OMF - Glenn and Paul can't stop arguing about Malcolm Butler 2-14-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, February 14th

HOUR 4 - The Super Bowl continues to shrink in the rearview mirror yet there still hasn't been great clarification on why Malcolm Butler didn't play in the Super Bowl. Seems like Paul has had it with Ordway's constant defense of Bill Belichick.


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On you ready. Fort Wayne alimony and forty I don't know what message they send this team in spring training you can tell the media is much different. But you can't sit there and say did with apple don't look at the patriots they only likable because they win when they start winning difficult and enjoy your Deborah McCord go among the next week if he. More personable with Glen who went Christian he regrets slaves here. Now. All it's been a struggle absolutely. Cup gotten better from what I learned from it you know I could handle it better Lester had moved. Media and develop its. It's pretty straight toward if you go out there and you can pitch well and play well you're gonna have to support can always make things better about this in better and that's what I got to do. Sports Radio WEEI. So we started the program today at 10 o'clock Luca Turco all sorts of shots at them when the patriots the future of football. He said dead or dying some light bulb yup and it. Back and then he lived it at every dead ones here that he would go out with a baseball and obviously said that baseball's going in the right direction. You know attracting the youth of America there are needed all the that we have a few people who call. And we're defending Lou which you know you normally get NN. Sort we went on to. To announce that I'll be attending and hope you will these seniors. Citizens Valentine's Day dance. Over at Fenway Park coming up this afternoon over the Dell EMC club that do and it five of the location. And then it went downhill from there and so we get ago. We go back to to Malcolm Butler because I'm still waiting its ten days now but nobody's come up with an answer yet might he reached at a breakdown yesterday. Of all the snaps and made complete sense about what I've been saying now for the last ten days. And that is that it was. Nothing to do with discipline because I think we would have learned that by now welcome Bob. Had nothing to do with bill. Ego were built trying to get back at at Butler could he wouldn't sign that cheap contract a year ago and it everything to do with the game plan. And the fact that they were only going to use two corners they were going safety heady because they were concerned about the running game. Of Philadelphia more so than they were the passing game. And it was the game plan itself. They kept Malcolm Butler out of the game now it's easy for people to come out there and say like I I understand it. That well it was the wrong thing to do it and it might have been rocking the extent except one little little caveat we definitely got. We're gonna never know because Malcolm Butler didn't play any game. So Ed Malcolm Butler played against couldn't horse. Horse. Look at because when I looked at the game and I looked at the second half of the game could've been two corners or playing in the game other than the first two series. Pretty good they are more deadly more the product safety so the problem linebackers were the problem tackling was abroad none of that with Eric well. Who's the only guy. He whatever place based on. Violent times dosage and repaid because. Yes the only trusted to corners and because of that they often went two for safety. Only did go three corners it was better mostly at a time they went with four safeties because they didn't go Malcolm Butler. So therefore. A guy like Richards or Patrick Chung is covering somebody in the slot correct plane quarter. Okay. Seoul does that expects that that emotion plea templates are okay let them play slightly everybody played a much. How many who sixteen Richards is our Richards played because Chong was hurt. He not a not all the nobody's India before that yeah I was very rarely if if you look at recent racial Rogen and where is your lives outrage program and Eric Rao covering the slot. There would have junk cover because that have Richards governor actually have at a mostly in the game. They were fearful of the running game and your linebackers in your safeties. Or more to stop the the running game. You you're you're not playing at a base defense you're playing in sub packages okay that a mostly came in when they went into a dime aren't so bad six defense of backs. So they were playing yet. They were playing sub packages but they were fearful of the run so they were kind of hedging their bet is that they don't we need extra DBs out there. But we really need to be able to cover the running you know what happens if you put extra. Defensive backs did you go into a nickel you're going to eat that specially into what Don T gonna try to run against you because this is out it has to be able to run. He did not believe this was completely am more convinced than ever may be because it's ten days now nobody's giving me a better answer to this other that you go. And he's trying to stick to a player's contract and he's willing to screw up the Super Bowl and reward his own image his own legacy because he wants those ticket to this Malcolm Butler kid. Nobody is giving me a better answer other than it was a football decision. And the decision was made that the way he plays the game you can't play him inside he can't handle a bigger running back he is an outside corner. And roll was a better. For him was a better option. That's I don't see any other reason it could be but nobody wants to look at that. Is a football decision even though he's a coach that always makes decisions based on