OMF - Pats DE Derek Rivers tears his ACL; younger QBs modeling their diets after Brady 8-18-17

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Friday, August 18th

Hour 3: Derek Rivers tore his ACL. Brady talks with Jay Glazer and a lot of younger QBs are modeling their diets after Brady.


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Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty ever since John Henry Tom Werner arrived in Boston made it clear that they want to and we need to be as inclusive and open to everyone who was like our guys yeah. So we'll speak you know like if you're still. Premise it and that. Thank goodness. Figured I'd I'd decadent odors which blue and blue and Christian. Well at all. Don't know I don't know my number one Roger ward is back in its. I support throughout my knuckle. I'm okay. Crittenton savior Jesus right up notebook sized movie but only. Now. On Sports Radio WEEI. It. I know that's turning right back on a roll rivals because on a roll stuff oil devers. Immediate dividends for bosses last seven games it 4093 bombs turned 543 triple play in Tuesday's win on a roll. Is brought to buy town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody and I mean nobody beats town fair tire. Soft target ready for the game tonight the weekend hopefully the rain permits. Should be OK I don't know I'll be in the Booth with Joseph and Tim. Covering this one. To a human body Dave price will be starting post in the room as we want to look innocuous fall again it's up to one thing and united brought them some food. But in my fish tacos over here and I'm originally concerned. Alice I have I have ordered jealousy right now. I that you picked Ryan to get it wrong but all the myself it is fatalities at Lovett put late and I was really Jones for some fish you wouldn't it Eddie long was on the menu. You don't did the car's going to be at the 99 restaurant one and sockets to do this Saturday from three until. The Red Sox game that coverage begins August that's three to about six sort of running north and a game is sort of joked that if you don't. They'll soon be rattling off a pair of socks that is the game the next day. An underdog gift cards and 99 a fifty dollar gift cards are Red Sox team store. And you definitely wanna check it out rule one it's August the 99 Ricardo B there. Rattling off some prize get a check it out they've really re done this one this thing is beautiful for spacious dining room now. I'm new modern comfortable barred TVs. To check it out paper card be alive broadcast there Saturday beginning at three. At the 99 restaurant and on rule one don't think you bring the food it is it is out. Standings. It's now you mentioned before couple things you wanted to recently cares for. You know what to what do we do we want solid rating and we just we just drop the column category 21 can't column Catholics now call it's going to be Scott's. Right and what's that's what's got wise and in Port Chester stick in Port Chester got it's got. Gentlemen let's not cabinet as a disgrace he he remind you should be left collides matter which side he won't stands for the National Anthem. RT against crazy apple here. That's clinched the national football. And obviously the national football a lot of joint laughed quite snap up and it can find out what Nazis Klansmen down in the south he doesn't belong in the national. What is there will be his screens at April there have to Arabic he's from look like I'm only cut. Oh god oh god who does. He's not talking about. Like John the united sends people. Ideas and I didn't realize this is the realizes this is the re gay men and on these sucker you even my own game. I. This is America but he can whip their hair anyway they want the general did judge and a guy on hair. Where he wants for God's I believe isn't it marries into the Alley once thought is that it is they're not wrong I don't we've got our son had a negative trait that is I did not. You're that a little technical you wanted to get on the night they don't like you wanted to go to a large screen these calls. Street these calls. I just Ed I I just went idiots that watch over this god it was there. Post we'll watch I know what it's just you as you take aren't raised finger one state fits well I don't think so folks. I talk to you right now. Yeah I thought. Are there it is over. I always ask I don't know but it. Now those that was it goes predicaments on Unix you can go hole here the whole hair thing gateway. I'm at some. Derek rivers we'll talk to him equipment you reset this article of course the word yeah bring more alma. Feel gates and and and and Mikey res Bolton morning that the patriots feared that the young defenseman it's really open lot of guys. Hearing care these third pick overall 83 overall the first pick for the patriots Q what they had lost in draft picks that. You they feared dead for the year he ripple came out recently and also the laboratories Yelp for samurai toward LCL let me get a second opinion. But Mikey kind of goes in the whole thing it. K woody woody do here now that position right Dietrich wise is still dealing with a concussion we know concussions who knows how long this thing goes on for Derek rivers looks like he's done for the year. First thing that Mikey recess potential conflict replace a guy like this. Rob Ninkovich return. Yes this is part of the reason patriots within the positions that make of its respected veteran retired at the outset of camp. Sometimes a player's body can fill refresh after knuckle attitude to training camps over the Peters consider