OMF - Celtics loyalists starting to crack? Lou can't win when it comes to Al Horford; The Ball family's 15 minutes are almost up 2-13-18

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Tuesday, February 13th

HOUR 4 - Lou cannot win the Al Horford argument. Unless you ask Lou. He'll tell you that he'll never lose the argument. The Celtics rough stretch has a lot of people annointing the Cavs and Raptors as the kings of the East. Does a potential Gordon Hayward return make the C's a favorite again? And listen as Lavar Ball details his plans to throw away Lonzo's NBA career.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and Ford lately but wasn't of these departments disgraceful I can appreciate what I read out Beckman to the game of basketball left for them to do that for Black History Month it's an insult to black people wait that comes off is troll he gives the impression that you had this insatiable appetite to celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black way to go with Glenn doing Christian. He should do that you can catch the leaders. I hope and it we will be capable. Episode the third both of more than 12. Why action. And other duel us here. Think cause this is not black people's mom is called Black History Month I do find it interesting that the first person they tweet about during Black History Month. Happens to be a white guy and so BIO brother was the first. In that case I don't I don't have a problem with the now on Sports Radio WEEI. Night in night out who's the number two guy Al Horford the path back app app must sit out. DeRozan and little outrage this argument is that she asked you guys are going on on out here and this and the Celtics because you can't. Mike if you will host the celtics' pregame I'm Gary you've been here a little bit with the case and the Celtics button. Still doesn't it hurt other sickness is he admitting that he's just yeah it publicly he did. Well it's you know you gotta go with the green goes you guys discuss or bring a degree of Dupree you'd most like I go to better public. Thought I keep that quiet. I mean probably but I'll all for being an amateur. And you guys are going on on out here and this and the Celtics because you can't. Mike if you were host the celtics' pregame I'm Gary you bigger hole then Libby case and the Celtics but. I Jerry did that before the difference was I don't think he came out like I said he actually admitted it was a kiss and let each that he'd bet after he became the new and improved or. The that the worst Gary today when whatever he became. He admitted that finding a nondescript but there are some funny some cracks I think. And some of the green team are here because I think they're getting cancer again for the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight Lou they are in Oklahoma City they could blow down pro life than they played. Oklahoma City so let's shift here the new improved Cleveland Cavaliers. But I'm I'm fueled some some cracks here where people are concerned they look at I think. They almost got to the point where they convinced themselves. That the Celtics had forty earned that trip to the NBA finals they were gonna get people the Golden State Warriors. But they earned the trip to the finals and I think now they're a little bit concerned because they may have to go to both Cleveland and Toronto and that's not going to be easy. No it's not my guy. But I was at they're still very good team in my yards than expected and kind of go through a little bit arrived here especially this time of year. Opted to have a lot of youth on this team that was just he just expect that we're gonna slow down its leadership of all well it's it's it gets its advocates a bunch of things that you face hearings for the second time for the third time to view emitted defending him differently this you know film won these guys and how to defend them and if but it's just a combination of a lot of stuff they still a very talented team come playoff time yes. I believe those trial count that yes I think they are as well but doesn't this agreed to a weekly was gonna be good to go when you talk. The young kids to hurt people talking about this last night and I'm not sure they're watching. All of the games because Taylor brown did not shoot well in the Cleveland game so therefore he did not play one you don't shoot well Mac game. It's hard to sit there and say yeah I played really well he was you know one for but he played well no he didn't play well. But Jalen brown has not been an issue over the last three or four weeks Gillibrand has been one of the pluses I think with the steam. I actually think he's getting better out there at all aspects of the game he had a bad game. Against against Cleveland but yet you don't the theme is going to be over the next thirty or sixty day. Where a word that's going to be the theme for the Celtics they got to get a background and to think back. Solves all the problems even if he can play fifteen or sixteen minutes a month marking and I actually think. He could be a huge boost. For the because you lack offense right now there are times you simply can't score really can play defense and women that we know they can play defense when they want to. For 48 minutes or close to 48 minute. I'm not sure we know whether they're capable. Without Kyra you're being just going off patent in a been a crazy fashion. I don't think we know yet whether they're capable put enough points on the