OMF - Baseball is starting up again and the euphoria is having a strange impact on Lou 2-14-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, February 14th

HOUR 1 - Maybe it's David Price speaking for the first time yesterday. Maybe it's the memories of smelling fresh cut grass on a summer evening. Whatever it is, baseball is on Lou's mind.


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On you read it. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty I don't know what message they send this team in spring training you can tell the media is much different. But you can't sit there and say did it double don't look at the patriots they're only likable because they wind when they start winning ethical and enjoy your demo according go among the next week we believe. More personable with Glen when Christian immigrants but it is there. Now. All this minister level absolutely. Got gotten better from what I've learned from it you know I could handle it better Lester has moved. Media and develop a good. It's pretty straight toward you go out there and you can pitch well you play well you're gonna have to support can always make things better but it's better and that's what I got to do. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Every Jones. It's no big goal. What a nice day today tells us they become like a a big huge holiday to the point where. You can drive in from the South Shore and make it here in town and like 22 minutes he Monica it is an indication that excel and you take off. Traumatized and it's not like a lot of people take enough here. Apparently the roads were empty things like Friday it was that easy commute and it'll. People really taking off on Valentine's understand you know you bring flowers so if you do the dinner at night and own whatever happens after that. You you know goes to work on Phelps has set that's out there I don't Valentine's Day electric if you pick a certain day. And I personally think that every day spent statement. This is you know this is the new this is crosses every day outskirts I want to wish all those women out there had developed a good point maybe I don't instead of emphasizing. Now all of a note. But I want to wish most colorful multi million happy votes if it. Yeah you're right why it reaches relegated to. February the fourteenth what about the fifties but about six it's every guy 78 to march its a critical. May say thank you notes and yeah for what over Christmas I don't know. You just you know. It's Christmas wish tried to bring people together as opposed to try to destroy people's lives. But that's that's a good goal again this one if you Google don't fall or. It it. The Goodwin well we don't today a Valentine's that's good shuttle model of L score efficiently as a pitcher of human Roderic Blair read that and Jared Nicaragua's tweet yesterday and it really got me excited. So Caracas is basically sent here to pay it back yeah. Since they got rid of John Ferro. And they have Alex Cora now. He noticed a huge difference in the attitude of the players. In all in 24 hours or maybe less than actors were I wanted to their ballpark like six so in six hours on the first day. Of age not of of spring training the first pitchers is reporting. Everything is much rhetoric it's wonderful. Because college course they are John pharaohs and I know you did not you were not a big fan of John sub look at it this I was way too hard and oh yeah you you wore you know. I am I'm legislation on news on humans but the good. I can tell you what Lou there were times last summer would you say that there's a samurai I really I really wanted to walk out on the show and because I thought you were a little too. Get is like calling people's jobs going on you know so and I've always felt. You know people get on me you know and even Borges and others you know and we all know things but. The problem with John Farrell's 'cause I was being called a hypocrite right Indian mattered Borges and everything else and so that's going on in this world is that he is a manager did sports these tracts and you do start talking about it and people say even though. What do you think about John Farrell as a manager. So you want me to lie we showed we've political battle to change everything up okay organizers to appease everybody because of so many guys that work with you know on that beat. The owner of the balls to sit there and say that the Martin guys probably would have got fired if you didn't have cancer it is an awful thing to say. Is if you don't pretend so legal publicly say that he sure kept his job I think he should keep his job of that privately this intensive peace we all know the real. OK you don't wanna say and The Beatles in real that's fine. Eagle and you say it. In your cynical bastard okay but it's a sport people talked about coach who in job to talk while the people's jobs all the time when it comes to sports. Is he doing a good job well if you say no I do a good job then to follow up is so you don't think he should be the manager anymore well I guess I shouldn't as hard as it is we're talking about. Sports. I innocent people back grow. Up. I need to be honest with you and and not to to make excuses for him but to give a fax. At one time you were paid to actually give your opinion and be honest and factual right that was one thought. I think it's all changed when Edouard and that's what you were told to do you. Give your true opinion the F I if it wasn't John Ferrell also coming up 100 chemicals you know I wasn't John Farrell person right. Me and they just held a person. It's totally different he's an individual you vehemently week week Wednesday and get that what you didn't think he was agreement. So it's it's an interesting point at which Iraq there are a lot of people. Let's say one thing in a lofty or something else on the errant you know to get two personas and but did