OMF - By his own logic, Doug Marrone has never watched the Super Bowl; Glenn refuses to apologize to Minihane, 1-17-2018

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Wednesday, January 17th

HOUR 3 - Christian thinks that Minihane is turning into Dino & Glenn will never apologize to Kirk. Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone says he hasn't watched either Giants Super Bowl win over the Patriots, or any Super Bowl he hasn't been a part of. The problem is that he's never been to a Super Bowl. The Ringer has a story that puts the Pats' dominance into focus.


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Are you ready. Beats or weigh in ceremony and 48 their defense we'll be real rule is don't be really you know all the old bum Phillips but we are football. Really didn't he faked you fraud that. I'm in the open Putin back stabbing asks. I think he's worked were back there themselves I'd like lakers in person he's just not they creeped out there running star and purple. City I would not wanna go to break or roles I would Jack or with Glenn and Lou in Christian imagine anyone from the dummy head through the apartment outsmart anyone it smarter. I don't try to I don't know maybe like an old Washington football player never to anything on the field and I think Max from Boston might or you caller hello Mac. Yes actually do that big lake station over the. I'm not gonna do this let's get back then anybody even talked about how I I would a couple of time right now yeah. Like we got left. I don't. Right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Very disappointed this morning extremely physical stop her cancer choice things to say about me but I really believe that I dropped out of the number one. Slot on the power rankings of most thrilling biker men if I didn't really just producers he ripped Jolie. Our program director you rip the general manager AG planet's thick as yucky stuff equivalent really I learned of a light you know I saw something that way you know. You know we've been playing around with it now but as it reels of a people astronaut time. And I think there is some open really going on really does he start to remind you Dina. You know what he blocked me on Twitter and what is Dino do when he gets the call and get this that either one of those guys floppy bull though that's what's first and what are. Coming up on me Dino when we start start we start talking about the deal would be in his car. In light not like me to actually outlets out of the things to do your busy but he bolt it's so fascinating answer it's like everyday DBs to have its act. He's out the door two point sauce yeah I'm an auto conference favorite no because the people he worked with. It makes you avoid short or do you think he legible I don't think it is there's so they're definitely he's always been quick. Yes but this one with purpose he's our quiz yeah I didn't hit pretty temperate I somebody out there do you Rhode Island absolutely no this is real. You told me he Q. And so I think I think I I says he is turning into the now. If you like their needs to be an intervention by either immediate intervention are used need to go over there and apologize Alberto I don't. And nothing I have a donor list and I fake apology yeah I don't do so he could. Nine you know to take a while I do not you think that it's in the building have you had the discussion. I won't talk to me. The three but he he'd like but this is exactly what airline team like duke he likes to manufacture and I never stabbed him in the back peaceful. And anybody that I've talked to at. That he's that he's dealing with right now have already told. And instead of the back but he's insecure. And so he likes obviously constantly at the boogie man Jason and he likes the boogie man chasing him and Curtis is chasing a note in his chasing him at. Anguish is doing and luckily on love and listen we'd love it great and he's terrific he's he's a marvelous great to have him back. I don't ask again did it did didn't they go through fraud and vote for anybody like that I have him back stabbing asks. It. It's. I'd I'd like you know yeah these could be he eventually there needs you compromise show all about the bigger person. The big for unity but guys on why should why should apologize for something that I never did get an up. And do things you don't necessarily want to do but but as for the betterment of entirety you gonna do right up publicly right because I've already tried to talk to trial but have a few hours that's put maybe a little don't don't mess around. I have offended you nicely. Yeah I don't let it bug doesn't I don't. He's like Erin Andrews apologetic. It has its real thick. When Maryland Lou was number one in the hip for items attacking not president who brought up a great point says. Get bored. He's got to pick on so. And he goes to listen we went to hall recently was done with a kid that he moved on the key in the needs somebody else. And so he got me and then now he's already it gives up its bark and getting used now it's. It's it is a kind of he's Lou no I don't know it's innocent that's Butler. With me crystals at times it would just be like you Arnold's always about me being that the audio washing windows by the content curveball to have a code. Well you know that that type of step with the that was really think your bread isn't that I think you would does that better than washing windows slow and it really really thrown under the