OMF - Mike Reiss previews the AFC Championship Game & shares if he'd save Brady or Belichick from nuclear disaster, 1-17-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, January 17th

HOUR 4 - ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss joins the show and gives his thoughts on Jacksonville's chances this weekend & the Tom Coughlin effect. Coaching in the NFL has become a family business. 


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Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and 48 their defense will be really is Kobe really you know all the old bum Phillips who are football. Really didn't you face you fraud you found. A YouTube factor is having asked. I think you can work or are there themselves I'd like lakers person he's just not the creep out there riding dirt ovals and purple city I would not wanna go to break or roles I would jackal with Glenn and Lou in Christian imagine anyone from the dumb meat heads video off then outsmart anyone his smartest. I don't know maybe it's right I don't know maybe like an old Washington football player never to anything on the field and I think back from Boston mighty brilliant caller hello Mac. Yes actually do that they they station over the. I'm not gonna get there let's let's everybody in the public eye out loud conflict I'm right now yeah. I didn't accept that throughout. Dad yeah. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Oh the reforms soon Washington football player never did nothing at this point of view I would have hung up on Obama said. I could resilient could do it that far into it gives you an opponent. To see you through about it. Me and I didn't know that the best stuff would come after they hung up on time if you missed that another prank phone calls today didn't go so well. The balance. Like this stuff you yelling at Paul lets you better. We'll get to that coming up in just a little bit let's take him whether our buddy migrants from ESPN like you don't. Doing well Oklahoma Christian how. Everything straight my family's story and ultimately today you really do sound if you have always I was get to the comfortable questions. The same people back here a week or two ago were were constantly mentioning. This could be a rough road for the patriots this looks different that some of these patriots Super Bowl teams in the past that shouldn't suddenly. Shifted their entire narrative and now suddenly had solved the tomato cans lined up this is the easiest walk delivered yet. To the Super Bowl now you broke down today some of the ways that the jaguars could go. Terror part to patriots vulnerabilities. Do you buy any of. Well I think the patriots win the game grant and I are sort of agree with the idea and I tickets and a couple we only Iran I don't this as. Best patriots team that we've seen undergo telecheck. But I think that the teams around them in the AFC are not as good either so might be good enough so. One thing that idea by a little bit is the jaguars defense. Gives the Patriots offense some trouble typically maybe. Targeting some matchups on the interior of the offensive line. Creating some destruction pass game. But even then guys I mean if they do that I still think he should not. Options at least score enough points I'd keep the jaguars at. So what do you make of this what's it what I'm turning it is CK manufactured. Featured that's coming out of a Jacksonville from a froehlich the I can disrespect at the patriots are showing the exact subject what I don't see. It at all but it seems like they're just trying to find anything they can hold on to to give them some sort of just edge or some sort of anger that they can let up here and use it against the. Featured in it reminds me of Rodney Harrison Christian you know when he used to always come up with some you know some say something and could have been the most complimentary thing. Patriots and quick turnaround. Of sort of way. Fueled him and fueled the team and really what it is and we noted that treats there always and the other strength and what they do well one. That's sort of Smart right because always there for another team's best effort but they're not gonna tell us as. And we think we can exploit this or we X. Because why would. They say that I think he has the whole however you wanna say eight or whatever they're saying the idea that yet they're saying nice things about us know internally. They're talk about how they feel like they attacked us. And really on the you know that Christian in the its meeting and you also taught us in the media and sort of the way it goes I feel like most. You know Mikey you talk about jags Deaver the pats office review flip that around and you trek of injuries this team with Tennessee last week at the seems very similar in that. In a stop the run bills and take with the best thing you do in any gonna put your hands of a quarterback. It's just it seems like a very similar easy approached apparently so Lester left. I I agreement that Lou and I would compare it to like if you had the Steelers coming in here actually that would much more stressed. On you do offensively and how you would protest as. You try to take away late Ian bell now you might be honorable. Devote more resources to Antonio Brown you. Because it's stop Leonard