trying to entice you to Mitch. Out of retirement and would make of it's even considerate. He's number remained around the team since his retirement Rudnick which and it is I don't know on the. That's actually that's that's his first corner that is only pointless for advocates and I I can tell you as an only guy that came that that did just that. You missed all of camp you you miss actually yeah actually missed the first game if they they wanna put him in a situation whether or not on the hook for the money. He has he can't be on the roster opening day he's not on the roster opening day he misses that first game. They could sign on his money's not guarantee you may have a small bonus. But Woolsey. And they can count on any point in time and and had an omen money. That would be a play that pace to do but yet that is here rob thanks to the most realistic it's easiest quickest Rob Ninkovich why do you retire. Is because of camp. Mean only if they push throughout. Nudie suggested that we were kind of dumb with the UN and really the younger guys get more wraps it does it issued a body. And. And it robs a bit more to do with with with his place on the team I think Ozal Goodell did to him looking at signatures to accuse you out physically I don't wanna do this I don't have that edge anymore. It is so you think it was more of I can't promise you anything. Meyer has you know what my personal feel god on jeopardy based on my history. Most guys most guys. And is a major it injury that he's dealing with. Most guys usually dogma LA so they can't physically play yet drop me as a great example he was hurdle I can understand this. Being sick of grinding through rehabilitation just in just be dumb with it. I get that that would be easy. You're not don't have some major you know trauma injury you don't break delay your new year some went down and every year I did not rehab into the offseason. Men than most guys. They play to their physically mentally gut and then they usually get two more years so that's the case of Robby he was really met mentally done two years ago. I think there's I think that that would be a situation where you make a phone call you gauge his interest had been working out did you get back to Merrill rob is here. It was almost situation were Ballmer. It was really hard for him to keep weight on so he really had you know does that is face up or rob. He was always trying to lose weight because it was harper to keep off. So that obvious it was what I don't understand like what that would be the most of the easiest solution. The next the next party says possible replacement is really an area when you think about it a shingle back and be surprised it didn't happen before. He says the free agent market is like free agent market not many options he says understood to freeagent. The possibility of a Dwight Freeney. Was highlighted perhaps a page consider him after seeing receivable 51. 12737. Other veterans like Paul Kruger and Mario Williams out our other well known names the market. When you look back to kind of surprised that they it'd bring a guy like this in but they've all these sick yet you talk all these traits that they made but they're still young. Right that they didn't bring in a guy like a Draper Dwight Freeney who just. You are certain schemes part time get after the quarterback period end of story because we don't think we have one of those guys. But a veteran got it done that passed a slow relational pass rusher. And also though even even on the even under the circumstances so you you you draft. Third overall Derek rivers schools are Youngstown State at CS school. I holds the record for sacks for his school. The stud there went to the Senior Bowl so they found about the Senior Bowl and him make Conner McDermott dead tackle that they sign out of UCLA. As are you okay we can improve and we can work for them we can develop them. But you don't really think he's going to be productive of guilty he's going to. You don't really make a huge difference Soviet give me defensive ends name over the last ten years that was a that was a draft I was draft that really made an impact is just as far as wraps so you really did peak rivers or wise is really going to be in taxable. Trey flowers hopefully turning into that until its early years diet but he developed his third year and last year not gone after guys at the guys write that position try to find yes but it Philip the last five or six years they've sort of taken a shot at the GO Grissom to the world or. There was another kid defensive and I think I'd like Arkansas or so years ago. Trying to out like it yes yes he enters switching to tide it through his name is now I know your talk when he these sorts of the tide and because he wasn't making it what the hell's his name yet nobody looked out of the light and usually just end guys he's got nothing is basically your defensive I think a lot what are you doing. This but on to say like veterans like. Like Paul Kruger Mario Williams we know what they were two years ago. Obviously it is white defense of and from Arkansas signed by the New England Patriots tight dad and tell him what comes out. Now to look at with the depleted the draft and I know you guys finally made. That gets you excited but the latest reading it because there are no and Harris is one of those guys that after it happened we sentence that makes all the sense in the world. This is exactly we did really need priming you look at and say. You know you talk about all the other position groups decent lie back all the halves I tell ya but he kind of