OMF - Lou is getting tired of Sox fans who don't want J.D. Martinez 2-13-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, February 13th

HOUR 2 - Lou has been on the J.D. Martinez train for months now. The 30 year old slugger remains unsigned and still a possible target for the Red Sox. Only problem is that a lot of fans don't seem to want him. Allow GM Merloni to explain the error of your thinking, Sox fans.


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On you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and Ford lately but what some of these departments disgraceful I can appreciate what I've read out Beckman to the game of basketball work for them to do that for Black History Month it's an insult to black people wait that comes off is troll he gives the impression that you had this insatiable appetite to celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black way to go with a Ku and -- and Christian. He should do good potential leaders. Kind of queasy thinking. So not very applicable at the ones who was. My actions. And together we'll let us here. It's a cause this is not black people's month is call Black History Month I do find it interesting that the first person they tweet about during Black History Month. Happens to be a white guy and so the auto product was the first. In that case I don't I don't have a problem with the now on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm a little here a little bit more data. Question we're gonna open up to four months and 6177797937. And ask you whether you feel good about David Price let's be honest about it the I keep on here in this Iran likable there unlikable. The picture itself is not unlikable Betts is unlikable. But c'mon folk arts at on the Cheever last year may be the media upon how you want. And unlikable it all comes down to this one that guy. That people point fingers at and saying is unlikable so he has slow at the end of the season he has an opt out. It is contractor a lot of people a lot of fans I think we get the phone lines here. Are gonna hold that he's going to opt out so he was asked the question. Of how he's feeling about the opt out. Your image here that we feel. We'll look at what's. Free agent. You see that in the future goals. It. I don't know I think opposite. My wife. Anybody else it's. I expect. So we expect to win here expects to be back. I wonder how much the Yu Darvish contract has anything to do with him going. Who boy if I go back out now I realize the dollars are not going to be June 17. They're gonna be down to 125. You know I was actually told winner that in summary close the situation. That I should stop talking about him opting out does this connect by. Think you're right and we got so be good info soul Yu Darvish is 31 get six and 126. The escalator went through 21. When he when he when he years 31 David Price to be 33. And he's making 32 we have no soul. I think some drastic when it happened most likely off the field for him to even think about leaving I don't see it happen. I really don't OK so here's where it really gets ugly. It really gets ugly this year he's got to have a good year. 'cause he has a good year low and the interest to see that the fans think now that the hearing on whether there hearing anything in his voice that makes them like him. Anymore but he's got to win this year if he wins I wouldn't be surprised at all to see if he was in the post season. And he's got to win in the policies he says got a yes so we wins on the post or senate. Yet there was ass off yes for Thursday to lose one nothing opening give it up to the ones the Iguodala was brought yet so he's the postseason wins there in a regular season he went to the postseason you don't you what I gonna do we're gonna take phone calls here in November with people sent. But people people say I hope you stay with us I hope it doesn't opt out that's what you gonna get. But if he has a tough season. Or he has a good season and then fails again. In in in October you know what's gonna happen. People are gonna be pissed and it's gonna make it worse because he's not going anywhere financially OP why wouldn't go anywhere. Do we really simplify. That you know. The reaction from the fan base about some of these players. You are 100 people feel about Hanley Ramirez. You want here go to my other WTO. Like the they feel about last year. Not good and saw me go out report solemn what you feel about your one. It. On YouTube site and what you feel about your written users are common thread to wall of this yet. What is that likened likened to a contestant it is in play well play well you know what you need to play well you know and that's what. But if he doesn't how ugly does it get any she the type of guy does he have the personality he's a different situation right if it doesn't go well this year with the public now. Already angry at him but the public looking at saying oh my god he could be on the books for the next three years. He could sit here and not. Leave us. The public if he pitches poorly this year will want. To make life more miserable for him because they won't want him to go bide by. And