OMF - Borges was looking for a negative story about Patriots; two people were stabbed during Eagles Super Bowl parade, 2-9-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, February 9th

HOUR 3 - The guys believe Ron Borges would have been more careful in his reporting if this story was a positive one about the Patriots but he was looking for a negative story to write about the team. The Herald taking down the story isn’t enough and Borges needs to address it. Two people were stabbed during the Super Bowl parade and Christian sees this as a small hiccup in a otherwise peaceful event.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty in the scope championship Beth and it is indeed good up. A lot of football left a lot of football left I tell you a false spice them up if you go back and look at the game Eric rove played a pretty good game what you really control I think control I don't ever seek mutual good run the same page run the same page sounds good if we go we got watched out for. A rat and with Glenn. When Chris Gamble and tweets -- -- has been out for blood lately pretty sure they tried to plant a fake story with me last week at some global I was just talking with Demi semi -- a minute epic about a hung up on you better call back he said to clarified to rescind that has nothing to do with our show I don't know what he's talking about do resent that has nothing to do with our show I don't know what he's talking about. Sports Radio WEEI. Makes visual look around or just a story. Even backed even worse. Is that Brady is out there on FaceBook posting this. It's taken me a few days to report. Commerce favorable. As well as the great season Martinez. There're many emotions when you come up short of your goal. All part of learning and growing in this journey of life you've been crying and economic activity in Mexico learning. Turn. Everything into a positive. And an important feeling I have that the past four days is that I want to hold out on OT days until the high end are hot. Highest paid athlete in the mountains. And the number one feeling I've had. For the past four days. Crack. Gratitude to my teammates for the incredible effort given all she's number cordless of the challenges we face that he went onto expressed. Gratitude to his lob the organization and the team's coaching staff the Eagles for bringing up opposed that of being gracious hours. Everything. Yes it makes the Borges piece looked a little worse right now because he should've realized this is how Brady deals with stuff. I mean it doesn't it's it's I would like to say could happen to anyone. But I do think there are some people cool or little bit more cautious than others. There's a little Groundhog Day you know it just jumps out of the ground and just goes and eats his head shot up and as a does that kind of I'll peek there had a big kind of make sure that you know man isn't gonna shoot down. I know I just like. That the way that the the way society is now. He was an easy mark could you food you. People me. How Ron Borges is done this journal noted we're not of we'll put it. How many years dungy forty years of fake dawn ye right texted Ron Borges. And said that you know. Tom had no influence in this and he's not bothered by Jimmy grapples contract at all is that no influence adjusting its government he's happy. But he is not going to be looking to break the bank. You know I've talked to everything is couldn't control. Ron would be that I write nick. Wedeman a hurry up almost say that it's toll it was a negative story that. It's did wrong was looking for so if if he got me so I wanted to Beecher if he got the opposite he probably would have said. To himself that done he is BSE is nothing here alone isn't exactly but then the next question should have been the guy culture. And then there's and that kid he's done he would want to be quoted woody. Instead what gorgeous guy is from Boston. A formalized. A text. That's oh. Yes so what does it mean you you guys I think that at all. It's evident the whole thing if you read the text that you go through the mall it was all lack of the I think in situations like this I think he'd come out any need to. You need to ask some expressing pleasure to on the UN and many here. Did you hear your voice I think not not just. Allowing Carroll picked up and perform these and I just got regular Dr. Phil are. This and so far from a herald just to kind of take the story off their website is and not like he needs to come out so you know and and this is a nice little happy environment that he could be and right on the show you you you love them little Uga president formerly known forever I mean I I I don't issues Ron Borges and none whatsoever to actually face the opposite as one. Final I look wrong absolutely loved was wrong to love strong feelings and pledging hoping to merge towards lug it around and elect a partner but have you ever loved him real love. While you search you love them like for a lot of her ransacked the last he was here Jean Stewart impression. Those things after Lott deserves territorial and if that's a lot of but I don't that was the last time we ever get from Ron Borges. The out of it. Yeah. There are that they have from running it just don't want it gets me don't and this is I don't want to do this. As you can say all you want about Ron. He's more thought world than this how does he screw up so this guy. Text him briefly forced crash in hand with Mitch Daniels twelve was not going to Rick. Learned. Going to