board to win these playoff games. Well I tell you that their carrier Irving's gay member early in the year. It did look like. I love the way he approached it is turning to the young kids in ball unselfish yeah. Amid a point maybe where there are recently when in certain situations in games it seems like it's only country. Right recently because these agencies what's going on around him and he takes the game over he's capable of it early on I think did a nice job build conference some of the younger kids. I still think that market Smart is it big loss for this team on offensively as well I mean I listen I here's a better offense supply I understand that but he I think the second unit with Smart and rosier. Marcus Morris right Munro. Andy and honestly I think the way that Bret Stephens doesn't you'll CJ brown out there with the wc team out there with a minute to sort of mesh that. I'll take those nine players. Now I. I don't I don't like your bench against Toronto a Taylor right now here's here's the other loan and M. You know I know that Brad Stevens is a terrific coach I think people went overboard where are they tried to. Column in a label him as the second best coach in the inning and because we know that Popovich is is number one. I think he's got some work to do here. Seoul I see what to do with Marcus Morris but there are times and he he's pretty good outside shooter there are times when he becomes. Bald dominant I see the same thing with rose year now and I like review I think we're here is really lifted up his game but there are times when we start the other the other night. It's a four on 13 on on one and he sat there and he's holding on to the ball make a decision. I think they've got to start getting that ball movement again. With the guys coming off the bench they don't have that right now they have with every year because ivory can do so much. And I hate to throw Al Horford but Al Horford is a good. Passing big man I think it'll help when they get Munro speed is camera Monroe can play down low he can also pass the ball he's pretty good policies are now nobody's out. Cut Angeles no statute did dancers OPEC but he can last through eight at the ball little league's best of all over. But I am worried. That I don't I don't I don't think they're gonna start. You should stop I think a retired judge people here handle. But they just fellows today they can't handle the media is cite the you get when you go up to its greatest and Gingrich really think about Al Horford it's just the discussion of him in this town. It's like if he does so if he has a bad box score. It's because of all the little things did you this talk will you miss the little things you know basketball you still think for a little less from Harvard but we'll listen to a a couple of I love this now with these podcast people listening to these podcast taking shots at me. And you know why that podcast talking about the Celtics to their fans that like the team you know so they send their buddies again and basically put a podcast again and on African experts about love. So big they can repeal all they want yet when he has a big game a good game. I picture that at all regular don't know how do you like Jack Campbell I think that he can actually. Beat that more consistently more times than not I think he can beat economic I don't would never gonna get I don't I don't think he's just not aggressive because of the mindset. But you know he was talking to Cedric Maxwell. Is that listen to him many times and exits on trying to talk you don't drive ended on this at the Max music. That's right like to see Al looked pretty shocked I mean he's got the link to a basket but steady kicks out of three from Marcus Martin. And and I'm just sit there laughing. Because of my kids apparently Cedric Maxwell played here DA to ban BP and wouldn't. Says Zain then at times. It's funny that works on that it is a bad game on the stat line. That it's all little things it is a great game and on and so whatever you know what it's just that you can't win first I can't lose the argument I would now argument every single time. People come at me while they try to solicit back and discuss it didn't say wasn't discussed at. It does say he's all can stud that those discussions since that a lot does anybody does anybody believe it will be the last time was the real investment line normal as I'm not a better clay challenges are as good that was a laid low and he's gonna perform like he did last post season when he was outstanding. When he was aggressive Al Horford and one of the reasons why get the Eastern Conference finals. So he just apparently lays low and gives me one good game every month but notification sure. Everybody goes nuts that occasional get some from and a and we sort of Mo Vaughn and animal away for the playoffs a wait for the playoffs because that's last year when he earned his money and put his forty years yeah. Some pocket current mine what is he. He is a good player when he encourages people to ask you this on a championship team. What is he 343 or fourth best lower third or fourth best option on this team. When this team wins at let's say next year to get the starting five with Hayward Tatum brown. Al and and Tyree what. Is he. He's he's a big guy and that's why I think the Monroe thing helps out because it allows you to put enough minutes together would Baines. And with Munro to take him off the five he's got a five and he gets bullied around by