OMF - Nick Foles is banner worthy now; Almost a week later and Brady's hand injury still makes no sense 1-22-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, January 22nd

HOUR 3 - We're not sure if Nick Foles is the star player the NFL had hoped for but he'll have to do. Fauria has the gameplan to beat the Eagles: blow them out. Genius. Tom Brady talked a little more indepth about his hand injury and it is still puzzling.


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On you read. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 different patriots go to the Super Bowl it will be because Danny and me and Dolan went nuts. San. As time goes to walk. Henderson's second. With the wind blew in Christian new look good football player in dictionaries pictures as they're excited them when it is this is a tremendous work. How would you describe back that's right. Unbelievable and I doubt that it's. Now on Sports Radio dealt. You we EI since the thing is that I don't think it was a dirty here you know they're grown now it was a hit on the defenseless. Receiver so therefore it carries a penalty kill it. And I think they did exactly what you wanna do and unfortunately. It did you know you're always seems that you selective if that's a sailor patriots did that. To a another group another player and a team. And we still wasn't dirty or it's or because of the patriots who delivered and it is sit here now and Rob Gronkowski was knocked out. Of AFC title game. And I don't think it's thirty. Well they're starting only gave us that after it was unfortunate all it's what happened with that Kelsey. Real advocate just yet not beautifully about a Tennessee yeah I know but it was it wasn't it wasn't. I camera would have he's got it was he was going to the ground right it was one of those defenses receiver situation I think it was. Delay cost will feel the need to pops yeah yeah I remember exactly have a OK so levels similar idea. I'd I don't think it is I don't I don't. We'll see how you can you you can. Move your body in a certain direction to to to avoid you don't know where the the players coming up to a sleep too. Two cars I look at this old that's something that I didn't think was possible and I'm not it didn't want to I didn't think. You could hit him hard enough to wobble Friday just goes to show but I'm not LA are you. Highest amount joking I just didn't think I'd. Why is that a nominee plus a human being I did not think but he's just limos Jolie that's what you're. Charles I know but he's he seems so goof indestructible well. Right it just feels like oh no it doesn't matter -- come on he said major yeah I don't know really is good you know he's like again like the terminator male couple and just keeps going along normally not I don't see my little like I hit like a piece like it by his ankle being you know him dragging five guys and somebody like just. Twisting his ankle. Rate I get that happened but. That's the deck of most of the time I'll say this. The Clinton backs are scared to hit him in flight. Because he's so big. That I would be fearful of knocking myself what makes sense so you just attacked him differently that's a real commitment mentally. To try to hit him as he's going to orders 6570 pounds. On the edges of force. Going forward. Right so if you if you miss time it if you end point is off in May knock yourself out or hurt yourself. As it was a big Hitler was it was it Kyoto is Smith and linebacker the one on Birkhead yes. On the catching up from behind and got the bar ball loose that yeah gut just Mo it's. That was a big hit. Blocking him are they what here's and here's another series so I guess but look at but that one series. Before they scored four avid bulls scored. He Marcel Darius Marshall the Ares one now yeah. And then I'm miles Jack when out. So yet two guys to your most important players that one out in the same series in either one of them came back. So that they're going I think that was huge what do I care Darius wouldn't probably played a role in anyways very well let's go back to run a blizzard bro don't knows. You know I'd just say and it seemed. Mexicana that was par for the course is that the pages are starting to get momentum they were starting to get tired they are starting get frustrated and they're getting hurt. Ready already lost their what a camp Robinson and he got hurt so he was out of left earlier and and Marshall there it was just death at his view of the off the huddle and you go. Guys not only are they do we got them right there and it hurt so now and now they're looking at a going OK so who's replaced the miles jogging is good of miles to act. Right we also was right Michael Jack was ill to run the football he did play offense just. Go to blew the whistle that the Google blue plate and he was allowed to run. Yeah that's the worst outings I think yeah Bobby is in a car next up here annoying message body. Hey good afternoon guys big fan of the show loves you back they go and a Christian Lou might. Light sentiment on the Philadelphia Boston seeing where comic few minutes ago a little while ago was active Philadelphia sort of backed assumed oh. Pre 2000 boss mark listen is not yet has had a lot of success with baseball Phillies won the World Series about 56 years ago it was in. Another World Series two years later they lost the and and you know the whole thing back and fought auction actually that it took apple bar now you know when apple want our older. And the flyers who knows sweeping