rich and that's that's. Would you were at the football team. It's not going to return. Unless mcdaniels. Was named the coach in waiting. Dean deal lost the locker room and apologized personally to Brady and the follow up by Ron Borges is. Anybody ready to give me an of the kilter right. Without a post column denial. That that's the US talk about the contract on that's not on and that's when that shock you but. That was the one that I mean red usually to walk the way. It it just leaves I'm done rest of them that gets so so if you're right or if you're Ron Borges is this is the Asian. This is not a few attacks going back and forth. This is a deep conversation. To break down all of the details to make sure you're just not getting an agent at that point. Just overreacting to something or you get some. Only. Eight or who's calling you up from apple borrow and this is queasy. And that's the thing out on and that's where I'm sorry. Like from boards is what you can't get around rod had an agenda. This was dirt even though the dirt was not coming from a credible source was coming from a prank phone call this play did his agenda. And he couldn't late. To get it out and that is last line was arm right as we speak as they're texting back and forth are you OECD rom loses job over this. They already going to I I well I think bronze in trouble is because a bug to begin right he did all of those employees over the Boston Herald I don't want any one of them to. To have to deal with with what they're about to deal with right now they're gonna have a new owner. It's up for auction I believe on Tuesday death and whoever comes in Christian is more clear a lot of those people out because on an illusion money the only way you do it is. We know how that Ericsson president cut cut cut cut cut. If you wanna do orders that are coming in there and you're looking at the boards I hate to say that you're looking at a he's one of the more experienced guy probably high Iraq polish our what he'd be competing against two of the other guys apparel sportswear apparel. The holes are Jeff how and under the meat guys economist right loses and yet called me earlier rocket volleys Clark was a columnist. Meaning if you don't sell it if you are him and guys over there are are really nervous. About what's happened here especially guys that have been here for years. Because in most instances they like to do when they're coming in they're trying to trim. They take the guys that are making money I could for experience that's how it happens and and they keep the guys that American Vernon. What I'm an obvious that we get the could be a good thing dated they gonna release them. He could walked the desert you know aimlessly like you did and then you know two guys would come and save him and just give him life. And then his the qualities that a hold their own and how much sugar in the league doctor can you tell you all of the put up a lot of his fellow Lowell I'm sure that view and they weren't open a whole new world you and Lleyton Hewitt living in those old days and just don't ages. Two young top of that there you can quit. I would say just like with the thought I would say I can only hope that Ron Borges will have a Christian Fauria. And Alou drawn only tell me walking aimlessly in the masses we say how unsafe we all like coming to our viewers down your outlook. I mean you weak enough saved we polled were what got my rap and you just we we Anderson we got you. And it's all you need to hear him when he told me really you know when you told me all you need do is just trust me out like distrust. And hello trust and trust the process Kirk to those. What wasn't a union person Kirkland should not sleeping I think among guys heard the news ash should be kissing where there's none other than Newman Tony when there's stuff this. I over here you are here like. We'd be based out but did it anyway when enough under the I didn't know we will not only a few alcohol related. I loved as a solid W let's it was a volume leases which reacting with her I. I simply the guy who a ten crucial to our early. Amused I'll have you with organizational tool tool as early as you leave to logs are gonna oxide anyway those lead to myself. Suddenly walks out of the shows he. Wouldn't be he would do that. That's what he would do but that but that aspect of the other stuff in the story forget about the OT skip DOT days he should've taken that out to. I'm I'm I'm really amazed that this with fortune I really and the more I see this story to why and what he reported. The the right call there were so many red flags. The story. Glad he wanted to be really gets it looked it was the U perfect. Set up story for him you know that he would just be salivating at this one. Brady was gonna walk. There's more dysfunction. And hold our enemies and to waiting for. He wanted to be sold you want to be right and you know what he does he doesn't even understand this. Ron doesn't now. With all of the patriots nation out there the wall people whatever. What he's done is just the opposite. Those people looking out there and her and a suit already with tweets and and people on social maybe not questioning the work shifts to San. Who was his play caller who's making up stuff with that story rust on just the opposite. Patriots come out of this looking better than ever that people are making up crap out there that's making up that maybe there's a in the view of the word Bob Kraft has used the word tension. Some tension and there but he he