by physical players get a mobile before. What are you can do is he's a terrific high post passer for you. He does that really well little. He's got a good read my they'd got a good read on dirt he plays some defense but he's not gonna play defense if you've got a powerful guy down on the block that statement at all. He he can score for you wing heat gets the right matchup on him. But he's not. He's not a consistent you were talking earlier. About we're selling we're talking about Jackie Bradley junior and one night they do one thing or. You know one month they do one thing and another. A different than the next month they always want to organize things right but who could not at all I don't let that's what I work for. You get the right match. And don't go to Horford and Horford and even 27. He's gonna there's not one to win one and I tell you like Tony it's his earlier decision not a 12 or three to be at three if you look at the written staff yes. But he's not alone is not three but I want to grow best option maybe your fifth on this team and I told you to be going to win here when you've got excited because account had a couple of nights it's 4427. I see you wait and in this season's over the numbers are going to be used and that's when we are betting numbers are gonna that is what I wanna say again last year aggressive back and look at the numbers of dissent if you are the celtics' pregame I'm Gerry you've been here all this case and the Celtics but. So the arm. That means that I can't believe would drapes is Bellamy and a pregame and postgame show that he's making at all because don't forget the post game show rights. Let. How can you not recognize Toronto was that the argument. Always at the argument they were absolutely you whether we want to show. Human I don't ornaments that I was an ambulance and was now I I was on the set where. Actually that was set their security said he's more about Toronto yes he drives that he was crazy and and and next segment Macs can run cities more about Toronto. So the drapes that I agree that Jared he's there. It is physically he's massive red dress a little more. She should be worried about Toronto it especially if Toronto ends up with the number one seed did the best. Home team in the all league they play much better there than they do wanna. And the first two games are played at home. And forget about how many games it's four vs three if you extend that you may not get to a seven game series the fact you get the first two games at home. And they can take it to zip lead on his very difficult to beat them in one of those first two games puts a lot of pressure are worried about Toronto that I McCoy. You have to sort of their four game stretch here recently right teams lost three out of four. Dole is is news. He's OK to talk about Al Horford performance last four I thought you want to know about those images coming. Out of my pictures that it would go to Jose at an airport in game. You know lawyer and before that when he went for twenty to attend anchor chair Dan. Saint Anna please talk to me it's been quiet since. Now before that seventeen points fourteen points nine boards exports as he 1213 121215. Shots. And I'm loving what I'm seeing from Al Horford went for 1513 1915. Shots and some matchup. But I guess I was drawn an envelope how was he matched up with one for five he took five shots against Toronto took eight shots against Washington and seven shots against India and it took eight shots against Cleveland. And he's essentially averaging. Narrow vote nine in seven game tried to explain this thing. Or is it a game that's for me just say just look at the last four games in which is team has gone 34. But I don't wanna see a hole for taking. Seven shots a game. Five shots a game. Eight shots a game I wanna see aggressive out I wanna see thirteen. Outs for what it. Is okay as he has Brent. He's he's not thank you Patrick stomp a kick out of that you know he's got no he hasn't talked. He has had not yet if the matchup is he is right and that's the way they're playing that night and they can exploit. The other player they're going to go to Al Horford as nice sixty degrees plus that Al Horford gets on this Monroe. Deal is now you have because before you had twenty some odd met yet in which you could take him off the centers on right as a did a touch is not he's a second read read protect the so now operational rights are not what you do is. You've got enough minutes at the center spot that a majority of the minutes Horford scored a plane was your plan real small lineup. It's going to be a fool and he can do more of that air so they're good they're giving amend it advantage our go to and the car you wanna go to some calls them guys some golf. Medieval agrees with me oh I want you to learned of the ring has got to be done about it I though it well yeah oh yeah you agree with low right yes. I agree would go let's of these calls trees that you agreed with little. No doubt doubt doubt I'll watch looney what I don't based tax. Well under. And all I know yeah yeah I bet on the radio that you. Our culture that has not real real Puerto try to. Without our big out at. Our. Dolls that's got I was actually high on big gala at the beginning of the year. No doubt about Smart shooting yes you regulate. The report. Is play absolutely and that's why app. Now. Also think about it from this Parole Board yeah let's just start absolutely. Need to be a strategic. He made the comment