football. He's always done this entire career he's not a guy that he said at that carried on grudges right this is not then it's apart does that make. Like what I disagree and it well Arizona graduate if there was welcome wasn't him. You mean what short balls on the was exempt. The franchise tag and didn't want the payment that tag at that they would get a deal done and he refused to have a deal done. They could blow the franchise tag they want it to so they stuck with it he wasn't crazy about it in the following year is not the starter in game. To an adamant. And it turned out that in the yen Adelman was a better player that he acquired him and M and dole as well so they thought adamant was a better player than why franchise Wes Welker on that he was looking at Ed and it's better I just looking at Wes Welker he was concerned probably. Did you think he was just trying to stick it to him and at first and I will stick it right now possess that's what he was trying to do yes while I do well. Boy I don't buy that you want I don't Piet sending messages game one now the great thing is he dating game. 119 suitable ya that's a concern. Yeah are you thinking that was it the reason he. Did this to Malcolm buck or did not put him on on the field at all other than on one. Special team wants our punt coverage. That he was trying to stick to this kid because the kid never accepted the cheap contract. And they can now is going to be free agent and he said you know want money and give this kid the chance to play in the super well I'm gonna so it's this kid you don't ever a real. Stubborn I should kick start his kid's acting us on a dispute that most chic and tackle you know wrote now your help the European better than to screw it. Richards have always liked you. Don't erupt into. You sit over there I think you're I think it was because Richard plays a different position when you play safety there is a difference between a I've heard a lot of people's avoid religious what's the corner over the safety. Well me he's not playing safety during the course of the season during the course of practice during the course of the week. It's a different position. Aren't much different position I don't know if he has the instincts the pick up on what you're supposed to do as a safety he is eight corner. Easiest job that's his position. And they were using two corners in the game. And Bill Belichick believed that Gilmore and roe were better options on the two outside corners. I haven't seen any information. It gives me any more than that and I'm playing in the in bill we trust and just going along with a somebody give me a better idea but this whole idea of ego. Or bill's gonna ruin the Super Bowl or risk losing the Super Bowl and put less of a play around there on the field. Just doesn't make any sense if you got a huge eagle you want to win every freaking. A wide and missed it because the guy didn't play. And you can talk about how it was a big safety gain well. Well OK then my crease and give you know why wasn't random regional wildlife migration because they were fearful of the run it wasn't working right. It was not ours who has the adjustment that was network go to three quarters. I would just add in Malcolm Butler let's see if that or wait at least I hope stuff the run. Was shortstop and anyway additional nonstop throughout yeah. To help you don't you wanted to attack like this cold chill. Look at look at row from the after the first two series. The outside receiver that rose covering was not a problem they need one catch for fourteen yards a Ted he had to. Pass breakups he also broke up the the first series him. A touchdown and a third on seven you know that I can make a field goal it was a good way to them. With hoses and Amy's to put them for you are Christian now or arrange to play for them I've never heard the talk there lewdness they'll Fauria eleven personnel and all that are single back three wide receivers tight end. OK a lots. He just constantly kept looking nickel three wide receivers and no we have safety play corner nope not gonna make the adjustment. As we don't have really good job of stopping the run right which about all that's right only worked on the shortstop and running either. Only words stop in the past should we try something new not stick with what's not working I mean that's that's a sign of insanity. Good answer you know try something else that doesn't work I'm telling you that I truly believe that he did not. Believe that Malcolm Butler was any good place right now and he feared that if I what Emma here. It's gonna get worse he's going to give up the big play not save you with if role was lawful. Decade after that second series then I could see a reason I don't care how screwed up Butler is how messed up he is. I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna go in and put him in the game because rose to kill. Look at row in that game after the second series and he was pretty damn good Gilmore was even better on the other side. That was not your issue you're sure was the safety C gonna take a corner in the middle of the game it's that you know. Corner to safety position. According to inside. It's what happens in these struck out he or she would have and the one that maturity came up with. That I think makes form portion that their plate three quarters precinct is before. Think it working again. Think what you do it again because I think my game. Listen the game plan sock did waited more you're upset I don't know how many times he got out coach Mike does it just got charts and if it it didn't work. OK stop stop it with the science teachers that you've had a bad day became player didn't work played and enjoyed it wants to play the natural again and other natural element war. More sense. I just think that that we're never going to know because we never