OMF - Cedric Maxwell, Tito Jackson weigh in on BPD's Auerbach tweet; David Price meets with media at Spring Training 2-13-18

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Tuesday, February 13th

HOUR 1 - The BPD got some heat over the weekend for a tweet honoring Red Auerbach during black history month. We hear from Cedric Maxwell as well as Boston City Council member Tito Jackson (appearing on K&C this morning) on the issue. Also, David Price met with media at Spring Training for the first time this year. He answered numerous questions on his physical condition as well as some of the negative things that occured last season.


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On him when he. Fort Wayne and moaning and Forte but wasn't this plot was disgraceful I can appreciate what went out Beckman to the game of basketball let's put them to do that for Black History Month it's an insult to black people wait that comes off whether it was intended or not is troll he gives the impression that you have this insatiable appetite to celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black way to go with Glenn flew in Christian I think people enjoy it to say I had a lot of fun playing American. No I don't football it's fun when you're winning. Nobody wins more and more consistently. Think wrong Brady Belichick and the patriots this or cause this is not black people's monk is called Black History Month I'd do provided interesting net the first person they tweet about during Black History Month. Happens to be a white guy and so the auto product was the first. In that case I don't I don't have a problem whip it out on Sports Radio WEEI. Amazing what cronies get new rolled over there indecent sports Boston he's the quality control guidance that. Deal with that segment last night. And you don't Max gave it right now that is studio Max Watson he sees me. Beneath that of course we're gonna have black blue here in this activist say that's wrong that's just I just so many levels was wrong and it was good discussion. It's good show I don't I'm doing good that's what I'm doing good I'm doing good show this thing is we got a lot of. Stuff yet and I'm not lying to you when I actually tell you that I wants to be part last night I'm not from them I acknowledge it a lot of pride here. I'm not a fraud about as I would not normally watch the BI. But I saw the score flash up somewhere but it was 21 northeastern and it's it would be history being made a subsequent aftershocks. Watch. This is history in the making and I watch it was. I did want an answer or I can't leave now. You know I I don't wanna do Beanpot and ET's I don't I don't well I agree with Callahan. Lived in this area this region my whole life it's never been a big thing for me it's really is for force schools and their loan. Usually an accurate answer customs and check in Austin Astro has done a wonderful job over the years that great tournament but it's really just. Involves forceful of those people who did they don't know you know and he was there appear presenting as a trophy at the at the end. He was vice president over their. Think you know that it is it's for schools they shall while they take a little T over there and everybody shows up but the grisly and underlying. Theme to it over the years and that is that northeastern always so. Northeastern always played in the consolation game into changing griped that I guess. Yeah I guess northeast just at a guy that was unbelievable so I actually. It's. The city. Hospital frontier house majority I didn't really watch much of that every putt I knew what was going on because I was text from four he was going nuts he's in particular that is unbelievable. Acts. The wage going to end to end. Everything is credited gambling was ready or it was just raving about the Beanpot last night so I did I'm a fraud I admit. That I watched it only because I. I was tipped off what the score and the northeastern was actually winning the game and I wanted to see history. Because I am old enough to tell you that I did remember I don't remember the last time that war which was only thirty years ago. So but that's are being Pawtucket at the image of a group that's gonna work so talk about to be talked about. Teams. Teams. Order we talked about twenty. Game. A championship and he tweaked because tweet tweet that twitch seems to be taken over everything only in Boston. This is Tito Jackson who started this after the Boston Police came out. And ought to read our pac we talked a little bit about the shift only in Boston to the Boston Police on a red are back for Black History Month. So we are you have the shortest month and now this please file this under hell now. AKA not having it AKA not okay in the newscast once you. Hash tags on them after Tito Jackson tonight. For more sense when I actually heard him yes and it goes to show you that you can't really express yourself. Excuse me properly in in a tweet. You can't now he can't do it well and I've added Austin stock yeah that's that's the start of the week ranked. And and I agree with listening to him today I don't know. I think it's nice to people can. Sort of see how others think. That's all I understood what you don't would you object and say I don't he was reasonably actually said maybe we can find it. That it's not it's different than what the mayor did it's different and pulling the tweet. He basically said there were other people that should've been honored. Before and he had no problem with red showed up on one of the 28 days during the month the federal. I think that is it legitimate. Argument always had before me I could look back at the Boston Police Department and played very well. Playing very well they should do donations since February 1 they're gonna do this do you think there was any planning in the slow do you think it's just the Boston Police and then a you know it's the right thing here