OMF - Plenty of negativity, let's try to find some Red Sox positivity! 8-22-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, August 22nd

HOUR 2 - Lou and Christian spent the majority of Hour 1 ranting about last night's game. How about some good vibes? We continue to try and find the silver lining in last night's loss.


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Finally filling up for a three reds actually you know the Red Sox bullpen comes right hander Matt Barnes. And to signal for Joseph Kelly on the decisions. Who pitches where the ball games. Have to do with the match you answer the last thing map wants to do years with the tying run aboard the bond with the eight. And ball forward. At pitches low fastball and Barnes wants to win the lord and was nobody out. The Indians have the time of war horses this movement did not want to do we did now looks like the rejection and we have some other activity going in the bullpen. Keith and we will work and the pitch. One on an airline shot overran a ball into the left center field will be soon. Turns active John Ferrell kinda get mad bomber and was gonna do some pitching right senators we need some sort of break years. Ember gets a keystroke federal marriage looking like we're possibly stemming time. Sleep than use not looking very good to listen to its. One. You rips into the left field day here we go their way home here comes the throw from Venice itself in the ballgame this time. Great work that takes over time you're tied for fourth model line. Want to work the polls close don't get. Diet crosses the line. I'm yours scored easily. Platform. That tough way to lose. You're not kid joke that was a tough line and otherwise afford to cut. To Iraq right now I view pictures demonstrate so Jay Bruce. And the guy honest I don't have a problem. With goalie Joseph Kelly right there right because. If they look at Santana. He could argue that I'd rather him from the right side. You know I just I don't know left sided today Jake actually leave him in there but no he pulls them. Tokyo to fifteen pitches thirteen were for strikes hit an easy seventh. You've opening shot. Let him go let you don't what it to try to. Squeeze on another note to three at what would you just keep going and we do he finished sixth. He gets intended any chemo first pitch out they struck out the next guy old who's got the next guy on the ground ball he too would do two balls fifteen pitches. Your bullpen is an absolute train wreck you know according John like you know when you if you if if if you believe of and he wanted to Workman reading Kimball all the beat down. Which I don't think I believe. Is what if. Disclose four to three a bit of Polonia what percent. Authors are out there. And an antenna he would use the book you Rockwood would only intent what they always thought it was tied make similar ones right right right but at the same so. If you blow up resentments of a mess when he pulled Joseph Kelly fifteen pitches. Thirteen for strikes. Of stress whatsoever used to it some don't let them take it as it was Saturday down for the next night and unique sort of kept everybody somewhat fresh. So you think you can do a better job in terms right. I I think it seems to be the coolest present it seems that it seems that. That being the honest that there there you have more followers there politicking for you and just just you want to update you call with the rat the you're gonna get into it because always some good news and some some brighter side you're gonna get you're gonna get some nice feel good dancing music now that's the bad music. Just give it give isn't good Bob Bob. It and this this song is not yeah wanted to handle this you've got to move we did this on to apple open up a little bit. League above this Edwards me. That is good news that it ended up tonight yeah. Just to get hot tempers to this thing continues to rock who. You've got Sam on the table that's about it. It's pretty good dude do. Sense it makes the literally only the first round and Disney golf. There's. Like it like there has been trying to do I like that who gets amuses beckoned for opponents see you again which when he got. Without whom compelling and oh and Salem dead body on him efforts. Pick up that you know we don't need it made it okay. I gotta like that and it that they dynamite. Why. Well. Not not do well. And it. I don't know what America. Right now. And then we'll sit. Eight. I'm Bob you are available. That week couldn't go why. Not. All bought out date. Outlet that I well he's been out Yemeni. Well there are completely. Oh. A little bit or it it. It was different shirts this minute are we need it and I. I got a call rather it's gonna I like it sounds Lloyd I'd like manager a bona Bobble buffalo and New Hampshire Bob Bullock you've got body. How are up 20 and I'm. A yeah. The nation and I'm not put in now. Not. And home and you. Can only eat it. Glory of being led no let's go to there's a thing it's lose lose screwed up. You would be calling this token I would outs will be here it would be managing but if you screwed up a couple times you would be killing him just as much easier killing Ferrell. I. And and I didn't think it can't be good. So