OMF - Brady is 40 and will gladly answer all of your questions about it; Fauria is predicting an NFL work stoppage 8-21-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, August 21st

HOUR 2 - Mut and Andy Hart spoke with Tom Brady this morning. Brady seems like he isn't tired of question after question concerning his age. But just because he isn't tired of it yet doesn't mean Lou and Christian feel the same. Also, did Lou jinx Brady's health? Christian thinks a work stoppage is on the NFL horizon. And Magic Johnson claims he went to CBA/tampering school. So why is he possibly going to be up on tampering charges?


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All of you read it. Or where we're moaning and forty countries right now on Sports Radio WEEI. And I this our border with Maloney in for his budget by the way it's Heath insurance. No talked Lavinia both patriots early on. But their loss on Saturday game do now all until. I think I'm concerned I don't pass the hills gonna happen anymore but still gonna go defeated a well you know the immediate through the pre season undefeated in the regular season and that it on the map for hot they or won't he do that you heard it here first. We're talking about these the units of the New England Patriots will pass catchers running back secondary where the weaknesses are where the strength solid if you fall call 6177797. 937. Let's start with rich who's in Connecticut. Rich yet but you only with the M efforts. You're going. I say and O'Neal Brohm might KV is Brian. And at Pittsburgh Steelers have the best wide receiver corps and it. You've stopped after Mark Davis Bryant he just did to Pittsburgh steel. I mean that's Wilson to have. Cynical. Darrius Heyward de Justin I'm Eric Kobe Hamilton and the market players. Let's give you some names I'd rather have value as saying definitely he's he's anyone who's calling it has and has every single name of the wide receivers here is that is the particulars mayor here. I bet you also just and I am a football game and I and I honestly I do agree I have been doing that. I do agree that agencies even cores are really good bye guys and every guy saying about the giant. But tight end rob you've held in everybody else Indiana especially if they can't ban it doting and made it way better for you guys but. I know I I I don't I think the Steelers are there though lemon is no question what is bad what he called what's marte right Brian it is he gonna play nice comeback you know and you'll. You made a huge tick tack subsite that he never used to be able to make which is. We adjusting for it before the under thrown ball whatever you always over the top. As an aunt and Tony Brown's stud we did nobody's gonna debate that there is a wee bit Hayward made easy answers we still playing. You throw and a rookie juju Smith shoes there and throw him in there you just Sammy Sammy coats. Justin hunter army is they're still allowed just. Lee County Oregon at one guy yeah you got it man that you're you're talking and who who's the best receiver sure put him in the discussion. As far as a unit all the different options and the reliability that that option gives you. Now what do I want when you compare the patriots again most of it is is depth you know and thanks for the call. Because when you say Antonio Brown verse who's the pick at number one is it critical. It's still open. L know whatever it is it's the doubt Julio Jones missed the past number one it's it's Beckham vs pats them wanted to Tony Brown as the pats number one advantage other teams. Now go to the number two weapon go to the number three and go to them before I go to the number five. You know and you can't have it any easier said he pointed out we're talking boat units yes I would dug in about complete depth unit. There are others at the top and talent you know we've already mentioned the giants who bring up here at the Steelers. You know so we start looking around you go right to Green Bay is well. Yeah you would get on the front because they Adam out Randall Cobb and there are some great units is no question about it and they got some depth. So you can vote you even put the tight end ethic involved I think he sort of. And each want to show you the guy needs to almost be equally reliable. Like you to look through the Green Bay Packers he look at their depth chart and look at all their guys Jordy Nelson what he's capable of doing. You Randall Cobb Dovonte as you saw that last year with the Vontae Adams don't make plays that he was making. But still it's it's it's it's an impressive yes but overall that's always there you watch these pre season games and Italy. The teams they want to win it just we golf what to do we just feels better when you win even if it's just make believe. It bought it could easily go all of for the pre season cool carriers. Who cares you see the plays that they're running out there. It's the most basic plays out ever received only have one screen a couple. Couple run plays a couple play action passes. A couple like got third and long and third and short plays we saw the time did you see. The same angle route by the back whether it was Rex Burke matter whether it was DJ both touchdowns. Bolt bus or indeed a sponsor red in the in the fourth quarter when they're getting rated driver out of for the touchback that and the game. Edu and the exact same play was the one inside inside inside and finally like Scarlett leverage is inside he went outside automatically. Please