it's a Black History Month it's or some tweets out there. I'm not sure was an organized because you've pointed out last night to to my man drapes. You said no no they've had one other that was on February 3 that was Bill Russell Daniels and the shipping day. I wanna I wanna announce a wanna play some of that. From last nine league and you have all because we did we sat down and and it was good you know in Cedric Maxwell was I went out of Draper was there and it was just. All right let's let's have a discussion because isn't it above the discussion is now look what would we're doing right we wanna talk about it soap. Cedric Maxwell would be asked how he felt. A ball the Boston Police departments tweet honoring read our back during Black History Month. Is this a cause this is not it's not black people's month is call Black History Month. And the history of the league was moved because of grit our back. I don't even his farewell we get to the point where we are we're so politically correct that we go back here we. Take down which we which celebrates. His accomplishments. In Brussels accomplishments. Of what they did to. Make it gathered for all these people we tell at least the first black that you know how many people don't know that. Don't know those facts that bosses upset the first black head coach Ed first black player that the first stormed out of blacks. I just it defies logic to me that we had this day and time I know we've got to be tribal. Because of may be what the president is doing right now and everybody has their own low placed their stay in the it. But you do not have to be. The last to be celebrated during Black History Month is the consummate a portion next I'd. He articulated that. Perfectly see here's the thing pro does Cedric Maxwell speak for all African Americans since the beach for senator Max has used this for you don't Jackson speak for everyone is sitting no Speedo herself as judges and talk. Don't force separate state they they disagree on this. But can they respect each I was opinions. The mindset is a little bit is different that's all. I would say this too because I've I've seen this talent on Twitter are all you know Max is one of those guys that. Just goes along with the racial program that couldn't be further from the truth I've known Max. Since 1981. And I can tell you that he's not Cedric Maxwell if you have any I'd hear any history. And you go back to the to the early eighties there were a lot of things that Maxwell said. That most people wouldn't say because he was lashing latching lashing out he was. And you know he did he was not one of these quite shrinking violet he had something to say so that's really amazes me and again. The lack of of knowledge of history. It's secure here this is worried I disagree with with Tito Jackson and I agree with Max that this port. Peter Jackson made it sound like everyone knows the story of red out they don't I don't think. Many people do it. I really don't I think that if you wanna in the streets and glad Tito Jackson doesn't glad everybody. If you understand the history of red hour. The next great. Personally I just. I just feel a lot of people that they'd look at that thirty to thirty with magic Johnson and they look at read out back as it white owner who put a white basketball team on the court. Possess what Celtics war. Right in there are mid eighties it was the lakers were the Celtics and they look at read our back as a white owner who put white players on the court. That's brought that up. Either in that interview or later on in another interview that I felt that he did on channel four last start with Paul Burton. Bug. Match brought that up and the thing is if you look at it. They were black players on big group black players on the teams in the eighties. But you're right the face of the franchise. Was Larry Bird the white guy and an assist for the carriage and Kevin McCann was avenging Angel scrap or right. But there were. Robert she coached there were robbed Perry acts right there was you know damaged John. But in Los Angeles even though they had reimbursed they had other white players who the face of the franchise. It was Magic Johnson so the face of the franchise like anything else people look at the Culver. The outside the exterior nobody's looking inside. And I think you nailed it I think that's exactly what it is the people right now. And it has a lot to do with where they are in their life their chronological age some of them can remember this stuff from the eighties people are passing it along. The people and not passing along the information in the fifties. In the sixties. When read are back. Really. Was opening up the doors for African Americans in the Indy India are any hearts it is today. Because I agree that read only cared about one thing. And that was when Max talked about that and on your show he'll get about five green guys out all he cared about was winning. That was exactly the purpose. Time rat was not looking at the color of the skin of an individual. He was looking at the ability of the plight. Which is what it's all about the the ability of the individual I went to look at the exterior gonna look at what that person to bring to the table. And I think as we with with right back into arts at but it was easy for Kristi was one. Well they won eleven out of twelve years and they won the NBA championship and guess why they couldn't draw flies in this. Everybody was going to the Bruins games to watch the Bruins fight it out with the Rangers for fifth place in a six placed sixteen original NHL. That's what they want that they would don't. And you don't want. The warning was irrelevant. Because Boston at racial issues back there in the fifties and sixties all worst and anything that that people are talking about the addictive and people stayed away from it because people didn't want it didn't care. It's interpretation. Of what the month there's