OMF - Paul George tells Pacers he plans to leave after next year; The Sox are tied for 1st place, 6-19-17

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Monday, June 19th

Reports have emerged that Paul George has informed the Pacers of his desire to leave the team after this season. The guys wonder if there's any way to acquire him without giving up too much. Also, the Red Sox won 2 out of 3 in Houston to work themselves into a tie with the Yankees for 1st place in the AL East. 


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On him when he. Beat Ford Wayne alimony and 48 the other answer. I. So I have American soccer player and street. So that's actually it's a new girlfriend that's Teva sandals night. With the gland Lou in Christian almost boy Kobe who played ten years professionally just made me a grant that got stalled. Or David Ortiz on poppy rocket Knauss. It's a little bit of that that's outside for ball poppy rocket and that's it for his drive. Sports Radio WEEI. Started at 10 o'clock Danny Ainge mucking it up a little bit around the NBA they hand shaking things up. And moving the number one overall pick chills when people. Had fallen in love with more skillful and what a nice people hold down basic level now. Won nine games this year this college team right through finished eleventh out of the pac twelve how many teams are in the pac twelve now. We twelfth you are good between our good so we started was that an end now we've got Paul George who is finally told the pacers in this could you imagine. If a player in this town did what Paul George just did. You tell the organization a I'm gonna use you for the next year because Amani at the end of the hour care when Michael Arabic. This would not go well. He cannot play. In Indianapolis next season he's gone and you'll probably be traded this week that affect pacers. Are trying to get him out you know with the older you open up the windows you out you know which Jack and now I don't know what's unique gift for. I descends the who's who's your dance partner. I you're watching ESP and its new using all these different scenarios used a touch screen didn't really cap space to figure out but UN to do and it induced the cavaliers as like. Yeah meet the template. Yes. If you're not Cleveland. But he prickly than you think OK Paul georgians have Kevin Love. Makes us a better team. But what other team in the NBA can you sit there and say oh we it will read the poignant as we get a shot next year was shot and. None OK which hole was exciting places you know or get well enjoy a lot lot of things to Santonio not a great Santonio. In the west the clippers. That would be a team looking you moot if you're Paul George removed LA Utah house. You play in the same building as the lakers you use the clippers and then you bail San Antonio be the team or give any examples to be reach a tidbit that's obviously admitted but they have. If they keep all their key players and you add a Paul George for one year. Maybe you can get out of that. Around ever Girardi going to looks like they're going to go for Chris Paul. Which is Jonathan go to Daytona victory at all and added Paul George yeah when you're young to make a run knowing it'd be yes. OK I know that bush would do that no messenger once again and that's why like with San Antonio Dallas San Antonio looks at it says Tony Parker is done. Okay put a fork in him he's done. I so we move him off the board right now. And then we go out and create our own we draft weighed down at the bottom of the draft you know we draft for which for the stud does stiff standards that that go out there and play eat and it's an idiot and it Hillary's whether to do this because it directly can name quite Lennart. Yes OK now did quite well it's a terrific play yes the end it's who you need to do backed budget draft Warner TO but what they end to do what is the just. Turn it around so now they've got Chris Paul Clement and Tony Parker kimono and they will continue to do that every. Couple gambler that's the whole thing the whole mentality where OK we're gonna convince this guy we're gonna bring a man we're gonna whine Madonna for a whole year. We're not the fans and football lover would make it so hard for him the lead. That after everything's said and done in the years over easy you don't want this is where I belong. Belong here. Now he's got his heart set. On moving and going 88. We are speculating there's been rumors about it he flat out said no no no. I've done a lot of political lakers now to the lakers want to. Can a lakers let him in. Yeah I mean what if it works and can you tell me using magic wants and of course he does. Of course if you think back did you give it my magic wants to play the game in the Western Conference. A playing with a bunch of these young 181920. Year old kids for the next room onto a new nothing is not only does he does he want Paul George buddies will indeed get rid of Luke Walton to make it happen. Get rid of any Luke Walton is will not