scoffed when somebody brought dysfunctional no no no no not dysfunctional. Not dysfunctional. What are even off they've had the meeting this week at the minute always that. In the oil Adalius the other night now multimedia all day thousands make me it was a long meeting all of this negativity and Brady broke we have heard a literary and involved an Indian in me knows. Safer somewhere over the fate. I Wear a mask of them. That's that's have a good taste at all I think the past I don't think about the great having dinner Iran and its payroll and I like murder case. Back after the rays haven't learned. That would be perfect that's how you bring the mask out. She's out wandering of balls and everything so what do you do you do obviously. Borges has to do whatever is company wants them to do and unfortunately his company right now. Is a rudderless ship they have to wait until Tuesday to find out. I was actually going to own them. But Borges has been silent other than promoting some that Charles daily podcast and podcast ever. He's got to say something wrong. The FSA summit if you're a journalist and you've been here for all of these years and you've got kotsay. A bullet bullet he said normally yen its estate. Of The Herald currently was an influx we don't know the whole the owners they're the boss would come due to the owner or whatever would come to the higher ups as it is hobbled and handle. Who's that right now. So because of that what do you do. You know he worked for the Sloan Kettering organization is shoving it into an at a sports editor of the globe and a bit higher ups above him would say it is what we want to smooth and reduce out of him right now its audience. Who's mic who's calling the shots of their new season goes on working yes so it puts it on Monday Monday Tuesday. But he every reporter there that re applying for their jobs and having one on ones yeah the and you re hired. So it's that's Pollard part of the strategy and program right and it's got to be. Because Rachel and owners unite and when you get a head of AEG show late some character and like shows some just balls so you know it. I don't care of my owners' representatives of the right paying. To me it's on here's a world wide and that's to me that's. And it finally new owners tell me now wanna handle well in US you tell me a fire at me I don't know in my life like Monday and don't even care. I mean really great statement are really gonna hold on there's a residual effect you. Anyway Erica Pratt article on Garnett disloyal to feel bad for us because it'll several policy you know he said he ate a successful distinguished career coming here from our customers. That it's a brilliant he can be on the cast cast of the prisoners have been some -- Sony's along the way. But he's going to people of jokes everywhere are now. He's going to be the vote jumped so what's happening is wrong has been the guy. That. Patriots fans they the the jury thought is have love. To hate right he's the guy that's he's not a stratospheric now no longer becomes that guy. Because the guy who was the victim of the of the catfish that's what he becomes. That's and that's that's even worse I. Off communism. Was is that you can tell you what he's been a great boxing writer great football writer and you know yet he has been he has been he's been as you know you again. I have had major problems without him as to how easy to be on the show is the yellow them all the time to get into the Salt Lake and of course I was as low referred to me the other day at the patriots socket that's what you got a house or what jumped out each other they all looked up front but I respected I respect him but this. This hurts him at out of fears being a pretty good luck and figure skating last night to watch some Olympics. I'm dialed in on American started it did the had thought at last night. Related matter your girl Learning Tree it was like on its older crowd which anything is an issue had a Aussie and she came caller questions are. It was great we mean always wrong lol amazing you'll actually. The two of them wanted to regular court I don't like about having metal producer actually did it. A series. Atmosphere. That's a question. Sweetheart and he's started and I don't know I didn't. Yeah. Yeah they're going on liquor authority was Chris unchanged over the opinion Christina. What is it like tomorrow afternoon. Outweigh those calls for is Algeria. Pulled my guess and now to CNN the ones that doesn't want to images that now can you say that at the street does let's make a decision right now on the wolfpack decision on. A week and spend. Time over the next couple weeks with a winner will be done that. Now why it shouldn't act is certainly watched the grounds Christian once again what I Rhode Island you want people elected arsenal already Celtic ball over we had a so this is Bono finally I did football offseason is going to be fascinated with this team. Graced the actual football. Elaborate a little bit or the year before us to talk Bruins closed it out ads in it feels me that I happen. Ireland over to figure out what the hell all those things need these I think not I just got its eye off sides and I think that's always going to be your umbrella in the drink champagne is being played nicely via football basketball baseball they should do just yet you pathetic it's. It's honesty when the nasty I want the brunt of the figure skating for the rather talk about. I am not an option yes and I'm not rather talk and I don't. Tired