been people have different reputations. Are Tito Jackson and and I agree with them. That they should be honoring the first African American police officer in his city of Boston made it and the first player for the sales abroad as everything else. That's his point of view and I understand their point of Leo does he understand Lomax is talking about. Oh do others understand what Max is saying Black History. Month a black person that's just Max is interpretation. You know get you could talk about Jackie Robinson and baseball. You know at what point you talk about Branch Rickey. Maybe it's not the time I don't know in the month but its ad is part of black history in the game of baseball. What gets me is it will bother me is yesterday with you hearing Stephen A Smith in Mexico element. Saying that the Boston Police deliberately is trolling African Americans in the city of Boston what gets me. It's not being able to understand. Max's point of view. And the angst in the level of anger. The people immediately go to how offended. They all are. And not understanding center Maxwell. Because they believe you have Jack's. And there are others that are offended you Jackson's opinion in their own side of Cedric Maxwell. You would just understand different while they think. Or we have to Greece debt level of anger. It was and I understand it's what we are we talk all the time I heard Peter Jackson talking about and others talking about the history of racism in the ball in the city of Boston. In the more what does like in the past. It is in the past problem as the history brown it's a current problem right now yeah. It's a current problem it is coming to a head yeah. Unfortunately Santa level of anger and where we take it immediately right away. Without thinking or understanding what other people are thinking it's just it's troubles. So and that's why Ted I thought that heat rejection made all the sense in the world today he's that you're going on and when at a discount. Read our back he just had difficulty. You know understanding why it would happen so early in the month you disagree because of what he did as a as a as a leader and bringing on these black athlete. And you look at look at me because people who are not the industry did not do their homework. And it didn't know the history. Work read our taxes or. You process. Some people realize that all the different things happen in this world are different you do not have to be black in the program he celebrated Black History Month you don't. That that's maxed. Arm and Mexico are taken a lot of heat from some people out there they're probably all over Macs were you don't value and in the dark. And that's the thing I love about Macs and I've heard it on both sides with Max over the years. That max's a Moscow straight shooting guy he's gonna tell the way he sees it would you like it or you don't like it and by the way. If you speak to read our back from one period of time he had a major issue with red are back read our backs thought that Max was faking out an injury. And wasn't willing to put his body out there and for. And there were many years went on after the red are bad deal Campbell. For Bill Walton. In which they did not only not speak but there were nasty things said back and forth between the tail so you're talking about a guy. It was read our bags best friend used to sit there and you know have Chinese Obama and when things are standing for the year. I'm out for the hip. He was I eyed at the time I remember asking a numerous times it was a ritual he had it was not a big deal of time people didn't make a big deal. Mac cheese eat like two big Macs before games he would be in the locker room sitting there that was his ritual. And so I think he came out of Brady yes he's not he's done it did not is here today Brady die. He would send out one of the ball boys they would run down a McDonald's they were bringing back to big Macs and a couple of large frauds can't. It's something to talk show host Tibetans their diet. It was max's diet before games and I don't think there was anything. That was unpatriotic about it and is I remember asking him the question and as I set Max was never shot. About a gimmick when that stuff here's PM this Tito Jackson Gupta when they asked him this morning about. Whether they he had any problem with red. Dean one of those honored in the month. Yeah I did in you know him and I think. That actual. Is it colleges yes distort history. Greg Albert I don't think they're they're better. On that has actually been under assault on Wii Wii and Boston are acknowledged. You know there's it is. Are choosing. The first black player. Started the first black. As far as and you know to start again and I'm also at and we have a statute. I guess the issue here. Arm is. Are Black History Month is so Kamal what we can celebrate it in particular. Aren't sold our stories. About armed B a history of our people in the in the United States and beyond. Who have had to overcome our actual. Would you say it. I I I think I decided that we'll look at but I don't disagree and I still believe I don't think many people know the history and our body and I think you asked a lot of people to watch his read out record a statute to. They wouldn't mention this they obituary BYU statues red outback Jimmy championships he won meanwhile. Courses that statue has to do with winning. I don't think I honestly do believe that a lot of people read that tweet by the Boston Police Department before went down and now they've seen it everywhere. And didn't know when you thought there was a giving but I understand with Tito Jackson saying he's he's right near where it out back they should've done this the Boston Police Department. Did not think this through. Day one should have been this they would be cute date three day for whatever. And then if you wanna throw red out back in new date 2567. After honoring all these