I'm telling you right now just looking at the finances looking at the Yu Darvish contract that you just outlined. Not going anywhere. He's not leaving us now you've got all that goes out any wins and that he wins the post season. He's not. Not going anywhere the economics are changing in baseball you're seeing it with a hundred plus free agents out there hasn't signed an open camps now. And the players haven't signed over under. The economics are changing and he's not going to get. The money go 32 million bucks and he's older player right now so he's a huge risk for these teams he's going nowhere he's ours forever. I would agree. I do I'll agree go to Doug Walton go to Doug in Waltham. To. Our guys is out to eat just two and trying to defend is quite a little bit against Dennis secondly the announcer I think. A lot of what the public and other media outlets have done news that you'd. Pack the hall of Famer. With that you know. And I think he should order it presents a little bit more respect. War in a very good player. And not so when it. Criticized him in public. The way that he did. Da go dug them. I think guide you Gerald Williams first what did how hot it at due to act in public how to act not respective rights. Well I think. Back in. The public in the media. All. Right on crises where Ing. What you actually do what what what to act you publicly. Does it mean as far as I know I walked on a plane. All these errors that come out and say look at McIntyre who handle this among got so. Because the U ray player or 17. Another was great play let's talk about human beings that can we could we dispense the hall of fame. Dispense the great pitcher does Dennis a guy that I OK I'm gonna dobbs. Nursing a year your email in your life dug in your idol back in history and tell me. What Dennis to sleep did. His job. Well let's talk about character. Well let's talk book Arctic is who had just brought it up to lift a quote Eric who's been divorced I think multiple times. Accidentally sent visuals than perhaps any other women out there is divorced today Ellis all current day players. It comes across very clearly yes rod I got this I think you're hearing something that nobody else's and Doug I think you're on an island's. First of all first of all hold on how I would let you talk with luncheon talk cola. First of all it's his job as an analyst to talk about the players on the televisions that. Packers really does not. Head hunt he's not the way these guys purposely they play well he goes overboard says they play well if they don't play well don't pitch well he tells you why they don't pitch well he doesn't. That's his job look at what you don't know I don't care who you is to go on an airplane in front of the entire team. When you know old the guys are all so. They they don't like the fact edit any analyst is critical of anything they do they wanna be loved at all times and stroked a cat and you don't do that in front of the entire team. In Barry's innocent as we forget about all things. Just look at a man as an analyst who look at him as a human being you don't do that. It differently. Here you won't months and months of consequence laid out still thrown price separate report. We're all human beings we all make mistakes I think he's admitted that but it sure has played good but you don't talk about charitably won't agent. Dug out of the new just having at a certain agenda I'm just curious did you hear what we have set about David Price in the clean slate and if he goes out and he pitches well. Mean like listening. Anytime. That whatever he does yeah I listened to you all the time that every does in the regular season doesn't matter how rich and play. I was taking parent does that title again. That's part of what goes with him right now Doug is that true. Yeah I hear it all out Doug Doug is it true though does he need to perform in the post season. You gotta get there first okay but when he gets there we expect them to get there when you train you sign a guy for the amount of money to sign for the best pitcher in the game at the time. He was runnerup to cy young and and you went on record sale. Do we expect them to get there yes I do when they get there. Is he supposed to go up there to all well and. Did you and dot them in the playoffs last year. Good what is shown you what he can do what he felt that he. He was already did that can I just ask you this before that you got since we've given you a lot although we're giving you a lot of time. Oh only because I'm amazed that some of the the things you brought up is this an opinion you did you just arrived awful listening. To David Price today or did you feel that way last year when the incident happened. Yeah okay I was only here but again that our it will open up the phone comes I don't lose any defense with what he did with that zero. EE made a mistake. He's come out today and said he was she handled it better. In the end and he was a dream to this team he wants to be a faucet he wants to be a better leader when given an opportunity to do that. But for you'd call Lynn. And say that that is actually was the one that didn't that needs to show