OMF - Erika Howes, Howes Lubricator VP of Media Marketing 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

VP of Media Marketing for Howes Lubricator Erika Howes joins Ordway, Merloni and Fauria on day two of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon.


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We're gonna switch positions here and let that Erica outs we haven't we are her last year could see you again. Doesn't it sits there. We ended the slope and it does reduce housing lubricate it. I'll do Royce of morning Joseph with the amount of money we even though Erica she's a fierce count accurately you know this little brother. Little. The free America. Little. But a course that we know where she was here last year Judas from commercials and stuff like that and it's great to see you guys can. Being part of all of this again this year absolutely accurate and we know it because I remember the stories that hit your family hearts. It tick on past. So it's. I'd just lost nearly a cousin. Who was diagnosed with breast cancer and unfortunately. Passed away this is different sort here he'd. You know it's cancers all of those things that every time you think you've kind of escaped it. It snakes its way back nearly fees somebody right now. For our family whether it's faintly friends customers even. People where questions people were partners around it just always has a fingerprint. On everything and it's stuff so. We always look to. Continue that battle against that. As a Stanley and company. We need to our best to help out the people who are community of people across the nation. Well did so it's a fabulous. Despair you guys have been able to do I know we've been we've RC for the last couple years. The commitment to joining in is just the significant to everybody involved. And to have boosted she doesn't want to write an osu you know Chris L combine it with a Red Sox combined I heard some of the stories. How's how's that kind of impact do you as far as you know the difference at Dana Farber is making. My I think it's amazing via the advancements are made. Over the years what. Were able to do what the through you know our support through everybody's support those calling in. That it's just absolutely incredible. The rules why why if armour freedom by the Jimmy Fund because you could have given your time and money to any organization. Well so I've always been a skeptic of various fundraisers you know you never know what what they're doing with the money ends. The Jimmy Fund is just not that they you know we're going to know what's going. To. The best. Care and the best advancements that that could be made. I have. I'm happy that were able to donate to it I I invite everybody else to join and it says it it it truly is a worthy. It's really when he break it down it's almost like we're trying to raise money to you can. Yeah I've paid the salary of the these great doctors you know and I mean it's almost get an opportunity to kind of go Red Sox go senate regional paint chip in. Let's deal because the doctors over here the treatment over here they're the best in the world we wanna give them as much. Money as we possibly can for them to go and do their job. Right and save lives and it's just it makes so much sense that's why these two days are important that's why you you guys coming in today's report we thank you. Absolutely over the years we've seen you know people. Lose the battle and we see people witness it and to see more and more people when it. It's what makes it unfortunately some people still losing the battle like your cousin and that's why we need more money for research. You guys haven't checked we read or do I checked we love check. Out. Objectively to camp out open of that oil go read. It opened actions though this office is a real check you can catch that I like those big gigantic 15000. We are we don't win. We're we're older and might just I just checked that would've sold nine yards and I'll tell you create these guys is that the fourth and we really appreciate it thank you very much either anatomy it's great seeing you again and appreciate it guys are limited.