OMF - Jimmy Garoppolo is getting paid; Hollywood Gronk 2-8-18

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Thursday, February 8th

HOUR 4 - We get some of that "breaking news" love in the final hour as Jimmy Garoppolo is set to become a very wealthy QB. What must Tom Brady be thinking? And can Rob Gronkowski succeed in show business? Let's go through his demo-reel.


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On you wish. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 there were two things unfold. It really made Josh McDaniels shipped here Bill Belichick said they him. I want you to be by my side on an open my world that you feel you how like you roster building how I look at financials and the salary. Captain Bob Kraft flipped Josh McDaniels. They're owners crazy. I'm not there quarterback Andrew Luck has a bad shoulder barge is the greatest of all time will be back in the AFC championship at minimum. They flipped him with Ku and mu and Christian bill knows exactly what he's supposed to do on every single point you and I we don't is that possible to protect through yesterday the right back in bill we trust right or back it's that you need to play the love it would be until they know are on it and stop the secondhand stuff here's exceeds you'd think he would make the argument because you have no answers all your answer is I stupidity knows I was bullet and you know on Sports Radio WEEI. Anything that don't have theories on that came up with some more if we get to them William Randolph what was doesn't clear. All the stuff is clear by the way you can recognize apparently with officials during the course of the day with him we saw some of that. We've got them doing impressions of and then we've got what's going on with the Cleveland Cavaliers right now and it it and wasn't going to. Packaged guys that they just acquired and put something together and go get the country Jordan. They really aren't built here to win a championship this year with what they're getting right. You ought to cabs. It's almost like this all about Cleveland. Completely all the old trade deadline to complete Clinton is taking all of the players who had players nice players who had 23. I don't know what heels get ladies get four left in a country years left in a contract because they know all look bronze Leone's. Look at it McEntire to some McEntire added distance in a point guard Giorgio Giorgio Clarkson factor smitten Korver LeBron Rodney hood Jeff Green Kevin Love Tristan Thompson Larry Nance at your roster. You know beaten Golden State with that. You know these things all mesh maybe you can do enough to get out of the east. But are they acquiring. A nice players with control. To make one move. Before it's also and done but it may not be done. Right it really couldn't may be put it altogether in one Big Three team deal is their chance they could be acquiring and and and moving Giorgio. Moving Clarkson moving Rodney hood some of these guys that. That you know with that Brooklyn nets pick and haven't won big splash because there requiring nice players. And probably improve their team as of right now although it's gonna take some time for the entire team to get to know we each other but I don't fear them anymore. As much as I know. Postseason look like Soledad Asarco a you know Chris managed in a tweet about this also a season just just the fact that you know just about whether getting the cats are getting younger game more athletic more energetic. And this is a sign that there they're GM coal Colby Altman. Is showing LeBron he's trying to at least and it may not even make a difference that he's willing to change the team made the team better and spend money. Yeah accept these two and another thing now he's he's letting players go. That have expiring contracts or whatever he's taking on players with money George she'll. Twenty million this year nineteen million next year eighteen million in 201920s. All right so what he's doing is he's protecting himself if LeBron goes out next year. We have all these other players in the world book seek a free agent because we're gonna have LeBron money. So he's taking on money this is not necessarily Altman said we're going for broke this year with. LeBron doing that at all not not what I said but if if you're trying to convince understated they're gonna need one more guy. I don't think it's going to be I don't think it's going to be Cleveland LeBron James is gone that doesn't sound like that relationship with him. And in Dan Gilbert is really thought it was fixed I know it's bad now bad that Allen's image on it a hundred no it does is tell you it's real bad is bad. It's it's it's bad so there's all that talk about him retiring. You know Cleveland Cavaliers right and that whole thing get a statue out there that he was just make it that I'm in the midst. I don't see aren't I'll sit and they hit it yet but yeah just LA. How much time to they have you know you've got what thirty some odd games left. In the regular season before the playoffs. That's not a lot of it's time to kind of put your put a whole new roster to gather and our basketball team that your son Isaiah Thomas Dwyane Wade Derrick Rose to eight crowding and Shumpert Channing Frye all leave right look at this guys on their team. Look at the start line from the last year's finals. All eyes Isiah Thomas Nolan decried and over they were in the Eastern Conference final but all the guys whose name all the guys were where were active complain for the cavs. I'm doing way at all Rowell is there law that's true of tax of all those guys are playing in the playoffs in and out