is so basically saying is you know you're no different apparel no mess up. You're gonna be gonna get the same treatment well I'll say this Christian it's one of the great things about managing this team in the city is that there's passion and piazza had opinion and order it on here please and we'll all you can do is what you think is best for the team and best for your teammate you're playing the brightest that's really all that matters are army as a manager of this team I'm trying to put my team the best position to succeed not your short term. With the long term view as well aren't. Okay a fight it but I understand I know there's somebody out there with some good news is some good vibes that's gonna change as they grow so far build the trucks get some good bye I think thriller you ready they'll pay a reputed nobody you ready. And bill. Optical and no one. Don't want to do. Are you. Our. He wanted to what's the they've done what he wants a little you guys are good that would begin. I. You do know their first placed them. Out there are yeah. And there are no Richard you look at. Our restaurants our nation in all our courts are now. Heidi is how little and it cost in date. I. Like we are worried a lot like the old apple. Could there actually and and perform well they had local petition. Browse on how would he didn't panic and Ehrlich he and that act. It. Or whatever you gonna look what it'll be sure that I didn't have a cool. You know I doubt they. Advocate eight million dollar. I. People like Richard and I. Made. OK okay Karl yeah. All. In all I wanna. It'll I am you know can. Make when we are like little we're gonna get out there and I don't speak that are going to be in a barrel. And went in next. And while I can space. And it shall we all show polygamy should let that it ought to just short. Players should be accountable they should be the Dow wanna see them put in good positions that's all. All seem good but I gotta go to this phone call ahead at the Cleveland right now well. Oh on 01 of the hotlines go nearly a apparently manager John from Cleveland dad John. Mr. Malone just union finally meet. What are we breakdown last night's game what are you what are your problem would meet today. I don't know what what did you go to Joseph Kelly let's continue and in the eighth. I'm gonna tell you why because. As I was looking out there he gave me you look. Went with a hunch pick about what L media outlets don't work needs. All the oil that's a tough one let me give back you know not one. What about what about baskets like Japan is great three pitches to pinch run Chris Young for Vasquez won and Jackie could've been anyone of those first three pitches and amendments could watch with a pitch. OK look because I understand your numbers on the road and wouldn't listen. We're having a running bet in the clubhouse. To see to contribute before pitchers before it took about. And it worked awfully rove did it well 00. Well real quick when asked about the availability of advertiser of refresh rate Eagles this the system. It player and Cleveland. Are asking them on your buddy Francona is of. All that's really you know all of won't last night when we're play in Seattle art I thought I did pretty well some of managing move hundred. Did last night. You million place Seattle Los tyrant. We all know we're gonna police Seattle again this year. Out at some point is eventually I'll listen junkets and it gets exactly like the bad you ready for this one. And you know hey here I got I guess they suggested that the chain decision and you eat any decision you come up with at any point time during the game as do the opposite. That is critical to important this'll save you some some some issues. Let's go more ago Eddie and a car Eddie get out. So things regular good knows the OK for not doing it forever actually barrel on the quick. Earlier we arguably fired but the other thing that it's doubtful ice. A lot lines and adapt he acts they are out there aren't. Out. So why he would have called the botnet threat are wide and the other hand. Inside collect an endless cycle repeated hands putter count they has died there is John to doing the growth would expect. It manager event. And he's already got an answer for everything you got to love up. It sure does. It that's the other picture appreciate the call late. The Pete last night. He throws out like a stack load whatever about the Red Sox bullpen. You know we are they behind you OK I guess top five at least right now they're in good but how can you honestly sit here. Go back to Friday night trying to it was a great win but Clinton right. Scott come into it on notes woody to walk a guy hit a guy every comes in with guys on base again guess what he did gave a mob Barnes comes in blows up. I mean it was just that Joseph Kelly comes in. The bullpen is leaking man I mean it's leak at. You've got Smith and you got you get right Craig Kimbrel and you have read. And why it was supposed to be high leverage guy until we came in a four on Friday that some outweigh that in ninth and said the eight the other night it's a leak in. I don't care what the numbers say. Throughout the year you trust all these guys. And I don't think I do let's go