OMF - Bruins continue to be the hottest team on the planet; our collective Olympic knowledge isn't great 2-14-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, February 14th

HOUR 3 - The winter sports teams have been doing a solid job of holding their own while many sports fans focused on the Pats. The B's are white hot and continue to win. But do they have enough to win a Stanley Cup?


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Or wage and moaning and forty I don't know what message they send this team in spring training you can tell the media is not your friend. Which hits it there's stated that apple don't look at the patriots they only likable because they win when they stop winning ethical and enjoy your demo according go among the next week that he. More personable with Glenn flew in Christian immigrants slaves here. At all it's been a struggle absolutely. Feel like I've gotten better from what I learned from it and I could handle it better lesser of two. Media learn about its. It's pretty straight toward you go out there and you can pitch well and play well you're gonna have to support can always make things better about this better and that's what I got to do. Sports Radio WEEI. I've got him on a hole and math don't Fauria he'll be back next week who's going to be in Florida next week getting very excited looking and so monitor in front of them. Pitchers and catchers who have little workout and get all the celebrity be down an expert but to be part of obviously thankful that stuff gonna happen. Com will shifted over to the city to the brewers in the Celtics because the Bruins came out of no. I mean I think that's fair to say that you were looking at a young team. You're looking at a new coach took over last year. You're looking at some seasoned veterans but they were kind of then would you say train station brutality in the brunt. The the bridge when we were trying to do sports talk radio. Com they then go to a bridge here and it's ours ago and it's it's turned out to be. A lot better than what anybody you know anticipated. I won't give you that night here at our sister BA right yet there was excited to us that by the way. It was nothing better effort for dale. They brought back of the fortieth anniversary of the 7778. A brute I swear to god deals like a little kid and he was doing it still doesn't usually do this but that was the touchy Feely stuff. Where is gravity like nifty Middleton is armed luck. Get a ball we'll look back on the Bruins tribute to the 7778. Team regional equity eleven. What eagle scores. Richard don't touch theory. Is all fortunate which I like that there was they they. The child in India ought to last night that was that was it was gut. And it was great she and all of those guys unlike anything when you see guys come back you've probably done some of these old timer games British police to do this all time. This used to play old timer games so they'd bring back the old guys but they would actually put him out there. And haven't played a game. And you were just hoping you get through the tool of the hour and a half for two hours of one it was without anybody you know having a heart attack or dying or anything right. Now I don't do that knowledge is bring them back they put the you know the uniform the sweaters they did last night and they say here they are here's Bobbie shots 2018. You know. And that's what they did last night and move. But it was I supposed I liked it you know as. I like that I'd I'd like that team. Back then so I I've I liked and the Pete that the team itself. OK they're talking about the possibility. Of going out and making a major move. Here at the trading deadline when the trading deadlines twenties and I think we're quite there aren't that day at the target making eight major change to the question I would ask. Because I do not believe. Even though the Bruins have been really good. To this point the Bruins could go on now to come up with the best record. When the president's trophy to the President's Cup what do the only call when you get the best record during the regular season. And it's the NHL. You know how it works you could be the number one seed you can get knocked out by the number eight seed in the first the NHL's much effort in the NBA much different than these other sports. So goalie can stand in his head target Bloomberg have heard that term before is that that is they hockey term that is a good old fashion like so push and what happens. But how you gonna give up out of the youth isn't the bruins' run here. Really in the future of his run is not. This year is it I don't think the Celtics runs this year. I know people get excited they thought they can get to the NBA finals on the green team receivers you know but now they play well against Golden State they match up. Well against them look at the last couple years against Golden State. May be. They could not gov Golden State. I think the Celtics are gonna have the relevant time eating getting Google this thing and if you watch Cleveland again last night. You saw more of what you saw on Sunday that effect I think they were better last night than they weren't sound. They may be get their act together with new players in in that locker room so it's going to be it's apparent. More philosophical. Than really anything. And I do believe if you look at your team no matter what sport it is and you think you have a legitimate chance to get