OMF - Duron Harmon and James White join the show; Don't mess with Big Vince; Fauria's SB rings are...where? 8-21-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, August 21st

HOUR 4 - James White and Duron Harmon joined the show while Lou and Christian attempt to get non-Patriot answers out of them. There are certain teammates that both guys would never want to scrap with. James White keeps his Super Bowl ring in a special, secure location. You'll never guess where Christian keeps his. You can almost hear disgust in White's reaction.


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Are you ready. Eat or weigh in ceremony and Fauria from him right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm able to fire. Here or blame or lonely and Fauria ovaries on vacation on the day of the day for him this is I'm here Christian and I. Hanging out expecting a couple of guys couple players commended her on their own way like on their way we will. Discuss with them and sure they always. You seek Harmon would would would rank his own unit. Which is usually sounds really act at. Bridge yeah let's do my luck originated ranking why what they read the news that might be able to what would you ask them a better rate are our units of wreckage unit. You can sell them back to full galway for the bush to show appeared to let's go to Rick in law Rick dead body on the M efforts. Hey Joseph right light and space. On that bank. Eight here. In dollar. And only. Double. I. Peculiar. Act has been slightly away. Tunnel where. But at war. It. Well it's. Right it's been. Like. Asked that question again but I asked Ron Harmon. He is on he Wednesday on Harman taken a look at maybe we'll go to your number not you wanna you wanna go an accident and that that was a little low illegal and I this. Our interview with Iran armor has brought you by Verizon Verizon best network best a limited to run Harmon joins us now the pictures hooligans and anyone breakdowns in Bogart to swing the Red Sox. Leave the united baseball and pass play Little League. Ford's name. It's of them about wonderful so was that it was multi sport multi sport and in Arizona like white guys to a degree peaceful break at any football player. It's now in baseball and football. National grass yeah go to hell on the it took Tivo for example. Enough that it. No yeah a lot of play best book full book based and I'll say once I got to high school. I went out there. I literally went to the tryouts they ask you to play that played a plea deal to literally. And I went out there for one day and I was aside. I'm not complete football I mean based on so. The me use this time Michael college programs do could mark mode because he went to university he told me that spring was a big time for development. Go on to the next years ago and who did you start using their spring as. Get shown or did faster. Working now and help me get to I am now. Artsy guys on to skip through pre season game number two and gears you. You walk into that hotel in Houston you jump back on the that field and he was there any kind of what what was it like this memories instantaneously just what happened. Decided to for the completely different. New sheriff in new turf in just like the whole existence humble about that super blows. Super Bowl for the one side's everywhere in light that was the stage stadium it's just look completely differently in the weeks and take to see you. And we played in his who well just look like a Super Bowl stadium that will play and it's I mean it looked different blitz hotel room hotel room. I was is that those same old elbow that was shoes of Lou I'd we're allied that x.s and while you know might walk you know you don't know what's that you know what was what was the thing at exactly the phones. They bring up the phone wrong didn't seem all that on the sideline had confetti. This Betty. From the Super Bowl people we will we did the show that I had all the confetti was still there actually is all they. It's gotten the feeling in the back this person killed and up. I did that it was still look at video. On the field and I think you have. That was a life of today. So as soon as you have that you agreed offseason right to Super Bowl then you know he cited new deal and how important it it was after you do get that done one get it done early to get it done with the patriots. I was those super employers are Manges. What I've done and how grown as a player now only as a player as a man the last four years is being here I just knew today. It's Sunday I didn't want to give locally is sound and I didn't wanna move past I wanted to be here and a lot of people say yeah you could it did did she couldn't do that. Good player put his organization. Second banana I've really enjoyed myself here. I enjoyed the people that work will each and every day I enjoyed approach to the game and I just feel if I stay here ages. It just continue to do what I've had done over the years past. So that can continue to go to a player that a lot of people won't be realized. See you say that right because this is what you know yields knows the situation was racist that is a good team did everything right. But a lot of times they did grass you know is and always greener now. There's a lot of that comes from the other other guys in the leak that says man this place is in a given you name it displaces a trainer at U. You know you've got a good in New England there's a lot of that come