to Mike in long meadow might Tug at body on him effort. They would need a little bit. You know I called a about a half a dozen times about this guy and there's a guy that you're station who make up excuses for him going got a release it in the past especially. In her case is is rich. He. Couple years ago in Seattle where he urged the open route to the game when he situation you get single immediately when it. Betty that's open taxes would you believe he walks the winning run on base if he pitches you brought Josh Hamilton will probably wins the game. Right that they are right that this guy is not a good manager. And he has done things repeatedly. Kind of go unnoticed could direct factor that. I compare him. So that Zimmer the 75 ray wreck factor of the mid 70809090. Or gains every year in spite of Zimmer. Indeed the same thing now could there that. And and the silver lining here is because they're that good they are winning and they are in first place the bishop of first place by ending the fight. And I think that's a lot of I think this team is very very talented Mike thank you very much and I do think I just a I have to believe. And some extent I know of some that that really don't think he's a good minutes time of people you know within the organization. You know what they have the big picture of their first place a's doing something right right we got a very talented team they get everybody thinks that he's had a good man. And everybody takes a good guy. It taught people that sit there. Because they're baseball people whether they're you know whether their scouts with a front office whatever their role is in management when they watch a baseball game. Big themselves a certain opponent miracle I don't get this. Boy don't get that at all a little ball that they get emotional because they're invested their job. It's their job to Wasserstein succeed is their job to put them in position whether it be scouting and giving scouting reports are trades or whatever it might be. That sampled air out. They have to insert and in even when you win games you still sit there since some pulled acting out we get down the team back. Could con how do when they're in seventh and then he directly connecting up does eventually that's gonna come back to bite us in the ass. Eventually. Austin for a happy lot right now it's good let's go well listen to break with the U Aaron will bring it really starting the other reason it's turning it's not a terror units had to learn a like there's this. But it's a couple boy your call 6177797937. But the rush there's nothing to discuss this of football discussions. That are in play here does an injury healed they'll Beckham there are a lot of people are upset about this craft and involving civil bowl rings Roger Goodell there's some football there politically team to say on this a little bit route to a couple more your calls it the M efforts with Maloney. And Fauria Christian rants about them that Sox beat agencies courtesy of Twitter Christian story. Right now we return to more of or way below me and for what Sports Radio. Doesn't get much of the different. Hair found in the big leagues right now we're and we play injuries is about Max and he has. Show flow will mean the thing that's in my game after NASA in my life that tennis hero which kind of you needing curling. Hence the reason why wanna watch anytime we can far away as sporting event to a festival or party. Comment yes comment here he has been hot here. One thing that you can count on every days to either make a play senator get a big head of talking earlier that you wells in the game there's leather. There's lumber. If not all the time that you get to bring them both to the yard and as of late he's very both to the yard. I like to let their little lump Carolina general also snapped leather and lumber love. Gloves and a beach home miss Johnny I yeah if he's in there all week as an example would you do an awful games. How do you feel about that the demos less than MC. Terry I was too busy that on a circuit you could even met you can see it's not so I got home after doing some early show and it kind of lucky caught back up trying to watch the game and got the point where. You know Kelly was in the game out of my wife might. Any any to be alone political and downstairs I don't watch is unfinished basement get a note from her and if not almost get like six months that a late I do I need to any good night. Now seen the morning because I need to and I just watched and it's just. This belief. All was disbelief for the most part. Was referred to start drinking before during or after I I know I know now. There when it's the seventh. You between commercial breaks that's when I go to account that's when I go to the cabinet that's what I told couple I Stoops in my little little glass. The crown comes out you know the X so there is global mobile home seventh eighth inning are let's enjoy. They very rarely Geico just like to truly truly enjoyed. To sit back and deceit yes Sunday night. He got this plane in the end it was nice very rarely boast a Tennessee and one day. And last night was just I should have this Gloria should have this like repeat whenever there's an issue to slate you