the next time the lakers are relevant. Luke Walton will not be your coach I know is from Walton family you're connected to them but he's not going to be the coach. As far as it relates to the Celtics. Not going to be a Celtic I'm sorry that dream scenario that you had that's not gonna happen find another dance partner. She won the Celtics were doing I don't lose suggested last week of bringing in Carmelo Anthony and just giving up crap. To get Carmelo Anthony is that going to be any Greek takers for Carmelo unless you can facilitate something in get him to Cleveland. I don't think about what's legal and what's quit I have to give. Two to New York if nothing to give up. Am I gonna have a a difficult time trying to kind of find a way Kevin Love season you don't want peace the the expendable piece of this whole thing would be stupid if they. That would be doll. I have got Kevin Love I'm a huge Kevin Love it isn't really good player not one of those elite players. Which aren't if you you would give them up for Carmelo Anthony. I when CIA I little guy he's underrated now he was overrated before now he's exactly what he is he's he's a total of game. I love it Steward consistent you're not you don't show it every night day for him. It's we learning that you don't get from a man what did you get from him and he finds that fit don't want that you didn't get from a was isn't it that people keep fighting was nonexistent had to run to stay relevant Google and shooting to make any shot. We couldn't plan that high running game. That's we couldn't do. I don't I don't think that's it yeah I think Paul George is a better option. For Carmelo makes you better without love. I mean so. Georgia John and I agree Paul George's outsell. They come out on Camellia and he is okay probably that he thought sex uniform now. Now that's sexy enough form while these split from wife right now and I know if we want to be you know Obama. Some clubs period or himself now. You heard migrated from Boston ma and if we are important advantage. You got my Father's Day just that is enabling them to stay when it. So if you so it's down to now if you're the Boston Celtics and you wanna trade for a player we talked about Butler we talked about Paul George. We talked about free agents in Hayward Blake Griffin won not crazy about. So what does it come down to pick it comes down to you go make a deal for Jimmy Butler may be would be any get over the weekend has something to do with. In which he gives himself another first round draft pick future. He gives Chicago the number three pick because they like Jackson or you know they like. A Tatum. And then Danny a week later makes an attempt to go get Gordon Hayward and if you get some balls he gets involved. Sophie doesn't treat from Butler. Will you be critical of peony. If he loses Hayward yes that would be a major. Miscalculation. B draft if he does shine Hayward. Pre agencies and we found. Draft an employer which is exactly what I said last week if you remember I said you go for the tech move if you're going to go and get a seasoned veteran. Locate a free agent Gordon and if you can't get. Gordon Hayward you've got to deal that pick away. To get another player. Like Jimmy bought you have to get a veteran guy on moccasins on waiting for five years for more kill Fultz or Josh Jackson to be really good performed on that scenario than you draft the player whether Tatum Jackson. Trade it in say wait yet the seeking give Hayward right and then pulled little capital of that deal but it isn't the timing might not work for you because if Chicago is pushing out Peter Stephen is the one saying it. That the bulls are shopping Butler. If if he hopes. And you miss out on who else is out in the can be that wing score that you desperately need. Back with Crowder and hoping the Jalen brown gets better or you bring in Josh Jackson. He's not gonna do it for you in year one year to. And that I think is more pressure on Danny because then he got himself caught right in the middle Lou nanny miss the summer in which he had all of this cap money. To go and get that big player. I think he can get both of often I'll be ecstatic. If you end up with Butler and you end up with cooler name that is that mean they're gonna win the NBA championship next year now. But they're better. They got a better shot it moved up on the latter percentage wise probably wise I got a better she did they not. Yes they got a better shot in the team that better team anywhere this year. Not enough to have to be gold state. We know that look at all the flexibility they have they have all the draft picks they have stuff they can do they can maneuver the enhanced. They still have all of these assets I think they can do I socialist unity and give it first right. Then we'll talk a bullet passed it left OK if they gave up the third pick. Avery Bradley. Crowder and they throw Zeller something to get the money to to work would you be happy that yes I would. Don't deputies gonna cost more to. Mean