the Bruins one year to come back and actually it's we. And they haven't had great success by me it really know what to fourteen they really have. No I hear you were the Phillies LS team won but they haven't had great success and they have. And I tickets it's eight and emotionally charged market. Very similar to Boston is that they're really into it. To the point where it's torture when their team loses and over the last twenty years eighteen years or whatever. There's been far more torture probably twenty to 130 to 100 to one compared to the torture that we've experienced here in knowing what. It's good luck this year they're always an. Torturous life because during the nineties and eighties we felt it especially the Red Sox. Art I think it's comparable I don't. And I think we were pouring more vicious who can tell you he was an athlete playing during that period of time. And if the team lost that a single game on Wednesday night people or just. Toyota gives us more of lucky you'd get an article in the post season. It's kind of like you know this team now I guess you know winning but it's still eagle postseason that people are thinking when. They're not gonna call it could be Chris that it did ansari defeated before even got there. They're cresting on the edge of breaking through though with a couple of school it's not just for baseball success they had which has not come back in the past you know in four years but. Still the football team this is pressing trying to get there and Philly I I I feel for them because we would and we know what it's like the other thing I just wanted to throw that. Oh yeah I'm not I'm not if you weren't near her until about you know and I don't think Philly fans look at they'll come back real doubt three out of Bruins like those the success story. As you know you don't win the cup it's I think they remember that night. Tuesday January 16 yet well on FaceBook added big display showing Brady vs team in the Super Bowl. And they want it eight big appetites and if there. They screwed up yeah just Friday this Friday. Well did the date on it is Tuesday. Any example of big deal Lotta that. This good. That happens Christina before they scored. And they somebody put it out there somebody was in the office who probably works for the company and doesn't necessarily understatement. You know the team's involvement a graphic together was supposed to go up it went up by accidental. Right I think that's all thoughts. About this what can you do differently you know I was wanted to pick a point but you will live hawk was the point. You mention was enjoyable at the point about the attic Jack we'll try to do something with Ewing and plus there's conflict three mile but there was a point yet that wasn't there. Knowing those cues don't use those going to tell you there was an end that everything but what did you when you're able Jackson attorney used again hit Doug if you wanted to that they can build up with a can they can make a big huge case. Who's the best in the National Football League history. For a quarterback. Would at least 75. Post season pass is the highest passive passing rating in the post season now. For a quarterback with a at least 75 postseason that's got to be Nichols yeah there's. Nick vols number one in NFL history at 116 point four you can put them on the man. You can put them on the berries. Oh yeah he's an energy and yes oh good another here's another great number. Nick polls in the second half of that game. This is this is Brady like numbers are a perfect eleven of eleven. A 159 yards two touchdowns perfect passer writing of rating of 150 point three. At a QBR of 99.9. What am I did they're trying to seller right now I don't know if you guys are by and I'm not buying it. All Minnesota just wasn't up for the game I. Played like crap I can change a lot. You eat them while we showed up with the date scored the first touchdown but you can't tell me that this had something to do with Minnesota. Just you know they they did they took this game lightly are you kidding me at the NFC championship game. Where that would with the maybe the best defense in the league certainly they're not more than second or third. And and you can take this game seriously not know Philadelphia did that. Detrimental in the that it played well. No I played horrible millionaire show lot they're playing horribly but you can't tell me that it was because. All I wouldn't get too excited about Philadelphia being no good against a really good defense forces say go to just you know they went they weren't absolutely say that if if Carson Wentz was quarterback of the Eagles. Do you think you'd be favored in this global yes. I think it would be too yeah I think him off if they won but at 38 to seven score yes. Yes that ban on gore to mean anything but does it doesn't take caution while it does when it comes to if you're thinking about. Favorite and I Gideon know what's the last impression of a better but right though look at him Blake who put little who has looked so good blue. They would have the MVP quarterback that probably probably yeah. Biggest suggestion to the patriots you know in Tom and you know Josh in Manhattan bill everybody involved. I agreed idea how this game should go how well. You blow them out. You want suitable or you just blow the other is no mountain hand in the third quarter sort of challenge. Talk we're talking smack. Holding our breath. I leaked it can happen OK can I don't know why. Why not that it's just why that now