OMF - Ho-hum, the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl again; JAX gave the Pats their best shot and it still wasn't enough 1-22-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, January 22nd

HOUR 1 - For almost an entire game, the Jaguars played an almost perfect game. But when it comes to the Patriots, "almost" will never get the job done. Revel in the misery of every other football fan (Kellerman too) outside New England because the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Again. And James White joins the show to discuss the big win.


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All you read it. Fort Wayne alimony and 48. The patriots go to the Super Bowl it will be because Danny and me and stolen when it not hurt. This time June 12. He understood the second. With Ku and mu and Christian who look up good football player in dictionaries pictures right there beside that the matter what it is faces tremendous quarter. And how would you describe that that's might have you middle unbelievable these guys about that. Right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. And you catching up with a bowl episodes of the bachelor so Lou I just wanted to update you want to. Dolan told went nuts UN not the right you messed up now and I know it's added I didn't I didn't have to watch it I knew was gonna happen. That feeling about human completely absent you know a lot of people are stealing our nickname for him. Like it there needs we need to be able trademark that or something like. Whenever they say it's too why you always gets them vertical front for you are you regular week you're welcome why why they disagree people more credit every single I'm zero. Right on the gas credit you or did you break a story you want credit for that. We don't job. We do a lot of nicknames here right this whole agreement done that before and and then we basically he ever tell you that Al that yes they but anyways it's a moving on what I'm. Do the new unit does not it just doesn't sink in for me. Did he play off him and adolescents to adhere to its too much to started very I was in Italy Poland and continuity is like just been used his body when you went. All we could do is to say. Yeah dole had. Everything he attacks what it means that's the way up and you know what it only told only that Tola could grab his girlfriend picked her up at the hands all over her. I. Output are right there on the fifty yard laggards and in my blood at its good to me it's like normally a bachelor and most guys would rather be the dole in that scenario but after that gap I'll address the Olivia yet. I let's. I realize that I want to give one that jump ornaments to rattle on the you know anybody who giving us form a business. Yeah. Just gonna be on display a river permanently or eight weeks we've got so. Hey Corey and I go out there is and why we. A lot to talk about with this game ended the hatred that is going to you're gonna hear. Over the next two weeks is going to be fun. Model for us this is going to be a joy and I almost getting it now I I almost get it if you're. What are Clinton's. They know England patriots to go back to the Super Bowl the rest of the countries to try to get a team that can go nine and seven aren't. And you're gonna be all pissed off and we're gonna love every bit of an over the next two weeks and hatred and he was already started amid the victory comes up in just gives us. I tapped on the chest the Tom Brady OO to six was and its right there it's obvious stop it. But we'll get the forever and we'll get to all that let's get to the game. First of all the Jacksonville Jaguars. Did him good gate and and the one guy that you did not think was capable. Of going out and doing it was like portals but effect of these three unheralded quarterbacks here in the in the try to work or are now turn. The story of home to a home did really really well. One of bomb you leaked his pants Oakland at eighth and the other one you expected was due to be good even with a cognizant that was. England patriots went down in Miami and lost that game. Yeah I need there's Sydney. My idol Peters played bad but I'd see Miami play a game like that why do you break day for eleven but put out by Jimmy looked good right they've played hard. I've been in that. Was the best game I think Jacksonville could have possibly thought of playing yet and it wrong all you're right I know the last eight minutes you know things didn't go well for them as the Khatami current article is actually run you're beginning. These are things you wanna check off right. If you reject it got lost Ctrl+Alt rocker tells Jack controlled Dion Lewis checked when eternal battle Jack convert on third downs and stop Tom Brady. Win time of possession running the football. Stop the run convert into red zone and get brilliance from Brit ablaze portal in this one of them. Take Tom Brady off the field and force Brian Hoyer but the minute you sit out this Internet is that that it that it assets like I don't think any that they wanted to accomplish what he says they're gonna go home. They gonna do that check up every single box and their pack it back to goal for the season I don't hear about everything they needed to do in that game I don't give a little Tom conflict. Mora had a terrific game plan. Can't plan mr. Vick now with the patriots needed to do is stop limits warn that good job of California ever got really got going it was only. You know if you want to sort of play did he hit only have one big play eighteen yard I sent by output but ultimately. He was wearing them down. Hit his ability to get through the hole and get positive yards three argument it's only three. Because they're not concerned I heard here or arts here mental third out situation as you can tell. But the Patriots defense they were playing on their you'll I agree that they could not. Figure out what was coming evil day even if they were in the right position to make a tackle. The Jack or break the tackle in the first down for some doubt it so that to me was blustery. Because they weren't doing anything crazy what if they make overly exotic what was the thing all week is playing