leave three names you tell me it concern level for these three players when one needs older Donta hightower and Gillis would. There's the other all of them got a nursing some stuff here sold there and I talked to bill for awhile ghostly with a hamstring. You concerned but anyone of these three guys because left tackle. Is a concern right sold has been out. The key Tony Garcia dirt road hasn't played it they want all's got a concussion. It's been can't Fleming an awful lot to listeners are left tackle like Beckham these positions not running back but still those three players. Annika heavy look who he's always a concern to me that to me it's easier left tackle. I mean Melissa just get rid of the ball quick he loves a couple of people he loves to cut block which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Well when it doesn't it's a problem this gets just a million of which city so base like flopping around on the ground try to get in somebody's way. But yeah. Of course but Neitzel did start last certainly was hurt the beginning. Disarm last year to an officer was sold that he would back I don't really know and you know hightower has I don't know yet I offseason surgery forget you won it. Our guy at this point circuit yapping at Disney yeah so it's one of those things were we don't we don't look good. Yeah and we had a January did you put four whose area. Ghostly yeah have reserve are always tricky read only could you get it short and then you start trying to rehab it and if you if you push it too far too soon. You aired again in the end it being pushed back another five weeks not like a week. I week I would say are all over. I meticulously almost looked at looked at the M and dole in the past camps has been little nicked up I don't have a problem if you don't he guilty for week five. Because weight now you've got a healthy backs you know you've got guys you know you've you've got. Whether it's Lewis and white in Birkhead you know you need apple than if you're in a pinch right. So if you hold this guy you should hamster in these things take a while to heal why bring him back. And have them you know be injured again in night talking about missing a big part of the year why not have this guy make sure he's healthy oh you can play week five give me one more week. We'll see you week six the lead by that time you might actually need the body. Ought to be IR designated to return they can do something like that like they did to code percent last year. And what's but it never ended up bringing him back but there's yeah boxes for these guys. Right does that make sense though because you know it's. It's when somebody does go down week five initial habits on ghostly image or is a 100% notes that while there are he's back in the mix. Would you look at I know I was sitting in the always say don't count the numbers don't count the bodies in the room. But when it's when you have all those great backs we have all these wide receivers and you have all the DBs in your looking for depth on the defense of line. In new linebacker that hybrid position. You can't help us they're go man how many actually keep like it to date Foster. And you had a pretty good game especially at two good games in a row. He's gonna make this this squad and he's a practice squad guy or he's he's play for somebody else like. AJ derby. AJ derby last year just punted examples of guys that played well here and pre season and going somewhere else and you know he's getting a real salt look. It and universal player made a current and a well. Jack but to see then bones article on Friday. And end on Sunday rather talking about the title is actually is as part of his notes one vote for keeping drop a long term we talked to Scott McLaughlin yeah. Who was were sued GM was he with was with Washington yet less and we will maybe so he's kind of dealt with earth Albuquerque cousin knows Washington 1516 I don't ago. The Kirk cousins franchise tax situation. You knowing he's all for keeping. Jimmy drop now we've we've gotten this discussion before I still think. I still somewhere inside and he tells me that next year. They get a franchise tag and trade and there was deterrents that of course they're gonna trade and they're never gonna ever keep a backup quarterback make it 23 million dollars on the bench and if he ever thought they were then you're an idiot the entire time. Did you feel that discussions come out. Is it really did keep this guy and he says that you keep a he's you can buy a quarterback do you think can win NFL. You don't let that guy go 'cause it's so routine searching for single down the league right now. With teams that equality. That are really good. They sit there and say whether we just had discussion about Eli off the radio off off the year out to me that team is loaded double their secondary weapons but they can do in a Getty lie. Who's either approve the that he can have a bounce back here all he's done to his jerseys do for one Jack isn't due for line yet all these teens had a good day. Minnesota you want to all of them in the mix Arizona. That when you find this guy that can play you don't let him go. That's I was just interest. Yeah I know you are you believer in signs. Like following the sign Simons and he's just an idea elite doing to your gambler what do we heard it. You would be an animal like a bill last they lose and lose your mom I need to lose its okay I'll get it puts her putter and it had a get a date set one foot and