more respect the David Price over what happened last year and other weakened all the facts. It's misguided and just not factually correct what. When he did because he was divorced even even when he did voice even when he did give him a little bit. Last year. I'm talking about price even after the recent study. Echoes echoes what he's changed the way he's broadcast that the RXR. That worked out of that was ridiculous let's go to dinner and a car in there. Let's take care. All you got a huge fan my whole life yankees. Probably lay it out aren't watching them putt well. Why they haven't looked fine. You know the red not look like they're. Not a happy one outcome of the media big part in the federal help like you know we're ready. Either Iraq Edberg an Alley you know like these guys out of the young couple pressure on them but at the quantity. Port knocking church dating game and yet bit David Wright. It almost Greek port that man you guys yet people like what what appeals. I don't think Gary Hamels and when you talk about the teams still being unlikable. I mean who's really unlikable price because of the grizzly thing last year. And as I said I think if he starts winning this year people jump on the bandwagon and will get a lot of more dogs out in your organs that there's layout for prize you know all because he's winning. Likable. The joy unlike on some enjoyed a tough year last year yes. You got into the game you know he'll do their thing that. Being bought out. I don't know what he did back in the pan am trying to figure out it felt like kind of not interpret the bird back the entrance it then but it has showed well Bobby. Boy that the last few years. The last two years ago they had David Price last year they actress tea. This year they haven't had anybody to bring back exact same team that's why they need more team soul and that's why you need. It JD Martino question. Not for buzz because unfortunately half the people are criticizing right now bill cool years you just don't Norman that's why the critical of of you guys are great hitter. It won't add that to the bugs. As I understand he's not John Carlos Stanton. He's been making damn good baseball team. Yeah I'm I'm amazed at the number of people that I've heard who wish that they are saying that this team doesn't need JD Martina. Did you watch last year's team. This was the worst are an example that I'd like any American League call and tell me why they don't I don't get it now I am so I can join in this conversation why they don't need to Rudy Martinez because I that you watch. If they lose out they don't signed Judy Martinez in power. Because all you people out there right now don't want to waste the money a JD Martinez because you don't like the player just because you never heard of home. Enable outside Logan Morrison now. What are you gonna say that I'll. Yeah shred them for not spending the money OJ Kmart did that distract them for ought to get it out of Logan Morrison and you should the JD Martina she's probably a solid what Judy Martinez did nothing valued at. People not familiar with them. I mean I said here in screened every day about John Carlos I want John Carlos JD Martinez is not John Carlos that you want and sum it. Experts think on the board right now. And I don't ask rob no doubt he final round I mean I don't think that's described now people look at it and say well it's only happened in the last three years. I think people forget when he was playing for the tigers to people forget that yes because he's an I I get it. He he really had a on a monster after year. In the national low but don't remember him a year in the in American lick when you watch the Red Sox like. Amazed at some of the things I hear. Letting go about their numbers in you that brokered numbers if you want to go back to what he was like in Houston but we all know always career start in Detroit. To take a look at career numbers of of Jose Batista when he was in Pittsburgh. But we all know his career start when he was in Toronto. Solving outlets and I do you guys think a guy of the last four years averaged 32 bombs it 300 that'll PS of what I don't know 936. Garbage than five Bogut your garbage you're gonna wait until they miss out and JD Martinez you're gonna get your guardian or is it. Good some not to bitch about what it means it's the John Carlos the theory and he ended up going to what is now you're newfound rivalry again. I in the New York Yankees. And I admit I would much rather head John Carlos but you didn't get. He went to the Yankees you live with that you've got to move on you can't go through this season again. With a lot of power. Lack of home runs you're playing after your game's at Fenway Park and you know worst home run hitting team in the American and that. By the way may be part of why you think it's a likable because it's got fun. You know sometimes that defense and a pitching just fun though they got it runs are fun. Candidates rotation. Had a really good religion rule and I got a good bullpen really good what terrific closer guy. You're telling me that Ben intending. To enjoy a healthy Bogart's bets. Judy Martinez Hanley