they are they are football. I agree with you they warned on the other thing though is they never the patriots could not get away from that they had to continue to stop for that and put the game in Blake portal seems. What portals did is he utilized the threat of foreign that. And he sold the play action because for Nat is a big east so you have to and he was accurate throw a little short little safe passage Albany. Tony Romo. I think. Our first. Or musical crazy he was right but I'll tell you like Trent Dilfer is right. Trent Dilfer is right. Because in order them to be in this game and really all these games not only does he offered the court here have to call in just a brilliant game the perfect game. Perfect game at some of these practical right. Because it'll make certain roads. If you think accurate quarterback. Then we would be talking a different game right now because platform that would hit his head on the global the grind that we will route and that would have been a touchdown and they deal more when the Bonilla knocked out ball out of the air to CD game it would put a little bit more there are hundreds. So what for everybody does well. He's still sucks but this is why he sucks so you got all that. Everything he beat. Or could be the game he needs to be brilliant yes that an out of body experience with what he was Abby. It was getting a lot of support from his supporting cast but they are making big plays they are breaking tackled the author of the court it was playing with. Calling all the right place at the right time. What's it doesn't happen right your core I usually bailed you out of bad plays but that's the quarterback's job is dealing with opposite corner called crappy play. He had just on a lie he Bilge rats out of date. Now he doesn't do that for you can't do that for you so. Ultimately take all those things work out forum right every last thing worked out for them yet here we are Anderson are going. One happened and what happened. Fourthly you want you work yet and you weren't perfect if you play and we played portals you weren't perfect but I'll tell you what their defense. It's quick and they are physical noticed how few yaks. Yards after the catch you've got into the game yesterday. That you you shall pass for four or five yards expecting to get 89 or ten you've got forty time that's what you guys do that you know third and seven Bluetooth three. Which she normally does the problem is while he was beating one guy he was attacked by another two once you are so fast and it was frustrating appoint right third Nate third seven. Three yard pass to Deon and gets tackled after yard truthful and important election. Yet that little jump and a little you know little little jump little move that he makes where he jumps on me kind of plant has the and he kind of goals left to right. Like there's too much pursuit the effort if you eat it he did make the first I missed the second that was there to catch above all he. He did in the first year actor did little hop jump right eighth I that didn't didn't work form. So that the screen passes all the plates the swing passes to the right. Outlooks there were giving them they said. We're not gonna get beat over the top. Where we'll let you wanna dump it down okay fine we're gonna attack you we SP we could tackle Europe athletic backs in space which they were doing so. There was three yards Udinese three Arctic couldn't get they got two or they lost one. So everything that bill was working out perfectly so that low. I think he's they underestimate how fast this team really want. Fast and you're gonna get a fast team defense two weeks from now philadelphians are similar in that respect but you know what the one thing I think we enormous. And and that was like portals he was much better you even though he wasn't perfect he was much better than anybody could take a there were broken plays the flea flicker that the patriots obviously. The figured out very very quickly he starts rolling to the right on the run he makes a pass to get a first down on that. Broken plays we think a young inexperienced quarterback like that is gonna fold. He really didn't until the end and it got to be too much but the lead at halftime we were talking about this on the conference call I know I've already heard what you guys think. 55 seconds left. That. In the half. And the Jacksonville Jaguars. Decided taking a knee after the patriots had just scored. I actually think Doug morrow made. The right called that point a to you like this I think what he realized was almighty god. I got. What about a half almost a half out of Blake portals he start a full port right now might teams start to become unraveled. That's when they picked up those penalties guys beat illegal shift. Then the delay of game right after that then the holding penalty they were forced to punt now knowing what takes it would tool to let them by the way another scrub. They left two seconds above the two minute warning on the clock in a while even punt before the exactly. Closed right hand them next to I don't know the mistake. So now you start to see the mistakes start to clog up why that's why Jacksonville starts to unravel so he's looking at a saint I've got the ball to open up the second half. I wanna go windy right now with Phil Reid. I'm good I'm gonna get the ball back to Blakemore is something bad can happen New England scores they take the lead at they have done momentum they shot my team is screwed. OK so a couple of things right so I hear you on that but that formula. Ended up working for them. Because they didn't want league lose the ball and they want to they are they knew their game the ball back in the third quarter. And I are fresh set you know world Reed Johnson halftime what do they do they come back out and have a great series with the Lambeau their care and that taking a 54 yarder right so that works you're like okay this philosophy works we're gonna be patient right TV chances when I stick with our game plan. But when you were you mentioned that the hole up to buy things laughs yeah I saw the Staten. Averaged meanie sent this out he says. So the jet the Jack took and he with two timeouts