OMF - Kirk destroys Ron Borges, 2-9-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, February 9th

HOUR 4 - The guys continue talking about Kirk taking Ron Borges down this morning after Borges was duped with a fake Tom Brady story. And Lou thinks everyone is going to spit in his face when he goes to Spring Training.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty in the scope championship Beth and it is indeed good up. A lot of football left lot of football left I tell you a false spice them up if you go back and look at the game Eric -- played a pretty good game what you Israeli control I think control I don't ever seek mutual go to run the same page run the same page sounds good we go we got watched out for. Of wrath. And with Glenn who went. Rescue and bull and tweets that the guy has been out for blood lately pretty sure they tried to plant a fake story with me last week at some global I was just talking with the recent I need a minute epic about an apartment you better call batten said it to clarify it to rescind it has nothing to do with our show I don't know what he's talking about. On Sports Radio WEEI. I've told you Warren is abortions these senate and a few minutes because. Kirk actually and we just came to this conclusion during the breaks Oliver bills worth it thunder and France. Kirk might have done Borges a big huge favor even Kurt probably doesn't realizes that he thought he took them down. Actually he might have done among huge favorable get to that second. But little has been deprived of talking baseball here over the last few weeks there's been no real baseball stars. But the story out there that affect their Koppel. One of the David Price story that nobody is talking about because nobody's talking about the baseball team right now. Where he's assured us that even at the end of the season he's got that option where you can walk out no he's not walking out. He came here to stay at the Boston Red Sox for the entire length of the contract and these. But the warning is this JD Martinez story which a much Roy understands our CA Luke and clarify what's going on so. I just sort of sat back and listened to a lot of opinions of people talking about it seeing things written a filly is a fan base that's actually Ron Borges to the patriots. It's. Because the of these bits and Dave Dombrowski unloaded the farm system and admits that he didn't unload the farm system tickled it's Stanton and we all know it cost wasn't that much but then. Don't do it bitch because this that may be that this window of opportunity to win. And they they bitch because they're actually it didn't get a good hitter they don't want him that wrote to stand pat so really. The metal what happens the Red Sox that in a picture which OK I understand. They get JD Mateen. Again. This I don't buy have you cannot I don't buy and Pam ward the Johnny Damon reports he's cut very Scott Boras. In his pocket Arizona's offered five years and a hundred million. The perils of a 120 million it's 151 and was last unit of Paul Goldschmidt got Greinke they can't get rid of the money into all available 4550 million dollars more than the new project that's gonna happen. He's in the coming here but he needs to zip it mobile Rosenthal Rosenthal backtracked a little bit with the whole fed up comments that VOA news just you ought to at all he said it is. Or talk down right toward shutting down the roast duck looking back as well I was just say and so I don't know. But he should he shouldn't be talking to abort because I don't know we appear almost a year and he's fed up with the Red Sox only offer of five years 145 if he said it. How would you be pissed that the only team that's offering you'd damn contract that's worth anything in the first. Okay if that's the case and market to start this we offer little but the fact that he would come out. And say that he's fed up with Vijay would be inflexibility. Of the Red Sox it's simple when you're negotiation. You get leverage by using one against the other. Yeah you're right he obviously got the Arizona willing to commend it over a hundred million dollars so what does his ankle is angle is delete get out of these setup. The impossibility I don't know. Forced to announce that also true officer and house that was a national thing you edited slit broad ideas sleep 'cause I got emotionally yeah see you see what that what they're what the Red Sox did with Hanley Ramirez. Hobbled Santa ball. Thrown money away throw money at these guys are making bad decisions overpaying for guys. And David is the list goes on and on. And I it seems able to secure the Red Sox you're supposed to overpay for their people throw a whole host of yeah so your problem. And eat non non non violent towards that way who the guy that they ended up was old was was it. Was it was hamburger mirrors what they're basically negotiating against themselves. The Red Sox has done that the last and it's like so what are we doing here they sold thank god they detonated as soon. And there is nobody else that there could they have made his decision on the my my my point is that this is your offer. We're not going up just to go up and make you happen Hernandez who Lanny I was they won't put an end date when his I don't think you can usually figure that you don't usually if you're gonna have laid out. Here's what I feel about where are where party heard at that of the players association. Is now going to have a heat for the 100 plus free agents that are out there so the people can come and see them work out maybe get excited may be given some money right bourses already said his guys are going to be Scott Boras can't and it is separate can't whenever. I so their is