OMF - Glenn squashes bad callers left & right; Christian struggles with his own takes, 2-7-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, February 7th

HOUR 4 - Bad callers dominate the final hour of the show; Ordway gets attacked for cutting them off too quickly, and then gets attacked for letting them talk too long. Fauria does a poor job articulating his opinions. Josh McDaniels' agent has dropped him as a client after the Indy debacle. Jermaine Wiggins is TMZ's inside man for Boston.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty what percentage of the blame goes to Brady and what percentage just about 100% to top right. Tom Brady was to go who made the big blunder that cost to negate I don't give me hit you on the 505 yards. As a follow up call eight Tom Brady had a couple wild blue earth couple puff ball would nobody around the defenders do because what's already cashed it all with. When Lou and Christian stunner Patriots offense a quarter Josh McNeil decided not to accept the colts head coaching job and you'll remain with doing Linux. Sources told ESPN com Cleveland would be easy it's because the low down no good move on up. And imagine that you convince guys to sign their year old nick moved kind of south yes plus a million. It. That would that would Jack who definitely thought the bull that's a slide beat we will Josh make Daniel boom muted pushing. Yeah. It's okay. Okay. Now. On Sports Radio WEEI. I fellows Sosa ripped through the phone calls here at 61777979378. Easily Karr would get there today. Hey guys though I hit oh I balloons are analysts and the year and I liked it. I like the guys do it. I feel bad when they are the lessons in the last two days and then bella I loved. Bill Belichick Bill Belichick do no wrong as well but I'm gonna pay a constant he may crisis taken based on his own policies are a play. Not the way Butler. I like eating grin but look back in the game I'm not I I don't bring them back. Even bring him from the game because. Bill is never going to be meeting pocket yet if they want on these back here. Could bring him back and it became you look at it and it was while I'm sure regardless these coaches and everybody evolve their. Anyway I'm amber and use that position. This as far beyond me and Ian he's. An album is called and then once I got it back. Don't think they think I'm right back into law. It was guidance. Speaking for for a little incursion stubborn and they let you know they have they have their airtime and sometimes like a squash if you will that there are not. They have their time and you don't. Calling up to sit there is it who agree with me from the little two year old will price of yourself your web. Oh when they are lamp. Only general win on your totally blew plans to make the could. Of course on this point you'll you'll agree with them aren't they came up with the point you agree with them. If you like. Does the problem and you'll let the guy speak. Q well let me that was in place any idea what that Russell who organized this couple former. The home that you liked your linebackers and lights accused Olsen and yeah he's what might be available for advantages are the guys missing my back. What plugged after he pauses for a second to give the Neil yeah in that they have time that's not Andy got there are either. Yeah when does he draw like after all a sudden drawn even in these washes them and I did she. Don't think that's a Dick movement of those instances. Knew Lou agrees well Maynard comes from our. I have a lot of whales and Lola I'm showing you respect you the call or agreed with you and I'll bet he doesn't know squash there. Because he's not a case of yeah it is it is it is executed it. Obama is vital that long. Are you gonna serenity movie is yeah. I don't I don't know clarity on what exactly does not ours are either on the back but we're also missing the target and I'm talking to me is that they know our coach who are still doing so only a hundred totally fell in value I wanna ask you settled down we don't really show you want energy here. We got off the energy congress issue as well as DC if you don't would be yelling at you was that cause all of them whereas you know. Is that we're gonna always unity uttered a protocol for me as they that's all I applied yet do you belong viewpoint do you believe room as that was Carlos is open and other colleagues while all of our auditor all of. It's. It's all about illegal it would. The wind up on me whip. If you're going to based on him having the courage of his conviction you went and making a decision. Then I guess eagle has to do has something to do with that are trying to hit was edwards' decision to alienate I don't invent talking was about a Zeke I am forced to I ice there's sometimes just program your should another apple beats you you thought it. Fired anyway if you're ever make fire that would be your go to Broadway fired up today or try to get to the point do you believe it's his ego. Yeah I