and wait Dwyane Wade. I mean lucky for him he's being sent back to Miami Heat to retire after this year and be done. Done and gaga that's somebody did him a favor somebody said listen I would get rid of all these guys we don't really see you par or Plante and your best present LeBron James. Working nice and cool let me back to. The Miami yet and they've had a major injury down there so if you if you were. On Miami you probably pick up the phone if you hear that that's happening that they're unloading Dwyane Wade in his city itself. Take it in a word we're with waiters right now that injury we need some help right now and the and the other thing is what when it is they don't eat or Gilbert some well exactly I see what's going on Senegalese guys you have got a complex where the big point guards guards whenever I mean what are we doing. Semi back to Miami and the Miami Heat probably down there's a nickel this is perfect for us the so this'll sells tickets Allenby. To write brochures this year also and that it Dwyane Wade is retiring at they would be happy person all the says. Paul Pierce. Obvious person to all this is the contaminated does that have to answer any questions no awkwardness ally your chair like I don't know what's the big deal that it doesn't appear when it's on Saturday or Sunday Sunday couldn't let this week six there it's it's and it came right it's is an and his son and a Tennessee we played the cavs are right like that who's to blame Paul look at it is actually as well I. There's making them. It did look it up so nationally televised Jerry Rice is returning OK that's he's are being nationally televised game is our NBA guys we have an ambiguity insider. Ryan you go to the game nines than the thing you know noise rock genre isn't it costs all. I'd say double fault calls here in delegates is the sole grounds stuff because there is does. Tidbits out there that get you the question whether. Grant wants to stay in football his Brian our theory it's a good out of there it's there Thursday it's gonna work here at Bryant in the car Bryant. The guys I had a great Eric these Julia. All right back to make the Daniels they would get back to full all right yeah I did everything it can spare. My. My question is still well checked who have never misses a wreck would his staff and everything. Why is it in the eleventh well. All of a sudden I heard that recently didn't hit that he's gonna show me the annual everything. We really walk you. We didn't hear any of this two weeks ago and it on the Indy right. Why is that these guys think my first question. And then my other thing is I think he'll develop secular wanna will hold a grudge. I think he was ready to lead as the offensive coordinator go offensive coordinator go and say the craft and Brady. You guys overruled it would go out hello I'm retiring. Have a good. Practical and that I think not I think it makes zero sense you can't because you can't become as good as this guy years. And suddenly be a grudge guidance constantly gonna sit it's I'll show you. I'll sock. I wanted to put Malcolm Butler a doubt lose the Super Bowl. Okay amateur Deutsche elegant (%expletive) you off because you pissed me off of the grapple finger or something in the past. Still stands well that's not what he is that's what he's never shown in his entire career I understand he's arrogant to the media. But that's not how he operates a business. I note and I just felt so why didn't have this all work now with mcdaniels. Until the eleventh outlook. Well tonight tonight tonight can they give you want because Mike Daniels you're not gonna stop it Daniels from going out there. And doing interviews he wants to be a head coach you're gonna sit there and say I'm gonna let him he I'll give him a good one it's out of Chicago today. The the the bears are leaking this story out that they brought in make Daniels they liked him the problem they never offered him a job. They didn't think he wanted the job. They thought he had apprehensions about his willingness to leave the New England Patriots. So this is probably more about Josh McDaniels. They're ready to let the birds fly and pick up my head coach he cynical formally mommy. That's what happened you reflect our. Bridal Brian Smith Brian Brian what they're. One thing nice it'd bill lauded everybody just walk away why did he convince Josh to come back ways that only. That they had figured that's the Rabin he didn't invent some rap. I figured out that you ought to get left holding them back he's mad because the older rolled on its head now I have Mitch Daniels. I have Brady now bill you can. Do whatever the bill bill would walk away bill doesn't want Josh here in use forced him in office according does want that he luckily. But he well there won't be or nobody can go on the blues right now and it's and it's logical. At the end. Bryant I love the soap opera to buddy I I love that this is good this is fun world coming up with theories it's there Thursday. But guess Arctic none of it follows the point none of it is cohesive it doesn't work together. Including me I'm gonna open up my entire world. Or written. What do you mean if like if ballots I wanted this right. He what are Clark analogue on time. He was busy working on a big game there a plan a plan a big game there were playing playoff games. Bill Belichick is not gonna spend his time getting away from the game suddenly say when you worry about Josh McDaniels and and his family and their future right now. When the game is finally over. That's when you address at season's over you're gonna listen I was. I agree with their I think it is strange you