OMF - Christian praises Mike Vrabel's coaching pedigree, is probably still jealous; After the Super Bowl, the band is breaking up 1-22-18

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Monday, January 22nd

HOUR 4 - Mike Vrabel was introduced as the new Titans HC. Christian sounds supportive...but we know better. Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels are two of the premiere head coaching candidates still waiting to sign on with new teams. All signs point to this group breaking up after the Super Bowl. 


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Fort Wayne alimony and 48 if if the patriots go to the Super Bowl it will be because Danny and been stolen when it not hurt and sing. Okay. As time goes to walk. He understood the second. With Glenn doing Christian who got good football player and dictionaries pictures right there beside that the matter what it is this is a tremendous work. How would you describe that catch right now. Unbelievable and I found that. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Surfers Jim Florio is sitting here doing game. That day. Mike Vrabel and ex teammate is before podium right now being introduced. As the new coach of the Tennessee site. Little darling isn't. I think it's funny ups and they're going Mike I. Mike herbal always have all the guys I played with he always had head coach pedigree right everybody that I was gonna be had here just you know audiences really beat me. He got I could get both sides of the field knew everything was really. And even he used everybody go out drinking all night and run like a deer the next day also that was part of his vision Unix Killian is in it Eddie you're born to but. The fact that he he grows so quickly is what I'm surprised that. And these are looking after the GM is actually I had to considered okay that's why are John Robinson there's an idea that that you said Bob pointed toward Matt Patricia I actually met atrocious but it deepens court forever. Is that a ton of success right and dribble great track. Record out and were able to the team last year that in points per game was seventeenth. Against the past 25 takeaways sixteen with the worst that there were the worst of football got their overall they were the worst defense but it works and said maybe maybe they work. But. That the think about it. It's it's always about connections it's always about so having somebody in there that says you know one dribble making great coach and that's what John Roberts is still. I worked at all I saw I was around him a brother to me I trust but he's the guy that's what I want and by the way. Young coaches and he's not that young but young coaches are working right now their road leading with the players you're seeing elsewhere in the late. So that's what happens when. Oil well listen I nobody's just. I mean and it's fine because it is all about who you know it's like Brian Flores you know get an opportunity. The director of the head coach at Arizona without it being accorded the position coach so somebody put a good word and form he got a good. He has a good reputation he gets an opportunity that you meet you sit down you talked about while. This guy is better than we thought. That question I have is just. What's gonna be like. Weeks six if they're like you know oil hit two wins he also I thought you know and how does that or is he is he got a little bill an orgy in these Mike Vrabel. He salty he sarcastic. He's go after yourself. You know and he's he's kind of an able. Great great you don't like you know like dogs great because god because he's he'll he'll give creel gets crap to anybody got I was house bunny. Like when bill was you know gold aluminum and iron the. Perhaps it will take nine or plus from triple listens and he was all over but that is the question are those the numbers you're talking about those are Tennessee's number all I'm sorry then I apologize gaffe Houston was thirty seconds. In the league they give 20 point three so what's the game he's got a much for your strong point about seeing you you you go over the defense recorded in the worst defense in football. I know there's some injuries but it is those injuries last year when they're very good defense and JJ watt particular went out. In your head coaching job. The guy's got it and just hitting a solo John Roberts is looking at the injuries down near Houston he's saying I'm telling you. None at all Arizona I'll tell you this guy is coaching timber. Year old ethic ever what is it don't look it just because you needed that but usually success comes it comes. Has got to be part of the package like has he proven you think YOK so you're so far you're so pro active leaders so aggressive progressive. That you've seen it before anybody else he. But don't choose to wanna light. Mean yeah Romeo Crennel Cornell was a was an assistant was still in the building helping out he wasn't deep at the corner he is now again. Overcrowding of the job again and so okay well I mean I doubled last year he was not a defensive coordinator. He was like yeah he was assisting cut a quality control but he did have us he didn't have a position group to coach that's correct so he was just kind of hovering a kind of help find out goalmouth. Which I can't eat he looks the part X depart young coaches right now are are in. And it's that John Robinson connection I know that's all I trust him he's gone it was ownership would viewership right now struck a fraction of the families fighting and it's kind of a mess down there let. He's organ are saying this is the guy. I agree I don't know dribbles going to be like as a coach because his demeanor dealing with the media if something bad happens disease say the wrong. Analog hole so. A I'll regret or you're wishing for