and clustered by seconds remaining in the first half. It's unprecedented this season no team had dignity with a plus seconds left in the first half this season it only team to do it in the last two years. Part of that team was doing New England my memory what game was being a quarterback did it. Jacoby respect and what are they doing to shoot you don't have any faith and quoted a lot of what he's gonna start. Well about that because you go with a game plan and philosophy you know you're limited cornerback. So why allow him to why it and it crappy situation. Even if you think there is out there that the percentage that he could mean I don't you stop a losing quarterback Chris and he knows more about what. July I don't think it was I don't think it was a wrong call because. The as we said before the threat of Leonard four net opened up a lot whether he was effective or not there was still 34 yards and a carrier right. With 55 seconds that goal there's no let it what net. There's no there's no threat. A Florida right right so the whole game plan. Of handing the ball before net for three or four or play action afford and a quick pass that's out the door 55 seconds so what you gonna do written five seconds. If you're a public boards in shotgun. Right so but it's everywhere you don't want. So it it's. That was away from the game players that you know additional things and how we wanna win this football game. With portals back beard shotgun and sling it all over the place no nothing nothing good can come out of that she had I don't think it was the wrong call Shiite I think they got. If he's he's looking at quarterback like we are. He's looking echo almighty god I just got almost thirty minutes he's got a boy morals who was playing like Joseph Montana. Okay this can't continue no one of the real man I think that's why a lot of people were were very critical of the jaguars in the fourth quarter for being so conservative. It's usually you're playing with Blake portals this is not like you're playing with Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger. You're playing what Blake again you have to do. That again it worked for them it worked because that in the third quarter the patriots only had like two series. The only against guys in the third quarter and it ended up one was old and both times they punted and one of those one of those series it was it was a three now. And and the Jacksonville Jaguars get the ball back again and then did than it did that start the fourth quarter the ticket and other people it was. Unraveling with about four minutes left in the first half because she got keenly Cole you've got quarry grand we just talked about making big plays and then you screwing up. Now he got on and on and on. Unraveling it was not a wrap it was it was working normal procedure related critique her real time I think it's time but you raise the first Jason there. Nine they still using it they're rattling how unravel I didn't keep order they had a third and I ended may football you're gonna I'm not date stated I'm gonna have a verbatim they had edit they get a big completion to Q and coal okay on the third and nine situation. That's first down looked at ticked at the time remaining in the first half you're gonna teach the boy you've got a chance this. Organic OK so we I'll share your talking about rattling like a penalties all but they overcame it but they overcame it. They got points so we need to know honey I know Bono and I'm going what got us cellular wow that's Donald but they got to let still okay you go into the game. They got points in the third quarter in the record and I don't know it's true senator John before the three events I have to say it again that's all I had a good first half and it's fourteen to three that's that's fine I need a lot of quick timeout that the labor of yours and had not unraveling and that's how friendly they don't already know what they do you know if you weren't penalties you story politician in my forties how do you view unraveled. How do you view because it a really weak team when it came out and and allow that last series in the first half to affect the goal into the Dayton daily and it is that I'll agree with you yes. But that's gonna make an excellent complementing. Doug Brown when people say. That it's stupid ticket knee with 55 seconds I think he says his team was all used the word don't unraveling so what he did was he said I've got to do something here. I've gotta I gotta I gotta play real conservative I'm taking a knee we're gonna get to the locker rope will figure it all out we'll start all over again with the second avenue right. It worked for them because they got the field goal but they could've easily got a field goal they are New England not getting the ball with two minutes into seconds left. And you could tell yourself hey you know a seventeen to three day. At Columbia have done he should've. Walked in that halftime if you Jacksonville only given up three points correct you having a delay of game coming out of a timeout to a recent first owned. And then your apartment go right down the field so you mean they'll write down the field to score seven. And you tell me that that wasn't. You know the patriots and say OK now we can carry this in the second half didn't work that way in the third quarter. Special and Jackson went three and around their own ended the path to the ball fifty movie mad if I think Wilcox missed that. Touchdown correct that I want to strangle the brunt of a bit I know it a good game I hit a terrific game that one play you do drove you crazy they had an illegal shift a delay of game. And a holding penalty back to back to back. That we know killer for them on the refs though mr. restful. Right amid the league game that's the refs throw it and implement talk of the six penalties at bad. What what's what people pissed off about life is that here in this Shiite about the referees right now. So was it the delayed games at the rest vote was it and the rest followed Jim Ramsey grad rate cuts by the neck. Public the I don't know will be false start illegal shift plus we all these that was run more quickly than that at the end of the