elegant. That's still none of that when I come back from Vegas and have paper in my hand all a lot of paper. That say don't go to beef futures it's gonna be I know I need. This to happen that to happen hopefully cash in six month down Rosa can be instantaneous. Instant gratification it's gonna be future paper in my pocket hurt. I hope so OK but I saw I mentioned the size because a lot of people leave after the game of the day after the game. Were talking a lot about. How Brady. After the game. Like shook every person's painted on the Houston Texans team. Almost like a farewell able Waltz he dead or maybe next time when I see yet it's going to be for real so I would really wanna deal say goodbye to you. Because that of Leo does is does Brady. You know based on it and we'll get to Brady's. Interviews morning because every time you talked or it is a busy marketing campaign. Advertise starting to bother me. Yes it's starting to bother me I know it's forty by the way did you know he's forty and I don't take why. Because I am a superstitious bastard okay I am so what is the conversation been for the last 23 weeks months whatever it is. And how called Tom Brady's fortieth still playing every want to be him. And now why he doesn't get hurt because of his regiment he's he's got this thing figured out it's easier than it's ever been. All of these things that he's talking about promoting his worked out his book he'd be twelve method everything is above being healthy. In proving to everybody why he's different why he's been able to stay healthy more than anyone else. Be tired abundant everybody talking about how healthy he is and how he's never missed time and always all the more amazing that he's forty I really don't think that anybody. I'm a superstitious bastard the more you talked about it. The more you end up in the training room. Death. Myself the Pentagon's don't eat the induces some sort of design L Carmona whatever they let out a lot of armor as war is warming up right now I'm just saying. And real people and those should 2008 all over you could have given birth shout nothing I say right. Now it's gonna get Tom Brady hurt. But usually when you sit there and puts itself on a pedestal but I you never get heard talk nobody regiment now everyone the NFL should be doing your due would tell everyone the world should be do we you're doing. Vinci combat and we do our talking about with. So most of TB twelve method to the sidelines and Jimmy grapples playing quarterback that the guys hurt shut up already to school play. It is it is is this is a lot more I I. They even during the attorneys during the telecast I just every opportunity I had to mock the fact that he's forty. I did. Because it was just over and over and talk to believe it or not there's no sported all historic forty years old. I play with more movement of like 42 were it was old dirt that he Testaverde was old as dirt. In Warren Warren Moon had a great year. Nobody. Talked about war mood and how old years and I can't believe that he's still playing in yes he did accomplish. What braided but the guy was started. I can still roll like crazy withdrew to Micah Micah my car washed the damn ball and get wet apple quickly enough baskets on so. It's just it's just a little much later which we can just mostly just put the holiest forty to. Wrestled him because I understand that everybody's asking him the question. And that's why is it right I mean people. Everybody that interviews him is asking about him being forty. And asking you a ball people taken over the TB twelve quarterbacks around the league and how we always stays healthy now has got it all figured out I'd get it. But he elaborates on you know you talk about somewhat. In in the game whatever and in a give you quick you answer a short answer moving on the next week when it comes to his training regiment. He elaborates you could see the passionate which is great. But he goes to the point where yeah after a while Sosa body a little bit yuck can I get a you're super human you can never get hurt that's awesome thing to say before the season starts. Yeah it is he talked about that and it was we should play this next. He did they dig kind of go off. A little bit and ask them about Roger Goodell is good friend and you know you've heard I heard it it is it is an actor talking talking talking. And just having tells us today. His his answer refer to Roger Goodell was interesting night. Think that so Tom Brady talked this morning with. Exe any hard and Mike and Nancy on the morning show around 730 able to play a little bit of what Tom had to say including their response. The Roger Goodell the apparent five year extension you'll hear Tom Brady coming up next. We return to more of or way Merck moaning and Fauria few days forget it shock you happy now leads and bad news. In this affluent college Sports Radio WEEI. Rory Kennedy or Phil actually gets off to. James White we gotta talk to draw on army. Well when they get out of meetings and a little bit later on whether it's our next we'll discuss that with Tom Brady this morning though with mutton and vhawks. He was asked straight up you know are you tired of talking about your rage that you forty years old. I think it's is that a very natural thing to talk about in I think that's just part of question that you get to be you know an old route I'd love talking about it so I never mind it's just. You work really hard. It carrier bodies you know that your only asset for all of us all of