OMF - Glenn, Lou & Christian react to last night's stunning Josh McDaniels news, 2-7-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, February 7th

The show opens with OMF's reaction to last night's breaking news that Josh McDaniels is turning down the Indianapolis Colts' head coaching position to remain the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. Lou & Christian think it's obviously great for the Pats, but have some issues with how McDaniels handled the situation. 


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I wanna from the alliance and I'm the Detroit Lions have a little bit or I'm a little bit more of aperture as it gets up to the podium right it's just because there. But he still. Hasn't been on the microphone yet. He jobs the Mikey says go back and went thank you very much thank you I'm actually not lead I thought. That I don't outfit. I. I'm wolf mobile street I don't know about the state and so like you know on the lead at some of achievement doesn't believe it well. What's it about what news actually thousands and lose in the cardinal it it was going on and I thought months but again I can't. I thought I'm right my daughter just did my wedges and watchdog inhale it the ideal because. It was so. Just so yeah it was yeah last place we last left you we have talked about. Johnson dinners managers are talking about carrying that economy via the press conferences and talking all the players leave you know coach is leading. Guy people. Other coaches around the National Football League college coach is calling me. As you need to reach out to Josh began as a map Patricia in order to get them you know get them the resonated and look for a job. And when I inquired about it. This happens already set. From from the strength coach OK to the author of the defense accordingly on my dude sorry I ever positions filled I don't know Italian. Even while that happened quick in my gap and that was going on the relatives to apple is doing with this stuff. So when I heard much talk about like no breaking away from not. And a half I thought after out of the exact quote I let it out and again I don't edit last. By Gloria had it there or your name whatever logical thing. It turned into a day or Cuba yesterday. When it's official. Yesterday when its press conference Wednesday in you know it's done and I even like Tom McCarthy on Monday it was a son who's dull. You know he is gone. And then last night. I don't know what logic goes to wait so long still try to convince him to a couple of days you win. Bubbles all orbit said Monday morning it's like hey listen real quick we need to get together because it seemed like it didn't happen. And insurers Al didn't tell the colts again you know what's and that yet it yet as to the press conference that do this knowing that he wasn't going had to be after that we give that five. Alert so that's right so that's what we're gonna spend the next four hours doing it will get at some of the book stuff no question about it eat this note hi Ian by the way we hear a lot of people all his time in bills currently. We'll get to that a few minutes. But as you try to put the pieces together and it's a great question. So last week Florio and a couple of others come out of the fact that mcdaniels has got cold feet. And some people listening don't know what he's got he's done Indianapolis. It seems to me that the missing piece and all of this is this is the patriot way getting back to the patriot why. Those guys if you wanna go interview for the job you have that timeframe that the league allows you to go interview for the job. We don't have time to go back and forth which you. And deal with negotiations or what's best in Josh is life or Matt's life because we have a freaking game we got. And that's the mentality that that Belichick as he put the blinders on it's the next immediate. We laugh about all the celebrities as you know one of Philadelphia audience and apples promise and a gaggle. But that is reality is you know Christian and that's how they view it. So there was no give and take but the people it got cold feet story. For mcdaniels I think were actionable the right on Watson did something you. How are quick with the club does not need you now. I don't know I don't sit are saying nobody did AMOCO regular audits have put it on my idol but yeah. The deal. I don't think Josh wanted to step in the way. It's meant to say it in the bunker mister Kraft can we get together two week we talked a little bit aren't none of but there was no. I mean you can see it's only got a couple days but I still a long couple of days and it has Monday night it was done. You know Tuesday my money you don't want to it was it was officials are mature with them Levine. We mean I'm not sure it was done won't have certainly a giant is why it wasn't any authority to sign it patrician but you have you have. Sorry for the cold and now it is is this a and suppressed well yeah without a country and it doesn't matter not a that's docking technically by lawyer you can say nothing is done a tilt on trek written I understand that. But that's done you told the team yes. Breast offers small you do that yes mercies jets compete yet. Yes your car as our guys placed yes yes it coats the parties are now why that okay on the hunt for once the Indianapolis Colts trust that a member of the. New England Patriots and got bleeped right our eyes and I think it's I think it's curious that. The the other is the duke of Florio was our secret because Joseph judge is still staying with the Peter Hindu. He knew better than to go out and sign a contract or buy a house or look for living Chile what the other quarterbacks coach I mean he had argued. What does it was very. Feel like that the only isn't he yeah okay had a gambling and he had an opportunity to Basel all the coaches that were coming from the patriots staff knew better. Knew that there was legitimate issues that it wasn't he wasn't a 100% in that there's a possibility he could stay so they didn't sign