OMF - Lou mic'd up for Old Time Baseball Game; Should John Henry rename Yawkey Way? 8-18-17

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Friday, August 18th

Hour 1: It's OMF without the Big O. Lou was the Early Edition representative at the Old Time Baseball Game. Should John Henry rename Yawkey Way?


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Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty ever since John Henry Tom Werner arrived in Boston made it clear that they want to wait to be as inclusive and open to everyone who lost Okur got yeah. So we'll speak you know like if you're still behind it now they'll Vanessa yeah and that. Thank goodness. Figures I'd I'd decadent orders with glee and Lou and Christian. Well at all. Good battle that was my number 140 seconds yeah. I support throughout my knuckles. Got okay. They're infants savior Jesus right up. I smoothly but only. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Follows him on and I don't yet members of an active reloading it Florio raised a lot. But not excellent today I always. Three goals one is that you are doing it team involvement that yes they have to be talking I have sort. 83 goals every time I anybody but we gave their goals. To stay healthy knocking her. Which are far what I'm amazed this has not yet leaders that is generally do anything I've got to be good to be delayed delayed onset soreness is what I think you'll see what is going on because the other two is try to barrel of ball and not embarrass itself so I didn't barrel ball and embarrassment so well and as you think you'll bearish as well you got adjusted to your loved the knuckles or rather struck a shot. Hey Erica consider. Fit. When it luckily what they barrels off your knuckles that we definitely a body you have to label you know any bad rattles a little bit I was actually the balls sold close to you hands you actually hit a guy that makes sense I actually thought I would actually press a check one box for me well I'm not a hot night I did not pay for the very first pitch. Are you personally uniting your shoes of like there's no waiting blog and in this room without some sort of old league strain. Like Hanley Ramirez multi side I left my I had yet and you're not juror no that's exactly did you work this one likely that you had and you. Even you literally softly little you know just got a flat and out there's really no contact off. Slapping going on this is the issue with this ball game last night now first LC. Steve Buckley an amazing job again the 24 annual old time baseball game. It was awesome it was four John Martin Nash and beyond. What he called a video camera hearing but it is also they also known. And I thought that was a theater of the no John Martin's he's the chairman for NASA and is diagnosed bail us earlier New Year's all the money went to him and and it was a great cause there's a great night Leo a lot of fun. But yet that's the issue that late is what you're describing. There's no half speed. The deal and that's the problem that's why I had one at bat winning in the field called it a night it's now about taking pictures kissing babies. It's not about trying to get three at bats and I'd really be all that that's so. In this movie is whose nickname is that Pedro so that your nickname for Pedro is I don't know improves involvement in new ring. Smooth and he speaks Spanish I don't speak Spanish you. Spanish well guess who was Kareem Garcia. Wells Alter and affect somebody's involve only a tale about your eyes and commerce they lack. Name that doesn't meet speaking Spanish that I'll OK let it hit at Haley Ramirez of not speaking spin I'm hearing his name either you rescue flicker pass from the during Taylor's got speaking different language and the other thing I. Next time because one might. Did you know let me talk. I just watched the most sacred subs he goes blind eye nose beloved apostle segment they tell me eight. You might just gul to stalk I know like I'd be acute column but back home back in the office on India student accused him. Who get wrong you just kept saying and not amount I know who now occurring Garcia seats that the decedent regulators do behind and allowed Internet that sounds like you're looking. I'm gonna look like zero letting all of this it was good literature out. Like who is religious. CA is like in the Pedro voice no when he said you know. You know select. I'm a banana tail on you you are totally at what exactly has Kareem Garcia. Iran. It's okay Vegas in a beating. He took her about it his neck was terrible and heater. But still a solid yet it's unlikely to let me talk to go play by play Beckett students returned then that goes the most that was such an awkward to. Just interaction between those two. So elders trying to tell paying way to go ahead and do the play by play. And they way. This is a big another audition for him like maybe there's a few chip there and who knows. And it was the important thing you did note and say they want to have a conversation with you. And again I don't know if I. There's I don't know doesn't bother going to grow that's easy throw one moment the ball against him at another point of the same in both flirting Garcia. Pedro threw behind Africa and other so Lewis speaking you know like if yeah. Owner rather face. I'd rather face vigilant this is a few thrown ten miles. While the guys that worked as a you have to say they suck it what I thought they saw it in right late night and he can at least in them on but you weren't even close and personal exactly no way he looked like he looked like devers Chatman of the effort for pitchers at all OK. It can you know it's. Exactly at the the psychedelic art regulars in the kidneys or Pedro whatever musica keep going up against pretty good like you do this every single year. That's the thing as to probably start like in the third inning the only bring up because we got it starts against the out starters usually pretty good. But what's he got music lol he's kind of like sale. He pitched on the kinda. I sale well a horrible he came up what are you talking not avail talk after it's all tall lanky kid yet and Addai didn't drop down a little bit lower the sale you don't ovulate more side armed and three quarter buddies in that range. Tested herky jerky kind of left the older indicate the last two years since coming off the cape league out basis than my I don't I don't need this. And luckily it's that hard but because of where he threw the angle downloading of this got all submarines don't throw hard decals that lives Tony's five. You know Tim brat mean Brad predicted he's the face of