our lives it's only you know you got one of you not just watch and learn and I feel we're fortunate to still the ability to block air play take the field that you know forty years old now and you know go out there and play a game that I love to do so it's been a great part of my career early enjoy I think this year are at so much on plane not only in oh yea he's put through. Beginning part of camp. And hopefully you know feel that same way into the season that you know I just really. Enjoy the game at a federal experience and my body feels great in you know hopefully that leads her great performance had been able. You know he's their best I can't quite cheap every single week. It's him and so is it doesn't care respects that it you know it. Of course he does because you can talk about his age and the treatment and the rehab in the play ability of its. Yes it's like it's a free commercial every time we talk about your it's like a Johnny goals moment they okay for ages people my age. Asking about how I deal with the agent and they asked me you think that it's sore but that's the story is not a you know adults feeling terrible hitter ever. You know sort of a time just ask me that's where if you ever get sore yeah I did yeah I don't it's sort. He's also a spot where he you know hopefully he's hopefully doing all the right things. I mean when I say right things such as Colorado scramble fully. It as a commodity could pop some mother teach you to some like that right. But the idea hope the understanding that's that you still police state clean hopefully diving in data that's up so let's get an actor so whatever it is like promoting its skin care. And how's the greatest things you don't have wrinkles and I don't she's been the work that the last laugh at popular on Illinois of the broad Israeli army don't know yet but it's just the less he's he's forty years old everyone's. Taking you know he's program to other levels we've seen guys that high towering in Rob Gronkowski doing a TB twelve we talked about before that obviously. There are different programs reach guy. Yes right I mean Tom Brady's doing his thing he does need to be muscle Bonnie is neat to stop the run. You know he can't you know off a 350 to 275. In thin out eat well and sit there and still do their job. Brett rep Greg does not get lose muscle. And still be the physical player that he is sinking a putt they liked our so the program adjust each person's role. Right they have to. Yes because it's that the note again it's. A greasy wheel Brady's doing it the one thing you did say which I totally agree with is it that your training. You train. To be football player you trained doing football things in and you don't train. 222. But to pull out because you wanna you wanna like somehow and public outcry across the athlete. Yeah run of the dune you're trading in the mud because you think it's cool Arctic you know I was there was we like guys frequent run insane. Did you run and stand and look what Iran on the field by actually occasion. Do your training due you're cutting deer do all that's up on the football field with your cleats on because that's what you need to be good act so like off of the line and gotta do squats. Does your own events schedule all that stuff. That's always gonna get powerful certitude that it powerful. And at that explosive straight when he's like using bands and don't push ups or doesn't do any good. But that question that I highlights because you know talked a lot through Rio or we go time. In regard was to go question has to delve. Looks like he's gonna get a new contract sewage and apparently doubled down a gorgeous resorts is gonna get a five year extension takes in the 2024. Biggio was deals up after I did not know mr. busy callable in nineteen liar yeah it was open the next you in nineteen. Putting ninety so he was asked that that monarchy into the ethical question of the week. Much to ask this question what I'm pretty. Sort of but it belonging to sort justice they with their patrons to the whole thing. And tunnel get shot on this the report this morning that the commissioner Roger Goodell is gonna get a five year extension through 2020 for any thoughts on the commission. Being here long term purely. Was never noticed two seconds they'll thought I read it if we include air Thomas needs about dead air time at these off five seconds. Old woody. Everything at this. It really does say a lot though you know because some VD dean Tom Brady answer. You know three years ago. Would have been like well you know he's a very important job now he runs the league and and like when you have affordably gate and if you look at the league of its its you know its limits are Murray and you know it's a boy popular he's done a good job so it's worth it and yet he would've expounded on a little bit now thoughts on the commission. Being here long term purely. No doubt they'll I don't know my little or don't care don't care to know don't care about it. It's funny too because the extension is coming in have heard you know a lot of people that are still kind of on that bandwagon that they actually think that. Roger Goodell is job is in jeopardy because of what he did the patriots beautifully gate. That maybe Jerry Jones is in jeopardy because Jerry Jones now is pissed off at Roger Goodell these owners. They'd love rods could go belly up because it's all about the check that they receive. And that is if that is the bottom line that is all that matters doesn't