to the finals. That I think you make moves. But but in the bruins' case are you gonna give up somebody like a Brandon Carla you're not getting old Nevada boy out to my doctor about which you might have to. Clinton please you know commitment on a target her god did it doesn't give up our weakest point. I'm just saying he could no I mean yeah it's it's all comes down to late you know being a pecs. Would you won't give up younger players skylights Boehner you wanna move on from him do you want a rental and I just think it. If you're here right now in Asia don't give up the youth or some of these prospects or draft picks because you build in some but he built some really nice. Tonight pick and choose a couple assets and try to improve this team because they are a very good hockey team that is deep. Elect is it big body on that line were preaching should be done with those types of guys thermal Rick Nash. Waiting but the Q admiral doubt may Edmonton to another one of those again I think about him. Protect you know but I mean an Arab emirate of cameras that catch up and in to give add one piece. It'll then try to make a rod I didn't get this close right now let's face it that that the best team in the league right now at another point by Tampa within a couple of hand. They do it yet they got a rough if you look at their schedule it's rough going going with a rating ST congress today though he's talking about Ryan McDonald who would be terrific okay. That the problem is he also talks about what you'd have to give up he brings up Brendan Carlo so if you Bruins owner Don Sweeney what you have to do is yet to say to yourself. Are we gonna give up the talent could be great here for the next dozen years are we going to do that. When your party scene right and it's you know it's just the way it is and they did a nice run coming I think with the young talent in the older players and that all Marcia it certainly isn't battles that you got a nice little economy. You don't wanna give up too much in it you've got to you've got to self evaluate yourself what are you. I will not quit the quit they wouldn't that the captain Sharon is anything is possible. But if you're Don Sweeney and you look at what you've got is it also possible. That you can go and get a McDonough you can go and get and as you could make a deal could still lose in the first round. Yes that's just the reality of it but I just I don't believe. If you believe in your team which is an absolutely. No reason not to believe in this team to win the cup. To have a chance to go. Yes gee I wonder what usually comes a guy with a junkets are going to be like when you when you're dealing with that I was at the same thing about the Celtics won I would fear the most about the Celtics. Is that they're going into this playoff situation. Com and were already start to see the younger kids are starting to falter the younger kids are starting. I wouldn't say getting overwhelmed. By the situation. But you're starting to hit some roadblocks protect Herschel moguls here. Finger here. Wall and hit the wall here because I'm not accustomed to playing this many games or whatever and then you're gonna go up against seasoned veterans. In playoff series in the postseason. It's that it's a whole different ball game and if you're Danny age you have to look at and say and I think he did I think you get I think you look at at the drug does. That's and it's all becomes down through sort of knew hot big you wanna go doable Rick Nash who might cost you a certain level prospect you wanna go with it ruled out Edmonton may be it doesn't which early action wanna help you. The I don't know. But I think you had you add to this team I don't think you stated that. I think you'll when you let this group know that yet we. We believe in the stretch and you can't give up any one of these the pieces don't not a guy fails in any news gadget talk about that are your future you've got a bunch of other young guys. In the system right now. The you can project over the next two with three years ago to be part of the core of Europe or viewer of your next one here. And I think they've done a really good job. You gotta be careful you can't sit there and get all excited and suddenly make a deal that could hurt you down the right. He can't do that. Because I'm not sure I'd get. Garrett what a senate the other day I wouldn't surprise me at all if the Bruins went further than the Celtics in the playoffs on the other hand and I'm not try to play defense here. You know works in the NHL because usually. And the first rattle a bad matchups something happens maybe there are some of the kids are overwhelmed by the situation and it really just don't differ. We look at the Celtics you look at the trade deadline the gay you know all their assets. Whoever they say it will the unit Claudette Sally elect got okay getting at a future first they get this thick so you know what the assets march right in front of you. We start talking about the Red Sox of the Bruins. Now all of a sudden it's like I have no idea advocated the rights of this kid he's done at Providence this kid down and double a and his kids down and a ball you know how good this guy is but you look at the I know what I don't know home. I don't know home joy you understand the years ago this and yet trade dispute the brushed right now I would kind of glad they held on this can. No matter what's won't know he's the future of this