know just. Actually under phony press the button here and you're here you're your take it somebody's like you know did the wrong food you know it input not sugar in your coffee. You know some of not finishing your basement on tying government being an above Maria list. Maria rule Maria. Maria you're from watered down and if you knitted up that's for you from. I am. Let going to be on the radio was not to have I have ever talk show hosts these days. Listen while I completely agree that John Farrell and Majorly dealt. I think some of them brows ski. Needs to be on a hot and why he's still continues to have the guys. On the payroll in beyond me I don't know how much more on the simple side he needs. You have to aren't battle so incompetent that an inability to make that right the parent. And explaining that can meet guys because while while there are a lot of this. You know what that he's getting the you don't lack. Turco now drink and it got stuck trickling hit some balls if he doesn't fix that that. Maria didn't he do you think Poehler could Maria don't you think that for the most part this year. You think John Ferrell made more good calls and he has bad calls. About com are outweighing the good at this point what went when you're Major League manager and you come out of your ball at. He could you don't remember army crawl rule you are. And anybody. Megan have a anybody embarrassing for him based on its history but it could have been anybody. Sorry dude and his elbow but not apologizing. To act currently yet you know so the big adjustment for you right okay. Yeah I'd like England anymore I can't even that more style I think it's really conflict on bulk to take some heat over. You know in the state of affairs at bat in that got out. We have Maria is a thing. John Ferrell is in this dugout which takes the heat off them browse. If this team's struggles we look at the GM and say what the hell. So it's trump card he's waiting if they get bounced in the first round again in Houston court he's he's got Cardin is backed by. But now that we know that you know we've been in this terrible wanna not black or Peter surely you know it in the number of Buick up. Yes. Marie you cut not on this and I agree and it is it is it's very similar to quote. Really I mean people looked at in city known about the differences tactical Julian is a good coach. You know I think Google be good to be a good coach I don't think John on the tennis early will but the thing is is that. They they kept. It was ironic that they sort of kept coach Julien around and maybe under performed in depends only one that I get debt and teams are very good. In any first year we had a team that wasn't very good old very young you know the big used to get rid of them. He's got rid of them to try to take attention off the actual. You know the teen building process all the moves domain within your organization here in the manager. Told them prosthesis and says you know if if I get rid of a manager who's won the division last year. And is currently winning division this year. The guy bring in. God forbid if he doesn't work is all everything's on Mina. You could say that you wanted so it's still schoolboy amiga the playoff sneak its look again at first round that maybe you see it. About bill that I actually agree with this a little bit bill dead body in New Hampshire you run him efforts go. Yeah okay here now are those in the greatest but elsewhere he ever talks about the pitching coach. This is you ask well which is good is the united helping it's go managing improperly you know. Yes also have sought so. John Ferrell goals Addison reed and he asked me how do you feel does he counsel at all does he ask Carl Willis all what do you think he just made the decision. Because the who's who's interacting more I get off in the corner quarterback lot of interaction court and usually the opposite corners college quarterback coach. So nobody knows what that what that guy's going through. More than the quarterback coach class opposite corner. I would I would assume it's the same with Carl Willis. So it is if anyone knows that the the bullpen if anyone knows oh who needs a rest should be Carl Willis. Yes. Yet amid this discussion and it's but outside of that those discussions we we don't know. We don't but I've been on teams where you know one of the great things about being a bench coach is that I can give my opinion to the coach. I can make him aware of certain situations but the final policy is so he gets credit he gets blame. You know based co suspect at this very top again in my opinion do something. If I talk you into doing something it doesn't work you where it's an immediate not me. In the end it's the manager's call. Last year I US a question vote manager John. I think he's been better this year than it was last year on the field but off the field maybe the worst this year but still on the field and has been better than last year this year than last year. So I asked Japanese awful. And largest oil develop. So out of three out of oil fell off the field issues the way he's managed post game press conferences of the David Price issue. You know even the beginning of the season. With though Dustin Pedroia