Ramirez. Sprinkle in some what Mitch Moreland Jackie Bradley at. That offense is putrid. It's a putrid that you can go through this isn't very good first of all don't trust him. OK second of mobile guards I don't know what's happened to the power that attending his game like 75 pounds so maybe he's gonna show some power next year and how many pounds he's gap that seems to be laughable. As well but if you. Martinez into the maximum audience saying that he's gonna hit what he did in the second half. Of of life security at thirty in Arizona is because Arizona you don't their ballpark is all right did you appoint breadth but in this ballpark with this. You can't go through another season. Without having a big power back but the loss of David Ortiz. Was a killer for you you want managing games last year Lou because yet. Pitching again. Bullpen that's why you want. Because not because of that you know your lack of power really prevent you from doing anything beyond that. David Ortiz thank you again five and 125. Is so outrageous. That you got to just back out of that you don't want any part of this but yet we're gonna sit around a little way. And off for ten years 300 to match out. Because they know because they know him that. I and they and they look at it here's the other and you seasons Machado said that over 900 OPS how many non okay. So but here's the other thing and but here's the other thing. They look at me and my letter that heralded look at him and a viable position. Third baseman he can play short mentally short this year Russia so we complete short can play third base they're looking at that they don't know. What Martinez can do Martinez is designated hitter for you with the outfield defense of gloves you've got that out feel Martinez is a designated hitter. But can he hit a home runs. And you lack last year we know David Ortiz. You could pitch a realm that lineup. Okay because nobody could hit the ball the ball parks are we get right back to your phone calls more David Price do you feel. What you've heard from David Price here this morning got a phone call 61777. About a lady threesome gets a lot of calls and don't want treaties of this. Didn't rule we're gonna get it experienced clay and twenty force follow him on Twitter right now. Short way. Now back to more we're way admirable euphoria on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. The girls. That there's no. Going through this process. A lot of there's a lot of hard work to. Thought you do what. Right. I don't know if I feel better about better or worse David Price admit students. Talk to Judy Martinez a couple thoughts. That's nice thing is that the guy you want if you lose you're trying to court TV Martinez do you want. David Price to be together picks up the phone calls that depends on what he says of we'll take you Martinez is asking him so how do you like Boston. Well we've had press that's great terrific hopes of stir reflect what's goddamn I forgot that because you Castro Castro wants a camera Red Sox fans do you medium on their walls. But do you think prices in America over the past doesn't like it. I I would worry about that I took a phone calls we go 6177797937. Germs in a car a jerk. They're guys that I'm on floppy more that you would I don't want him anymore. And I little weird I know his career it's not like I'm unfamiliar with them I don't want to Lou. How they more red flag we execute biscuit and reflects height weight. You tired of the bad contracts that we have to move into the year could kick eight being. That's a bad contract of who we're hearing if he's if they Red Sox did. The five and 125 that's about contract. Point five million dollars a year per DA says it's gonna come to the plate fortified kinda gain who doesn't help you in any other aspect of the game. Is not a good contract will. It easier for your fourth outfielder. You could you know you have dead everywhere of age group true nature of guilt back and thought to roll back for. I wanna talk all talk. OK do we red flag I'm sorry I'm just changed so so because you'd like the problems it involves signing well maybe not crazy about Naomi Ramirez. You don't wanna sign of the guy. Eight and probably you out. If you're Gonzales was good he had he had issues. That was separate that like those Sunday night games there are other issues the right here. OK some sort of Joseph through what is what what does general want the Red Sox too due to not sign anybody over the mount of what per year. Not that I'm looking at the entire package I don't ya when I've heard that per. In the off season start I would look more like giving him money. Well I heard him saying these things. I don't like I'm fed up with the way the Red Sox and negotiating. Did not sign there or the earlier this subject when he started crying saying. I would rather sit out of the spring training and the all star break they're not play for my price. I think you know what I fear. Don't you know those are legitimate I'll say this a legitimate when I when I saw that quote I said he's gonna is gonna be quiet that he's got to let Scott boards negotiate. Ken Rosenthal. I don't