would you take the third pick. OK maybe you throw in money it's more you know well first two year old production. Would it be be interesting and I don't think you're given a much for that but. I then it goes against kind of what I feel my I just want them to I want them at the draft they have an opportunity I don't think they're winning the next two years. I want them to draft and try to find. Apes star player in the next year or two to help build the around to help beat team movie and and you would that one big Frazier wants to play for you. Because I think every super team other than maybe Miami because they they built in themselves and even the wait was there. Is built through that all of these is the political play because they drafted league a it's a super stud one of tool of home. And now they created super team and that's how you do it I don't believe what Danny did over a million duel by just signing free agents every single year mercenaries are talking about caring for money team. I just don't think it's capable of doing it. I think there's more to this deal. There's something that's gonna happen this week that's going to be out there. And one out of the Red Sox out there because they are actually in a mathematical hot move virtual tie virtual tie. For first place in the division yankees had a rough weekend in Oakland. And the Red Sox. We can't Houston at the right time we said Houston's starting rotation is a bit disaster now. Economist to read most of it you play them when I was ever on the schedule whatever date time that it'd be there. That's when you show so Markkanen knocked it. But they're good weekend despite the fact. That last night David Price was much too rug go late that the battles that what the F. It was a battle all of it could have been a lot worse curiously it actually not only does not look for a second and third and in and as far as. Entertaining games. That one right there ranks almost near the top so far this season just the way it ended there as they hits and the way it ended with the great general lebed and the and it baskets thrown out the guy. You know try to steal. The realism that was an entertaining entertaining. Except the first three innings to me were were. They sure they were paid far price and amount baskets carrots and all my god time between pitches and investing grown up that amount can find chickens confusion on the second language bear who. I was I was surprised especially you know attack what David Price coming back from this injury. But there was so a lot of stress in those five innings. That he would send it back on the sixth yeah right a NASA and and obviously do that the bomb hundreds and what a lot of solutions yet the situation of stressful five innings and David Price to send it back up try to squeeze another one crying because of the bomb. So that this team right now tied for first place and it's strange because when you watch him you still look at and say man they are flawed boy. They are flawed you know me there's a lot of issues here whether. In Hanley don't know what he's doing right now port seller was an absolute train wreck and you know it's just. And yet here they are in first place that tied for first who isn't flawed Major League Baseball right now well that's that's the thing immunity the Yankees we said last week. So I'd rather be the Red Sox and they're right on their tails everything is it is his lot of room for improvement yankees can't get any better. And I knew they are and an eagle on the West Coast get their ass kicked I lost about an off it'll sabathia is up and lost pixel that Hercules Sanchez with a growing kind of got back in the lineup but. And they and you know look at their teams and she's much better can again so you like with a Red Sox on the distill things are you watching state could got a mean. Does John still think Matt Barnes is better off until Kelly could help sucker is still think like it's kind of blow my mind that it's. I don't understand that. Kelly having spent more consistent in bars in the system isn't like the sixth seventh and I was just gate that have to go with Ross. And you guys know I feel about the whole four out save thing for Craig Kimbrel and the fact you gotta be careful and not let you decide down. But if you're gonna use them for four out saves like Johnny shown well last night the time to do it. Does that not give you an indication that maybe they're done without sperm I'd I don't know but at least they won't even matter they just loaded one out grind yet given that you know with the way he's used him here and you look at that he says you know when the most important things. You know is rest. And I used them last night but then it was two nights ago that it was three nights before that those. Two nights rest and one for five days last night would have been in an inning at third when it. When that game was Plano you like Jesus he's kind enough that he could run a hostile to it. Two outs right in the NEA's and he can Brennaman