no need if they're going to camp but they're working out they're going to organized drills every single that there's no reason for the to give an inside for a team. Oh what scares me the most. I don't want him showing up. The second week of April because it because the Red Sox suddenly you know and make it look good we'll give it couple extra box that you say that you got to take it will will kind of make it look good in the media. Because you can mess this team up in the month of march you're dealing with Haley already. Has anybody told at least point first phase of the if they done that yet and then you suddenly bring it Martinez and change everything around. Yet to put an Indy to. You know mostly right they absolutely need this guy. Q what anybody says what they need to because why I don't want to get into a corner I don't know if somebody else it'll get it done. What five years or do you wanna hear a so so on the our dear Christian on its ideals OK okay so you YouTube force his hand we're taking it off the table on Friday got till Friday. I mean you can't work got a better deal by so I think we all you have what it starts eulogies at the very first day of some it and because I'm not bringing in mid march I think the plane on my dear team if you gonna be here. You've got to old African Sunday. If you're not I don't assigns somebody else. It's 5120. Somebody else durable players out there and others like him out of it does a lot of blizzard but I take what it's a lot better. Then having to go to six and seven in just to convince a guy because it's gonna get the money doesn't work. I've heard about this kid is good. Okay and it's not just around here people out in Arizona Adam and everything else. We'll give hadn't worked with a before. Good in the clubhouse works is that soft media bears like work ethic in baton Keita ticket yet it was a late bloomer do whatever you want and stuff out. You get thrown all his career numbers to the first two with three years utility guy do the same thing with the tees that suit that looks like. This guy can hit you need him but the last thing you need is him coming here miserable for the reason of money problems are not gonna pay you more. Just DH. I'll bring you more to win a gold glove but you want to get gold glove. He's going to be my DH White House ID B seven or 28000030. Million BP well you're reading some of the mine at 125 Arizona's not offered that's a bunch or crap that's built its odd Boris. Try to get leverage and using his boy payment you got that you don't you don't. You call up Scott bowlers and say Scott. You don't listen you're a critical round JD no action or not what's the deal wouldn't stop this. Move remain aboard JD screwed JD what's the deal with most doctors what we get him for the week it will devers a plan be moving on. Scott Scott wants JD in Boston because he knows that's his best deal but he he's gotten stuck as you called on was stuck its exist or don't. And Elvis that a bit jaded and there to move already have 525 and 25 do you want one in thwarting. Still but you know what happened to be five it's what if not what are what he thought I agree with you on the the stock is at the approaches a good way to choose my drives it exactly put its bourses fall because abortions can still convinced Martinez. That he's worth 210 million dollars over seven and how we got and practice with negligence and rice exact promised to Adelman I work in and so the problem is he liked. To the market is not bad acting out and it's not and 200 righty misread the figure the value the players Sidney goes god you told me outward to one at that. I did come back it's on a 125. And how like Arizona. I'd like you being here I like no other like why sluggish. And let's look at the timetable wrote court. So the report Rosenthal that that'd that'd JD Martina is getting fed up with the inflexibility the Boston red suck bad bad bad flexible pick the next day what did you hear. It just happen here Bob nightingale says oh. The Red Sox actually looked the Indians called the vote Edwin commercial projected Bremer and his other ways to acquire power for the Boston Red Sox who averaged back. There what do you the next day oh. Arizona is will only go to 100 no it is a game don't believe it damn word Arizona is not going. 45 million dollars more they were last year they get gold Goldschmidt to kick goal when he with a at a game. Then on five years for him they know we can't play left field. He's a DH and they know it played left for a year to a public that he wants to play game he wants to play the outfield that's the other one he's leaking out the it is one of the DH. And I and I agree with you he's DH that's what he is the timing of the leaks and stories it's just back and forth it's that your attorney gauntlet of kick ball your side the court. Get them back another story only gonna go after commercial again get more power that's cool what are you what our results will begin five page on color originals will confide. OK I'll do that sent about it. So what is whatever lights in your gonna give a deadline and it started a different sound SPS are starting early next week yeah. Started camp you gotta you gotta go to abortions L listen. I understand you gotta go back and forth to declined if you got a better deal out there. That's what we're giving you go do it man. But we got to put an end date so hot what makes Tuesday we're gonna give you planning it's on me four days later and allowed. Or Wednesday Thursday whatever but we haven't a date that we're gonna end at that point we have to move on and I would lose Brett that though and I think now right you have to give myself let's talk about what are your