people that I don't know about in the air impact in this city. And then okay. So was impossible Lou. That it's just somebody who is running the Twitter account for the past your response labels we got to draw and it's absolutely. But could process it is your right this is. There's no process here there's no OK let's take nominations and it. It in the fact that it's not coming out every single day and they just randomly. Thrown out there. You say to yourself what they probably don't so why would you go through bullish did you do with sports guys will yo re certainly should plays into that. He was signed by the Boston Bruins have played for the Boston Bruins for the Red Sox had a black player on the on the on the on the field so. Could repeat that they they just trying to you know reach out and let you know sometimes people do this. And they think it's the right thing to do but he really don't think it. Thoroughly through. And that may be would Tito Jackson is is bitching about a I think that's a legitimate pitch if you don't throw the tweets out there you are the Boston Police Department. That's an organization to figure out but he doesn't mention in this thing he does not have a problem with Reynard back. Being included I think he has the problem that he named a bunch of other people. That should have been included beforehand and I think that's legitimate. That's legitimate. Units that they were great you know you'd. Black History Month that text is in a period to celebrate history read our act on the contributions of black people wire white people try to tell us which celebrate. And that's the point where two white guys sit here and a Booth. But I will sit there last night on set with Cedric Maxwell and Kyle Draper. They want to white guys try to tell you who you should celebrate the salute that was Cedric Maxwell. Andrew was trying to tell you why he thinks he should be celebrated. That's why we're playing the sound. OK I had the the immediate the anger. Is the big problem that we're facing right now everywhere. In this city. But you'd you don't you don't have the respect for Cedric Maxwell to have an opinion. It's not too white dudes sitting here from winning framing it as Cedric Maxwell. By the way not crazy about the nickname corn ready there's no he's he's not Nixon he hates it's OK I hate resentment and a caller warned rep can't senator Max I do not either never have this isn't like it because I know he's a fine. Okay that conversation doesn't one of many years where planes Cedric my actual sound. Okay we played Stephen A Smith sound plate he'll Jackson's sorrow plane -- actual sound he is not a white guy trying to tell you does little to settle. Yes but the fascinating one was Kyle Draper because I think Draper at the beginning of this was ready to pounce on. And he was going to take a certain position I think was pretty obvious until we started to hear the facts this is a guy cows from Philadelphia I'm. I've been in this market now for quite awhile. He's part of Celtics broadcaster pregame and post game or whatever but once he heard the fact slope. He can hit great he's great with Max wicca that's right let's don't hear which is. If you throw the facts out I get Tito Jackson's position. That early in the month than you only get one before it may be you probably. You know putting down a little bit in the pecking order only again. Because you're trying to presented in a certain way which is a lot of BS but that's part of what goes on not a portrait was going that. I think that there was some anger but this out quickly turn around agency you don't on the final everything I think this is and there's this instant outrage on all of this stuff and then you have to wait don't access to say yes it would change yes I think Macs and some details. Exit some facts UN fact. By that Bill Russell was the was February 3. So I don't I don't think the issue is celebrating radar back because everything you said was true. I do provided interesting net the first person they tweet about during Black History Month happens to be a white guy and so the model brought that was the first. No I got a great third every tweet tweeting about Bill Russell. The second what was our back in the old elevated for some reason re tweet again about the Russell would have been in that case I don't I don't have a problem with it. I applaud and I think you know we heard it information. And Tony suddenly said OK I better have a problem with an account to the right. The right stepped it there's more information. A carry it sounded to me like he was going in one direction when it started that he didn't like it. Suddenly he finds out that it was not the first one there he changed his mind I don't know I plug straight from the English tell anybody what to think. That should telmex he's wrong or drapes she's wrong and don't you know Jackson. All I'm saying it's just listen to other's opinions and respect but the other got to sing that song I just don't understand how and who we've got to the point right now where we're freaked out. By by a tweet pick us up there simply by the Boston Police Department I understand that. And the thing that that rattled us I think yesterday. Was the fact that we're now hearing Stephen basements where people on the on the on the West Coast coming out on these national shows. And typical Boston typical Boston you know. I get sick of that crap. Everybody go through we've gone toward a Montana Alter the same speech again but. It becomes tiring after a fact that after awhile and you need to know the facts and people should read the history of a. It's over between eight and this guy you. Tweeting me but it does discussion back and forth. With the Boston Police Department in history of the department and as individuals we don't know it was going to be individuals who want stereotype the department that's unique font you'd do you think. But he talked body