don't do with a minute seasons over. In all but I I just I don't think that he's had a little golf who wants to go go out and Robertson now. Now he's staying. Mad just you know. I just find that extremely hard to believe he had been a force. In to stay if bills are saying that's whenever you get going up yet the one thing we're hearing is that Belichick was a huge proponent of this. And he was pushing so we're hearing that as well Pittsburgh great soap opera we hear from. And talk to the peninsula and yes I like to reset. Usually completely my accurate though I do I can't believe that some I told them that for him wizard agenda whether told that it's all possible. All of this stuff is posse repairs there every single bar park commuters possible. I gyms and private intelligent. They tell us basically gonna call it a quick program note you want slick to me why you guys aren't in the afternoon drive. And why they still have the jelly donut mr. Peabody. That's that's called good right right in there are about as good. As they did in its. Deliberate lie and sheer will and nobody would write you write you there I thought. You can't maggot now Hillary but I don't think it's. Relevant to why public up quite some sort of happened where he could keep it something that annoyed Belichick whatever it is but I think like that yeah. Yeah and I don't ever let. It's a good crisis go to waste. And I think that. Being willing yet I think that he uses an opportunity to publicly give this is to everyone on the team so they can see that. He's not afraid to does anyone and I think would be losing of the potential the I sentiment indicative coordinators as yet. A wonderful and he got it even though they don't look at all the even 1% of its own problems are fixed. More the message was more than doubled home what was the message sent. They know anyone can be found on the anytime no jobs. It makes no sense to me that of all of the series have you gotten that Bill Belichick is gonna sit there and say I just want to show everybody that I'm greater and smarter than everybody else on the planet so I'm gonna take a player might be able to help me and similar events. Not that the accused you automatically backup what that came to get a job and great inadequate job. A great job was outstanding as I was. Some valid and you saw stats news is suck down your results did give his artistic Jenna down Gloria Gilmore another Ellis scored 41 measures dollars and throws off as the wind out safeties it's of course not great and honestly I read about visiting plus all the corners. And up. I just doesn't everybody do when asked liberties try to figure Thursday started and what would do what they're doing is they're taking the arrogant Bill Belichick before the podium before the media. And they're taking that persona and their extending and stretching and that announcement. He does that everything in life he sticks it everybody some sticky at the book or that he's sticking it to the defensive team saying you know what. He's sticking to the map features that Butler a wait and see you can coach without your leaving and going to detract. Everybody's coming up with a sub plots and plots and everything else. That's not ballot should you don't become what he's become an even the people look at this off and they have a right to date. Of what happened on Sunday with a defense of what happened with with no Malcolm buck around there everybody does agree he's the greatest coach of all time. Don't become the greatest coach of all planets attempt plague Rogers. No I don't wait this is all that's awesome. This is the same thing that patent Alan Branch with the amount Butler he got. He had to sit down. Was into ball shear that again linebacker while ago he said down. Obviously you've traveled really you'll have heeded our brand image the fortunate part for them is that it happened and how aggressive suit up. I think it's all based on performance and call me crazy and it kinda get this guy is not playing well. And a guy can't follow a game plan that changes from week to week guess what. Find somebody else for don't we keep that button a man. Maybe it's next man up when a guy Sox are Reid doesn't perform well or not willing to go along with bulk. For a brand why did Jamie Collins skip Austen thrown out of here. Because he wasn't willing to do your job play within the framework of what they wanted to do defensively simulate you wanna freelance going to want we'll send you to click and you won't win games but you'll be able free lunch or ass off every single solid yo money right. That's what it's all about. It's it's unbelievable this is heading our gear of arrogance and go this is what it's all about. It maybe if he's not maybe if he was a social. Doesn't get the stats and concluded it it's an all please do you do to get might go rifle low. NFL careful here to Europe. Well I sick buffalo because he's talking about Iraq hello okay the 49ers in quarterback Jimmy eagle rock below have agreed to a five year. 137. The biggest deal in a film history. On average per year leases. As of five years I love Jimmy to rubble as a 27 and a half million dollar I think he's going to be good quarterback. That's that that's over twenty backs Allen. It's. Mean. Did it great that's all we're more and it Matthew Stafford bunnies a similar pretty apparently weren't very apparent billion bring the jar of gasoline in with. Yeah. Much like while. 