client Jessica is even. That Wednesday and 5125. Is off the table yes correct and that's reroute that is not an hour or so to say now it's off solves a nickel they'll be turned down. Called regularly panic is week two with a play a 501 I'd off when he got now you I don't Ford. Hey you know you say don't. 375368. And out and you play you week she said parents say you know we need home runs went. But the worst home running and hitting team in the American English you guys at 45 but here's the deal. We get the home runs from two different guys but that means we've got to take that 125 million off the table because we're getting hit two bodies that give us combined 45. You know why you know again and he went to Arizona any great their right to great hitters ballpark great to hit home run sermons that all he loved it in Arizona. Look the look at the success he had no free agency go to Arizona to hit well. To get paid. You'll get paid. I went there used that ballpark to hit 45 African bombs so liking get my 56 year deal. I'm not gonna take it do you get delicate their ballpark that wanted to go there and have success again and that's great and make it may well under one or two year deal. You wanna go there. Why your free agent to do exactly what he did get to five you deal. In the back that ballpark for what we'll this the other 160 Israelis across how about a year after when he 3233. Of avatar was that he sort out their about the urban thrown nuclear button short term deal with Arizona as a benefit him. Torture them back at us when you're thirty through. It's notary and that makes zero sense not one year unity if anything it's what's in these guys starts at a two year deals to avoid next year's class. Not one you hope they'll go to X two year deals. To avoid the clock constantly maybe go do that. But you know what happened they got excited when they saw the literally there's oval abilities so the Lorenzo Cain deal he got five years at 32 so they're figuring our guys thirty. Why did he get seven takes from the 37 the same thing they're taking came to run every six yeah I think every reporter out in Arizona. Others to the radio that covers the team or other reporters are cover of the team of all said I find it extremely hard to believe it will record a hundred million. Maybe one new deal would who the hell wants to do that. I just it's not it's not there Scott is scrambling he's doing his best. But unfortunately he can see through this year issued an open on call him Bob was stopped us. Does he eat. He wants this got to sign them with the Boston Red Sox got does. Is he knows that's for the money is right now the Red Sox and the only team that's all over the luxury tax. Is the only team right that's what people citizen and reached cheap the only team that's all over. And a lot has to pass stuff. So get this guy the only team that will only do it. That's for Scott wants the well that would they look at last year when they were trying to reset. Okay electric tax so they were watching how they operate at last year and you're right they don't realize there's a team. Right now that would have to pay. That luxury tax. The previews of coming attractions will be proud to present an illusion he was free to bring a lot of control I mean and I was just really want just a little taste for David the next week that. If you be really isn't that are relatively routine is gonna be in Logan Moore said. We'll get more than mine asked organ or something you want it or do you want some guy's gonna come in at 250 unit in sixth that it can mean old in Morse and Christ. It starts. Slowly learning Monty he wants the so this does. Because he's announced on John Farrell when it afloat Logan mowers and people to count of the Arizona African 200 million dollar it's just thinking slowdown he's gonna be done. He's going to be here next week. David Price you David Price gonna stay here forever its never gonna leave the effect he's going to not only retire. But he's gonna live in a retirement on hold when he's eighty years old right here in Boston is I don't want all the sub version of EA GL ES so yeah. Yes business in the Red Sox being. Along with no I'm not gonna are you too early problems sometimes like I really don't need to get this done let's go Ethan won't do a week away from Africa can't open up. It's less than a week when we don't what do you go on illegal and a next kind of you don't actually do things that are brushing up on the first week of ever dug down it's returning every single guy's gonna spit in my face it's gonna be a blast occurred we thought enough. Yeah I doodle you can kind of the role right. You've lied both new coaches look bad error. Outside of the OC David Price is harboring some Drudge don't own dollars fine everybody's on the regular guy the guy's shoes on Austin suck up that the entire teammates. That's good that's voted and wrote stand alone and critical to stand wrote the community and a lot of pressure on you get to go to court and cordless phone I'd call you. One owned one but nice to get him back Laurence. I'm gonna have to say hello listen to the front of the smell the cut the grass green and didn't walk a lot of that typical baseball look much older I get home this year it was not home opponent for the. It is right what do you do to hear him we know what I'm doing liberals were all at the turn we ignored chart the illusion we had the new Super Bowl senator. I don't want to be do we get if you don't even know week to completely missed that I don't now they'll look into it turns out it was Monday it was an illogical to Portland will let you know I didn't hear about the study by example overlooked some fumbles and miscues there