because you hear from other players. I must say a little bit Emeka what you say you know if mother what you hear from my view and about winning here this is a lot different. This this is an the black say everything's got its day. People who go to the team some people enjoy. The grass sometimes it is greener but I just knew me personally. I wanted to be a part of something like this public coaches and pushing each and every dale when he teammates that won't go out there and they don't allow for me each and every day. Not just game days of practice I wanna be around this team I wanted to be around disclosure. Because I really feel it fits my personality. You know we are talking and we really start to show talking about all the different. Defense just a different units today at the wide receiver units include hide and running backs deepens tackles like ambassador second there and and secondary with with that with the additions of Gilmore was the with with them from maturity of some of the younger players. And the experience they got last year. You're you resigning in the court the Patrick Chung I mean. I'm not ask you to sit there and like to pat itself on the back but it really is impressive based on what you guys can accomplish based on the guys that are back there it's got to feel good. I mean it shows great I mean. Does not only do we have talented guys who got out of it doesn't wanna work don't wanna be the best I wanna go out there in Augusta later on the line I mean when you got. My starters in the preceding game. Asking each other in the fourth quarter lie did you see their route that will would you have done there light meat head. Staff involved were all right walk and we each other the whole time we're around each other. And just when you see that side. People are still locked in in the fourth quarter of the second preceding game win a lot of people say it doesn't matter is let you know. It saves everybody. And I don't notice this is to everybody or any other team but I know here is serious to us and when you got that have attitude right then and there. It's amazing for other. The auto stay alive on every team in photos and do joint practices at least a couple of them because the way I look at Q guys is you know. We all know what we think you guys can be this year. But I see that joint practice you already had four joint practices with two of the teams that you exhibition games two weeks in exhibition season. I feel like you guys have played like six games so that's got to make you better prepared than another team that mean he's only had one or has had pneumonia and. I would say the good thing about to join prices it just brings. Game like atmosphere. You know practice with your team. Or or weeks or four and a half weeks can be it can be long he can get born but I'll say just when you go out there when you've gone against. Two different teams in two weeks EA you play any game but when you practice them. And you get that competitiveness. That you gay games if not only makes you better but it brings the team close as well to. So also the last two games the defense and has given up a lot of big plays they have been six or more over thirty yards. For the use some past summer on when that happened specifically in the run game what's usually because of that. I hit it via makes. A lot of different things you know you play the game so it could be. The defense and I'm in Golan and right Gatt the linebacker for them around at safety for the wrong gap the corner not crack replace in the correct way of missed tackle. Like so many different things in that's the good thing about four but the great thing about the book. When you play bass of low life. If somebody make a mistake it might not be magnified book. If football especially deep as you need all eleven guys to literally do their job each and every play. You need a deep misalignment a step in their right get you need a linebacker affiliate there. They get the right way you need to safety from the middle of the field. To tackle even when it breaks you need a corner to crack replace the right way everything is the ultimate team game. And Wayne. Everybody's not doing their job sometimes you might not might get a get get away would it but to other times it's gonna cost you and edges. So all fixable things off all the principal Ralph digital age yeah I think there's some panic. All we did brilliantly yeah illegally. Either we're gonna regardless who is that I hated it you don't call over analyze every day everybody's used to go home and I looked at reported. They hate each other. Like. You should always amazed pre season we're still working out the case I mean. That's only our second line game so a lot is still in the works like we're still working are we still got a game this week we stood up right decision. This week's ocelot is a lot has to go into. You know a lot of that we talk both talking trash traffic quarterbacks you know get a nice reputation will be in guys that go one at a with a wide receivers to the safeties get slighted. We do you guys talk trash shows it's more like Malcolm in Gilmore did their job to do just. I'm guessing you guys to talk these are that you probably wouldn't let Iowa the more quieter corners in the league got me. Step is already quite guys that he didn't really do too much talking and it takes a lot of eating game outlawed. It's on itself. I've got to find myself I thought a lot of talk of what