you drop this thing was interesting because in the first day our listen I hope Alex court is really really good. You know they need a change they need a shake up. I'm not sure that a manager can do it if you don't change anybody else in that clubhouse because eventually if you keep all of the guys in that clubhouse. I don't care who's running the place and manages really can't. You know forced guys to do something that a making 25 million dollar target really of them change. So I hope it does change and hope court does bring a just a little cynical. That is that okay on Valentine's Day to be a little sort of a thicker Roberts is that they're filming and then six hours suddenly everything is hunky dory and everything is one of you can feel the change of usually gonna feel the changes. You're gonna feel the changes when they lose five of the role late in May and find out how the team reacts to move because I think we also had to we all remember John Farrell when he first came at this is awesome when it's your job. It's Chong. Won one shot wagered. That opt in the tub. Joseph Farrell to John weighing. I wonderful to think he's got to take all he's gonna do this is gonna do that it's what people we're talking about out of the gate with Johnson. That worked out he did want that first year I did my job with Bob excellent. But then after the move. And they'll be accused of I was zones and I was kind of amazed that the the reaction to. The David Price we played a lot of Dave price shift and here we did that. Because he was in fighter that beat dot to muscle their adolescent at 22 years of your David Price from the start over because work. Stuck with the each score Valentine's Day. I to a tomorrow she writes that. Buckley now David Price needs to back up his words and sees fresh start Oscar pasted tell Washington. Chat room mr. Shaughnessy. Man moaning and angry and nudge. He just his article was just that he just transcribe the whole thing yet there was no opinion of late. It's just countless itself and don't be decent but we worked really hard. Presenting this column was low slung decision that's. Wouldn't and I and I'm not taking his entire body of work and taking the peace that he wrote yesterday from Fort Myers sport Ogden in Fort Myers well over 24 hours of him and every conversation with a everywhere at such a digital lower and he's trying. I don't think he tried yesterday wire. And he's just transcribe these answers and and give me an opinion that's what I think it's just one of his bag and we get the Shasta so why shouldn't I shouldn't point that I can go in and out anymore. Tries what do you do when play. I mean I should yesterday that I not to finish on us in the last couple late. We need to venture on the Cecil a get out the best looking guys not the greatest scared I'd get all right some of us don't look as good as others. But the fact is that you the contrary you want the guy that's gonna you know keep people honest you know the quality control guy. But yesterday Shaughnessy was easy this was like keep Boston vs Orlando there are times yeah it's in the committee spews hatred. Yeah I mean to people it in all the hatred is in the way of the ball hold but it's true though it can be immediate time again. He can be a little Leon you know it's nice guys or hear it and I get. I don't understand that but yesterday. In my panel on May be a monoline but I thought he was lazy yesterday. In this was say in every once abortion policy doesn't. There are days that you're lazy and here I mean you know some deja I hate it I admit that some guys you you see here you read it shows it sucked all week. I really do an idea I think it's been a tough one it's not that that's stated to us there it's Africa we don't have the same chemistry here in the clubhouse Benedict the economic and amenable Myers. That's right I am going to strollers and it's actually a whole week off popping in dollar as a parent is that you put up big yards but here it is me me and just chime in with you guys faults called daily. Well it it's it's Ellen. Lazy every once in awhile later times I hear you on the show and you breaking down Al Horford schemes and other days you just sit there and throw like average is throw the word out proposal lazy days which you don't wanna break down his game you don't wanna look at the finer points the little things the little things that other people missed it I know you know enough about that and that you could pick up on instead what do you know leverage over general average dome that's lazy. I know it's time to come clean I think he's a good player. Sports Radio acts like Lou mellowed I think he's good color and and a medal of the rough on them I saw some reaction I saw some attention from it. I've continued to troll people on that you know when he is a bad game might go on Twitter and troll you. When he's a good game to come at me and natural back and it's a a gay interaction that way we deep calls and people talk about him podcast tonight. I see the big picture and I've done that. Strictly to get my name out there. I don't you go to Al Horford front to try to further my career not asking about batting average and because of that I apologize. Oddly affectionate if fashion fun I I appreciate that low and especially a belt that's for sure she's. We don't know right night they were good. China she writes winning cures everything talking about David Price. I know I'm going to be the delve into a little bit of negativity here just a Little Rock now. But when we shouldn't winning cures everything. The price could come out to be terrific pitcher during the regular season and fortunately there's going to be. A lot of people here in New England retouched transponder and people who actually want the team to win. We're gonna be skeptical. So I think not only does David Price have to wind during the regular season the key