are some people like to. That little concerned about the baseball team getting involved in more so what's gonna tell you why Kirk got it all wrong to mess he got it all wrong he actually did Borges aides favor. Doesn't realize it and I'm sure Borges doesn't realize that Kirk he did him a favor next. Giving credit where credit is due that the guys who had jobs they've co. Clearly Johnny Griffin a lot of credit goes to our show in the morning obviously a lot of credit goes to admit patients who they are a good good show right now thanks Kirk now back to OM. Our Sports Radio. Someone's lives today. Okay. By Roddy board says goodbye. See you later if pulpit vibe. You take 95 he get off route one you take your right and you take go left and there's Joseph let's Dave I've been there many times. A broken more stories then you have single source Twitter do. What a Dick you are your life is over I owe you or your going to Hoosier. This. Yeah but. And that's because first stupid Astor which is that we possibly good. She's pretty good at tech karaoke on today and is Manning and he wanted I did some of the grave of Ron Borges who may be monumental mistake of breaking a story today. In the Boston herald's back page they made big huge deal about it that Brady was gonna skip the routier's. And mostly all lots of money moved back up the prankster he wants that I was gonna retire or hire. Retire if they don't if they weren't gonna hold on these two to Josh McDaniels pitcher some. I would I'd say it. Turns out it was a prank call it was somebody who this is a four yea wanna pay and he did work to this craft. Designed this whole scheme apparently kept on. Telling a Borges that he was dungy when he was really nick from Boston on the final day. Terry decorate. And it. That's what I but you know we were talking about this during the lunch break and I don't know I wasn't even came up with it might have been Lewis might have been out of here with live so I was glad it was a it was my dog and Luke credit on this one that are gets its way generally isn't that were all missing the point. That Kirk. Actually. Helped Borges today because what he did as he broke the story right at 6 o'clock. So now suddenly everybody knows by six cell phone I've that this Mick. In Boston. Was a goof caller up prank caller. And that Borges had the story wrong so what happened was 6000007. AM 8 AM 9 AM they wait until 10 or 11 o'clock. This becomes a full blown story nationally it's all over ESPN it's all over Fox News and CNN and everywhere else right everybody's got it. Instead. Everybody knew it was a fraudulent story. But we just a 65630. Something like that. Thrillers. Go arsenal right now a look at ESP and its union. You know but I guarantee you the headline and shows would have started Tom Brady's willing. To not show up if you don't renegotiate. But it Tom Brady was willing to walk away. If Josh McDaniels wasn't brought back he was going to retire which to me is one of the crazier and forget about the money okay whatever the money change our I want money. But he's gonna quit. The game the event all of everywhere NE SP. Every every single headline across the country went ahead and everybody would have been talking about it by three I mean. Everybody you're talking about this at Dallas and came out that nick from Boston. Was Don you know that was his source. It would have been. Still it still might get their visits because those kind of squashed early just always starting to get out that was those were goes in my get there so waited for the west yes but it's into the weekend in May won't get that much legs. Would have been everywhere you have been even worse of Kirk for actually say at face are on squawk. Our many let's go received boards is this year. This was this was going to be a lot worse Kirk doesn't even realize what what do you tell what insight to seek out these. You don't of the predictors say oh well we'll. You don't joke about me don't ever joke about me I am op limits. So the story was taken off the website. Like way at 8 o'clock. They're ready to write him it is really could have been or is. It would be a lot worst on worst Mondale did what ends up happening is worse this thing bills up in people looking at it as wrong Borges wrote it right. Credible source. Maybe not by the patriots fans here in New England but Lou you tell me nationally. How does this play out with Ron Borges name on the start he's a hall of fame committee. Well as much as Ron wanted to store to be true. The rest of the country would have to absolutely they would bar rating and this. Op Brady's finally gonna hold out for cash Brady was thinking of retiring that's why Josh reduced brought back. You know it in the what did you do losing everything a whole world was about the collapse. And and just because he's back but still what's what's Tom's thinking. Thomas and he must hate bill Bulger he wanted mcdaniels back he wants him to be the successor wet now. In a week bills walk blocking and all of this yes and all of a sudden it would have been. Actually was going to take them off. And boy Jesus name would mention. Laugh everywhere tonight everybody haven't you been schooled it lasts for hours about making fun of us and and laughing at it wrong for bourses. Expensive and you guys are both friends of them. Form that we needed on horses but number and I picked up that performance and I just got to go out there are. And he does what it. The moment. He's wow that's neat and so we had started all so random just could've been a lot worse for sure if it's bad now to begin its its. And and we RD said the you know they. The newspapers up for auction on Tuesday in a lot of people probably don't