OMF - Christian Fauria: "I hope (Kaepernick) never plays again! CFL, Europe, anywhere!" 6-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, June 19th

Mike Florio,, wrote about how Colin Kaepernick's hasn't done anything to help himself get another job in the NFL. A recent tweet from Kaepernick comparing your average police officer to the Runaway Slave Patrols of the 17th and 18th centuries, is the final straw for our own Christian Fauria, who is now rooting for Colin Kaepernick to never play professional football again. 


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Smart sports stock multi lingual singer with a force of nature in the field for a bit she wants the foundation a noted that no one. Why is this kind of helpful advice and I. Let's return with more Fort Wayne reloading and Fauria. On Sports Radio. Email question of the show for awhile and I you know that's. Four years so little Cessna was told Collin county. But I think camera keeps on doing it to themselves so Mike Florio writes this over the weekend the ongoing on employment. Of Colin cabernet Greece's plenty of important questions regarding truth. And lives in right and wrong in the NFL. But Kemper and nick is done himself few favors when it comes to nudging public opinion in his favor. It goes on to basically say he came out did the right things said on the stand for the hand my wanna play radler for all EC started a I'm gonna push off all this other stuff I care about what's going on in the in the real world bright enough. Put them at a done everything I I possibly can't. And then of course. We had the in the situation of the acquittal of the a police officer who shot and killed. Alando. Can steal. And then Kemper and I can't help himself. I tweets out a system that perpetually condones the killing of people without consequence. Doesn't need to be revised it needs to be dismantled. With a photo of a modern day police badge next to the runaway. Sleeve patrol batch. Probably if you're looking for work right now and you've kind of told teams and owners and general manager as you don't want and I am an activist but don't put that aside. There really wanna play football right now and take him at his word and then he does something like this over the weekend. Why isn't anybody in the job and show. No don't know what they do on his summer at a party came to some GM's office and children another thing that is disrespecting the police offices just like those the Sox news White Sox. That depicted a pig with a police officers had on it. So let's just forget about duck the collar Catholic is. Is that. He realizes that he has done. That he does not have a chance so why does he beat here anymore why dry why try to play nice white try to do ninth but did the right thing. To tried to hope. That somebody gives them a shot nobody's giving him a shot. And not in this to mean is this ya you know in realizing it. Sit him realizing that he's screwed he's done used to do you look at this picture it's like you know you mentioned it's it's a picture of two badges. On the left that says what does it runaway slave patrol. And the bats and that to have Wright is a police officer about to see what city it's from its effect your generic badge and a police officer would Wear. And it's as you can ignore your history always remember who they are. So remember called arms. Hey if you see a police remember who they are out remember remember how I started him because the badge was it was originated with you know honestly patrol. That's a that's at all no it doesn't represent a goodwill doesn't met does represent protecting it doesn't regret represented. Putting your ass on the line. Yes there's a bunch of knuckle heads out there yes we get it but don't sit there and you know broad stroked a two all police officers all of the United States. It's already done they did an issue some person sees this as you know let everyone contact nick says he thought the girl to get me. Enough flow I don't think I'd never plays again any anywhere CF. Europe I don't care where it is yeah. He's probably realizing that this is gonna happen form but wouldn't it be better serve rather than just sending out a tweet. To everybody can write articles about. Everybody can discuss his future based entity would be better served just. Doing a sit down on nine and you tell me someone want like call 11 call capita interview for 1520 minutes and put it on whatever your wage you want. And really discuss this do you think you're being black ball you know you talked about down not kneeling or stunt and whatever sitting during a National Anthem. The do you still feel that way. As things change Disney coach after backing in the offseason before fridge instead of a nitrate nesting value something so against police officers. You won't apologize to police officers do you think you ever gonna get a job that is helping your job. But I think that maybe he would do so affair we sat down actually discussed it red and just sending out these tweets and laying everybody else. Respond to it I'd be worried he'd Wear those pigs Sox again for the interview. Dozens more damaging is that to say yes we like that night get airs article four is going to be other articles nationally trying to interpret this and what he's thinking of what he's feeling and it. Everything just doing yourself listen if he wants to begin activists in life and he feels right now this injustice in the world in the country. Then more power to or let him let him go do it she noted but it was that Obama wants it but you don't you can't expect. That based on his talent level right now in the national football but another team is gonna sit there and say you know what. The guy is. A decent football player but we're gonna have to deal with all of this stuff on a regular basis why would anybody take it he's got to make a decision in his own mind. Because you wanna play in the National Football League. Or does he want to change the world Indian activist. Both both good and all professions right both good ideas. They're gonna attempt to. Welcome Tim disagrees with was Christian has I do not. A German how are you. All I hear a lot on his radio station. How odd alliance. EJ I complain. Odd how people say oh wasn't racist and a white Garland god and and I year. Odd that you guys are a piece that we get it there gentlemen maybe got that. Odds about racial that the cost Japanese suddenly this is how are yet. I'm this is why people outside of bought it or to wait and feel that. Delicacy is is is racist. And at bat right here. That they that you guys are saying I'm just like a wall in my actual but I think Brad or drive out. Tim do you not you because it's so are we not supposed to have an opinion. About America 808. We are we not allowed to have an opinion about a guy because he's black in if we disagree with where he stands that makes this racist yes. If look at carbonate that. How many different opinion from anybody's. You know. What has it you lit something like this guys should have a job because you also activate and that. That would be leaning towards rate. Thought he should have a job because he's a fraud he's that he's a fraud to me he's a fraud because he doesn't know any everything he stands for. Is drive by. It's not all Lebanon just dropped this one and walk away let me send out a tweet that it doesn't I don't know the only. Knew what he was getting himself into the first time you decide to sit down during the National Anthem. Do you think he had his whole agenda. He had his old question well hold on why you think that means I'll finish let me finish there's there's I'm gonna add critics aren't sure do you think he had his whole agenda written down planned out and knew exactly what he was getting itself into. And my right there. There's applause stand alone today. United like Beijing shut down quite. All my guys look at it I am not happy what's happening to people colored America and it say something but first. Let me let out a whole life around gay people fight it out for people. I don't think he gave a big Bob and I'll be there I don't think Jack up. The heat the hot and did you also arch city there are about to eat it. Now that comedy network it lightly for a quality one of the flight but while to assert the right job that pays well OK I'll let this gentleman that was obviously. A better actually a better quarterback. And let it that they had heard of the quarterbacks that are out there and I thought that starting quarterback that by accident they're straight quarterback arm. I and that albeit he started better. Okay. And Eddie back getting picked up because. And or getting a lot I picked up for a break it. Oh yeah one other slight McAuliffe fraud Tim is because you know we believe in social injustice and did not wanna stand for the National Anthem and admitting he was released became a free agent he said you know what everything is good in the world now in Afghanistan. Now in Britain would go to the world used that treatment occurred at the world would say I will now wait let me try this week. You just get everything in the world. That never out of it out with didn't bet all right he said. I will bet for the national lead at. The end everything's good and the world. It ain't got. Being inactive they obviously did because now we just put up that we put out or whatever it took back a bit too bad way to reach out. So no he did everything in the world you just said that. So like let's say the least you he knew I wasn't standing for the anthem. To send a message and then decided to stand for the at them. Why here's a little weird Lou here's what he said. Has method of protest to detract from the it has won his method of protest to detract from the positive change he believes has been created. He's been chasing the world. A kiwi pair phrase we put her all the work that's basically what I shake up. Vicente you don't let my little impact has made the world a better place. So you know what. You guys keep putting words get big gentlemen can now. Stock they do not they've got this and basically okay they'll let people were bitter about that. They didn't let you know what I'd like to work everybody want the paycheck right. Might get bored being enacted is still big it's somewhat of a spotlight or or what have they got that public spotlight. Okay all fair welfare camp Jim we're running out of time so all fair everything you just said it's fair to teams have a right. To sit there and say he's a back up quarterback. He presents a great distraction. To our community. Day they write as a as a private business. To say we don't wanna hire the guy. It doing that looked like an act like looks like a jerk. How about that. No no no do they have the right to do that without being called racist. Without being call any races. It. OK okay they did it yeah higher look like dirt. This is the problem. So it's all about. Tim's idea of I'll always feels so they look like jerks get a waste of the teams look like jerks because they don't want higher quality so we don't wanna see races for you called a jerk. He's the fact that as he stayed up until you're it was against activity the christianity in their face exactly so before guys like Sean king and other people other activists you know senator the councilman around Seattle who was trying to do with people writing open letter. Not really knowing you're just not any following football just figure out what my name of the paper when I hope I hope voters. Are sympathetic to him and therefore all kind of you know get a little bit of those those bold visible for me. In this opinion calling Patrick is not doing himself any favors. Is not just Boston opinion. No Boston he's not the only. Only city in this country that is not talking about call capita bring up the fact that there's a reason why this guy has never job. Boss is not the only ones who haven't a discussion to me says it's talk like this. That makes Boston racist of people feel is racist it. This discussion in the morning any city right now on this people talking about in every single sitting in this country and that talking about Mike Florio's article. And him going after police offers is still there's a reason why this I probably won't play in the NFL it is just not worth it for other teams he's not good enough. That's a simple as that and they have a right to do that. I'd 6177797937. Other hour ago and a program.