bus artists from the only had a loss diseases at ease so I was so valuable us everything I am glad he is valuable godfathers get. We have to constantly tell him your valuable your good yes and some people are likely lunch that stuff so yes well it so again not your nature of bite back. I need. Article on your nature why should I fight the dates are just wash it and fight back when a guy is just falsely menu for home a lot of stuff. Making a lot of good is false and I would if he's hurt always fall and then later he's doing it for additional. This is what I saw a lot of. I applaud it and why animal what he'd. What he does he's using you know he's using I don't care he's using view of the using using I'm giving would apply to you ID Marty you go does not so. First as you say he. Is he says. This isn't gonna get me fired. I can't get myself fired up on that before. So yeah. I was not he can affect you all I'd order on camera it's well it's right down to secure and I'm fine and you know it's not you know good and it worked opens at human. You have that human mountain you have that you might of heard about your house on the water. Long vacations go let's fly private let's put it this way let's put it this way I felt I would you use as good as he exits are and what is your right. As he said the little I I would have to worry about going washing Pozen that there be in the other hand. You're uniting a problem here coroner monologue earlier there hello hello and accurate memories unsupported. It I don't they had sent a yeah Olmert and everything. I got older they get more and all well they crap. Pearl islands and around and suddenly they get out. Of the stock and more popular that strip club for the show don't you. When there's a few moments you suck us to Connecticut but because I think people now going to tune in to watts says he wants to get rid of us. Then people gonna tune into us to hear what well I have to say what you guys have to say in response a solid year and it's bulletins I. I go to all I take it back thank you write a thank you Kurt is elements a call or go online to go to Iguodala who was John Barnes I didn't want to apologize he hates me this is John and waves hello John Wayne as. Pale gold just. How shaken by it you know I would go to the lord shall we Jerry I would do in spite of Turkey's most unlikable. Person and the guy he K to call it yeah. You know sits and listens but as a practice Terry do you notice that each during the Clinton he's it'll tell her. Meaning alliger. It'll glad all taught that in part a Christian I really wish you would knock this key down the stroke. Lou what do you know because it's. I had a visa and has been on a baseball player of tea leaves those baseball. Isn't it. The one thing for me it's really actually like a debt with my game I guess in that. Yeah it do you view events for more physical toward government and I don't know of anybody not not much anybody that's the lies that that would really I don't know much about it and I didn't know him all over again now that the line early and anybody. But I'm regulated by just pushed around like you oh. And a religious outlet you'll brown 00 are you couldn't. My wedding and yeah it all you're gonna rounds that's. Art Smith as the Australia so I must not ride. I'm not letting a guy that's so reasonable. I have done absolutely nothing in anything I've done has been a positive thing. For Kirk manager or older you're your they're all about team goes on to your -- said this before he was good one when you when I get fired after the fighting was very good teams get to me. Runner back in the building he EE EL is no question. Don't you guys don't look at you guys out we got to sell more I all the credit I didn't want to usual model won't be the launch I should probably you should they should not think you know I was completely and you look yeah I know you learn. I wanted to know you're as Eisenhower but only. Oregon Obama. I'm glad I wanna like avatar are going until it was like yeah I like my house planned common nuisance since the awards show. Like picture place I'm like there was and I'm back at why we got whenever I Larry has so he was much better than Missouri was my horizons Mary Joe's money. Or at least he prepares in his brief phone calls you know you'll see our lives at stake is back Ara and Lou Lou. Lou I worked heard heard across you know there's a release that beat you shouldn't hold it against you that I didn't wanna bring it to us and well I'm running at ratchet things up to management with bends in the room. I was a little stupid. Certainly I would like these ultimately out of that is true and it doesn't have to move this weekend I a little nibble and only a little. A little pivot here can can we do this one and then we'll go get out and if football here. So Rajon Rondo is upset because it doesn't understand why anybody would wanna Dewey tribute last night even since last night. To Isiah Thomas is what the hell did he win right. And as it turns out Isiah Thomas came out yesterday. And each pointed out that he was backing off and not did not want him out of the video tribute on February 11 two C one of the night. Due to be fully 100%. For Paul Pierce now womanizer a guy like Isaiah. Really study was great here really said he brought a lot churn this organization around but they really believe. That this this guy the same guy who was telling us what he was in town the last time that it's a little thing it's a big deal