OMF - The standard the Red Sox are held to is so different from the other three Boston teams; MLB needs to solve it's lack of personality problem 2-13-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, February 13th

HOUR 3 - This Red Sox team hasn't even taken the Spring Training field and it feel like they have to answer for the sins of last year's team. So what is the problem with this baseball team? Personality has come up regularly and it isn't just a Sox problem: it's an MLB problem.


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Fort Wayne. And moaning and boarded we got what some of these departments disgraceful I can appreciate what read out badminton game of basketball left for them to do that for Black History Month it's an insult to black people wait that comes off is troll he gives that impression that you had this insatiable appetite to celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black way to go with Ku and mu went. Christian music blizzard potential leaders. Find it we didn't think we'll. Also in the third applicable at the ones who was. My action. And never cool us here. It's a cause this is not black people's month is call Black History Month I do find it interesting that the first person they tweet about during Black History Month. Happens to be a white guy and so the auto product was the first. In that case I don't I don't have a problem with the now on Sports Radio WEEI it's. Max's kids and he. He said because he set him as an individual and now we're sending black people. Certainly when we're in the studio we do not represent white people even know where white Lou's wife and you know that I'm white and all that. But now we'll kind of bled we represent ourselves and our own individual opinion. Which is exactly what Cedric Maxwell was still one last night on TV with the show who. And drapes in the group they were all speaking for themselves but my guess is he's probably. Taking a little bit he and we talked about the Red Sox because pitchers and catchers reported today. And that seems to be Knoll was care at all about the Red Sox and so. We're wondering. I keep on here and a lot unlikable what's the word we keep on hearing out there. Is David Price that some likable. Or is that the entire team and I would say most of the calls today are saying it's more than David Price it's the entire team. And the we threw JD Martinez out there. Because of you watched this team last year. And you solve them without David Ortiz there was no pop. Well maybe it was your approach who brought that up early you know the pitch count that's where it out capacity right Pete Pace to. That big that the game seems to have changed right now it's evolved. We see a lot of teams are coming out in their aggressive but they've got first pitch ball that's. That's where you're gonna get the strike he's throwing it in the strike zone throwing a fastball that first pitch. So maybe he approaches suck the doing that and I guess this new. Pitching coach were in hitting it. Coach retires here is an LA. For doctors to seductive double launch ankle did the new big thing in baseball is a balls we have to learn the launch angles that's something to do with that percentage that they over the mile per hour Graham arsenic in nine year old kids that he wants to. Thought the video of Josh Donaldson that daddy tells me that the launch. Submitted double L I haven't but but I think I think they need JD Martinez got my first choice. I wanna stand. That's part of what the daily points that was available. And then you missed out on off. And and and I change my tune because that valued the asking price would be crazy and it wasn't wasn't that maybe you should have been involved. It will never really know the answer will you would have come here or not. But what he was out there it was there a boxed in when she missed on Stanton it was will screw with the season's over. Why waste your time don't waste anymore money like he disguised socks at the and it's just it turned eating it stands both standard bust give up. Indices. Down I think did the attitude I understand because we just open. I don't understand the attitude of the you don't wanna pay the 125 million I could understand. AAF. Martinez is holding guns that screw you I want seven years I want to ordered nine I get to the rescue should not move. Awful of what he's thrown out there right now a matter of fact I've said this before area now did you put an end date I don't think you let him dictate. The the time frame he put it gave put that it will give it that much for a look at big Fella by the extra TV that take it or if you got a better offer accused elated because we have to move on we have to get one of the other guys. On the list. But at 125. For five years based on what you're looking at with money right now and that week. I don't think it's a big deal if you are really. Desperate. For his skill set and trust me you got a lot of that team that team is not as bad as people are are characterizing it but look they are missing. The power element in that lineup may need it they're desperate for. They need it and so he's upset that there's more bidders. You know go off but he Eric costs merged at a seven year deal out there but he's executives and having nine. I. Am upset economic moment you knew it would be don't hear. Me this what this it's over with you don't know would have helped. If you started these things in November. If you start actually negotiating in December. And you are sick in the first week of mid mid February. Wondering why there's no action. Did you would have found out earlier that this is the deal. Well maybe you gonna teams more