mean that. They don't like some of the things that should they don't like some things that happened that organization in the past or currently. But the bottom line is the dollar and that's it. That's all that matters this guy's got there are a life. Don't yet there is going to be strike. Book it right down give me the hormonal chance there is going to be a strike your you see it. If you remember there is no chance there's going to be ace right. Really SEC on both sides already. What would ever strike. What do you start about what what is gonna cause these players. Who had a short shelf life and career as it is to sit there and say yes I am willing. To give up the year of checks even on had been asleep for 45 years because I believe so strongly in this what is now. It's an overall picture of how badly they got screwed as far sharing the revenue ten beta was it like it was like he almost like a thirteen 14% swingman between the way it was that every two inmates like it it's. So they can go back to the way it was that's a bit Dicey it got to get back in Hilo bay dating to the players did it. These knuckle heads he's just Saturdays at the world he's got a wife of the world. Who had one foot out the door decided it would be a good idea for them while they were still playing to have a limited practice time notepad. Practices bill back to back to date no date period. And so they think art for this and the ironically it like two years and that's what they decided it was good for the league. Salts. Are judged insane. But that and you could see how times have you years do you remember Steve. All the symposiums. Roger Goodell is is doing now you see a symposium. At at some school. All are whatever almost every week now he's the Kansas city of Boston and he's in LA he's in Seattle he wherever. He's everywhere. And you can see it. You see the fact that DeMaurice Smith is politic and play calling him a liar and telling telling the members be ready we are striking. Those of you strike and and the players will never get the advantage they got before they redid this deal that's never gonna happen again. But the owners are greedy and they're billionaires for re. Sandy do you really think now that the players' union the players in this league will stand together enough. Yeah they need to be well. Yeah I don't yeah I think they were I think they I sing it now. By saying it now negated when get a little warts as together Richard Nichols and put your pennies away don't buy the phantom Rolls Royce and all the other good stuff don't take any crazy trips. No bottle service case they've all that money put it away. But a strike is coming because. Roger Goodell and Alex and I I would actually say they god. He's such an idiot he sort of a balloon that if he's running the league even on the owner Mike telling what do you know and I'll indiscreet. I just think that the reason why did you see it more in baseball is that it is more. Yeah I think baseball union so strong because I think they've really convinced those players. That's all you have here's a young player you know it's it's it's about making sacrifices because the people before you did. It's about sacrificing for the people and coming after you yes and a lot of those guys make so much money to kids what make and how much money. Are almost guilt it into agreeing with the veterans and just going along with it. So I think that in baseball and they stayed together in football they don't. And that's why they get screwed but I hope they don't football did their careers are to Charlotte when you're a rookie in the league that into bed attendee right now. Is is is very passionate about qualifying offers. Because he knows his career is ten plus years. He know he's in this league for a long long time in what the rules are baseball free agency ten years now will affect Andrew Bennett pending. So he will fight for that. Yeah and an integral player you mentioned you'll say why should the unions. The why should NFL union be any different than Major League Baseball union. Why because of their career I don't quit but that's but I but did this as far as late duchess forget about this hour because you can't compare it okay I'm not include that part of it. How you do your contracts Ali take out guarantee conference but how should the general rules why should the NFL treat domestic violence different than Major League Baseball. Why should the NBA treat your support marijuana different that why why does the NFL. Hold on to these. Just old school and I equate it just knuckle headed. Rules and regulations for the answers yeah that's for further work the pitchers because they're forced to Christian I hope though there by the owners by the public. Though the mental why would be different waters why would the NBA street why don't all the Major League franchises all get together they don't wish all pretty much the same stance. Because it's about media pressure why this Major League Baseball. Deal with treat publicly whatever you wanna call it was steroids maybe more than other other sports. Because they're forced to have I know I did it seem to matter to bounce it shouldn't it shouldn't. Either way it all all these rules should be tried and true for every single sport hey guess what steroids are bad. You should do steroids are mobile why should apple have a different level with marijuana testing than the NBA. That's a difficult decision. Right Roger I did I understand note outside with a page thirty million