don't have to take much elect. What happened the Celtics get together whether it was rich Gotham or whomever. Wins his agent and they basically said. We can't do this on February the eleventh so since you don't want to dictated. The first time that you didn't wanna do it once you look like too good guy and all of this and back on and tells people trying to do it right that's exactly all. That he was gonna back out of yes called me because that it was gains across the street. When he did say secure when they agreed the eleventh these are at the time we that we forgot that it was Boston and we'll resolve it. This appears it now I guess apparently rejecting McMullen would all hours of the night the Beers is data I talked about forty minutes. And he told is that this will be a plan to get the conversation is that if you don't want us to do Isaiah we Walt so I told them I really don't that was it. That's how we left. Done so with all of this took his peers were on that Thomas had a shot to be honored. You came to Boston whether you're playing or not you should read you attribute then. I don't see how if someone is having a Jersey retirement is gonna be running of attributes for other players. Did try to try to sell me on and I told them he had a shot Danny any punch you want it. Oh he pretty much dictated everything that happened because they felt sorry how the trade Cleveland went down it's guilt. That's what it is but isn't it a little it is guilt he's right about that this. Eddie the Paul Pierce is doing this I don't think so I don't know. Now OK what am glad that he's being honest and straight I think he could have allowed other people to do form and looked a little bit at a I think he looks straight and that's what I don't look great all got to neagle we all know that. But the man's numbers being retired. This is not like a video tribute night you'll ordinary with a disorder honoring him that that Jersey is going up in the rafters. The the sick beyond that night and watch. Nothing should interfere with and I I don't know about all we call eight years saying it but we all agree that it. Nothing should inter rock that night they should not and we set it right off of that and the Celtics heard it from everybody. Mike Gorman was saying time and some saying you enter the video. On February the eleventh what those guys start saying it you know the organization is looking edit a different way. But for Paul Pierce to come out and actually be Eddie and get worked. It should it happens tablet war I nobody. It's some that is why I am I agree to it why is that petty. So because he's right personable he's and he is right he's right I think it promises much as he's revered and loved here. That was such a bogus move. Ray Knight. You're not it's so do you have to play. Thank do you have to dictate the terms like and so what you're doing attribute you'd like I wanna bring my mommy she's sick right now do you wait to the next summit play you. Like I'm doing you a favor. In and there are other players' side of the Anthony rush Rhonda Tony Allen. Those guys come and a run at him and say in the same thing they basically echoing the sentiments of pulp. Rondo says though what is Thomas Dunn. Only in the Ahmanson and various reporters talk while led the Eastern Conference finals run replied well that's we celebrate around here. You guys that does the Boston Celtics is in the Phoenix Suns no disrespect other organizations but the Celtics they don't hang conference titles. And and and Tony Allen was another one. Saddam with pierce dollars and put the work and appalled that anybody disagree okay Paul Pierce and a big war why would you on a Thomas on that same day. Like this to Paul Pierce is talking a KG. He says he everyone understood routes coming from pierce said KG was like Isaiah who. Hell no you're damn right he not share unit with him and I. I agree with CL SU well I hope we. This visit this is what's weird about this. Now we're just. But all over they Thomas. That's this is how crazy it is because it is on the ball quite frankly it is if he tried to control the situation. As senators be an honor and and yes. And not to take anything away from the two and a half years right there's a lot of crowd there's a lot of other players to think what we only that you really want to make case for it. Two years and they're and you put it it's more it's more is with the band tribute to anyone as a couple coffee with the team gets a big you'll join as far as Iraq okay can you break. You know I really crazy about it guys in that this group has left the ship and got a tribute should have been on sale. You know maybe even Avery I don't care you know limit. That that's that's a thing that unite you wanted the perfect height he wanted to wait. It didn't work today and I love Isaiah Thomas but the minis are talking about who won the weight of the eleventh. That's largest and turns in this situation I don't respect that man and thank him for what he did a year returned a lot of things around. Boy you key in it the fear on. Just retired Jersey that that's a once in a lifetime thing a guy that I think we also the same thing when when he was trying to dictate screw him. As much is that we loved what he did hear that then guess what they're doing you a favorite they're throwing. Up and allowing the fans to show appreciation. For what you brought to the table. Just accept that he'd have to bring your family vehicles and dvd copy you don't need to do