involved but you drag this thing out so long that this is. This is what's out there taught supplying and demand back. It's not that hard to figure out that demand is not. They are right now so you take your money supply is huge and if he does take a two year deal to go to Arizona and OK you know what and other group of people. It's for the best. Don't get the ceiling bill 5125. You want to know fine we move on don't it feel you know that. He really wants Arizona to come back and and put him up with a Red Sox numbers he likes Arizona he had success there a case seems to like it. What's not to like you know any heed. That atmosphere that ballpark Lou that ballpark he's got hit in 45 and his ball park OK so he's looking what does he care. Well I I think he looks edit in. He likes Arizona so. If you if if if Boston Globe away with 240 million or 185 million bucks he could he could be able to say hey I got close to 200 million. I think he's already signed by the Red Sox. But the fact that it's at 125. He's just beating Arizona please just please come close to Boston and I'll stay here don't think that's what he's doing here. What else what other reason which. Scott. Scott I mean seeds hold done. I'm gonna didn't give me more hold aren't they gonna give me more and Scott right now is sort of Swinton and he's using Johnny Damon is low you know. Puppet puppet. And he's throwing out things that that dog teams involved and at teams involved the Red Sox countering with me it will get a commercial and there leveraged and Jackie and are able to power elsewhere. We'll little remorse and will fall back so it's just a it's just to team. And just listen to Scott hold on hold art will get six will get separate I mean just bear with me but at some point in the played really wanna sit things out. He's gonna feel. Petr or even even satisfied if they announced a few days from that Logan Morse who's okay okay okay. No I'll be pissed yeah because. The thing is that they're going to put 125 million out of the table for JD Martinez that the only team in the league right now but some luxury tax category. To many you can't have it both ways and I know there are some people who gonna do business. That they didn't gets bitten I was just dating it's that neither specially with the the price that he went. They you don't get JD Martinez and a lot of people here are saying they don't want anything to do with more team. Don't change in June or July or August and talk about how cheap the Red Sox who were already. In the election pretax category where they're paying additional money for the only team that is a Major League Baseball book about it suddenly called Red Sox chief. Unconscious at the did did at least they are. Is that swift and effective state into the luxury tax last year but you know to avoiding the reset it. And then you bring back the exact same team you go all. You went undersea Gault spent over the cash and we go spend the money and JD Martinez. Mean you're going all the luxury tax right now that the only team baseball. Why would you do that would bring about the exact same team you've got to go one step further you go to Judy Martinez. Well as I said especially with with the Yankees I here's Richard in Springfield hey Richard. Votes are. I like I think you're understating. How unlikable this team is I mean. Look at Pedroia last year what what you did out in public on television camera was for a lunch recess. It rolled his throne is seen as manager under the Boston pitchers. You can't tell me that they're pitching staff. Feel the same way about about Pedroia. Now after that. Yeah it was not a good Larry did look good right now is a good while the whole story probably not but he certainly did look good right and I also and I'll I'll add one more T. And that was that you know Pedroia was apparently one of those people. That was you know cheering on price during the stuff attackers link he denies it. But in other people out to the claim that that he was part of it and that's not a good looking at them that's a bad look for him as well or that old weaken in Baltimore was a bad looking you'll see action and thought the the whole watch thing as much as it's crap as that thought that the whole story was that was a bad mother. That's another thing to halt all clapping and that was reported I mean we don't we don't know that was well you know we got assault that it was a good number of all of the players on the team and you know that that makes them also aspect to you know restore our our chance I mean. And what came out RJ PG. Yeah I agree but I also think it Richard do you think this is this is still solvable. If this team can compete in the division. They can win in the postseason they've already won during the regular season. And people aboard with that now we've seen this before. She reached. There really do something when it counts. In the in the playoffs are and that. The problem I have so when you say unlikable I don't think there's any buzz out there and the reason is no buzz these people look innocent with the regular season not fun. Doesn't want you got to win and post season. I agree to a point lead but for some of these things and I mean I've I've been arrests are chancellor for almost sixty years since and what Pedroia did. After ignorance in this whole deal for all these years and then finding out. Now he was a likable guy whenever charm would you forma. But a thank you for the call you. He was one of the likeable guys and he showed you another side and when somebody shows you another side like that that you don't like to sit inside a yeah and now. He's got he's got some work to deal with the hole I try not