banged up and heard the tires real sense the world a someplace surprisingly silent that veteran defensive end who gets after the quarterback it's. Course to avoid that situation and you'll put it another question is how they use high tower what will what is high towers role now that nick which is gone. Derek rivers has done sheared is gone long is gone. Was is gone chick. Beckett back but it edit yet take Beckett bet yeah. The cat yesterday ego because there and HE they turned him into a tight end but they realize that he wasn't athletic and depleted great position and only athletes complain that the system. So let's get the three Cunningham was he supposed to be got to kind of got me outside a little bit more yet on video work out nothing okay social agenda so. I tower is where. We're we're Boise plays actually inside a harris' volume you're starting inside linebacker Leonard Roberts. Second year guy out of Houston holiday weekend was a defensive and that was late. They're like consistently doing there's a good guys they draft position to progress and tree flowers nothing. You know straight phrase turning into a player yeah Petraeus geno isn't geno is turning into a a special teams gotten back a guy in a punt return you know brief you know put out their justification yet but he's not a he's entered into a player maybe somewhere else. But not here and in Dietrich. Another name be out past the penny looked at there may be in DeVon nobody nobody really nobody so. If you sit there it is religious bodies you think of she McClellan speaking of Calvin annoying high tower. And Arnie lanky and heart relaying yet but that's that's he's an old rookie point 3.4 years old but he's an old rookies. Develop and there's they're trying to that's a big lords Qaeda and Butler can admit you do it is yeah the big dude to middle the last one I think is that Jesus trade market. Don't let your trademark blue joked about it trademark trade market like those patriots make it a trait that 67 round pick for somewhat so I. Who in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fair ball to same lake. Because that's what they do we joke about it there and practice squad games of the joint practice recent somebody on this Jacksonville jaguar team right now albeit Meriden and the patriots whether it's this year. What next year yeah so cool that Jacksonville Jaguars. Is on the third team second team yet chart that you thought was gonna be a starter. But do paying. Decent amount of money to that is actually now good did not start because simulate it beat amount as the scenario but there exists no. Now is on the second team the teams as you know what you're 3.5 salary caps not worth the were cut. At that time and let's let me apple lets you return to read your thinking of an older guy. What the papers do is say huddle we know that Tom Coughlin didn't grab a player either as a free agent or during the draft. That bill liked. Now or maybe even with Houston David is a player that he was on our board really liked his stated we want to develop dislike Rob Ninkovich from the digits like Rob Ninkovich. And he got trapped somewhere else and it worked out when they had an opportunity to bring the men just look like it's a trial basis because my nephew went through this. My nephew they'd like my nephew during the drafting process he had an opportunity come here it didn't work out start playing in Detroit. What's he was released as soon as an opportunity to bring Mindy brought men and now we get to see him. You were we right were we wrong guy does he work okay. And that's a band of dough so it's not necessarily a fifth year guy. It could be a a first your guy who the end up. Trying to push through waivers at the anchor as you know it's night nine players on roster there's only one cut. Can you imagine being in that. Player personnel side of the right patriots are active out sick all teams in a follow our active and it cuts right first cut second cut final cut. Now it all happens it want him to talk about the fault him the idea of players is one very Greek apple issues an order when was the final cut is the week before the season starts. Boy it's that so the last game one Friday so it'll start happening Saturday Sunday Monday so he's every single player Natalie Cole could play that Thursday write notes or less give on a Thursday. Sorry and so they're cut that she gonna happen earlier because. They have the early third and you have one week every team's gonna cut 37 players. Now one big Joey grooves yes there are finished celebrities. Will cut 37 players September so you'll be a thousand. People out there that have been cut by an out teams won the thousand. Roughly Aso and there's going to be a lot of a lot of good players and a lot of good players so it's almost I equates to. On undrafted. Like at the end of the draft there is a huge push. Four on drafted players like all the guys are dating you drafted so what the teams do was like around the fifth and sixth round they start making calls to all the guys that they light. That they know they can't get you because bear out into the product takes or they beat it'd be gone so they start calling you a loo hay hay out. He'll be drafted we wanna take you Grammy picks won't take them off because example they call Aussie concrete like nobody drafted this kid. A look out Wigan has a free agent now we get the column. And convince them to come to our team but at the same time Denver's calling him the giant for call of all calling and and he ended the giants a table give you 101000 dollars decide. Broncos did you