know open source wasn't nick from Boston. When he had that story so yeah if he said that that he needs to zip it is no reason to be upset. With the Boston Red Sox. I think he's fed up on the negotiations I think is unfortunate unlucky cannot a year where the freezer get paid in putting with a. But that's a legitimate gripe I have to sit there and say Boston is a difficult place apply. And if the player before even signs is bitching and moaning. I think he's bitching and moaning more because Scott Boras had convinced him. Lou he was going to be a 200 million dollar plan on and that brought him to agents exactly he promised them maybe something that's not out there are fortunate restless he's not gonna lose pushing up there could be collusion going on here right now the players association is gonna have their own camps to try to should take it. They can promote some of these and get some of these guys side I think that's legitimate what he's saying now I would tell the coward too I'm not saying that the Brodsky should give him. And raised the stake over the five and 125. Because why you gonna bid against yourself nobody else is coming and is the only guy why so you wait it. It out until you get the guy at your price but you tell me how is this team going to provide home runs. If they don't go out and get themselves in legitimate. A power that a great products are only going to look at this attitude of all of enough to win the World Series anyways soleil which is stated pack one on campus dollars and so most people 12003. Inning did this in mere report God's sakes you the same fools. That'll sit there. And bitch about this window of opportunity with Chris Sale. And Kimbrel is a free agent in this guy's gonna leave in the guy's gonna leave you get two years Dombrowski do some that. Siegel want eagle get the best free agent that the market who was legit hitter. He is legit. He would I was told me Manny Ramirez like work ethic in the cage talked to a former hitting coach of his about a little kitten every aspect. But you would rather sit there and (%expletive) out of season. It only why so just it gives you another opportunity to bitch about Dave Dombrowski and its ownership knuckle down spending the money. That make you feel better to give up on a year. Five terminal Logan Morrison trying to reach out with all of her audience and all of our listeners to boost Colin Powell's. Odd version Providence next appear annoy and asked what some carried. Yeah I respect or everything that you guys respond. Odd I disagree. I disagree. I say sign on for two years would an option. That's just my opinion I you don't get that he'd get up there in age yet so weird in an option. And if they don't. But nobody is to question Mark Reynolds I Kiki kill ball at Fenway Park I don't and nobody such you know you get them to a discount price. All Matt Kemp did he bite out digit DH for a year and Google apps are connection that's. Bryce Harper. Price hopper would move the needle. No crime but we'd rather give him 300 million for ten years misses the game through you know. Yeah oh you think. Some game this is a couple emissions in every good player that he's got an attendance proper sit around and waits on the Red Sox Masada Bryce Harper we can bitch some more. That's this year is overweight there's Sony can't beat Houston can't beat new York and actually. Bryce Harper can't do that same I mean in New York Asia where there's any good. Actually let's just pissed on this these Red Sox next units got Chris sailer until 2000 him right sinkers and we can't beat the Yankees have got the shooter was Visalia and I it's it's foolish to the same people that are screaming about. Martinez and not wanting to get Martinez of the same people in July. When this team is just can't score runs and they didn't beat you know three to one and it can't score runs they can't put the ball out of the ballpark early jobs. Rose you though Paula GD today's issue we dole it out there Arizona who don't break in chief sons of bitches. Here's Arthur in New Hampshire what's up part. And let our united. Since. Irks me go to let not ban say how boring the Red Sox team. I think that we were spoiled whether Ortiz Pedro. You know many of violence in last year I you're a young kid sort grinder out there but to win extra inning games. That's ahead. Yeah I want JD mark in this do we need to. Not as is often lack the predicted that I want there because umps don't pay and can it be or bear and it's not to more home run. And it's not going down and listen when you when you talk about I can't work some people sit there saying OK well moving from one based on the next. And on top of that the base running is as this war. As well so what are we accomplishing here people like power. How power and cool and we're accomplishing wedding you know wanting boring wedding it's on its winning an excellent season. Apps where we need that we need we do need a bad loser right we need a bat. Anybody that's got to start a little we don't need a new apartment wanna be here we do need them. Because bats we're gonna ask it while we are spoiled as addict I'm watching my