got Brian Hoyer were diverted to. In okay. It's less about Brian Hoyer it's more about Jackson about that. Brian Hoyer of what is in part but it played a role but it is east is the he's Richard. It's just like morals. Took him what was at quarterback hurry and moved 1515. Point nine that's certainly all all yeah. From. Lawrence Atkins in his place he now I actually don't belong to pass defense in football. Ball hawking beef guy actually scored mortal lives and customs and anyone in full blown recipients please please Bryant played in this particular that you don't want it I was Sandra tells you argued that the Minnesota by yourself. I don't know I don't yet this bill and Soledad O'Brien are both commercial. No I don't and don't agree roadways Kirk not at all reminds us that might have been the most were informed that Bill Belichick press conference this morning is that when somebody asked them aboard Brian Hoyer it is reasonable. Raymond album that's here. Of course works or breakfast or. Switch. It's not at a time maybe your preparation I'll Jackson. We're gonna continue you referred to us a little in Atlanta lawyer. Good we got it right ointment unit to Iraq and it. All business as. When he became when process this thing. Well. When you what is your level of concern listen to be able to. Perform functions and needs in order to. And she's pregnant and middle schools that since. We kind of look. So often the main thing that's the super strict who somehow nobody. Nobody knows each day so if he doesn't play in this thing is fat and it includes media com. And police say in this morning possible stitches on her with a hell let's come from sutures since church if how could vote how could practice beat that violence. That happened I don't know I don't either. I don't know you tell me you'd banana you don't get on Tony I don't you know. I'll post and then it's almost as well as saying I slowly and they always heard that he's cut his hand you don't put butter on a roll won't push you the scissors right there near Obama says she's in pre season game that was all. I don't know they just we just want to Energy Star dad and it'd be it Tom followed the Jimmy started a pissed stormed out and then cut himself. And I don't know what else it was this is usually those that though the wet double helped this though. I don't think the warm ones yeah yeah I mean everyone I wish it was cold is Jackson was coming up even allow pretty good the cold. Last week in Pittsburgh but I don't think he wants to deal with this Nicole please deal with grip. It's fifteen degrees effect it's gonna be nice so well. Absent athlete football's room. Today and I edited added grip on evolved. I was really got the players and Belichick would have rather had questions today about the Foley case. And any of the questions they asked this is actually I think is actually perfect for them. Get the question just that's it that's it yeah we all know holder answered no I was gonna say a damn thing. It's actually really easy how to look today IQ test I don't know I'm worried about myself. It it's really easy to focus is on Tom Brady's hand. Okay we're gonna get your business do their job when the media comes all the wanna do is to audible breeze there than not that's not what disrespecting Jacksonville and both the liberty those. Quotes nobody talk about Brady's hand it's perfect for you guys enjoying the fallout that continues in in Pittsburgh so some believe I really am so believable. Let the bell. Skip nearly all of the final walk through offer last week's game this Saturday walked through he showed up with five minutes remaining. In the in the watcher. My minutes remain in apparently leader yes he also reportedly showed up later than the deadline set by Mike Tomlin for dean days showing up like in this by the way has been an. All ongoing thing with him he set a deadline for two hours before kick off of bell couldn't get there into traffic two dollars yeah this is the same got no idea that same guy by the way to have a problem that it that three days before the game. He came out to the Jacksonville game he came out and said hey listen. I'm not gonna take their franchise tag next year I'll retire I'll I'll sit the entire season not bad time to do a three days before the game and then this is the same guy that 1 am. On the night before he's out their base. Equally that the tweeting ahead looking at a that's another sign him to a long term deal and might topple it is a motivated her and he has this team together and he gets these errors apply leader. He'd be added that is that is. On. Attitudes us leadership it is you do you go red cap the year ago already crowded. Apparently Mario and yet when it tonight. So there's some believe that the whole story down Pittsburgh. But it gives you could see it is it is fall apart out of the limited partners are going to have no. Saying any of this there really I mean Rudy can continue to go back with with Mike Tomlin but the more you hear about how this team. Just fell apart here. When everything was on the line yet and with all that going on the still put 42 points still put it really wasn't the wasn't there offences for all it was the defense at all. Did miss a game of what the defense 21 nothing will be this guy in Jacksonville about recent trip to me it was more like the present. They give up a lot of beneath a 21 nothing right for me that's me and they