gonna play for awhile either low so he's going to be in the sidelines for by the way decide this that it the out spearhead this up the what every physical and of sources league sources the Red Sox five your offers close to a hundred million. That is when 25. Even better so nobody else bidding but they refused a bid themselves. Good good for the guy and us tonight I agree get info which you can get so you just go seven years if if Arizona's offer him a two year deal shall you do so let's look at it this way. Why should they opera right now I would say to this point. Dombrowski and his people are getting the proper Intel. Because if they were getting wrong Intel which Red Sox have done before we know the journey to human story right. If they were getting wrong Intel. Yeah yeah I agree but he'll go back and opinion of it he Kiki said we don't they gotta do it got to win a postseason. Do you think that's the feeling for most people that there are the biggest baseball fans out there that's it there's a mean there's the regular season. There is a 162. Franken gained that I would like to enjoy while wanna see him in the post season absolutely. But I still wanna watch this season. And so what to do is with the Yankees come to town we will have interest in the Red Sox people wolf can I wanna watch a good team still wanna would join this team. Yet but still they'll go through periods where we probably won't unlike the old days we probably won't spend a lot of time talking about them but when they're playing the Yankees they're playing Houston maybe something develops does a good storyline prices either really good or really bad. Then you're gonna talk about a I'm I'm not sure there's enough buzz out there to sit there and say all people are people are solid opening day they'll they'll take the place out. And they'll be some optimism maybe not as much optimism as there have been in past years. Then it will win a little bit will go to the Celtics and the Bruins and in the playoffs and then you'll pick back up again. But still comes down to. Do you have any confidence. One that they came when in the post season Toobin David skim one of the post season. You have any confidence. I'm just wondering like why. Why is it with lies with the Red Sox. Mean you sit there say at the Bruins in the playing great right now but. Bit better went around because they're bunch of young kids Celtics that they got good bit. Notably Neeson is neither one of these teams are built to win the whole thing right now. The Celtics are probably 34 years away you get golden stated that the people really think this team was built to win the whole thing I'm getting the sense that they don't believe in him at all. Data that we need to while I'm so why why although I hailed as a standard of if you can't win it. I'm not gonna watch what because I think that there and Red Sox fans are looking at it's enough Red Sox fans are saying that's my point the point is that it paint cats and only one of swallow if they win the World Series what are you gonna do you know wait to looking attended a play honestly and with game one that's what they know it's not what every team. Celtics right now. To enjoy it if you go to watch the patriots future watch the Bruins both the Red Sox and it really careless they would post season to what they can. I think it's not do with the attitude this thing. I think the people aren't they don't want out of the the individual personality comes changed have they got to change the personality of this organizational do you do that saint Pete at the artist job they have in the hunt on talent. But I'm just saying there there held at a certain standard discount for some reason that nobody gives a rat's ass about regular season anymore. Baseball fans too sir David are you fans care about the Bruins right now on the big Celtics. It's care about the Celtic I think what's going on with the Bruins right now nobody expected them to be anywhere okay. You know one of the heart IKEA. The sports Talking Heads Felder dismiss them thought they were gone season is is over they're done. They have melded young players. Bruce Cassidy has done a terrific job it's a totally different team the way they score from from from the back end now and their offense starts in the packet it's more exciting it's more fun. Plus just want to get the best. Out of the older players. The attrition Bergeron is having a phenomenal season marsh and has become a superstar in his sleep certainly a start. Right before he was kind of like a rat type of player easily irritated right because there's the built their roster to a bunch of talent we don't care. I only when the world's here I think they have under achieved over the last couple years people thought that was more in the Red Sox over the last couple years yet. That's. Even price down the stretch. Of last season was kind of disappointing and you know the the blame is on Ferrell and others for for taxing is armed. OK but you expected more because the way he pitched early on there was one person on this very program. And it's not the guidance off today. Who actually said. It's must watch TV when when Chris it was on the mound more Israel banned Tom Brady and it was at the beginning of the season April did that manifest and I was on a percent occurred at the end of the season it was not he died down you flip flopped and I appreciate. I got to figure out how to keep this guy go. But I'm just saying it is it nears is the only team in town that is held to a certain standard where regular seasons don't count yes that's because your pink cat you don't care ball baseball circuit I wanna watch a good baseball team lets