grandfather aren't they weren't spoiled they saw a lot of heart rate would read our. Our pandas oil right now. This incident. Did they need Judy Martinez gave bucked. If he comes here and it's forty. You know 35 to forty. Huge need bounce back years. It's still gonna come from what share of being the needed bounce back year from bowl guards. Jackie Bradley and I think those two in particular. Will have bounced back years as manager John has gone. He denied all you want that relationship wasn't good. We'll keep that's needs to have a bounce back year. And Hanley Ramirez or the morning guys just talking about handling what he's bringing Judy Martinez whats is role he first baseman. He's here every day in my mind first based fuels is engaged again he's what you don't wanna play well these don't play against lefties ridiculous to do. Your play against lefties here we go by the way to 42 million dollar off single bye bye. You play first base you give me the in 2016. You play every single day in my opinion 22 for next year. But he's your first baseman Mitch Moreland. Sign that same contract. That Chris Young side to be here. Fourth outfield right that's short money he has your back with some of your platoon guy any outfielder goes down JD goes to left. Mean Haley goes down bullish your first base defense or bullies goes down he's a bench guy at least at first I US so much flexibility by adding JD Martinez. The outfield to first base to DH. You can withstand a lot of injuries at three different positions I had no confidence that Hanley Ramirez I don't know what's going on in his mind. If I think get him at first I should be gonna get anything out of it but I thought he played first base. Much better than science is great and a lot of other people thought he would like but he played because I think he knew it was a last year David Ortiz. He was gonna become the next big poppy are he was going to be the DH. Now he's suddenly telling he's got to play first base good luck to you. You don't let up until I realized that you you're about as good setup. Of other another year and is contrary to million I don't know if he's evidence of it that way Torre two million dollars worth of I would say Iran to play first base rational guy would sit there and say yeah you don't think that would motivate nearly I don't know. Hopefully years I don't I quality. OK but I don't know I personally think he's in the year before. Hit the way you did the year before you can get your point two million I don't trust where he thinks I don't know how he's going to not even play against lefties. Right he's a limited player I would not go into the season next year that's one reason I want Martinez yeah. I do not wanna have this appearance that families get you got about it they've they've got to have a ya. A a big year you know bounce back here he's got to have a big bounce back you're gonna want to this year. He's got to give you far more than I think what is a fair expecting a lot of handling of it was is the only Michigan last year the year before smoky that's bashed in the year before. Eagle opened down this line. You know who who argue. You know understandable guards. I think the end of Bogart's is gonna have a big year on for the simple reason and then outscored gonna look at them and hires a new hitting coach to look at them. They say. You know the reason why we we you hit. Is to get an advantageous counts. To be able to let it fly once in awhile. It's not to try it's a race to get two strikes he could slap the ball right. The big leagues. Kevin Youkilis you wanna be the Greek god of walks and career home runs so what you do want no swing at a 31 swing and it you'll swing and it's I'd luncheon. Did a bogus as pop. His approach. Needs to change any needs to recognize when the opportunity is there. Into clear on sort of read so far and we got to take a break and we'll get back to the phone calls. The new hitting coach has a totally different approach may be that is a factor in a way this team. It approaches hitting this year 6177797. 37 loan amount. Talking about David Price he speaks today did you buys into it are you feeling better about David Price and JD Martinez. Should the Red Sox. Go out and extend the deal dorm or just wait it out but do they need JD Martinez. Let's do Jay Portnoy is favorite radio show oil lifeguard could tell the tools they go to spew lies and all of this thing but what what normally that's all coming up. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Lamb have you heard from David Price this morning. He's the guy that. People seem such fans seem to dislike. The truth it was a unlikable team as it was one individual and he became the poster child. For disliking. The Red Sox I spoke today feel any better about it FT of you've heard for. Him here's Dennis in east he was a tennis. What's going on God's goodness this is not a likeable and it's all don't get me wrong he's the most this team is. What you said earlier. Or I. Cannot stand the team I thought I'd be happy ones barrel gaunt. But this Bozo with no experience cooler now I want to give a chance but I do. You heard the shots. At Heathrow and you have a real Smart. Today. So it's it's an intelligent take it seems going into a little bit deeper. Instead they're going he's got a dental insurance are you going into this season with an open mind yes. Yeah Archie really opened my I'm just on July hoped the New Orleans and wanting to win so he can all. Hell. He's not gone out first of all Denis yeah he won't opt out and second of all I don't know about you PG seemed. To be rare really got a strong headed with a stout field if he wins. If he wins it. If he wins a majority of the phone calls we get a David Price at the end of the year will be I hope he doesn't opt out please David I love you wind up. People have an actual honor under. Okay. See an article review for year. Belcher I tell you what come up with a better take Dennis nobody's come up with a better take on them welcome but I think the whole idea this. I agree with you component. Sentence. We're playing reasons that it wouldn't I would go I don't only going to be a lot of sports Arnold called a little. It Eagles. I had as living down you are and you are England's category whatever bill says must be right dilemma is nice to live elect this cathedral was on yourself. Lou until we must build coal trivia and build a brand new. Orgy. Yes I know. He's been actually awful weapon and he's an awful lot of I don't think all of internal I would say he never even came here. I'm an idiot that's an idiot idiotic take rate that's dangling take right there. Is that the ten blatant right there with a every says it's the Ponte she carries with it. Is Michael indictment Michael. Guys. A guide to make a mile I love you guys I love your show I think it I think is hysterical from the people that column but hey it's New England when he walks elk. You know Judy Martinez. I mean I know we need a bat. And I know we need a alligator and I know we need to call mind I think it would last year you know locked in an American League or even. All of these all of this round hiked out. What do you think little what do you guys think about most objects. Picking him up put him back there have been moving gathered over or stay in China late in the game I mean he's younger guys here. He might be a little less expensive he's proven winner. Last year he had a career year. Yet more hits. You're over years and Judy Martinez Judy Martinez really only had those two stellar year it's hitting forty plus more home run. So I mean. And my. 125 over five. Hey man I worked really really hard I can barely tapped eighty a year. Single bad do it my best huge Red Sox fan. I think it's neat that he made like a shot of adrenaline. And I I definitely think moos Ed needs. O says this is plan BP's. Plan B Michael. He's not even in the same stratosphere as a hitter no there's JD my app is not. I mean he sees you could say that and a lot of his games played I'll admit that Judy Martinez missed some games. But as with 38 like twice in get a ten years he hit point 3.2 is because he played a 120 games who basically is thirty year. Don't you think you're gonna be disappointed and he's really gonna take it like kind of like David Price troll. If he comes here and he hit one if you like Palmer and next year you your life that gonna get blown off. And and I just think if we didn't pass that kind of money into a guy. It not necessarily proven track record not that and and I'm not I'm not knocking him he's a great player I'd vote for him down a Red Sox. But it becomes here and lectured it's 25 home run I mean I've. You gonna get you're gonna get out slowed by back and hopefully Bogart. Yeah I think you're right I think expectations are everything. And he's coming off of not only a great home run year budding green after the second half you figure Martinez the last full year's been more consistent and Bryce Harper or me which was part played more. When it is not real or not being chattel sprightly Maloney from. As far as games played. As far as production. What is it goes on to guys have been what's if you're going to. I'm not sure I can't live with the fear of don't sign anyone because what they are turning to Carl Crawford he liked so that's it we don't. So it's all and I think that's part of it I think that's amino don'ts. I felt I will say this I will say this look like that I thought we would have a lot of people. Because people like. To do that as much as we hear that word negative here in New England. I think when you get to the start of the baseball season there are a lot of people would find the optimism well they do it sometimes. But you coming off of two seasons in which she won 9393 of on the division right you're looking at your pitching staff you're looking at your bullpen you're looking here every day lineup. And you're missing one. Real element to your game. And that is a power game home run inning game you can adults but unique in eight home runs hype and part of the game today cleared load the bases for clean the basis. Here's the problem I have is that not hearing that optimism. Affect the score thing is really the only move. The Red Sox have made in the offseason and you tell make as I know you like him