came back and almost won that game yeah. So of all the discord with all the issues of all the attitudes they were still able. Just imagine if they were being coached the right way but he can accomplish and I think that probably that. The big issue going on lyricists like wild blue were accomplishing and were in disarray and the coach is just did not have control of this team. And and work we're still in this position. And expect that would drive you nuts but I have to do is cut by two and a couple little things and in Europe the patriots really should be doing. A better things. Wish it frustrating as hell humbly Obama's Steele fan I'm just get pissed off the whole situation down about what. We got a wrong worries back here in New England it's 6177797. That he threesome is enough. Oh are you really concerned they want from the TV networks right now I am I'm concerned that these two games are going to have like thirteen to seven. Audio fourteenth pick he's written ball all right I mean. And does not look like we're gonna see a lot of points scored this weekend with the two feet. Two games. I don't think so where again it wouldn't really know who knows Tom Comodo 300 yards and four touchdowns and we you know we don't know how serious this thing is vote. When they gonna be good anyways. Made this lady at some intrigue right that is Jackson a game. I think I know I guess and people said graded and did the patriots Jackson game's gonna be applaud that's gonna be thirtieth thirteen. And yet against an Iraq fight at least now maybe that's an entry. 1613. So like that against Conan Watson before it lap forty zoom yeah. What's the game via blog this one Felix extra three or something like that I think it's just I did talk about obviously the score changes. The over under probably as is that change for this game guy 46 or. A relief when it's time for this move now is not a real life so one thing race 290 yards over under. You got them. Dislocated thumb. With sutures go to doctor check out our AC it has a tidbit yesterday we were sitting here and I think a lot of other people would do on the same thing it could be nothing and he could be five and sunny and I still believe do you still believe. That this will be could be nothing. Until Brady is going to be the same Tom Brady and also how can I don't know I think if he's not practicing right. That's that it doesn't go together. You did you believe he had something as some do believe is the splint on his stuff yes hearts of their mobilizing his yes for a reason yeah it is nothing and it's just them. There's got to be concerned with that now I don't know I don't know how your not concerned by and maybe just because you don't wanna if you use all know they have the way they afterward that the patriots they got a well needed just a patriot guy and but if you're not concern I have no clue how you can't beat the quarterback down right. And and the fact that he skipped the practice he even either it's precautionary. It's OK let's deceived we cannot accelerate the healing process by not. Over exaggerated but that's just it is a spring like it's about getting better in two days so anything he has. Under whatever circumstances he's under whether somebody you know swipes at the ball and hit them right on the thumb. It is not only trying whether he gets tackled any balls awkwardly editor and because he's trying to protect his style Mars hand he has a role he shall we just on different issues he has. I think it every week right you mean you're more concerned with someone who's not injury report also pops up on one on Thursday and equip the hell happened in practice. This is kind of like this and he's been dealing with a for awhile but then on Wednesday if you believe this collision Peugeot are back it'd be while bad enough to go get X rays. To make sure that it still. It hasn't gotten worse whatever he's been dealing with we all agree he's been dealing with it for awhile shaken up that handset has been going on what is is different Boyd obviously it is as on Wednesday you go get X rays to make shore. We'll figure out why is it wise why is it different wise feeling to wise is really bothering me now. So it yeah injuries are just pop up during the week his Achilles right now he's dealt with. He's been playing with he's managed it it's no big deal but the rate thumb out of nowhere with a knee injury in the middle of the week. And you're not concerned and I'm even more frightened if the stories are true then he was bleeding. They had to do something about that percent. So is one thing about it will look back explaining you're doing whatever. There's another pretty cut how you cut but he can you cut your thumb on a football field. Again was I don't know it was a hundred do it was a running back. Absolutely Heidi I jewelry under the able to Joni Heidi ashamed. If I and is the first band is when it I was like how does that help. Back to me is that port that that aspect we don't know if that's true. But if that is true. That's even stranger do you think where we're gonna find out who that running back Willis did you see a guy just that is one reason the sort of and oh yeah world will never know world will never now but he sent a smile that he may be right. The world lane avenue. Make remarkable years from now yeah again on the final it. All right Orleans new adrenaline. We gonna Reynolds downs and it's fifteen and a quarter