him to know I want to be successful at doing great snow I mean it's this he's always. I mean this idyllic that he came in Angola situations but I mean Mike Vrabel on the plus side I hope not look at I got years and loan quality. Good work got done around look good Mike Vrabel personally down and Attleboro at some arc all the kids got together was great. You know it's aimed aids these kids are sick around the same age. Yeah that's it but it is that's gonna be fun to watch and think about it you could have all these. Build disciples coaching at the same time first year same time Josh. Max. And Vrabel so. Reject the schedule. He played Detroit actually occur with a big play Indianapolis next here a couple of things with Tennessee and what you really want is that pre season schedule. How can we have a joint practice. And Malia to put it all goes down and Mary our business for him opening. He's got to improve his team certain areas to get a weapon for me Ricky Davis shows up but. If Marion doesn't play well then we'll be talking about another guy doesn't perform as difficult tour I think it all comes out and a when you look at them oh yeah yeah always always coordinator who is that's a great decency or authors Cory he's a defensive guy who's is offensive coordinator. First off ma'am we always puts in Zurich is our hatred disciples somewhere in the ranks well that's what you have to Brian dale I ought to worry about losing people here in the patriot organization we don't know exactly everybody whose contract is expiring but. That could be an issue here knoller potency. But I have good luck to elect you lower potency and all you in but it now I would sit there and look at it. Talk about that they have seeing AFC south. It is in no particular order but Houston and Jacksonville and a let's let's Houston's at Indianapolis now let's say we really got to coaches in the same thing as same division you have Josh at Indy. And you could have Mike in. And Tennessee. And honestly Matt Patricia would be in Detroit but I don't doctor Dennis thing is. Like Matt Patricia is done and that's a done deals. Second and if you means they've got somebody else still in mind he's on the docket but the somebody else tries it again. And would you take it don't honestly I had a better secured Josh we do you walk NC shall we the medical and Andrew Luck I don't know I don't know if that's the job they'll meet. Think about we also have a great okay the great coaches usually have the support of ownership and management. And they're usually high standard type guys they know what they're doing a wishy washy ness you know you could trust battle to battle mob mentality. You feel better owner. Your deal Jim Irsay on a regular basis. He's got a little Al Davis and him. Great artist are out there Mark Davis really minus haircut I think that's important to you wanna answer to that guy on a regular basis if you're Josh McDaniels. I think I rather wait well if you ever need you know singles or flies he always says what we've done nine grand and alchemy. I that's got to be part of the equation because. You keep making which are making here is he's still have a lot of success bill B six job openings next year early you write another candidate all over it. Look what's with a quarterback all got a quarter and feeling Andrew Luck is healthy senate where else would you go right you have a young still young. Injured we'll see how he is with still eat that there's more out there. There's an assist pun there about this hollows Pete Carroll haven't Seattle. I'll tell on the haven't Seattle I mean that's that's a that's that's that's your job that's kind of legitimate source a little bit so you'll want to hang out with Russell Wilson. Estimate interstate franchise to watch over the next year or two because Seattle thought they were going to have a long. Shelf life right. When you think about it just like parliament won't. Image compared to some important New England. Really was no longer still to the quarter understand I can still do but the but the defense is start to Wear down right now and you'll lose some people here. Yeah but you don't cozy just get just get tired of the fees that you wanna change and just to get sick of Dayton guys aren't listening they're not buying and you know Paul Allen says okay diaper change they'll thru Monday start to get a comfortable being his. I'll cut my my legs but yeah. I don't wanna hear what you I don't. I want you are you really feel Monday to diligently did you always talked about six years it's got to get comfortable that could or haven't tell the truth Monday after a win you know after six loss in a row that that and. Worked so there's so much it's gonna happen over the next 23 weeks we know this game going to be polite we also knows that they're going to be a lot of new faces here that could be a lot of different faces. With the team as well delicate deal most that you can have counted on. He became a big plus to your offense this year you lose settlement you got to find a way of making up. For that slot receiver when he ended doing structure on the backs and it works effectively and guess what you probably do the same thing here on Super Bowl sort of the back tried. But Dion Lewis is probably. Gonna attract some teams out there. That wanna throw some money is what so you've got this numerous players that you could lose the bought a situation. So is Gilmore that shut down corner you were talking about earlier low. Because he may have to be right now because you may have to go somewhere else here. Did you look at it Butler I would say that last break up abide by Gilmore was his J. D. Drew moment. You know everybody sectors that you know what's Cleveland perfect just earned your money. But we we sort of forget