OMF - Angry Lou, revisited; Should there be concern over Isaiah's hip? 8-22-17

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Tuesday, August 22nd

HOUR 4 - We replay an abridged version of Angry Lou from the 10 o'clock hour. Despite it just being one game, Lou and Christian discuss the importance of securing this series with the Indians. No one wants a repeat of last year. Lou and Glenn will be in Vegas at the end of the week. Christian will be in Detroit. Is the night life comparible? Chris Mannix spoke with Brad Stevens about Isaiah Thomas and his hip. Will IT be ok or is there more going on?


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These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 I thought that I'd. Kids see this guy that the F I hit it if you wanna focus on the night and. You know we get murdered. Got a got a whole he got a year ago when you expect this clown act as a manager at that that Jerry and good start it off and I stopped. I'd stop. With blue and blue and Christie my wife she might just be as. I what horrible wall I was wearing it she's like what you want you know completely yeah that's a competitor in him I gotta fight yeah I would edit out that dynamite. That's why he showed us how much that god had a well he's out of any. There's very good stuff coming under the gun barrel as a Major League don't. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Mark Buehrle Israelis among Lilly is good feelings. You know if I'm also embarrassed them call me Lou you know like I don't wanna change in mood. I'm I'm embarrassed them feel good about it right and you should be feel good about it synergy there legally everything about the Florida vote allotted out. Five gallons of gas and this ticket I'm not worried about it. But if you bomb if you happen to miss our opening segment will be discussed what happened last night and give you a did you look taste. Of how this one went to this news earlier in the show at 10 o'clock network that delivers all charges. Want toward the mound and won't know yet they've made any clothes now OK okay place and now the the top. Way to lose does not important game anyway I have any point game was New York don't I don't yet this is basically the reason why. That won't bother me so much how do you feel about the elites in a word magical. Everybody's admitting how important home field is. Well what about the freaking Cleveland Indians who bought the knock your ass out of the playoffs and a month and a half because they get home field advantage do you think this game's important that's a possibility well. Let yet there'll Greg Campbell no one's ever should use him in the sixth John no Jefferson used him in the seventh John we talked about the eighth don't exaggerate to make your point why he's pitched Friday and Sunday. Accident rate is down a lot ninth pick just wait and while all but. You play the Indians did escape rob gray gambrel and then sit here until bulk of the year off Christ does. Ellen tomorrow just get. You're just gonna blow away don't care about it but that's brilliant tonight sorry three out of four days I can handle it they get into. Did did gamble went in the the only way to look get swept the Cleveland did those home field did those home field will be physical and to get a boat used in beautiful new dilemma recipe. Good to warn us. We've got to walk you know most people don't images in the game at seven guys the bullpen this guy's got eight and he still get laid it out. Pain relievers. Pain relievers. Asked about your starting over. Again I was like we simply that in its entirety because I'm sitting here looking out loonie is tired. Is that he he smokes and on always being gone since one Wednesday so lose at the drive the car the last ones this fourth they drive over to another kind of Pete I think is really kind of took it. Have no idea NA no it did innocence and look at it and again to bring this up front because Michael sober violent. What nautical less than at the game conservative bullpen usage you know it is okay an artist and he goes on says it would be for last night he'd have a problem with at all. You know if you wanna rest Kimbrel if you wanted to ease up on work minute knees up on marine then so be it do it now do not dispute ready. In any came out I guess we should send in send that to his editor get up several another article that minutes after it does in the morning it's an herald today. Best record the goals the Sox begin playoff drive it talked about how important playoffs are deductible Terry Francona and I was in port for his team. To be in in Cleveland last year not open up in the in Boston because it young team. We've heard brought call talk about a recently yesterday at the smoky vets talked about yesterday. How important home field is so in one breath he writes an article that's conservative you wanna burn these guys out in Cleveland. Because it's August and another article on this that does. Within minutes talks about how important this series is for home field. That's how I feel. Yes it was a good weakened against New York but team won every single game the matchups are not in your favor. Okay except for maybe last night it was kind of even but tonight grasp over spinster. Tomorrow Cooper. Who was gonna make a run it Cy Young here against Chris Sale going up against Palmer into left in 43 the data we don't always titles that are now. So you you you don't wanna push and I don't know the conversations at a serene. Maybe just that there's an IQ Mexico but port we came in Kimbrel is gonna commit what you worked into the eighth. Why can't Joseph Kelly give me one more. He was dominant in a seven yards you are you played a prominent on the flip like dealing promoted versions don't on this game in Cleveland game one. Knowing what the matchup Simon the next couple nights. Don't you think. That. Overall. People over analyze his moves should just all just just they ignite his game but from football for him specifically. Forget about other matters based on its history like everything he does is over analyze comment because of his history OK okay again how we manage again I get it but. You have to do pecan for that stigma to be removed from him but what does he have to do when World Series he did he didn't want friends know you know he's got a complete idiot. Right makes said the team did it hit nothing to do with it now they they go hand in hand. You beat teams doesn't go out there and play and it's on there's somebody who's pulled on the strings and he's having an impact on the club so we thought it. Just get stupid in doll in careless and scare overnight panics. Okay but did you panic and point thirteen. Wedding when deliberate work and it World Series that's against a rule that the final out can look at it. Go back and look at every manager they're gonna have a yes I want them hugs and counseled decision I make at some guys but 5050 chance and it crap I picked the wrong. And if we wash Francona on a daily basis and we did people got on him the called for a coma but the differences is that now Larry Francona. Made decisions that make you scratch your head there was always an explanation. After the game these weapons I ought to see you at his side with this guy in using nightly. Thing if you listen to him on a nightly basis. Due to shake your head. See that's the biggest issue in my opinion based on the perception and and what you're getting from him yes everyone's got to make mistakes but ultimately it. Let me go to bars the bars are asked to Barnes about his mistakes and he's owning all his issues he's only he doesn't know what he needs to do he's trying to he's pissed about it. You believe on sugar coating anything he's playing he's taken a page from the Chris Sale book fair role needs to take a page from the Chris Sale book. And at sometimes you know what you'll have to explain to everybody what your entire thought process is it makes you sound crazy. It makes you sound unreliable. And that and then. Probably have a good reason for and I know he didn't just wake up 1 morning say what Margaret first deal that didn't happen. They get scatter report they do their homework. The biggest issue is beginning speak up on speeds up on I definitely believe that no quit his post but you you saw the last two weeks. And the whole issue with the way he delivered his message that to meat is like that but think that that makes me cringe more than any. Sophie delivers especially does that mean you think he delivers it properly the players. Always had a disaster as well you know I'm always talking with the needs it to sell you always must be much better with the players you're at players there and say whatever your ass and read. Yes and read a unfair by Akamai to your mind hey I feeling. As pretty simple question I don't think about it yet but I'm not really sure when I'm at a pitch at a could be the senate maybe it's the eighth. Not only serve on way to see how I feel when the time comes up you know I'm kind of crazy that way but I thought he'd deal. You think that's the way it sounds to Addison reed that new guy on the team doesn't really get the history of John parent taking on the same page Q what happened last week in New York. I don't I don't at all I agree with you on that point it can't deliver message to their. To them via the right. Doing what what is what are your players here but what are they what they understand because. He is that I I I agree with the rest of the way. You know Ole. I think it would be I would be careful how I used Kimbrel OK but I think they'll be certain situations. Where that might come into play. I just I view this Cleveland series the same way I view this Yankee series. And I would sit there and say these are these are two games swings. Gave an opportunity go up three and a half and now it's one and half on the Cleveland Indians to get home field. All right I know they don't wanna talk about the playoffs but he got to go big picture. You know you don't wanna talk about winning a division but when he played the Yankees you move your rotation around because they're big ball games. I feel the same way about this Cleveland series. So fun we'll look at it if it Addison reading Craig Kimbrel and Brandon Workman command and how we feel and you know I know I've used to two of the last three days. But you know this is a big series force every game is vague and I want puts emergency on this thing. If I need you tonight to hold on to game one here in Cleveland with the right amount. I got to use here so if it if you let you tell me a you don't want me to maybe that's a case agreed. If if if he already he admitted that at