organization to America I was you know the easing. He's on trail. Not until I think the U. You look at your system you have developed some good young kids which is Joseph I. Which is all I wonder from the very beginning because it looked like the future was that there are loading all these contracts where is the youth. Show me some the news last he saw Carly she passed an awkward and funny rise the last two or three years announced that you seeing other pieces. So it's like I they're kind of the you'll bring it in these young players. You're a couple down there and a minor leagues or via rights of two future draft picks is this team worth investing right now. I think today is. But I'm not give up anybody on the current roster that makes me the team that I am right now they might have to if you wanna grow the grains Bhutto makes you the team you are right now I don't know what the futures for the ticket. But if you're trying to get. A big name players let's say it is neat Ryan McDonald you you're giving up one of those players are got to believe and I would be hesitant to to do that. I think you know the Celtics did the same thing I think it they get to the trading deadline and that there was some people or not happy that they didn't do anything. I think they're bigger things for Danny Ainge to do I don't think this team is complete I would not be surprised at all to hear more conversation about acquiring. Anthony Davis in the off season I wouldn't be surprised the federal. Because I think if you look at that team. Yeah how far can they go. They they have to get a lot of breaks they really have to play at a high level. Rejected that and be fine I they're two obstacles I think that are clearly in their way. And that would be Cleveland and Toronto. And they may have to face both of them go through both of them to get to the to the NBA finals. Since then is probably looked at that we looked at this team. It got to believe he's realistic plus he's not gonna hang out even if he gets Gordon Hayward back. He's not getting a 100%. Healthy Gordon it. Now you take this team and you bring Gordon Hayward back next year a year of a more of experience would Jim Brown. And we've paid him. And who knows maybe they put a package together and do ordeal for for Anthony Davis but you've got he would next year for an entire season. Now next year and the year after and the year raft that picture wind. She went. Yet it is but in sports today I think sometimes the window Tenet comes out of nowhere we look at the Yankees last year. The deadline it was a which we do Whitney which judge do with with the company team is right now there's something. Called make your team better. There's no guarantees are always go back. You always laughed at years ago the Washington Nationals and Stephen Strasburg in the shut down at the end of the year and they're going to post seasons that you think you gonna be back now they have gotten back they still wanted to know if it were one a day here. What makes you think you think this is easy and what happens next year. You know two hour shows his age Mac boys season ending injury that's good but you know what we didn't give up. What we needed to maybe make a run this year in 2018. I think if you got a team that can win you do what you have to do I mean not a cassette you have taken away case isn't a nation this teeny ticket foolish. I don't want to sit back I'd love to see them add a bit you know big forward with their curriculum. I'd love to see that is it deep divot at what price and that's the thing I. I think you you're right I think you try to make you team better this year to give them a a shot. You also have to be realistic. Have to look at and say okay. What are we have to go through we're gonna we have faced veteran teams may be that. Probably didn't do as well as in the regular season as people thought they were gonna do. But guess what it's it's complex it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs everything changes and you talked about Gholston and Al Golden enemies it. You know what this team did not play well earlier in the season because took a rest really struck. I vowed to arrest is playing great and the nights he takes off. We're building goes out to your place correct I know that and it it gives them a great opportunity to get enough rest for two caress so that. He's not worn out like maybe he was last year when you finally get to that at that point. Black man I would be very careful I think Ainge was is well. He can't sit here and really get overly excited to sit there and say you know what. We came out of nowhere this year this thing has been unbelievable and great to three month run here. And you know what let's just go for let's just go for right now I think that's a huge mistake. If your talent and we've seen some of the young talent that they're they're playing. On a night tonight pace has been pretty damn good some of the kids make mistakes one of the made a mistake last identical they gonna make mistakes. But. You'll window of opportunity if you're the Bruins. Is probably not this year it's the next few years you can't look at and say let's go for broke this year and I don't think you can do that with a Celtic. And I know the green keepers are gonna get. I've set to hear some of this because I think. It was just couple weeks ago loop where we were getting calls with people send you credit this team's go to the NBA finals