Arnett and the running the ball portals hands. Your chances and the one statistic that you know if we won a boil it down they keep coming back. Is when have a positive over shall. Under Bill Belichick in this includes regular season and post season they're 159. And she. With a positive turnover differential to me like the ball in the hands of late portals and chances are you're gonna come out on the all I. Don't tell once numbered if he doesn't screw up and is going to lose. And that's the way the Oakland I. And I think probably you know you. Look at it from the perspective. I thought played. Pretty well last week against the titans and some people said said to me you know you really shoddy way that aren't welcome here. You know how he took care all Big Ben did. Roethlisberger. Numbers against the jaguars also cost thirteen fourteen points to one costly interception in the strip sacked. He takes care of the ball is is that you you. Broad Roethlisberger in the Pittsburgh Steelers and we saw how they malfunctioned again last week. The little things in a situational football only screw up but sympathy you look at the patriots right now. Of the jaguars Campbell comes up with a great game he'd tell us Brady three times during the course of the game and they caused him Havoc and and in the end it's that's situational football was that the other team scorn them don't like those assets. Last week. Yes and I agree to die and even before the game it one step further. You have won your top players. You know tweeting at midnight the night before 1 o'clock game about four were matched. To me that's sort of ties in the same thing that your talk about tight those things up. Whether that whether it's how you manage the clock and the patriots aren't always they're gonna make a mistake but it certainly seems like. Make a lot fewer mistakes and pretty much everyone else do the gum to the jaguars. And aired bearing on the team. Wouldn't say that I mean they they're what I would say they have physical cornerbacks you know about it. It then perch on the outside but I think against tight ends I don't see that are not many teams Christian I would like that. Yeah because that's any sodium fiscal corners unity quell those corners off put a political guy or dime guy out on the outside. An embryo when you're stronger just forget about ski forget about it our best guys on your best guys. I agree I agree with that my date. I think the key for them it's gonna be you know a line of scrimmage and I know I don't know you guys get into a hole. Tom cops an approach I know not coach on ease of vice president of operations. You guys I. I tell you when he was here for the joint practices in Utah people close to him he has this fry. Of being like one of the few coaches around that has stood up. That Bill Belichick and the hatred you an idea that says. It's come in here and you know. They lack a better you know 888. You know and he's like we don't do that and built his team. You know with Doug are on the coached he'd call the general manager to sort of like that's one thing I would say jaguars like. They might just not have enough knowledge said I don't think it will be because they came in here and sort of their audience spurs say a lot better. Bill might a lot of us look at that secondary Jacksonville through great corners range you Beaulieu a big. You'd tell me how do you expect them to deploy those two guys is you put one of the month on the outside guys it's cooks and and Hogan the the patriots eats you up with everybody else why would you waste and those guys on them. Now so what what they generally do and and is similar to what we saw. Goals against the falcons. And also against the Seahawks they play a similar scheme and when you hear that. The first thing they stink up from respect it is look. You have to drive the ball down the field and be consistent because. That not had many opportunities that. He would be able to consistently. String together lanes and drive so I think apps that. It's they come in have a totally different scheme. For this game. I'm the only thing I would say that might be different for them is they might take more risk in terms of their decision. You might see an on site. Unexpectedly because they know they need to steal a possession you know protect themselves against the offense might seek. Went forward on fourth down you know you wouldn't see otherwise it's like. George scheme. That's similar to Seattle similar to Atlanta and I each they changed that out. I'd last comfortable question of the day and it's it's a reporting question so Malcolm Mitchell not a appear on the practice field by 4 o'clock today. They would have to activate him not good news now. And not knock it news' Glenn and and you could sort of sense that it was going in that direction because every time yes they'll tell you it's. It really straight positive so. You know look to next year from now commitment and they brought in nom I. Still opens our roster it's. Like John Jones or sports corner and special teams guy. I'm might end up on IR OK Birkhead and waddle. What's your law abortion yeah waddle was at practice I'm only stationary bike what's really work on fuel. Which is the first sign to you that game was you know tomorrow. He wouldn't be ready