game will pan off just. Area. Of which one you better. Like Kerry and even though and here's the thing is that the patriots with their penalties one penalty no no turnovers. Imagine if they if they had a bunch of penalties and how much worse it would go hard at work harder it would have been for them. Because is much as things were not working for them they were reported themselves and terrible situation make that move the ball couldn't convert on third down. But they weren't giving him. I guess enough fuel to Jackson because they won't give them expanding drives drivers and it. But desolate jaguars beating the patriots new energy new momentum new belief that they can win you know more proof. That okay eventually. Slow the battle of attrition eventually. One you're gonna have to break serve but the patriots are gonna have to break it jacks which or certainly have to do something. Suggests I don't know sparked. And that was the third and eighteen because you go into the fourth quarter. When you look what happened so it's ten now and years ago it would immediately the big meets the source arc it is the double pass. Like our have it all classical greats. My object rips away from Deon Lewis in and he gets the ball right and you're like oh. They are your chance spirit and opportunity because you know OK there is targeting new light also today they're gonna start expanding drives and you're not gonna get the ball. That was the always had this this game to trouble yet I thought and take if any set there's big play. He said this I'm now on concern about this didn't do it felt like there was a combatant put it up with 7UP make a three point game and it and yeah you feel with this thing goes from there. But that's probably don't want questionable call feared Jackson welfare and if you hate it when the patriots. You have to sit there and ask why they blew that whistle selfish they're not supposed to know her talk and now get up it took off the other way. It was a fumble right we agreed it was funny need to loitering in contact. There and then restricted Alec you rolled over stripped out when he had controlled the football is lying on his back. Nobody touched him right he got out. In the blew the whistle you literally get together and also far critical they changed that rule a couple of years ago in the officials are supposed to on a fumble. Not blow the whistle and leaded goal but it's a fine line because you see the need to have down unfortunately. It's all happening at full speed when you look at the replay you sit there and say oh my god he lost possession. And the rope when you've got a real gain possession before you go to the ground he did not do that that was clear cut fumble but I agree would you. If I'm in Jacksonville today at all the players and dreaming about that miles Jack. Should have been able to run down the sideline escort that's that's the play children yes if I was Jackson welfare. That matched the play like the other one I heard bode after the game complaining that. But I was a Gillmor passed in a few of Westbrook in the last play yeah you watch nickel where now they're wondering is unbelievable and great plight. One handed great great phenomenal. And you know Gilmore earned a 64 million zillion badly did Chris and talk to go to that wheel route before net net play that that Gilmore broke out. You're up four points with what emit forty to vote was two minutes to go in the game now. And that was it I mean there was nobody behind marquis flowers to California we'll. And it he catches that ball that's attached to think about it too though lieutenant and West Coast and makes a perfect health and and Gilmore doesn't make an unbelievable play. He catches that ball is up to draw on Harman tackle what are the two may be now that's another dug outs hell with two minutes to go in the game. With the GT FB. Visit you guys beat didn't hate to lose that football yeah they need another great coverage through a good portion of this game yesterday you look at it's okay it was a short passing game. And yet. They door a lot of open receivers out there. There war. I thought Dutton from a New England standpoint it goes to show you know Indy and if you're going to be doing what you're really do have to play the perfect game because they're gonna go through their checklist of the things that they have to do. And early on couldn't run up the middle right Kirsten you couldn't run against the defensive front not you couldn't run off the edge because they're too fast you're too quick. You know you're you're you'll get stopped out there. What do you do at that point we got to play perfect to beat Jacksonville. We already had a perfect right to me elder jacksons sit the for Philadelphia two weeks from now could still winnable find a way. But New England had changeup what they were doing during the course of that game here and ironically they ended up start to go. Outside the numbers again against the two best corners the best dual color combination in the league right. I I just nice today. Look at the fourth crumbled due to this. Ran we take a break right went to operate because of trying to satirical OK if you guys to take the single most important play of this game. First the fourth quarter I wanna know you think I got I got to. You do I think graphic I thought were both wrong gonna say one thing books I know my partners that's good I think I tell you I'd like I'd like to show where everybody's on the same page. I've heard that. 56777. Nice seven no ID 37 load it up we're gonna talk to you the New England Patriots are headed to be Super Bowl once again. But it blows an easy yesterday we get your phone calls next. Lay in order way. Rumor Loney and Christian Fauria all Sports Radio. I think you're an a hole and that makes its money were down here at Gillette Stadium that we were patriots winners yesterday once again the AFC championship and it's all would too. The Super Bowl James ward joins us live on the line. Congratulations man you go back. Her interpreter monotonous isn't really boring and keep on going back to those things. Are too excited. All of this turnaround. Both greater opportunity. Just delivered it