27 and a half. While that is outrageous. Bought it now there root out editors really got to look at that's the would it would it would add the breeze like. There is no longer the myelin that that me that was an unhappy that that was a big part of the problem this year is making it it's it's a five year. You'll see every last penny of that one so the and it is there's. That the real content will come out on the resume so much dead money and better get a feel that's a real number is marijuana what Colin cameras on a big deal. Everybody was freaking out going I'll cry much money may when you look at it and realize that it was like. Every year there was some sort option or like it states in that would voided so my dad and I never saw any of abandoned money whatever happened to him. Well academy in the year is do they do things they get things happen to him play Tibetan Campion somebody's roster that thing is that like Brady is probably still be playing in the big problem probably at least every 55 years and once we sentence of 3713727. Now who's got to have been paying cash. Here's a harm that and people aren't easy. Happy to back up makes six million a year of Caspian Beckett would you pay I'd like Italian all of its you. Anybody that's worked 47 and a half million. Is worth more than 82 round as Saddam and ye. That are problems and you know it's not all saying the plan. Unless there's still. What are bad lowered its before this goes on it worth it if we're looking at Bill Belichick blunders and and using that and they're not playing Malcolm book was a a major blunder the grapple one's the big appointments. Well I. In this new and play uninformed or live in all but the manager signed 137 and a half million dollar deal point seven million dollars ending its Smart move me 100 but it has done. So he thought that highly of home. That date giggle occasionally you're done you village atlas gas addicted to it actually you're done you put all the paperwork to go and he's happy right you're gonna sign that deal he's gonna make an awful lot of money what's the next argument that Tom. And I have a solid ground I don't know. I estimate that I don't know I think problems are to call them that literally within the last ten seconds you know stories that yeah it's Thomas you know backing up debris instruct on this one. What does Tom Brady war even though he will be 41 years of age and each one year so about two million. My next opportunity to Rockwell say at some supermodels and he's the next I what. Georgia I'll have a lie and nobody knows they let you latter amount. Not about a guy he's already you look at it he's got better in those unable to and he I don't know who's boss. The bull crooks looking for some panties and a little bit more to more of that coming up next as bad things didn't work out Glenn. Don't look happy back. New and Christie fox Sports Radio. If I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of actually do the agent on the other side. I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle. I'm I'm stuck with the puck around and Paul. Policymakers on it it was all over. Jimmy go around below is about to sign. A contract making him the highest paid quarterback in the National Football League five years. 137 million dollars and is Luke brought up. What does it mean when the highest paid quarterback in the week was acquired for second round draft pick only a second round draft now he's 46. In the numbers right policy. As is every like long term deal a three year contract. Yes blood in and an excellent public the first three years of point 75 million a million where guarantee and I've no idea. Don't let you YouTube but the way it works it that's crazy good the way it works then the contract becomes longer if you're dealing with. Huge bonus structure up front because you dealing with so let's get money so he may suck in years 34 or five. Did you project the dead money is so large. That does not much you can do what that point. So in and that's why are also scored a hundred million dollars under the cap is at Cleveland honestly I think there 410. Of Cleveland's a hunger is usually back load everything right. But you've got a bone and he's not doing this deal without huge bonus up front don't say what it was much of the 137 is guaranteed that's quite know what day is 800 million dollars under the cap on me what a picture scenario. With the captain of Alex. 35 million dollars you want then after that we can medium sort because it shouldn't just it's just. There's even that good Tuesday you know roster bonus so lost their bonuses come do right that year I'd love has anything. A gain in and we all kind of like Jimmy drop below. But he has played seven games. This it is this is a this is the best this is the necessity five or six or six games. He lost the first game against Seattle and had a five game audition where he was five and oh. And had a great you know the quarters I wanted to play it is but no. Really bolster I think he didn't play they needed to see what he did a lot of so they don't want to play this good though didn't want to play at all he had a related they had to they -- and Goodell had to see what they had accepted blues right and getting ready to control of with a franchise tag I think they they did not wanna play like they'd they'd like with a strong practice they we're not gonna deal it's a 137 million dollars today awful if you and I kind. I think that they would restaurants you go to franchised him try four more years but this he'll be but he'll be worth every last penny. If he plays the validity of adult he's gonna yeah we don't I mean that's the price of a quarterback. I mean this is the guy that's in what is is its fifth year. So I mean he's already establish himself is better than draft one of these Yahoo! at a college you Lou