saw Butler in the game. My guess is that spell check the Patricia that that staff knew what he was capable of doing or what he wasn't much yardage peace story. The players knew about it. During the course of the week they knew he was not a big part of the game plan. They probably didn't know he was zero part of the game plan but they did not believe he would support a big part of that game play. They were working on the game plan during the course of the way that's why I think it lends credence that additional information. When's more credence to the theory that. I've got here. Then it does that appeal was just trying to stick it to McCain because he wanted cheap you know he wouldn't take cheap money a year ago beat the eagle has nothing to do. I think when you go has nothing to do that but it goes in the second half and makes a play. As a Belichick look stupid for his implant no we looks great model is no rate he looks great he made it look stupid nor does him at all no we doesn't. All the way it would play when the game is over. Is that boy bill once again made the adjustment and you know what. But probably did some assets and eventually. Built probably pissed off Butler. Over the last week or two and you know what bill got him so pissed off that when he got in the game bill got our rights which he he he he flicked the right switch and he got. To make the big play. So why wouldn't look good. Let's go to be pissed them off now is against Eagles all I can only a few operable we volume of help but I can't help but if you can't process or they just old just said as your while if you want with that night I don't as the walker the official Paul welcome to ship now I know that's what your total out of eagle it really it was a 0% and the next senate study involved was he pissed him off during the week you're not listen I gave you one how it would have played I said how you know. And others would have interpreted I'd say the hell out of that that's true I think that it's it looks like Butler should have been playing in the first half but both the second half ethnic and plays deep as ethnic and stops. We say what the hell is bill to a bottle necks and fire first. Maybe you wouldn't. But do you really believe this was eagle by double a I think had something to do that how you plan was in there and it socked in Easton will not put him in the Atlantic plane steep obstacles that has the most at any almost what he also writes I would talk to. That is the most idiotic thing that anybody could put this right in this thing but I don't know history it wouldn't Sutley is all about bill so I don't what's the what's so I closed for this is an anomaly it'll get on the Nobel suddenly look how blue this how many look at this as a little comic Lola. Eagle got Dolan because he did Doug earlier that career. The system through this one this under an art this is no question sorghum. Really it's this was a football decision to like and I did say it was right we shouldn't forget how I could tell you got out coached. That the game plan did not work I look at it it just wasn't good enough but the green piglet and more maybe. I love road. Because. Maybe it was from Butler. But the idea that Bill Belichick is gonna throw the Super Bowl yeah that's suitable almost what this is admirable with his game in almost in what people aren't in the next couple plays out. Everybody says wow what the hell is that our schools so stupid to bench a guy shot way to the snaps on in the week but more so guys that we have over the years touted he's been around for more times can. A guy that we have touted that he is so good at making in game adjustments these are phenomenal preclude people praise and that's why it's registered. Suddenly in this underground in that direction I'll be alone in this one game. In his afternoon. In this one game OK this one game he made a decision and he said to himself you know I'm not gonna do it because. I will get killed them in people's hearts people will start. Killing me I have to look for the first time in my life where about what the may end up think of me. I didn't for the first and to be concerned about that and not because the huge ego unlock all shot as she read an article about those within and I'm not I'll a lot of and I said bro was in the game the only thing I'd sticking with they wanted to know if he had had in Vienna pattern over his life of doing something like that I would simple you might be onto something he's got zero pattern of 20. Screw this zero young so we got to arrogance -- 49 and now the great decision. But he didn't take bad mosey on the field. Why wouldn't he try to win it with Kyle Arrington because. He would OP could prove himself that he was right windows is eager to be on the Super Bowl at any place. Why he got it right. Really need light on what quiet about what might you look at this as it's like why wouldn't you sit there isn't I decided to Thailand team was in store slot. I'm gonna stick whether it right now what they need to. He screwed up. Strategically a few years without he would have an eagle two years ago. The guys that you've got this guy. Not only wasn't stubborn exactly what it will relax about it whenever you always know just personally light up above about suddenly developed an ego now. He was and everybody thought OK so we just did nobody know about it played all you want don't with a lot of them. Normally I don't get our god let me guess you like magazines she hit title I think I'll eat and money lent. So lenders full when yes who is tired of watching Kyle or to who used. So we made the switch. This time. You sent two guys get abused and never made this with you guys just. Making them he didn't play a smack in this land it's really it puts correct did not. And that there was that of a football reasons we know it's not discipline ten