get you eight. The patient is able to before but you gonna play over the patriots sold and you make a decision you'll look at the roster but you gotta make it quick because as late. Literally three minutes later the deal's off the table now the diets or operative now they don't want to because somebody else because like they did just call one receiver to collect four. So that's a that's that that's going to be like what Soviet CC who they pick up like September 3. Can imagine a volume at a thousand played I don't know I ethnic stereo Bill Belichick now I'm sure. Now I'm guessing that they already have their eyes only twenty players. Yeah well yeah right now around the league whether it's three or four defense events video linebacker or maybe who knows that tight end. Safety it's because all these guys that you hear about time the kid Hollister and owe Shaughnessy now compete for that tidy job. A beating you one of them. Now it's in an idea that I did that cut down in Indianapolis yet and that in that job or talk about the author that's practice squad is rough and that's that's his economic team. Great it's in you know awesome cars are gonna make the team. He secondly that he doesn't make the change we might be gone also mobile pick him up and say they did for example the jets. Sure why not you. Why wouldn't you you have zero talent who was done for the year here's your number one wide receiver you have nothing to the worst year fourth wide receiver on the team forget about practice. If on the patriots and I really likely car and I don't hurt and I know Danny image dole is on his Leon got one more year but he's on his way out like our little discussion the Dolan. So you got to somehow you wanna keep because you know the ups are elusive and have to wait for his BP's Wheatley comes back around the bend you get another opportunity don't come out. I'm glad you brought that they don't wanna talk wants effort that a little bit to what we were due Internet telephone everything that that that scenario came up a wanna get that. I also wanna get the care and the two regions outlook on the AFC is well they've ceased I should say. How will do that would do more patriots you guys lined up 617779. 7937. We'll talk patriots here's all MF. Maloney and Floyd we continue after this is you can you can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio we yeah. I've only warriors to a 77797. 93 says it's a little patriot stocks that you rate for pre season game number two. 2 morning out in Houston. Austin or Houston with a pretty well we're well all of us. Two joint practices earlier in the week and because of that much of the same as last week are you anticipating when you get there you see the guys that are playing there is still a very similar list that's the last yes. I believe some guys will play right no no no no you mentioned yesterday it was weird as that of others yesterday when I was driving home. It and we we were talking about how many practices. They have had against other teams Jacksonville. And use in this joint practice session and it was Michael's a plane like three games. You know you bring him to draw harmonic EF five games like where you live where it really. According at whatever was and we fortunately addresses and discovered that's exactly what it is like you get more out of those practices a white another not to play in the game which is weird because. We talk about Derek why it's Derek west rate their burgers Derek rivers are different regardless Dietrich wise. And visit issued there. Debt issued there it deepens and positioned at the other issue is that tackle. Where you have. Tony Garcia who they drafted. You have. Me sold there was not practicing. And then you have leader Ian waddle whose not practicing. So bearish Jerry marked can is stuck it right tackle but you're left tackle. Care reform had been camera Fleming and leisure and waddle. So now you really. You don't really just have no employment at left tackle the question is you know Hoosier back it can be used obviously tackle so in his candidacy. Obviously news over the simpler this can be did you metropolis so gang. They think all eyes are noted that another name on their adult speakers I still think it's all wheel the quarterbacks and seen problems seemed tickled we percent. To see in those guys play Cyrus show. Yes ourselves. Pay attention to Cyrus Jones yes OK so usually when you had that terrible game and whatever whether it's your fault or not you're still get blamed for it. So you feel like you have the burden of a proof argue like it wasn't my fault I'm a good player. I socio active users listen to see them running around almost seemed in his nose dirty on the CM you know coming up in a chasing plays down. Just showing like he's desperately act like a desperate Opel. Where what what if but the carries in the backfield are Dion Lewis and bold and again. It is so worried about Deon Lewis like that would you be surprised if it's not the end Lewis this week if it's James White. Yeah I would think I was say yeah that seems like it would make sense Dion Lewis got the bulk of the carries last week announced in his wife's Toyota is the lows against him saying you read in that. But really why the strongest guy out when you all the starters sitting two weeks and you know blood Lewis takes the ball yet and help becomes an issue does it is it because of jealously is still hurt is because Birkhead the candidates sat him. Don't be mean so who's elected or sit Birkhead and and isn't the yellows just as important as. Birkhead PGA policies to directly