it's wonderful you look in the civil sinister little hole and I was also usually come down here's etc. there are still. It doesn't really have it will guys here's the reality on 20/20 three who underwent a New England will make one. More play than Philadelphia. Because they always do. They always do. Here it is pure love I. That's it this really is why. Why then should read what was the movie always and the same way and anybody that tries to take this one lightly in the next two weeks around your crazy. Decrease I'll let you know I what I like listens it was late. Will people ask me about it are really you guys we've all seated for so long it's had do you. Well what is the time and it's like Nancy mentioned the it's. Always a little bit. And pretty. Like yeah Minnesota accent. It says they all over and over and over it. It puts you know people wouldn't do this with tomato cans the China she's gonna do because this little you bought a look if we notify all of which Wentz was there. Because that way you can globe against the the MVP of the quarterback two years and wrote beat him. But on meatballs. The way he's played you know in these first two games that you're talking about. I don't really think to be able to the table and that most people given his due in the patriots will realize. That these five and half I take the points. Amid politic tactic filling the delegates to the thing it's gonna do about 1234. Whatever it because they don't score was Tokyo score. For the skins Newman's blue when I thought it was gonna be a closer game than you. I Iran for thirteen. But yeah he's an even greater so I think there are even without a 12710 with a healthy buried so think all the way like. That 1713 with a banged up Brady then you're it didn't surprise me what the Patriots offense did against that defense the next game. Was pretty much on script wasn't ya gonna struggle early on I figured this thing around and eventually they would put up twenty plus points out what surprised me. Was a good Jacksonville's offense looked earlier Blake portals in particular. That's what surprised to look at that and I don't think you what are poised seeing the ball right resisted the twenty from Jacksonville. I didn't do I want to know Jerry more confidence than we do have more confidence and Blake portals coming up the big postseason game or Nichols false II group. He's easy at least he's got some exploring this little leukemia before some crap his pants and a game but any bolt those quarterbacks and have more faith in public ports. Yes I want to look the people and objects or actually saying right now they it is a it is a as a moral victory that we're gonna call it a moral victory for them you know gonna get you know greeted at the airport. High fives and a next year RD here now we'll see you guys next time read MacKey read act and do. It's not it's not special yet they're still building of their man I'd actually I actually ahead and that's ahead of schedule next special defense is great and it's it bury it looks it reminds me of that's that's Seattle defense a lot as far as the speed does cover the only thing missing is they don't have Russell Wilson right they don't have Russell yeah. Quarterback and that's why I think in the end you come out of that game if you're Jacksonville and you sit there and say you know what in the end plate portals. Couldn't do it you might play the game of his life morals they came down to the fourth quarter when we needed it. Couldn't depend on. And anger and there Kristobal partly state opens and but he had a lot of radio if you like in all. And independents or what thinks you know they need a better quarterback to win a championship with okay. Tell me. L quarterbacks better than like one of the when its image euphoria you know what they're not available and outs of its story is beyond. Absurd let's go yeah there is Alex Tony if Jack carpet or play like ports that they think when a Super Bowl why they hell would you go get a guy. Now for the second time is going to be released himself because they don't feel like he dilemmas of. All. While I mean he's right so and really is that. Do they changed their offense overall okay because. To get out of work actor getting out of key wide receiver that they. If you look at them offensively. I don't think they have a major issue defensively they do not the major issue they have one problem quarterback. I guess that's why I disagree. You know and he's into it a case about what he's gonna do that what the answer quarterback activist court with blackboard know can go to court and you know it did he putted in a scenario that that we could get this better than Blake portals. And I would say any of those guys. A better than Blake portals in my mind and comes off him playing a great game. They eat they use he was the best he could have played ethnic but he played numerous great teams during the course of the season even the tail into the season look at a little over 300 yards to the Palestinian in a couple of those games. The question is can you depend on him. Through sixteen games and into the postseason is he legitimate big time quarterback. You know nick post going to be available in the offseason. Probably won't pasty skin would be of malaria season in Bradford rusted nails so. Do you do you do you make the move there because Mike Edwards were Christians saying. In every other department they're ready. They're ready as New England is on the other direction. They're going this way but if