days now okay. No there's no bag of a vote of weed is none of the stuff exists I have voted him out both sides of them said no discipline level. So it's no discipline you go back to the track record of this now. It's football and there are times he comes out with crazy game plans and you sit there it's at what no they don't right now. In most cases. It works and it didn't work in this case will never know whether Malcolm Butler would have made you better. Or would have made it. Worse because it was so close in his neck in neck almost pulled ever gonna be stupid game playing with four safeties on the field can't cover linebacker. Hannibal seeking to tackle on third down almost worked. So we didn't have the god it was had to make it change if he's only down by one score and it was boring it was go up and down the field and it was buckle the week before that had trouble making a tackle of remember in the Jacksonville okay. So did people forget that they were written as it. I wasn't wasn't at the job on suddenly Gilmore became V player and Warner. And we were sitting here for weeks talking about oh my god knowing what was really disappointed he's really does subordinate to the site always doing at the same ones like the ones that. Do you realize that their taxes in bill we thrust. Note this is going to be kid Belmont was the neck you know Iraq in bill we trust all added up all my guys they still want to get. As it was in bill we trust but this one recurrence in Atlanta. Let's take a hard look at some thought. I traded Danish. And all it's a novel might sports. A bit of cloud up. Clan quick question excuse or waiver ammonium foray on Sports Radio WEEI. The favorable. They didn't feel comfortable I don't know. On cumbersome that was welcome Bob I think his film true they gave up. Was part of him not part of the code in a church's decision if I don't. He did not lemon again but at some people think it's because of ego it makes me go wild. Sense though doesn't it what makes a lot more sense than they can that he just can't plea in the league. No we didn't think he could play against that team against that with the game plan that they had Tuesday were they were running a league game plan that was going to be heavy. On on safeties again he couldn't play in a game plan next week against the different wasn't working. Ball ball to stop but that the well that would that the but the fact is that he had no trust and a no confidence but I think it's amazing that and if you say he's never had eagle on seventeen years. What is he'd driven his head through a wall recorders and not just that he. Very good so why so what do you think he finally doing it Imus. All well some hell if you went hands but we're strengthening your ego would make more sense to go in win. The Super Bowl and then suddenly it enhances your ego because I want. This is the point you went into a bullet to the game boom as the greatest coach of all time you come out of it is even a great coach instead people don't cripple out of how does how does his ego. With what he did how does that help his ego that Shaq Mason makes the block when I talk about it he's got to fight game plan worked. We don't as closely as well although we don't know that because of Japanese the next block Brady still must take to get the that the media doesn't. Obviously didn't feel worse over the ready when did you did you think I'm not assume any Torres thirty seconds do you agree I felt pretty good about it because I said I've got to disagree with Tom Brady in the same respect I feel pretty good about bill vote check. He's history because pretty damn good. You can don't go to the guys and today he's going to be talking like every five days a week you know like that fake yeah. That's not a bad idea what you developed that worked on that voice and you can do that five days a week. And if you Allen Shapiro talk about. Read this article yeah. Friday. And broadcasting. And it's as well at the it goes from six and 6 PM at the longer we mean success that prepared to read this article gore go to a new early belong in or. Curtis says that we have to. Through from six and 6 PM all day old that's the session last basics and sit here. And counsel at Moscone. That's data. Those. Are copied your article on the rule of traffic and some fruit summon the morning. This languages that I have no problem. And by the way when they say it's mandatory. That we were all willing to go anyway I don't think anybody had. Naked Amanda Wright was 200. We're all willing to go. Let's go to the phone calls let's get back to Malcolm Butler ten Elton ostrich there's enough Florida hello down. Say I don't yet on tour as a whole unit is out there are these good. Irrigate out of it ought to one point telecheck legal. Got it Super Bowl in nineteen years I got no problem that I have no problem or not playing. And I have won eight for Lou and I Lou a couple of three ball walk to straighten out their guy. If they would do it for hours and tomorrow sit there and there's definitely. A pin if it's tied after six. We'll put a key at home plate and apparently people and then. It would get it no but listen to get better. Indian rubber and do their job. We call at the annual an emotional that first or be careful of that and even change that vocational London bullets detectors don't you don't throw the ball for the base you can just throw the ball off the humid but no pepper. It's also OK at whatever I orchestra technology stuff. As long as we have sweet Carolina beat penny on good look OK Tom good why why wait in the eighth. 