oak mentally eighty but because they throw win the throw off limits art looks harder. Such as the one he part of. Was Pedro. Rule was he disliked worn out he wasn't he he never really try to throw you meant it right and only he reared back and me users is they like it was like. He states of allegiance smooth and it's loaded sixty but he just thinking it was the team hit sixty. Albeit not the boarded. The Little League baseball's beat. Upper seventies okay but no movement meant the Motorola good movement alright I'm not help. Good moment AD as anybody get treatment in mid eighties you know when an event which can be last year that if receptacle 94 and stupid so I just can't hit. They really have one at bat wanna bet annually played how many innings has a the field bloated. Just want to get a ground ball who else I thought I heard you out a portable and it is just talking to stop can you chirp all hot you're on the air picture does triple. Out of wedeman has already served a lot replayed. I think I hear is they don't know he's got to use the excuse fellow lawyer go I was Mike I'm. You were when you know what I think you were that irritating chirpy got they had to say something between every single. Regular but not. Good about Putumayo you know to get it to. Often don't have to do it to. Though that you actually don't know and I didn't sure at all blocked. A once again you are might. Are easily earned a little tired let's see America let's I was I was Dulles so I have no doubt throw it down the third. Little guy had your Mike so let's just play like you do in a global game right there it. It. Mike on this thing that's yeah stop. Don't with the status as a unit that's just. Out yes lifestyle Geist always gonna play that OK let's do this hey Heidi duty guys ready okay and we go did you know you have did you know you talked yourself would you rate and your accurate and now did you out you did. C'mon bill yell at after I swung through. And that's the stuff you might talk a regular guy you know he's gonna. I'm available lets out a coming trial gullet hey hi guys don't look at the fans voted 87 volumes about who we almost an edit I own boot he saw him as they are not a good added don't even you're quietly go about it if you tell me in my can we throw it down you third base a gay radiates go to low ceilings Dylan. And it just sit there and I'm like so the problem that put their problem was like in the violent games that we want the author game they were having a good Mike Douglas field and I'm trying to set the scene about what it's like at third base or way. He would let me hold out let's say it would give me a man who's. If you throw we get there at Heathrow might individuals part of a segment at third base and he says it's throw down the field Lugo. But a good segment. That's what it manifest as if he's able to look at you points a year on I have to start all that's like reporting that's always a lot of sizzle shop Michael and you want you might be without going to do now. Why did they not like. In Iraq with you that about my point they know a guy that will that's that's so that's that's accomplished here talk then is that that is the Comcast problem they certainly have to do. What they can't pay you should have been having a conversation with paying way. During. During the play like why you play at third base all people why you are hitting yes they should've been you know chat in your ear tried to distract you. You're glad to see that's the other out imperfect every time I go to this game it's acutely kissing babies and take pictures and sign autographs it's awesome it's fun. And that's basically what a turn in the last night because it's really did one at bat what inning in a field. But on deck you know you Sydney have fun talking everybody walking talking umpire totally catch you you're looking out there you wave and everything and it goes I really. If they thought it a fastball by and now it's like. Well hey. For a conclusive of no maybe sort of a pitch. Yet now you are okay you know. Yeah Edwards joking having fine but I'm hitting I think I throng of baseball so late to stop at any to actually pretend like I'm still playing. To try to try to be able released make contact. Not to have tangling Felger in my a year ago. Hey I don't think you know again that that's that's that would have been fun what I know everybody I know what you would as you would have suffered little it's a wife and it's for the arts for the city has sold so sacrifice a little bit and I also really whenever they might these guys up only NFL network army during game. You know that there are scenes stuff. That they normally would never say sure it's like him and now it's like no it's like you were handed out. Okay what they're doing. Is trying to create some sort of persona. That isn't real like with the cliches like that after attached more to that they really might got what they really if they really want that rule. Like interaction between players don't think I know there might. Now let's see what they're saying hmm let's see the they nailed it did to get to dump. Read no that's not a person I didn't realize it competence on. She hit that's a thing with Comcast he took it way too comfortable on disarmed effect to work here you start occurs here because you're allowed to curse there. So that's that's that's why I heard it again I just felt that like once. Once I admired that was over that due to a couple of Mike cases right up. Are excluded only. That we. That we can say that now yeah there's just isn't. Let you know your credit is after you hit it. After our arsenal back in the dugout don't take my helmet off easier to a better gloves off and I'm gonna just walk around a look at Pedro writes it was a going nuts. I just regular guy was off camp that point the guy wasn't might at that point yet but at. Nobody relied apparently yet and I guess they were they were going to after that they're gonna be done. And they came back for another inning. At the top of the second again when he wears one page it was pretty gacy pitched two innings right yes so other than pay Joseph and you who Welles was there no. In which is all he Faulk was their buddies blown. You might find more rests on please please don't let us talk will fall about this afterwards legislate. There's a subtle timlin palladium before us tried it John McDonald with the schedule allow. And it and that's what kind of came up and he's a site. It was put the system with. Try to field my idol and friend offense is not alumni it's you know a gold against the kids and we played like three innings and every else comes and again