they don't get a quarterback became a ticket to the top of the mountain really the only question really Doug morrow and whether it's Coughlin who ever might being. The suit its aid to Kate next year. Are you ready are you willing to put more ugly portals. If we were in this situation again 55 seconds ago they're in the half. Would you let him try to drive the ball down the field that's Rick Lynch in the fourth quarter. Would you put the ball in his hands. It's a dry eyed me down the field and if that answer is no I don't see you I'll ever be able to do that. Then move and you look parent yeah. They are gonna be sentimental down there because. They'd probably like this kid. Any performed fairly well he probably performed better than any of those things down the authority to perform but you're right low dirt dug morons got to look at those 55 seconds. Because I thought it was a good move by admiral only because Blake portals Hoosier quarterback but if you actually wanna win this thing or have a chance to get to the super ball. You'll need to be able to move the football almost 55 seconds and that means you need a better quarterback. And in order for them due to take that next that they got to have to be a little ruthless rightly they have to. You know user black hardened yet thank you Blake morals we appreciate what you do cars will need mom ruthless double will not open don't overpay for him because he's starting quarterback that but that's one playoff games for them any start looking at the comps. You gotta compare the other guys and what they're making. And they'll still be in the same exact spot so he's working on the hot seat he's doing a better job throwing the football and he's and everybody's happy about it. But that once situation and edit in the first half is a sign that you don't trust them right so if you really do need it. And use in you have to kind of shift gears just despite an up even when they went on a different personnel grouping they still kept everybody really tight. Nobody they never read the entire off and up if it was all bunch looks. Easy looks were you looking for rob routs and and shallow crosses. Or you can obviously see like Malcolm Butler chasing. A wide receiver and it's an easy catch an easy throw. They throws down the field he misses them is not accurate like follow what's Miami wanted to see you don't be it almost. I know I'll be fine delegate this when he gauge Youth League game of his life. But can he do it every single Sunday go forward a much Sheri Kim right now they would know better and. Then we would but I'm a charred body and doing quite such a 777 a 7937. Christian had a little. Run in with some of the Jacksonville fans. And willow will give you that story coming up next and more of your phone calls. Christian rants about them pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian Fauria. Right now we returned a moral or away we're loaning euphoria but Sports Radio WEEI. No it's sort of this. Think there's every chance Wednesday Thursday that you want to play this game. You know wasn't sure really wasn't Wednesday it happened. And that one and that definitely wasn't sure because it's pretty injury in practice and you know. It didn't look at different look and then fortunately you know first and in practice took some time off Friday in just a little bit and then things crumble. So what better on Saturday and I guess there was there was a kind of do it easy to use so you know everyone deals with injuries so. It's just part of the season and part of a year and you know just a timing on where exactly it was described not divesting all star quarterback player. Knows what it is. So just stay at the bizarre situation and what happens mitigation area yet but the real concern. On winter yeah I mean I don't know. Because he's talking about us that's the Mays ago opening was to it so it was just a hand off right so he was. He know Phish fans delighted in so his thumb bent back. And it cut his yet that's honorable blistering shot that habit I'd like to bang my thumb. I don't you always play cornerback again no doubt about it in our Tony Romo. Out. Don't you tell me this system could easily come back yet I don't have a genetic parent Turkish civilians as I had search here myself. You know is that it bit back in a ligament here. Boat would have been back you adding that the skin in need. Wolf stitches so a lot of people really has settled back to new river so what wins what would Rex Burkhead. On his at the content of the cut rate so not as belts. His own gloves no. It's helmet shot Joey said it was nothing sharpened right that the result is that it really was bizarre it was just. Well it has been so maybe it goes home never catalyst reveal all of this is what they need to know home well I could get all got to you know it makes sense now. What happened what happened but we couldn't throw the ball would try to pick isn't yeah. My adult. You didn't you get twelve stitches in that little area. Yo this gonna be swelling and it's going to be a Thursday elected you know touch you know full well you know doing anything we give it a day or two to ten swelling to go down is to twelve stitches and. Yeah well that is that is impressive I know it's not open heart surgery notes not the same but okay it's his throwing hand. And inside to not outside yeah that was a that was a inching little mock up little I guess I'm in column Greece if it was just to cover. Right and what that thing was made of by that project for