saw his ego was so strong. That despite. Knowing that it was his eagle was killing him he refused to change just because he wanted to be right yeah he's we willing to lose a football again. Yes yeah you're right it was easy as you really believe you know the guy you do don't. I would say I would have to say based on all the facts. It would be it's less about ego and more about him just really having faith in the process that he set forth that's the only way I can say thank you and that is today to just off the slopes and I'd almost call would you agree with me of what is that critical tests are alcoholics now Lou's gonna I don't know I'm Paula. Always a whole lot. Well when we knew we coming out leaving yourself I'm very proud of its at the politely at these ego gotten away. Arson. I still went and analyst call. You've come. That's why don't have to keep on don't you would know what are your payment you miss that he confessed Auburn can't use it but didn't think I'd. Why you're. Well I answered all the way home I don't know I don't that was awful because I basically good. I prayed about it from what you're afraid you're readers I got it from watching Arnold please you agreed. Then I discovered a and it looked at his ego Glenn says he. That's that you're available orderly wanna want us to listen for you if you wanna see it. What it or school of journalism and media we teach it at that picture of the rules that you. Yeah. I'm telling us position that you know yeah I didn't think it was the only reason you took a isn't she from. The wind went light it up yeah. I. That's that's trying to simplify this for Christian Fauria. Did Bill Belichick make the mistake in this game. I don't think of Iraq. Based on it from these. Any since ten ways available to him in here did you I think they obviously a guest at the snake was not going through one of his best quarterback yes at least. Just to get this far out there and get some energy and look upon alchemy it. Lol outlook as a defense as a as a this as a vision I would say okay. Although not law yet so yes minister Atlanta Whalen added Bill Belichick made misstatements edited 1015 and said he and his attentions need he had no mistake about it because I can understand him not starting here's I was going to be because we we don't quite a host he's asking me is Arnold Arnold do you build up to each of those built act on data loss. That they that. Why did the bills you more of it no I don't part of the laws don't tell question that you may have missed the eagle he's got all that lost you your all all the way up I'll I'll I'll. What I said at 1015 when apparently you weren't listening or weren't paying attention to you would have resulted I get it and not hold up I can do what people what not but I didn't favor. I want you to find out. What Glenn's that it had 52 we do that in fact it was I was and how much do outside look at that too where what what what first explanation. So I won't tell you right now and fifty blew up and under. Stand him not starting. Now comply or because he saw something during the course of the cut that he didn't like he didn't see. He didn't see success. With Malcolm bought or against what Philadelphia does and they go week to week bacon he's game plans and maybe they can't hit was possessed and yet some issues goma he was sick earlier in the week isn't it was crying now. Ed America the beautiful. Before the game. Bryant found it was a play well we don't know are we don't know when he found dollars yield on the when one of the leaders trying Luke did you ever cry when they told one the Red Sox to OGU were play Hubble and they said at a potluck if I don't let uncle. And if I was a starter. Playing every day. And we get to game seven of the World Series you would corrupt and they said you're not playing and yep I couldn't punch my coach that I be full of I don't know how you put the cart champion and older analog in anymore on the front pages to be good days when you can punch to go to Billy mark of a vote yes yes yes I'm that would card so I would but I would slow disappointment as the game on foale's. I'm stunned. That we didn't see Malcolm Barr says that a said that the first one which yes but there because we have and we don't know. We don't know. What the would have done in the city tell you they would have won the game of Butler will play of the game I've got to believe he would have been a better chance likely that it guess what I think so that it jets' pass arts of Egypt Egypt. For some strange reason he did probably never going and branches in New York Brandon. Michael felt a little ego. Well you've got to disagree with what I'm gonna say things and it still stubborn pride. It he had already set sport that Malcolm what can play even though Eric broke toaster for the first touchdown. Then all vote in fact jump around and got toasted or what was the third state if they're not outshot Jeffrey Wells put another defender on him. Because and then how the