like a sad for the last 678 weeks he's been in legit shut down corner. You don't talk about him blow coverages you don't talk go to and not knowing where to be that we were before. You'll be getting injured when he missed a couple of those games whatever and thought yeah I think you look at about. Stephon Gilmore right now all the culprits in a world you figure he's got Al Shawn Jeffrey and he's gonna do the job against the miserable. It was that the J. D. Drew moment that one break. Game over pledged it. In any sort of that he can look back that he's been key actually been really good recently but that was his moment should not only is there a lot at stake here back to back. Super Bowl champions last team to do it obviously temporary gallery or we go through all of the different. Breeding now suddenly viewed. A ball of the food chain above Michael Jordan certainly that I think is going to be certainly open for debate. So all of that stuff has added I'll go with the New England Patriots. That the the then break it up here you're gonna lose some of these guys you're gonna lose some of the coordinated. Nobel checked at age 65 is now going or 66 is now going to have to start. Re pulling a lot of the stuff they're gonna have to retool with players there's a lot of stuff ever issued some guys back you know I mean you. Atom and his family she rallied dog Donta hightower got a big dude Diego's Butler. In you know I almost feel like they're gonna find a second caller maybe Harry got to. You know would notes I was got a better most he steps up becomes that guy's the running back position I think. McGillis these only got a really sorry Disney and he's on the release of picking regularly got established important young Lewis James White. You know and then again I think you find the Berkett. Like crazy to say that I think DR Lewis gently terrified of having those two guys back in addition to battle with the addition of of I calorie. The always windowless conference its recently back to do the things. And I just I don't really get the mayor ray and he is exactly how he paid spots. Can you finally just give them a little bit of the here's the other thing so it view is I don't know I don't it was contrary look at all the if you as a free agent. And I'm and I'm one of these guys leaving I am going with the coach. That I know a Matt Patricia and restricted his undershirt freeagent. Are so. You don't think he's going to be. Popular untold against the man he's going to be you know we know he's gonna go we're Josh goes and the first oh yeah and they science. Even Patricia pay were office coordinator Jim Bob Carter cougar ordered him as he's got by first names and well Cooper puts it kind of a mix I. See him as a fifteen that is is ready. Because and you bring him in thinking you're gonna get what in sixteen game regular season tonight not eighty catches well that's what I'm being so mean who you know you if you're gonna take a look at and say. He's so valuable the wake of the gets all mighty things going on and meanwhile big games when they're in the postseason is there every single. You know year old big plays it comes down to dole he might get two catches during the week. Have a regular season game but they're going to be big third down catches right Sophia another team how much you wanna spend on that. You better be a team ready to go pick and you got two great weapons saying oh he's a perfect thirsty I say I also think that's a problem a lot of these teams that was that he's got more valuable he's a valuable to you that I don't teammate and a sense yeah nor does make sense I think with a lot of teams you need. Players. That it can contribute for all sixteen games unique game changer so whatever. If you look at the New England Patriots a look at how they've put all of this together. We've got a lot of little pieces. That simply do one thing and one thing only or couple things and then to put them all together and you know I'm not gonna use the old cliche doing your job crowd. But there's something to that in effect all the pieces together and this guy does this and this guy does that neck at that. We bring it all together so worst Danny Amendola few looking at another team you're looking at his age you say in yourself as you really worth that much more do we go with somebody. We can depend on tendons twice for sixteen games and a guy that's gonna give us that production for New England the thing that Danny alt M Ando brings to the table. Big games which you usually play and he comes up huge. And they have a bunch of those guys James Harrison has become one of those guys and you'll get. And what was sort of cornered in order out there are set of the tonight threes. Avenue 500 dateline's I look a little light on the that is so smitten any really. Its oats instead I think it would be good to talk about ethical and a couple of guys right there soul vibe we lost the patriots. But it Mandela to have a guy like data my football team what do comes to mind that you did but then maybe your role is thinking. You'll put him in the same rolled the patriots yes we do too much he can Hamlet any would it. Right anyone it was a standing here absolutely outstanding and no injuries have taken baseball another guy Shane Vereen you know it goes down a giant select. Who would watching green through this guy's like in big games but would you don't get in big games. Utility what do you I don't even now so it was certain tinkering no and you know plus should the thing is that diminishing greeted James like LaDainian would have brought. The Miller all the other all the same guy but they go somewhere else and its slate. They're part of a process and you're like me it's a great player teams like James White a sense of morals and go somewhere