normally. But he faked out narrow the success thanks Astaro for on the hook and. That bandage or you know he didn't he doesn't like glove so he wasn't gonna with a glove and by that time everybody knew about it so reading your access that people can comment about it because everybody knew that there was a collective right to print out the pregame was great and yet you know what it no love. In the breaker that's how he looks the ball Smith's. Sees itself and cannot understand what it looked like fully just caught a pass Tony what do you think pretty courteous thing Tony shaking hands with guys that you cited by the. Not a pit bull that is difficult I can stick them to all of and it it is that at all. Don't know ten suggest that right to almost too well. You know what it means statistically it was a really good car and in just a really good to. It's not say how sorry sound so fluke you know right so you're basically handing off to to Birkhead and practice and what that how much is collides with a pump. You know we just ran into each other and my son just got them back it was in the commoner reasoning. You know kind of got got them back that's why close a lot works and we know the doctors who have checked we did you know that things. Just kind of check on everything and fortunately there wasn't you know at the end which it normally comes associated with so I think we're very lucky. It's. How did it scares us the MTV twelve maybe college here this kid and college little Imus stays intact I don't get in the early end to me I need. An explanation than that so you bang into each other it's a fluke injury you think you have some portly and you're and twelve stitches. So it could vomit coming in that's a big. That's a big cash. How does that have to say yes and I just. Trying to you know it's a New Year's resolution try to clean stuff it's nice exit rate and only you you guessed right venue for about three have to get something out of you you would have a slice of I placed it on something. Whatever it doesn't matter who needed stitches out this week. It's gonna be all. Very it's it's a loaded the rear view mirror on and on all of Brady no handshake they were fist bump I am sure that some people thought the whole thing was made up remember that. We had some people actually think the whole thing was one that was doctor child right on any these. I'd argue that no ordinary for now some of the not now he missed them all scenarios throughout the last one was no bent it back. Nope. Don't always before productive shout Russian majesty news by the way. A couple things on the coaching front. Tom del Cerro of NFL media reporting that the colts. Have requested a second interview would Josh McDaniels. Which apparently means he doesn't have the job right. And here's another one just seeing that Anderson of yes the yen. I'm told it's Steven Wilks will be the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals were a source. If that's the case that Bryant florist is out. Right so you would be your next he's that's according defense accord Willis gets. Front slides in their site owner and although it doesn't get Evian offseason stories trials I've got video over the weekend and who had a big Ian Rapoport headed that. To get the guys for airing Glenn. Is it basically corner for the jets and big bill that before. The keys that he was one of the guys do that could be a potential defensive coordinator. And for the paths. Back to the phone calls we go. Chris is out of the Cape May Chris. Anchors. So I got it in my partner so now the reading an activist in this matter it is not in the complete that and dirt it. So my senior editor it is. Eight blind sided. Group Alberta will hit on me if central receiver they cause injury always going to be security. About you know. We're a little bit all these quality good players the talent getting injured because the current dirty. Name name three that got hurt from a defenseless defenseless hit like that may well prepared scenery and Kate who. Jack K a month Carol I'll okay. Yeah our national sixty news or use other other staff argues that ethics go back and look at any of equine site chorus of the I could express. Part of Russert Chris you're watching small emotion and because slow motion do you think that that's how the two bodies move. So therefore you figured it's totally feasible. But the defender can change a direction. The defender does not know which direction grunt kids going in you she plays like this all the time in the National Football League and they're penalized for. What's the game. Out here should be dirty air because our order a little he could call you. Do you have to watch Chris and Chris player Chris how do you. How do you and Chris you know it hard rock they know they got hurt and they got him. Is unbelievable I I guarantee you this happened the other way. With a patriot player doing this do to somebody answer I was screaming on the other hand we sit here and didn't get the apologist. I I can't. I can't play church in the situation now. Think he's trying to do what he's trying to win McCain. He's trying to make sure he defends the receiver and Jacqueline. He's running a close paying higher error. What you're seeing slow motion Chris he's not. Why does not. My opinion sturdy guy I know he wanted to get caught our current. So are closest Ed who doesn't hurt. I didn't understood. Went a lot of reckless and I tell that's been hit on Burke hit from behind me would catch the ball with Dickie was trying to