lord had slips. It out yet been outlawed at the good games and edit a Gilmore shut down Jeffries for pretty much that the game. So. Stubborn pride and we also ego stubborn pride is why. Barrel items and a amounting stubborn pride went on sale on his eyes and that's not stubborn pride yes and no he's he's literally hold on now. He's a guy who's a coach who analyzes game plans. In his mind that wasn't even stubborn saying I wasn't sick they're going to let you know want to look at helpless right now but screw that I'm stubborn unemployed for my ego you. You truly believe. After apple won't you stop and play truly believes that if he put him at Butler it was gonna be worse I believe and I think he thought it was gonna be worth reading you right. OK so so basically but he thought it was and it didn't turn out to be that way because Eric broke play out. So why would you put in the got started for the playoff games and started every game since it was as dark as to report a year ago while I wouldn't put. He didn't it is start every game is seldom in the new world's game the Fuhrman I'm also 197. Point 8% of the snaps. Snaps that. Crop is on bringing them back so obviously doesn't you know credit it is stubborn pride. Absolutely is yeah I don't buy that I think is it's I think he its he truly believes that. That he did the right thing and I think each from a Condoleezza Rice but at that the do you truly believes that because he's stubborn. No that's why not usually stopper and Luke because he doesn't go along with what you and a bunch of these callers are saying. That's what that's what you're saying he disagreed with you I don't know Matt Patricia by the disagree would you tell and the callers. They had a game plan they went was that it failed and it's on them they have to pay the price right now but I truly believe that. Belichick going into what had some reason that he did not play. Malcolm Buckley did not trust and did not think that the kids are was prepared for the 08 isn't afraid to put an end any time there and again. Figures wrong. That's obviously new drugs are lost and not because those gains on him you have been wrong if they won the game. It pretty went down landlord you have been wrong I'll let him for not playing Malcolm Muller by I don't know if you wanna game I think that all changed our outlook you said yesterday and thought we would still be talking about the Malcolm buck or play if they want all somebody we wouldn't you know it I can tell you what we're zoning would be it would be the biggest story coming up the super ball. But we would have a discussion we would have a segment it through that B calls on the lot of minutes and saying why they held in other people across the country army talk about it more. Why didn't you play knuckleballer and they won 39 a 38. But Jesus maybe could help the 24. Here's what we would have been talking about if it Brady made that extra touchdowns on the field that Brady is now better than Michael yes. He's the greatest chess team athlete of all time that would have been the subject matter we would have spent one cent. On the novel strain should. Right it is limited to elicit not qualities on and he said no comment on it when I'm there it's even they would have said. Did that the African American veteran. And wanna hear yours and attentive to important credit for error rate as of accuracy and attempted exactly like an hour fifteen an attempt to go. All we do. Yourself a little bit and I went. I only journal win you're a total of well known. Me and the cut at its best thing that I tried east. As we get alerted can't do enough jotted down. Road hazard down the area is gonna make it ceiling polygamy be your odd using he was gonna that is so we went on the cushion embedded it here. We'll angular look Jason Wu Christians have something a lot worse than when I subsidy that was missing couple from aunt has started but that. That isn't so I don't do the guys but I was entire families. Asking you higher prices and about 23 and meet old web. On corporate and read your uncles. Christian rants about the bat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we returned a moral or away we're loaning euphoria but Sports Radio WEEI. How might he race ESPN. Posted this year a monster. Hours a New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Arrived at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday with the intention of cleaning out his office to become the Indianapolis Colts that coach. But patriots head coach bill Belichick's willingness. To take his mentor ship to a higher level played a significant part in mcdaniels reversing course sources told ESP here. Belichick told mcdaniels. It would spend more time with him on the inner workings of the patriots yes including roster construction and salary cap management. Which was viewed as extremely valuable to me canyon. It is an arrangement that owners Robert and Jonathan Kraft indoors because he could ultimately. Be