OMF - Lou's epic rant on J.D. Martinez and the Red Sox

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Thursday, January 18th

Lou went on a rant to vent his frustration about J.D. Martinez and the Red Sox. He is upset the Hot Stove is cold and he wants Martinez to pick a team already. Lou wants Martinez to come to the Red Sox even though a lot of people don't and he doesn't understand that. 


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Oh and the we return to more or way Merom Loney and forty on Sports Radio telling. We enter our rushing average when he can only cares if productively that's the scrambled. On designed runs. Throws the ball efficiently makes good decisions he's has stayed strong tough. It's hard to bring down part of topple it makes all of it goes it's. He's determined Nixon all all up and do your job. Now like a man I figured I'd like to get worked up about what what is his. It's just can't do you know word about the defense worried about number. Exactly but like borrow can't get worked up about it. I usually get worked up about Red Sox was the worst team the American League in home runs a year ago. And they haven't added African thing to that lineup yet. Apparently they have according to bluster only the Indy five year offer for a hundred million dollars up line up and in Irvine Knoll and it's abortions is no truth to that course he was asked conflicting twenty ones and yeah presenting today. Mean my views are 200 million dollars eight. Here's the thing AM start to get a little bit pissed off for a date because taunted integrating. The top fifty free eggs in baseball highest one's weight davis' number eight he's only got its site. Okay. Baseball is trying to get some attention. People don't wanna sign calling all the way to spring training starts. Nobody gives a rat's ass we can't spend five African minutes on baseball because he's not coming out about this nothing going on nothing at all. And I don't I don't understand what are you doing Scion guy. This is that this be offers Scott what do you want pick on Christ you want placing it or not. Idea at what cost worried that the Padres like twice out of winter meetings that seven year offer out there waiting for two bit yeah so you think it's more money they've offered Dombrowski has suffered more in the five and on Kazaa lite. I would do Judy Martinez of five and under our life but here's the deal ever send us. So if if why would Dave Dombrowski. Often they have bid against himself right it's the most out what is Arizona offering him. Because there were some people that said he wanted to go back to Arizona can you be guaranteed to play the outfield Brighton okay. So we're ever so. This deal. Did so to browse decent spot right because. There's a good term with a one. GD Martina is or not I do as I'm happy to manipulate with Stanton was traded it was stand no boss stand or to shut down Fenway Park if you don't get Stanton don't even have a year because you suck you can't win. Art I I don't follow their cameras almost everybody is the next best thing unless you had no power last year it got it 45 African home runs last year. Say what you want about games played played more games since there and and harper the last three years if you look at average. Is it that he's got power. Unique power if people don't want this guy that they don't want they don't want a 500. I don't understand I think what 500 of them don't know who this guy is okay and it's not to eighty Martinez's fault. So is not a big name guy I'd get it all he does is rake what he quits his plane into each week they not know who yes. Yeah like the last couple years the last couple years has been a best hitter on Detroit and that's with Miguel Cabrera on that team and Victor Martinez on that team. The dude. Rakes Washington power and people still listen to say even was five under I wouldn't want there. I mean I don't know I don't know how to please you people because it Dombrowski doesn't sign JD. Then will shred him. For coming back but the exact same team that wasn't good enough we share while the teams got better and right after your power that I asked him or. Does it pays for he doesn't sex they're gonna say stupid bested you a big yourself here we go again with Kia. David Price and call Crawford so. He's a spot or keys to the right thing to Richardson I think what was that is the enticement of getting John Carlos Stanton. Who was big time league GM power hit art and so you didn't get him sort of resembles. Let's target anybody at the same people. That will be pitching next year when this team can't score runs because they can't put the ball out of the ballpark he's not John Carlos then he's an expense thing trying to get veteran Boston sports info dot com. One of four players he's one of only four players. From 2014. 