anything. Therefore keep their butts out of what the other guys. Are stuck there. Their families their friends made their livelihood they picked up and left and now they have no idea yeah a new coach that has of these gonna want them. I don't know the lesson here is created a mess I love the fact it did then that a typical. That's that's the one thing that I love the Pacific medical held a grudge. The I do not want Josh Campion is that it had next head coach and when the patriots good evening. The integrity of the most popular sport in America is being called into question just days that is not to me. That is not a leader of men. What he did that organization what he did those assistant coaches. I don't want it could be a great offensive coordinator and please stay as long as you'd like to be that role. I do not want technical and Indianapolis. I'd like any concern I think Emily was hijacked and it's a czar finally agree FCC it is all out. A very you don't follow those rules I broke a little while there are so many questions about the way that he handled all of this stuff you sit here and say. How pretty takeover. As head coach of the football team just wanted to can tell you look I don't get anything to worry about. Because spell check will be coaching in 2018. Many if it was don't know many knows he's wrong not the scope is wrong stroke also says that that is an NI ER a said that Josh was going to be the coach of the of the drugs that now put a critical thing he ridiculed the go free people the gulf state paper or right. Not only that but I believe the Belichick is here for a while. He's not throwing and when job of clarify because the other ones have been sourced out this he clarified that it is paying. It was finished about a source that he is leaving I'm glad I don't government opinion I wanted to show that's different different. No I add that that one night I grew if you do that you see a different times aren't going anywhere so it was just iPad news might be some answers and it would bells going off the mine's gonna talk a first thing you got to. That bill ballots yet all of a sudden that aren't done yet is perhaps it. It shots. Don't go to see the city county and because so so just get back to so you believe that I believe the bills are going into lazy Brady will be gone they're gone absolutely no solid yeah that's it I got a strongly convinced that one of the slots and it means you believing his opinions or beat all I'm hearing it I don't does that isn't there isn't what I would never gotten sailor clarified sort of you're hearing things yet he statement that's a cast of more importantly you're not up to see your opinions are importantly I thank you as they all. So with that being said so. You're now I don't know what his contract with the Israeli language in mcdaniels contrary to says. In the case in the end in the event that bill leads. You will automatically. Be an expert about the Rooney rule. OK you are the next coach I don't think they have in his country. I've found what I'm hearing none of that exist in the contract not now they might have had a conversation which Kraft might settle. You know what if bill doesn't leave we don't know what he's going leave if he does leave. Certainly you're somebody view we would sit down and talk to will the first person we would talk to. But who knows what it's going to be like four years from now we don't know whether that's gonna I don't and a week for it I guess that's he's got no. You said this a while ago and do with game right when you sitting there you go over the game plan you're into the issued under this you can do this the last thing they say when you leave the room is once everything is subject to change so everything there is no way you can never guarantee anything a year down the road and a shallow right three putting pressure on our ideas and even ready for me I didn't write it like I honestly who can see. The future a year or two from now let. If they picked him at first he can't have a signed agreement. Okay it it's a legal. But you can't guarantee. Anything we've seen you know you go back to where reality year ago to where we are now on some things that could be in disgust never of known. That some of these things would be going on to kick guaranteed debt but you can't look at and say you know what. Right now I can say as a pretty good chance of bill walks away your my god but just I don't put dead right part but it got to nodes. Enos is you know why they worked their ass off to get him back though this thing work the rest of the Patricia back. And and yet Obama may be amateurs or professional wasn't waffling. Patricia wasn't did you you don't teetering back and forth he was more death and he was going. So they knew if that's the case and you know you don't bother with partition he admitted his mind if you don't want to know what we're we're hearing. That the deal was heavily involved in all of this in the last 2448 hours here in bringing mcdaniels back. He's really tight with Matt Patricia. So I just think it Christians right I think. Matt this was right format effort that led to signal strongly Bob queen race going was right he's only he heat all along said this is what I wanted to do. Josh never wanted to leave but here's the thing and you thought I totally agree with what you just said based on what she wants 2448 hours. A question Josh McDaniels as head coaching material because the way he just handled all of this stuff and handle people's lives you know families and I. I you're you're 100%. In it I'm an agreement with you. But here's the thing that that everything is. He took a huge cut in pay is while they were. Offering like seven billion what do you think he's getting now he's the offensive coordinator from a high school principal has probably is but he's also the offensive coordinator of the future. And yet what you shed last night did you notice when this story started breaking. There were people that were Diddy. On Twitter thinking Belichick is how. We want Josh McDaniels