do. That dirty aren't blind side that was blah as Wausau in CME's behind his back. Yeah now. I. Ask what went laundry was regardless it. It any NFL you're safe you guys text of all he didn't what are you trying to do when you hit it. A intelligent and. In my concussion. So I did not forget now the original interview and calmly hit them like that you're gonna get my concussion or violent. I think most guys are thinking I'm gonna knock this ball loose. If I happen to I don't know cracked a rib while undo what it is out of the game so be it this is what we put into context more money. Drew you almost get the feeling though that this has got everything to do. With wondering right now what it is because c'mon people mean if if if that was Devin according. Whitney hit on somebody an important player and a let's say Zach hurts in the Super Bowl. Same doubt pulpit than what he wanted to do all that wasn't illegal. And it's just the way it is but I do to do not believe that the slow motion video really alters how people see the stuff. Yes because they see the slow motion and they think. How we should slow. Now you're watching slowed down you're not watching and a false. He resume in the hip and Rob Gronkowski makes the catch in the got bounces off Rob Gronkowski. And he continues to go to when he arts that's what he's thinking. But I'm break in this pass up and I don't think you have looked ahead and can lead with a shoulder because they're coming at each other to help what's ended up hitting. That would initial contact I think it was at the shoulder to shoulder to shoulder I agree. And I don't think you can determine where the head's going to end up. When you're trying to make the play you don't know we're granted it's going to end up in two independent humans or the slot in their brains are deciding where they're going. Wish is cinco asset hello Lisa. Back at Chris is an idiot at that was actual. I didn't think it was a dirty at all on the street I just think that eagle wanna act and accurately chuck. By arm owner on a different note I wanted to talk about late in the last segment I'm. I honestly think they would I am you know let him eat. It comes with experience and he had a great evil acts that he really did act you know I was. But alcohol at all but he had a great game and I think we'll experience. Equipment that situation and a couple ear like that I don't. Art. I don't lose. You don't write you usually he's good. To know. Yeah I know you guys already I know you really you and that is only 80000 a look at the Mike Vrabel that's an opera. And I like this guy's head coach. What happened. I hope you feel and by the way to amend it if he if he falters in the middle of of the game would you earned are you really do that. Her her her you know funny at all fun doing it but here's here's about it here's a better one. Do you redo the public morals contract he is I don't want you left I got one year left at 191000009. Get out of that correct. Yes they can't. So he's got one year at nineteen. Million dollars so he's going to be looking now. To extent right if if I'm him I wanna extend that deal. Dude from the they have is that not in it in a situation where Chicago was last year where they could look at it and say you're bringing the Lennon but we're gonna draft our guy. Now given success they had at the bottom of the draft rights and acuity as he goes straight up against a fortune. So if you you could look at that offer you rightly so they would and we forget one of these quarterbacks that we really like in the draft. Keep bleak full one more year and see what it looks like in and handed over to the other kid at the next year. I don't know if you can do that it was there are so no I don't think you all bundled I think he's gonna be freed so did he get and we you and. Want from him I ran it so much of the Jacksonville jaguar fans before the game nicest people in the world. I just nicest people in the world vision seemed to be fine with the game they're excited their team is here. They started bringing up old rework it you're all excited when the pre season. When Leo we beat the patriots. But apparently you handle that issue with a look after the game it now yeah. That's what happened was is an all day drinking and and he just don't give them the respect you imagine all day long and then you on I don't know. So ultimately joining never ever go recruiting people aware blocked from Boston David death at war. Let me they were there weren't too happy with the comet that we were all making out basically. Defending you guys. And the stuff that you did he defend I got ride a little review blew up. Already this is back now to shake her what do you wrote up this only real about the love of my respect but if it's so what happened. You want here not only here and now I'm not a we've got to. We favorite missiles soap. So we so we gotta gotta we gotta pay for private jet whatever's going and whenever she asked myself. We get an empty seat certainly the play. That's a little so so Curtis won I don't. Started out OK we wouldn't advocate that works out great so so much it's to go. They go into a much you can watch it go but as much it takes that seat irony. I hope it falls back there right now what you do this you know I Hamas. A basketball. Every year they love this guy didn't go into it now go through now okay well Paul look at this riddle do warmer here than it will be in Minneapolis next that's right it's great gossip. Positive but it's good to welcome back.