for him. He's got to win. In the post season. I Boston sports info did this yesterday and I reach weeded out. He earned run averages of Red Sox starters in the playoffs over the last two years nine. Eleven that's good. Well Brian you know what their average trying to get ridiculous so hard sport. You know how hard shell game if you've only. I'm saving easy I'll watch lip that's why don't we beat you could do it is not played the leak they for a long time European knew that in Atlanta usually based I don't think it's. And it's a hard yeah. These are trying to go in sub prime time. Stand between on skates between the pipes and try to take forty shots okay c'mon at some men's game. Aren't you you've played a little. It was a game so we did cures everything he's got a win in the post season here's the other one ever. Do you saucers but we can't safe stuff. Each window and a regular season. Push out his chest pounding his chest. And say stuff OK and (%expletive) people off because until you win in the post isn't the people that want the Red Sox to win. Are not gonna sit there and set all did we find me love we've really really do love correct. My am I right your little legged if I agree and I apologize to relic that home run off and on your front to our camp I I'm sorry. Is it really isn't really come that with him. When in the postseason. Since let's present I don't career I think is this and feel like this this and I've heard this on Twitter and I might dive into this a little bit and as quickly if somewhat negative and that that's not hate speech is just me talking. I feel that the Boston Red Sox. It it's it's people that don't like the sport of burglar vocal right now and it's like the regular season doesn't matter. Nothing matters because you hate the sports you don't want to admit it. And it's just it's all about the post season. And unfortunate for this team they have failed in the post season. But there are some people wrong that some people actually looking forward to watching baseball. Because I think that's being mean spirited. If you're only talking about the post season not willing to say you know what good job good effort try hard during the season entertain. It's good solid entertainment core. There are a lot of people are too aloof for a lot of different reasons that are starting to. Lose the law. A baseball now I may be kiss my age old school. She'll like game of baseball I follow the game of baseball. Does it have the same appeal with some of these other sports. I hate to say even at my advanced age 84. As of two weeks ago. Com. I find myself more interest it in some of these other sports does that may be a bad person may be. You mean maybe and by the way I don't know if you heard about this but the Red Sox today and I want to congratulate them residual a lot of great things that signing a great sponsors. They're doing a senior citizen. Dance today for Valentine's Day during if I'm gonna be leaving early nineteen year I'm going to 1230 wanna leave you by yourself for the last hour and a great I'm going to dance a breakdown launch angle. And it's David. So they are they related yes they really do what it would answer which is again twelve to four which is a sensible to fortunate while the scene usually if you don't get it. And if Gaffney but it careless. That in itself I guess I get away with a right yes I get away wise it's just for them to seniors. That's a good point there oh. You don't want. That's not all inclusive that is that's applicant to be very soon. I don't think so good point. And I think the you know actually is is the caller to the east but is Trish are. Well I'll find this out of that this stuff the powerball scared to do anything. If all play in this area. I thought I got out of La not. Well I'm still young the seniors they're gonna pick it. On it isn't it's OK just checking out there so it's true story they are really Red Sox are really doing it it's a nice gesture. So the game is getting old. And young people to tune it up again so you can't dispute that. I'm ways you know I think the went to the game is less of a problem that and the excitement part of the game that boom boom boom hit me when action. You know people around their devices critical of the ball park who. In the old days you you look at old video footage video footage old old kinetic what at least call in fiscal stuff via BC people and are all dressed up and they are all looking. At the field. Nobody's looking at anything but what's going on with the action on the field right everybody's looking very. Fenway Park you watch a game on TV recognize somebody don't run your device that talking of people. Paying attention every single pitch is gone people will do that anymore you'll watch and see more of the game if you're watching it on TV. That you want when Europe had debates or events. So Boston Red Sox right now and before the city there's no question about it and there's no denying that their fourth team in this city you know in the patriots five years you know beat them before. And if you wanna debate that you want a question and debate that it is not and the minutes ago and I went in the wrong on the of them don't the first twenty minutes of crap here and roll well for the state. Right. This wrong. You wrongs don't look it was like before when Brady and bill leaves the Brady leads his team is that in six and personality jobs at a podium. People to get sick and tired of beacon started questioning bill Belichick's losing it. Because he's going to be the exact same guy and a podium. That he's been for the last ten years the only difference is you don't have Tom Brady to rescue your athletes are really is unless we would fall under this is probably the pop culture. You're wrong because a whole generation. Our two generations now because this thing has lasted so long as is another. Yeah I set up yeah coupled with