he said he Cameron slamming probably step it. And then her head. I seem like he was oh last week that would be that got a better chance. Comfortable questions are the way this is talks. Oh that idea. It's time for the Mike raise uncomfortable questions of who we are here all right Mikey so. Pretty simple and don't get nervous and symbol rate I hear that music Christian and I get an airline though I don't know if you've been around Bill Belichick a long time and you know. And in a human all those press conferences stuff. What's the most uncomfortable moment you've ever had with about it. Let's see. What's the most uncomfortable moment it's not that uncomfortable question Christian and reportedly spent some time in the backseat of the cars yeah. You read it you know and Anthony doesn't have to agree at all trying to traffic advocate 14 and we got this I where he was all over you where he pulled you aside after wouldn't send you know what the bleep you do. Have we well I mean all we have those I'm trying to think I mean he's been a non. In one where we just went back and forth. Too much I mean honestly I'm trying to think Obama trying to avoid it Becky I think you are you can. You know I you know and I apologize guys. Is there was back to west Rica and you can you rephrase it you know let's get that I. Yeah it is something different. Better and make bouncy but I don't think you know one million Olympic and one ugly behind me is an editor on it Lucio headed out. Yeah. I so. You about that that ms. Fuller that happened down and why yes yeah Alex you'll underrated guy. Yet thirty minutes before they died the whole world exploded so yeah hey you know that happens here in Massachusetts actually it happens in Foxborough. And you're the only one has a bunker. Just Mike Reese has a bunker and you're allowed to take one person and yulia and you have to choose between two people yet champion Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Would wind dies in which one lives. I. Man. Might enhance it and getting in trouble. That trouble trouble being a fifth of the world's ten on this Hiller something. Real what's fantasy let's say you can't rebuild the population Marie who would you want one or anyone else. According location. I can't take them both Christian now one and I just wonder wasn't there an exact who dies you know he could have done differently who said who is save him or Burton. You know he didn't do that tonight as this that accomplish this the user her what I. Your options were before these two guys Jesus told me away with that that's that's a dynasty and we thought it was time to make these a little bit. In a little bit better now but you're not going there Kennedy pageant and it's a strong dollar bill I do you have a pet a meat that's the one dog yet and murdering like that can. Who's won technically. Perfect it. How much public ought to. Is gonna get a lot of it is gonna get you Michael Vick question. At that he did he get confused Mike priest Michael Vick. It's great and you fidelity to law Billy's built I crises instantly Hamlet and he built got to act. Built a little tougher on the this year so you know a buildup so you've got to build to build up a I don't know I can't I can't do battling scandals in Philly job. I can't do that he's gonna kill one of one's gonna die yeah. I'm you know. Since I'd be in there with an. Both going to follow. You guys you know Matthew Alexander that was the right answer don't sacrifice your life out of both of them live so I thought Billy Tom look at each already elicited. Who would have a better chance of him what what the world would the world look better with with colonize. Rebuilding the world or might be viewed as a bunch of pygmies well yeah running around trying to. Can't think count data book out. I don't have that for I sort of like now in the eleventh. Compatible thinking he wouldn't have much room to. They yeah you've given him an air. And indulgent to under is presently. Written by you know another authorizes guys you know they didn't feel you're exactly can you benefit. That's it I'm like well you've stuck ineligible to ability to equal the great article. For us. How are right I'm gonna power they've gotten isolates soy think he'll like the patriots but I told you we're closer than some people think is yeah maybe a little closer but nothing yet. And seventeen points and you go by my minutes are down around them violent Sheila thanks guys have a great day to take a quick break right back ketchup. 