dollars usually have these decisions is just a general spot. It why would they be any different I. I believe there is a program in MOB I know this if you're on the forty man roster you can smokes much wiese walked. You know you you'd you'd YouTube and watch a Major League Baseball do it and I don't know play in baseball you played more games up right time to recover. It's the talk deployed in order to play NFL right I mean you know below window and you could smoke weed. But if you get caught. But in baseball if you get caught off the field. In the offseason I don't I don't golf eagle and a program I did not marijuana but I have no idea where camp but you don't actually alluding to win ya I felt wallet but would be different so the. Apple has its crack pot we passed way of doing everything bring it and outside investigators credible sources. You know it is lead time investigation time. Penalties are just ran dumb. Why would it that's why would of rules applied every single sport. Maybe it's just it's it is rack my brain now. The NFL. With the way they're constructed in if you if you're aliens. You came from out of space and you look at the way it NFL runs their company. And the way they hand down by waiting handle salaries and negotiations and everything else. You look at their goal. All you doing it makes no sense and the fact that at a ball player actually agreed to it makes it even more thing. But you Steve for example right. Well whatever whatever article that was I was so long ago that was Roger Goodell all popcorn sit article 46. You say that is something that obviously during deflate gate there were a lot of players that spoke out does a lot of people that feel it rods to delve too much power. Do you really think that someone's gonna stay home. And not let the paycheck yes because they need to get an article forty yet they think there's enough players that a passionate enough about it. That they know they go to statistic at all affect me I'm staying neutral body my page. And that's the problem it's just that that that the careers are shorter the amount of time you have it's just it's tough but if they don't start now. According to DeMaurice Smith does not start putting that in people's brains in players' brains. Though there but when it actually happens a boy told about it not all were telling you now Gene Upshaw used to come around. Back in the nineties and you visit every team and we all yellow because nobody trusted him but they were thought he was like he was too close to that owners. Okay and but you were committing USA get rate to strike you ready to strike they would hold back our duties. As a they do they are holding those are. Our question in your locker room and who does what things they pick them up players baseball players it's discussed. What is it like you know NFL locker room when somebody comes you just prepare to strike is your group. That discusses it. Is your group that's like firm o.s are grouped assistants as banning striking cracked now there is there a way underwriters there's like three moment or paycheck bad alma honey my paycheck I got two more years left Allen concussion away from them plane again. And that's the problem here at the prom but in the end but there was there was pockets there's there was guys that were like did have a clue what was it said it would mean attacks they don't care. There's older group that are really into it in her you know beaten the drum. And there's that that middle ground where it's like summer like really into it some are just like make him just get along. But not I think at that I think this also idled the player rep on. It depends on the team that depends on the player rep was always picked as almost like a popularity contest it was like bode for the troll boy they want to be Iraq. Because got to go to Hawaii saw. And you pick like one guy and like one alternate or sometimes two alternates. So but I Vrabel it always has to be a guy who Juan equivalent leopard who can't cut it to take race. Tony Clark who now runs MLB PA. Played within the year Boston where it was contentious right it was do we action member. The Google in Cleveland where weeding gonna bust the airport because we were the last team that sort of Figueroa hell's going on in a lot of eyes were on us but Tony Clark was up there every day. He'll update the players to the point where he got everybody on board but how important was I don't think that it if there was some people that locker room. That word on board meeting here. Only people we talked about it it was this is what they're trying to do. This is why we got to support it. And this is why if it happens we're not go to Cleveland and everybody needs to be on the same page but I mean that's that's just the way it was I think that's the biggest difference between the two unions is that. The NFL looks at the shelf life for career and nobody wants to give it up yet another one hit away from from from. Not really feeling the effects of a strike like afterwards to reward what you're gonna get on the other side. They might not be around a benefit from Teddy that's an issue. There's yet there isn't it in someone's feelings are gonna get hurt someone's gonna take the crappy end of the stick. But sorry if it happens timing is off but others as far as the better good goes strike is coming. Winter's coming winter is coming. I know unfortunately fall to her in particular pissed off. Parker supported the motor down here it's like they're on