tweaked at the Boston Police Department had to quickly delete. And the tweet was a picture of a Boston cop. With 30. African American girls in front of this ice cream truck or whatever one's. And this is the Boston Police Department ice cream truck gives kids a reason to run towards our officers and not away from them in you know what we love them. And they were forced to delete that tweet. Because it became under their criticized for implying that they see black kids as suspects first not kids. Now I would say that that's that's that's sad because first off immediately that's you implied that. I don't think that that was detached from the Boston Police Department. And I were called Doug Baldwin speaking of this. Yes listening with sclc shocked and this is what we need more he's been great what I grew up as a kid. As an African American kid police officers would come to my school. Now would learn early on in elementary school that they were my friend. Now this this none of that O Doug Baldwin called for the Boston Police Department tried to do and at the quickly delete that tweet. Because to sum it implied that they just looked at. African American kid. The suspects firsts. Well as a major disconnect and it's pretty obvious as a major disconnect. And you're right ball when his unbelievable. In trying to deal with the is because I think he comes up with some solutions. Cac rational solution on this area. Not just getting pissed off that somebody's putting a weed out there. But sitting because nobody's really. We we don't know exactly what the Boston Police Department thought it could be that the some random kid who's running their count. And he wants to game the night before he saw the statue of red are back in and suddenly said you know what that's include this. We don't know if it was a people sitting down having a meeting saying okay it's Black History Month now we need to auto assembly let's honor the white guy. We don't know if that was the case if the probably not. And yet a little tweak. And this is what we we end up with people up in arms on the mayor's got a saying I'll. This is disappointing and this is not what it was meant to being in everybody's got to take their position. They get their bunkers they take their position. And then everybody just fires back and forth and we accomplished enough to accomplish. What they're about and got that. Not seen him now for two periods but it wouldn't rule period pretty good that's so. Hard at it and it set us died after that this is. Really. Emotion when you've you've you've you've scored a hat trick. Jesse at three points in the the first through ridiculously. He said it tough to break your tuck look at that he would rather be thirty ready give him praise northeast the president he would rather be washed. In the Beanpot winning the Beanpot. Then being out over there in South Korea and being in the Olympics said he's not in the Olympics. These are Olympic team we'd rather be in the Olympics. I'll see you wrote that they forgot what still Perry it's battle like to get like a limited to the phone calls will get it to a bunch of other stuff here today. Knuckle putt was in me pop up again you couldn't we have some more 61777979837. Ruled about. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after they show that bloomer Loney moved back to moral or waiver of Loney at 48. Right now our Sports Radio got. IPad killer and OMF it's. From baseball today pitchers and catchers report David Price is speaking. As we speak here on the program you could hear from him in just a matter of minutes here. So you hear from Dave price and Morgan in the summer. So we'll take a couple of phone calls and then we will get into some of this Red Sox stuff here's Taylor and New Hampshire what's up Taylor. Are you guys as. Per the wanna say loose sense. Since the Jimmy Fund you've been outstanding. I don't know what happened and you just start just great insight into thinking about other people's or have you just been great it's great what you sense. Since the Jimmy remember turnover in their life after and I noticed that it is true for annual if you were also slightly different penetrator or Arab. Oh everybody missing the point of this whole red armor back. It's not about what went all Greg did or didn't do it it's about the fact that if its sale of putters or so people can understand. Mother's Day. If you celebrate anything other than your mother on Mother's Day. That'd disrespect with a hurt you wiggle your grandfather on Mother's Day and say thank you so much for everything you did. It's did you Max at its Black History Month. Right up like person month it's Black History Month in that and everybody clear much you know Taylor. What went if you if you were Ahmad today if you weren't so what did your mother she wanted cute so you. I'm saying it's okay they're I don't think eight days terrible announcement at the end of the month or any other day like the Boston Police computer. It's terrible and Alex. It's a it's a bad and go loads it was on purpose. Look how we are all Torre you think it's a you agree with Stephen A Smith of the Boston Police Department was trolling African Americans in the city of Boston by doing that you know that it was a big it was just. A mistake. They poured in there are people what. They ran out of people reported let them. Ordered finally honored Bill Russell and yet that's what they screwed up but you really believe that there was a malice in this that they were trolling. Eric yeah. There are we're not gonna change of mind now than even the new loop post Jimmy Fund. Nah he's not gonna change or remind I disagree with yeah I think this was hap hazard I will give you all of that I don't think it was organized I think it was probably on the twelfth. Boston Police Department can knock on some branded beverage can only get some kid running it you're ministries. Are they eight and edit one