is the make up for the hey actually I've been I get out there that you would embassy in. You guard is that well I mean dishonesty whistle opted. It is doing our jobs in just let the I'd make sure everybody is on the scene plays it's about communication and our defense objective so. I mean as much as we won its into. The team had argued. We had a really hone in and focus on what our responsibilities are there. OK so this is your your dumb question of the week but today we had a sponsor brought to buy dumb ways to die so sort of history include all of sponsors that so young Ben actually gave it to scores about it we were just talking about it. Who's the one guy really. Either on your team on this team now or in the past or anyone throughout the NFL. That you just would never fight. Like it just would never fight for one reason or another. To say tonight tonight my I would like random event and then and was like I'll Stephen Neal Steve Neal what I don't know if you remember Steve news former wrestler then you don't beat Brock Lesnar Lesnar in the college championship. He was just really quiet but. He puts the select turn you into a pretzel and I pat Joan Bakken and help you watt but he is nice but he was vicious the news you know really good at what he did it via. Curious it was light cities today this will overcame Obama. I would educate you. Al-Qaeda I outfits I don't know why it's not me or vote or run away and I yeah I gotta get back out runaways and I. Think about it but it. Do you think about it it's super super athletic. Who were equally strong. And light for me even think about you gain and predict it's a lose lose I picture him like I tackle old school ball flight when he puts his hands that he throws you off the front door here. God it's like a little rag I'll. Although replace our journalists admit they don't buy this seniors taught this in good luck the rest of what I think their own harmony it's Wilfork. Yeah Vince Wilfork minutes away from then the next fellow. Google's build a saloon doors yeah you know an old pictures of other people are like Harold bottle bonnets and it's not affected them. Let's all go to blazing saddles. Find out who that guy is full and James White as he rolls. Is studio. James White creatures running back brought to you by Harris restoration specialist and the plant ski insurance. Let's director it was a one guy and he's you know if you heard. Toronto we asked them longer you wanna mess within a fight on the field is there one guy at a pops. This team or any other team. It's got to be wide if anything about it this biffle for. Death to a one occasion got to you so much in my bills and that's an obvious answer a low. I guess or my old teammates Jimmie county. You'll miss them wickets was he was sociology it was a crazy. Big strong banks. It is just as the guys I don't much categories and there's certain guys you don't want by because there athletic and there's good fighters and there's those guys that are just crazy yet earlier if you kill this guy is still critical Achilles doesn't have to. So you got to feel pretty fresh meaning to us you know you're having a great camp but you just haven't been playing today they games that much right. A tremendous work harder in practice making most moderates and but I didn't gain much damage to those those risks and world com. Distrust in game shape and so much opportunity. Is visit prisons is over and go out and play in as you please call somebody must've been just Jones or for some reps especially the other night because. Birkhead got a god is on a bunch angle route from the author god isn't Lewis did isn't. I mean we know you still got it but they don't charge like Jones and get a little piece of the action is seen all the success the backs of pat. You'd have to get excited and we are great group of guys. Doesn't perform well in the first game in the same name as well Rex had a great idea undivided. He did a great job needed to so mean guys now they are flying around and trying to excuse intimate place and an estimated. We're talking earlier about let the pass catchers on this team and it's great is that unity is with our wide receivers and tight and you can actually bench all of them and put all the running backs up there and still be that and a great group as far as catching a football. I mean some of the routes would be. Out OK let's go to doubt in our history every other. Whom it we're we have good group wrote about something you guys that can do a lot of different things and I think. The guys did so damn vs Texans I mean we're trying to improve each and every week and is so so office of the coordinators and they are assumed to do. You know opulence of ACL no matter what it is it's always takes a lot of time and I'm just curious your yeah a lot of eyes on Dion Lewis what he's done here. Not last week it's almost seems like he turned back the clock from a couple of years ago I mean you seeing a different Dion Lewis edition care. He is an exciting football players on the bulletins and it's a chance for the play. I know defense defense most hold their breath when they seem to us Iraq. These commitments mostly advertisement there is it talked trash and you know we never lost power play. Yeah that's that's out there right visual person but no luck the game and the lowest point in since Tuesday and. You guys well and the alleged firing yeah. No that's throat it is definitely different maker there I'm