part of these has such a sick succession plan. For Belichick in the future although. No assurances were made to make it slow the same stuff that we had at the beginning of the of the show but I I find it interesting that. If I'm Indianapolis right now and I'm Jimerson inaugural award winner. Remembering his duty and to be our head coach and now he stays there because bill's gonna take him under his wing that's. He's been under is winning a bit mentally years or so we take him under his wing now and now is gonna teach your roster construction. And salary cap management. I do know this stuff I thought we're hire this guy was seven million dollars to be able to do this for our organization. Because you learn none of the master Bill Belichick. All that stuff on the roster construction salary cap beat me up at the corners are involved now freed GM for right. Well this one debt according dame grads Yana from ESPN's sources say that agent Bob LaMont. Who represents Josh McDaniels coached GM Chris Ballard and many other coaches and executives executives. Is terminating his relationship with Mitch Daniels is connected to that those agent is terminating his contract which are rooted. Also wondering why does he have to mean. Oh it is good because it was a loyalty and a blood money so they didn't make enough hump in his blood and pain right. Well he he won't get the money out of it because. You were bullies days so responsible for the stationary any any other money and he gets want to negotiate while we don't know that he's walking away right now. I would think he's giving up the money. When you look I mean I was given the money but he's getting more money to stay with the patriots so that agent will still get a piece I doubt that. Increase. That to dollars even always even though he's quitting he's pulled block. Not a I don't know why did you my boys of eight federal prison while today the agents leaving him. I mean if he did the deal would still get paid. If they eat or get rivers that are at or pro referrals to hold on guys it means nothing. So he has Medicare trees that cares as one B associate viewed more literate and all old on that's that's flame on the on the agent's part. If the if the lakers held on to collect the money. He's he's getting everything out of the that's that's what my arrangement is light and it'll show that I don't know I think he's I think he's I think he got Ronald Bakken with an even money on the table. I would think that I'll know he's Molly McGuire I think the client fires the agent who worked out a deal for him as declines those to pay the agent. But the agents walking away from the client eight is that to get rid of them. I mean just seek you know he can keep moment to say Chris you know valid GM of the colts who he's the second control everything a guy does I know represented my represent you'll. But as a make him as a make him look awful he just throws at all and Josh displays is his decision is a grown man I can only do so much. Richard Payne a guy each year a percentage of your petty. So I would think that mcdaniels would have legal recourse to go back and and say you know longer represent and so what might pay you for I'll do a settlement with you on doing the deal product let's settle again some casualties okay. It is our budget is something for the settlement of doing the deal you were involved and put the deal together put up. Giving you money lawyer and I guess that's 3% of every year and it's a yes or years a lot of money you know not gonna hit that three year residual are firm along that that contract last. If you go to the obviously negotiated a deal for him to stay. Thank you Al I mean OEUU two you got your call on a budget you're not only you're calling that team but he got a call your agent well yeah sorry you call me your agent that I changed my mind. Is it possible he's good he's gonna put up the contract because I mean Robert can sit there and a little meeting its it will give an extra middle giving another million dollars a year. Will extension for three years and the agent puts a contract together so as to work inform. Stars at locals. I don't know the fact that he is the direct source here of the story. It's out there where he told a client this is the worst mistake you could ever make. A mortar and if if he's even going to take money out wondered if declines Hudson there. If in that Daniels on sickness and you wanna go to court and as we go to court you your ass and say it is beyond. You know. A much or did the deal. I put your mcdaniels did the deal. By himself witchcraft and without Belichick and the the agent had nothing to do with a property agents pissing and moaning right now because. His client was courts ballot that does he did the deal with in Indianapolis. For just so I saw you saw this guy tweeted out this you know nick pulls his numbers when he targeted. Certain players slate so it's jordin Richards Eric rope Patrick Chung cowboy noise. And marquis flowers