aren't going to stating that I wanted to not wanted Hillary you're not an American unless not hurt other European time. Update you on the anti American okay. Today in Pyongyang Johnson who is the president and suffering of what's unique layers it's not North Korea a minute from northern area Tom Tom imitated but the South Koreans get together with the north Koreans informed when tee adding and John he's crazy you have and that is crazy. An apron and each other I had no I don't know where it is worth it saw Maria Pyongyang. Poor little. All that you only do about it a loose on line users age each unit of Abraham our scholar he YE ON GYOG. And I don't know all these yellows like. XT at some. We your vision and it definitely knows that he's got that there's an accident as the unit I don't know where he yanked it means it doesn't even sound and it's not spell that all likens. Like it's when it sounds a unit general principle something though if he opted. Finally got it I was called young change in the house right the first part it's just change in the Snickers of pretty Yang persona they say aggression and plant these guys are all X in there there's. No all I know I was so why I saw that last night during the PG eight in the middle of the ice errors like it at the a stunning change of route for the mayor committed Christian and use Roman numerals Christian music opera. A replay political 78 music at the center. Lung function. One night travel the first place are my bucket list is Tom and Tom. Skilling and you should pray that the South Korean radio Scotland because they have great others at all ever yes it certainly does not. South of Boston and what. Think I'll that not given an accurate enough credit I want you didn't get what the North Korea does I think they definitely did apps we're doing that we should find that out. We shouldn't we should effort I don't have a radio station stuff like that like I'm done well in Ozal W edit it tablet it is an argument. Call list and called radio stations in the we have a curling expert ask you that breakdown apparently. Are held in US changed I think it was because you know put training on the death of any good athletically speaking station and while that's taking a good score borrow about electric attendance at Canadian activists at some tears and radio station there were friends of them. Canada aren't I saw Shannon Sharpe was doing now Westminster Kennel Club so he speaks South Korean you know it's only I can say I think and I talking and Johnson who speaks Korean sub like south arming two out of their impressions sharp is doing the dog show to yet known image and he knows it. You know where I've racetrack that's out a out of conference at the but we're gonna. Politics and all of the picture yeah that indicated that he could get you we'll let you get experienced clay and twenty force. Follow him on Twitter right now. Now back to more morally admirable euphoria on sports where he'll WB. How much better as Cleveland today than they were last night a heartless about it because they give up anything. Then Doug give up one player that dating give something back battle for for this team had no chance to win and you get to the finals. 24 hours ago. Now they it to me become the favorites. What makes a little too aggressive. I'm. DJ DJ. Paula Paul who that Shaq and Charles. Did officials it's just eat during the segment yet not I'm not kidding no it doesn't mean I I I was watching it emulate it he wasn't on camera. Barkley was talking and I just it's like they let this much content and he's like. Play some and then you what it has yeah I got there wasn't. It was late at any hitter is a lie national broadcasting and didn't do it on the radio didn't work but the little ingenuity. It looked like the show no I mean because they were steered. They're willing to throw crap out there on the table that not right an awful lot but they wanted to throw stuff on the table. They've got personnel he's entertaining vs the EES in show you what's his hosts in each. When you watch that show is that there's freedom yet they just say what's on their mind. You know they don't say because what they think their boss. But wanna hear or. They don't say B it's things because they got if they're friends playing in the league they're good friends of this go to it to whatever comes to mind Charles says. And then checked there as well and they're there I'll did you say what's on their money because I wanted to do you. Ridiculous models were cynical outlook shrapnel to weigh in ways that called sculpted it was a matter to go to to certain kind of approach you have to do is let you know I've been rather he would his coattails anyway waves anyway analysts over Arnold's got to bust over those those programs well. Iraq's. Question what you'd call it anyway well. What's this kind of yeah after so personal was talking about Dave from local struggle is vulnerable. To a if as what it it was going to be a movie departments. Is Nancy like this out they felt like old guys from comic America I mean I don't want to win. The Roddick. Show you. Scheck's first year check this awful on the first year of their program because Kenny Smith and Barkley and Ernie Johnson had like a reported chemistry. And light check was just the big huge gigantic guy who was like out of place and eat when he said stuff you incident. Where that come from and it finally. He realized that you have to. Act the way you act often sets CU NTV in you know TV so scripted we