glad he's on our temperature you know you got Sony just your also counted it's over some tile. And there's really not make jokingly yelled bell is a starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers I feel like it something you never really know who's gonna start who's gonna play. And I think it's like to how how does jealousy not come into the equation when it comes to you guys personally when it comes to rest and it comes to touches. I think could grow friends I mean we dose of business. We know and not one person of every touch every pass catch over a one every rep from practice. To build a relationship window's going to be all of us their take on that role as planned he ran back you never know who's gonna be who's the most reps each week. So they just make the most senior reps in there when you have aged handle the other because a safe place smartly. It's you wouldn't play callers are. OK so new rules in the NFL do you guys consult choreographed celebration now I think you guys get to slash hole. The whole running back group hi hi body high five right above whatever. Yeah we have little so little we did we do have a sidelined last year refusing who dat flag we did on the field. Two of the weather but could you guys yeah guys did you guys talking about this because this like an idol still hasn't golden rules. You know we're on track and you're allowed to it's like no penalties now. If you like play golf what he had gotten something little leagues you have the president tried to switch it comes into it get away took him. Mean she's you haven't. So this dial leaders got a couple Super Bowl rings. And Wendy came mini city hasn't found them in lock them there at the end of finding ammunition in his in his backpack honest to god. Out of nowhere to side hockey pools and we still got a right now. Little villages or if you just. The bull rings and honest to god lettuce and he's got to believe that I had another thought comes amid. The car loans receivable relentlessly you know like you may be in a situation SARS or don't have to run through the rest plus Joseph to visit. Debra now expect Evernote notes that there what I wondered is. Is yours in the in in the back pack go wouldn't have with your judgment guns locked and ways there. What do we what do you want that lasted bull rings to the longest he has let the rodeo belt buckle and you can definitely put the belt and I still think you can see it from Mars. Is definitely some of them I don't everywhere analysts and gone some like those special functions. I've yet to put them on. During ceremony. So mortar now because you know more joint practices rest of the way right to say is that dumb. It's a good thing you know I mean but it does seem that guy's pretty active the last couple weeks is it. Is it now almost a good thing to get back to just your team as opposed the last time I was getting sucked plain those guys I was definitely good Olympia Snowe the team targets. All presidents of each other during camp for a little bit about it. Mean now he carried into the regular season routinely give and go on and on going up against each other for the rest of the season so. Schema routine. Learn how to hugs his teammates and just work hard and tomatoes have been watching guys look at that last game against Houston get them we three I think how much you watching the game and how much stuff you kind of try to put him back here mind thinking okay. Week three at some keep an yeah I mean he got a good feel for. My name on some shows everything. Something store way forward plan we previous season but it get a feel for the players see. Who might become a review here or will personally. Put out there we're gonna feel things of that nature it's time to get a feel for their defense. In the office and that seems him. And ages is a little bit more information phone book yes. I have an adult personnel grouping request. Look this is did you play it. Like the project itself at a field no matter political journalists unaudited. I would like to see and maybe you can help me with the name a couple of Oscar listeners. You. Dion Lewis Rex Burkhead. And James like that's that those are those of the guys I want now how can we embed what do you call. And because it was so I make that. Something that's coming. I just it's just this because you guys are just as active and dangerous you know and maybe do one of those old school like everybody models in the back. You know guys they know no matter who has the ball and he scattered. You never know you and you put her fifth that put the ball without a shirt and don't look just the. All you never know could be possible lament I don't know what the name of that person you know would be. You try to get it a little bit that there is this tactic drill field yeah I'm I'm I'm originally yes I know anything about. Well I'm just thrilled with that amount of skill and talent this. Yells at some point you think you know that you don't you India Lewis what you guys can do and he ran inside of Wisconsin exercise wasn't an issue for you and you know and and into what you're what you've shown you can do it's like a three guys really are and who knows what Mike Gillis we can do we don't be don't seem to do it I mean there's going to be able Gregory wrote about his guys do a lot of different things. Mean whatever coach have been scoops of the minister who tried to exceed that let you read that you read the same thing they at