well Cleveland made a major deal. Cleveland looks like there once again a viable player. They have LeBron James gate ticket they're I think to go I watched the game last night I was going back and forth with imminent and the Bruins. And then so I watched part of it and I know I've watched more of late Enron because I DVR and they were real good last thank you better defensively. And you know for the new players coming you know and a big plus for them. Trading Dwyane Wade away and get rid of him sending undermining it is open at the door for jail. What motivates us now this as everybody to get rid of wasn't any good for the bigger rated dead weight. Not that there are some upside with Isaiah that was gonna were they ever did that Whitney running good young players that played defense. And it can be a role player and it just all brown won't provide a LeBron James and try to win a championship. Let's try to bring in mid teen accused me better effort. They got no shot beaten gold state none of that that's a fail. That is an epic fail for the Cleveland Cavaliers you can praise that may infer. Food for making you know voted a deadline improving his team. And do what he did so good will praise Cleveland Cavaliers against what he did Devlin. He failed. He put a championship team yet LeBron James any fail. And that's the way to be looked acts are they needed doors blown up like gold state finals if they get there. But if you're LeBron you look at us and we get there we'll get there anything could happen Wheaton get there. I don't think couple weeks ago oral lastly I don't even think Lou Brock felt that he could get there. I think LeBron looked at it said who we can't even get out of the east. And I'd rather that's changed I think that's all changed I think with that because you can you can hear us. Let's is I've felt like the other of figure this thing out. You know and and eventually you'll love comes back and Isaiah will be the player again and they're dangerous. I think it just got to deplore we don't old school on inner workings there was a serious problem in that locker room and yeah I think the reality was were done at this isn't getting any better we can't play defense is the little guy he's at the same player was in Boston last year where Don we're not we're not get. Now the second round. What a first so if you're LeBron and I saw the post game interview last he was beauty once again you know it was like a little child. Because I Nikki eat but affect edit their the comedy and it was he is not happy that they have to go to the all star break right now. He wants to keep playing with the team because he's so excited. Your study of a game planes in coming up with stuff I thought their spacing in the game last night was even better than we saw on Sunday. And that opens up the door so the Jordan Clarkson and others are gonna find a way of scorn. You're gonna have trouble outscoring them you could I still think they have some defensive issues they gonna have to deal with. But the one thing you're gonna have trouble doing you're gonna have trouble how scoring Cleveland Cavaliers. The rest of the way we got Toronto so. I mean aren't drinking you talk to the great chambers over it introduce these words what you don't like are they not a little bit. Humid now in that they'd look at it and say oh my god may be the Celtics of the third best team in the Eastern Conference. They are because you know what the conversation turns into. Me really think they're going to be what he went down I mean this is crazy. I ninety phonetic does Gordon Hayward did you really think dividend be this good bill right now it. I'll take it Lou the traditional grain chambers are taking great regular season late Red Sox fans who don't care about race of the season apparently markets are just the paint. They don't care about regular season it's all about the post season for the Celtics you know want this but since it's been Q I think there's a soft their fan base the Celtics and now there really isn't. Don't. I would agree so I asked the question of green Tuesday and the Celtics fans two weeks ago you thought. You go into the NBA finals and you were willing to accept the fact. That you couldn't beat Golden State though I did hear from some agreeing team. All to shut the Celtics look at them the last couple years even though the Celtics have different players now but yeah the matched up well against Golden State that's what people would say right. What are they saying now. Are they looking at it differently because I think if you're honest. You wanna take an honest assessment made the Celtics will get better. They get market Smart back certainly healed she defensively that he helps you offensively benefit he probably takes. Rouge your minutes away from you where he could provide more profits but certainly helps you defensively. You tell me that you can't look at your team announced that they're probably the third best team in the east right now. And two weeks ago I think a lot of the green team is the Celtics fans a look at it's at. What I want the and the economy to what people people columns I developed as a president art of the NBA filed a one of people saying the same thing now all subject to change as we liked this. I think there's enough talent on the Celtics team through two mobile mauled to one category what does that those three teams. There's three teams in the east of chancellor. Sorry that