situation. I you don't Chris L thrown in it back to me is a bigger issue. It's Boris is built his ability to. Explain things you know you don't just discuss issues he just doesn't expect good at it. So but overall. It hasn't been bad but you can't just buy here so sit out that this season has come into and then next thing you know it's going to be September and in the playoffs are right around the corner. So yes you have a lead over Cleveland but the big picture is how to we get home field. Can't we catch Houston is that even a possibility OK so all these games matters of got a four game series. The worst case Mary got a split duty to right and and batch that's your worst case scenario. You behind now first game it I don't I don't think that okay they're gonna lose this series. I don't think that's gonna happen and you'll sit there and you can drag outfits for all you want but. The guy seems to be up and down to maybe get them and up situation when he gets some support and that's the way it's been going whom for most of August with all the run support everybody's been even more so. It's been playing better but he's also getting support so. Mean it's this is fun right like what he's. Is IQ you talked about that dynamic between bench coach. And manager pitching coach or manager so last night passed uses up the laces of you know he's walking to the plate. The discussion is being had weathered these solid and John saying hey. If he gets on New York to transform the obscenity it's us and nobody else does not believe that there's been we've got Chris Young. They have no lefties they're gonna stick with this. Sold to populate Jackie to hades on deck and we get the topic after a pinch hit for for new unions bets or betting ten do you hear me or anybody. So we've got Chris Young but I gonna pay Chatham. You don't basket its own pinch run and it's you know so I don't know where that conversation ends Osama how he even goes as fast he's on deck. Trust me and best is on deck Chris Young he's get loose he's the greater rights keep an eye on it up in a pinch hit me for holt. Okay. Three swing in his case a lefty whatever but you don't find out to be rated run from ask you most likely he's getting ready to run the discussions been had between these are pharaoh. And then for some reason. It doesn't happen. So I continue and it's it's it's John's call. Soul. Well I hit an exhibit there's so he had the put the kibosh on it because yes it's baseball these are yes it's he's bringing these things up there's no question in my mind. So for some reason it was it was it wasn't done. They pushed off their poison a few final get him out there. Those discussions happen all damn bench guys Utley of the synagogue. I know elements and in the seventh inning whatever and it's a real big guy comes down bench coach of Dallas they'd be ready. No lefty lefty comes in you might pinch hit a mask you pinch run with a guy next to new fast and I ask you to drug you know so. Those discussions happen to seventh and eighth and always looking ahead as the players and managers the bench coach. And I guarantee that discussion apple Chris Young to investigate that play any it's the single and takes three pitched the duo. I'd I still don't get a still don't cunard and effort award weighs 61777979837. Was still stuck on I can't let it go. It's a game last night I just I can't. Let it go and apparently neither can you we talk to you next. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after they show that bloomer Loney. We are back to more affordably Murr ammonium 48 right now fox Sports Radio. And Jimmie anything that you guys don't Muslims. Arugula zero pulled to the conference was had heard his name was no one else. Today is the point second is that correct. Two of the three appearances. By fury actually forgot it was on TV everywhere you twice the rate you know really do tonight. This is now that's an injury that he's gonna pitch tonight he's great picture on your body your eighth pitcher that's gonna give you probably tuna and afterwards you send them home. He called San Travis. Because of course go to any kind of easy as a serious issue and he can't play first for a while. You know and Hanley can't do it every day then you gave Fernando a bad out of here. Get him out of here yeah and this is this is fireworks organizer weren't just big duties and we're trying get through all of them but they won't do because you ninety's with rush is expanding. And that try to keep everybody here which I I guess I I do understand mature a little bit of a pickle especially mr. Moore can't go. What are they all. Go to air because I said this before area this is that you I'm all of Aaron Aaron go ahead. All right so. So one good thing right so he watched somebody like that residual activity like the game goes oh right so you think. It even a good position that that ball where he. That's in the base of the second. Well with the dark and look at Errol and it seemed like it was that. And so you know it really you know protection before he can get a pinch runner and last night so I think we need. A Chichi you know like the quarterback will spin on it on this war right to them it gives him you know a scenario. You