why don't like it does he screwed got them welcome but I think I want to part of do you saw that right idea all actuality you any. Witnesses they agree with just routine of Egypt. This is a horrible move for Josh McDaniels if you are staying on your hang it on the coattails. Okay of the greatest quarterback of all time. Who has how many years left optimistic but three. Yacht gold BA head coach you're done with high you know. I don't think so either to take all for bill they'll be no doc to be no calm. Take over it take over team I don't take over there to lock to be honest within days of the world. And today I follow Belichick went I. Worst thing you can file your loan so. OK so old the word is that it's Stanley relief right in wanna pick a sport he'd been wanna leave did wanna start I think that was yard to let what's. I get it. He's article one remember he's done it twice. I've moved his family to you want to you went to Denver or pecos of that to last very long that he went to a sale it was a year and a half. He got fired midway through different in here right okay. And that he would say look after he started out six and a lightly and he obituary yet he knew that was gonna it was Mecca last. So I'd get that that that has some that's important rate he just does not want to leave and so easy. It's so easy for you but. But you've done that the shrapnel effect from this. It has to be discussed so. I get that you wanna state for your family did the other families and I don't know I questions I question anybody who who doesn't want it to happen their own ship. When it's just it's just it's it's just comfortable being there you know second in command is comfortable without some of the way things are. And and at and did not think that you know okay I'll run this out it's only he can run this out to a deal runs out. Now he's got a terrible reputation get to your point at the tip remedies though we do want to run this out till it's dead always a lifer here and you don't go anywhere Alito for the for the Phillies to give her five years insurance for all of Italy it's like so. You just won't work every single sprint is. We've always felt like this guy's like on most patient individual's gonna sit back he's gonna wait for the absolute perfect opportunity before he leaves right is that the last couple of years. Now to me it doesn't look like he doesn't believe that he can actually do it right there he's actually afraid to take the challenge. I mean there's a war that is just like you know what I'm comfortable. Just my you know and in this I understand it's a personal thing failing in in I get it not gonna say he shouldn't it. Maybe it is maybe it's the family thing but from my point if you look at as a guy. That is sort of you know using his name being out there ever was propping his name up there and take the next job he's gonna wait for the right job in deep down he's like I I don't. Exactly did you see he's he's not the moral I did an article to John what he did I don't know there's a good guy analyst what he does inexcusable when it it goes on not only is going to be leery of all what are you want. What would you even pursue him OK yeah he's doing great job everybody's heard offices still be successful. He gets certain the next guy when he plays great you're not touching them. How do you trust him but the same thing might be my contractual. They would eat raw look at I've got to look at what he gave up the heat he could have doubled his salary may be more than doubled his salary but glad that it's a cold front like OK if you're if you're coach. It's rare that a guy and he's been fortunate that he he's really been doing more than any place you left for a hot minute. But came back and really that's what three years but you know what he probably. And I don't want people to look at since it's stupid and I agree with what you guys are saying I think he's really. Screwed this whole thing up for a lot of different people but in his own life he may be looking and it's and my family doesn't wanna go anywhere my wife doesn't wanna go deeper got a lot of friends here. Nick hysteria is a good body of any honest I didn't I don't goes into place again but. What family doesn't feel that way. It you know I'm just saying it in your free agent Barry really has been a signal acutely than just pack up and take my kids out of school. And move out of this house and all the friends that I met here in knowingly kiwi to leave the ball accurately to meet new friends. Well a lot of families that there's a uniter. VO whatever is best for you when your career because this isn't yes not comfortable I don't think the kids at school don't leave this house of the south just of this house all of my neighbors and friends. Nobody wants to do that. Nobody yeah but it was an overriding it was an overriding point in the decision making for him I think it's true as on the audit that was that was I. Huge battle earlier violence that comfort level headed but I go to the comfort level that you were just talking about look that's why I'm with ruinous one. I would really question him as a coach as a serial I I don't wanna guy who's gonna feel comes I want I got to work coordinator Ron I'm glad I discredit an office. London is clear I am glad he's back but for the New England Patriots for Tom Brady for Bill Belichick I'm glad he's back yep I agree okay because to be honest if you loosen the defense according to offensive coordinator. The offense of one where we'd be a little bit more even though it's Tom Brady. In a defensive guy that's Flores a Shia break rebel attacks that work that edited the god if they don't refine and what Clinton did look great on Sunday but still. But offensively grocery the company to court order a quarterback and older quarterback whose stubborn is laziness how we run this offense off as the quarter comes and agent says you need to get on my page which he would have to. It was new quarterback coach you know there was a lot of things going on with Brady in his office as