and move isn't bad. There there are just. Eric Eric you all the and again they celebrated that night. We understand it is great to. Becker. Their work so he tells us stories. Column honestly and this looks a little what that means a few words go out who was there for a quick. Those schools to move the things. That. You can. Can we start with his Brady think his Brady did open up I'm not lying to you a much setting you walk or care would you know I would not do that deal. He talked extensively which of the details. Twelve stitches exactly what happened that wasn't the helmet of Birkhead it was just that the fund got caught it split backe went to all of the details. So this happens on Wednesday. How would you feel how you say you shouldn't go all why god biggest game of the season. And this just happen he freaked bizarre injury as it turns out Brady was Brady you know he did what he normally does. But we are thinking on on Wednesday almighty god we're we're we're worth all the trouble here. I mean things certain. Disposal of the much. If you have. Or scored their vintage without. He or ocean blue group of Australian it was a. Did you. Thursday morning did you bring pop in for Brian Hoyer. I did not record. Wouldn't crack or. At Atmel relate. You know denies there's. A lot of correctly and I mean I guess I answer unanswered namely how to practice you know men notes and no runs. Was that during any day was during team period. Was actors like it is ball and we session before practice. So all those years or so so when that happens is. I we got a bullet out leaner. I guess I'm. It because you're seeing all the blood you hear them scream. You know and then he goes up the field. And you're like okay back to practice back to practice again just move the drill this next man up mentality right. Lawyers. You know northern state of the army's incursion would in which you can there be there for the game and and then lower levels. And Eugene flood have out there on the Sunday. It's yet to feel better I guess on Friday when reports you get told all around a little bit just seem to back out there feel like okay we're back to normal again. A dozen you know there not bashing them on the ball stuff. He's a great competitor currently regarded us forces. Those tough format and made an excellent. How difficult was it against this defense obviously. The front for you had difficulty running early on up the middle. Try to go wide they were right there in contain. So how difficult was this team and how as the game progressed on did you see kind of things altar and kind of change what you were doing. Mouton closing words that frequently. That would lead a lot of rock categories. Throughout the years so when you're hamstring got them or the one. McCain and start spot and went on. They've always there are great and the middle of excellent source of do whatever so. House after one. Did you hear your. We have here are you ever thought that you hear. Them name me. It was new game of internal audiences so maybe it such. You know a lot of talk to about his Jackson defense thing you can run on them but it did seem like we that it deems that the change of Marcel Darius was brought over there to trade desert. Was he a big factor in the running game to go see that on film and and that's why did you so difficult to run against. Grabbing their their holdings and all of its international run just things. Yet he goes one or two yard gain then you're the greatest sources. Keep Ty Murray in the middle one dimensional game they're certain ethnic she's so. And who's lived so close to that yet lovable or 14 voted you one dimensional. James from it through your emotions way during this series of plays in the we mole like no I know I that's I wanna hear knowing about what I wanna hear and not know Emo answer from his explosive. So it's a jazz vocalist of the keep bugle it's one to ten. Today you guys come out there I'll figure on the field at the time. They go the double pass right to Brady and dole and of art yeah preamble and the Dele. Back to Dion Lewis. Eagles positive yards Ballmer recovery. And at that point time it seemed like that was gonna get some momentum and it was just snatched away as quickly as received. When you look at the clock and look at situation. What what's going on your head when that happened. Gluten mean don't don't you have. And there's Tom McLaughlin in order to win the football. What did have a great you are just vehicle no matter what each other about the situation or are not as well and I guardian article we'll we'll get it there for years. Well probably when the games to two into. Yeah I was sit there and then then then the defense steps up. Now at this point time is there like a lot of like you know. You know big timing guys hey you guys gotta settle because of defense you know got a Robin you guys that you guys are part of the defense. Is that going on also. I mean this. Annan understood condensed their arm. Or assumed it was going to be awkward and then. But it also reasons or one game and as you can step for sort of force tremendously. They're special and view them. The opposite of put our best game. Audition then so. They definitely czar. James hit unbelievable Super Bowl last year and we've always talk W showing up in big gains in the and they get this new. Playoffs Danny Amendola thing rights of the east is he stealing your playoff limelight right now I stepping up big budget usually come through the post season. The president is doable for me and then you will provoke whether. Companies and a lot of big credit scores were named unity New Year's. Our main engines are. Our workers of this blog post box takes its knees. You know there would you. Yeah you know as bill talked about it look at the dictionary the Opel where it is Richard and handle I just did it in his teacher's not there. Well I don't know what's going on its own it and Angela and it. Was an old law clerk. Where do you see anything that's going on these Philly at the ready. For what you're about to go to right now over the Philadelphia. Eagles fans aren't saying. Removed reserve base in. America did agree there sure are better. It's. Less in years for a change and so so you know he. She's Smart don't don't don't (%expletive) them off the they threw full beer cans that the players and called Daniel's yes exactly. He's Smart. And this congress but they are he's right in the craziest things we saw them down. In Jacksonville with a preview suitable and they are out of their minds congratulations we'll get an abortion a Philadelphia the super ball coming up with you next week. Have a good bogus and sleep right. Under pressure Ayman that's genes or whites all brought to you by complaints. Insurance let's take a quick break and we'll get to those phone calls. And we'll let you do that took place to that we have we think that gay employees it's funny we all thought we're on the same wave like I think it's gonna. We are the house. The next. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that's on WEEI she Ford touring and after the show at all. Morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now. What Sports Radio. Max. Did the jags get robbed. Yes they did get robbed. By the officials they got robbed specifically. On the way play that would be terrible pass interference call. They know what the patriots are hard enough to be without any help from the rest and get the jags were out playing them. And it was gonna be tough for the patriots to win this game would that pass interference call here to tell you. I don't think they win that game. Can't say what he's right though he's absolutely right because if they get that boy you call them there's no question Brady is off to close okay so without the boy call. You know Brady with twelve stitches in his own. You know he's not he's not pump right it's. Well let's let's let's just say they're okay so. I would say they these were not that one pass interference call in the first half I was in the first the ice I would say I did the doubt that's the difference. OK you talked of the people basic pass an appearance. But it's not like. But the flags that were being thrown were light so all my god I can't believe they called an album I think that was written so you think about it goes you're under the potter. You hit defenseless receiver. You smack hit him in the head and we come on too obvious pass interference I would say one a delay of game. Those are you miss those it was a full study at a false start Lila oh. I mean solely what does he talk to listen he had one call. One called the whole game. That I think was like really could've gone either way depending on who are resident Regis but it wasn't egregious now it wasn't at all so. Didn't that's what he was gonna do though that you that he was gonna spotted angle that it's so weak it's so soft it has nipple and boys on the way. Got a way to get here later on sheer volume poles of the sport known to seek search for signature coming. Knew that it does breed specific. But I gonna leave that game would he did without Rob Gronkowski. I'm shall Max is gonna give him praise right Tom I'm I don't think that it doesn't it doesn't I got a little more from Elena talk about the clip now I wanna hear it yeah sure things don't. Era. Yeah I'm not I am not. I don't wanna call names I've regretted saying bomb. I was saying it you know tongue in cheek but the point is I do expect top rate to fall off the Clinton. I believe the clip is comic I think eighteen months when Stephen ended Alec allies about eighteen months. This would be eighteen month so. Enjoy him while you can folks like I'm not gonna bring up the fact that yet also rough patches in that game mean you know throat behind protect mrs. rock takes a sack in everything because when he needed to be excellent in particular. Yes and the goal made it excellent player the blog that's better in the wrong but Brady it throws the weeds he had to make especially. And also the pro yet to make any was great he's like it's like a media you are coming and yet it's here. Right before it crashes and burns brightest right it's not fire chief topic is on people. And unlike earlier in his career where yet or overstated reputation for clutch this in other words he was usually break. And in the clutch it was usually great. Like I told you or Derek gee guys if you look. There's an a stout. Why we complain and I I don't know why do you guys as cartoonish now it really is that we're we're wasting our enemy and he said we're wasting our time because see he's off on an agenda that is not worked for in the eighteen months is a lie. He's already it its expire. You're hot sizzling short. Order means that he's fired his first day on the job I'm into three years ago yeah that's one. That's all Brady was going to be Boston hitters and short order he he's done. You your your heart take his six admired you can't get sonics throw and then hollow also because he felt. I doubt if this continues on and he's got next year. Then I could not for don't you after that what you do then if you put up on the towel and just some humility just like I'd like a. I break it all its glory because this is. Obviously this is the the best basketball or football guests know Rob Gronkowski yes Nigel and adamant note you'll do dads know all year another no no one can change complete deeply your brain this afternoon. Additionally an edit the red zone path. We we did and so package they'll drop in nobody. There Dwayne Allen and you can block but it but he's got Broderick out it's like a vows watching because I was like are. My boy to hear you here it is an. There's about Dario and had all of at all. How bad they want to the game all you oh yeah I am dead right now. They play their run out the clock to kill it right they take you need jointly run lead to an out completely crushes the left side of that deepened the line. And Dion Lewis is able to not only get the first down but stay in bounds and not something we'll think about this. They could not run the football outside all game long and that seals the game of the third and nine and it was Dwayne Allen who set that. You know and housing alert for a game or were reports of Paula blog is dissent degenerate we are going to know that's not it. But here's you know one that here's one that would not make enough. Dorsett