that. So but don't you think yesterday that what happened with the all of this is they finally behind. Closed doors. The two sides get together and basically the Celtics had to watch and you really because this has been to adamantly against going there but I witness accounts or her series. In the first night initiatives would do he said across street that he heard. Paul talked about incident you know Isiah be under zombie the appetizer did you know entree and dessert. Since he felt like after hearing that that Paul Williams was good with a and it wasn't till that he's again we are planning on doing it that that Paul would back on and you know ESP and whoever was. And started giving his opinion now he doesn't want the minute the sub heard that they change your mind which is directing that they're. So so social Celtics to reach out to Isiah thomas' agent as stated we're gonna do I don't know that would debut was a grown man did they tell you need to do to look better you do it right. So as you don't want to dictated we did we we not play it. On January the authorities. This is a good deal you you back out. Yeah you do that and you know you look I'd say even if you wanna it is. I still believe that this situation with him eating the Celtics it's just getting worse and this will be part of it he's his own issues in Cleveland all it does yes they had problems in Cleveland. I want infighting blue I don't know I don't know off I should. I screwed it up last year I was totally wrong about the flip the switch. I'm kind of lost what this one right now yeah Obama had a rough night. Editors there's so much history about them figure it out that it it's it's like some of patriots team and they struggled to figure out we always do well here's the other now why should this year be any different well. It's different right now while they are put. Will it last I think. This better opposition I think Toronto's a better team this year Boston certainly is a better team that she will have to seek Washington seems to be up and down. You know Miami had a run but now major injury. The east might be a little bit better more competitive for them. But you still look at the game and say one player in nineteen can dominate a playoff series and you still of the greatest player in the plan. I still I'd give them a pass sake is you know every year feel like Abbott this is different. This year defensively their mess we should the same things that you sensibly last year horrible defensively so I still I still feel like at the end they're gonna be there. What's different this year the only thing what's different is that LeBron may have one foot out the door right. That is it always saga in Cleveland that last year so. That could be known races this year is different issues different pivotal mention that they just match is different is the way they'd look. And we've been down that road before. The only thing is different is that LeBron has one foot out the door. Any Indy could come to a point and in unseat quits he plays are all the time but that factors always involved with him in soul you know you. He could look at and just let you know what we're not good enough. And I'm not here anyway screw it. That that's the old that's what's different this year up in years past yup I. Could clearly happen and as I said the east is probably a little bit more competitive I would take a break when we come back we'll continue talking about this if you wanna do civil we're gonna get back and to the patriots how bout them Pittsburgh Steelers. Shell is Mike Tomlin. Now being John coached. Are they to the point now where they're looking at my talents and all that counts limited partners who were bitching in the last couple days. But they now looking at Mike Tomlin differently. Ian of the Rooney's are differently in Pittsburgh certainly they're looking at Todd Haley a little bit differently as you just heard. They're willing to let him walk right now very huge thing what's going on to Pittsburgh and we'll get into the patriots have coming up next. More importantly Merom moaning and pouring it on Sports Radio WEEI. Two Super Bowl what stands out for you almost could you see the way it tungsten was able. To prevail it gets the gets built a big stage. But at wants him. Seriously. Come on and and I don't usually I don't I don't iPhone on its employees little want to. It's because we don't know in less active and I'm sorry. But David Tyree made it very catchy series. An effect on people it. There would have been a suitable for equivalent to over oh as a radio resistant. We're gonna have to act at your. And a movie that there was no room and a. You want the pinstripe bowl with Syracuse. Now I'm insanely long ago MITRE data from Syracuse putting was at a prose before you what's ever watched that I used with the saints as the office of quieter which is phenomenal job under Sean Payton bloated deal or coordinator and elements of both six or 708 Q I think you Syracuse and wasn't. Is he just he just missed they're kind of super bull run. You hired just before this we never we know he did not get a sniff of the super ball both ways that never watch a suitable. I don't the same and a did you don't want it's an easy way of defending watches but he doesn't like he never seen a suitable. I don't. You mean by adds that makes no sense to marry your input at all that your that your business your job come. And play these games played in CT a little tidbits I don't whatever I think