you win the World Series. Just like people like to watch the Boston Celtics in the Boston Bruins and in the picture. Fair assessment I think they are treated to a different standard but I think people expect them to win right now and don't take lightly the fact that the New York City like anybody Edmonton went that the New York Yankees have passed him in the fast line they have taken though let's playing and they passed them. And that is a problem for the state right back to your phone call 6177797. And three cents. Now back to pull him at Glynn Christian host Celtics fans can't get it. Some people out there loony guy that does not know he knows we're not asking about batting averages is you know right I was thinking about this long. Are there for you in the room know me on Sports Radio W week. And it's. Very important. None yes I've been thinking about it out of the whole. Week I've been here for a week I'm going back and out of prison teams lightly for it to be here life on the pitchers and catchers tomorrow. I don't know. I said you know my knowledge. Yet to be determined one thing's for sure to enjoy the process. Relax. It's very important. Because. The more you enjoy it and the more relaxing. Is an environment that matters for us. It's one moved to Red Sox made Alex Cora bringing him and his manager of the team and I don't think it's moved the needle. One I don't I I think if they were unlikable to begin with. I don't think corps has changed it now he can be a factor in in changing it because he's going to be the manager he could change the entire. In a climate of of that team chemistry of that of that team but to this point. I don't think anybody should go wrong feel celebrities and Willis first that first amendment's. That's really played here for awhile but idea excited about a guy you Arnold's gonna I gonna quit that's always got a question for Lou here of what is a pink cat. And cats pink cap yeah at a big cat volume coupled paying taxes and it isn't Kenneth yeah it is stuck paying cash. Or could they said Lou was referring to the pink cat a pink hats is someone that hangs around always have barely watches. Any sport until a certain junior city it's in the post season and then you just go to parties to the social thing to do too isn't nothing to do what you fall nothing to do with kiddies cats not not like apple to its app. Not yet okay good. Back to the phone calls we go here's Ted employment site that. I hate you know I'm not sort of a secret that I'm a die hard about me and steals and good for over thirty years it's a let me put it what do you. The main reasons for disappointment of some audience that. I don't really feel that way I mean I'm disappointed dated go further in the postseason but. I think it's because of serene individuals mainly. And I tickets. Lack of performance from David Price. Hanley Ramirez and wrecked or so. Okay. Now I feel that they that they definitely have to get the credit collapse Digi key by key interest could I don't think that you could lie apparently. Could I don't see brilliantly. We we counted on him he just like or or script and it David Ortiz should lose. Adam yeah he's the one that and I don't think he'll ever do. I don't think anybody can and if anybody did they were prone to all the technical first ballot hall thing. I can please you know. It only has been a player who has had his moments in his career. He he can't hit the way you know David Ortiz Errol Dyson there. You put it first every day and he doesn't succeed you put it all right and sort of thing I know what you're saying about personal look but let's face it. Course yellows not as bad as as the bad years he's not as good as he certainly is the Cy Young year that he that he somewhere. In the middle that's that's what he is but the problem is he's never in the middle. He's under Israeli side Jackie Bradley joined now having an extremity of. Yeah it's not that that you look at his career in the east the that's the problem. Is that he's never. In the middle. And by that you know I mean it's Josie got a 465 or 315 point 92 or 3434594754. Tonight if it fits. I look at report Salo and I say you know I love the ball to the fact he takes the ball every single day. I think he competes. He's got a alleged tool we saw that Cy Young union in oh yeah once in awhile I'd like the attitude sometimes. But he just confidence swings when he's right moment to me that's great when he does he can't find William. What they've got to have a a four ERA at 38 to fort till. But he could fix that you've already nailed you broke on the statistic balls in play Wheaton goes through it and look at what he doesn't win he is all that's on him. That's not him if you caught in the Cy Young you can't tell me that it's a fluke and a guy sucks and he just dead lucky 32 starts or whatever Sabato we'll go regularly took the ball where the biggest problem is he can't. Maintain it on a day to day basis and you know what that's on him. That's all on him. I thought it eliminated Saudia you know it's it's same thing with the Jackie Bradley junior is ignore players out his career in his career ERA is 425. He's not a 45. No I mean I answered saying it's either 33. Or to 48. And averaged out to a forts hill then I'd rather have a guy actually with him I would rather have them be a full 14 QE RE guide every single year. We decided she no hesitancy yeah some consistent he's a 31 or the other three year rotation in arrears immediately been very similar style physical okay with himself has the authority. All right appeared that he pride doesn't like him that. Because you know most guys don't bite I think it's innocent ears said show what