you were not a big John Ferrell I was not a big John Farrell guy either. I think people are really aware of our score. I should be as ever managed before get a I've seen he's a human being. You know we talk about this team relating to an immediate your manager couldn't relate to the media but they're just an up there every single game confused ally via. In explaining any kind of move he was even barely human I'm just saying the weight came off. Those like to stall for GM there from one of these kid's gotta like you know Harvard or Yale that spit out numbers. So you know I just think this guy's got a personality. You give me you you put Judy Martinez now you can hit milky leadoff. NATO bookie bet attendee JD Hanley devers. Rejoice in sixth Zander in seventh. Vasquez and JBJ. And if you don't think that team is good enough to compete with the super power teams I don't know that I. Amateur than the public believes that Lou and I think here's a major development that happened last year. Is that. The Red Sox fans thought they were light years ahead of the New York Yankees but the Yankees might be building on something but the Yankees are still years away judge goes out and has a phenomenal season he becomes the face of Major League Baseball best and then on top of that you go Ed John Carlos and you'll look at push you look at the rest of that lineup out their burden others. On that team Sanchez and you said yourself all my guy very it to the yanks and you saw the Yankees in the playoffs they were good he said Angela oh my god they have gone. Way past us right now and that's the fear people that. That was the rivalry that you had surpassed you became. You want three steps ahead of the Yankees yankees were behind you the Yankees LeapFrog other teams you. But that's injured Jason obviously Houston yankees and Cleveland. It all the Altria and accomplish something you haven't won a postseason. The young corps spent the wrote their season you'd court's gonna get to the playoffs and question your selves well they can do what are your but I think it's the Yankees have a particularly. Point in all of this in that that's always going to write you went through years of battling that and suddenly you watched him just LeapFrog you and then they add state and the offseason. You said he saw almighty god and now they're gonna spend money did develop players in their system really good players and how are we going to spend money. And I think that it's got something to do. With being unlikable right now it's the other and you can't get pissed off at the Yankees of delicate game reasonable more likeable yes the war custom. Made it fronted they were last year we'll see what it's like this year who who was who was more likable than an -- George last year that was unbelievable watching him. Nobody Houston's a great team this and they are out there COLT who so they gonna beat their rotation aggregate team problem. But if you had Judy Martinez I I don't understand why you don't think you're in the class. I think I think it certainly helps you it's because of the it's surely not because of talent. It's because of your opinion of this team. Just electability factor. Guess that's I guarantee you somebody outside of baseball you side JD Martinis and see what you think hundreds of these so cup who gives so they get no chance it was a when he knocked. You know you've got a chance to get Christian leader David pricey to pomeroys import fellow. Integrate back into Bhopal India one through nine you should get a chance. And he just sent but certainly they have a chance healthy to publicly feels they have a chance. I don't think these quarters court calling him think that this team can win a championship this year in your right 2013. Proved evident and when we did anybody think at the beginning of 2013 had a chance of pitching is a big part of the game whether it's 60% 7075 whatever you've got pitching. You've got a guy and David Price who could be the most improved player in the league in this upcoming season. Right you've got the bullpen you've got closer the one thing you're missing. It's the slugger to big time slugger but yeah. You're there's what you're missing is guys stepping up and do what they did a couple of years ago as opposed with a bit I was a single one of those guys we. Last year we look at that baseball team offensively than anyone meet your expectations Mitch Moreland. Exactly message are asking us ASCII was nice endeavors pop and F. And attendee. What else but the I don't get that feeling none of it for sale you get that feeling it Red Sox Nation that they they feel loose. Well no they don't serve so here's what they think they they they are you look at the team they say it's not likable. Then they look at the team and they shall they can't win anything and then on top of that they don't want JJ Martinez the one that might help you put you over the top or maybe you. Which no labels are watching our eyes and continue to bitching yells at me and I'll keep this team is not a brusque he's a full we have a tendency to do than her knowing I believe and. Old or new high 61777979337. Radio and Alan.