blackberries 59 to fifteen point nine. You're right though you know one person eras in this volume with the ears instead it is usually in years ago you believe that day Evian was eleven years ago when you're better study principal is the best. Sideline adjustments path halftime adjustment Ryan Moya no. Now coaching staff flight suits they were the best all time against Google today. Okay yeah OK okay Diego is obvious yes the game plan changes right this big anonymous right well I don't think it changes is much these. They are planning on running the football off wanna get to accept you don't do good. Don't you tell me you you want to go to your bills early that's really analyze. Evil Conan O'Brien builders like he did as good at some point come down to like actually like Howland excluding. A de identifying changes and having somebody that can actually do it's about that meaning you single point bill I just feel like they'll do what I I game for the bill we trust do you tell me that when Tom Brady retires Reebok. No vulnerable is the greatest I don't think tonight that I'm adjustment I don't think it looks pretty I think it's a grind I think it's it's a back and forth of just. Ineptitude whatever you wanna call it. Yes it does it looks bad there's incompletion users there passes thrown behind his back of the receivers back. There's a loss of down there is though a loss of yardage on first down but that's a but I look at both on both sides. I don't feel like Blake morals can. Legitimately you know stressed to feel like with play action passes you're nobody should hear till I just always total solar wind ultimately totals now it's O'Brien lawyers socks okay fine OK it's a solid like morals okay suddenly there's all these like oral defenders everybody else address Kirstie I. I urge to career Kerr. And I don't think any of us here during the course of the week and said Blake portals is going to commit to Gillette Stadium and win that game. What we were saying is the one way to Jacksonville court win is if the defense wins the game is to defense has forced us to reach. Turnovers in the whole weekend. Were they healthy number. Worry about the amount that they can like it does bring in more. I'm concerned attending in the you know spots that he doesn't obligate the bill turnovers go look at their little brat fumbled the healthy. Don't you know he's got hurt two he's their number one weapon on mommy right there are tied its neighbors Mercedes are tied nothing wrong at. They're a different route eighty. The draw are just destroyed. I guess you missed city throws over the French shoulders that is left and it hit. A pretty would have the the fact is that it plays into this defense is that what Jacksonville's defense more score their offense is incapable I think of putting cannot point to the board. To single handedly won a game they needed defense to score. No Tom Brady or a less then. Health under priest Tom Brady certainly gives defense an opportunity to do what we had a strike to score and that's the difference and again. I want to get your phone call 617. 7797. NE 37 in Jacksonville all they're coming up with some some material that they're really get all oriented and every inspired them do it. Well you've been spine and you've inspired them. So the candidate but they're ripping off our own musical material and never put it off best suit their rip and know we got it. On the flip side the Jacksonville people a come. That's clay court away. Maloney Christie for. On sports. You know and Owen map that 6177797937. Is there a fear. Is there panic. Panic here in unknowingly because things. Have have turned around here not for the better and in Jacksonville certainly nationally now they see a good liberal file an opportunity an opening here. With the New England Patriots. Could lose this football game. Because of a less than 100% Tom Brady or may be a fifteen. Quarterback rating Brian or affect we've just heard from the league office. Roger Goodell is thinking of changing his travel this he'll be here for the first game this visit yeah because he can take Elian to take a flight to Philadelphia. For the second game get the about the second half because he senses this may be the day where he can actually all laughed. At the people down there and fox four blog I'd be a candidate die young hurts under and break actually you feel better about the sort of it was Orioles aren't who doctors bill I I don't at all I heard some sounds. It talks process I heard some sound but the strange things that came from the same guy that made me feel bad about it this morning. So Tedy Bruschi I was on earlier in ceremonies tuchman who's he said this. Seriously you're telling me this is an impact and in anyway. She's the quarterback on his right hand. You know it's it matters it matters if you can't grip the ball as firm as you want to I mean it's if it matters if you winners and went on and right now yet Wear gloves to hide it from the media or you Wear a glove on game day for extra grip concerns that the only reason that why the quarterbacks where concerned gloves on the right hand from his. There are dozens or even erupted when some reason talk reasons I want to write a like that in throughout this or that the right hand how. If not how I like to interrupt but good as any good from that Burlington next time up. Kennedy. Made a phone call water because he just said this. I don't get