he's just doesn't wanna answer the question he does a lot of questions but he urges. We have anymore. If tomorrow is just about covering rock got in honest politics that's going to be important everything ground play before. Yeah okay go. Perhaps we're. What's it feels that way. And it sort of that had sort of approach you. Hope they don't throw football and hope he drops I mean that you can you know it is no secret formula in me you know. I'd like to watch a game you know where where someone has been able to do you know he's gonna make it plays and hope those please don't don't want the killer. Signal is still the same thing Belichick still he's just doing all the different all right this position. You know of course yes also. We dropped the ball the lord called at this. That that has said that gave me a tide and enhance your whole big ol' Robert I have my name. It is inning guys really get it. It is a so who has covered him. Who has stopped and we don't el alto who still whose politically Eric Berry game one Kansas City game. He did a great job on that he got hurt and videogame and I hollered you wouldn't count as big deal. It was different. Stacy you do need that want it that Everett. But I don't three years ago was waiting to do crafts sports hit you know with with. Tad morose like that. And bill locks the door in Chatham were in the deep conversation that you would have only with Chatham. But he was talking you loose hair pretty much I there is no I don't know retirement of the perfect body. Rate but it did have to cover a guy like rock. As a going back and for tonight's you know their bill can and we asked the question to him. And really the answer is another guy like rock another ground like you would need to be a guy. That was big enough you know and physical enough to hold the line of scrimmage yet nifty not fast enough to run with them. Person doesn't exist LD college with a guy if our guys like that he placed tight then all that's my point you don't play safety look like I would say I mean not to bring him up because his names in the paper allot the year especially now he's gonna get better guy like Vrabel. Okay. Had that broken run like deer. Right and he was big enough and physical and attendant and that's why they use them as a tighter not much hitting like that's that's the real thing so. Because it's usually it's a linebacker type of guy but they're usually only good at one thing or the other and running around with a guy like rocket since. Eventually is gonna kill. So what's the body tight. Okay is Ramsey the body tight okay is a guy like I don't want. He is the body type blood usually he doesn't go I just don't think it's like even if if it is it's just one on one. It's one on one it's man coverage. You are throwing the ball Brock. It all he's going to do is pick a side you look at that some of the tests advocates especially in the red zone he lines up wide okay he gives himself. You know ten yards of space to the outside so not only does he have the flat area but he's got the core area to mess with also and he's got enough space away from the tackle. He knows its man to safety can't help them so all you have to do is stutter step a line of scrimmage get outside leverage hold it. Wait to the last minute break away from it and oh by the way Tom is on point with you your body language and he and you have this catch radius. And lets you pull him down physically pulled him down all he does on the stupid like push off. You can't copper lets the bad throw. You know that thing you struggled before to be put Ramsey on him. If he if you could the cinema wide right in ramseys on him but he just bring it back in the line. Just run at Amylin gets destroyed in Ramsey yesterday and it depends he's 610 right that's Ramsey is he six somebody's physical. He's well bill let. Heavier running cover but as far as like who will drawn to him in blocking I would say this stone killer that's the guy that's true but. He would line up it would be weird wouldn't. He would line up like a linebacker head out on them if they did some light that. Rant who'd be off the ball and order a real line backward B it. God like and I technique right and it would be there'd be covered on inside and outside. So I don't know what my abilities to do with Tony Gonzales all right there's the match. This the one that I lasers to remember because they would they would because Gonzales was that type of guy different body type. And it was always Roman Phifer. And Micah ended Rodney Harrison. If you go back and look at the games where we've played against web pages played against Tony Gonzales Gonzales. Specifically and specially rental stuff. He'll be used to beat the living crap out of him like all kernel colonel organ pipe would hit him that Roddy B week form after he was slow down. And at no shows film. And it was like you guys and he would say these guys like listen don't ever give up on. Because all the quarterback would do which is weight. He just wait and he would wait and he was he wasn't going anywhere else he was just waiting for Gonzales to get open he was waiting for Gonzales. The gate just a breath of air so he gets the ball in there knowing that. Tony would catch it but if your best two guys to delete any he was unsuccessful with it if you go back and look at that that's a good example and it. But those cuts I don't see them waste in terms that element AJ but yea now yeah. It out of its better that way. And rains either