least three times. They were aware that a better answer that's I think they did a life. We're not that we're not allowing that these guys that she cheats and listen at double the speed up this Bill Belichick Nichols Amanda I don't think they are going al-Qaeda okay Brothers romances where it. I thought we get we. I listen AJ what may appreciate this is somebody willow thought too soon and I think you've diving to look to your. Buzz James why Doug drawn Harmon as well to take a quick break before we come back and and wrap up this showdown it's Maloney in for you down energy levels talk to you guys next. Act ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the shield on Twitter as always. She let's get you back to more importantly admirably and forty game right now what Sports Radio W. They'll say this. Electoral. Like she's like you know the teams with the rules that there was little if she. You know area to anyone who lives exit out his name on top of it and try to work hard to get better this tournament please you know the guy he's talking about some guy from Wisconsin. Yet no clue we have right now I I don't know easier I just I'm assuming guys in the league long enough gumption or some from and a foul. You know who would. Intimidate him a little bit in this ballpark isn't. Really a surprise Newton and I don't Vince is doing the whole keys for you don't charcoal thing you know college stores you know tailgating thing. Hewitt he would you and natural progression for him to easily be wrestling. He thinks still Wear the idea idea overalls you know and then and then you get in there and then do your thing I don't know what his name would he can't go on their aunts. You've got some sort of kooky nickname. You know build that that the personality drama highlights right Ali delegate doubt Russian army the you know why it was good you know one because he's not here. Orbit always handle here in Atlanta Olympics and these guys relax and yes they see this little McNeil and I don't know I don't got a ballots. But the part about him. As he did he signed that extension right sucked but the contract yeah creates yet we have asserted because that would anywhere. And my guess is that he could've got you know maybe a little more money somewhere else and because where is she right now he's at the third reading. Boom behind a decision according Joan. In Norman but yeah big role on this yeah but yet he had the question is could have a bigger role another team and make more money on the team. Probably right probably but he would probably also have to be that guy. Right you have to be the man and you know and based on what you gotta get he's as got a 3.5. As you know you gotta. Base salary of one point five million he got 85 million dollar signing bonus so I mean even made it break the bank. But it's so what's great any Eagles at Tennessee and end up having a good year good team and he makes more money though little is worth. How is he falls in the category great setting for this team excellent side we'll just yet rattle and I'm signing of wellstone. I always think it but if he left it's arguable what it would be shocked at all. Yeah and I it's kind of neat to me when guys that are drafted by their teens. Ashley's they sign a a new contract with the team that drafted him. You know they they they. They scouted you they drafted Q they developed do they they what they waited for you to you know take your lumps and say you know that they continue. And then when your good player you know in its right then they stay it just this feels better. You know overall new place down they know and we left I do believe all around other units now we do we week. No here's an idea. You like the response from James White right when he says US don't vote. Jealousy yeah running back is there's so many guys. That did do certain things if they would be guy like if it was just Burke heads roll offers just James White or. Dion Lewis they could be that god has so many guys and I think you asked him the question about jealousy Heidi gold bottom this is James what. They go Kudrow friends I mean we know it's a business. We've known not one person of every touch every package. One I've written practice. To build a relationship we know is going to be all of us their take on that role as plan B right back you never know who's gonna be who's been the most reps each week. So we just make the most senior reps in there when you have aged triangle by them because a safe place smartly. X you wouldn't play callers. Sonoma notes I don't believe you. But this the way that tailback position is now there's usually not one guy. So and they know that one there in there they are going to be showcase at least they are not showcase. But they're gonna have their opportunities dislike and aid and that it turns into OK just do you ride the hot hand. James White is having a great time even though you promise rats the Dion Lewis and the and how does Dion Lewis field that does it feel like his coach's lie don't does it feel like he got set up. I actually believe and I get a lot of credit to Ivan fears of running backs coach. For being the one being their soul long had so much experience having some disputes with multiple backs. To be old too and proof that the multi back system works. If you are unselfish if you are looking good teammate and you're good player we trust you. Bayliss and the point where I don't know what I'm gonna go you just be ready