677797. Any threesome. Lay in order way. Rumor Loney and Christian Fauria all Sports Radio. I beg your whole MF we dove on about the other Celtics early on infineon. Davis of course Isiah Thomas and he's. Throw the towel and said okay and creative video on let Paul have a nice cushion felt a lot of football during the course of the day. We talked about distractions or whatever which apparently during non. What this football team which pisses us off in me because it would be so let's talk about its drive in the national people crazy. But they're talking nonstop on ESPN about coaching changes Todd Haley now is out as the offensive coordinator. In Pittsburgh apparently Roethlisberger couldn't stand them they couldn't get along. And you got both of the coordinators all already gone as it's safe to say that the patriots exhorted his own golf yes I they've got jobs and yet it's not. Even a ripple within that organization and did he really believe any offseason just making is that a terrific job as offensive coordinator. Got along with Brady most times it'll couple burst of anger but that's the to be not expect erect. And that Patricia. Looking at the personnel he has on the front seven share anybody can argue that he's done a brilliant job this year and is it anywhere the next year this is going to be an issue. I played the it's a well it depends. Brian Florida's kind of concerns because you would think he would be the heir apparent. And that's who probably the patent that we're gonna be just like it never I don't I don't think you know you know at MIT Dem might be the Rooney rule. In play Arizona needs them out of doing it for you think you can be right need to interview a minority they're right now that's good offering him because he gets his name out there right so here's what happens for the guys that. Coach Wright to head coach I don't premiere I think he's defensive coordinator for a few years here and I think defensively it's seamless you know defensively just like turning here he's the guy and he goes name for himself and his patrician three years it's the job. I think objectively courted the UB interest he's got just what's wise is Mike Vrabel whom it was a deep of the corners defense sucked except the little hair still Crable played played recently and defensive coordinators but he's his defense Sox just goes to control it now you control injuries impaired call how many horses every year. He's been solid doesn't. No it look at Matt Patricia. It is defense they had injuries but that's the thing is that they seem like a tight ends coach. An offensive coordinator just as much slack while. One guy's in charge of one group of guys charged in the whole offense. He's in charge of more. Again it people but it's it's just an. The fact that experience. Is act you act but I'll say this though that they both leave. General say Brian floors that were yes I would want us military I would think Belichick had a solid Charlie Weis. It's not a should when he Morgan when you pull out 2.4 years old going for the why society's point four years old. Is now the offensive coordinator at at the U under linked to a delinquent or did. What is pretty decent and honest it used when he for years old he's offensive coordinator. So now it's easy to do EZ go in the race watt and you see what how Shanahan did with Washington now he's got his own job what Libya's. He Belichick OK I was just gonna ask you if so what does he'll do next year if he moves these guys up what does he do with Stephen Bryant. As a Brian pull this doesn't he have leopard doesn't he have not leveraged. Let a minority he has seniority. Yes he was here before Steve was even though he's younger of the two he was here before. Yeah and if you're in if in in where they don't you say what you sort of removed him. Safety coached who. To Mexico well some well thought what's the next guy openly I don't know I don't know what you think coach I don't think position matters that your previously little funny thing about it is you you'll get a lot of this stuff and people didn't remember the story that came out that I was at work champ space. In which he was claiming that he backed down on this one. That bill was gonna hang around just to get into position so we son couldn't his successor none of that it was kind of off pace or whatever. But if people really gonna get on telecheck. If he is son his want to do this that it's in their blood in the same way it was in bill's blood. When his dad was coaching if they wanna do it when you look around the leak. And look at how many of these coaches norv Turner's son just got hired right you look at how many of these sons of of coaches are huge product Shanahan whose head coach. Are in the same this. Happen again. Cornea just that you know much Arnie years is the these kids have to be with the patriots say before there defensive quarter's five year olds our college here are five years yet. I would think yeah and then you know you do that for three years. Right so now you're talking eight years away from ought to be head coaching candidate. Right correct. Yes. But they won't what's wrong with that I mean I know people are kind of making fun of written data but that happens within the industry. Right. Nepotism at it's notorious Willamette industries yet. All the time and we've seen it for years you know Mike Nolan is that didn't go to the history of the game it's happened. What was Belichick would Belichick. They they they may. Imminent and it is a big T I'm sure this is is I was on like who has to do more work. Sort of like Dante Scarnecchia to do more work. Because there's a new guy who doesn't really do whatever is out there is is and he's still the assistant head coach. Yeah I believe he has so. Does he do more. As yet more plausible is that you don't want you tell me you don't have a better regular work colleges internally to chill and a feeling. Is that a pretty damn good job when you look at the personnel that offensive line you look at they're they've been down to a third string right tack now in