way system on the outside receiver and Hogan books right because if you do that you said this already what we'll do this way then then you're gonna get killed inside. With grown and with Paula you're gonna get killed and their safeties are not real Big Five 116 feet tall they're not real big. What do you do you linebackers are fairly quick. I think that's the part. It like anything else which you like to do is when you've got two great corners and I think this might be the best air. Duel in the leak which you wanna do is you want to exploit the Third Reich because coaches like guy the fourth guy who you want to exploit. We you're able to exploit it with your best receiver and may be your best receiver right now in dole. Whitney with a three and four anyone be surprised if they get the ball legal right down the score. The targets it did all of them know Jacksonville certainly sleep now that people do all the time you don't want that they don't score. But they've moved the ball into the red zone and and inside the tent at because baseball utilities test that the patriots are running a conducting a litmus test the lists salary information. Regardless you'll want it's a solid study. Many gather as much information I'd seen hey you come to the sideline and Sobel chart all the place all the formations while we just saw. Ten different formations. Now we thought we saw three different emotions. I saw a couple shifts and here's how we adjusted now the other teams in the same thing we do this connect a complementary play. To that first it team play but first fifteen plays. All the gathering information for both sides correct so now I know what they're gonna do. I assume the exact same look and an ominous sprinkle. A little mustard on there that's also exactly with the Tennessee game was gonna feel you won't we wanna see which you do OK now that we know what you'd you're gonna do. Now we've got the answers here you go and they just tore them apart OK they just poured them apart because they knew exactly. What they would do and they figured it all the first second one. Will be play action pass shop play down the field can be the second play of the game. Bagels in the eagles' second one. Play action pass shop play host to two receivers all of the two because they're gonna Max protect so. It's money like it's. This is the type of offense you wanna play again. This is it it's so simple they're not doing anything crazy. And and on and offensively. If you're the patriots. Man and zone. That's it. Okay for people at the linemen two linebackers men on the outside okay every now and it's it's not typical but they wanna go to Playboy hit. They they got away effectively run the football Jacksonville does that they don't. Portals can win this game on the road when this is the way that they can't win this game they don't turn the page it's over twice right. That's why America hold controller a whole season I'm seeing as a whole Cincinnati even once netted anywhere it is to pick six strip sack fumble touchdown whatever but. You know you you forced a team down the field on you I just I just don't see it happen. So in out citizen not to get it will be dealt with pot which is we can't talk sportswriter and talk about it it's illegal heyday he mocked actually thought about that its UK so soak it meant it this week more than ever heard. Yeah. The more this week more than any. The ball security I say that it's. At its import any week. But they thrive. On those opportunities. They thrive on extra possessions and you need to point yet they need they they needed the extra possession heart of its part of their make up our. And if they do believe will will now you now there they have the power chair right there in the power position and they have now they're dictating the terms to you. When they're behind the aired not a come from behind team they don't have the make of the can't spread throughout that is not what they do these can't do it I put it to your phone calls it 61777. 7937. A series would join us at 115 width included the uncomfortable. Question of the week. DC sports waiver ammonium Fauria with a collars have a voice used to joke about what a lot with your. And what you wanna hear hello I would ask them questions as he starts answering your experience well most of them anyway. Sports Radio show you we. Don't know enough if you missed it we'll look like political. What you years last hour program because they go so well. All construed. Police or is women. Paul the end you have to. But yes you. It takes bats and yep. From the some of the stuff behind the bad things so the ringers got a piece today about we don't have the numbers. To fully appreciate the patriots minus. Well possibly he aren't he's wrong but weakened try. Here are all the mind boggling stats that put New England seventeen year run into perspective. And then it kind of break them all down about point differential since 2003. And just receipt paper though it's usually a graph saying seven to grab this frightening isn't it when you look at graphics Gomez at seventeen years fifteen division titles while. AFC championship appearances in seven super balls. In 15 of them but sir but the point differential looked at different Sosa's seventeen teams over the course of his Belichick Brady era in seventeen teams. Sit between negative 700 and plus a 160. Point differential. Over that time period patriots obviously number one and 2534. Plus 2300. Before the 34. I mean it it doubles