the growing right straight and that's a lot a lot of his body. Generate original reluctant father brought us back to top Brady. Not end of accomplishment to build out a check good luck to open up about fun and I think that's part of why baseball. Is is is dying to know for this article as saying that's let's go back to old form and it's appeared that generation. Someone who lived through the late ninety's that early two thousands baseball never leave me. Look at this team it's so hot it. Did it for six or seven years yeah it's. I'm calling all people advocate and never realized. That the Red Sox would ever go away. Everybody knows why don't ever wants everyone drops everyone's wallet every would steal every once for every woods three everyone's. Yeah it's been 1718 years you can't possibly imagined when the patriots not running this city. But it's going to happen here it is all history it's had it's the way to okay I'm taking history into consideration here or can I think goes. Thank you are right I love history here's the history you need to understand. Is that the people that like baseball right now unfortunately. Are dying. Ordered going over the dance standing over it wait are dying. Car isn't. At arms and the guys that demographic that you see that he downloaded all the young people that are dead at 1213. Sixteen right now they'd grow up mopping the New England Patriots are gonna continue to. The average demographic in football is like two years younger than they don't much younger all rounds and little old grid there's stuff I get it don't make it up and up not very good on Saturday that a well I'll take a look at. Basketball and got to worry about test will teach you know what we're looking at the ratings go down for for everything including by the way football look at India. I'd little wanna give up so you look at them ratings for that cavaliers Celtics game. A blowout. Blowout Celtics were out of making pretty girls would say second quarter you got the feel like they were in serious trouble. Shoot ratings and a the biggest game that they've had on ABC. Regular season game in five. Five years in basketball as you know. Yes yes yes and it's gonna last for a long time so what's so what's happening is they're applause and its users indicted seven Indus down yes. Can I want. It's forever. Why don't Obama. Of offer Revver. Up. You're already are setting this up for the next decade. I think you'll know I think they have generated and built up this generation that loves football loves the patriots. And I think this is gonna last for some time. Now isn't going to be as big as it is when we noticed it it might even more interest and you know what might be more because we all should turn a regular season as. And as rooting for the play like the under the guise of it might be more interest because of it in the AFC east to make. The plane accident I don't want you don't believe that interest in unison pitched at the Boston Red Sox now three wins can't win the World Series. Let's see what you do in the post season would be the same damn thing five years from now will be more popular the patriots of the ransom. Is Bob Brady is gone after coming three. Patron I mean it's it's decreased its uranium mine. Really odd idea of us are to be the downfall of auto depends the Red Sox suck the Celtics might be number one by then the Bruins could be number one. Could the point is I'm willing to accept that it moves around. It's right now the Red Sox a four debate. Is it about what 2011. The broad sort of Awad they winnable. Wanna put ice it was but it was a blip because they were the last fifteen of the four. To go in wait some people say oh my god this is now people are seeing it grow to go what yes they won't in the past and we'll Greg you are urged I tell you what. This appointment I don't understand why you can't realize that that's the point this team right and good support we just broken nose if you really think benefit team isn't good. They're gonna remain number one I got a championship caliber team they're gonna remain number one I think they have they have built up. A strong base and the big Red Sox the basis so much. I'd turn it is Donna. And only n.'s David if that's what's happened here and not what they don't matter a lot like hey you know what I can see there. It's a sides raising my voice to. That was there too much anger he beat her but I'm sorry about that pretends advanced solar renewable. When you write ball Tia. Well our producer what do you what do you think you know what saved that now I think you're a state that one week will get that later there's no guarantees Paul steak maybe I am wrong. That's such he's Paul stick and it will pay off that he's mean that we keep Red Sox will repeat of the past the clock I called or you know get my tickets the Red Sox will host of Valentine's Day dance for under twenty that's not a senior citizens of like to be one to 41 the only experience that brings every spot where it all I don't appreciate it's just seniors avoid due respect him. I think he should be more all we should. I agree with I think that is being narrow minded but I know that it. I five different Boston area seniors so senators about oh I got five different once the event will be held from 1:30 to 4 o'clock in the Dell EMC club. Which includes lunch a little late for seniors want 130 is. I. Should do pictures with the 2007. And 2013. World Series trophies. I DG. How old city and the answer. To each is. Young guy at odds that Dino and that. Two Nickels. On thirtieth they can go. This should go doc don't sit there and start calling newspapers are adamant in telling people were making fun of seniors out with singer. I can't I. I don't scenario. The senior over the I'm facing a senior for this apple I didn't ask my parents are senior did you browsing ego. You have everybody knows they seemed frightened out of the falcons wanted to evoke a gesture it's too much any human kangaroo here in the first segment. So we're gonna get to the focus you know what the big lug nut here you know why not gonna go to the whole thing. Again okay. But we'll get to your phone calls commitment to 6177797937. Police were alone late law tomorrow. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away an app on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now. Much Sports Radio. Pretty good 134 on the nice warm window. I advances in. Let's get to the phone calls of it that it was a great time. It would be a lot of wisdom. And knowledge of the solar. Insightful look at mine. Yeah. Kitchen phone calls and 6177797937. Is Greg in North Carolina what's up Greg. Regular Chapman and on the they are pricing this ills elements and the season brand new slate when we. When they signed him I thought it was sadness that this is his right. I've been a great pitcher but Japanese certain site they handled a lot media. And you let that site but at area is asking her clean slate let's get. What handle the Boston media has to do with what he did. With with Dennis hackers would mean did you know the economic did you say that was a fear both when he signed a little bit to handle needed I don't remember that. What don't you guys never said I just thought even turn that off. Tickets are like. Nor did we thought I think most people sludge is the opposite that you never really I mean did you see that softness before. Let's talk a silent him. I think he's a great pitcher but every complaint about the ban on Wednesday I just thought it was they become the best you'll cyber. Bob. Yet it right are there. Mickey saw. Now millions and when you don't you. Dare to think so. You think bringing that jerks into this media. Will be good then. I'll be a lot of entertainment. Circles until recently wrong. I don't know what your problem with it with Bryce Harper I saw this thing on TV where he's actually on the on deck circle and a fan comes out of this thing and that comes over to him and he's really nice for the fans. So hard on TV. I don't I don't she would there be a problem there and she's easier probably what price are right aren't every once in awhile he says some stuff he's been critical to gain critical of the way. That they present the personnel. I thought I might find him a lot of people out there that like you know can cycle we're allies. Every you know and edit and listen I trust that guy I don't think that he waded. You know for a couple of years before he felt like the news media believe that that guy saw a couple of interviews. Song on Twitter and before they signed and that no this is gonna be a bad idea I trust that I want people don't think he's influence at all but to sit there is a GDP in Italy. And which I love it here. The price Huckabee perfect trip while he's you all you also get the idea perfect fit. Kirsch yes I think he'd be perfect. What are those guys tempo that you want them. That should we on the on Lou I don't know what everybody would handle about I had a hot it would never be a prompt and I remember Chris Sale. Not to eat good food that is loaded signature he just he just focuses themselves and a cholera it was after I imagine I'm just you get. Egypt and study and work your golf so we. We know so much I wanna apologize what's known I want apologize for the I earnings of one apologized to the entire bodies were gonna do this more often by the way. Or apologize to the entire audience the textures are now educating me. And tell me that that Bryce Harper. We're he had a little get together with the Fam you know that is a TV commercial it was staged and get paid for my apology I've beaten so I apologize for the analyst. They ointment well. Lou let me just begin as saying that if if you do start criticizing. The cute coats and makes one uncomfortable and want to leave again I'd be happy to kind of approach here and it's a legal criticism. Okay. I echo what they've said look Carolina I think that this is going to be at a price realizes that in coming here. Say in the right things. It and he certainly didn't produce right off the bat but the last lecture we finish strong. He came out of the pen like you know a hole and it didn't complain about it and I think that year. I'm hoping that you in jail. I'm gonna really combined two to take these this Yankee line down because what happened was which initially came in Arizona company and what needs to come to win the World Series. And any produce commercials and that is the same they're price obviously doesn't have that person now but I thought he was gonna have to make up to the pitch. And I I think it just a little while and initial behavior. I could you answer answer me this question answered this question because I think you're hoping because I I think most Red Sox fans. All hoping that not only will price pitched great regular season and and policies. Glad that he won't lose during the course of the season won't believe that the U won't aggravate a the court won't nagger everybody's hoping. But tell me what you really do you really believe that's going to happen if you were predicting if you if you could put your house on that day. And say outlook my house on it I double or nothing. On that I think he's going to be the perfect citizen during the course of the season would you do. Of course I think I would not quite as thirty million dollars that will buy a lot of headphones that will cancel out immediately cancel. I at triple over the callers but but but most of all. Chris there will be an exodus that some awesome human rights should. Have been replaced thought it would be. And not. Do you really believe that the the issue. Was price would say oh I think that was an issue I don't know I I don't think either one of these guys I think both of them have accomplished a lot as a matter