some re was down. Kimbrel was down he didn't want to use Workman Dubrovnik was getting up and attentive they got to find his goal is not to use the F only organized and you're really down. Or that I understand is a feeling of this guy's down on the using a maybe that was read and if I can avoid using workmen in Kimbrel. Mean how do you sit they're going to games if I can afford them did not use Kimbrel he's my closer he's either up or he's not there is no discussion. So he's up if if if we before three legal and I amusing so Kimbrel high. I'm using. A Workman gets in that game would like to avoid it sure but it's it's 43 in the eighth. In my auction is getting one more game out of Workman. Who gave up in the ninth they'll get me wrong but still one more Cuomo game and a Workman and then shutting him down. Because outfielder reed is out and out tomorrow fight need to eighth it's now read. So if one guy is out that I got to use workmen in Kimbrel. See how you Portugal back by you really analyzing if I used Kimbrel you know and workmen in the eighth. That Edison reads my clothes are for Fister case I need it. And then you know what I have to go to Barnes. Because I'd just use kimbo ideas work in two days in a row and I got to go to Barnes OK I get it but I don't think of the case last night I think you had to get that game. Because I'm worried about tonight I'm actually worried about game three Kluge averse plumber it's as well nice to earn its sales say please don't let sweep of. CC you're you're saying it is CQ are really Trace it back so it's to the beginning to work really started count or could have controlled a little more. If you wanna say OK really that the biggest decision he didn't make with keeping Joseph Kelly in the game. Allowing Joseph okay Joseph Kennedy didn't utter another part my answer melody let's keep learning about let's start their search your nervous about playing catchup and you could take a chance on anybody. Because that's really what it calls that. Trust the most well Barnes has more you more experience handling this situation. Look at Barnes is a road record is wrote ERA compared to his home -- written so wanna start really start being critical words began its orbit it's hard to Joseph Kelly chair. It's your toe Kelly did you another inning and ended the other decisions may be on his back. But I'll say this if you wanna had to put Joseph Killian and it will be killing him. It would be destroying him of Joseph Kelly goes in there he does the same thing that bonds does in the eighth he gets up against them hey give them walked as this immediate pull. It would be the same way. And I leave. It put you know we were situation therapy. I tried to get electronic Joseph Kelly because Reid was down. And I wanted to try to avoid workmen at the fight again another inning out of him. But instead. I mean do you think that would Joseph Kelly comes into a game. If he tried to stretch CA at a Kelly as opposed to Matt Barnes given that everybody is boy knows the splits these different pitcher down road. So and and and it became lets you know what honestly loves it he's not gonna say it publicly but you to say what you want to bring in barns in the eighth. Make acting game but he out especially in a row. So anyway if you want with Kelly you release it there's an art art yeah I get it because later Ronnie find out reads down and you want to try to stay with more and that's why stressed out Joseph. CR would say. Read it he did that and he explained it the way you did he can't out. Yeah that I really I'm okay but the product part of the problem he wouldn't explained it that way. Somehow. Something would be brought into the equation and you have been like but I. Agree. Well to me this one. So pushed investors comes up with one out in an in and I think I can I've on this one I can finesse and Christian Vasquez comes up with Jackie Bradley on deck (%expletive) readies everywhere. You've got Chris Young in your bench where you can use it for Bradley. In European open Nunez or bets have been attending so I get Chris Young bass he's up there. Are investing gets on base or pinch hit Chris Young will pinch runner Chris Young most likely be at speed in the bench it's in early voting going catch. So these guys he does that you could argue they should be on second base all you want that's fine but he wasn't he's on first base Jackie comes up all one. Ball to. All 33 and help time. Chris Young goes in a pinch run for vastly. Well largely to 30 what if jacket that's terrific that's double adept on the line would vote to law which would have won all would have to all Jackie swung the bat. Wider Tiki three pitches to get Chris Young in the game to pinch run. CN Allen also say that is a that is a as soon as you know you lay up that whole scenario. If he's leaving get on base don't mean Dorgan entire issue don't in October don't take any your quick enough to come straight open. Or is discover some straight to the dugout because Chris young and I already told Chris Shawntae. Stretch out because he gets on base you're going in. To meet the old east and think it brought hold the past I expect to make that play to me that's a routine play. A basket they know you're not getting a second base would been thrown out I'm irritated at what happened I don't care if he was watching it go