do this this minute and thirty seconds later would on this. Script that show charges ghost here's the video room the place of the world should go. I was what's it like that at the CBS late morning you know pregame show on CBS or populace and went the same way but they're just like Phil sands and Boomer Esiason they're just. Little too buttoned up and what that he had done and I think that I honest jackets and of Long Island I think the NFL network tried to do that the problem with with the NFL that when was that the on a network yes they try to do that when it puddle right but the problem is the role scared to death to say anything negative. About anybody in the National Football League is they they're worried about their job. Do you think Barkley Canadian texts from guys. Is this you've ever been up friends that play you remember one Barkley said he wasn't watching the NBA playoffs even though he's gonna want one of the positive watch it HL hockey and your money on a team whatever himself tried it. It's more. Said he is. Ought you would you like it was blow after blow exactly he was right but he said that on the and to me. That's refreshing and that's doesn't hurt the NBA look at the ratings for that show on TNT they don't Q ratings right. That's because people want to see people be honest and throw crap out there on the table. And Huntsman official did and I love about Charles Charles is going to appear in some parts of Charles is not a fan of this Boston Celtics team. If you heard him talk and loss he he know he isn't he he really doesn't he thinks this is a mirage. He said last year and I thought the issue with carrier ring and kind of a change here because they changed a lot of bodies. Thought he would suddenly kind of understand what you're doing defense. Italy is I think he was on board because you go back to opening night I mean the minute you don't ever go down. It's basically did the same team as last year at different now Gordon Hayward on. That did the exact same. That was opening night is going to jail Bragg NC Jason date and carried the impact he's had this whole team credit growth and other players. He's still doing it because I I just don't think he picks their threat. The gold state and now even Cleveland thinks the they've improved themselves and you know maybe they're right is this if you believed. That it was serious issues in Cleveland. Then you think now they fix that right the ship and know better chemistry in their better team yet. And I was Gmail and YouTube use that are also I think it's. You know it doesn't really matter I think some people just they know the history with LeBron and know how good he is in no way he can single handedly just change the course of the game just. I saw him he almost did the first time they played the warriors won his entire team carry Irving was hurt when Kevin Love was ardently got they have with. Tell the doled out and Tristan Thompson have anybody else but he's slowed it down and he's he may competitive. Blacks and actually I stole a game. But it doesn't matter as long as there's LeBron James he's got a new cast. New energy new way of thinking about these people are gonna give them the benefit of the doubt so big smoke by everybody all year no defense got people score points on the left and right. Yet that the Celtics have been take him at that number one spot. All year long and suddenly Toronto clean athlete at both guys haven't been on the court but they're they're a favorite among east. Useless fuel price of the underdogs and yet take take take a page from the Philadelphia Eagles and get some dogs cats and and Roma back. And so this is Chris Broussard talking about the trade and where we are in the Eastern Conference. This is Boston's new. It poured our a and yes the cavaliers are the clear favorite and I am of our call it off work done here's the thing. Again it's the east would not about what it's done east embossed and it's eighteen and twelve. Over the last two months. Old COLT is forty and sixteen total okay blight. Eighteen and twelve of the 49 web pages so what I am saying is that. They are not the world leaders that you think they are there they're better than they were last year a little bit. Cleveland got younger more energetic more athletic they're they'll be better defensively you you cleared up a law did you have Isiah. Dewayne wade here rose who all the since we played the same way got Eagles and one in minutes I'm David go work immediately. But it is easier to bring in a role player. It has to it has to work immediately that's the point to restore the missing the funeral so it's fuelled the sudden so it's it's ugly out. By the way never mentioned Toronto on Toronto may be the best team in the east right now. Will will only do that like it they admitted in a cynical at all yet announced if you cut that out to make it would. Just because you guys at no cost to good thank you very much at least it is there anybody out adding audio of a better team right now I would think so month and is well. I I would think so what did what they gave up was nothing right in and my Olympic was just holding out the reason why I was afraid of him as. Holding up guys it was figured out if the only guy that we saw here and you figure out against the blue world most of the middle of February here. And you've got the march and yours start playing in the middle of April they don't have much time to get together pulling any. The product back what you don't get practices and when