else in of the election in bringing you a co. Because another team usually needs far more out of them. Then what the New England Patriots need to perform well actually they assemble all of these guys I mean look at look at the defense is right now I mean I think it's a legitimate question. When you look at the patriots defense and you look at the personnel. And then you compare to what you saw on the field yesterday for Jacksonville defensively. Or you compare it to Minnesota team that got wiped out okay for the Philadelphia team you're gonna see next week. You got a couple of key good players on this team Trey flowers is an up and coming real legitimate player. A move according is a legitimate player Gilmore certainly wasn't McCain yesterday. But look at the overall personnel. Each team has the few was dean changes. Defensively of any of these things just stepped it is unbelievable to me. The patriots have now gone six games without a single take away. And new defense gets the job done every single way there. How is that possible. How old takeaways. In six kid that is a skeptic you would look. At this game coming up two weeks and now it's like oh my god while hesitant to take away here in six games. That's probably don't probably getting you don't. Yeah it's. It's crazy. But it's even saw it is important is this data out because you know a lot of attention and put too greedy it's that the author and and and Dolan their ability to come back. We look at you know the Patriots defense in their playoff comebacks right. They've allowed a total of three points in the fourth quarter and OT of their last four double digit comeback wins. And the in the in those games. 82 points in the first to third to 3.2. Yards per play four point 23 down completion 13%. And the it it's. The bolts are all things that you need for comebacks all on one hand you have yup it's doing their job on the other hand the difference figures it out again they play like. They had earlier turn over six games and I don't listen. This is an amazing thing we think about it is so they haven't. Big step to make the point remorseful. The last six quarterback you've faced this immediate internal public border and your maternal Miriam. In any of return knows it Kotler. Tyrod Taylor who the hell's quarterback in the jets for Christ's sakes you know like you out exactly played great quarterbacks who played division. And in these last couple of guys you know turn the ball over yet. No but in history of their defense gave up fourteen consecutive completions by week port rush so you look at it and I understand now. If you look at nationally they can't figure it out. We figure it out because we watched this team because they do individual guys come up and make big place right that's what happens during the course of the game. Nationally they look at they look at defense and look at the dip gently is that the hello he's yet certain. No especially sharp Francoise running several fresh you know difference now. You could you just figure it out and then you look at some of the numbers and you say never enforced takeaway is that. How bone hale RD doing it and they giving up but did that yardage at times during the course and again Patricia just sent that we scores on an the fourth quarter. They make stops in the fourth quarter yesterday. Jacksonville was getting third down at oil the third dunk the efficiency well right fourth quarter nope. No you don't get the third down out of us it's amazing when you when you think about it. I 6177797937. Patriots body will lie down here July. That's a more important way murder moaning and 48. On Sports Radio. I don't ESP NAM. We're looking at right now they're doing the over reaction Monday. And the the over reaction comment they're making and the people have to say whether in their overreacting not overreacting. No more debate. Tough crede. Is the greatest quarterback ever and I thought it was a rerun from two to three years ago and apparently it's fresh now luckily none of these guys it their all admitting that that's not an overreaction that is the truth but. We saw clear though cannot doesn't that say that we need to see this game from Tom to think that this Tom Brady you know and maybe. Need to win in six. For them to have people do is still while they're debating having this debate is a question of having this debate over that he's not the greatest quarterback of all it's over I thought that conversation would be over. The move few years ago we did the Peyton Manning vs Brady Brady one. That we did the Joseph Montana because Montana was the leader in the clubhouse he want that if you wanna go to the greatest player of the Jerry Rice argument for the LT or anybody else you want. That's over. And there is no argument the next stepping stone here is. If he wins this one they're gonna suddenly look at the championships to gonna look at the body of work they're gonna look at it's much more difficult. To do this in the NFL then it isn't the NBA we only need one or two really great players that three of them anyway to go on win a championship. They're gonna look at it and say easy not better than Michael Jordan do we not move them up to numero Ohno on the overall tricky today. You can do what a huge gains came across sports and touched are talking but we do this whole thing on the part of the debate all I know you stick to one sport that's fine but Jordan also but the play defense that he's part of the entire game. You know I just don't compare different sports. Lined up and you can't but it's like whenever they Havel's greatest sports greatest athletes of all time like dual threaded view at all time in. At I think I Portland got an affiliate that take that out of the equation because. You know the sport requires