I don't wanna be the team has the play tool. You wanna be the one seat is you don't wanna play in the second round and then a third round they crashed the site attracted can I have one caveat Garnett that WA AF. Gordon Hayward comes back yet and can can tribute not old thirty plus minutes I understand he's going to be limited. If he can come back and beat that guy that you did not get at the that the trading deadline. The guy that can come off the bench and give you in Iran twelve court points fourteen quick points just like that. That puts them in the same sentence with Toronto and click. I think there Arianna. Now they claim to prevent only fifteen minutes makes them I don't think anyone's a clear cut all my god you got no chance to win favor. Nobody. Amid of those three I know I agree with you put right now I think the Celtics are third in that list. You watch. Wait do you see aggressive now. Wait. Three using now he's going to be CC and zero cents a year talks serious Celtics improvements and you wanna be this. Senate blue getting angry Lou and we got the cynical eye on Valentine's Day. I'd open up the phone lines it's a little Celtics and Bruins which ones do you feel confident in going into the postseason. And what with the Bruins would you really give up much. Shifts to make what you think might be better run this year in the playoffs. Be careful about that because I think they've done a great job over there certainly you can look at it does Sweeney right now and Kim dealing. And and and Bruce Cassidy in the job that that he's done in the way he's churn them all around the the offense stems from the back end now and reconsider its. Wholly different style totally different team. Got a nice opportunity for a nice run over the next few years. But I'm not sure I would be too quick to give it up. Just to get instant satisfaction. Here so that maybe we can do some damage in April and and it took a phone calls coming up next 617779793. Set. Fort Wayne where Loney and 48. Christian aren't Sports Radio. A phone or go to the C stands there. Which ends this chart 130. Why do we go dating limit they'll go for the last count down much is the last hour over Fenway Park. Let's get to our phone calls and 6177797937. Here's Jonathan name what's up John. There I had Eric I want part a lot of Celtics a little bit. I think what it can't act comes out well I think in the playoff once they get there I think Al really depend arms and the six point. This team has had somebody up and down the scene that we're Hayward girl and down and a sixteen game winning streak and now that little bit of a rough actually equator London. I mean I think they've really put them out of a great position this year I don't think anybody thought they'd be 4818. Now. So once they get there if they increased their level of play I think they can go to justify acts and and nobody out. As a cavalier as to Roswell a deliberate. Go to the speaking I think they really have to focus our. Well I'll give in and some team may surprise in that group because there's not that much difference with some of the other teams I would say this. You go to the period of the season in which teams usually kind of drift okay. This is the time of the season and Cleveland's got a reason. To play really well because they have already drifted they've already went through their stretch with a sock. And they've got to get their act together pretty quickly and they're running out of time so I'll give you that so the Celtics could play better but I see some signs that. Concerned me the ball movement is not good right now. Marcus Morris is help you out in a couple of different ways would that team. But man I hate to see him pounding the ball into the floor holding on slowing down their offense. I think grow shear as much as he's taken his game to the next level has a tendency to do the same thing. And where's the ball movement. And your bench. There. I don't okay. Well I think that will improve when my if I come back and I like it is liquid marrow it's gonna help end ain't. Was that I doubt another big guy down. Because it's gonna give more minutes rebel positions can help well it's gonna take hell off that spot and all of those big. Huge bodies. But I'm concerned in markets Morse is all also we limited player we've already seen that he's got any issue. So does that you know become a problem somewhere down the road skis and Providence Steve. It's now our. And I agree with Roland now. It's often. A point oh. Bob hey I'll forward or somebody now all I. Army encouraged are. You Powell forward in order I am well. It it's not certain that our goal scorer with. Tolerance see. About dot gasoline. Are all go to a source arts and now. All play or knows a lot or want excellence. 