the feeling from who I'm talking to in the locker room that it's a serious injury and incident issue is it discomfort. Probably yes yes that's something he may feel while he's doing what ball probably yes that is not enough to even start to consider. Any backup quarterback that would be there right now so. I'm not really worried about that. He's not worried about button and nowhere book back to the racism that big a deal so it's just blister. But it is. And I. So he's become a flip flop arts. So now he's changed his mind I was on an amalgamation and unless that's what I want to handbook and I have always handle all of tonight you're in erupted just got more information and also flip flop did he do both announced. He's been highlighting the great so fertile little Indiana is right right of course. And as I'm talking people down new pleas that can be huge mr. Bruno we saw the show he saw him on our sports are pretty relaxed around amber sometimes that person he says yes or anything out of it. Outcry over her course reads it is an hour. I don't Mort I have always and we delete that and I from federal court and told Woodward. I despaired of mental resources for Jerry quite ready to go work on that story. Along the I think I just all these ladies just out of it does pull out of the narrative how many of these stories we hear back and forth to the next 48 plus. That system and twelve in Rome talks like Glenn Elmo yeah. I crumbled and that can get a grip the ball and kept me. You don't change the whole game is so when Jackson I don't they were they were so encouraged with you try to give him a little bit of you know creativity down yeah they've come up a little slow the stolen one of our Sunday which Fila. That they can have song yet again. And I was just isn't legally aren't they can have it and trust me you will agree with me they can habit but to do on the. A little. Little thing delegates song wanna play you know we wanna talk to Gavin when he gets here's allegedly a little time anyway this all out to breakers. With odds plate that's right it's sweet. Words. Never leave your. Hello while you've got. And I don't you meet. Yeah I keep it leaks and critical that's right now whenever they let it isn't living in the fourth quarter down twenty. Yeah here and be. He remembers hearing the fans and some. So I Mac. And tangible. Is go in overalls. People. And over here and listen to. Frustrated that I love this city shows Google's own sprint calls orders as engineered. Mum. Look it's. And nobody. On the home. That was August boy is the end and win. Stagnant or. And so I'm glad I'll. Hole easy racist material above and he's the vehicle and vice and. My game. It in my. So in mind. As soon. Worse the league will I had hardly. The name book this year. Alluded through all of those entry. It's been in the pads today that do. And one in class tonight we're selling an army and did it have to be the same. The burden is men a year away. As big day and we news you will. One thing about it these guys up there at the back. Adds there's still. Genie back. Yeah yeah and his soul and all around Lawrence Richie guy as you know is the it's. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Senators and only. On those moments that really don't really sing any song with that chorus of that melody. Anything we jags in mind. Sweet pat from time to the sweet Lou. We can laugh and think well. Atlanta almost all that time rule out. And I should. I had love again it's so much shut out. Again. Now. I hate us and I did this song when I hate me I didn't. That was out of the relentless. Syria and really out there both to be case like this guy out of it and if you iron I think you inspire. I don't like you spot aligned just moved to understand. All. Yeah removal system Hulu creativity and by the be different you know it let's face you know I think guys. Let's just over that no city has ever done any marketed for any other big game. Think the parity of the song and Arty maybe. If he should go well what problem do I know the good solid and at I know about so I don't have stood up. Criticize other yeah. We Brazilian Jacksonville Jack Russell's Pittsburgh last week he'd look at this for what about we play. Well rob. I don't look back dust. About and no don't go there that one. So much what we do about it and yeah do little song market. Hornaday jaguar. It is big. Colvin and Portland. Is then. We'll talk let's jaguar football. Good morning so I have dot com about the patent and. This and I Tuesday's bill this won't commit to one of India we have Stuart stupid mayor bets are liaison some of those scenarios is possible could actually don't give doesn't want to look at Jacksonville. Jacksonville I don't know what I'm not Alec illiteracy is OK well. How. Often that we give the masses not familiar they're mad at all known for once. Honestly what they don't for. What is. On building and let the dog ray eyes but it right now it's really for a while anything what are they import to hey guys have been threatening to go to London for the last three home I was in what is now the owners that they'll hold off and behold look what that national what is the Nashville zones burden of national with what does it as a penalty each city it's a bird. Flora before they stayed skipper there so Florida criminal psychology thing it adopt something Jacksonville is not Florida. You'd think their real job you aren't