you set the full list. Please don't with a repeat yeah. Jumping her 37 million dollars or tobacco or somebody like an out of right you're also you're also run the risk of wasting their draft day. Floundering around for the next year or two maybe three and it happened to do it all over again. It taught it for its emirates is go with ever going to get back they do is solve one of their biggest issues and that's cornerback. Now start doing it around so he's got to be good we all agree with that but I think the patriots look worse today. In that you're giving your assigning a quarterback for 137 million dollars and all you got. Was a second round draft reform they made their thing while we don't ever pay guys are guys that they wouldn't complain about grass but it's beside the point. That a team gets the team the team valued the player that much and you look at and say so if he's worth that much the highest. Paid quarterback in the league right now you couldn't have got a first round draft pick for. And I think they got a gun at me listen and it will just like a knuckleballer it's it's which we talked about this all. Of last spring. Before the draft before free agency started but it what he was worth. Yeah and I agree. But you gotta admit it all big change. In his last five games a lot on the it was a valiant I think I was watching it was he was so he was still gonna have a high value. OK but he wasn't gonna have won 37 about late Matt Matt Stafford at Salem what does Matt Stafford done. To earn his money the show that he could Plame leak lot of yardage. Big a deal on not a window now. He hit one on the road go look at the right I'm John instituted it obviously made a point to listen rocketed to the whole Kirk cousins things. Where rock and a franchise U your after a year because we don't wanna commit few long term they send him they sent a message to him and the team. And the NFC west. It would have a business they're going to be doing. I think this is a huge move on their part huge commitment also. Based on the fact that they didn't want a string along with the whole franchise tag like six games wasn't enough information for you. 55 wins in a row what was it enough you fourteen that basically that he had basically given up. They were Doug million what you gotta do what they didn't have any receivers. They had no it's no running game that's ownership completely changed the whole program reeling its weak rights reeling after the Harbaugh lost six hour. What is different was stuffed. Here's how good this kid wants out so they had the we said before when the season ended. If that last game you did you walk off the field he must just walked it back to his locker gone for a undated the highest paid quarterback in the league because on the last one. Or will signs next cousins I have no idea are you ready you're ready for the highest paid quarterbacks always the last. And the jets are gonna think of five years and 130 Stalin and her presence and your typical Japanese feel sock or you'll get hurt not only our game of ever really going to be hoping you'll be and competent and that's all he is he's a confident player with every now and then have a big game. But he's not. You know it just doesn't have as much shine on him as much as Jimmy G as far as the upside I think I think Kirk cousins of the UCs ceiling. That's ordered I think the reason he's getting paid so much more. Because you have no idea they're selling it Don you said listen this is just a little paste I might be easy basically. He's basically Tom Brady everybody on and you know he's. All that but. No that's what they're selling him I know guys six weeks you got a quote little taste. Imagine if he's there the whole offseason you get in some weapons to put a defense around him guys you're going to the snowball you're beating all the and it you're going all the way to it. But ego present a lot of people talked about ego the last few days what do you do if you Tom Brady. Because of your Tom Brown Berlin right wolf first of what you gonna do that fourteen million dollar Gerrard in the Capra for 22. So you're fourteen million bucks next year but you don't want to play for fourteen million you'll be MVP in the week even though your team lost in the Super Bowl. You put more yards than any other losing quarterback in the history of the national football regular season game. And a playoff game what ever any game exhibition game right. You don't come back and the problem you have is the usually Tom Brady has been willing to play the game so they can stretch it out played here morbid here. But he's 41. Next year. You can't sit here and plan it out and Plavix the salary cap game where you're paying him dead money when he's fifty total. So how did you give him a big huge monitors that there's so. Don't do this in the past redo the traffic usually are Atlantic but this is the way the court system is of some like Lennon had eighteen career starts he turned it into fifteen million dollars or brought Oz Weiler. Saw what he did. But that's small little sample size of that team is that wise. A great even dividend of what are the Super Bowl. Took seven starts eighteen million dollars a year. I'm not you should be surprised at all the team we drop below seven saarc also when he seven point five million dollars a year since starts. I'm looking real opponents have a brother undervalued yeah we've seen players do this before for 78 months out of. There's some blame to do these teams and what else are they gonna do you got if you don't have a Corvette wizard and I know you're dead at the structure of it is like here it's just does