2017. That's four years. With a over a hundred home runs over 300 batting average over 900 old PS and by the way there's no harper and that was that is mostly. But Tuesday's Oregon for three or four years and of this guy Jose Batista written all of you kick I'll give me career born numbers because wheezing Houston. Here's a part time player dislike Batiste was in news in Pittsburgh. It's clicked and it's click for three full years now since been around Detroit. The dude just rakes. Nobody wants to give this guy five and a hundred I but they're lining up to give 101000010 years 35400. Million for Bryce Harper. OK I like price opera obviously a very good player. OK but. Years Bryce opposite over thirty home runs and a hundred RBIs. Zero. Syrup Starr is never driven in a hundred he gets hurt anyone MVP you forty plus sponsors never driven in a hundred you don't do when he came back after you won MVP. He played all year long. And what he do we know anything what do you take 260. That the only person exits should be getting 350 million dollars is Mike Trout period end of stories don't play that's consistent. He doesn't he's one of the four point that's the only guy. Photo and Goldschmidt announcing price operas over rated or vote but I tell you what I don't want price opera for ten years 350 million dollars I I absolutely 100% do not. One price opera for ten years treating fifty okay the way that man plays the way that guys bodies bound up. He's got what he unreliable he's had he's had growing he said back he said shoulder he's had knee. And it plays a million miles a minute I don't want it ten years invested in this cat UNC MVP comes back opponents to 43. With 24 bombs in a full season. Consistent enough. Faster kind of money in this guy you want to give five years a hundred million to dude it's been raking the last three years and it's just kind of now start his prime. I'm not sure it was not I'm not sure giving him six or seven I might give him a neo. A vesting option for years six or whatever but here's what to rust he's got to do. He cannot say attention. We're fine with what we've god will wade and it's something pops up during spring training call Boris is Blas here. Yeah what you've got to put you gotta put an expiration date. You gotta sit there's and here's our best offer. This is he's got no other option is why isn't with the white. Yeah I don't want to staring contest that's all it is so I don't think you put I don't think you put trying to put in that position and nothing else I don't table and that is his offers on the table. But there it is listen to you want it so now I want to sit there must wait till spring training Martina said that he'd love Arizona he zipper at the season he said he loved the idea idea okay now they don't have the money. The Boston has right now I can't tell you the original front brilliant. OK you know that put to hit the offering a more than Boston. Accordingly with the hope that he would go to Idaho and beside this is canceled it is suing says it's I'm taking it off the table about. Arizona but Arizona wanted to get figured out there trio the app off from ninety look your children are allegedly shot maker Google through the the month of march and we may be doing this with a bunch of these free agent. Can go to the month of march go to spring training in the third week of march he suddenly sit there and said okay JD Martinez is funny made his decision he's finally get a come in the tail between his legs he's taken our offer this as you all up at that point. Why. You know in in you wonder too late if there's. If we signed GDP give him on board that opens a door for us to do XY and Z. You know because you know who else. Mainly because they Hanley thought maybe it was a plus if we got him ill we signed Judy Martinez but we do get better by trading Jackie Bradley even though they talk while they're never gonna trade him. And you know fine keep the healthier put this guy DH but you never know all the dominoes to fall after you sign this guy. All it other team's public you doctors and now they're cost more and all these guys that are out there and so Cain it. That are good players haven't signed yet teams are sort of still waiting mid January to find out what their next moves as always speculated these guys. So when vigilant than this can take you hostage borrowers take you hostage what they're asking everybody this and this makes no sense to me. Whatsoever I don't I don't get a you've got to put an end date to an an expiration. This is our final offer this is what we're willing to do and then at least may be it might now the final offer but at least get divorced from the tape. Because there's an end game to this we gotta we gotta expiration date now I can go back and forth on I don't duties on what it is because I don't know whether disgust and outrage that a native San Francisco was out cardinals are these teams are out on this guy now. What is out there and Toys 'R' Us and they don't wanna put him. But you also need another player like listen I if if we go buy your way of doing it it is okay deals off the table or to go get sown so he's got a leverage forces got no notable. And what's is probably a weird feeling for him. Not afford us more than just let's it. He did he get a report on it before it went very tacky about as foreign forty. And there was no other better with people that that one actually reporter because it once and while it night we are talking about it. They don't want anything to do a JD Martinez. That same person if they don't sign him and he goes back to Arizona will be bitching about this so called window at the Red Sox have to win. Right two years there's a lot of uncertainty moving forward with Craig Kimbrel. Like bullets and Holland to a three year deal that was gonna back