you know remain so but it's. Moved to a different arena whatever that places champs yet it came out of that game with arches and Brooke did you grow even more in on a populous ago that you let's keep it the way it is which is nice. But no it's it's it's just a great night and down she John Martin's outstanding being there every bruised right. So so you're not so you know you're not sore at the moment folks are doing I guarantee you by the time the show's over your back is gonna tighten up you're gonna have spasms in your cast actually saw you. Running off the field and I and I really I knew you were bullet hit. But holy crap man. Bull you aren't flickered views about debris would have run that fiscal outlook published its all the guys well does that play investigate what is like Bryce Harper when he blew out his deal and as we in this than it was like elect like hot uses that it's not other errors and I don't think you I didn't think you edited. I don't think you had that I I didn't think you're gonna commit those kind of. Actually slid it off the field early because I want new take batting practiced at about ten swings. But an infield elect infield you actually feel a ground ball to all around term they'll play event we do doing that either. So it literally felt like it did nothing to ten swings and it took 3 morning game ending get a ground ball. There's got the owner grants brother drove their first base is pretty good caller thought I needed. And then an alternate exits it and you leave it so who won at all I mean I got the game at one. After the first inning what content he always relate to appear ready to really keep pitching for anyone to Los Angeles. Manager. I'm Eric and nobody even if I was they're like well like where is ice chests filled with beer over there somewhere as we all want an honest and that was the atmosphere that's that's tucked in the back there but I'm back but they actually talked to Pedro left the second after chemo and everybody kind of got this from an Angel for about 345 innings. My kid it was great having him there on the field means he's significant ideas edited yes. You gave him a look and a stop and he is looked like somebody shot with a tranquilizer dart but as soon as you've jumping around behind you. Like crazy they're trying to get on TV that you turned around I don't know who told you but I guess you notice that maybe you heard it. And the U turn around I had I six stop. And he just his missile body what led like you and I just turns into just a car wash off NCAA and I think just like a good note that your video evidence. Glass he had he had an absolute blast going to be imparts a lot of that stuff and he said it's at 6 o'clock six point 630 rivers of Comcast of provost was there to. Traded in view and I don't stand right there redeemed this smile in my youth stand right there don't move. Enacted I get into well into the Mike Robinson concede jumping up and Iraqis as video how many guys segment. And a producer Becky can't guess at the video is a ticket stole the segment was like Jesus. Here's very problems of. Could gradually is not easy get hurt a good job but any idea how much money there I dole. Hopefully about the result the buckets excellent those guys which trying to get ahold of the find out I don't they've got a total. Football field and touch them or not but. Still there was it was a great night for a great cause and Pedro Martinez is there's outstanding. Had a lot of fun had a lot of Fabio is pretty funny because. The before the whole thing started there's a couple of channel for everybody was here right now Comcast you know 456 everybody was there because it was ball Pedro. So Idec couple interviews that he wanted to talk to about the night matured a big deal. There's a tail falls the first one asked about the events comfortable playing games I don't know they say what you think about changing the name yawkey way. And those conflicts or did you know or think about what was Gonzalez that would break the field and taken BP in any other kind of briefed me a little bit off the year of the Mike okay. And then there was discussion of yawkey way. That I saw did Shaughnessy who so excited to herald that sort. Course it would be John Henry that owns the globe correct. Why is that whenever I visit the big story whether it's. Larry Lucchino moving on I think Buckley had that once governments at a couple different ones emails go back to assume it is wanna give it does one give of the globe. Gives everything that Errol which I think is awed. But the whole thing about obviously Michael Sovran I don't know if you saw this article and I haunted by past own history. The Red Sox seek a name change for yucky waves possibly guys talk promote this morning. Just a little bit of its John Henry in an email to Michael Silberman. As I discussed this number of times previous mayoral administrations. And it did not want to all open what they saws can warms there are number of buildings institutions appear that same name to sell the Red Sox by John Harrington. Help fund a number of very good works in the city done by the Iraqi foundation. Yucky foundation is done a lot of great things over the years have nothing to do with our history the Red Sox don't control naming all renaming the street but for me personally. She's always been a it's just a reminder. That is our jobs to ensure the Red Sox anarchists multi cultural busted for me the rates and our communities weekend particularly African American community. And a Dominican community that embraced a soulful. The Red Sox foundation and other organizations. The sought to create its its home base of accomplished a lot over the last 15 years but I am still hunted. Oh went on here a long time before we arrived. That was Red Sox owner John Henry talking about and he said the would spearhead the Red Sox would lead the charge and change your name of yawkey way. Yes so would you say. First job out of hasegawa got first was thought it was able we are surprised it's taken Islam to be perfectly honest with you in the timing of everything. And honestly I have a hard time being emotional about one way or the other. I heard those guys talked this morning and I agree. He can get rid of that I you know and opposites is giving in but the it Fenway Park stands alone you know I don't need yawkey way. I will say that's the name of big poppy road. Just name it so generic and so there will be a day it was some is truly worthy of that name. If that's the case but I I don't care one way or the other yet you know Hussein opens up a can of worms that I I am too late it already open now and I