of fact prices accomplish more things for sale. I don't think I think it just work well together but here's the thing. In this city there are people waiting to pounce. Okay and they look at past transgressions. And it lump it all in. And then all of a sudden you have a little slip up so in other words of David Price does something. That wouldn't fall into the category of the outpour that maybe as happened in the past it doesn't matter to some. And they will automatically jump on it whether it's fair or not and they won't stop until his blood and innocent people lose their job so David Price that it was gonna be really careful he's got a belongings their pitchers got to all the ball well. And tried to stay away from everything like I'm talking about. Everything like John Lackey approached don't speak to the media notes say a word just. Pitch. That's sick because there's people waiting for youthful waiting. Four and it's funny you mention. Because I read a similar book story article something. And and you don't want the person to lose their job which you put everybody else's job. In jeopardy was something very assemble I can't remember every so much and you know it's after awhile you just kind of forget some of the stuff. I price my age senior citizen of the at the dancer won their peers Christian a car Chris. They got the right equipment out there eight reflect driving Billy dead wrong and yours or it's baseball and you're not cyclical they're staying at a autumn they're going to be them before for awhile at the Crawford or not girls Q we lose and it. Baseball is too long relations committee gained good debate in a row cared football used to game. There's dumb dumb to say like really I mean you can just think for a minute the do you think put the orders and dentists in the same forever. Ten years ago. Or bulletin Isabella. Order among the work pretty well at all baseball is number one to thirty years an estimated forty years prior year. Year's big acres McLaughlin so. Let me ask you does the Red Sox finished dead last you years in a row. Word was that don't work anymore it would and I it's odorless and I don't know what Null. Well. I did all right. I thought. On them. I'm running an up on Chris is that is because he disagrees noticeable thing up. Is wrong now I disagree let me let him let him make his point that you make the Red Sox and an in depth at all except for help at all. We talked about bad debt last team two years in a row we talked about that more than we. Talk about a Bruins team that finished dead last out of the Celtics team that finished dead last or patriot team. That they paid his debt the last two years in a rock and he mentioned Chris you're richer. Grew Lugar depicting it these big thing right it would be quicker pace right 04 they went out life. Who cares about baseball now it's over it's over buddy again yeah definitely great that we ever get into the game that. Board I've played. You know that. I don't hold run my first at bat at Fenway glory in June after the reunion this year I was this thought every cop. Aegs absolutely. Ebony it was a Paul won it's he tore apart Troy. Reach envoy Chris this is Chris Chris Chris Paul backups are listen should really on sergeant emotionally distant every amid a bad place when is not a good place amid golf iron that you agree I think it's a really bad place right now a lot to get down minimum but life life is bigger than just tend to but here's the gun understand. Just I would rather you just say. You don't interfere of the sport but I am a fan of the sport. Two years trying to present it is an alternate I'm talking to Chris Paul Sartre is a guy to call him a little bit but don't know three minutes gonna hang up on race vs I I don't I don't cross like running let's hearses and all. All right now he's listening. To Chris listen you only write your body UN. Can't listen. You within. Not not because right now I'm not Nico I'll run for Chris or not and I'm not a recurrence. June. And you don't like the FaceBook for okay. That's fine. I'd love baseball own bed full disclosure. I played leak and if you knew that and apartments that every African there. I love the game I don't think I think it's slow it's cyclical support. Number it's Smart of a dumb jock to original years that it pays off in front for you agree with something you say so what I'm saying is that I loved the game. That's. What can you pick a focus on win we go through three different don't meet what's your plate plate taking out the ball game than it was but the natural. I gave up there with genetic into the middle school I didn't slowing. It was on each this is not going to be easy. Again and it's. Songs in the back of the hall on many things so I gave them a song for a movie gave him a move east this was supposed to be the natural. Supposedly budget violently. You wouldn't let you called multiply that natural theme in this would you put out this because he doesn't know he's such an ending. Right now the visual theme this is no that actually got a confused notebook natural thing. Chris I don't know it isn't true. I was if I tried I tried it my hair. And you. I have to do they live my life. Play by play instruments try to use everything that you elaborate hello I let them I don't. Mr. hot right now and we can't do it in government. Adds I would have found it won't let it looks like my unit unit I'm glad I got it only took advantage of the show to be considered the same time out. And point. I don't know goods today. Battle to run the guys who like his old uncle downloads that. Mitigate these early on Sunday would go to fields. In political alternate guy's gonna be mowing the grass and didn't just sit and you know we're gonna just. I'm gonna smell. Some ministers from the grass you know what that smell is it I guarantee you really know what am I don't oil as well yeah it's the grass. To the