up Kimbrel pitch the eighth and then you're my closer to Campbell's gone after this year with them on him do that as well reliever money is big right now Michael Canadian it up but as volunteers repayment closers they gonna set up Kimbrel and goat that's fine bring him on you got closer for two more years when kemba leaves I'll give you more uncertainty do you think that was a good thing. That they could not agree and now we're going to arbitration with monkey that's that's a practice that's a real bad thing. And you're talking about not an awful lot of money so what he commended he can then at eleven is that I have. And and they came in at 77 and a half the middle point we arbitration works is the middle point nine. So multi Betts has got to prove his is each it's gonna prove he's worth one dollar more than nine million and what's his count and if he does any it's ten point five which is comparable. I mean Chris Bryant won an MVP up so that's different category two years ago McKee came in second would get ten point eight. They gained ten point eight. Telling moves over nine the book he's gonna win. News of when and if he loses he's going to be even more pissed if they go to arbitration rights that's when their case they lose they lose you sit those arbitration and tell you would that you stuff. And you know right mechanic. And when you actually in those yes you are so you're saying oh yeah they say it's a yes you're listening to them to have their scalp he's Jonas is on all the there isn't innocent innocent bogey eight or nine million. She's your questions yet. To 60000 excited can't or I'm glad I don't sizzler relate to she's agents like going back out there each other so he's got to be either to analysts and oh yeah. Yeah at eye level. Roots problem that. You a little helpless in a potential but there's no you need to take one of the other she was arbitration you need to take the Ayers a one dollar and seven there's no messing around between you have to if you gonna play a compromising game you have to do that before you get into the arbitration and he added the marquis that's thing is not a good sign. Eat eat he probably does not have the greatest feeling right now so but about the you have in your brown made it goes your way your could have in this the staring contest of Boris. You know so. What is Boris gonna end up doing CC ninety he always winds never loses Boris did and what are slow although I think he is what's. Magazine has left his previous agent to sign with the Boortz. And you know you make all the promises you want but it was snowing. He got a lot of guys in thirty years olds seven year deals he has in the past and it was probably like rockets at seven year deal. Soul you know now it's up the JD Martina saints got to appreciate that your effort but it's not there I'd like to go in day one a camp rather than joining some team midway through. So we oracle five years finally an option. For sixth since I know that's what you have to do to. Internet tail between mile jet fighter has an option as the lights out this Gianluca write my points doesn't like to know know little about the candidates because they all look okay stomach hurts I agree with the next Monday ordered a team and also let us are trying to direct thought about while I do OK but if I'm Dave Dombrowski enough is enough. Putting into the investor offer on the table this is that this is what we're willing to give the guy we got the got to like you've got classified offer maybe they can't promise them maybe he wants to play the outfield every day who is a plausible is that they don't we can't do that we get trail you'll get on babies DH right it's a sad death of so maybe views abortion try to do that deal earlier so that the Red Sox can facilitate yet and deal oh wait Jackie Bradley junior as you said I would rather I don't know what they're doing they're not then help. As outgrow that sky green Dombrowski stable reais to I don't think it's five and under these Morton. And I think to be a six year option which would be fine with the going in giving in that seven year deal. And now you're what you're doing is you're you're having JD Martinez wait you wanna play wares gonna make you happy. Don't make it like it was with price we've completely albeit somebody couldn't turn a money down as he came for the wrong reasons. Don't make it like don't call Crawford who came here maybe for the wrong reasons and immediately Ramirez. Is he came here for the wrong reasons because you get paid and couldn't and lied about one play left field or policy in a ball came here because you look at put on a scale. The wrong reasons they talk all the time bulked players who want to play here. This is the offer. Do you want to play here is don't come for the money we get plenty of examples why it won't work if that you'll reasoning is if you come for the money. And you had 250 with one moment and April the unity wishing you never step foot and his African city. Nighters are based on certain if you're gonna this if I bring you what he got a little angry and I Saturdays it's us arrow it's not manager John anger. But there's a little anger that's free agency in each game produce some better. It's good I would've backed a football 61777. 7937. Tom Brady who is expected this week. This afternoon. At 330.