catch 00 I mean we we've I think we just completely there so did he plays ethical man I mean that's not my waiting on here here's what I really shoot play he would come back. Call caught over defender had a horizontally a flea flicker. I mean they hate it issue. Holding onto the football was amazing. On that play I agree with you I said. Only got worse the eldest I put all your are what your book I had my mind is my player of the month third and eighteen. Because I sit there and I just look at I try to go through the emotions of a player in the situation. Looking at the cloth look at how you bids. You've been pushed around it's still close but you know that okay if they get the ball back and they have won those long objectionable dries. You can get the opportunity in your defense has been just smacking you around all day. Because here's what happened right. God they get a negative field goal patriots get the ball back date date date they had their desperation double past its date they strip the ball back Jackson will get the ball back. Like I that was a big play ballot are shot play to got to get a spark it doesn't work not only does not work but to the ball now they get it. The becomes a huge it's 39 okay three plays nine yards the upon the ball. We get the ball back are okay here we go guys who like to get things going for sedan. The pass threat there eight yards. To coax. First ten against he sacked like minus eight yards second and AT incomplete to Hogan now it's third and eighteen. And you have a ten minutes and 49 seconds left. It's started eighteenth. That is an easy out at desert you have maybe three up or plays. Anybody probably run twelve on so they know they are at the edges of the test and not only do you get eight DD 21. Dance front against a really good defense that is stifled you in third down situation all day long and you give up a third Nate T I basically let colonial all the other momentum big plot that is my big play out as it out how to play. Nothing okay well we're talking about plays that people probably are not jumping because everybody's gonna jump obviously at the M until touchdown the deepening and so we get that sort of we're trying to look for under the I surface I. I would say you started Ian eagle back and that was big that was big that was big in these are people win when did it turn into mean it was. The coming out of a timeout the delay of game. At the end of the first half I mean it was third and seven. Ending to a completion to Mercedes Lewis and of late portal snaps the ball 12. Before he does. They get a first down Mercedes Lewis they get down that two minute warning maybe you go down video at a field goal. At worst I believe a field goal and now the score and maybe I'll be given Tom enough time to come down the field. But still of that changed so watch this movement patriots come back and they scored seven rather easily down the field with that passion pairs of Beaulieu. You sort of as a patriot outbreak you sort of breathe a little bit diminished defense is stifled us all game long but in all its fourteen to ten. You know we just put it in the end zone we're back quickly drive the football we we can do some things. If they don't that the league game out of out of a timeout. In a get a first down and it come down to put points in order halftime seventeen to three. I just feel like the whole thing changeup and a ten point swing but 21 mystery about what ever sat down to me that that I worked stuff so. Try to do something different is I was actually gonna do certain ET I agree with you that was a gigantic play plus I think it really studied did Danny Amendola involved in a game. Suddenly Brady had himself a weapon and they started to go to war and so continues on a state would be any Ammann dole here. And I'm going to go to ball park with 510 remaining in the game. Now the punt goes to the fifty yard line but what does Jim Dolan do. Detection for twenty yards to the thirty so now suddenly with 510 left in the game. It's a three point game Jacksonville winning by three but if your New England you're looking at it saying we got the top here. Right we got the reports Rick field goal territory already sore right off the point now you've got Jacksonville back against a wall. We're now it's a question of a legal to tie this or are they going to take the lead don't know nobody knows of a plot that played two in May be just caught a defender off guard a little. Made a relax a little bit when he started waving yes like stay away is that all that's really go out Christian Peter Peter out every do. He was waiting almost like stay away and let boys crop. And instead he catches it may be just catches one defender like flat footed get by him. Yeah can I add to that can add yours at mile long. Because I think the defense needs to get and at a board for that. Because that was three plays minus one art and it took less than a minute off the clock right. So and then you start talking about field position to little. Very good. Did no known and they did convert on third down every time genre yet that was three plays minus one yards in sport add up the middle minus one yard. And that it was a complete their herds and it was incomplete two coal again. And then it and that was applied and you talk about this is where you hear complementary football. Right the offense of other defense is the defense about the special teams on the special teams are taking advantage of the punt and amateur Dele. Creating. You know space and yardage and the giving you. Could take what. When you're up against the ropes like it seemed like the tide was turning. And then and then you're Jacksonville he sees that punt return and appeal position that the patriots now have. Worst case they're guys forget three point the you know he just felt it even even on and all of last catch. Goal of taxables deepens a what the other doing ugly baby doesn't run that same exact play. An all time. But I can't live across to route you'll notice when you let him a delegate behind you there that's legitimate they had coast covered on the sideline colleague it was a quote lol little little out route. And he needed to people