war lose their jobs over their benefits of better jobs on Tuesday at the auction is Tuesday. Whoever takes control of bats I stage potentially for a guy. No it is but it's and I know we disagree on this and I'm getting on call and they show on did not fund right now we do I'm laughing anomaly guides and over the maybe the good old days other member. Tabloids you know that whole thing. All broke opening design on that that you're talking we should come on before the show ends and just you know alternate NB don't always cut ninety minutes he compiled Friday and I know whatever it was a good idea I think that you having his limits are brilliant the end. So he got pumped. That'd be up pumped actually pictures just sit there in a trash and pops out of us and got used many times I mean that's. Yeah that long time ago. Well whether you should know better not just wanted to I should know metals that are huge no no I X I don't think it matters at this at this point. You just kind of have to just like listen you know what a bad judgment a rush to judgment rusty get it out want to be right out it'll never happen. Yeah I think the problem he has is the newspapers probably sit this especially where we're going on between now Tuesday. Don't strain and we should we have to wait this thing up but you're right. Ron probably on result should look at this. But in general what that's about it doesn't even if they do release him and I you know supporting the value of birds got I don't let them out as you they do churches and sent. I think there has duped us but I got to bundle to have you seen. Anything to me is that what would I look at what Brian Williams well it was Brian Williams hit a double priorities. Naughty thing payday you also admitted that he apologized and he did he admit that he was lying just different. Hot. He just got duped. It was a says lazy and I think you even have a more about its immediately get through one guy and honestly line to make themselves look like a tough guy in the other guy. Is oops I miss a beauty yeah better excuse is that different Brian Williams is the difference. Compared to the Johnson bossy think John Tomas he got duped as well but John Tomas he got duped by somebody who was an ex employee of the patriots. Who actually told him that there were tapes that produced them. Never produced them for the NFL. They apparently didn't exist practices right but at least he had somebody who was telling. At the Boston's problem was he didn't follow through and say at least let me look at the tapes right and then he had come out to the make up sorry and it's wrong and the story there's nothing Merrill came out and this guy Borges is. As a well worst. Well respected him as saying that patriot fans made him but he's well respected in journalistic circles. Okay and years and he's been at the good journalist in that respect sets of issues one way Davis has to celebrate the great losers in the history of this is from white sand. What a day this is from India in the wheelchair the boards beat up house. We shot whatever round boxing. That's the Michael Michael cats and eighty secure the borders salted. It's a great day to celebrate bad I was reporting in the ground in the face tough guy pretends he played on the raiders he's such a fraud. That was four hours as a small god for our young awards but I would Borges really screwed up and hats on him and you know that you expect from somebody who's just out of college the students that there is no we're gonna keep believable yeah just text that mean he's probably out while voices should I give full web there's somebody when you read the text. There's somebody red flags like he was agent is gonna send it back slash dragon are all can do to reported and religion and out of your relationship once sixty years old he was adding Internet that a guy was sending him messages. Did he get it again and I was trying to get cotton just kept pushing some gorgeous. It's unfortunate but look run up a great point and that is that it could have been a whole lot worse. If this thing was allowed. To just you know that you know. Grow here for hours and hours and hours and be a legitimate story especially off that worker champs off. People gonna hot that in and Brady's threatening to quit was threatening to quit maybe this is the end of Bill Belichick. And some people actually think it's the end of Bill Belichick aren't. I heard a lot of people in this market that. They think Belichick's gossiping baloney but he's going to be there on opening day this year some people think next year is his last year and the age don't wanna tell anybody could only conducted the play is a walk all. Speaking of I'll finally get sparked this whole story yeah shaft does get details of the grapple Odeo. Apparently there is there isn't out after year to. I guess they could cut him. But it would so technically it's really 61 point two million guarantee for two years. But to be difficult for the thirtieth economy and if you if he gets three years to be 86 point four million. You want. 42 point six. He just made 42 points they're all Smart guy a million dollars and heard of that ruptured but when we're talking looked at hundred million dollar and. Which he finds that Hillary I guess California tax my god. A larger idiocy you're gonna get eighteen million illegal and millions south San Fran and a hundred million in cap space they did frontal lobe it's a 37 million dollar cap that you want. The go to tailgate they can afford it could afford that camp and none are not the though that that is the real thing is apparently he injured an apple play you don't wanna play in California. They are gonna completely re you know all his