Harman James White. They will both join us live down here in studio we'll talk to him coming appear shortly we continue to take your phone calls low patriots heavier early on. We're back talking packs with the Ford waiver lonely and former pats tight end Christian Fauria that your personal calendars on the slug Sports Radio WEEI. What constitutes tampering like if you're on vacation and you run it to Paul George are you not allowed to speak to him though we go say hi because we know it's I say this this they'll want to come so they could be adorable when we get like that fit that. And that was Betsy Johnson. That Jimmy Kimmel I believe I yes on guess talking about Indiana Pacers all Georgian. We'll have a low wink wink is magic says well fairly ornate reward heroes cute though with further than that. Because NBA is looking induced into a tampering charge. On Magic Johnson president of basketball operations for the lakers. And four time all star Paul George so now we could Magic Johnson months into it. Plus we get himself a little bit truck. Amid it's like in so he talked about it on Jimmy Cam Newton is that litigate yet as I like it owns the desktop. Amid falling it was it was Woody Johnson for the giants that was popular now but your debts for the jets. But basically just says oh yeah we looked after our readers right now the hole and he got he got Internet. Listen to slap on the wrist but he got he's got fine for that. The FDA. Let things work on buddies with you I go to man I know they want you I tell you okay hush hush don't seem to want you to. Opt out or want you to agreed to trade. They need OKC you'll be with Westbrook he's a free agent to an animal to bolt and LA we'll take this out all or we're both. I had to go to CBA school salary cap school and tepper school. Yeah oil barely flunked that course. It was a week I understand okay but it. It is differently president of basketball operations and army times Jordanians the average Yankee talk about that player but none of Camelot but Nemo Ozzie Thomas can kind of do what he wants a so tempering. I guess at the plant level. Is okay. CEO and yeah I mean you. You would never sit there it's like if if Danny Amendola they're good man I really wish we had all the back in June that we should give him. Never say act. They'll just daily LeBron James gold out of Miami to bring Chris Bosh wouldn't you know me with and that was discussed at all between two players so. It's okay indicate he may be weighed into the data declared free agency. To have their first and Russian all of it everything happened many moves both prior to that when you are president of basketball operations. There are certain things you can discuss not I don't know how the hell. Indian approved this unless they go for the phones yeah well I prove something like this other than just that Jimmy Kimmel wink wink Yale read discussed. How many degrees of separation duty there is between magic Johnson and called sort. From LA law and I don't I don't I mean there's an advantage a football Jordan is error was Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson to what is so. Selig wouldn't get for the guy I hope they were all doors and LA magic is the All Star Games these ball to left but he's he's politics but this is how it works. You LA in the go to restaurant you may be a Starbucks and all Georges there and it's been all George's also there with his friends who Mattie Johnson knows as well. It's so easy for this to happen today. You look at you look at the contract builds a C Magic Johnson who listened. All it takes is a close trusted friend tell magic job you know. There's no he wants to play in LA and there's no way he signing. With an expansion with Indiana and this one you know Casey is just one you know Casey. So I -- be prepared to cut players start trading players make room for my border if you want to come home and saw a group that has already proved that we'll. Pretty good look pretty good team tell me how you prove it will just pick here and you know we you know pick next year. We got some players to gall maybe acquires with a pretty good situation clear some cap space for him. We'll keep an eight and it's just 888 discussion that you would think should be perfectly fine Bouvier is the president of basketball operations but you shouldn't be having. Even though I. I don't know if. Danny Ainge goes on vacation he just happens to be. And at the same resort as Gordon Hayward brightness up before rather well I was just happy. You know but it's not my wife and come join us. Does that tampering a deficit there before you eat dinner and then you say we can't talk basketball. We can't you know you could talk. About a city you talk about issues of you but you can't talk contracts. That's I guess you just gotta say no I don't wanna do and it was. Would declared free agency. At the told recruiting know what I'm talking dollar one year left and fuel truck before he was he was that the season was over Gretzky let's get violent but so the bore no it's not welcome in Boston. The season's over this season's over them but. The the lead the NBA a year has not ended because the piles of not a Kurtz of free agency has and the odds that are hard. That's fine that's fine and easy all he's actually technically very quickly he would still be. Two a Utah Jazz. Read a discussion here was you know one year left on his deal still a member of the Indiana Pacers who we need to turn left and you deal. Okay yeah I got a