in Florida in Jacksonville I don't think related jaguar may be on zoom I don't know if zoo live zoo and Japanese. An inner ring Jacksonville is dump. Admit it's a dump I mean it brought us live as it's oblique pulled a bit then you guys and building boom you know Campbell let's. Some them and him got himself felt Chrysler go poor man's. He parks and again of he's not. One of those what are they don't what if you work eight. To swap and I get my Luciano is enough for neighborhood contrary ball hours that's wouldn't beat arsenal for B sports culture. Than you are you guiding Italy has projected you're the swap. Jackson will end up in the Super Bowl in the filly and for the acceptable objectionable offer early you get from prime beach real estate somewhere along the coast. It would pennies on the dollar if it is a dump it really is a film. The places in the buffalo don't beat by none on buffalo or don't know buffalo is much but it objection it's much. If you should buffalo yeah let's stop it and I want to actively had their side tonight Israeli air at three years ago I don't know about three years ago on buffalo. And no I haven't yet publicly if you saw. Yeah. For years I would also assure the receipts and wanted to slice a weekend of the bully me out of do you evidence receipts. Did not lead off the foot it is if you've been to buffalo you've been Jackson Lee bill to let's say let's. And I have always had both signal areas sought but on wanna be Bible I'd rather be in Worcester is a much nicer city. Then Jack Jackson however there's water and sand. Trumps NE CQ what is going on water sand as well out of the sand to announce is not a beach in Worcester and those waters liner we take this just plain rip go to private plane private plane we gonna have to go where. Was there. There's an important school and a lesson that while he's poised can screw that that's the day. Saved the day and it and GAAP Princeton when the symbol. To be good that's the that's the story this the other day to sign camp there's still another day to sign that could happen. Tell us though. If Belichick that he's bringing anybody yet who you bring in right now. You don't bring anybody every cap NC double again. It's on the radio Tom Brady is out Palmer's got broken thumb can't play can't play every so he had on somebody it. Right so explain this Hoyer has not shown a track record that he can stay out there healthy and all of these kids gondola dangerous for. That it used to wanted to know what you would do it week four have one quarterback on and on and you know under senator for a week finally a Brady coming back week five regular season. Whatever your weekly commitment three freaking quarterback sees the views all they did with Burress sat. Only one quarterback those weeks three weeks or rather. That wasn't gonna this is to what is title this is too would finance so this is Obama overall bush you don't. You can't beat down to an emergency god it's playing out of position I don't I doubt that may be the last time he played the position was at high school when kids who's watching you watch. Amir's talk to you give it up to you would do if you Brian Hoyer please at all. Whether it is day she got a game of the super ball and not talking about kneel downs to be plays at all and the patriots lose. You know discussion we have king. Oh majority have done that and am not seeing her as if they lose this game. It's good and Jamey Carroll conversation of the offseason will be regarded got to control but Brady's gonna play I get it Brady can play in this game with a grapples here or not he's not the stark it's the shear zones all over again I'm sure if they lose this game and Brian Porter has to go and play in this game. And they lose that game straightaway insurance plan yet a team to an adjustable out Brian Lawler came in second half and lost name C title game. Brian Doyle had started Super Bowl and you lost the Super Bowl because you trade away Jimmy grow no question. They grab a grab crystals Lindsay is muscular and prison Florida recruit Chris in Florida curse where in Florida are yet. Silent they got that right outside Jacksonville originally from rock so grated my yeah great chances to make the age that. But while I thought you told an audience that lightly I agree good point I great Liz and a great Jackson isn't that right now. Jack OW has rednecks actually. But it is Red Hat on late this fall. Beat a really nice ought to be really thought they dog he's a great book out odds utes obviously it is huge city land lies. Blah. The team literally not just in that's what it seems to yes we edited since I. He saw a great Google I was good restaurant got good seafood out yeah the weight. Didn't hold on you so well lately and amity it's a symbolic writings of the ATP done in about 45 minute drive of the Jackson. Isn't half allow you to have a Jacksonville downtown Jacksonville they don't go out right right there right on the river or whatever it. Yeah nobody make any excuses for out so that don't doubt that completed yet you like everybody everybody that lived out. Biden and look I mean the worst that someone in Iraq buried a look at the right place like that by accident site though that you. It didn't just believe we're trying to come along way. It's good you're gonna it's if you gonna trade you make a bet you're gonna slot something that as some natural resource that was known for in