understand it is the Iraqi foundation has done amid amazing things. But given where we are because a lot of people don't know anything about on the edging up to go to great things. You know in the yucky foundations that a lot of great things you don't know Tommy hockey so legal on yawkey way that even though with the help was named after one yeah bubble when they find out. In the history of it. They sit there and say whenever. You know it changes its yeah tiger I I didn't draw appeared don't have any attraction to it has no right really emotional you know deal for me with yawkey way are Fenway Park don't care. But to me it's like are eight. Are we gonna sit there and look at every single bridge building airport possible that his name that arena. That is named after somebody who did something really bad. Allegra because if you go back let's just open and you can't go back a week and it's icky guy did did it in like five minutes like the airport that you're flying into. The airport that you're flying into the Las Vegas is is named after pat McCarron OK it's called the McCarron international airport. Las Vegas is now trying to have been tried to change that name. Try to change that because of a 'cause of his anti semantic and bigotry in the big it in it and how does race is he bought some again this is the guy that. Would there from 1933 to 1954 so there's one dollar to college in Colorado and at the time. You used to fly in and out of Stapleton airport. OK so they are not that building down and they and they have built a Denver International Airport will the town. Outside a number is still Stapleton. Stapleton. Was a guy by the name of B it was name is Ben Stapleton but if you look at the Colorado register of the kkk. Guilty got the name of beat at Stapleton. Number 1128. Which is he's listed in the kkk register. The guy with a with a was fully supported the kkk law you build on our digital back far enough pump up arena. All right we obviously to suck lawyer wrote the other day exactly I mean it's I sit there and it drives me crazy if we. Can't find it. A building that is built. You know what's in and you know after her or before you know 97 years like that. Where the guy who built the building abilities they have had some sort ties to racism or set any work. Mean it just it's insane like the all. Racist well honestly I don't mean she's so silly guy silly guy decided it was the last integrate the team. It was he was he out there carrying a torch was burning crosses. Don't know but to me it's just the bigger issue overall of just where were. Actually is had discussed on Monday afternoon to yesterday but. Techsters such hypocrisy from Henry criticize jockey for not hiring blacks take a look at a few blacks are employed by Henry. There's 62 Major League Baseball Red Sox have four. You know I mean so I don't know openly talking about I mean they need food and at that who cares about the score port. He and I mean legally get a you have African American players and team proving generations. Really but it meaning between David pricing Chris Young Jackie Bradley junior bookie bet it's like you know David Price only it's you don't knee shouldn't need to act. To sit there's I'm not racist look I've got four black players on my team you know Michael I backed Latin I. I agree with that it can warm your opening practice that is set to sought cooler wrote operators everywhere right. If you go back you look at adult it overall it's a people's that they're the most that people out of Kentucky is that it is a much crap is not racist. You know Vinnie her other stories west on cell that was one of the stores those looking outward like he was recruited but brought refused to go to his house. His living room to recruit such atlas is tickled. In the fair music really do want complicit in the come 2000 it is you go back far enough. You know there's a lot of bad Pete it is we did a lot of bad things that are out there but. And coming our way one way or the other is at least as you open up a can of worms by changing the name because now you gonna be forced to do other things while the hockey foundation. Has done a lot of great things tonight a look at the hospitals. Urgency jockey clinic I believe etiquette Dana Farber Moriarty said her brother renamed that. There's yawkey signal the Iraqi center believe it and MGH. They are they're all over the place it is that McCain wants to we've opened. Yes it is again dorm room so every. Every piece every street. That is named after a politician a mayor economic data that you've found out that I used the N word or was it did anything that was. Just uncomfortable back and neck in 1930. So we should need we need to proactively just you're to volunteer all the bridges. Of the buildings but towns. You name was it were to all of it's just it's it's never going to. Without peer pressure. Order match around the country. But ousted their say feel Boston Red Sox and you look at Tom yawkey and you look at his past and you don't really key Leo what Kentucky doesn't grow Perini. Nearly care would Nevada does appear airport they just it is something care in my backyard. In this bothers me and balls and enough from our fan base I don't know does it amount of people have heard there are set there instead of what's awhile there's an article. Volley at a changeup QA and it changed the name but the Red Sox fans walking up down yawkey way feel dirty. Don't think so. Eight to be played a lot you're going to know to say oh yeah markets to say anything bottom yeah I did anointed by you know build a lot of bottom think god is not here he would not shut out. Was it was Glenn Glenn is like this is one of those guys that's beaten drummer talking about how we reserves Arnie was out and I know Jack as usual but it just. OK so I don't carried away. Added I don't care you wanted to fine but it just the the bigger picture like looking down 30000 feet. I mean it does that mean at any time somebody finds out some some news about anybody. That they can't automatically okay able boom we should get rid of him because he didn't live the right like he'd he'd Kirstie smokey taste women. He used the N word I mean he didn't I mean. What would just take our pick which one. Just to me. It's just if you really that uncomfortable about it if I change it but it just it just so we got to. Call it relevant us it was 777979237. Red Sox fans do you wanna see the Red Sox change. Yawkey way changed the name of the road do you think of it when you go to Fenway Park. We'll hear from you guys next 6177797937. Orderly Maloney forty continue its reloading and for it right after this. We're