you to do that and his doesn't. Sort your thought it would you can see Jesse Owens you could say I Tiger Woods but he does it carries on clubs. You know it is if it means. Good morning otherwise what you're doing it doesn't he does is not a general public affairs puzzle not only does have a car pretty hard drive our act and I think that's what I think that is I and really always come downs to instead which is separate also it is championships right. And if they Michael Jordan is that catalysts in the leader it's more than July. It's I know it is but you gotta start somewhere we'll fresh start there and you end their Bill Russell is your usual winner Scott eleven right. Well over sealer to college championship here ally. And I'm not use the views you seal is going to start. There's like that that that appeal the final you know that. The March Madness he was like twelve teams. I can't compare compare the two now. Would you don't want it's a fun argument and we're gonna have it in we're gonna go through it you know what's gonna happen it's the next wanna pop up. But this one is lane when there's sit here talking about is he the greatest quarterback of all time of the greatest player or ball drop that's all for naught unless. This election already happened you know maybe a year until goats and move on. And I did morons to the Jordan and I think you're gonna get some of them come and shoot some. I know us yet you know our our good buddy skip Bayless was talking about that you know having one of his things was one obviously got a competitor jordin now. And that and then to somehow LeBron james' name came into that that that Tom Brady is better at forty and Cleveland's LeBron James is at 33. Okay fine. There's only give up 148 the loser will then leave us there bombs and false en us I don't know. 124 what are you want both offense and defense and I had to go to look into that demand a lot of the other thing that's gonna be discussed an awful lot the next couple weeks because we're disgusted here in the last couple weeks and you know the national media. Is going to be looking to see if taken. Poke holes in a what's going on here what about the relationship between Kraft know and three. And you know and though check and you know that's going to be big it was your president to follow for yes. I would take something ya protracted address that he did Sunday let's hear an interesting yup. Well this. Jealousy and and be. And god I've been around and if you run any comic company an economy does. The more successful you are you haven't strong personalities. It's always. Certain amount of attention. It's just goes with the agenda so someone trying to make headlines of bulletins. So we have so many people in the media just went how many times it was on the seat Brady walking loose and. And covered up. Right pinky. Who hanging his good hand so. Or crash basically anything that the media is the one that is creating this right the outside forces of creating this because you're jealous of the success of the New England Patriots. Other types of reporters but did the second cut. Paul okay yeah you know. How does the surround yourself what quality. And in a marriage it's. My. Continuity and get a life. It's. Aggressive good doing things that I high level of having continuity keeping things going you know little bag. Yeah mommy and Bill Belichick. The mud rim. Live them again every eighteen years. A lot. Strong minded people but when you have some good knowing that one's got to get their egos Chad did and try to hold it together. It makes sense but but wouldn't say this because I know a lot of people are gonna do this over the next couple weeks and I don't think there's any question any of us have dead. They probably had an argument here there there probably have been moments in which they get pissed off at the other one of their not get you wind up plays and the egos the craft and started about. How the hell of the dumb this together for eighteen years were also we've seen this in sports we have the key star player on the team. The coach and the owner goes to eight teen years there's still playing performing at this title level and they haven't killed each other. Now it's. Usually notes say unit 66. Years seven years there's a shelf life for their all of his way at some point whether you're lucky. Yeah whether it's a superstar other rode the coaster wrong way and coast to read the superstar the wrong way at city Eagles are involved and one of those things are Brady on the packet of credit is of Olympic that Belichick built me. And Belichick's that I'm not getting enough credit because everything some only winning because of pump. They've been able to keep all that check and it's so antsy tonight last week it was you know it's just because these these guys are perfect together. They only care of all one thing they don't care but they both on the same page when it comes the outside noise and what's really important and it just about winning. They could hate each other and still sit down a goal a game plan to win a football game here's the part that you've pushed for Cuba and around. And you can get around other players or whatever owners you can still make eighteen years public filters that happened. That's tough that's a decent especially the success they've had. That it's it's never come to. I deserve more credit than you Romeo Eagles nothing regular all ties billion asked me to take less. How many times and asked me to take lessening the law and they trade away my best wide receiver and make it hard on me. Right none of that none of that is ever Kamal while pitching as has happened about taking my main guy off the sidelines. Why that was it an issue why there was conversation maybe some of it you know a little bit