of the most. Our import organization and infrastructure and our. Here's a look at it sort of feed at least at best if you look if you looked at its wintertime and if you look at some of the stuff over that I grew up there laggard maxim. And those guys talking about. Course though might like bats that's it what about everybody looks like there's it did all those people if all the people for a reason why. Go ahead try it on Mother's Day don't do something for someone else on Mother's Day or are your mother see how that goes. Do you can do it and we got to move and I don't I don't buy that and in other Macs Bob John McCain by about. Glenn and Al little I wanna do a little different take on this. You know if I was so black person and and I want it to the Boston guy. And I see audio is a statue yeah I would want to know where bill Russell's dad Hewitt. And accept enacted burnt people where they honor and Brad are bad I mean Bill Russell when I was a grown up around your age line. And I mean this club that's where everything I never thought about black or white I just thought about you know. Error. Know people that Generation Y. know let them that that's that's part of the great accomplishments. Of radar back it it was because in those days it was not fashionable nobody showed up at the garden for the Celtics. Now I know I know I usually go there are ruined myself by. We're where's Brussels Shaq you. Bob Bob and issued an executive Bob do you do you not know that they have a statue of Bill Russell them. If this problem since the problem is that people are are. And I guess you you. People coming up with the your opinions and all the stuff but people don't have enough city although they history. Of of of of the city or read our back or Bill Russell. Does anybody realized that Russell left here and wouldn't come back here and will spend time it was it there was a kind of a silent divorce and the only person. That he was connected with was right are back in front office of the Boston Celtics it was the city that he had a problem with yeah had a problem with the Boston Celtics. Now like I switch on one court that. Citywide Easter. How about outlook. Malcolm Wallop. You're when you were talking about it yet no statue of milk are now able to. Not while I'm not look at one actual reason why I guess and the benefit of the doubt that's the reason I questioned ballots yet. But oh what an Internet battle on you when you're sort of all he should have been an act yet. A child that's on a builder's business know that you've watched this team over the years that's not the pattern to appoint a bait and we'll get into it a little bit later on because my Greece's got a little bit more information on this. But the the point I'm trying to make news it was all for football reasons. You can argue and debate the fact that bill was out coached I said that the day after the Super Bowl he was out coached by Doug Peterson. The defense of game plan did not work but what does happen years instead of looking at his football and saying that Belichick. Just misjudged. And had a game plan with the wrong personnel. Well people are doing is they're saying it's easy go it's you know what he's sticking it to the kick is the kid wouldn't take a of less than that then. And Heidi oh war contract. Didn't make stuff. This is all made up it was a football decision and ridge breaks it down with a personal something I did last week and people were killing me for. That's column saying. If it's not discipline and we all I think would have known by now read nine days. If I was disciplined we would've gotten something right now wouldn't. Let's of that and we didn't so that it's got to be football and now you tell me. Belichick at this point in his career is suddenly going to beat this eagle testicles son of a bitch. Who just is gonna is gonna UK you don't wanna say that contract. I don't ever rat's ass whether we would lose the Super Bowl Malcolm sits on the bench. Just that horrible point that you should sign a contract you're not hearing this stuff. From prominent. Talk show host in this city. It's a bunch of dean yes. It's a bad football decision. Made by head coach who's usually pretty good at the stuff. Let's us get. I'm still stuck in the Bob as a realize that the statue of Bill Russell that's why isn't it from the garden. I love Bobby or from the garden that's that. I think they wanted to at City Hall because I think it was in Bob knows who actually Boston Garden they'd. No wolves Boston guard the Delaware and who CEO of Delaware and that would be Jeremy Jake what does he owned the Celtics. He went on the the Boston for a just because we don't we know you're you know you're sports are doing a gesture and a realistic it. Alex outfit sports it's 400 plate is good at this. You wanna hear from in here and removed David Price I do wanna hear from David Wright is what I saw and wireless to a little bit I liked okay good. David Price the new and improved. David Price coming up now he's off with the show on Twitter hack away and that on WEEI. Before during and after the show. More afford waiver of loading and 48 right now. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I pitchers and catchers reporting to game down there at Fort Myers. Kind of interesting if you look at the the Red Sox they prevailing opinion out there seems to be this is an arm likable team. I'm not sure unlikable team is a fair assessment of what they are. It could be that this one individual. Was unlikable last year David Price and that kind of spread through the image of the entirety. So today the new and improved. David Price sat down with a median for the first time and the first question that comes out did he believe that they needed to make a change with the manager. So. It didn't have a problem. Returning your phone and you can put you come into the sample. All of Wachovia was set up. Once I. First of we'll. Well. Or. Didn't play. That's right it's. I. I separated. Kind of interest in the manager question and over. And many continue to call manager John which we always thought was a knock right yes that the negatives. Being in different. Within. And then. Here we didn't have a problem. It's kind of strange on the alleged child they got the you would think that he'd be able to put it. In the rearview mirror and and move on it's got more. That's that's yeah. I'm it's. Points. Once. We'll see to bounce back. Got to the city to contact him. But the thing that. That is going to be dug up the counter let's let's fast forward though he's talking about the fans somebody asked them question Johnston in China she asked them like three questions tomorrow. And there are actually good questions that Shaughnessy questions on the or good questions negativity thrown in there but he asked him about the thing. When you pitched so well in the playoffs. After that game to game one was hard to beat say anything nice about advanced version populated teammates over how do you feel about the as. Plus. I don't know you know we'll. What's this. You're right it's. He leaves overly critical here with us in the vans and talk shows and it's. We'll be back to how long. So it's him. Does. Blossom. Those. Silly you run about that and you know it could you know the history. He's right about that it's much easier right now than it is been in a long long time for athletes in the city. With the media and with the fans we we talked yesterday about columnist the young columnist in this down. The only thing they know is winning championships united the other parties. This Red Sox group. You know they actually. We knew most of it winning cures all. They're living proof that it doesn't they've won 93 last year and they wanted to additional us two years for an. And I and you know you look at this team and and I think most Red Sox fans who think their disappointment. You know we talk but lack of buzz going that year. And I'm not so sure it's over talent. You know because I think that there is this is a rotation. That other than maybe three of 42 victory afford to leak would love to have. This is a back into the bullpen that I think a lot of organizations would love to have. This is a young group of talent. Endeavors and Ben attendee at bats and Bradley in Bogart's would be able to be critical they want a piece of loved to have this. Is it a talent issue. I think it I think it is it's proof that you need to be more than winners I mean look at the Boston Celtics. Did people love that T in the last couple of years. Is it because of talent and they look answer session to win Tyler Smith wreck I don't particularly now that they have been able to win eleven to three years and probably not this year. But they love watch him. The Bruins you know it's almost like imagine this patriot team being nine and seven. When that happens. If people don't like their football team. No with a player coming on here and has given you the answers and showing zero personalities that go fish in a podium scrapping all over the media think that's gonna get tired he's gonna really enjoyed that football team when they're. 97 winning a division losing in Iraq first round of the divisional round pick up like that team. No it'll all be foreign to us okay and this is the point that he's missing. That this crowd this fan base in the media. Were far more critical when the team hadn't won that championship we're knocking on the door and something would always happened that would prevent them from winning. Huge problem with the fans huge problem with the media. Was he showed his emotions last year he decided that he was going to go at Dennis Packers late in that. We lost his cool and a couple of occasions actually and I am and basically the the middleman was the media. Who then told the story to the fan base. Correct yes and the fan base didn't like what they hurt. So again it's. It was really strange I agree Lotta people say you know the strange things are going on up the Boston Red Sox liked. This baseball team somehow it's gotten their fan base to side with the media. That's unheard on her what they need to do. Is too is to realize that and to get this fan base like it has been for years to be against the media. Not the team. Not the players so when it does one ill what Johnson does ask. About you he got a standing ovation at the end of the year how did that make you feel. The response can't be boo me when I don't play well they're gonna cheer for me when I do play well. And that's what I love about them you people I don't like the media perfect not a fan of the day you know you're ready H Odyssey that these crap. You're right ray gourd weighed Maloney. You know yeah operas on the media screwed them. You're right David I'm with you yeah you can edit it backpack absolutely you can play that game and hate to me is more this paper. You think of yourself as a leader in the field. Everybody. You. Definitely. Secretly. That would have always team. Different types of leaders. He talks about the situation. Was an. City to do you regret about left here is actually being one of those things you just played. That's for sure and certain situations question about it. Juicy and just you would just try to make any movement there. OK does that in advance of anywhere while continued David Price is in in this situation to where this is a as big of the year it is for him off the on the field this just being off. Because there are it's much like in Poland at this discussion of race in this city people awaiting the pounds. Okay they're waiting waiting for an instant. There and and all the goodwill that the beginning of spring training. You know with the Euro clean slate and say you know what last year was a mess. You walk there you'd throw the ball well you do your thing you'd be leader do you guys have some fun you win ball games and come