back to more importantly we're looking at 48 right now on sports. And I don't. This turf and the whole time doing this book flown either of the big dude I. His body today if you have the lead at eleven Judd you know just pretend it more under so not a good. I don't know enough. So why who's playing third and I hated the idea I think I don't think everybody else has balls and I don't know that I would. We'll buy it short and actually. Feel left right green second base to double play third base height. Stated their height that's what I do that's what. I. Elected them throwing you an idea let's talk over. I will. I would have no idea yet as if you'd hear that role at the load to tonight as I'm talking. They're talking all of excellent analogy with the and I'd say they're basically now that's you can get a rock what we you've got to tip. Hard rock for these lightly with a bag you know trust to field so you play closer. I would rather react to them that actually have the ball at the ground pop up of the African knows I don't know that feels Major League. Quality told. The fields. Fields are talking about jockey win the name change. Call 61777979837. As that this will. Little tidbit though. Change the name they both agree upon. Him. You know I don't stated David Ortiz at a higher you're fine with that but the do you like being fired because you're forced. To make that choice. Right again when you looked I got to weigh you don't look gonna go all big change that name are you you now with a way to get them a check your hours. The naked shorts Robinson once called Tom yawkey the biggest racist of all the owners. Okay and one of the spearheading a all of it sick he is the biggest. Okay most races of everywhere I also know you look at vial of a human being. And you wanna get rid of that name there's. And levels of racism and it's I don't think you hear you argue arts. So if he's calling him the worst of the worst Ocalan a gold star for you jockey. But it doesn't make him any somebody else any better than him because he's the worst. And yes more he has more choices and more options and decisions to make that relate to the after gay community based on whether or who's who's playing on his team or not. So that that they were complicit in the re going don't care either way but now America's tell me edit shoes. It should lose it I agree or disagree and I can really cared less I I LS the changed their name. Let's go to all go to jewel Pennsylvania it's who go ahead buddy run DM efforts. They got an all out there on the first of all John Henry is just pandering fool. I mean we don't know we all know all the stuff came out of the races themselves. Earlier that he would out of jail and all of a sudden now you're hearing all out console on they. Out of so hard I could talk it. Forcible if you had been talking to the mayor's previously about it's about change in name could it bothers them. It would have been in the news somebody would have known somebody would have talked about it and it would have been a conversation years ago. I think they haven't heard about just generally being upset about the name ever and ever put an end to junk and with the stuff. Well I think that Larry McKinley first took over talked about the history at such racism. Com do you DC don't believe hearsay and Kennedy when they talk about how this has been discussed for awhile. And now it's gonna come to a head. Well I think than their IP pandering and you know court crashed at a point in May overall on but I want to expand and if we do like. Do I like what Tom called yucky mr. what now. I'm well when he wrote the bit. What you get into that got a title wade. When you get the activists going like this and changing their yelling but as you think OK I can. They'll be satisfied. No it never stopped. But graduate thank you look at all the people in street this since we're we are now country. Yell I'm certain guys have read that they're they're already talked about their people saying. You don't look George Washington Thomas Jefferson slave owners and we need to remove. Their names from the monuments. We need to remove their names from street's top. It never ends if you just keep giving him. It never ends yet zoom at an appropriate not. It's the dirt so what do you think it's gonna and go at all. You need to stands you don't change today over solar market. Standing up and say this is our history. This is who we weren't the country. We just keep pulling down statute and getting rid of every sign of what our history is you're doomed to repeat it. It's our history so all that bad boat it's good I mean will win evident. When do we end this. There's really honestly feel that you spend 750 million dollars in the Boston Red Sox and if you truly don't like the name change and in. But I don't notice the way I feel about it and now the difference between the hospitals. And the wings in the clinics and then the ins that the yawkey foundation supports. The difference is that is. The yawkey foundation. Is supporting growth but to me yucky weighs about Tom yawkey. That is named after the previous owner Tom yawkey foundation has more you know it's it's now all the all the carpet name. Dean young I may do great things with all you have asked. A hundred people as they were walking into Fenway Park could you tell me. Who got will you see jockey you EC yawkey way right you have a case named after a person what's his first name. I can guarantee you. 90% of people don't have a clue the guy's first name because I ain't. But because the thought about Tom yawkey anymore it's about just jockey weight yawkey way the may god doesn't mean what do you too. It doesn't represent what it used to snap your haunted by its bucket by the history a bit then and if America wants is just cleanse itself. Of of every single person that represented racism and bigotry let's just start making a list now let's just call the real difficulty mr. looks. Get inside and out and let's start. It a joke to you you don't Christie doesn't acting like it's not happening already and they're taking down. You know into eggs everywhere beware we know it though we have to go we. We out there renamed the White House because White House is not in these I think we should ultimately each file. He's Washington DC to just calling the capital. We'll see a successor I and is still to come that yes let's you'll always feed all callers to our latest Dan. Bringing biztalk it's saying that's what we need to never stopped it that title late so many good people out there just aren't they and I would say I've got. Get your point but we can't change everything because