today ad deal he added salads we have to DJ Foster has yet only that I jet off that's as models time but to say the question is who who's with them but as far as the running back group goats. I like it. Louis cardinals market Nokia mostly I'd Gilles is one that's her right areas via. James white's in the fields questions because yes the same group is last week I was like yes I think he's like get some playing time yet because again. The the position groups that need it the most. All our tail backs. Because they can't replicate the same type of you know just action as it is any real game because nobody is getting tackled people are tag off on US joint echinacea it's everywhere he went to the line Nicki got what they aren't everything the touched everyone stop and go after all how do you really know that that cut you made is really any good and there's really no threat of getting smacked him for doing a sweet play. And a guy throws the ball screens. Even just the screens alone mean that they're chasing down play don't pack. And you deceased we hear from Jeff how he treated out. The pats have played all week for Tom Brady and company to plate mark the first source barring a last minute curve ball from Belichick of course then. But does he do that as well. Like you eat physically you don't wanna play but mentally I'm gonna get you prepared to play your plane and the last minute just a he had done. Yeah total separation of sung that want to get your mind into ready to play football in the last engine shuts it down. Well I mean if we're talk among our youth hears sound from Brady talking about. Power he can play area he had two days if you want it may toot his final two days it duties he's not sore. In a but I don't know it always. This always becomes like a real big just you know gamble when he starts at trying to figure out whether or not. You know Brees got to play or not. Or or is Danny Amendola you know plays Julie element got to play have you seen enough from Austin Carr me they just low numbers of the other guys have to playing. Because everybody else's hurt. Did you how much how much more data Lucy and you need to see I mean it and it and it Evelyn plays what six or eight plays that really got to really make a difference. Or they really ramping up for next week what were there all officially playing their last pre season game. Cross doctrine apply to wait Allen should probably play. Unless you still need to CJ current policy there are dead shot pressure. I think he's still duke when these embassy to see these guys. If there's any question in regards seen enough of these guys but Hollister. Inclusion only wants two more billion identity is my I think it's what our Houston Texas played their starters. So it's gonna be Houston Texas starters against the table you lastly to reflect on all their starters Tampa Bay last night flew the first half. Yeah all the Fries and don't surprise me. But it'll see a bit because I'm sure that Decatur younger team that made him special. In every once try to do some expect everybody reported bill. Ryan and and Bill Belichick get togethers or listen we're gonna let's not destroy our back outs and not make this a crap show. How long you play your stars for a rolling out plans for the first to here's a case it was us. I recall law is off pupils are yours off you get some work for your guys I'll get some work for might move back to work. At work you guys since we're on the on. The wrong debris topic aren't sure where you wanna go with this blood Jay Glazer. Going to hear this or go to who has yet here you and Canada would hold this whole thing Jack so Jay Glazer. Interviews and Paul grabs former Jay Glazer interviews Tom Brady and also interviewed Rob Gronkowski. But I'm here to two to ask every reporter. Every analysts to please not asked Tom Brady about his age. I'm doubles and that's exactly. What Jay Glazer does. Do you through western investors that's a hard thing about football because there's so many you know it's hard to compare. One team that team my ears you know I'm really great season and valiantly gave. You've got a lot of great seasons you know who we want to make this season great listener acquired saying I. I never got us there it doesn't look. Is all summer day. That's okay but that the point was whenever somebody in your views Brady the first thing they ask him. Is about his age. In China how you do and I can't. Lame but why oh because I knew what Kabul residents pick something else I go back to this it's that everybody getting so upset about Lavar ball what he says what do we want we wanted to Ramon. Not until we don't want somebody's age okay Jake laced an interview with the let's say Adam Schechter is gonna wanna one of these PM okay and he knows all the interviews that have gone on. He sits Alapont Tom Brady what he think he's gonna ask them would he think he wants to talk about. You know he's gonna wanna talk about his age his diet how long it's gonna play. Concussions. Is so. Every single medium market dictates an interview with him. They're gonna sit there is able what do we not ask these questions because everybody already has so I get home. I'm gonna talk to him again and it gives it one more thing one other thing about it are add another anecdote or some to the story that might actually help pull Tom learned. He. Like we are doing. That's why we still do that or governor Greenbrier in West Virginia how many is it. When is enough enough to stop with a host Lauren Becker edited prior to practice it was the day was that two penalties I think and I was