aloud why would you. But how did they resolve that and move on to the point of where they are right now eighteen freaking years. It's it's it's it's mind boggling when you when you think about it they've been able to get through those eighteen years. You know it's funny that the people still pick apart we have a caller earlier and I guarantee you you will see it somewhere with with a writer. Looking at the press conference of bill checked after the game. And I thought we had a great job and he's a tough guy we all know. Apart about open heart surgery here. Didn't go out and his wife now if we have to cut what he said about Danny and men dole wants act. Who was a big huge star daddy I I don't know what you guys they see huge joking around but I was surprised by a poem titled he wants to give you know I noble decision wave of of doping why should he just won the AFC title game to gold hidden disability. He's Brees goes eight Super Bowl. He spent the twelve. And we're talking about a huge story all week he's an eagle and Jesus and it's almost like don't get it got too much credit what what you really that hurt was open heart surgery important the finger or thumb morality play through what did not put given too much credit that it came off to me. And I don't believe it was that way I believe it was bill sit Nikola I don't wanna get into the details because you're gonna follow it up if I say something about what Tommy was able to do. Tommy was able to do this. When we were really dealing with something difficult on Wednesday that you get to follow up question what happened on Wednesday they'll and they want to put on Friday. And then how did you get back kit was Alex Guerrero involved in the process. He opens the door for all of these other questions. I think dole wants to deal that's of so he makes a funny. And he throws it out there. Or about open heart surgery here that's what he did that is there is a tremendous competitor. That some it's a big place for us. Authorities usually handled the punts for a minute left on return really. Also so for the final touchdown and you look up the football player in dictionaries pictures right there beside it doesn't matter what it is. Eli crucial without you would have whose addiction really doesn't there don't spruce considers it. A perfect football player I would go more segment ago. Lou is rocking Twitter before joining edit after they show at Bloomberg Loney flew back to more importantly we're blowing at 48. Right now fox Sports Radio. Shall we talk flock toward the muttered after action Lamine patience and jags loyalists who will always wonder. About the hasty whistle here. Which folded his Jack forced fumble recovered before miles jacket shifted in the fifth year for what would have been a seventeen point fourth quarter lead for the jaguars. Of patriots Cingular dynasty coaches with a conspiratorial. Wonder world grounded in just enough access to keep the series alive so that when. At the final whistle. Radius first congratulated by the ref for complete statement yesterday well that thousand tin foil hats he tossed into the year. Obama really is very good dumbed down for you please if momma Jacksonville jaguar fan I'm. Because miles Jack picked up the ball nobody touched down yet. And if they didn't love afraid generalist so he gets it touched out that we would have tricky game away and us all mobile blue is definitely yes. A thousand what are now don't you get it yet alternate Baltimore it and it'll be deadly dedicated basically Bateman. For weekly statement yesterday well. That is at the same thing many. Eventually coroner brought their a couple times already file was a jaguar fails complaining about two things it would be bully gay in passed with legitimate. Just sort of used the sidelines and just get right amount. And that would most Jack I downloaded bullet dead not allowing a run back right whether or not clean Aikman yesterday. For able did not waste any time. Thirteen excuse me nine minutes into his opening press conference he lied to the entire world grew here's his quote. I was scared to death coaching against markets Mariel. Other cops care that should help us. I I can't have a dog sled so now all he was nice things I would Zardari said that death. Coaching gig and is now I get that momentum was worse than Brady but I know he'll be more scared to death now. And now I know Lila yeah I'll bet the coach is subtle bits and it and that's pretty good he you're right he's he's full. Yeah all right you know seems well should these things all spoke just out of Chicago during the break and we. I guess on the right and whenever he really had us there were numerous times he was not supposed to be out there and you'll muffins in Japan and Iran and and it what are you doing here as an actor Aziz told us with the details. It's always an audible call by the coach already. We've been told it was going to be with a real five. He's nuts at 405 also a Bill Belichick will be here in our studio for a Bible talk to Rob Ninkovich 230. And gee I wonder what will talk about probably be started the revolution training camp went to the soccer nets around on the really move the party out there are. It was since I would not agree that notably the nets are out there and it's the start training camp but I don't think all the trials completed and that was in the bubble. Free business of soccer and that crap is got up your dollars tied up and I traveled for something else right now plays are here. Let's turn to soccer players don't really know yet they're and they're left soccer team house. Aircraft. Flee airplane they they go by train and certainly don't let acid plus files there with them last year. Remember that we and simpler there had nothing Arizona where I'm here for.