ballpark I could smell it and don't and then somewhere in the back you divide the city year at the crack of the bat. And it good to hear a baseball hit a leather glove. I and I'm good to see the jewel. In people's faces and receive little Joseph we over there who's generally hold that up his little bats are making news saying this Joey 72 of these so there's just a trust. David Price of stamps. Stellar Warner kids. And it deserves doctors say. I'm gonna see honesty back the ball skills I'm gonna see the ball in flight I would see somebody. Put that perfect stated that Sturm put that perfect swing. On this one pitch and I'm gonna see that line drive with back spin is to hand state in the baseball left center. I would see a ball pulled properly. It clean double play. I can't wait. And that does it outline and there. I can't. And I'm gonna launched Ingraham takeoff from the free throw then I'm gonna just scored. As air ads. Are on each piece I need at peace right now in my life that I need. Here. In the gonna walk in that locker room of SpinRite and have those players' day off before. As they try to explain the guys. Are willing to give you clean slate it's in new year. I support you. And then it in the throw another set of these laws off my forehead. And it's I am I can't wait for success increase in the car. Just admit it. You know like this. The throne. Look at that he's gonna try to convince you that you that you should like the sport given up on he knows he's moved on to launch any on when I was aggressive and go against this purchasing. Okay distress right now is chasing. Women OK any booze in any hung all over in his note to spend three hours okay when you're married. Suited you have kids why you breaking them hold guys like you're in life is loaded down with you as you've you don't like your sport and you start doing jewelry and nice baseball game you sit there and Sunday afternoon. And you watch the baseball game as you kids out of backyard. In your wife is shall with the ladies and she's doing currently thinks. You're just sound sexist and as you get older. And as you get to weekend I don't know what OK as you give us for as far as minor remodel our way. Wouldn't advocate the election probably build on the bench all the way to tribal very subtle and out Roosevelt you enjoy the game or your all that's why it's an older sport. A crush is single again. When it slows down when you light slows down to what you gonna do that sit down with a frosty cold beer. Indeed and it just enjoy it good ball a gonna go to the baseball players that attack what do I can because some. And it goes on but. Because I'm starting from the student in a lot of trouble and I'm gonna get in any more trials are moved to take a break when we come back. Hopefully we'll have five full phone lines and some liquor file a lot of hot hot hot. And it goes from uncles are on. Fine by FaceBook Twitter and featured more of or Wayne Loney and 48. Sports Radio WEEI. I'm back Darren OM apple got just oh and and and you know you know that's all about Monday he'll be here but who apparently is abandoned the house. Taking off for four and I'll be there. You'd be part of show now of course of course beginning of the show that's absolutely. There there there there's no question I already have my moment my peaceful quiet. Home. A tedious it Peabody high DD. Yes I need to act that that you you can do. I can't. I'm sending you big big hat over the phone and kicking and how impressed he won big hug right that's that's your. Thank you end that it relied on attack at that seeing it very much out east and India clearly all the all the DD. Elena don't DD. It. Are you as to England to go zoom. I would love to have that happen and. I don't think their play in the significance stance. I have a little a little uncomfortable going of these things DD I don't know what to do is it inappropriate if you walk up to a group and say. Can we danced with your dates. Would that be appropriate. Tell you when you get. One minute edit them although it. You're at risk impact will be solid and well look console until 130 today. And everything I do yeah what is picnic and I. It's all over the place all along to you media there rundown here you can note you go to Fenway Park Dell EMC club. The Peter borrow senior center in Fenway. Lock Alia is up. It's by not in his violent in rocks for the Cambridge senior center the Waltham senior senate. And the metal band family service I mean it is everywhere. This. This is a party that. This is a big time stuff. Good etiquette and then you can have a bought. And think about it tomorrow. I well I will talk all about gateway for a complete rundown little play by connections. This is please note that could be eighty to make mistakes don't usually is going to have to use you don't you'll and they just legal vehicles. Which one you. I expected to file because it is Dylan review Arnold will review or. And I don't want hills. Little different and Redick sort of titillate lab you want to show you played ball I luckily laid an. I think you can use and used in the long run I. I love the game of baseball I heard Libya crystal rent and now. And I I am to just eat something now and I loved it when I was younger and did a 162 games in the seat that I can watch a 102 20. And that's that's an etc. and I don't know where this feeling. I. The smell grass at all at that time out that that is out. You've smelled ignorance. You wanna make you want me to correct what rush. It is equivalent isn't it it's called black white or it's a joke belly again that they Grassley would enter the plucked. So he never of the French address. Listed. As one of the coming automate the mogul and that and that we do Libyan show. Italy can be a little bit and that the public cracked it sacred everything else I will say that I watched the Celtics to them. And I think you are