he gets older I don't want to mess with that that's the strength of these teams so glad he's back but I don't want him coach and it's a. I agree this is great for the New England Patriots each great that your you have made the decision in dealing grapple away. Picture gonna go along with this we're gonna expand the debris career as long as we possibly Ken. So mcdaniels fits in perfectly to be able to do that from a New England Patriots at that point of view if you're failed treats you said it look this is great for the patriots. But if you wanna start calling in saying Belichick should be out and Josh McDaniels should be taking over as head coach. Boy eyes I don't really care I'd be really care simply out. So what are some sort fusion family this is the name of the decision of the industry you know his it was an. You turned down jobs because your family like that that happens a lot on the more than it should but you make decisions. And you do what's best for you at that point time. I don't like the decision. Because of the Rampage is is we'll know just for sport does to him personally but the dead and that and this is what this is what I think Josh is it really good guy. I like him a lot of I used to take. You know that the character meant a lot but what he did to some of these coaches. You can't avoid talking about this so the Joseph judges on the world image in in the end actually looks of the world are safe and they're not out rules. Why is that they. So the only two coaches ask signed with the patriot wants it'd and it got that he's talking to an arrest based on the other does he can't reach out to the other guys to do. Joined by house to put a deposit down on Tuesday did you take your kid out of that we had a part of it is we necessarily resolute as answer coordinating hired was the linebackers coach in Dallas. Yes he's got back to Dallas that article because I don't know he called back and it felt like what they feel gosh I downloaded it. Coordinators hired. Is that Joseph Kerrigan right at the pitching coaches hired before the management now the head coach comes in. And you have your defensive coordinator. Oh we think that's or edit the slight chance that maybe he knows them as a relationship with the Lebanese actually. The tech guy that runs that defense he wants Iran that's British for what I host of certain beliefs route whatever proves what about do you go to the director liked is he today not a contract yes. Answers that he's got a job but also a new Gosselin new head coach bill was late in the process now too because you're dealing with the Super Bowl coaches don't. There's a new acknowledge the president. And it looks as knowing these facts only. All of maybe a little maybe a little bit now guys work maybe he doesn't he doesn't like us he's heard rumors about them does that work you got this guy that you can have. This guy's not IDC. I don't this guys totally not my outlook to life goes I don't like him I tell you what I don't know so let the injury like physical problems at least that there are issues out her if he acted let's. They have major problems and that's. And that's really well he must really mustn't relief giving him a sweetheart deal but he or he was so desperately. Wanted to its day that he was open to really anything is like he was waiting for them because you know Josh do you think Josh came to them it's illicit. I'm changed my mighty sweet deal RV they came to him said okay Super Bowl over we don't want to legalize yet. It cited again Christian I take the biggest problem is the timing in the way all of this stuff works out. Any and you know there on them and that's of course it's it's always throwing toys in question I ask is is me I'm actually why do you question because I'm hoping once and if I had gone to I've maybe one time. But would look at the timing. So what happens during the period of when when he can he can talk to during apply house. That Bill Belichick is going to put his mind on what is happening to to Josh McDaniels during this period you know you've worn out at this guy. He wants nothing to do with that crap is gonna step in and have a conversation with me you know cause he knows that that that that Belichick got. Blinders on it's a ticket on that started six games all verdict is as Josh welcome the Roberts say we should sit down and talk to bill that's what order those guys when this happened those guys go to and it today you know. Josh assess our report. Just wish you watch. To be talking you know legal goes. It dated both and I have a who I think the first time they were able to actually really talk about it sit down talk about it apparently there was a law Powell. The they had dinner at at W us last night the crafted with. With bella chip that was never the that was after the long meeting when we're like fourteen hours now I'm sure a lot of other stuff was discussed and that during that period but. That this thing wants that. They couldn't engage in last week so they can't it was probably going crazy and he's gone back almost I was like oh my god is the Indianapolis thing. I don't know what to do that they want me here it is than they did they love me or does it. I think that all played intuit that you can't do anything and that's why the timing is wrong with the NFL. When you do when the stuff. They got to dig you really got to change the the parameters of wind you can deal with other coaches. And the coaches you won't want or want to go deep into the playoffs those the coaches that if you're the head coach. And a coordinated strategy get a head coach somewhere else as a head coach. I want your full concentration jocks on Tom and what we're doing what they offense I don't watch on the phone off message all at. Johnson Hannity issues because the office was Greek. He was focused there's no issues here issues on the defense the ball. That's probably issues Warren Patricia was. Lock stock and he was gone and eat there was no he's uses the waffling whatsoever but I think he was just thrilled I mean