money that kind of cash noted before they're gonna take. They're gonna this is the bull when he all that is done. You'll get 161000048. Point six million dollars in your work I tell you what he's doing what he's he's gonna wish you could like somehow hide it he's gonna good out remark he's gonna look good out there and market 'cause he will be donated a lot of that money. I have to save the kitty follow your you know like Jimmy saw the money all camp yeah how to like get some money back he'll tell taxable income just increased last month by a 1000000%. So wait a minute when you how do you do when do we when doing at the Massachusetts that would really start to load to hear the stories that all oh there's an out two years old stuff sounds like cabinet already accomplished two more years and why don't we follow what happens maybe he feels out there may be easier for years 62 or the patriots will take them back in three years from now I mean. We should timing was pissed for Tammy may be great second's camera made everything rule. On last segment coming up. Let's get back to full and half. That's what you think you admirable I'll be the first one metric tons I have novels do no balls that aren't sure what we sit in the studio we're trying to Sports Radio. The wild weekend. Crazy but usually let the healing begins. Anybody here for welcome Butler but. Yet nothing no amount of publishers and things. Anybody say anything about this we just leave this here is bill if you'll play a little now go on vacation and she's got out of most of these guys are going on vacation the next that we hear from Brady who will get. In a pictures. You know through a telephoto lens on the beach in Costa or. And Filipino they like him you know when you're an athlete you're used to like you know having two homes are going back and forth and accuser young mostly you can do that it was important point is that now the kids are older you don't. It's easy to take him out of school. On the trip to Costa Rica and you know Montana battles are bowler you know winner breaks in spring break you or someone different wanted to bet of the namely those names at the gym and watching kids means to settle not difficult at all when you aren't on you I mean there were judgment got half a billion a three like a Hollywood movie entire school. What about hockey. You know those kids are sports Middle East. You're not going anywhere you may see him Jerry you because you're going to take every unit prevailing union carriers just important Josh support everybody yeah right Sam first right only his personal use for all it was me. Lastly apparently was an important. Notice space oddity that meetings when and so docket yet attorney think any smoke any pets and only getting his like L mica. A money and Callahan Kelly and panel thank you Lester right. Well in almost a little Monday when it's gallon in a monster. The worst part about this that that the the CEO and the executives down in our corporate office. Is what does it realizes anything that he tells Kurt today he thinks it's all private arguments that it's. And the at all or title beating everybody or every word that doesn't understand we've all been duped before. They tell Kirk is something you think incident in private and then next thing you know it shows up on the program and learn their muscle old time. Yeah so that's gonna happen you know that's gonna happen. Until Monday officers and first thing Monday morning Somalia we will find out exactly what happened on. The good news laws or ninety the bad things to be teen learn. Heard horrific go try to figure out did. Not all of a few artisans aren't as well as any that I three and I don't think Jerry wanted to tell I think Jerry Lewis bill hopeful fearful of the meeting. The one and it I think is a little bit frightening though. Is that this thing if you want down into the principal's office and this is the big principle okay 280 stations or whatever he controls and if you wanted and they would. Its tail between your legs and you sit nickel and yet you were. Stuffed director you know direct direct direct direct. You walk out you go back and EG show that same way you did you show before. But Kirk today was walking out of here I don't know if you it was like. Articles like gene all of whom of which is namely it was well executive pregnant. Check it hello checks out he had to blow. Yeah I thought that I don't think it was going to put away when David I don't know how they advance the plot David resentment. Without analog control and good night tonight and today it was a great odds guided him like that spot so there is unveiling what it once you get up let me sickness yeah. But apparently apparently there was a brightness adjustments and reasonable and militant selections they'll let it go to. David feelers to heroes like he had no idea about the Borges story right no idea that they had terrific shouted in August that was breaking pitches at their dock. This I don't like crap that you don't Wear a global wealth go. Well yeah everything that you didn't get cocky and he's got caught. It could not. Yeah. It is over is still in the. Elicit our CEO and start thinking Jesus Christ Cooper's practice. I. That song will be your Hammond I don't like to. Is this as soon was I'm good television imagery you'll all have a great week you know no you have regret not. You have in mind you lunar new alliances fueled by Lou I would do this all again Monday then beat there Paul okay. So right before. I was so far is dead boys as accurate ball that van and stuff let's see any paperwork you wanna sell down a hallway we have had our moments they weren't aren't. Cut cut and I have a great weekend who see.