you think it was gonna happen Isaiah was gonna come back we all thought what first of the year. And it it was gonna take some time so it spent a month okay Hollins to pick was gonna take a week couple games. This is pretty much timeline now I think it got personal. And I think a little guy said some things that they just want him around. But I could've seen Alec oh a month away packets could have sat here mid march. And sit there figured it out. Isaiah looks like he's Isiah. You know but not announce that happened on ticket to analysis Jordan Clarkson show up in game seven of the second round of the of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference finals is it going to be I wanna begin again. Rodney hood. That's yeah. But you gotta disagree but. I don't agree I don't think I don't think it's some slam Hulk. A lot of assumptions being made. I just teams as committed jail all the Sunday and everyone's going to be happy and there's going to be all his great chemistry so quickly and instigate now. I am not buying it on Sanders is not that there's something to be said with the regular season until nobody wants to give the right to seize any credit. But there is something to it and you you can't just dismiss it like it doesn't mean anything like everything the Celtics have accomplished. In active and yet doesn't mean it was I don't think. It's that easy to play alongside LeBron James is great player he's he is and I think he's the most complete player in the NBA right now. But to pick it up and a couple of months. That's going to be very very difficult Kyra Erving is one reason he wanted to get out there did not. Because he didn't wanna play side saddle to to LeBron because you never know what he's gonna don't want that he's going to be wanting another guy he's going to be a different thing. And I'm just amazed that they're all jumping aboard so quickly. And it worked. Yes there are better players and as you showed little the pleasure get rid of we're doing squat for their data was doing nothing give it up and thought nothing about nothing right so you got a better chance in what you required but certainly treated to a send them to put them a pay at the top of the mountain. And sit there and say that it that the Celtics are dead it's your funeral may be Toronto's bid to I think is is ludicrous. But I think you're gonna hear that that's when you're gonna hear which is probably good for the Celtics are 6177797. 37 or acted upon pros blow them up next. That's immoral to jocks I like working with jocks as you can. You can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. It was hired. The worst coaching hire by a lot of freaking guy analyst out there. It. Okay okay. Jason Kelsey Hollywood is forcing down. I know Herman and the Oberholser minus yeah. It's what I'll. We are one of those we just expect these normal port are happy at all but I heard was that a Griffin Doug Peterson is a Griffin. And I'm very driven no no I don't Griffin that's like. Mythical lake flying out like a horse eagle they look like liken Harry Potter is a Griffin wins. It is an earlier ruling that an eagle to have like a body of like of horses on them. You have it and I don't or whatever I thought you would want a little party you know the sound again like them aboard this. By a lot of freaking. Can I analysts out there I mean. Yeah yeah. That's your whole did this I was always have this frustrated money isn't good about our guy Lombardo Jamont. He basically said yeah. On the com yeah I am and what. A shame on him what you wanna do men not give himself. He picked us last wait. Eagle city's least qualified coaching NFL. Unity that he you know what the guys right I was wrong. He's a great coach and why is that week on his part. So little power in the senate to take it that I was proud to take it like that there are I don't know what it Griffin as I don't think. Griffin at the graphical creature with their head and wings of an eagle and a body of a line. You still lie yeah it was your body of alliant. No this Mozilla busters were residents you he was on looted. This is the outfit for him a lot of money drop but the ones that weasels dude I'd. So I you know I'd love to operate a lovely celebration Alamo speech was great. Lately on the go oh what he did not gonna hot I got a hot. I I need nine to go I thought it was a peaceful rally but side solvent in the incidents of Philadelphia officials here say two people were stabbed that that's a peaceful rally and fell to those two people with static. And it's office or on an officer was assaulted. And four police vehicles sustained minor damage and during the eagles' Super Bowl parade. Philadelphia. You're right build up the police department server to Ross on Friday said. Some small accounts excluded from arrest at a relatively peaceful celebration. That's added to it long ago reloading investments in the over under well the ideal organized elements of the good luck at the other well also he and their officials also said that it Jumbotron with top Woodward and climbed to jump to they couldn't replace what you look like they've left that label with sill. At sea after you see the before which is one night. Just people and Edward. And they all dispersed all go home. And the trash and discuss the stuff that was left dissidents and wait it is it is amazing. They'd literally tried to destroy the city so called two people being stabbed small hiccup so. That's for Philip Hersh let's send wild house race how many real OK