you know. Three goats that every practice now OK so badly why we still doing a better job here in Greenbrier West Virginia how many is it. When is enough enough this incredible amount of oh look at the note doesn't have a few idiots are quickly and canceled but honestly yeah so it's. You know eighteen training camps and I'm. I still feel you know room for improvement so. The most cliched thing ever decision you sir a lot of push itself US yeah wasn't part of it is you know why are you keep doing it yeah she didn't lobbying groups worked on a lot of things as losses and so. I want to show us. No one I want to work hard pay the hard work to when it. Okay I did it like it's the you have your opportunity at your shot. Fox's you know being in Greenbrier West Virginia Clinton and joint practice and you see you know I gotta I gotta ask from everybody else is asking him. But don't you know to me it's just low hanging fruit it's just kind of a lame. You know first question. Yeah all by the way you're forty or Hollywood door installed. Heard it all before I it's not and and you don't you notice the answers. Going to be our lawyers also have fun on select up to feel like I can improve on a silly you know there's you know and every mutual for this and and oh by the way. I don't get sore. I feel great it by issues more Jay Glazer figure they better opening question. That's what I want a better opening question don't goal to that don't go to that the same trough that everybody else eats out of gimme something else. The second question and it Paul cred with the wrong was more about. He thinks Jake is a thought that lashing was Brady's best year. One team that team my years and now I'm really great season environmentally. You got a lot of great seasons you know who we want to make this easy great listener choir sing my effort and therefore question. What does it last year do you think Lester is administered I do. Really oh yeah absolutely Richard Lester for the Lester you weren't just for the comply. You know decision making is so important to me critical not you know we talked so much of our team. The quarterback you know additional 200 play you know with two interceptions that's part of what I'm most proud of none if you don't get the ball away we got a pretty good chance of winning. So you gotta do it again. I think Jake Lee's been footballers on our guy and he's the worst I learned through there's like this like he's marvelous. And it blew. Who won't rerouted through I think what they're really are and how soon we did last year for the truth and if it. Gray who I don't play anybody talks. Its occupants because talking who won life. Originally told radio in forty years old he's perfectly usable diet to see the influence that come very senate quarterbacks on the leak. And Poland over the summer talk about that next is the America's continuing activist. Some call the best. Maybe she'll win fox did investment they've shown a city that's not me being sarcastic I happen to like the show a lot right now it's more wavered Loney and 48 on Sports Radio. WEEI. And I feel like I've worked hard to get to this point. So Boone of nineteen years I've learned a lot had the experience has played the defense played big teams. And I still feel like I physically can perform or I loved. Not a lot of athletes to say that clicking how does the time to really are having fun on the air time on the field like I can feel like all right one note to do I know how to do it no. We're go with the ball and you know football is in some ways easier now from an apple was because. You know it's just I'm doing it longer had the experience and hopefully that experience and pay off. Both sultry talk about his diet now and as a vengeful and today. Quarterback's fault the leader. Breeze dies regiment become the rage around the NFL he points out. Call a lot of these quarterbacks run the league of coming to camp and later. They're Rogers won almost begin in 2016. Cutting out the area most of meat from his guy who. Brought Aaron Rodgers routers Russell Wilson dropped ten pounds this offseason by avoiding your helmet this one yeast. Dairy mold. The gluten multiple cheese with that theory that quite including dairy and malt. Many great question look I try to avoid bolt. Receive Mowlds molds on food now see just how do molds and food and try to figure out. Are raised area I don't know what you said blue cheese announced it really maybe he lets his food get multi artist Mo ma merry auto was told actually come in recommend recommended buys coaches come in around 230. He ignored that drop some pounds he comes in at 215 to twenty. Suited us talks on all these quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers talk more conversations he had with Tom all time. He just can't do everything because there are some I think because at night shades a belief in the article. He can't avoid. But Tom excellent sense he talks is that like I'm delicate Colbert for light to bow while ninety days like you know that she's thought there aren't these kind of set the standard. For taking care your body. Carson Palmer kind of car his died as he recovered from the ECO lost twenty pounds. Mary Owen Wilson all of these guys. It in the notes that the idea is that these quarter currently there are cutting weight losing weight to be like term. Is it really about losing weight weight so that means eating better because they either lose weight put this other things involved. We say because it is so is he saying that they're connected because. Brady has cookies and Rogers are similar diets