back in again. But all for him unfortunately. It probably needs to realize that. He's won more recklessly away. From people saying you know what I tried to give you a chance screw you you don't people who want to get on board. But it would be waiting to pounce and if something happens we're gonna talk about it there. We limit to point last year Lou that it did that in on time she gets the feeling of people want to loose couldn't be more wrong in that. They're pissed off that day when he's in you spend. Enable look at it like they're spending I 217. Million dollars to go and get caricature. The expectations are through the world and when the pitcher doesn't perform to that level. Yes they're going to get upset and then when you start doing some other stuff like the grizzly thing you get yourself into bigger trouble with the fans. So if you if he's right about it's all about winning. He's got to go out and win this year he's got away and then. I'm not even saying he has to be humble about it it don't they just can't do what he did last. You've got to actually think that you know he lost it last year McCain lost his cool in when he on the DL when you're away from it I guess you know it in your different state art. But you walk. You when you go back and you listen David Price in his first 678 starts when he really just he wasn't thrown ball well at all. In any the last 43 watch who's very very good except for that play upstart which is everybody looks correct but he was at that April may he was handling it fine. You we use on himself. Not one not throw the ball well. I expect better believe me I I know I need to be better I'm not the doing this I'm not doing that I think everything can OK this is gonna pay dividends and they threw the ball real well. And there are some people that are still gonna be negative but wait for the ball in the that you agree to the ball well but you all everybody knew. That all eyes are gonna be on the post season start given the history given that talk the only thing negative vote David Price come at the Boston was his post season record at that time. And it didn't go well. And that's the offseason. A couple of tweets responding to Red Sox fans that you know Twitter cesspool. You going in the spring training a couple of things that we're said the officially and then erase the hurt he's not pitching is not throwing it it's a snowball. Reporters it was awful to hear too stupid part that if he's got to look at Porter. As a majority of the public out there and fan base than that he's crazy I mean. He's dealing with people that are hiding. Behind a front end they're able to get that she when they know that you're actually reading this stuff. I'll share more. You should do to contain looters cloaked behind it we didn't do you. Describe your case the leadership. It was. Two. Other greens and sort of always the ones who my actions. The other. To get. That plus another seven. That's more like that's good it was the beginning again which is under. I don't he was basically saying he doesn't know what kind of plenary. As a junior senator leader dole is exactly what you wanted to he has. It avoids the ones who. He we'll us here. That's the reports. Paulson. See that that is good because last year when. Everybody that the I understand the dynamic. In old on the team. You're you're a student of John Lackey went to the same thing greatest team in the world from the outside you like how's that possible. And he said to David Price did you know we're great teammates he supports this and the quick response was yeah. You see the cloud that he's put all for you right now. He was being attorney. You know what is he puts it would be the faucet. I mean there was a lot of things a lot of the drama was surrounded him he can be great teammate but look at it. You all answer questions about David Price that that's not being good teammate. Being forced to talk about his actions all time. So if he didn't start it all up and I've I've always felt. I already issues before when I walked down to spring training it's gonna be held Milwaukee native told baseball's off my and I can alike you and I doubled in the past they ask everywhere amassed a dole that would John Lackey. You know we're buddies on Anaheim he came here are supportive for awhile and I couldn't anymore. And Diana and expressed my views and he didn't like it very much support almost fought added Jason Varitek retirement party those things happen so I had to go in there I told them. To clean slate dude. Eagleton total ball well while talk about it. If you alternate and a child I'll talk of Irish guys say you trolling. Priceless controlling I would love to sit down and asked him but drills stocks. A ball late when we are arguing right now I'd love to do that look to do that with or sell look to do that what Pedroia try to clear some air but you know whether that I don't know his. I start I don't think they wanna do that and the you know power works with spring training we're gonna get the the cheering is most positive. Nice. Interaction stuff with the media. Of the entire season here in the next few days this is what happens first week of spring training everybody's positive everybody's looking at right. But you know what article of what a trip for five weeks into spring training. You don't get that that that all changes and then they get back here and then you start if you start losing and when you play and it 62 games Lou you're going through a losing streak at some point. You can of the greatest team in the world you're gonna go through it's real simple on to say when you what you're gonna break critical over and over again that that the cable and let everybody wants to find out. This is the last year. That price is obligated to dollar Red Sox he doesn't opt out at the ended next season at the end of this season. He was asked about it we will let you hear his answer coming up now.