Arlington hello jump. Yes it I don't know if you're Joseph Arlington. All our power to but I might have been I want all right so usually did you tell our screeners that you're Joey Lawrence. I am I called martyrdom martyrdom caller ID the president's. You know what I got a question what are you guys block are called up last problem for him you guys are missing the point this is all personal. Thought I seen the Boston Red Sox official talks it is also watched. I listen I don't care probably watch a team again the first commercial paper questions go to Tampa Bay and that was OK and I decided that it was eight years. That's a sign of tell you what that's decided upon kids I think you know what CC sabathia punk show right down the pumps. David Price I don't. I tell ya a lawyer just without question sort of price schedule Lucas McConnell is in a blood supply in Simi two point enough let's not. But not two points and say that's enough leads to. And and you know everybody blows office told them bulk it's all about personalities somebody wants watches in the paint Capital One's and a walk away from Biscayne because satellite. The business and avert such as watch but the content walk away and they lose our content base that's what because Christine and nobody cares. To a missed the boat. Nobody sees it basically apologists and it's a talent but I do this personality you. But it's not likable I gave need to change their perception of this baseball team page did the Red Sox capable. The organization the management. The ownership. Are at June 1 of all to they recognize that. Because maybe you will find it it was on what was that winter thing that they did. I hear a few weeks ago the other folks were again and it was a with I think it was with Tomas Ian and try to they were doing a showdown. And it brought up the unlikable fine anti abortion. On our team is on like take our teams unlikable something along so first of all. I think you have to identify. Now my guess is that the Red Sox have done tremendous research behind closed doors they have spent money with companies that do this. And they gladly do surveys with with the public. To try to find out what people like. Are they not hearing this stuff. As I know. It must mean our I would rather this is and pick it tough for them right to change the perception but I would rather. Coming into spring training say OK what do we do to fix the perception this team because it's not a talent issue as opposed to the other way. We simply want to find guys here we sucked as a team we've what happened but we got some fun guys. I don't want that like the talent. You know and now it's just like okay David Price clean slate let's go move forward. I liked what I heard today it would kill joy comes back art let's go back that you alleged nick good. If we go let's rock and roll get rid of the two parts change attitude and also do you feel better about that the palace there. But I'm worried first of all if they've identified the organization is identified to identify it was in denial players is witnessed this. I don't I'm a bomb on likable of players listening to this guy called upon which you a whole lot of pomp that's what their reaction has. And that's a normal reaction. But what is he organization. Thinking. What are they doing one or they identifying I've got to believe. Even though Tom Warner made that statement publicly. I've got oblique privately they are identifying this is a problem because they do their research now Luke the second question. They capable of solving it. And doing something about it topic one we'll sit down talk with John Henry used to it is that he's not as a public anymore. Maybe widow will be more public now says she's one of the investors in the in the Ditka but but in to prosecute him some of the summer on a regular basis and talks about this stuff. But wouldn't the Red Sox try to win some way. Understand that the best thing they can do is to try to get some of their players out here. To get into some of these long form conversation since the public gets to know. I brought this argument a year ago we are talking about Isiah Thomas Isiah Thomas at the time. Little dude. Drew an awful lot out there. But he was he was he was loved by fans in the city rookie bets on the other hand to follow was to see him on Twitter not many people weren't. Adoring McKee that's that's was don't run erupt for MVP two years ago he is any better overall player in this sport that Isiah top. Publicist but it's not a personality motivational ran the baseball. But then again I've I've ever and the judges are judges Samantha this. You know when you go to OK with the best players in the in the world Mike Trout what numbers. Don't want to give me the numbers for to a market that has a 100000. Twitter followers in comparison Isiah thomas' one point three. But it just say it's arsenic is being able to. Burris hopper. What numbers. Think Russia. What numbers he weaving number but what's his number Jersey oh I don't I I don't know number church is Gerry Callahan could bill doesn't runs. When you know why I listen bronze. I treasury. And I would say what's Colby and you can pick whichever ones I have I got a couple of whatever staff. Thirty whatever bug I did the I don't know numbers I don't care Tom Brady. I'm missing you grab I was against all the analysts were nervous and Crosby the greatest players in every sport and he could identified tea baseball I don't even know. What is Trout I don't know I don't as bad as the 25 I don't know I don't know Photoshop that's that. I don't know like I am emergency and but the number thing I'm not in there with people won't penalize