very clear because I think he's slightly below average sometimes eat every cent and as slightly above average with city. Right on the money. And Julie Colin averaging over column below average or ball that iPhone ever own a call aggressive now. And as above average out so what it is and that's your way you can win this is an impression this is Lou by the way toward what well it was just. Last night before the last I'd probably actually lowered to three clowns probably a little by the way real quick yeah. I suspended myself when it into the car. Super ball. If pats didn't win every year yes and we're just an OK eighteen yes would you say they have personality. Question mark would you. Ever hear. Any of them talks including your couch. Yes I hear Tom Brady talk all the time temperate and that is not a football team is what. That was your numbers on a football team that's when Tom Brady retires or let's just say that they're not gonna have all the personalities. I mean. That of the the problem the Red Sox have a problem that they have is you're a percent for identity Austin there's angry about rice okay. This could destroy you what did people fill in little wood and he was. The blue collar guy he's a gritty guy and then last year nobody can do right and then. And then what happened last year. Did it right. So the personalities. Of the patriot players. You don't think they're they're gonna be personalities on the road especially Belichick's not to my person now and then and in their really good at their personalities. What is gone. Well that's what it means it is you maybe have another group India have another girl. Carpet I think they have a lot of players that personality but you make it sound like. They don't talk right now they're coach doesn't talk right now they are the business team and yet they have a lot more personalities than Red Sox team as oil. Why don't we sit there stated that you know guys like that the coaching tree of Bill Belichick. Can't go to another city Matt Patricia can't go to Detroit. And deal with the media the way Bill Belichick does. Because I can't do that because bills built up a resident. Bill couldn't get away with bill couldn't get away with that bill as one when stuff failed in Cleveland right you have. Have to win Chara and what happens. When you stop winning. What you mean what am George W a bit repeal wrecked. The goal is I got. I've got to what happened. Williams to haul it on depth out there. Yeah this is did it right at LSU I don't kids I don't know bit I don't look at what happens when you stop. One. Date they dropped down to 106 maybe 97. It won't be the same but you think it's all going to fall apart technical way back in the pack beat number four and the Red Sox and baseball would not going to move to never thought I think that's gonna. I don't at that moment the Red Sox moved through. It'd be the Bruins at the time for fighting beatle years or if you be the Celtics are attracting the judges and audience aren't so. When let's just say Tom let's fast forward ten years. Number he's gone. Bill Belichick on in the next ten years their chance to have a five latency and yes will they be number one in the city that you probably not in it probably not the popularity drop handling what do you mean probably not that bad you. Know yeah they want to know hey pay us. Don't you you could listen to yourself and being you yellow and Pat White. You're telling callers today you being rude it's Valentine's Day you would you toned it down with the eighty. Obviously because you know it was a woman that you you know the rules now I don't know known about it equal. Okay now aren't so. What you end up doing is you you missing the point that the patriots have built two generations. Of young kids it's OK I sort your son and what he thought about football it doesn't do the patriots. Brief shows up the room down there were weren't radio row and your kid doesn't even know Europe did that you're his father anymore left you he's what area. Last year oh. Yeah. Right yep so. That's what I'm seeing the young generation right now. Have grown up with football these young kids at my growing up with baseball. It's not going to get better with baseball. Because the older people are going to die off they don't have young people at the other and the younger demo and figured to be there are no he's in the and it just. And the youth of America. Will there be another day when Gillette is tough time selling. Probably because like anything else that you you run its low he's slowly it's it's been twenty some odd years. This state back from 97 now right that's of saint. Wouldn't tell what you set out what I'm debating last night on Twitter because people tell me that we'll never. Happened what did pace the patriots they'll never. Lost that noble and spot because it's football how that and its most popular sport a country that may be do you agree with that now that may be a stretch but I will say this with the patriots always stay number one. Even during the eighty's what's not as much as people wanna talk about the the Celtics in the celtics' dominating this down you could say similar to released in the in the seventh. Stricken face full and roads less emotional moment was right. What's in person postal problem. Oh. And what is it coming out of there is lingering ill you know Hagerstown senator does Pedro and about my towel. We're in a shower we were when what are we doing here. It's two guys two males just throwing the baseball over again. Well exactly summit team it's two guys throwing a pace for the navy tornado at full speed we achieved. Because it's so I put him back to the phone calls coming up next we have an open line 6177797937. We have an open line who's been a little too angry to the Collison people are fearful of calling our program please do not be fearful of felt things they we will be very county.