Jacksonville with would possible would Jackson's offer. Which I guess. Yeah exactly we didn't mind. At all. Dolphin fish bit the thing you think Jackson do you think of dolphin fish at hypocrite if I did it but wait a minute the ones that cost of going first to worst part of it and you've got the beaches. But you citizens not that long it gets cold down there. What do you call like we call right now. Everybody freaked about it you're 320 degrees. But it was how the Super Bowl remember how cold it was a pretty strong rain was brisk and says he stands on the forty this has been weathered the weather Lumix have been the buffalo. I'm sorry. It's. A lot late they got the night. It's got great schools to the kid a lot of shop as well like that it made it like it got out. Like that but it regulate it spamming up shovels he's so. Go out and you don't have the shovel he enjoy enjoy a lifetime occurrence thank you very good friends are much Brockton well. This little scattered. That's. All the guys who sings sweet home Alabama apparently from Jackson Jackson don't think that. It's it's the geography of it he started on the Internet at an event at. About stories go over this. They sell the program by the way being brought you by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the film and it's what we're not completely under the program. Give our predictions a ball to these games coming up this weekend and Christians you know really right now and write a lawyer. He had never know what he's gonna come up would want to let coming up next more of your phone calls at 6177797937. Mike Lombardi penny but he's got the inside scoop on what's going on down here. It's Lombardi 1230. A Minnesota okay. You show award winning Loney and forty. On Sports Radio got. Then. Yeah. That would force me to move that you know divorce Ohio a lot of people in Jacksonville convince you. Because I see in all the time I come visit for comfortable authorities go you know come this thing go out these cool things happen. How do you convince people to come jacks the what are you offering people's speeches as to whether but I should find the lesser athlete he should think she'd golf that I leadoff. What if I looked up high in hotel and Jacksonville and you did you stated I. That's right I did it sucked my downtown with that and there's of going on downtown by the you by the miner really a night there is a high downtown during the. I think it's of the of need the better hotels are out. And the outskirts not downtown Lincoln Adam's Mark Hotel which is like the best hotel that's what the commissioner's state. If the Super Bowl that's downtown right there on the on the what is the river I'm looking at Jacksonville beach Florida. Right now on they are being B and I want to tell you. What type deal you can get a local Christian talks. He's not quite done yet I mean I iMac line item or if Z. It's still rulings. He had no idea started on line so there quickly and sun times that you when they hear you okay recently townhouse ocean views steps for the beach for a 109 dollars and 9290. That is antithetical to check on the road trip with a wallet we just do that let's do. I am doing better still I a am I in the hole for. If you give me a minute. I'm not you know Manson thing. Stretching as long as possible I Krista where we got that we're gonna pick against elegant it is a let's start with the innocent aren't we'll start with the NSA. You starters to go around the room he's in a while ago. Actually CPU you're going to first going to first Minnesota wins he got hit Minnesota wins Minnesota was really got his team when you execute 2013. 4013 minutes over dozens. These homes okay get them thinking just city pitcher I put the only approach to concentrate. And I had about 100 points thirteen minutes of Odeon Minnesota Philadelphia audience. Didn't fare with them. There. Articles Philly. Go Philly there's Lindelof and something about the underdogs anyway this actually I want to Minnesota for all the right reasons right. Get it's it's a feel good story Minnesota wins the level he's it would with injuries and home field advantage that lots of noise of people get the deal we will let. It'll be different I don't think it's good behalf. I opened a different game done in fairly well known as I don't know what Eddie van already we have aerial shot out of battle group and it real quick. Bay yeah it's probably going to be happy and some won't Philip. I'm going Philly sixteen to thirteen and it's if you look at their the home team and I think people underestimating. Philadelphia because of nick holt he just doesn't. Have this screwed up right he can't screw it up but I'm with you I'd rather see Minnesota because of New England gets there. And he faced Minnesota. It would not only beef. Trying to win three Super Bowls in four years but the knock off the first team that actually has a field. I do want some good news before you predict the AFC championship loves them this time. Brady is on the field. And I. At least a start a practice he's on the field with this quick. Art has racked ought to be obese frak yeah I think correctly is the media only gets in there at the start of a city's practices. He's on the field that yet practiced on the field right now on this attention is just like it was yesterday so when will we know if you practice. After the practices oh. So they gonna have a press conference. So order a thrill