whose night you'd wonder or 270 yards two touchdowns one point six point five passer rating. To me the only guy you really care about their role now Willis don't stole grace don't have them. I mean you don't out of line and we edited in Africa they weren't good Gil Jordan Richards. Jordan Richards Patrick Chung cal by knowing in March he's flowers. Play different positions and then then Malcolm ball so you can't use those numbers say now. CCC. All I wanted to Eric grow. I don't want bad most Fiat models should visit Iowa amateur that data mostly plays into it as much because he had a specific role comedy plays that he play you edit instant it. I think it was a little place allowed him. I'll have a place. So you put along this really is is rough they decided building and he decided that. Eric roe was a better option. On it to play the outside corner should just about eruption on there which again is that that's a here's filling Quincy how I feel. They are legal and today I wanted to say that result. I had been was searched and then he's fled secret laws duties are. Like I don't. What they're talking about packages and all the off. On data that. Butler. Asia's top. And didn't let. And then roll at nickel back. All the Bolton not there. Thanks in our army. And united tiger's yes great point. And I admire what what. Well and the problems are backing up and I think you're buddies a great food great player but man what what you've shot of the game. And that. You column after the game win or lose you don't sit together but I'd much what is Ottoman and bring some hot and practice squad unfortunately. But let me. The women and men already have one you'll want to sit there on the field will not as crazy. But he noted all of the disbelief but I saw that and I got you know. Yet Japanese. Bird and you burn row of 34 yards on the yacht into the end zone actionable present. Where where are you right now where you an outline. I announced I'm trying to our journalists still boring and studies and programs don't know when it's open for all the all I'm one that noticed there's a guy that only needs you that guide you guys when you lose to the calls being rude to the girls volatility and talk that I didn't disagree. It. I don't know what he did when I got what was it point that he employed I don't know that yet report yes animals who's done corner. Okay most of us and Jefferies yeah I guess I Tonys and it's our free what's up Tony. Good Tony wrote. What they got to start in my life that you zionists say that if you. Didn't eat Malcolm I just get it wrong at employee it's different. And position on Syria. So you can lose Erick road and are loose Butler the we're. Grafton W an article I don't think funerals to go through it used to summary the last caller your call now Tony your rocket's red dot c'mon stop. But I have music that I'm. What it is. Bill Belichick. I would have more simple bowl championships. Currently whose names on the trophy. I can't imagine there's any reason that you would not play the guy is because it. And that makes me think that more and suddenly it goes something that Butler did. And anticipate that one day it will come out and there's no way in hell he can't play well look at this you know and equally as well let. Now all of a sudden uses GOP throughout Jared you it's something real. So usually gets it our way into the game down. Still believe colors post. I don't believe that was post this is the Christians this week I don't know where it. Set bill as being an ultimate security guys can help and cover up whatever it is. But there could be an update that now we know on Monday knows Arnold where you just the ultimate sucker that's absolutely should weasel like analysts is a boot lace and we go to David in carloads if there's a lot of it there. Hello and yes throughout I think it's an area school that. Yeah. I believe and electric statement let me let them ought to be true to the media. But I what actually might have happened is I think on the one plan that but that was then. He took the field on his own and I think he sealed the state. And he's not a lot and yeah. That list of selfless and so we toss somebody out of the game you know. Upload coach told me to go in. You're how accurate that our he had yet I don't think around there that's his duties and moon you don't need closure of the poignantly operation you know. But I was. Active until let me guess it's all its Opel solos note that no that would bring a carry British girl pair went to bills that tournament. Let's go to another David is Davidson a cartoon that. Right now I would explain what those previous close call now but likable but I had to quit I had two quick points one. If Brady wasn't that just sort Serbian but missiles. Belichick toady halfway through that game is that bill. Cut the crap. Put Butler written it would getting out after. Eight feet 25 years ago we were trying to hired lights competitor said all pretty comfortable to this state still