every single team except for Pittsburgh who's actually number two at thirteen 54. Plus 2534. That's amazing and it's off the charts see I think that's why it and we we say it all the time why people hate the. Every single freaking year we got to sit there and talk about the New England Patriots other hell they doing. The point differential how important is the point differential. Is it coincidence. That the four remaining teams right now that are that are standing in the national football at the four teams with the best. Point differential. Voted before during that span it's doing owns one. It's the Seattle Pittsburgh. Green Bay and Denver. Nor. In ball teams that have been extremely successful during that period of time Cincinnati's after that we know that story right but those point difference and as the other went through. In the augment that tomato can division the deceased we've had this as a second before secular and religious putting numbers to. Since then the patriots 177 point four winning percentage against AFC east 77 point for the rest of the league. 76 point five. Senator I don't know or to 765 as a matter of fact they are better. Against the AFC north. Than they are against the AFC. If you blue division with Pittsburgh and the Baltimore and Cincinnati. And lead the way they've played a few times yeah it must have lost some glee. It it's almost like the I feel like that the narrative turns into the patriots never really had a nemesis to tick elicited they have courses don't ask them a little bit about last all of you I think this year. This is the year where they've really haven't had you know they've dealt with the Tennessee. Not a dealing with Jacksonville but other than that it was. Pittsburgh Steelers. It was an up and coming. Engine block. To Baltimore I mean it's Denver it's in the mean they're geezer. Great teams with with that quarterbacks are going to be in the hall of fame. So they have had a nemesis of the this year they don't they finally got me finally catch a break I think they are. So the point differential. Place in here because it's amazing the four remaining teams. Are the best with a point differential. You're gonna get a New England Philadelphia Super Bowl. Because those are the two highest point differential 162. I'm those are gonna be elitist comment through system Tom Brady's career it's great to be divided Tom Brady's career path. So 200120092. And 2010 to today. And assign each to two different people both be lock for the hall of. And I Neeson could out well I mean so mean these seriously three Super Bowls and each little in each half yeah. With reasonable wig them just that society go to the source three or two. But yes I mean it's it's almost like. There's two separate dynasties. With the same quarter enforceable beards is enforceable parents it's because it is really in. I know you can get tired of it which I I understand you look at times imagine if you're in another city. And you think you're doing everything right you're drafting well look at Green Day green bank Denver they're fighting the good fight damper on an excellent job. Being relevant. After use at. After losing John Elway and they figure out a way to still be relevant they get Peyton Manning the eagle or two Super Bowl we go to chambers should release of games they showed it. The but eventually end up winning it. To me that's that's success that would be normal rate a team with a small Wendell 56 year window. They spent a lot of money us appreciate that it really good defense. They get some odd key players in and an Internet and in really good. That's that's usually the way it looks six years and done I'll go out author correct this guy gets hurt look at Seattle. Seattle had the opportunity to do all over again. Out of look at look at in New Orleans about how we had the opportunity you'll remember how is it that those teams have done than fallen apart then got back into it. But the patriots never fell apart Brady they never went into but I did get a that would luncheon and apparently didn't bring winners Superman's more than just didn't what does she ruled and a period now they'll want to use a regular season went the two can't say Aaron Rodgers isn't. You know. Appear of Tom Brady. It is people fight about who's the best cornerbacks. Your talent wise or watch any funerals of so so what is it its management its owners are all of you own Green Bay Packers it's that the lot of them. But the management GM I usually on a piece of paper they don't always tell do tell them I think order is. Do you ask let's yeah that's what it. You go get one of those she sets an Evans and ask. Value is as best piece of paper and you've got to this end. And it is again the 11 million women that respect but I. Again did the reason and all these people are just hoping and it's killing them right now you can you're when you're watching ESP and you watch the NFL network it's killing them. Because they really are having a difficult time. Try to figure out how the patriots can lose this thing. The group and it's killing them because it's not patriots again. You don't it's like with radio wrote these people worn out with knowing what yeah in order do you want to. Yeah the fan base is right but like the national media like ESPN. And it's even named Max they're going to Minnesota recover suitable to beat anyone knowingly involved no way. You don't. No all you mean because of the league because of the you know they do they want to