OK so hey I saw Brady but are they similar one guy just took out cards. Zadi pastas and breads. And the other guys are are not eating molds. That I don't know what the hell that is what that means he's he's gone mortem of begin diet. Breeds a lot of pro team. It's a ton of protein diet he stays there is some might tomatoes in light stuff that the only as an inflammatory foods and vegetables that cause them to. So his joints to swallow up. Specific to him. Almost like an all the fat lot. It has got Ryan Larry's senior director performance at Nike. All right and who works with guys that Mary Owen Wilson. And in nearly half vehicle starting quarterbacks is that these these he's the guy and I think everybody wants to be even my young guys the issue is Shuster b.'s key into Shawn Watson. Both those guys that look I wanted to come. But I wanted my own version of what's a better part but their own my own version of but this guy here talks about the diets that they're on another very similar to what Tom Brady preaches. So. They're all kind of losing weight. Observed as the economy rolling Tom they smartly Tom that's if you got a shrine. I mean again it's it's being mommy tell what he's doing because he's he's old he's old bugs Eagleburger 23 year old quarterback. Eating right is a good thing mentally Regis OK bush. Sure those of what we're told legislators in his career like a lot of people you when you were younger college should probably start of the NFL where there was a poll we had to get stronger. It is point three I had to get stronger. You know I had the lift a certain way it is I got older but work it's changed. Who has no squatting is a benching. It was all things Zoellick you know. That help a play baseball while gates stronger the satellite service. If foam be flexible all these things that will portage your older. If Blake portals started to do that TB twelve philosophy. Maybe you would damage that would be a better quarterback he had veto completions in Denver now it's it's now he'd be a good as Sherlock toxins the. Syria what is exchanging you know saliva with all the girls he's hanging out with down there in Jacksonville. Yeah that they would they would appreciate a little bit more can you look better with a shirt off. And make him a better quarterback. I mean I did it make so that velocity has never change. Spears think so it is with this guy parties talking much are not marry go to com. The other the the one course apparently won by 230 to 35 to absorb some of the hits clarity says well. The problem is the first two years markets injuries have all been contacted trees. Because he's getting hits he's getting caught from behind but if you're fast enough the fragile enough you know gonna get hit. So apparently like OK if you lose pounds. Rich together to get hit and it's really about how to get hit. That being a good quarterback making decisions that the allow you get hit as often or in vulnerable positions which would Tom does it's not about. Fast in Najaf about being fast and then and avoiding not getting its how to properly take a hit. Yes and to me that's so it's a joy to your bastard if you're facet adds value you'll get hurt you get hit last night I disagree with that also. How about the public you just get rid of football about it is recognize what's going on and because that's the Brady way. It's not okay gets brain will say he's fast or any bind that you know the film you see all the time. Okay news flash. It's not harder it was not that much harder to be faster than he was in college. He was slow molasses like slows so let's say he ran a 51. He's running a five now. I'm Kate is that really. What Britons have run away from anyone but brief I saw this clip of Aaron Rodgers. Dissecting the plane. Was a it was they've read. It is is a run pass option so a blitz came. He completely ignored the fake handoff he just dump the ball over the line to the tide and who is running like a hot rotten. The wasn't running from anybody. He. Didn't really matter where at what the hell was eating he just was smarter than other quarterbacks so cheating get hit by the bullets. Right so it's sold mark marks Mario link I get it that's part of it if you want a longer career. Okay I'll help you heal fast there's a hole when he went mine. In its home start this isn't starting differs die. Don't you want to call it war we always had the Sally knows this so I have to live my life. Ready to eat properly and to do this and to do that slick played longer was he did we I would say they're doing this in 2001 now. What I mean how bad. Discipline that. This of the toreros did come into the picture to all. 0304. And nobody jumped on the blues music is though Willie got him ball yes well I don't know Israel for an is that when he first started doing this was about six or seven. When he first came a picture to a few years dived back yet. I would I yeah I don't know I want to say he actually says that some quiet I heard him say it one time I don't marine with a date is but let's just assume. You don't always don't know three or four assists ART active release technique he's just given massages and he's. And at that point on Guerrero is. He always is to talk about his vital intelligence to talk about your drinking lots of water and you know he but he never really had some sort of late training Mino regiment that he wrote down and a book. Some sure develop over time because next to you know Guerrero is taken all that the he's going on the waitress. And he is on he's working on you know other other people in the in the business not