remembers which saying. Comfortable what felt comfortable what are you spider for me and I will tell you. Daniels is a how would lead. I was in the old and out. I haven't had that and it's not dumber than rob Parker blame and number eighty it is all Brady's fault the reason Malcolm book. Did not play is because breed he was spineless and I'd. He wouldn't go out there he wouldn't even stand up to this point and so on mcdaniels yeah I don't want to be to coach this team Alec what he did not. Droves at central and Hydro. They listen now that are originating Arctic shut up and Christian we will miss last week welcome back mesa. And I can't give a devout Christian. All the time when one blunt says oh you're in vacation too weak and everything went on did you actually it was on trying to win the agency. Jealousy as ray and I don't know. I appreciate your manager on Suton got hurt him in the journal he's the prettiest damn mail you've ever so right seat on adults on top of the short little fat white guy he's just he's a beautiful your elbow room you see here is a thing all right thrown a drone. You have a wonderful day in Rome I appreciate the call you very much from. I know yeah thanks rather. People. You know our body to TMC. Meteor. That I don't know you're not he's not he's the eighth that it again next experienced clay and twenty force. Follow him on Twitter right now. Now back to more morally admirable euphoria on Sports Radio WEEI. About yeah. Yeah. Oh. And if they are. It. So I Julia a couple slap. To me for me Steve we're worse he like you know at Burger King drive through he's not where you talk radio didn't work all the way. Quality and that's good car. GM vehicle. I feel like he's our I feel like he farmers Michael wrap. Zanardi Greg belong in the murders of Michael rab board to yell and scream and it's. Alternate route and that's all you have to I probably. Oh. The job is once locked away but. It's. Can help out is. Like perhaps it is oats through the end personally Boston's medical round moral goal and only Keyon Z in this looking at this guy extremely yeah I remembered a bit late predecessor stuff. I don't talks like. He's going to be his predecessor. The united chaos we have yet I don't see what you can do I'm surprised it's Wednesday already we haven't gotten a call for most germane and his boss it's called we brought vehemently. I'm really pissed off. And it was going Ryan has got to get ready for the big show with match out of how. It's fun DMZ is the only. I want ice you know one of Austin did actually go out and find out and say yeah if you wanna be found by DMZ it's one thing you'd I don't like when I don't go to Sunset Boulevard that's Vizio which you go out in LA it was so hot model a lot of attention maybe hang around it got to go to does that stuff because of a I'm. Offered. A mixed crowd. Obviously the call to the one that deplete it doesn't happen if they know. We already kind of a little you know. I. What. Would that. Brought up hold the bad at all what organization why it's so. Michael what. Exhibited really believe it and something to do with the Foley gate. The fleet probably done a couple of years this team since its chapter two. As a synthetic GM dealers exactly they do the Alan deal that was a perfect deal that worked so well and then they tell us that senator customers if it's good that they. Since president plight of the a lot of deals going forward though no I don't think though I don't know them they could spell and remember immigrants at. If they've made up with them with the corps as a mother Dallas and air it's all while rivalries patting itself or did you imagine you're negotiating a new deal here they go. And your agent also represents. Jolie's our bottled. I'd be pretty interest that would be a little stupid wouldn't it be like the one of the bowl quarterbacks and with the first recorded in this kind of event it elite level players on any way he so so LaMont. Represents Chris Ballard. And Josh and apparently some of the coaches Josh was gonna bring used to. The idea that that in itself. As Jermaine. For me he said it's a cluster but it. Didn't I take must not cut it off that cluster exact spot. Well we're going to be obviously talking about things that you guys talking about drive carefully lads. There at the end is it here it's fine let's get out city it's also not true legend told listen. Code that way it gets a little crummy. We'll Siegelman was the that I got to go to it at all and I got to give Arnold you know Leavitt sleek mobile media day attendants only hallways with them with them if to beat him. For three. And it could well a little of that is right now. I didn't ask Mike is going 26 miles and now and you're in all seriousness those while convoys are pretty lenient with screeching halt last group challenged them for scrutiny you're big Internet Fauria we realize. Oh yeah Florida don't get it they don't get a look slowed them honest I don't want and it. Yeah yeah.