go don't don't you talk about now let me know about it personally limits the density gambit they wanna go on loose which you know Max is best for us if knowing the winds. Is willful one week will drive people in the wing and crazy. Now will be plenty to talk about you know somebody read no damn story a fall of the wicket shams the means at its. It's more a story line. Media wise it's these people follow the patriots won any team in this country Lou if you're in music patriots out in the media on radio row will be like man. Don't was for the scare here in the league office. And use it near projecting that you have to put stuff together. For a Philadelphia Jacksonville. Super Bowl what do you think nightmare if you ratings have been have been plummeting here are certainly dropping. With a all of the other distractions. What the hell does that hey yeah. You know and I know. No it was yeah. Oreo is already on the editors are Pollard on his desk somebody's busy they've already proved friend and mentor to me you know they're corrections minority got their headline ready to go ready to pull from us. Course. I mean next week is going to be a dead week but by the time Tuesday Wednesday. I mean this is this is what will blow I don't know what will be talking but they'll be something. Involving some story yeah some inside source who says this it'll be manufactured will be made up but it's gonna be all you know. You know moon beams lollipops and rainbows at. That's not are you ready to pop on a story next week you don't connect public morals. Personal trainer and has not allowed the suitable. Only got its hotline idea calls its excellent set of sevens what exactly we've. When we don't know if you know what it is amazing though when you look at. All of the different participants in this thing over over the last week and a half they go out and they win the game big against Tennessee. And there are you heard Brady on Monday with an hour or Tuesday with with Kirk and yelling at. There's no cracks Darlington and this there's no there's no cracks from beat the heat. None of these people you can't crack and he can break a it's amazing so something might be going on behind the scenes but how to help you keep it together. To the point where it doesn't become a distraction for the warriors here. It should mesh you walked is that two people involved. There on the exact same page same thought process name everything. No matter what happens. All the stories could be real and it won't matter. It won't take away from the preparation of the AFC title game or a super. None of it. As these two guys were adjusted to. If so alike in so many ways as far as focus. And what's wrong what's important and what they work for that nothing will interfere with that of Tom was going overboard. To the point of how much you love Belichick the other day I may be posted Belichick right I may be pissed of the girls got some of that stuff might be accurate. But you would never know and it doesn't affect their work. And that's what is what is alleged personal feelings get away that's nice. That's right that and ridiculed them ride they'll never let it personal feelings it doesn't mean Tom's not human and is not passed. And and he pulls up and puts his car baucus says the emotions out of Tom Brady is over because now business and finance the stall that's. They stick to it it's a great steak and that's what everybody's looking for. And that's what everybody's going to be looking for in the two weeks of the super ball. If the patriots of them the senate that we get from the other teams let's say let's say you do get something from. A Minnesota re you'll be lately went on some boat. I don't know if frozen as the vikings have items like poetry editor of the original and something about somebody. You somebody. Get into a fight but that's what will be talking about. Prostitution sting something like that. Something that this symbol as seen many titles all be in their beds. And again in a way to go public checks and Phil and Philadelphia. Riveting in a Super Bowl sick without without a legitimate starting quarterback now. You could make an argument. Luckily no one of those two guys are legitimate illness when he started. What does legitimate mean. You're in the lead until legitimate pro quarterback are Islamic falls assembly portal on its commitment reading my brother came from about what did he play that it was good to for the coyotes on the foot that defend the title there to fight and ambulance lightly at a moderate because Nichols is a pack of course of Jesus and and right now he is he legitimate article I just got dumped in a sense early on he was an idol is a great numbers he played OK musical system in place. Our rate so that backup at a six to ten game. If you actually tell you're gonna notice that he's a good arguments are you getting excited at that is suitable the most important are. You were talking about that banner right on any more JaVale I yesterday did you really yeah Saturday is the man in our pockets of the banners they're going to do what locals. Mix alcohol I played bad call it a little excited and you hardly anybody in Minnesota woman who they all looked. And say who the hell those who liked it a cool that's nick pulls isn't McCain. Now I'm a black people or Allison rocked the spurs and the public it's not quite sure where rockets Federer at that point I would another. I wanna go you from 2006 was 77797937. Might he race coming up as well.