he's going into an environment where he knows the people pop queen knows him they got along really well back here. In doing I think there's say a semi married are all level. All out losers at the party fixes these they say what they finished the season is over 67 coaches get fired. You go to the team's sake unique interview and have an answer before playoff game one before Saturday. I don't get and we need agreements we have your four days but the league doesn't allow you to do that nobody on to San can you really do let's say the patriots are playing in week one. It's it and have a body and had to play in the first weekend you'd have four days to interview coach and say that he's that's that's. Strap but but yes but all of it as a distraction and he'd go back in 19979096. Season 97 Super Bowl that's Super Bowl week Parcells is mind. With not only on the jets but we now know. With the aid a rundown of all the phone calls that he was constantly communication with the jets on the week he was preparing for the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl so. But you have to do that don't you know if you're going to take that next gig. You're gonna spend a lot of your time. Dealing I don't want all hobbled this. Once you agree to head coach and head coach eagle Beckham. That. That's why I think always going to be leery about this go forward coaches that don't match I got I think all's fair. I guess eighties say the patriots did the rebels best for their team. So they went out and they realized that he was a size and you know that statements that YouTube now or could graduate we are out of jail forever having graft worried about that when he said dad sent out yesterday nonsense. Senator John they just amid through another mill politician here because we love you'll be watching Iraq the position practiced the care that Indianapolis is looked like a fool can because they had announced at a press conference announced today. You know they could have been caused ballad while their at 11 o'clock and probably ripped a crap on the job thing. Probably you know it's only been missing now it would with Jos now since he made this move. Aaron Hernandez got life in prison he got that prison tattoo on his neck he just knew it was gone anywhere and he could go anywhere and a message hostage and he's gonna get him again and I did a major problem on his neck like. Like her lies are well don't they are at risk as our young man. The only way it you know you think it through as far as what they can do is admit the AFC NFC championship is over. All right there's two weeks. There's a bye week pretty much you know bill for the most balked at a week to get ready for the game is just whatever and also that simple but still. Once that AFC NFC title game is over that's all the commitments have Debian a net Monday. The net Tuesday. It would use it because I commit to if you it's a huge huge asset you're done Eagles in week two freaking weeks ago when you look like Patricia K was under agreement. And it adjusts it was still waffling rating get a much of that understated the blame the colts for not locking in and but it yesterday at the today after the championship weekend all commitments aren't. I'm sure there were there you have your back there I'm sure there were other factors Mike Florio at a couple of them of last night in and today. You know one being interstate I mean Jim Irsay is a little bit strange is that safe to say this again it carries around his hand and he pointed out of thousands of Phil Andrews but I know he's he's. He's recovered got a nice got a nice brackets are collection apparent back ago I probably more than you trying to put does that play you know sorry and then the uncertainty of the quarterback I don't as a quarterback is engine looks terrific quarterback is he ever assign it to go back again. All he's not ordered it would TomTom house now apparently the shoulders funded at the Helm almost maybe he's one of those guys that has to be 100% to be able play maybe Josh. Get cold feet to liken him but I really believe. He's just really wanted to come back here he loves. You look at video is so silence on the in New England yeah so that's so what is. Does your daughter it's all about it coach he's not going to be the head coach here at early on his head coach anymore. Well I mean I got a good shot here but that. Probably jeers and well OK so as soon as the song brokers at night so I'll let you know build contract runs through 28 team an app that okay Pam we're gonna candidates and what he's not alone and then and then Josh is gonna get Brady may be for one Goodyear if he makes it through that next season. Good who knows it hurt you know in September hide your vet who Lee's first. Brady or Belichick Brady thank you I agree Brady the Brady so he doesn't get re. He doesn't get all you do that does and he doesn't think you're right apple already gets emphasis like suggest that today's national signing day he gets guys that he gets that signs of some major school a doesn't get the starting job transferred to a Smart transfers to a smaller school quarterback and mount union yes OK that I had a guy that last chance you're hurt all of it but first Hogan at quarterback this idea that lacrosse player and headed up I ended up playing mark that's just that this guy and you have an analyst at all like it either eastern or western something would you want a good guy. That follows the legend the greatest coach of vault not the greatest patriots coach the greatest coach of all time history says it isn't gonna happen. And I don't get me it's don't give me see if it's not a factor here and I know that Twitter was abuzz last night everybody says he's become chief coach and he's going to be the head coach is not gonna happen that is not. Even part of the it could be someday someday somewhere down the road yet are gonna get your phone calls won't get into the latest on the Malcolm book the story as well there's a lot to talk about. At 6177797937. Load up there and Wilkins.