just players like executives. And he's on the practice field you'll like what else. I don't want my point is is that you know you wanna be like Tom Brady okay well discussed Larry's got to show Watson uses. -- gonna change diet. Me niece is a lot of lot of fried foods. Have changed I've let's go to Tom and elect Joseph wants is 22 years off. Additional Watson you know and I understand a whole eating single hit point two years old there's a lot did you give you can eat. And digesting your metabolism is at a certain sport Spartan your career where you can burn a lot of these things as a young candidate. That you can't do when you're 333435. Meserve thinkable linked new career and I know it's never too late you know it's. Never too late in army its maybe thirty forced two late speakers all we should 124. But I mean look at its weight you'll kids fifth son you don't eat right unique heed this this this if you wanna be like common plea deal forty. Good that's like false advertise activate this like a plate dumb for not. Now that's an right and not really because you just you just listen to what your mom to soldier as a kid get plenty of rest drink lots of water. Eat your vegetables. Each your vegetables all told that all the time I never did it they wanted to. Wow moment Allah that I want to cupcake OK it is the same rules apply to plenty of rest drink drink lots of water and dot each batch of. He says tech I just texas' starting towards these young knows 2008. Ya know kinda makes sense. Is that right if we shared their perform. I I can't buy anything on it's I'll take the Texas are far. Without it sees its feet when he was all the end I think a commemorative saying maybe it was maybe it was reverend there's some assailant he pretty for a good. For both 567 years before that when it I don't know math. I just you always causes is that he's toll from that point five also actually like OK I wanna be like Tom Brady. OK so I want to be like mark or borrow. So old I'd say number you did it decree got this team based messier he did I tried to played like him there was a problem. I was a mark of borrow. I I didn't we were different players at every time I tried to beat mark tomorrow I got gist. Shells and soul I still try to have the same mentality is but my own way so the old diet thing that works out great yeah but your. You don't you're not as you're not Smart like Tom Brady you don't your brain is not sending the same signals. To your arm like Tom Brady's breeze. It's a different connection than Todd Tom Brady has put his arm throwing the football and figure out what the hell's going on. So you want to be like Tom Brady. I don't know as his mom and dad have more kids in my colleagues were some sort of crazy like doctor island of doctor Moreau. Since the that a cyclical oil or go to Jim in Northridge gym go ahead buddy here on the M efforts. I thank you yeah. Here on our workers was there. If you think about it you'd think about what happened over the past few years recovery. It's almost like. At one point when I was younger I was well. That's exactly the quarterback position it was 80%. On the schism and maybe 20% range and obviously. You are seeing now. Suddenly late liked Tom Watson or or Richard that he wannabe. Bully Tom Brady is contributing to our full article here. We have. To order a lot of muscular. They're. Either great effort of law that would that would preserve his career over the years. Even more so yeah I dietary. At the age is the alternative work out that it uses. I think that if anything it just. Relative to his presentation. And and the fact that he has the ability. To read access and anybody does have a bit yeah well including Peyton Manning I don't think you'll see. Error while his career go much longer because the fact that his first. Instinct after eking out is you luck. And wears green he will vote due to a tree blocked Macedonia quarter. So I can see these dietary standpoint is excellent but I think it's mostly. If anything more. Whereas I usability percent. I didn't argue with the earnings reports that do think that you can do both. You can eat well and then he'll study filming get game to situations that experience like Tom Brady perfect example is Jimmy Grupo. Now the play that got him hurt last year in the Miami game. He had the exact same player felt like in the first pre season game against Jacksonville he just get rid of it quicker and he fell to the ground. Vote last year he stated his feet more he waited he waited he waited so as he threw it he got hit a natural to get driven into the ground. Those decisions as what these young quarterbacks in note should be looking at as far as you know knowing when to get rid of the football. Knowing what to throw away knowing what to go down how to fall how to take hits those of things ethical keeping a league longer. But you could Silva could die at the same time but to think that just having a good diet is being late Tom. Now you're missing the big east picture you can live like Tom yeah you can even get a knock off Gisele if you want right to I don't know what to look it cannot be looking to get a knock off version of prosecuting enough at myself my idea yeah though. That's sickened Lula to far and they are listen I don't know I think we should. Order women Ronnie and Fauria break yet his old ways Maloney of four it was an alone we come back and what it's a little more pats talk to because there was an article that was insistent. The AFC east these teams. They actually finally getting it looks finally rather combat craft this put sixteenths to.