after the blowout against Cleveland. But yet look rather at the ball went off subject and you know. Red and let me just let me just clarify set the record so. I just stick to baseball because I have an opinion and the Celtics. And that obviously. Brad Stevens knows more about basketball than I do which I would question. Yet you know. Claim to know more about defensive strategies in basketball than Bret Stephens and defensive expert. Carla coats are men who look at ago. Can you ever Cambridge school of Apple's street during the turn around their dad is still used so you feel you're on the same you can help Bret Stephens we can get you Isner beat him. Really. Important that. All of the regions. Abroad yeah I mean I don't let him talk about. All or. You if you all want the ball and help out. More under. And coach. Can I ask you question your coach. Do you do you really believe that the celtics' problem right now is defense. Are. Somewhat like a I think that that's not evident truck when you do your current agreement if you you're you're terrible. Coach and atoms are you disappointed robberies that have been up to bar now the Cleveland gained debuted on the same page at university who sustained. It. Dollar edged a drive around a couple coach I thought I'd throw you into all okay bailout deal. Is my eighteenth there. So we start time woods Retief they can play defense defiant in once more comes back he'll be better defensively. On his offense right now investments a player implied he punched African. A picture and does is they you know this is stored in trying to put the picture all that says something more to that. Why would he punched punched the picture I can say is why you better. He's better show support our support of all we hear you think. Helical he's a hotel room of the Los Angeles their DB to two games a Laker game and a clipper game easily gotten there and don't. Don't tell we're gonna tell me he's a competitor taking out of pick ups. What is it like waiting game and it. Let's net gain that he decide to take the open shot. I think it was so is best in all forms please is formally support when the story and everybody knows that having that support what he's a guy that sat on the deficit in waste 12 talking about the celtics' defense. If you worried about what's wrong with the Celtics zinni. They either go periods where they cannot school cannot score. They need to improve their offense it's got nothing to do with defense that the number one right. Defensive team in the only if you look at some of the efficiency numbers right now percentage efficiency numbers at the offensive end they all one of the worst teams in bullet. That's their problem. They would would help no question about it right back to phone calls it 6177797. Under threesome they remember a low for ball. I yard we haven't heard from him because he's been in Lithuania and the big delicate at this week that we're gonna hear from I don't think we're here and an impersonation of it from. Giving credit where credit is do they got a really good job they've co. Clearly Johnny Griffin Paula credit goes to our show in the morning obviously a lot of credit goes to admit patients who they are a good good show right now thanks Kirk now back to OMF. Our Sports Radio WEEI. Somewhere. Yes this week. More balls laughing. All of us people are eating out of his hands over reason other than. He's become like cart action in Ayers thing and that sells. Earth. Back in January I I almost think. That the fifteen minutes are running out on the far ball and this was as dumb things you could possibly do. And this is coming from a guy who has done a lot of dumb and stupid that. So he's doing a he's doing an interview. With with the waning in basketball. Reporter. Anonymous or bonus. He is telling this guy. And like I I I'd hate to reinvent the quotes because the quotes I'm just so. Stupid here because they don't even than anything constructed sentences but in essence what he's saying is. He's going to instruct. A long zobel. To leave the lakers. In free agency. If the lakers do not go out and draft Lee Angelo in the upcoming. NBA draft or sign him it's an undrafted free agent. And he wants the lakers to know right now I quote I want all of my three boys to play for the lakers but if that they're good but if that does not happen. I'm telling you distorted it's going to happen first. If they don't take gel old this year. I'd bring jello here to play would mellow for two years. Alonso will be on its third year and I want to let every inch of quoting him I want let every NBA team now. That Alonso is not going to Brees signed with the lakers but will go to any team that will take all three. Of mind. Boys that's my plan and a few magic Johnson and you're the lakers right now he hasn't played want to wasn't played in a month. He's only played 36 games total this season he certainly is adorable out there. And he's still has not developed. Anywhere close to an NBA shot. Or access from the old man is saying right now and Lithuania. Like Pete looking at the end of the season saying. We're opened up two slots for maximum contract guys we want LeBron and somebody else and then we'll get a third player in a way of the trade. And all packaged wants a ball and also that the Siberia. Don't care were allies send them. This is it that's the ball we were waiting for the split between Alonso. He's eventually it tells dad it's gotta be he's got to. Yes screwed up writing