there's no way for us to ever stop and. Want to say do you think if if the owner of the Washington Redskins want to change the name the name would have been changed. OK but it's not is it he fought so he's the owner of the Boston Red Sox you wanna change and in its right front your ballpark. You change the name. I don't think it's not his why the change. Only can he can appeal and it's just I think it's your batters right it's not on a pretty much it pretty much the the concession sit across the street they both agreed to change name the names changed. And it's a lot of people that goes into a thought that simple. Relatives out of those two doesn't. Going back to my original point. I've never heard about before. Why did we hear about what you close to hear about it joked which I agree with a lot of people mourning and arguably one bad. Well. Why why is that it this year all the so we're hearing how haunted John and you just about all that's. The that the timing is the timing is set for doing this for him that's the way it works and is accused of real people sell a tribunal called cap and do what's it gonna do was aggregate change. Adam Jones that he's for change what's really gonna do. Well there's a chance that you could really kind of look back and Adam Jones and say. He yawkey way you get that name of the street changed but it bite by bringing it to the attention that the fact of the so called we we are today in the world. Because these things are happening whether it's protests or Adam Jones speaking out. You hit a name changed in front of Fenway Park yeah elitist that they're say this is this is why we do these things small little doubt accomplishments what do they wanna call it. You may two collar Catholic I'm not gonna get off topic but I just really you mentioned his name and and later on the show there's a new team that is on the clock about to tell you what team it is. We'll take one more call and later on maybe 11 o'clock 1130 we'll tell you with a new team that is on the Colin Capra nick. Clock I was able to it's just the raw polar wrongs in Medford Rania of the America's got. Buried or direction and that's about for me I mean look what I was just Burton. Called. I know they have a guy but we're all your years are the site what it would don't follow real error and this guy would probably talk between the way he thinks the current or. And the chips were wounded or how they fought. But we will ball it's not seen in. Yet lawsuit in important moments that you are troubled gay. And you create commercials. Today. If that's the way you lock. You know people people huddled twelve what do you know people travel all this guy I mean he was little fall league I will ever. But it still art history that's where we got a. Around hardly will lose you phone's cut enough I would agree. You know as far as that the era in in and we had this discussion before a grand parents like you know that generation how they grew up. But still the eagle back to and I just go back to again Jackie Robinson calling in most racist. Owner of all of them. All of them and lead the pack. You got pushing it. I mean a lot of these past them yet Jackie Robinson a lot of people past the will remains. But it will people gate and was he just against it was he part of that was pushing it in understand is while being part of a vial errant bullet. For the chaotic and your problem yet it just. We don't go to go to. Go to Fenway Park before game. Tell people ask them just this out of curiosity. And then once and that's always who knows it was pomp okay by the way here's what he did he was a bad guy okay night mechanical be upset now. He added to the right is is the picket line to the left is you know you're neutral. It's like I don't like the whole pick a side mentality but it's people trying to express OK you need the senate office. You'd be upset about this is a bad thing. It will mean OK Alexis this is go to Melissa then this is you're an analyst Nicholas. Bayless and everything you can't fly to Vegas now I'm allowing you to fly to Vegas I multiracial. And that man that that that airport is named after that guy's a racist and I just you should fly into Reno. I have tough time getting emotional over this you know and in and they're the guys and more insidious if you're if you're emotional one way or the other strong one way or the other then. I don't understand that but obesity today actually have tool or or this ridiculous that they take about doing it I mean you know. Joseph Paterno got a Penn State right to get rid of all those monuments honor Andre that statue back to the statue down. And they got a deserve respect to remove. It's actually took the statue down because these are to be removed because he was well aware of their but he still believes the views are well aware what was going on and allowed to have we wanna take it down. So this guy was well aware was gold on his life. Turned eighty guy turned a blind eye to it and so conservative and yet get rid of college Jean yawkey way. Maybe David after her all the great things cheated liturgy in front of and he put a gene product they still won't know with with the name and I don't know I've grown euphoria no award way. Still take a budget calls on this. John Henry hunted by the Red Sox past. Will the navy yawkey way he changed. And what Libby and owners will talk about more to come back. Back to the guys who don't use small ball school small ball one big ball I don't care what big balls are got one balls off the wall I want balls in the stands out one extra base hits for the way we're loading in forty listen don't get me wrong I think you steal bases you. You can you can run because you're a big ball on Sports Radio WEEI. I was a strong message that John Henry delivered today and like I said it's a process that we need to engage the community on and ever since John Henry Tom Werner arrived in Boston made it clear that they want federated is inclusive and open. To everyone in Boston itself. And he's also very clear to point out I could work with the Iraqi foundation a lot of great things that have been done by the hockey fans myself there's a ball strong message and will begin the process of talking and stakeholders and mayor Walsh's office and we'll from Mac. Because lets us presidency Kennedy speaking yesterday. That's John Henry's comments of being hunted. History of racism. Initial position as expected a phone calls or go to our richt whose indicate first Rick everybody here on them efforts. Eight I feel like. And I'm. I bought it you know I heard Gary talking about how to on every page handwritten bump bump up in court. Here's