let's consider the million people there prior to Martin -- parades and he had human last year's. Ponds with that every all this other stuff. I didn't read so well because he's Klein and he found out I'll classically is a girl always no because Indian vessel and the appellate can be. I'm happy apparently still has a shoot people celebrate I think it will ever. Elegantly at a relatively and it and relatively well we two stabbings. Yes three million people I know I hit it out of verse I thought that was pretty good for filling was I was actually think that that that's I think that was a good upright and Liam one person to have them. And a celebration I feel like. You're upbeat about the dude did you see the video of the guy eating or screwed up in is like ohm at. Yes it is heating up with a dog he's going down in droplets and like it's unlikely that I may just that whole elegant yellow on is aimed at hand the behind all of the public rated I don't do not apply I've watched that I wanted to puke. And I hope so off. Some some random dude in doubt Westbrook Jersey eating is. Now bite and enough. I get punched divorce problems with the police force strata blazing snapped off answers straight out he's he's had shots. Both doctors and Kanye West on the docket so as Chris does it look on the people of Philadelphia the Philadelphia down because we found that you're necessity. That once you finally win it you know there's a little bit of okay it would than before and so. I'm sure Philly personal instigated and ultimately Paulson is feeling that balls he's not a win multiple. Yeah. I am gonna have like you know 23 full will be teams when it. In a few years then take a look now than other ports three. I think more of just one of the animals was next then. At least little problem that they have this is the problem that they have is that their teams are still you know challenged if you look at it here. So we're we're we're drowning in our misery here for a couple of days within the patriots lose. But what are we onto what we're not on to like what the rest of the world was domestic and costly we're rentable FC east yeah. And a baseball team that apparently only cares about put on concerts and that's on a play. We've we've another concert what we've done Metallica present county in the US what do you like JD Martinez for being frustrated upset at the he's only they're only going to give them our climate now at thirty million dollars in two and two weeks a litigated right because I want angry come out. I want to challenge you to see you getting angry with out John Ferrell on the premises that the since you can do it. Yeah you need to know these guys got a boy and it's not baseball at. One minute ago before you celebrate great and so last week that we had parents go to Twitter talk baseball would go to would want to install these are insulted Judy Martinez thing in terms of the and that it's. I stupid is that the JD Martinez what it is yet and yet starting now we'll continue to go to the looters who Friday we get my point is if you're at just how bad is Lou right now and recently and one. Of the yeah right I won't be our second annual budget that's all you know what it's like this yeah. But it's at Amazon Aubrayo yeah. I don't zero I'm entitled to break a minute take a break. I'm gonna let you gap that you were if you look at it and then I'm gonna let you go on a full blown line loom Maloney angry Lou donate our time was it of prime is that the parade. I was afraid Bryant. Pretty crazy but it backed. Let's. They had them outlook and I don't feel like it is what I had done like university in England they came up and at that they have like 750000. People. And look at all these lose my it was like three million they've got to get you know. A recap about Matt if you like there's no way that about. And it wasn't three million neither answered millions of stress. Now it may be out of how can that be got figure like you know the art museum itself all the way up broad street side street but the but the could it actually get even. And so what you know what about what happened I. So it was a guy from what from from England that gave the number who was Els Angel tells us the warnings Hassan and uploaded it. And everybody did not like the morning got becomes exactly dot com. Writer who got there was some that some like. Crowd public they'd be that he group at this university in Manchester England that came up. Dominance as an utter it is as is John Richie found is found his energy yet. I have written what and on the outlook Monday afternoon so they would the camera and at two. You. Can't stand the camera I. Karma I had to act as it karma that out of it and and I think got all the videos I. Grocery baseball everywhere you wanna regret we want to progress we have certainly not only how many. I was we have done not only this we everybody has not yes not an epic raid that led Audi a rate about nothing happened. And is not illegal is going on I don't know why you achievements because Nazis is not contingent you can do it let's talk horseless until deliver a couple weeks award. I don't do that McDonald's or don't know what went on as well. And told him. You could. Only thirty seconds I'm not doing anything actually actually didn't albums yeah I. Is Lieberman phase of the bills. Is that there are items I realized that there is floral shop we'll take a break I'll talk socks that's all take her to go daily and Izod and now an artist and I'll. Oh let's jump commitment.