Bellagio yet the number two pick in the case of this to you got to give Joseph fifteen dispute million for three years making. So hectic and as you know why because he's making so much money stumbles Boller shows as he saw. The bigger name as any that Lavar has. That long though. LeBron changed he isn't that good. You know I think he's I think there's something in there okay going to be good player. But teams are gonna sit there it's all walled. In all you do is take a mellow and me Angelo getting it Alonso ball. Not that good. In the middle of the season we you know that can and if anything your underachieving. In you've been injured here are a couple of stance. You only is basically tell Bullock is you don't sound all three in my in my in my two of the boys. Will resigning with the lakers. It. Principal would bolster that but more importantly what stupidity. And polls right. If I'm on so I finally have to come out so I love my dad I love family is everything I get that. But he can shut up right now he's in Lithuania. I can't listen to him and the lakers should not listen to him. I'm gonna do what I wanna do I love my Brothers I hope they have an NBA career somewhere down erupt but it's my career right here. I am a Laker for all right that's what he should got a kid that about them that's right he's nineteen of those delicate. It's just ridiculous and it's stop acting like your son. Is rookie of the year. Stop acting like anybody would take on the two Brothers even if they don't think it could just throw home a million dollars here for three years two Brothers aren't as good as wants just to get your son that. That story is not that good armor caddies can be okay. Will seek or eliminate it there are so he told her at the Lithuanian writer here caters I think the Lithuanian white writer which wanted to say what. Once those having a little bit of trouble with the lakers so here's his response why also plays best when he's with his brother. Why wouldn't me. He is I help a shooter they don't play the same position you see how successfully was when he was with he has brought them. So he's still world. But urged awarded dragging down wants no one's no witnesses sixteen year old brother and you've got something I won't. Tennis is just a bit this father. This father's killer thriller you know what I would have been. At a yard anymore at all but just the NBA it's. You know this is the NBA fly and so can only play with his brother than he's out of the leak. I mean suppose not conveniently out of Lincoln I can I second to change again and because you want me to get the bella checked out to him to do it over here I'm gonna do the change that too will be a dangerous on the left cheek and he had bills you're not exactly. So I'm gonna set up to do without it drafts of his. Bridget back I don't Democrats anywhere on the body you know knowing for the crisis no doubt that night for the camera is going to. Is so let. But there's little say about the engine and remember I said this at the time so I'm not speaking out of school right now. The physical reports that the anything channel market hopefuls from his medical staff were not good. That they felt that going forward. Mark cal Fultz was going to be dealing with from some physical stuff I think is like more skillful as a player. I think he also looked at it said if they're any problems here I really like this kid Tatum he Newell at number two. The lakers were taking on social once it was out of the equation. Did he did the Smart thing would need to we told everybody on an improbable file of the problem before. Course I have to say anything about the father because there was zero chance of Alonzo coming here is the old man was gonna make sure that he went to the lakers. So now he's got paid on the guy he wants out there and abort but he liked mark L fault but folds physically is not right. And we now look at the season is tough time. As Tatum is having over the last three or four weeks. Look at him vs more helpful they they mark helpful yesterday is works working is working with. Virtual reality goggles. Surely became. Movie is shocked. Because his show all terrorism problem is is our problem yet then you know right. And dandy right and trader nanny right and right. And mark held faults is now it's in his head. They now do not know whether it was the injury to the shoulder that alternate shot. The fact that the kids mine he changed tee shot on his own. And it changed the way he releases the ball and it screwed up his shoulder so could be that was a mental thing before it was a physical think he's they wrecked. He's probably out for the season and for the future if you have a 76ers. You've got to be looking at more cal faults is that he's this kid ever going to be right. Any genius. There everybody admit that you're the guy you want it lets your future there now does he likes also I think that look like the lakers gonna fall that two to five right now but Agassi and he can happen. So eagle at the following year just about bottom lodged at the guy want to chart when you're hitting miles you put a virtual. Reality goggles. Are. Right absolutely everything (%expletive) is like a video game with what. It put them on the ball coming in other words why does he warming all good teams are now balls I mean. He might be fried. Can help folks. Net alleged in the drug you're probably bus we spent demo what does Fanny think it got to get that number one of them wanted