know your way. Aren't using that right. Men on base he's got anything in that part I embryo and even in that where it looked stoic you live in that situation. A possible wonder if compete and I think he does that it in them. Now can. You see you're you're onto your clothes but it's more not like more not like a court about what have what's with the actual plays but it's more like a coach would have. And certain situation I had the bill has since the early had a hernia Zanardi had he loses that what you need to do these diet has. Sunday morning it actually articulate our morning. Trying to figure out you know setting up the next war games. You know didn't make that little Chichi. They do though I mean there really an Iraq like it were more act like there doesn't exist and that that is what they do they have scouts. That they go watch these teams in all the they get all the information or by gets the scatter report. Coach gets a manager gets and that's an oriental did it that's what they're doing. Yesterday at a boat noon you know are you an idea at the discussions with these guys to win the economy and that Addison reed would be off. And care role. He's gonna use Kimbrel we on the eve Carol back to back nights there after the game yet of exaggerate points or use demoted him two days off. You're gonna use them. In all maybe I'd like to stay away from workmen but the situation comes up in game one this word. Obviously it didn't go. I wanna I gotta get this game and if that means shut down reed for tomorrow night or even camera for tomorrow and anxious and a role in the then Soviet I get a gig gained one. But they go through all the scenarios. They look at Robbie Scott the only yankees series. And it can sit there is erotic. Gardiner and cash and then DD a glorious. Period end of story won its lead off. Won its fifth maybe sixth the pending in the order those you guys neither wanted to get penchant for. Be ready whether it's the sixth and a big situation the seventh the debate situation maybe even the eighth. In a big situation if somebody if Reid gets in trouble. That's it period and start an eagle this series. And it's sort of like the same thing is those discussions who's got one who's got this who's got that and it's just if it's frustrating because. On game one in Cleveland and huge series. It sounded more more like you when you Kimbrel read or Workman. Who you had the lead he got of you've got to sit down tonight if you have to sit down tonight but so be it there all well rested for this is to start the sort of Joseph in Dorchester Joseph guy uranium efforts. Where you go guys that are out all right I. I don't pick it. How many have been cloned months ago to. Both are 00 well yes I'll bet you're all about Bradley drove it just follow them or who don't call downloads league you know. Yeah I mean no contact mark what I don't get that much when thick sludge. I don't go to dinner or talk up at court. Well the locker cost much is because they have bad years. Knowing the dollar is DB Ol and. Yeah I want an 800 tickets total. Ziglar is having a tough year he sees that neither one of those guys. When you say go ahead you can have them I don't want either one of those guys that'll either one of on the score Ralph and Chris and Ralph had. What did you know go longer more pictures you know. Book if it is what it is look at the record oh I mean it's sort of decent rec travel is going to have been like if every one critiques every. Every certificate like we did last night I think you have utility entry ever go all the way that's what he would Wear a different place. If bonds gets these guys so while he looks at what the thing it's. You know you're talking before it series that this is a huge. For Eric cook book especially with the injuries that are pitched. It's October about it and they will beat them in the playoffs if it. Just click the full senate quickly this scheme is critical for the Cleveland Indians I think there were really good. It's gotta keep you cook much better religious aspect I couldn't get out of it took to the guys to beat her pretty well we won't dispute that Lofton went to these games just for the purpose. But for people to call the actually spent a couple of years. Gonna help you way to gain. You're out there like someone that you 2013. And bear it either way it is what it is guys I unsatisfied right now outlook. What what it would. Have to. You don't do when you go there and you know he does not deserve it does feel good August and assignment that I like to help. Candidate that's good well I'd like Kuwait two how. Hours of straight home. And activities play heads both and I've a feeling I have a feeling we're gonna get some more though I have a feeling or bring back a little bit as we do have some some other topics some other issues that you're gonna get people's by. Two hours of the man and he guys still there too. But let's take a siesta take some happened last night with a Dell Beckham in a pre season game and in some happened actually a few nights ago we heard from Tommy current talking about Rob Gronkowski I want to touch. Both of those things Doolittle footballs and efforts continue our number three coming up right at this.