you know and and that and that's that's a real thing these. But I do look at it as a K Gil asleep Burke had changed why now deals. By Dion Lewis. Is probably the one guy that would sit there and CI knoller group and all but you know when. Nothing I wanna get a contract with the he got here at WW CIA no but still think you know you're right and how many more years you have an acting side. Not sure metal but it's it's a two years maybe. Look at that look it up and not one that you know when your daughter about you when you talk about. You know the position group where where to get a felony said the group unit at a rate like twelfth as a running back group. And that's because no single guy is gonna get the national attention you could argue that two years ago Dion Lewis was on his way. They appeal Lewiston blows these yellow two years ago. And continue to stay healthy and have the year that he was having that he probably would have been in more of a national discussion. But when he talked about the patriots running group of people look at and say yet if versatile and they're good but nobody stands out as the guy and you know. And to answer questions here this is as he's done after this year he's an illegal it free agent next year would also. Makes a lot of sense to me when you watch him play that he's playing for a contract he's playing for a new concert probably not but this team finals seeing. But he's under contract. And it's only what. 200000 dollar debt captaincy but it is not like it's both Capital One point 487. So listen he's worth it if he stay at tells us that earlier. Yet to see him he's obviously signed James you know play at Burke because. Normally this is the way it works you have there's two general he's too good easily talent and end and that's always the biggest issue with them. He had health issues in your concerns coming out of it. Yet injuries you know before you got to the patriots. And he got hurt like two years ago. So body reliability is going to be a factor in whether or not you know he stays here I don't think you will. The bus stop this year have a great year because whenever you're playing great timing for him playing for another contract. And he's healthy he's it's he's. He's healthier than it was when it first got here so if at all signs lead inevitably it was. Beacon of health we talked about it on the open so many hours ago but it wanna get your thoughts and Rob Gronkowski because. This was the first time we played pre season since 2012. Is that an indication at this guy's healthy why did Rob Gronkowski in your mind play. On Saturday night the first time since 2000 and why. Yeah and usually it's like everybody there isn't one set of rules for everybody else. And then there's like the Jordan rules but it's the draw corals yet he's not playing we don't need to do it we don't be deceived thing. But he's he's missed a lot and I think for him. The somebody separatist getting out there and plain and just even though it's make believe it doesn't count getting the lives raps against a team. Not in a walk through not at a joint practice but they can actually take you down the could actually take you that you actually take your knees out. And not that he's scared to get hit but I think you just need to count you know string those practices slash games together. So we'll play one more game right the play against Detroit because early. Honey resting at Nintendo and some like ten to fourteen sub like that not a lot didn't can get one past Brodeur and the other guy I start thinking about his point outward. He. Al don't you and I don't think anyone has I don't think. Beat there's crock was dropped on late in game at least a practice he's been killed people Allen had his good games and element has been. I think it's also part of that they've stayed away from Dolan bought tenants and now than kids right because that gives you Ulster Josie can do. But those tough catches and though the field. You want to wait Alan you want Rob Gronkowski making those tough catches in the pre season in the mill feel. I don't think it I don't think yelled until I don't think that's a sign of whether guys figured out or not like I've talked at doing Alan. On the practice field off the practice field. I know how society is to make a difference with this team he just curious like OK is it it might block the whole time. Amicus MM MI and able to get the ball like we see him run. For a got for big guys like you see smooth now he's. He's been hurt every year other in his rookie year rookie year was only a year that he had he played every single game other than that he's been hurt here he's been hurt there. You know had a great rookie year but this spin the hell up and down so OK but where is he as far as sores all order goes as far as who's getting the ball. He also had a theory on military flowers who didn't who didn't play was dressed in didn't playing game to. And you just think it's more of just the running at a guys. Well I mean I don't well I saw him. On the fuel practicing before the game and geno grizzly was on the field and tree flowers on the field and they had their pads on. So I mean there's a trainer out there looked like there was a doctor route there. But I can tell this is just preventative maintenance or is this actually. OK I'm hurt. And at least we believe that it's more preventative maintenance just because if you Eagles down that word you. William and elastic about