to got a over mark opened here thing. Can't make this move he can't right now at all. Not a process plays video games and video didn't trust the process they're just there next to see if America. I would go one more well more similar to get forces puppy yet again. Okay old and a counter move OJ Martinez that's what intelligence economists generally and Connors been back and forth right JD Martinez news Rory king next on. Line via FaceBook Twitter and it's more of port wade were loading and 48. Sports Radio telling you we'd. Sphere Boston Globe comes out and out tweets out that. Apparently the Red Sox offered to JP Martinez he's five years but it's closer to wall hundred million. Then a 120 your 125. Million and so that got the wheels are working very quickly apparently from the Boris camp. Just a lot of phone calls and emails will reduce the iPod icon that you tell me what to do -- do anything you want to do whatever litany of all the clients in the world like you info from you what do you need there. I write the headline is hate it. He backs looking at creative ways to keep JD Martinez. Says that there's still some optimism there's over and they feel that they get creative. A higher AV in average annual. But shorter term with opt outs included it could be a way to bridge the gap. Now Heidi you know this is a reaction in street from Boris and telling Johnny Damon to please write this position on payment any any actually includes the Alex appear happy. In his article early this is the Red Sox have been offered a five year guarantee deal close to a hundred million. Though they are believed to be steadfast of holding from their offer Alex spear of the Boston Globe. Which is owned by Red Sox owner John Henry at the then reported Thursday that there offers close to a hundred that is 125 so we actually puts it in there. Every ex couple hours and say why he writes for the call due to hold the globe John analytical John Henry let's put that article so. It's it is so transparent it's so transparent way so I don't get awareness so desperate. It's this big you know what will 501 K and whatever the offer of sea cave bears want to. Vacated not carry past the brisk and pick it put an anti. Okay our next Wednesday I don't know given some time didn't get an eight days seven days ten days what. Put an end date to him play you for the fool for the entire month of march they get nothing going there. Now you know just talking about to turn to break that Martinez really likes Arizona. It's a great hitters have a home run hitters ballpark maybe he wants the stay there but you can deliver Arizona doesn't have this type of a money. Take a two year deal at his age and take the risk. That he's gonna stay healthy for those two years and no yellow one more thing. But the math is going to be the same economically out there and free agent market a year or two year Arizona's greens at least. Go before free agency to hit home runs Seton dictate. Once you can free agent market do you care if you go to San Diego. Where it's tough to hit home runs they prosper. Well Brooke the same numbers OK that seven year deal campus just don't beat yourself to be airplay enabled it to drop they know that they're bringing new tobacco whatever. Plus a big league big deal single back there and keep it and you you might. Don't you go their does it bomb seeking get a big deal somewhere else and depicting Jews in May be still bowl win. But the reason it's not going anywhere is not because there's another suitor but there's no leverage in the deal with a 00 JD Martina has. It's it's it's it's they want this because they've Debra ski on the other side. Is desperate. He he unlike some people who don't think you need JD Martinez. I think the rust he's looking at that we need we need him we need that's gonna hit home runs right now word desperate. But our hourly UAW output but it added I like the most active single Election Day as a catcher Eddie kind of did you know you're gonna study Evans wrote stadium already gotten excellent optimist on this what. Yeah it's done he's gonna get your commission is just the different client which is with the with the vehicle and you get your money in to hear it to YouTube demand due to act like. I'd everybody. He's in the house and Keith. On got into the headphones and not enough playing like silly stupid sounds as Julie especially in the sounds of view it's out of me. Just incidents like this madness but it's called keep. Your madness or are there and just want today go out front 545 or a failure alarm is unfortunate enough. And I don't. Because while the little podcast on the Dark Knight Greg. We have thoughts on the the Boston Police Department tweets. Obviously we a lot of thoughts on that plus Julia this as dimensional stuff. Yes I turnovers. I think I have sort of played out for football resilience was. Yesterday Sebelius and we are toddlers and is intimately talk much of good but it wouldn't let the sense of violence that they've had their years of my familiar yet so Michael have stuffed it comes violence on the stuff plus the Bruins could be involved in the shooting treatment lose snow like let's get them gonna have to penetrate well it's right. For a rental per track that's right and you guys still have three guys we have a three person show we have all weekend organized or landed the rest of the week is like yeah. Little etc. but that's just a while seated them and it is here tomorrow. Where goodnight if.