for two outs I believe any nerves are refraining wanna hear but you know they understand that gamely yesterday was. A scenario where. Week ten days two weeks ago. If he would bottom of the done doing it now or something because last night was a perfect example it only when he has been too which could. He did say it was a concern agency was reluctant well but it valid and analyze it Kimball theater Kimbrel came out that same day if you remember when you was Kimbrel who settler noted not enough was enough yet he he said he wasn't a big fan of OK well why didn't he was narrowing it rather pitch two out of every three days for an inning or something like that was that is lining the. He got a fire rather pitch one inning three days and it is but I mean you're right last night you know Robby Scott comes and walks McCann. Is up and knock the Beltran to ready your real is up. And you say teases us one bit Tinny through out of out of home and electric I mean this is. Can't get them. Chance take two out of three it's Sunday night baseball you played the best team in the ALA got a shot of the at a truce he played through I mean all of it was set up for. Kimbrel for four out save nowhere to be found. Yeah because they must be shelf again because there's no reason you're right if there were ever that was still forest that was it especially and set everything there. Everything in a big heart of the order you give Barnes the eight quote okay but they need in serious trouble. You wanna know something no criticism of Carrollton like this usually score one run and they needed at least they only. In that in. So there's no criticism of based on the other but it at this point time. Should they're being. The real source Curtis and I nobody is like as that's what we do here now I really knows we do we do that case you're sir for obvious you're searching for something. Mushers and I mean you could be noticed you're searching full. You did something change here in your. Aqaba should not come out and saw a ton would be critical you're actually seeing it and somebody said something listen stop the whole camera thing I would end up with a camera thing. What if the evidence of the that they do anything if they blow it in the eighth inning last night there was no Kimbrel on the eighth inning last night. And we're sitting here talking about them dropping two out of three this weekend. You don't think these phones would be lit up with what that was done for a lot of he's only skin and maddening why do yes absolutely. And it could be an organization. You know decisions throughout the whole organization enough is enough and we did ephemeral and mediator Campbell talked about it here a couple weeks ago. Both of more kind of leaning towards this is not ideal and but they did it a lot in a two week period tonight. Or four times that a two week period. I mean yeah and it's not again in our feel about the four outs AV got to be careful I do want to help. I think you'd be careful in certain cases where you know the arrest is there it sort of seems right to do. To still be using them and other scenarios that add appearances in and and not allow the rest to be there in place. But last night. You know you've gut you just got of that jam Ben pinnacles out out to me it's still first second Q routes. If you get that out that that third out in the eighth inning. What was it was it 79 come up in the ninth yet so you let Scott. They'll face this guy with two outs knowing that if he got a new kemba for 789. Okay. And that's one of those scenarios where in you can you can honestly you can make the argument if he had a second closer you know with springer out to be Korea with a 20 lead. Kimbrel pitch the eighth. And and help give bars tonight at the bottom third of the order because I want Kimball to get through spring or out tubing Correia. I'm a singular to winnings but the most important inning right but still it's I just thought it was surprising in that is all lined up. Mean the whole thing was lined up be it two days and before that he at three days' rest. She got used to being first to beat Houston bottom of the order a game on the line first and second two out of the bottom third coming up that was when. Known John Ferrell uses of a four outs in last night he did not needing to think about. I'll give you know the scary moment Pretoria leaves the game is no Kevin Maher red arrow he's in Pawtucket. They move Bruntlett from third to second and who comes out late in the game and you're gonna need defensively loud boom. Well. Yeah. It's just that and as such I don't think it means that not a scary moments on the volatility don't go oh my god. Old Monica. And this is with a roster is flawed and they have problems of Oracle's best kimbo yet yet you know it's strike two out of the three yeah right maybe all three. Can we apply it pitch him away and hit the ball it'll. I quick break we're right back to the phone calls it 6177797. 37 Celtics on the table Red Sox are on the table as well.