Knoll. Bridge contracts JETS. Jets it's with it's just likes faces oh shucks sort of Harley Cleveland clue about it one on talk about it that team that flight is going nuts right now quarterback and noticed whenever with Houston Houston and terrific defense they landed a quarterback question until we get hurt. And what happened they were legitimate or pay the leading offensive team in the in in the league when he entered an onslaught manager and he's young quarterbacks. That are completely save your team thank you Surrey to set the market form in this and that I gonna sign for another three years to run these rookie content rules Brady's that's going to be interest and I'm gonna give you the tidbits on now Rob Gronkowski before we close things out we'll do that next. We are back with more loaning. Stuff tar. Sport it was right I think there overlord of security act on Sports Radio we EI. No no no no no no no no no no no what that. Where people use tell us who watch them. To. Inspirational portion I don't know if you felt the same way. Would you send a grant if you having a safety issue with the tide pods and and kids are actually in it. Digesting them eating them or whatever. Is grumpy guy you send out here to tell the kids not to do it yes real. Added to the kids listen to. Elicited a bigfoot they don't do as the does the prankster rug is gonna do more motivated you are hoping is this case somebody serious out there you said you know Barack Obama you send somebody who's gonna go yeah. Barack Obama don't you don't know it's like god does not doing that but Brock and Bob show Burton producer Bill Burton of the story yesterday about Glock leaving the patriots. For Hollywood we know the state that he made. At the end of the game and I thought it was a little bit alarming. Because. Mike Florio who's tight with rosenhaus. Had it earlier in the day gaunt looked like cool like got widget here that. Dude there was some truth to it and start to hear more and more stuff from Hollywood the grunt has a lot of connections out there. And I know people with people who do that using home guy what do you think he can he can really don't expect he's gonna be DiCaprio lot you know. I'd say it's a professor rob and today I'm here to help you with your homework questions let's get started hate crime when he along the content. It came by boat in 1492. And then again by playing at fifteen all one. They got. So this is stuck great acting project telling me if you're gonna be enough when you get back issues and you got seen issues and you've got concussions. Tell me he can't make as much money or more money out Hollywood minute can do what we've all of his body but you can't show up to breakfast and I think it's. To be like a real modern day on Raj yeah as the game goes out to hop music that movie guy knows in the movie no this is my theory it's it's strictly leverage. Hey I just so you know you don't want restaurant in Hollywood make a living and now he's out of B a B a movie. This is just camera and retiring what else is out there for me that I could make as much money. It is right now. I think he can make some sense of the course of his life yeah continues have been ready because there's a real actor accused Iraq now. Know what he knows the real actor. That's easy. Apple. Capital. And capital. Of a goofy little role in a movie. He's not going to be rock you can you can but there's a lot of these other action movies that are route to an action shows. It's all down with digital. Special effects. With a bunch of computers in a room now. So yeah you can see yeah. Did you ever seen Schwarzenegger first movie ever did the United States. His voice was dubbed him by another actor you got so they use his body his physique is his personality his old stature. And they dubbed its politically could dock you can go though they're gonna connect I go to do it you could do that or his job but not your body doubles and I'll blog you rather still muddled out of told. He's hysterical voice over I billion. Michael holidays and the studio. Rare opportunity for us might. Here. You guys have to examine how to hang out when he got it and see it may go. Lived through here late to talk about this move oh man showed he does. It's gonna reprise the law this stuff writer on the trade deadline if they get enough what they trade him. What was his value out of the rest of the league CNN. It's right back on their highest paid quarterback Italy should you get more in the second round draft hurtful well. That's that you don't doubt that that's the thank you can't show you gotta future of the program directors yeah. Does that does dabble and I got an idea for a show with some guys in Iran it's called the big show with the you've got people coming ego and all the best athlete and a blast and then they only beat and they all give anyone the exhibit like. So money out of I'm doing it yeah there's an app and one of them want to go back and says that it was a flash boy not a flat out middle age that the we're live John Bradley shepherd great they don't play here and we got it we're ready got to this tons of stuff out of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Absolutely yeah they do I'm a lot to us. Money market enemies know we. The big meeting him in one of us getting a shadow government go to Philadelphia you need to fill and one of the guys I'm miserable and hundreds of pounds of those who sent them there for the meeting and out of Atlanta Chris Curtis Christian out. I think the more stuff to think Curtis EU and those guys name Darren the sea and galaxies. Talk about that door at 10 AM will be here Oro.