out for and still Lindsay. The tree spirits are in the interplay at 304 o'clock limited for a total to laugh at school. I'll status he's scheduled to speak to the media and in Gainey at 140 if that's the case if he's on talking double play here okay and if he doesn't talk it probably means he did not practice because he does not have to speak. Okay because they're waiting from the league waiting for the catch up from Wednesday. Because this is league rules now not team Rolston but if he doesn't practice today and apparently he does not have to speak. All right those are the rules so 140. We'll have a much better right people settle it. Much in the air I don't wanna start with you one as a way to give C championship game I felt has suddenly big lawyer thing. Which is score and not shops in the big quivering I paid more for weather but the pats win. Again I give two different scenarios. Radio play just not one not a way to Dawson area with a patriots win another well I'll say it won't they went both scenario and they went all sinners that way. I'm not taking on not changing much one for thirteen. From Monday called this money went for thirteen. Pats win. If Brady doesn't play. It's thirteen. To nine. About that but he says he. Google's. He goes oh it's so so you call it straight and away the match for him edit and yes they can possibly get if anything it's easy. And that it has done a challenge Massa and ultimately it. So you're saying that Brady plays is paying down the school doesn't change. You're still listening to it what thirteen defeat hurt not stated yes we're all. It's different about it and keep the keep it actually it's a 1713. Pacts. Brady play. Twenty full and nine if an employer does a loss so I. Today while the F. But he can't be just debris place it has to be Brady is anywhere close to honor and I find it does not like he's a great president right or the ghosts walking their ideological under the on the premise that Brady plays Brady is not a 100% healthy. But they still win. 2010 and they covered opening with a line news every now and out of the lines change twenty them but it's a lower scoring game. And there is some point. You'll you'll and you got to ask you and you are concerned. During the course of the bunker because of weeks ago a little right away. You'll know right away and right at the wrong. Once the ball well let me assure. You this is the first Bruschi right. We're as the second best I can Bruschi and get first senators somebody called and somebody said that it Texas listen you want us a dollar bond and norm our good man who weren't it would do Garcia. Has a pretty Jason. Look let me just I just talked to a source who says why at the practice field yet now they're kicking the report is off the field. Brian Hoyer was throwing Tom Brady has crossed knowing it was Republicans grad. Now in the news lately I heard. It this meowing he'd thrown this person was the last person of the report is the walk off the field Hoyer was thrown in can I change my Detroit's injection. Canada now it tonight on a lot of them as your degree lofted an area. Announcement resentment that guys were good I think I think would be a little bit concerned if he doesn't practice today. Lou we get the report 140 deleted and I'm proud if he doesn't practice that day. I think there is a little bit more concern yes going to be first yeah absolutely. And in no question is concerned we you know. The aid will be honest you would if it doesn't play. The gets them I think he steps on the field. Put it on me they can be an injury that now waged in April football. We could shoot acting up to write. Their plight. Yeah but if he should sit out the chances of him being accurate out there and have little control yeah. Is is slim and none right in that's why go to seventeen points now here's the worst is the worst one. He doesn't play Hoyer starts he gets hurt and him what he. Well doomsday scenario I'd do it today and talk about you talk about six months of Jimmy Barack. Around your dad did you see this is like and other. Make this make you feel Todd Walsh lost the the president whatever it's just economy. Basketball of stealing Ramsey. You know against dubbed a big tight end like crop he says that if it in a basketball game I think we would. I the last thing you can do is go to a game like this to try to reinvent the wheel. We get here as a team that is the defense as a team we do we do we run the football great takeaways play sound defense special teams. We're not gonna change that Jalen it's a good corner any place against wide receivers. Scientology why would you give them a waiver of a baby is called crap right but he adds I'm just saying it. Utility got to take these two great callers and put him on hold any cuts. Just watched the last game whatever doling. Did. Well that but hold on but that's the game plan obviously. Do you waste those two guys on the outside he did his 100 U sort of middle of the field to get into your Jacksonville going into this and not trying to take. No ended dole away and painstaking work on the outside. I assure you thumb and of course miles Jack will be so worn out from running the football that he obviously won't be able to defend rock. Note these the other and it won't be able to do that I'm gonna get to your phone calls coming up at 61777. 79337. Michael Marty coming up at 1230 days to get some info on him right here on loan.