81 or a lot on. Our particular power forward on this out so well all. We don't have power in there and about the latest core right now and and the best chance you have right now is Gordon Hayward. In almost somebody you know it's blot out here in the next. The next couple is I'm not opposed any of that Steve it's like. You look at it you say in the first one's been phenomenal all year long has noticed Jesse was not shy but they can pass tonight a lot of that often that last thing not shy at all when backing up even after the game was to say hey you know it up and of its sparks somebody. And it's it's called city. It trying to spark Austin which is beautiful like it's. The shot. Was that. Sports so shop that also vocal. But the but the question is. How much are you willing to give up Steve because I really think the window is still ahead for the Bruins they're ahead of schedule this was not supposed to be. This year this was supposed to be year in which you've got enough good veterans it took arrest can play. Well then you can compete for a playoff spot but the idea was to gain experience for the young kids and develop the young players you've been much better than that. But we fooling ourselves here a little that. A quick shot. At each other in judging. Her aren't. I don't really look and see what happens now. I'll get a city or she'll chair religious. Don't short position she'll tell changed the sport are so. Shah. Well like taking a shot a getting a player and has done that in the in the past I'm just not giving out. Much of the issues if if I'm giving anybody out that somebody that they have already soured on there already somebody that they've looked at said you know what. Either doesn't fit into what we're doing or they don't see a place for that player. Down the road because they've already got talent that are higher up on the depth chart pulse calling from Florida all. And I know you. Got one quick comment about not on the subject but I didn't the little I don't know I'd that was great. Okay I'll bet that prince. Then you they needed big guy and yet spoken guy technical in front of the net. I'm listening to what I was done down here at Tampa. He's gonna make out what that came together that's either really educating. When they play each other you know. Yeah and yet there are only one point ahead right now right important now and Bruins have two games in hand. Then and to post adolescent girls have been phenomenal all they've really it's come out of nowhere. Nobody thought. That this was possible with this team they thought they had good young players Mac boy could be a great young player future player in this league so you. But don't you thought it was going to get to this point so the question now is when you when you hit the the trade deadline. Do you really think that this unit that you have right now with the addition of a big linger let's say on its second line. Is going to make the difference that you can win Kyle. And you might have to give up an awful for the future to do so. They just reading what that the hockey guys are right. You know they say you have to give up on awful and I'm not sure I'm I'm willing to give up an awful lot. I think one thing that you've seen here from. This management is that the draft and develop as a working. So me if you believe in some of the draft developing in the second guys down there we are still would move on from garlic Carlo you know Spooner I can make that argument. But the prospects down and he might believe and I think you go ahead to make the move and act that that you have really have a chance. To go back to a Stanley Cup. Good changes that chizik will be the best hockey team in hockey right now in the best team in hockey right I mean you have that you were about terrified. I think it's a little deceiving. I I do think it's a little deceiving and you know the NHL's totally different. You know teams have a struggle have rough here you can't be a seven or eight seed. In the NBA. And win the thing right and he gets fair shake the NBA so totally different the regular season. Is more of an accurate barometer. As to watch your talent really is the NHL not the case. And simply not the case. Now you win the presidents cup thing go look at these themes of want you know the best record in the lake and then they fail wanna get into the playoffs Washington has done that. I wish we ship before. I think the NHL is different I think you really the its incessant your your your team and where they are. It's no different than it is in the NBA. You party showed Golden State is the best team in the league in nobody's gonna beat them. I don't think you can get an argument from anybody helping the rational human being and can sit there and make an argument that any other team can knock off Colmes stateless they lose. Tour of their four Frontline guys. But you could eat in the inning NHL the ability. Always. Known that it's he would show wait did we should do some Olympic. If you watched the any of the eleventh though. So are we gonna do the Olympics when we have a show highlights. And it still gonna feed off the island to see his press conference after notes here it was a little uncomfortable but yeah it was a little little bit uncomfortable. I watch very little of the Olympics. Very little. And I am I when I do I what's like fiber or ten minutes on watch one last night and dug. Goes off that half pipe and he'd like falls flat on his face like 42 feet down. And it was just glory and at that point oh that's a bad injury right there and I pushed about I I couldn't do it too violent. Or violent sport has played very very violent I take it into the Olympics I'm sorry I just thinking I would via the guys I think those guys picked apart. Carol comes from. If you're from the judge ordered a coach of the art teacher Charlotte might. Why did you believe me the first case. It was a hockey not hockey team best hockey guys don't have heard of so old time he has asked Bobby Schweitzer was their last night I asked him. As you know as those guys they know that. I'm Eric Aqua going wow heat or wind blowing and