2.0 what they want especially the people believe in the sixth in the seventh. Every single weddings and played every bit early and Arlen so it often gets. Locked up song free games between innings that's really. Good walkout song and yes it is it and now by the end of the players began. Gonna get audited pumpkin Jack listening to this issue yet lost a little batters walked into his staff. And wrong. Thoughts and prayers by the Whitman of diamonds daughter of timers if he's heard it yes he has to rough. Alan Johnson for everybody yourself Al all the Hyde Park that don't play it. He played on the background LL think someone wanted to play wanna get out of his out. Zoom in once again for some reason I. I don't I don't Allman and tell your wife Q you were quickest stupidest person. And do everything I LL. Adult it's shown signs de L it's films on today show some compassion chosen please. They have had a game plan or yes. We just want and it. I think that they did they weren't. Well they were in the what are now they weren't and I came. They were then gimmick and that's the dilemma they did they want it to seventy all the whole game plan out. Okay. Or backup quarterback. Jay. And wondered running I. Hopeful. And they were running the one you're running. So what do you think it wasn't. So what do you think it wasn't until you where it was football it was a different. Ones. And no matter. What do you think it was downtown I. Did. I. Love. You. And re. Off we go. And what. Happened was that related to. Out from the stupidest person in the world you're right wind was because I've given you a minute 36 seconds and you still haven't told me one up quit get lots. I don't know I don't know how to answer I'm gonna listen to loosening of Canada would you want talked. About this. I'm listening to look at them. So dude. There are old and new people. Aren't. And law. Month perhaps with him. Shooting war on everybody hold your heads together that's the streets and now let's call Adams. Obama as he pulls him. EG. I have Bob. Good. Saying those goods and and through whom country. Please our. Current. Yeah you know welcome. Let's. This is John in Weymouth hello John happy downsized. Do you look you know you did there. All right well what club isn't bloody which they laugh did you get stuck back from so it is not what the problem is. We wish that was the problem. I did better tracked they got a from the penalty great. Should try them like yesterday. You could say a little worried about the run against Jacksonville. Did they were born to run to run but he did not play well in the second gopac look at that game these struggle. Why you quite were laid it right. You're talking out of your ass right now you're not you do not go back and watching. He played like what I did you ever coming what do you. I'll tell you tell me what he did because I don't run down nightly ultimately legend and the demand what did you. British her what I did and I hit oh really well I just I have for ten days now. OK but glad you it's possible that maybe ballot check check you don't. Because I shouted at the beginning of the game. Whether or not the last possession is most likely got a wedge they hung in there long enough to that in the season so it's always. All to himself like US hang in and asked if I can get ready what could not turn we can pull this thing out. But the length of the easiest. This is closed down on him and it went 41 series you can't wait not a decision one chance. Did it narrow neck so they work and because they wouldn't get on cash. Because he didn't know trust in the compartment but it was a message crying during during the what was it America the beautiful he was crying. Okay cry he couldn't trust them and I know people and it's a fully understand the emotions of the it will we're now hearing. That the kick did not realize just before the game that he was not going to play not going to start. Which doesn't he he knew what days advance he was not part of the game plan to exporting system. Mental discipline. If that's possible and if that happened. I don't understand why Belichick would say that because you know there's a possibility that somebody's gonna get hurt and that's why I don't think bill would say to. He knew he wasn't gonna start he also knew he was not part of the game plan people were talking and we now know that that that happened days in advance. He was sick the week before he was late kitten down there to to the game site so this stuff. It should try to. You've got one I don't buying that's their focus because I think if you win the game you win another Super Bowl. They don't let doesn't strengthens bill's ego by losing again on strike if I don't think again though isn't. Internal Eagles within yourself. His reputation restricted in another way. I his ego is what he thinks about himself in his own convictions and his own game plan if he wins doesn't approve his ego or put his reputation or church comes in Texas eco. Are you Kidman a US. And cause I'm talking somehow stop talking play a little music let loose and does lose it's insane. He can single out of the you can you can articulate your point and him we will take you want that phone calls now will that loosen. I would a one more segment to them. Yeah that we won't what's a don't bet. Yeah people back to more important way and moaning and Torre. On Sports Radio W. A lot of play out front and it was a he's out right direction with this. He's playing a lot more Olympus. Attorney could clinch. So I talked about you don't do impressions of him not to prejudge that Saddam with a price target okay thank you. The answer is stuff. Are you missed twenty minutes of the seniors dance over Fenway tourists over the fear of the sleep any minute now most of the people are gonna show played anyway. If policy. And everybody's like enemies or through it's in I can darken it intentional I can do that and nice people and elderly audience over the rumored that a B Goode who donated five different Boston area senior centers. Just saw this headline you know Steven Reich. Discusses domestic abuse case O Stephen