yourself. Isolate so why the Red Sox won the Red Sox opened up the door so that people get to know. Move keep that's. What why others. Other than the fact that he bulls eighties at DM good bowler what are we really know about we'll keep that's a got to believe this is an interesting dude. In there in that body right. Yeah exactly something because it's a big interest in people out of nobody's out there. You know what it is to me and I've heard this from a few people. I don't know what message they send this team in spring training. As far as the PR department goes. Oh when you start telling your players that the media. You can tell the media is not your friend. It's you can't sit there is state did apple know. You know to me and to stay away and they don't talk to them and don't give him anything because you think you're the New England Patriots is the problem you know. You don't win Super Bowls. You don't have the greatest coach of all time leader of the greatest quarterback of all time and when the greatest culture when the greatest quarterback goes of all time and again the when the patriots turned to a 97 team with the division. They're gonna be likable either. Okay what you need to do is you need to look at the Boston Bruins in the hockey players everybody would tell you that you can relate them hockey players more than any athlete in the entire world. That just normal guys. Even look at the Boston Celtics who are extremely likable don't look at the patriots. That series. I want to look at them I'm an organization. To evaluate certain ways they're very very successful but as far as being likable. Only likable because they win. When I start winning ethical and enjoy your demo according go among the next week. It's a personal you know let's go to Bill Parcells live off. Yeah that's going to be a lot of fun that you're gonna put up of that deadly as people turn and I'm so damn quickly and stuff when it. Indeed more personable is stricken and tell people that the double. Yeah but the Red Sox have got to do this they've got to identify the problem that got to work on it. Or are you going to start seeing a lot of empty seats at Fenway Park I had wrecked and start. They NATO. You know I just satisfied that across street has like Marc shaking I'm so that's not what this. This idiot I'll implement didn't know that it would have risen Alec and I'm not you know I'm in data market tidy up and down. Good that's good start for the school. What I do I'm just saying and I love this team okay. And you have to point blank all the whole key is full of Ponzi came up what's that I love this team RA I want to get JD Martinez. And I just keep I've been less than some of that because green I was like you know. We just got out a horrible super ball and and and Lou I'm glad I finally talked about Red Sox and and I have to what's all this crap about all the right Mike Obama. It's it's an issue Rick it's an issue I can now. It it clearly isn't an issue. They gotta do the Red Sox have got to do something about that now. Will winning Q war. A lot of that it it will but it's not gonna help them during the regular season. Because the same people who don't like personality of these players are gonna sit there and it. Why am I gonna get all worked out the one naturalized and won the division one agent you perform on the division I wanna see them do it in October and if they fail again in October. The Red Sox had the same problem except. It's exasperated. Because it's more people whether another year frustrating going in 2090. All I am I totally understand. We we can't we got a young team OK it's like mostly. This deal it was they know about 2013. It's not as young as you think. The Yankees have surpassed them and yankees younger. But my point is people keep bringing up to about the team that was like in our veteran team with people like Johnny. It was a it was a it was a fluke here okay and 88 you could argue the point did you can't be a fluke over 162 games but it was fluke in the way that it was all brought together it was probably meant to be more of a bridge here. And veteran players played at a high level. Ike and you've probably never gonna see anything like that again. And it wasn't really likable if you remember low people didn't jump on event what can until late August or September. That didn't believe that right. God I I agreed I don't know about the Yankees being younger you know I think there are judged 25. Oki younger than him and his younger than a minute they're young that it necessarily is still should they have similar starter starting on starting point five years old. And benefactor of the roster available to older but. It's it is it's a horse out shares and per the players that you looking at right now. That of the core for the future failure and the pitching staff is where you get why I go public in Sanchez's OK I give you these 2124. Judges 25. The bad attendee devers bats in Bogart's. I mean you're younger. If you consider that any kind of a court did you feel at ease when. When looking vets had to take the team the salary or alteration or a general sense of opposite then gone well. This is the one guy if you look at that your score. Despite the heart of the court is the best player do you have. You wanna keep him and now you're you're pitching here about a couple million dollars. When the real goal should be how do we find a way of keeping him long term. And if you're another player and a team. What is your reaction. And at this screwed more bad I don't know if you do you could but it needs more but we'll keep that's more about him in a single week we mean. We couldn't agree to a certain number in between