four. Host. Ain't nobody. Even talking to you on Sports Radio yeah. When music. That was songs of report. Finds an hour. That's like talented and good thing you know since it excludes them. Google's senior what you didn't watch any of the Olympics but you wanna talk about a mile short it's the only thing is split tickets that without a would you think about the downhill. I talk to watch five minutes and lucky ticket took a bad fall I did not what do you say what the Bruins I annoyed when gymnastic funds. No more nothing. Gymnastics is in the summer. As in the Summer Olympics are all to the ordeal of the State Department figures yesterday Agassi which is skiing and I did see SEC that Katie Couric pissed off like all Paul oh what did she do was rule she is college really good speed skating. And apparently she said the reason they're so good speed skating. Is because the skate the canals that freeze over in the wintertime they skate them every single thing to work report apparently and I guess that. Was not necessarily true and was viewed like that stereotype percent. Loss what is. You see this Kim Jung on impersonator. Looks exactly like what's gonna move. Was the name of a movie they did. That movie was a call all of the they were all Americans elect threats. Yes but he yes what was a somewhat alive on the issue Paul Ryan. Movie naked gun will be a solid move I trivia stereo I'd be justice at Dallas and that that all of the interview with James Franco gets out at the end thank you that was it an insult oldham and it was a cute cute they're getting threats yet. So they had a Kim Jong-un impersonator. Who apparently calling himself powered from Australia that's got to be planned star reviews from Australia. So he made an appearance at the Korea. Japan women's hockey game. He briefly walked in front of the North Korean cheering section is seen these says it's. The cheerleaders for a North Korea they have more cheerleaders and they actually have athletes and attendance at the Olympics. Show and was waiting unification flag and he was smiling a whatever. And security came in and forced him to leave. Asian appearance said I can't help but this is solid look this is my appearance it's obvious pretty decent picture ocean now there's the picture. But pretty much like and and law that had a mustard and fat guy with the a weird. They're an accident in an Austrian accent I'd have no idea what he spoke like put. He looked like him so they forced him out of the re. Because apparently they thought he was pulling it show. Of you know and he probably wants of Kim Jung on the short out of the year really was not allowed stayed there once again because he looked like them. It doesn't seem very nice. No it doesn't. It does not seem very nice but I think they're very sensitive over there right now because the South Koreans are trying to put this. You know book of unity together with with North Korea and China you know. Do some of that. By. What they'll need to. He looks a little too much like him he looks a lot that you have the glass is all about okay what's with Russia right now. When he made the athletes from Russia where what's a good Olympic athletes from Russia. They don't wanna punish the Molly yes. Miserable week that's that's what we call Olympic athletes from Russia we Olympic athletes from America I actually don't know how this goes what if you lose to them yet you still got if you come in second place to a Russian athlete he's a typical. I don't know but they're known as the Olympic athletes from Russia. I don't know what you're talking spirit and god would have us or give me the story is out of the scandal from so few neutral to the walls and oh yeah it is all sorts of the Russians is no Russian. Olympian this year. What they'll let me olympians compete in in and as that would logos to since the Olympic logos that Russian flag extra all there and I think it is to the Olympic and call us at call us let us through what 6177797937. I wanna know what's going on popular pick from Russia so push. People are people wanna talk about this. I thought I tell you for. The classic you see this lesson they'll for Europe and telling you this should be one of our topics how many times of our brother from a conference call me you guys said no but there's an expression old excellent but we're not Tuscany catapults. And could that mean the federal candidate was down 41 curling. And they fought back I'm curling. Did you say that he's is that is that the term I fought back he is fighting back and fought back is that the term that real term in the Peruvian alive who've read in the new seal the deal with a 64 win. Tactical. But I was it was great and of course Great Britain the winner beat via Olympic effort to Russia 103. On this call from Smith and Kyle Smith from Swiss nieces it's a shame because we have quite slow start. With a lot of good curling once we get to it it's a pity we start with that form. It's good to get the first win under our belt though so. He's looking forward to a would be good but today. Ticket you touched. Mo. Look I'm over here listening to the war not paying attention and things from. You know and I did do this weekend though I did not watch the Olympics the you know I want that was miracles sooner or him. I cry I cry that the movie a beloved church preach all. Cry who could speak about the little kid who can that that a permanent. What I was around on him I would