year left two years left hey don't resign naval build some we gonna come LA LeBron coming to you know that's. That's exactly what'll happen all that is exactly what that does happen yet it is and it's in its. It it happens in the NBA all the time you never hear about baseball players. Politicking about finding out away how late will try to like you know make sure contracts in saint John's we played together. War or are hockey players or football players it never. Right so just leaked at a law is just a little odd by the way the operate. So would you say that you could at a tampering charge. But players doesn't happen like LeBron James Padilla left and Cleveland Paul George a year left in Okie city. Tampering for the lakers with two of them have been discussions going LA. But that's to me that happens all the time that's fine you either have what did you use involves different. Yeah it's always got here this project what three months and those jobs are screwed up now you know an easy matter so notices this as they can stick it suspend magic. They can all of the all never suspend Vick could take that draft pick away a future committee can't take excuse pickle erect and as a result that. So if you get it so it it does happen he could be punished in couple different ways. Loss of a drastic fines up to five million dollar coach. Future restrictions on acquiring Paul Jordan accident and possible suspensions. Of offending officials though so yes OK if if your ballot tampering they'll just both just they are not yet you can't you can't hire Paul George battled both say. Since you tampered we can't allow me to sign him. It's it's it's too bad blood you know doing the wink wink like sit. If it the FDA finds evidence that the lakers had engaged in a side agreement with George. He could be produced a signing a free agent deal with low with the Los Angeles Lakers or being part of a trade. So no matter what what you try to spin it that the NBA officials are gonna cut off men are allowed to happen so it doesn't matter. So I mean if it's to. Good luck good luck unless you have phone records. You know someone who's rat you out. Something like that otherwise I don't know I get approved. I've read it some guide the car wash he said it was thought at arrow vertically you can't back you gotta have physical evidence phone records. Eyewitness accounts. Something like that. Just. It was intercepted two and doc went to LA. I mean that there was like Gary tampering upon visual therapist's office couldn't trade with them public a year. Was Celtics but maybe. The tail off of that and just vaguely remember something I thought was calling greeted make peace and often Elena thought there was something to do with their debt to be wanting to. You guys whenever you guys can't acquire Paul George you can't do it in the offseason you can't sign them and it could be something at him so now. The bit but if that's like if if how many other. Players are actually affected by this have you actually go back the beginning when George was traded in June. 2 Oklahoma City. And he was treated almost 84 it would Victor all the deep bow and sabonis and so does that affect those guys notice yeah I'm just trying to say overall. Who pays the price maybe Oakland gets it's just it just it's. It problem listened would you bet your house on that there was probably some sort of you back channel that's called back yesterday there was some there was some back channel. And accuse you doubt at all that at that after it happened this investigation came down they should listen isn't magic this is what they've got you on this is what the conversation you had knee sentence it yeah I did. A cancer. No you can't you the president and I cooperation said he wanted to at least two things that you can't do and he can do wit always an owner of the Dodgers. In a fan of the lakers and a great Laker but is now president of basketball operations you can't talk to him. A vote coming back over here. The magic has to do let's say OK right now I'm speaking as an owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Actor Paul George OK now I'm speaking as the general manager of the losses later due to my committed to the rules apply to me. And my position I am not allowed to speak on behalf. District but now the bee's owner of the Los it. I don't. Go to the Dodgers that Lavar ball the ball and I didn't do it we do here might look like much Lamar ball no I didn't pay rides you have miles of our ball from the game. I I got to give you second hand. It was it's like just. I don't know it's just came out and we're talking about jump the Lavar ball I didn't double Lavar ball reference but I turned into the bar ball talking about. Shaughnessy or some like that it was just weird Chatham was doing his thing. And it finally found a way to kind of jump into the mix but you know and next thing you know it was Lavar ball accommodating on the patriots. So anyway that you gonna get that run Linux I where we come back I. Yeah out of and I don't know enough yet not yet we're gonna hear it Christians or in Britain at the Lavar ball on Saturdays pre season matchup. Against Hughes do you hear that next it's been a lot of patriots talk here early on the first couple of houses and down here and Gillette waiting looks more like the 1 o'clock our league to run Harmon. Who really did James White so with that with upload your first place Boston Red Sox hired Christian boys of our ball would do all that coming up next.