here we had to go to court at a yearly things reasons why not that good a player Africa. That's never I'd like a Jerry Kelly just accidentally went to 73422. Easy. Amateur players and staff at that but apparently there are all guys can see just just I get through aegis thrown it out there back to the phone calls that keep up with. Show one sweater back away man on WEEI. Before during and after the show at all. Back to more afford weight room Loney and 48 right now plus Sports Radio. WEEI Dave Martinez Kevin who would first hear the Red Sox he's coming to Boston is really what I think you'd be shocked at this point. Did you Rouse he's done nothing this winner. Except sign Mitch Moreland let ads that read walk away if you're the Red Sox your Tom Warner and John Henry for the browns. How can you sell this stand based on not adding that the browsed he was on the record. After pill got fired he said it's on me really glad that that we the offense is not good enough. What we gonna get Judy Martinez if you get some sort of trade up his sleeve that none of us know about good for him let's see it happen let's see it play out. If you're going to the season without him in the Red Sox play velocity even won the division. Without Judy Martinez if they did not come first round again it's the same family just. Seven pro stock the oh. Whole situation. He's much in the what is. A little bit worse. Look let's say that. What you are hearing out here is true or what you mentioned earlier little that the deal release in five years and 125 it's five years and hundred. Million dollars yeah I. So let's say it's that deal and let's say that Boras had convinced Martinez he's gonna become a 200 million dollar player because that's where the games go. We're seeing a different. Economy right now in baseball so lets go in the other direction it seems to me. So. Let's say that Martinez goes through the entire month and he's willing to wait out spring training and then you get to the opening of the season and he's sitting there going but they'll gonna do. And clean windows and universal insurance that. I gotta do something so I got to take the money. He takes the money at the point is the Red Sox would be foolish to up that number you're gonna get with JD Martinez. And that what is gonna be late showing up here that's always go all already got to present a problem second of all you gotta get a guy who's just off. Because all we got was a hundred million dollars. Is that an issue. Got suckered. Again I don't understand people saying. That. You know I don't want the guy here he's critical reaches for the money. OK but I I don't think that's the case. I think he's being advised to stand pat. And eighty gets emotional. He's talked to a friend and he's fed up with the process that was always known I was and knew that was those are just frustrated with the market. Which I would toll understand everything slip as a guy with his you know with the way he swung back the last few years if it was 22 years ago that he probably didn't. Seven years 180 I don't know what Ali would get pretty subtle way it is right now. If he slips privately enforce had to cover the whole thing up. Then the slippage is probably the true JD Martinez so if he ends up accepting a month from now as were ready to start the regular season. And he's gonna join the team late in ease any settles for that hundred million. Are worried that we're gonna get the guy that slipped last week who's gonna (%expletive) and moan and he might differ. Ala or what went on what you know what went account of that founded the Breaux skis put a deadline. This is it is if you're waiting around to renegotiate to think I'm gonna blink I'm not I want to get money off for five years won ten where they sit right now. And it's good until Sunday. Literally it's a winner until Sunday that offers off the table if you don't take it can put them Brusca says just the opposite he's willing to get patient can't we the entire month of more than an April the first you're gonna sit there and an end signed JD whatsoever happened the same price that his client is my stock is as well you call back in days they don't like it. It's that for a paid paid. I knew you'd come Colin witty guy get Nydia JD actually know called vote moves. Still gonna get commission thought he stuck it commission would it would be mean moves the roller OTD come down Watergate innocent I like Connecticut Wi fi forever. What's your status is I do have a window for him for a couple years maybe 23 years. But it at third can put their plan B and it's the same ages of perfect place I backed the phone calls fills in mesh behind Phil. And well. Oh good god I had a point that I wanted to make sure Lou I'd like if your own formal Wear. To me like ability attitude culture it all comes from the top down from the north. The American mr. Farrell now like guy. Core of young aggressive. While we cut the guy who's young and I think that after I have a major impact on the attitude as to what he. I agree. I think you well and you all David Price we talked about you know I don't know what is like as a manager manipulative one of the guys that had a guy like that Joseph Maddon I think in today's world. That's important and I think you've seen some teams now their booties over their New York. I think bode is I think he's a tough spot. Because it Katie brought in those that Bart I forget yeah I don't know we brought his bench coach but never been a bench either. Soul Jolie's Alex was on the bench for a year probably learned an awful lot but I do think that relationship with players. I think Alex is a guy this venue that's player that knows the markets