in the last week or two if Dietrich wise going out in the game you know with a concussion than Derek rivers blows ZCL out you know during the week. So you're at the point where you're saying we we we can't afford this is almost like Rob Gronkowski. Nonetheless five secured midway NC pre season. He's got we can't afford to lose he's already shown us enough that he is the guy he's got this thing figured out as young player but still their line and a lot. We can't afford this right now. Did you know you didn't yeah and if you. If you lost him. And I think they're gonna blog get somebody anyways just based on. Just the numbers and I don't think it's gonna be some gap filler or gap filler yes but not just some. Guy who's just like a role player I think they need to get somebody significant. McNamee and you saw what happened last year may be many don't get anybody admitted they wait. 'til like you know the trade deadline or maybe in the middle of he's nominated of getting. There was it they got. When governor got and a loyal they got me go on that nor any Domingo was like OK first round pick. You know out of LSU defense them and out Billy knows what can I. I expect them to do that deposition. I I get everybody but I'm not so sure colonial he's here to thank you need bodies. Are you running out of bodies at certain positions. And if they don't think he can play that you keep morale for the work outs and you looking to improve deposition I don't think it bill doesn't like what he sees article really. I don't think he makes this team. Because they because of injuries to the lack of depth I think he goes on find someone else from another organization. And gives him a shot over got to the scene and doesn't does. We can get at them yes I think I think. That's the big question mark for me as far as older player but again it's. We mentioned earlier if you come you'll lose anything when he's got it there's no bonus that your on the hook borders it's a small hit. Like 100 somewhat pals and dollars it you lost a couple spots in the draft other than that. I mean you're you're not beholden to keep him under browsers I'll look at the art thou dollar cap big deal and that a couple spots in the draft so. Is he is he gonna eventually got to figure out they got to find a spot form that they're comfortable with is he gonna play at a higher level he's a lot for an older guy. Who's accomplished for the most part les you know. He's playing a lot which is that what does it Tuesday which they sign to get it a bad sign. Maybe he just needs work but does that mean I listen Taylor's their usual because we don't care what happens to you. Are growing at 48 down here it's elects. Take a break here we go across coming up next we'll talk to probably dale looks like he's in the house were down here to let talk a little bit of patriots we'll talk to you guys next. Soon or we were lonely and bored you know. Christian college Sports Radio W. And I'll direct loan euphoria down here for Gillette golf and I'll say this person. I did see it yet just a little bit over the weekend with cap pretty good jets rumors there was an ass in the national story put on the clock did you see that DL one of the leaders of the Atlanta NAACP. On Friday address this any and needs sixty protest and we'll try to boycott the NFL it's always there being there will be no football in the state of Georgia. If called jeopardy is not a training camp roster given the opportunity to pursue his career this is not a simple request is a statement that the demand. Smoke and a state of Georgia no football. Sure our SEC country are college football current I don't know less political editor knowledgeably and in the pocket OK I know it's nice and those that don't blame me for that no matter running back. I do it's it's. There's also some bit over the weekend at the in New York City like cops for Japanese course like that another protest and Al Sharpton ever have its protests. Undergoes an Al sharp Al sharp it was going to be like it was Spike Lee right who's gonna have the protest in front of and it fell. Got a New York City. That ever happened I had ever we are you know why. So cares anymore but he did. The jets are a spot which is interesting it's very similar to RG three few years back in Washington. The music picked up that fifth option and it's nineteen million dollars. For 4018 Bartoli eighteen that's only guarantees full injury and insult Washington fears that same situation RG three they just never played him. Because they want to get hurt at all the money. So they're in the same spot I feel like the total thing Gooden had an. And they don't they don't they don't like morals they want nothing to do that it was a terrible it was a terrible plan terrible idea. Decided that if your options he doesn't work. I mean it just doesn't work so if any team needs them yet to excel option. Tom Coughlin can't handle that situation him what's the big deal. But he's got an applicable doesn't wanna play football he's not going to play football. And there will people almost native Georgia or they should tell that before the protest which should be odd this Wednesday the 23 at 5 PM and from the NFL headquarters. Which one is that for is that for. That calling tapper knicks likely to also slightly this Wednesday. Under which they need on their. IPad app and yeah it and the other thing is always a broad discussed this you don't tell all the parents were listening. Right