what I wanna just do what's right change and it and it and Christian rock. I think they're. Most people that are brought me here so dark years old old old dot LD. A 61. Did you need you cruised into Fenway Park like at random Tuesday you you grab the averaged 25. To thirty. You know thirty year old do you think they would know. Tom yawkey. I get why you do because your older you've been around. But the younger generation. I don't know and I predict. You know you don't you know they you know they think of yawkey way how are you act I think when they think of yawkey way they go mad. I grew up on that street ball all mad and we have a blast. I did it you're older guy so they're. Big hue and order way that you both you guys like it it it you probably know more about the. History where the younger generation they don't believe Tom yawkey passed in 1976. You know you were you born 71 I'll send it on so 77 dating they've renamed Jersey's three yucky way. Seoul. On the news if you were born in the 80s90. You know like you said those type of 27 year old kid right now no clue got you weighs just Fenway Park less of lesser lesser parents told you. Us wherever they spread appreciated let's go to law or Mike in Chelmsford might dead muddy your own VM efforts. It would outlook on. August's. I don't know why it's like every time anything toward black people. They don't know I'm not racist wedding and I would say that played. They've every week have been persecuted Italians were persecuted when they came over everybody I never grandparents and perhaps slaves. Nobody I know. Grant park employees. Do the people complained about it they don't even know. And we out of that number actually we won't cut it America. Not a friend like people are you know it's like I don't see attributed by some account you know. An Italian person that would. Persecuted what we're not changing remainder of everything and saying that the Italian I mean I don't get it. We do you understand it's probably more prevalent now. I would say in this in this country I understand about time don't they came over I understand that. What do you want but it was 1% of white people owned slaves 1% of like rich people that own them. It wasn't the route for the population to we'll. If you make it silently trying to diminish it and it may only a couple of words change the delicate parts of slave so okay and me about history it's not a ball. What Nike of their grandparents and grandparents parents went through. Well obviously at about things you know happen it was history. We're gonna go back in history and every bad person gonna find their alignment and incurred they don't additional. Here's the thing if you argue every street you give somebody statue you are honoring that person in all of their accomplishments and the question is does Tom yawkey. Deserve to be honored and a lot of people would sit there and say no. Maybe when he passed Jeanne jockey in the sold the Red Sox the foundation what they've done for the city. That can be honored. And that's why I sit there say that's right you draw the line. He'll add to the yucky clinics you know it all these hospitals all the jockey in I think that they do with underprivileged. In the kids I think. Well off families. You could say that those they did good things they're doing good things we will continue to honor that name for all they've done for our hospital. Well done for our community but we all honoring Tom yawkey. With this street name. That's because they aren't there enough. That now so he doesn't have a chance to correct the mistakes I mean. They're talking about bird what you don't know that. The type like yeah all of type and everybody forgives them. What do you are utilized later in the world the waiter now that the way it was bad he might Apollo doesn't think he's like a lot like Vatican. The way I grew up. Yeah lighter rebates and you guys are all eyes or else you guys all white guys don't sympathy this is ridiculous I only blacks in mice and that there are six dollars in other words it's also like you know. I'd thanks might. I'm just saying it's a guy you don't know that we don't know what you're saying that note go to go to go to Jim. The Muslim record it's religion jumped ahead but you you're on Europe on them efforts Cogent. I haven't. That they do like the slippery slope to get all the guys it's like that in and we're happy to Barbara solutions like. Do we trot him out all of it. We don't want people that they watch it change not like I don't you. Bonnie Tony but a whole fin dolphins while yours or baseball where. That's why that's why put in all steroid guys it's why put in. You know Pete Rose that's about the hall of fame when you talk about statues what you do you think Joseph Paterno statue should be up at Penn State. I I really don't look any of us. There is that going on and absolves you know you you have no losers don't wanna say with that opinion is. I was pleasantly. Little Rock art and wine at. All. Where the volume there. So why are gonna go back to Joba why do you let that take you down you wanna moderate whites are white with either. I only want. It. Because note flat tire Wear what they ate it up and say. Excellent excellent. Excellent saying sure what to do what I I you don't get rid of December. Well I don't know the history of ever diminish its south and more I don't know if Joseph Paterno as do you you wanna take that statue down. Does that contradict what you're saying. It's part update. I'll get to second but I've I think it does. Mean everybody up here wants to Joseph Paterno statue ticking down don't we why. I beat out it's me it's not look at histories that way people can look at you know and tickets is Joseph Paterno he turned a blind eye. To me a child molestation it's it's it's it it. Why don't need out seems like there's just like almost like this pure pressure now like that's that that exist. And certain. You know areas of says of the public eye. Just have like this initiative in this in and they want it changed a matter what I saw another another example. There's just passer Chicago that wants. On George Washington Andrew Jackson and Jackson can easily understand. Removed from this from their names removed from this park statute because they owned slaves. Okay I'm like all right. And that's part of my issue with it I mean if we wanna have an honest discussion abouts. You know who should be honored and why and at what time they should be honored to be if you honored after 1977 everything you do for that when he did get passed on it. You can go back. You really wanna go back and start making a list. You