like I think that's gonna help a lot as far as attitude goes. And Watson well I hope so because the dignity something that not only ex player by the way play Farrell hater. It was like perfect ago rate TO about hazel ramadi as far as charm were we should you say. Which are we frustrated frustrated by market Mason Hammerstein eight. Eight so I had an idea on electability in there at. Arm I think that baseball light problem and I think it's all a 100% underground years. What are the last three collars for callers have in common they're all closed at a retirement and they are graduation. And if you look at the NBA all agree and you see his 1213 1415 involve catch their favorite player shoes at that their favorite players journey. You've got to make MLB more exciting. And to do that yes it is the players. More freedom to be themselves but also a two ideas and they're all pretty radical I think they've changed baseball for the better and if you guys which I think these two. And no less radical of the Q would be just stylized days. If you everything you can't make it modern style wise and out changing the game. Arms whether that lets the form changes. Whether it's uniform changes. Whether it's allowing that I like the nickname IDF from last year that a great start at a critical or that network creator Matt I don't get paid to do that. Oh sure the second point is that when amateurs going to be that big a deal but go ahead and second. Now the second one is. If you're picking up a casual bit off and not somebody who likes who watches every game locks on currency union that the bank of casual as old as the real exports. Bill like height and act like big hits in football they like. Lake hard dogs in basketball you need to bring them home runs backing need to bring big hit actually need to make. Or a local law. Major League Baseball had more home runs this past season than ever before in the history including the Stanley there including the steroid there. Almost back at. Yeah. Tipping. So so that's whatsoever to a lot I like the uniform identity may be flowers maybe maybe it's. You know some artwork on the back of a uniform. Yeah exactly. Exactly. Like that. I like the first of Los Angeles odd because it made no sense. Consider the fact now I do think. He's on to something about the age in baseball to baseball probably if we're trying to separate baseball problem with the Red Sox brought this is a good baseball right this is one of the remaining really good baseball tends. So let's separate the two. But the the the other factor that he's missing years. Major League Baseball they were hitting home runs it'd. Unbelievable place but short Boston Red Sox were not. So the Red Sox look totally different than the rest of Major League Baseball so from our reported you here and when it was they don't completed a home run. And we got a great pitch game here three or four hitter whatever bullpen came in shut the door down. They couldn't score runs home runs one pomerantz. In the deal. I understand it the length of a baseball game. Makes it difficult lenders that that was pretty funny that David Ortiz just uploaded to a and you know as a hobby and his. But ask him because of the three I think it made a mistake he ever games three on nine. Effort came out Uganda to 55 and we won't do the pitch and that's ridiculous that how we act as aggregate fourteen minutes of the game with a big chain it's a 5% drug testing I think those fourteen minutes is pushing people away from him. Our senate time and time again Lou I'd be game has to be quick and the game does not appeal to young people have short attention spans especially with all the devices they're going they're saying is that input is not a change if the gators to 45. You still gonna have that same problem yes. I think this is it's about pace of play well only based. Balkman the other thing too was when I go to a basketball game I know what it begins and I have a really good idea when it's coming and so then I'm going out to dinner around going to the bar on doing this are moving to the next. I activity that's how people operate the F. You know that list here and and and it a calendar and they move on to the next thing we can't do that with basically you don't know what's gonna that's why. In the old days people stand up for the eighth and ninth inning. It was good to go back to all 0304. Or five you'll remember each remember seeing the place clear route in the seventh inning in those days slow. Don't know if clears out the seventh inning down. Clear is that you don't want it because the game and the outcome of the game is not that important you know what's important. My next activity getting home put their kids to bed making sure they guys all know that that's. That's on saying so I just wonder we would try to figure it out. I think the NFL trying to figure out why you know ratings are down. It's designed to do with football. Honestly I think that this would be something to do that little bit but it's about how people watch sports. It's about how like OK I'm bored I'm Donna we go to sentinels. But the game isn't a good game close game and gone again it's just it's just about where we are right now society exactly does have a lot of sort Beckett it's 245 to the greatest good done. How many people call center in football seasons that they gonna do away with these Thursday night football games they got to go out and you know what ended up happening fox came in and spent. More money than anybody thought was possible far more than what was previously spent to do what. To get the rights that Thursday night football crazy. I've got another hour close to what our left here.