now to do just that some advice some easy advice. If you tell kids not to do something they're going to do it so you tell your kids not to look at this at the sun. They will look at the sun is just as well. I is this in your book about. Did not know that's those are doing ours is just common sense this is like I had kids OK you should know better they don't touch that hot stove tot. Today what does there's your hot stove moment. That's what they call attack me so yeah I do not tell your children not to look directly. And those those those glasses I say we can't see it damn thing yes black. I guess bend able to put out there and think they could say that unit but these classes only looked up. Actually they are a sperm that they were I can do they do write out a little mining Brazil mine own homemade. And you'd be protective. Solar clip cup. Yet but it it is I do when I'm in Moscow just a little tiny little pin old dale yet we all talk and doesn't work Christians we got. And phone calls accuracy and how grossly incredibly stainless. I can't. I think I've right now I cannot see you here today I don't know Eddie I don't know where you are widgets on the those worked outside how each precinct is all the rigors or hear effort to any chance down. An Arab but hey can I look at it and they're like pass in my glasses around. So that they can all say yes those who could see it though yes Fermi national absolutely. I don't know it's grossly inaccurate rise but it's probably pretty close to being accurate I'm glad I close a solid you know. The wife got these two things rights or my son nick and enjoy it but. Well when when they take the glasses off like I told a much seal it nation just play out backyard play football Willis is going on because you know is looking up. Lot of treatment African how funny because the guys out there as they're passing the classes around their like Yemen Chad. Make sure you got a mom before you luck don't take off before you don't let guys Aiken is you can go blind I mean not instantly but it does hurt her eyes and yes I. And not instantly defensively. When you're older isn't legal eagle give it a try and I saw where I know I got my blue blockers on the. David you know I I saw the quote from leases. I'm gonna look without my glasses lets it come line tomorrow okay that plan that that's a good idea yeah. Just the city I saw them a little weak really hospitals preparing for like visits but I people we elect on mother's eyes hurt it can't see your settlement to ease the hell's going on here. Giving a glasses we got a little check where we are it's not much of a problem. Since we're on this through this one acre our the view of totality or some like that it's like the stream of totality yet but we don't get that here the most we get its 63 point 1% at 246. Okay so we have a chance to put why so is it if you're if you were born in the 1980 or after you live to be a hundred. You got the opportunity to see it like another forty. Some odd if you get pulses of the world doll you can't let your guard Erica I think it was like you know. One years I thought I read this one coming in a few years so Donna a lot of little explanation ignores Arlene elderly that we might get. Yeah we might get so look at that an article somewhere about as one of the heart like a total eclipse of the heart that would be only because. A little bit I I I I thought sure you'd be saying and by now. Not itemize they had introducing a James White when he came in you know now we estimate that who the one guy he would fight would be Nelson that that was a great question that we brought you like and we know we was his fifth when he came in when it came once or lets you buy a good. When he out when he came in I saw not there he was out you know waiting for you guys. And I showed on the picture. Yeah that's right when their math they read they were on between periods of the bruins' game when they went the whole team was there you know. In his hey sis I still got pictures. You know it's funny so teams like goes there is the idol this deal and he grief like hell on issues. On green flies you know is not showing up I sure audio stupid couple while all of a lot about her stats are nice it got no I'm not using your copy go out there and cool blue line try to look at this thing. Then home my producer cares about me my producer got me blasts while you and Ryan now that we. All right and no I don't and we're all riding get a minute millions already been as those who question. Miguel Paul for that will appreciate that won't do that tomorrow we got that Michael's here. He's off one more day he's in it to be back tomorrow but don't. Cuba of course Bill Belichick we're not sure about time because of course when the one who decides to show up it's not unprecedented situation yes so we'll talk then we'll talk to. Red Sox yankees and some of the things look for a big series to for the Sox and played it for big for night they don't I don't anticipate a great series like the matchup here Palmer and should go Wednesday. You know Palmer as you've gone against clue where I mean the matchups I don't think favour of the Red Sox and musical surgeon a story in the maximum properly but still right now. We'll see a big weekend big negative for the Sox dale and Holley B Evan Bill Belichick at some point those guys get to govern will be back yet again tomorrow BM effort Maloney and Fauria. We'll talk you know morning everybody.