KM flowing. And you sit at all has it really mad at different. Push push and help personnel wise and we may we may experience and in this offseason and they're probably gonna lose still left tackle. Whether he retires because of some of the issues he's dealing with in a within the family via an asylum or. He becomes a free agent and they look at the same somebody wants to blame too much money I can I have some issues there with a Marcus cannon moves at a whatever. But is anybody worried about that because they haven't had great personnel and he offense of wanna get Dante Scarnecchia seems to cover up any of those late. I have added the best at the line and they've had overalls and who. In all these years the eighteen who's the bad let them line. Have them back or Logan Logan make it's probably Logan Mankins habit of it I mean I don't you give up but when you you look at these are the teams. In the in the playoffs and you see how many players they have that. On the offensive line that pro ball players are all pro playoff and then you look at that your team non defensive line none linebackers none. You obviously. Pretty amazed Keiko now corners corners not the let's. None Tokyo morning get a sniff knoller and get a win if you're safe seat according according to me and low whatsoever fifth best defense. In the national football. And you look at personnel individually you won a matchup individual. Personnel would Jacksonville one of the guys last one of the exploited brunt of the great point. In a multiple hits given credit for six hour ago and he's so right these days and if things don't get my Lai SUV but get him down I think he deviant out here is so wrong before I don't know what they do you talked about individual players. And how you can look at game changer that that like Jacksonville past you know Campbell obviously stands out and you can look at Ramsey and others. New England doesn't have those guys except that new wing when has the scheme. In which they all are supposed to do what they're supposed to do stay in their lane they do it you plug all eleven guys together you connect the dots of whatever. And there are better than other teams. They are better than others counseled about adjustments that you've seen here in the second yeah you don't think it's cold here. So is it is amazing how do. On Ramos say hello. Rome would tell you why it's the religion of movies you love handles the weather front that's coming to interview him live. You pointed. A drop side if you miss that are tired says. Our guy tried to prank call the people in Jacksonville and I'm telling you he thought they were like six. And they're really sophisticated and pages of investigated as they are. They read did you but behind the scenes stuff when he and Paul trying to put his bid together group is even more frightening we got a four units we've returned to moral or way Merck moaning and Fauria do. Forget it show are you happy now I need to be happy thought. And does that put college Sports Radio WEEI. Making note of may be time for I was going to retired as I was done. I was dumb mistakes. No more prank calls was calling in new cities. Was gonna be you know Mac from some accidents. I I do think don't have to Jacksonville. Tickets on on the tapped mark yeah. Okay. Isn't that perfect perfect so we do you want this yet. Yeah yeah yeah it's I've really don't want to do know now he's talking to get beyond excited and all that Soledad good at all but it I'll use it feel good about the could you imagine anyone from the dumb meet at city of Boston outsmart anyone his smartest. In LA riot. Maybe like an old washed up football player never to anything on the field. It's dumb. The intensity of philosophy they are attacking us again I don't I don't like that when ago I think they're great activity that you thought you didn't remember until you show and washed up jock that the young athlete and will go to the city college of dumb meted city of balls that. We sitting goals races this right the head of a city of Boston yeah so this was the call they were ready for days they were ready they were all lined up they had the music in the Boston music chairs music than they had. The whole it's always us from the Charlotte I don't you're sexy you are called and you were on hold. When they came back from commercial with that segment yet you're listening to yourself speaks at that point you knew you were screw. Yet that was. Four that was it but Paul called in first I don't know why called at first we never do it this way called almost like check the line to achieve as an army here otherwise he colleague any at all I gotta I gotta hang out. I am going through a tunnel we'll get to we'll get to OK well let's play our guest of volatile this house like outlook to hang up opponents like it around me know I don't waste my time. But I committed to the bit. And I started the ball doesn't wanna play that. In a more news just play the emergency does sound effect if you're not a Connecticut the exhibition Dem ticket market. Back from Boston might aren't you have a caller. A lot of that's on me to lack. They actually do it over this. I thought yeah I was that they acknowledge god but I have a couple of questions what's your did your beautiful city and that would my medical