Wright the knuckleball pitcher in the and so if I want to. I'm not the talk about it. Movies do their investigation. Would have finished their investigation of you were talking. Saltzman a phone makers and try to do things you know anything's persons cases personally try to do within the family. Just got to the pool and offers a couple weeks. It's still popular really pleased on the side of the story because the economy comes don't just think of words. But it wasn't you know those. That bad you know to you know especially on the receivable note Michigan and it touched. That's by the hardest thing for me like sit there and see people like talk about you know being a wife funerals of united no it didn't make physical contact. That's pretty much on allow groups are now because I don't know and will be in their investigation. You know hopefully within the next couple weeks you know there would you expect. Or forgot it was an assailant so locked them all. City west kind of were never throws the yes guys you play the south because he. The first thing you said bush. I'm not allowed to talk about eject. Given to hit advantages. You talked about it now you know we don't know when those December 8 that happened is what the called 911 news arrested he was freed on bail at 500 dollar bond. So we don't know the details will come he says it wasn't physical. And and Moby. Which is sort of noticed that I like in a row this Chapman last year get suspended thirty games for domestic violence of that suspension can go march 1. You're allowed to participate in spring training but you're suspended for thirty games that was Chatman lashed you they do anything at all to Steven Wright. Probably precedent has already been set with that water Rodriguez he's your rotation of it was a Vermont that. I don't fearful. Well like most people are that anything's going to be. In some way interpreted as being insensitive I don't want this to be insensitive but do we not have an issue right now. In that. Any time we have one of these cases in which had it with Hollywood we've had with celebrities. You know it's that there's an a day that goes by you know we were we're talking about the situation with the with the Olympics right now. There's not a day that goes by the you don't hear about allegations. And I would guess that I'm a lot of those allegations. Are probably true. Now the but the problem is are all of them true. Is it possible that even though we are really angry and really upset. That somebody would do something like this that maybe we have to hold off slightly. Until we can definitely. Proof that that person did. Now not in the shouldn't be listening to everything that these people come forward with and that's what happened here was an it will mean. It was at his wife that came full order score from I mean if somebody comes forward. You have to take what they say seriously. Okay you'd have you watched. For too long people didn't do that. You know and so women would go back into the relationship and and something else would happen so you have to take it seriously on the other hand. Is it possible that some of this stuff is just not true that it's in the climate we're in right now. And people just wanna throw the book and everybody because they're pissed off. And Harvey Weinstein and all of the others in Hollywood and people. It is Indian celebrity status non celebrity status they're pissed off so they just won a lash out and I don't know I think it's an issue right now because every day. There's something new that comes out with one of these things up how I wish the fine line. Certainly am not Smart enough to come up and make a fine line but but but is it not gonna be an issue go info. It will say bombing especially in this case here he said you know all the facts. Are Norton. The thoughts final you know if if he gets suspended he gets suspended and if he finds out that he's guilty of it and his wife whatever nation going for servers tell the truth there. That's pretty much on allow room ceremony. If he's told the truth that he never put your hand on I understand where he's coming from even though he can't say much. He he wants to get it out there that you know that you know maybe it was vocal maybe it wasn't physical Eddie Eddie Eddie wants to get it out there. On the other hand. If he's lying right now and we find out information that he actually did make contact whether it's even worse for now president. There is Susan Orleans the wife too so. It was look at the whole you know even Shaun White situation or that things that brush on the road. Well he he made of many being made a mistake last night by calling it welcome gossip gossip. But he settled with this woman whose home for you know sexually harassed so it's gossip what he said. They're bred but this is the wife this is the white call theological on the 11. On its may be just anchors in the accuse out of control but he never touched the unit related hand army was an argument. And I I was afraid but you know he never touched you know so. Then what do you do. Iraq you know you're suspending guys for having a very loud argument with his wife. She called level one for a reason that you got to get to the bottom. But that's that's the world we're in right now is that not I mean. That's it it's that serious offense and it's gone on for too long where people have been able to hide it where women had been fearful. And so therefore now hold their speaking up and put the going to be some situations where it's gonna be an overreaction. That's that's Hitler. Enjoyed they spent four hours written. Apparently we're gonna do it again tomorrow right on the for a million mark yeah 10 AM. No there's been. No crimes but it does so Chrysler's they'll want there are meeting right now he would. What do they say yes. I'd run out here today. Okay. You know.