came with them and then there was a floater that couldn't get back there's a black. Did you know. And you know what they're doing when the receivers deep Panetta is known to throw the ball high. So that is no risk you know you really catch it. Or are pretty talked about that it will greatly no coaching point. Right that this I got through high enough that BKQ tips that you Illumina not too high what does it adds I don't own or throw. I feel solid glory telegraph exactly and that's that's pilot has brought you know capitalism at the kid can't treaty as you know you can go a black -- let's just to default goes in your reaction which it up with bill in Framingham hey bill. Hey guys you know on all yearlong would be ideal and evolved as shock proposed rift between weary and culture. And you know the trust called virtual dollar check the slap you liked the finished. He couldn't say enough stop all Guinea Emmental great player. Well great route runner great cheers everything superlative form a strong then went into one. Who literally at one of the greatest. Fourth quarter comebacks in air championship history. Summer national policy and any and all we sent about one of that. Wise. One note on Dugard please talk by Malone a bottle out surgery. Tournament and you know what you know what that is bill because I can give you other evidence that I don't think there's an issue with them did you. What Bill Belichick was doing there if we're not gonna talk about Brady did but he's not gonna talk about what happened with the injury last week. And he's trying to be funny to two. Deflect the thing did you see the two of them down on the field Brady bill I got a shot OK but you know it looks like to make a couple of lovers. We're exchanging keys to the hotel room and. That's what looked like maybe the media loves yeah I mean people don't offline for it that's why you can live are you serious. Did you seek our home on the field did you shoot to hum on the field. I all right if you shop that how can you come. To dispel the conclusion you just came to. After that still Britain you can cut it senate yet trumpet great place that was one of the best comebacks that murky you know. Anything above the greatest quarterback ever he goes out everyone knows that at least for yeah. But the video about the video that you witnessed an eye witnessed. OK what about the video. What about the video that you and I both witnessed with a with a to a more hugging and talking and it was romantic. Yeah thirteen stitches in his throwing any of one of the greatest comebacks in AFC championship history and it could see him. It just fits. That is unbelievable yeah at all at MI missing is that W this is unbelievable. Com I don't think deceit didn't. Did you shoot the video to him down on the field you have great you do it and hold time built the boat is looking to keep more cookies to go according lung. With the durability in the dollar bill on Brady what closures to condemn this phony. Yeah where he says it's not open heart surgery done. Okay only take a break it to look at we're not ready for Brad and Derek yeah I'd say what you do your jobs aren't remembered doing your job you do you know I don't know. And did his job I don't yeah. I have done. Well not all I'm not I'm ecstatic at that I had not gotten. I got out of all them. The Bill Belichick and wouldn't you know who the hard go ahead but north. Now you know I they're articles I am good luck I'm just on the phone here's just leave in Lexington though Steve. Hey guys so I realize it's you. Good every book entries should be the last game anybody talked about would pass interference and being in the AFC championship game that end of the game it all mobile Gracia. No call in that car didn't decide to gain it was in the first half they had plenty of time become back Berkeley should not have any bearing on. And why 88 didn't come backward in an eight. Now what the bullying and that's a fair and just rolled out of bounds. Is this this would give the pictures have lost this game will would you would you go back and picked up picked the play in the second quarter that that would change the whole game that's all that is right. I don't think it's gonna the patriot people just what they ate in the it is. Not to just stop or something but nobody nobody gets more after the parents were gone calls in the cage which would gronkowski they're Auburn coach. I don't have a problem with the the Jacksonville Jaguars defenders up your bitching about the calls in every team in the leaked us that the patriots don't do that. You'd see some of that yesterday with a pen that's what you do you're trying to bias hall. From the officials so even if you didn't think it was a call you sit listen and watch us. And they let me just wrote about a bounce right Christian Armenia descendants of people say that that was that was a passel of parents others that he refused to sign. I think he's a tall man. I feel like I felt like that was it your gonna bitch a complain about anything I think you'd you'd. But if I was a Jacksonville jaguar fans all follows a patriot hater like Max Kellerman and others. I would I would be look at that play sheer insanity goes past and affairs and I would be bitching about not about blowing the whistle on the Jack fumble recovery. And why he wasn't allowed to take off down the field like he started to build those of it to things that point it could begin with that this would you would do is a patriot fan. If you lost it. Different outcome you'd be looking at everything right at that what changed the game that just that's watching sport we do it all the time all the time. I don't get I don't have a problem with anybody bitching about anything that the public teams try to win two opens ever got a team lost those habits on the bitch about. In different sports. Votes as a way to get it. How many times do you see a player go out there it's rare and when it when we see it it's like all my god where guys simply says brutal on me I screwed up the game. And I want how would you sit at all my god wants him back to your phone call 6177797937. We got an open Montoya and we'll get to the phone calls the next.