fire and what that little kid we have that we have that little episode located within. But the speech. Allows taught analysts that a strike at the best synopsis of this whole Russian thing and I can do at 22 string but it won't lift which I relish rarely got shape rivers give us right to downforce body. And actually go to three go to all I didn't miss joining us felt like any sorry it go to question and how are you who's this. My name Paris then how are you you will if British expert support and doing a lot of the sort thank you at least it. Call reminded the Olympic Committee may beat. Russia that we so they all have this sock or or. The doping scandal in. The Marla let him they let pretty much compete on a raw. Exactly what that is. Seem right dollars and on the Olympics to bring all people together is that the idea. I mean so some people welcomed doping problems right. Like several ever go back where we want so they don't want you might have been a good political not at all. That's of these guys are there nobody gets it from many women leaders and athletes Olympic athletes from Russian federal clean. It no history. I call girl or not. But it hockey team. With a losing record lupica it's a rough. I don't know isotoner the only jockey of watches and watch the movie miracle over the weekend but it's terrific movie. What do you should look I'm Carolyn yeah but I just like. A prolific that's the easy pass picked up. I don't care about these Olympics Turkey. And on assertions that beat Slovakia via the day you know about what it team most discordant as that three to zero. A month. The only in the end the way the Olympics. Duke draw good television numbers but they draw far more women in the draw that. And they do it's just thrown out a lot in any way trying to say anything it's not a message he just. It's justified here's we go to Shea now chase an event for patient. They act so. It paid political Natalie he'll win the gold medal. It serves the Olympic maybe it's nothing Russia because Russia would actually one day soon but they'll pick from Florida. Now don't athlete more allowed to compete but athlete and work clean. Are allowed to compete but they're gonna not Russia. Without the gold medals are similar like because football amid great gateway. It's still going to be the Russian athlete to win the gold medal which is not gonna go in the official count or Russia. Yeah too much for me I want people to all get along. I don't want to honor. I have to work guard because he does I don't you to be glad but that thirty kilometer. Crockett to. It was awesome did I saw this. I hit it out yet return you. He's got third quarters ago. Debt like a hundred gotten into uploading our football you possibly looks a lot and it's like bitumen Ireland had a lot of certain corporate partner. Here today answering yes our lives I imagine that. It. And as opposed to what did know it wasn't you know let's live our lives those 3:30 this morning you watched it yet every third was alive when you woke up at 330 is one thing no matter what trouble sleeping just think it's look the but I knew exactly audience talking about did you get did you know at the United States the women. The it be via Olympic athletes from Russia five knots and it moved to too little and big rock showdown with rival candidate. We'll lol that's the huge rivalry. Mature when they play. To go I'll get some of the puzzle you know when they play with time. That would be good. Oh. All of them. And yeah. Some admiration. It's. And we do. Me. He would skip be. So act. It. It's. Yeah. Kick alone. It's beautiful off it reminded me so my view the more action movies this weekend crime so I think what was Lutheran. OK okay doing it. It's. Time. It's. Yeah. Let it go with him no move to thirty minutes after the Oprah thinks people. I mean that's speech. It's unbelievable and acted just like every note every title if I did watch some movie this weekend I was lying down. That was my you know commitment. To the Olympics okay because black few years plus at the location but now. Soviet I'd watch very little the Olympics at 510 minutes here or whatever covered more Pope laws by different people can cork somebody else from some wheels can. That pulled off the of the telecast like I said. It was 30. It through you know some ill I think he's the I saw him last night he still wanted. And he's still on. Your jammies though so they're very supportive very supportive very supportive now strange yeah that's. Do you want to get support from the list now. Between what's important in. Our interest. I saw just that that's our Olympic talk for the death of cut and I enjoy that'll pick I'd say this shows up real good. Three hours or another are just not good but I tea that's better than the correctional this morning it's better but I didn't really believe it's Brett but I don't go to this Kirk. That I'm sick and let's look at it it's today it is today it's pretty deficits today again twelve day what does president Kirk's. Yeah and ten and there is very encouraging New Orleans snapped body language and I didn't take in the station up you know it's one step one step at a time I didn't take it wants to come so far so all right we'll give you a little. In a little relief here and the dribbled timeouts nobody giving in to do what you gotta do when that you back in five minutes. And that'll give it and I will give you the best power. Of sports talk radio. Fact.