know which are talking about rock arena how about Paul Bear Bryant. Kate save situation that's got a statue down Tuscaloosa referendum. Right from the stadium. Here's a guy. That didn't integrate his team until 1970. Ninety and you'll reason why is he as he had John McCain over at USC went into it fully integrated his team had a off an entire pull back it was black. Went to Tuscaloosa Alabama beat the crap out of Bear Bryant and his team. And then and then they said okay. We we should probably start doing this. They are integrating their team they had one black player on their team that was a freshman DV suit up for the game in 1970 the year after a you start recruiting black players. So are all their Bryant. I did it's the south is different no no not not not different where we're gonna murder treat every situation the same it get any history of delaying that the success of any nationality then you should be held accountable for. Let's just a case to make make analysts let's just keep going. It never stop. I listen I understand about John Kerry wants change you change. Single back to Washington Redskins. Islam which is the owner. Tom's Dan Snyder get a senator Mitch and Snyder wanted to name change you'd think you'd be changed it and guys are now. Changed drafts have not done it to change we sell it pandered lonely fight for an OK right that's a rescue that's that's his role and he's winning by the way what do changing everything. Let's change there Redskins name. It's about to fall calls or go to Tom in New Hampshire Tom go ahead but uranium effort. They were sent I think to a call palm I'm good I'm in that age demographic that 25 to thirty year old eight demographic area you're looking for. And I NPR QA when I go to stock in all I ain't gonna overpriced belly parking. So uncool if they change the name I just want the prices to go down a T I am a champion premium and. Sony Walkman Iraqi wage you know Tom yawkey you know the history well you know I don't know. You don't care about Tanya can this really isn't that I didn't differently chairs and if somebody had to tell in the heat center. Rainbow lane dry. And I'll park near and long it's not if you dollar apartment. I think exactly what they want cheaper beer they can better parking prices. I'm an hour to go to brand New York because apparently sees it says welcome Britney go ahead. I know I think Arafat won't Christian because I mean if you wanna start off with ruffling election and of their client. I mean let's just knock on the John Hancock building does John Hancock on slave I mean George Washington out slaves so that's that's statue at the front of the Boston Common. That's got to come down Abraham Lincoln not monument got to come down he killed more Indian than any president ever and so it is I guess is that you. Is based out of white supremacy over the Indians so let's just start with a bulldozer and saying which is Smart to feel like Charlotte we'll just. Knocked everything down and animals start over again in this PC land at work they're that the liberal trying to create so we're we're gonna stop. Yeah they're great luge have a statue from Baltimore football stadium. So what do you get on the football field yeah I know he's a murderer so it goes Jason never went to jail for but I mean I'm at work so that's the consent is tight with high copper racist words and it'll all baseball player for the racial yes so so. OK so we can as sections of those people right like. I don't know there's one in Detroit but it was any mention of how content each other meanings that we get a reading on every street we got to take. Take out everything associated looking. In Detroit because I have a direct. I'll go to on the back ST same question I'm gonna ask you recalled because don't have an answer they don't want to know. Turn now yes. Great football coach but you know he's gotten it yet look leveler in let kind of flowering run into an independent. I'm already getting at it's he tells you fill up don't. Well you know that's not that's not a reason that adopted him that what it's a lot. Oh absolutely yes unity you have had a file run rampant on his hands as pedantic you all the and we're gonna go to the Catholic Church Jim O'Donnell we can start. Just incident print it out but apart while you have an answer the question. Today he sedate keep that they statue down wells that put it up until the. It is already announced I don't think we're gonna put the ones but backup. You disagree when they took it down you can be okay incidents yet I did did did you disagree when they took it down. To me it didn't matter what would now it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter they'll say would salad doesn't everything else political joke but you'll all agree that distinction have been taken down but because doesn't its argument nights this phenomenon does the other thing is that. All that put it up I could keep that I even the great football coach are we gonna go and everybody's personal life. And are you bought everything in its you know let's let the other problems that you've been bought and let's start there at all. Listen I I of I appreciate you sticking with it seeing them develop as you think that Joseph Paterno statue should be up at Penn State. If you're gonna put their part of the football stadium because he was a football coach in yes you do it over in the library that now. That's good that's why do you think you should stay up I just wondered that I just wonder that when the whole thing without a Wednesday at the same feeling and yet it's not only Mike Allen and ultimately blew jockey way isn't he only does it read it it it doesn't represent what. Not to you used to it. But not to you Tom jockey is is is that is who it's named after yes but if you like I said as the younger generation. They think if John QA is something totally different. It doesn't mean that. You put up a statute of OJ Simpson drive yes changed African name. The guy's a murderer and he would no longer a great football player it means something totally different. And same with the Joseph Paterno. An error while they orchard parent that's statue down there while all that craziness was going on and saying they had to take it down but it was also about. A knee jerk reaction you know and pitchforks in the Baird porches and there like that. But it was more of those things work private university actually stayed in state university. So I mean different situation. I love this country has defended patrols actions were against the Los slavery wasn't. But that on breathe a little bit our relief or economic pact exact right after this.