evidence is. Figure out what the hell would do it might right I that's not what I'm right now now if we are late on my shelf your life your your book you're not my. I did accept the husband's. Death. I lost. That was all I mean I write I play along telcos are blew up it blew up they knew it was coming it blew up in his finished but the best was Ian Paul. All fear going through why is screwed up and I know Brazil ya gotta fix them because so what happens and that was that was apple reported a football on where you're going to Georgia Gulf for sure as well as. This is us in the studio Californians are we wanna call Jacksonville so I call to make sure that they're taking phone calls are not talking about the Pittsburgh Pirates and we played played so this is me calling them. And then come after hang out with them Christian and I go over what just happened. It ordered that are so EST apple calls that jaguars game. Yeah this is this market is ultimately. You market bottomed and they actually calls. At break you know Ollie but our new title alludes to acquire this art okay. Both we and you're in Jacksonville. They know and Ronald Jackson Vilma. Called back got. I'm Zell medical element that. I'm lifting and if they create. And I'm hi I'm. I think they just sit there is put it to you for this one right into it and I tried to explain to me. Can he do is Canada and a pit stop anybody from ten minutes they there why total. If that's the reason that I would be getting off of the ball real quick I'll win or lose it's courtesy of one of an incidental effect from the sex you don't want people call in lines does phone have become. Yes to that number out to Vegas excellence at number eight to Bernard number. That's its unique view others as well apparently yeah one of those on the Internet you can Errol where the Mike Tomlin the lottery clock where we're at your good topics according I don't have an honor on him you know I'd want a table I keep tremendously. You know on the big huge finicky for men as they did all of this with a all of your prints phone calls. And it was terrific but they nailed it. And it's more obvious after today's chronicle off kids came as a unit to for you know these things that you actually did have strong safety and yes. I feel like you're getting the numbers that you come boldly right now I ask you that number down everything Motorola and beyond all that looks remarkably cards might get I. How. Are there. I fugitives is about making that's a guy. Like pat and I have. She can't land yeah. You know right now one thing you're right dumb way joking. That's with cholera is with us that stroke on the tenth Rio de. You know it's a real all right it's really I ever met that accurate anyway. It over the. Good Lori took ourselves. Gone about the pats that. Yeah. I just called it my mind right. These guys get that call you know OK cool down your city's streets and now you're out of it yeah it while wound or. We're saying I. It's just a month. Law. So old guy and gal are you walk. Back next. The CE acted. You know it's you weren't yet it's that'll that'll he didn't play the sanity and Boston guys are talking to Christian oriented. I don't I don't know with the news yeah it's it's exclusive it's the same. Is Jimmy Kimmel has everything goes right to those bits. I don't know about it walked out of eight at all. Rob guy in America yeah profit Danny. And I would hope that I. And it shouldn't with water and I had it. He felt so sorry guys aren't checked out the don't let. Yeah. Behind on your radio room wouldn't know. I would have absolutely breakfast. The best news he would pull off the industry hopes he doesn't. Screw epic. Well Donald that's available. I. It was the best I love it I think I'm okay there were Toronto you know Charlie Weis joins the program is that it goes on average is 24 girls on an office where exactly. What to do to you don't want to draw a long time blogs like a lump them. Sort of talk but the coaching tree company guys in that little bit yesterday. Of what what what got after a couple of them. It. On the we have another key for madness you you got an Atlanta we'll look and we have another one today. Involving the crazy fame some some pretty good or coming up that's a UH do you prep that you work for marriages can do and I'm not exactly show up. Finally Arnold and now we have I'm gonna let it on credit what was the process. Police in them I saw rods to delve into the seat no amnesty and it's good tennis Agassi or you don't. And affiliates will definitely one now and it's too bad it's only as well that's right yeah. Matt Patricia is not wearing the shirt it's time again he's not wearing if you are great friends this is. Albemarle at 10 am. Rowdy or fall. Get ordered a that are so. I think people calls that network gave. Yeah this is this market and in Boston. Market market. They icicles. That is spread care. Ollie but it's a new title eludes you want to acquire back I'm sorry okay. Both beat it and you're in Jacksonville. They know Ronald Jacksonville model. Of good morning good that I felt I have stuck on about the past. Yeah. I just called it my asthma wreck. You guys get that golf you know oh okay cool down your city's streets and it out of it yet while wound or. Where they're at I. I got.