at it he was just he was taken his time when he was running. You would get a second base doesn't matter brought colts get to pass basket gets a pass. The mentality. Of how far behind you are. What I did with a high school coach I missed it but he should never miss that especially. In the crucial situations when every Ron is so important. I don't know unless you mess up their but you're young is probably get ready. The immediate pinch hit for a halt all pinch run for baskets period and the story. And he gets on base isn't usually with those 30. I got I don't I don't understand that and if you can say conviction moment are you supposed to talk about that is now does that shake your head if you watch the game. We did anyone ask him why he did that without without a roach. Brooke's question buddhists and what they wanted to wait. Three pitches and to I don't know our Christiane out of love to her aunt went my way for the you know of late but wanting to hear that answer. It's just basically saying I wanna torture myself. Because I know what it's gonna make actually no sense what they're gonna under arisen on dale holing keep are they gonna have mom tomorrow there Baltimore area and carries a close eye and hope they'd break this game down I hope they ask him like what. Impeachment Chris Young for best as we wait those 30 what. By two weeks. Away Angel Kelly keep going. Out of Detroit. Let's all go to the calls go to Peter JP Peter union efforts get. They are a little bit it really a little bit. I think this plant blunt I don't think it's a better plan there's. Israel telling the seven net partisan it and trim on the ninth and you know aren't sort. I think that was his plan at a CBC. And he's. And it's not intentional move and I easiest and and Matt barnes' boat. I have bad game you won that game and I understand that. But it that would be as planned you're a big prominent yes. Well. That that's that was the plan Peter reality don't forget about I think that was his plan it was Kelly seven pars in the eighth. And hopefully Kimble no from a Barnes and yanked it YouTube didn't do you know what his splits arguable that bar's always been thrown a ball lately when. Brady and work into the ninth and you know well he's been throwing. I'd like worked and worked in the expert Paterson because pigeon no good at all. That's not true Peter did you watch one game in New York he sucked in New York. You give up all runs and with the forgot. After I get on lunar. Popular silent and I said this what happens okay when you are so we're leaving earth. And you've got two innings pitched it and hoping give up four. Okay you need to throw seven scoreless Taguchi ERA down to a four. Because you just give up forty blew up in one outing so if you wanna look at a reliever in the beginning of the season. And say that you know always got a five ERA but it's because you look for in a third of an inning it takes probably. Fifteen more innings to get that thing down our respective ERA that's a bunch of zeros he blew up once he's been thrown the ball real well he's the best reliever they have that's not in general. I assume that. It goes read in the eighth inning and he struggled to join and they loose. We met as a throwers say they have figured it very well passenger as it. He made the right move answer he gave it up. To what it would it'd take him just concede here in just its mix stuff up. There's just to (%expletive) off John Farrell well. No I mean it if you make the right move it doesn't work that's fine. Arab a problem with you bringing great Kimberly blows the sabres thought Jon Farrell's wealth. Oprah Edison read your eighth inning guy that's why don't browsed he traded for in successful especially you have becomes in the eighth Friday night he blew that game in New York. John Farrell's fall. But you did you gotta go back east of medical back to your best guy. I mean you can no I have seen would blame him if he gave it up let's go to Derrick in Springfield Erica you on him efforts. Go out cartwright or less pressure on. I appreciate who want the radio and I love you that your rate or malady by. You're not guys knocked out well yeah I don't hear rationality or. You do not let them get a mock oh yeah off the hard Derek you often don't know. On cock. And not. Mean you know 101. MB ER comment. Coming. In a while come one conduct a mock. Ma an Iron. Man wouldn't want any any. Of them and you got quite a any. Cool cool. Are there. Really had to alienate a Coke island and not exactly. Let them eager are. Yeah if you want if you listen guys fuel that's fine not to do that that the other bigger question Derek is what is the allegiance to Barnes and how was that. Where does that come from. Like regardless even with the stats even with even with the hole and away numbers aren't what is it because it calls you don't allocate money to Cologne. Our big. And Wal-Mart that blew out there. Well one. On Lee and completely what you got to you all and I couldn't shut up and down the ref should act like you know the day. And on talk barrel look I can't. How do you recall eight lane at pocono are always geeky older began today. EEE block the ball on that one man he brought located at sacred. Can't say literally could be a little bit more to be. This time a year with these boot record they got a really good team motto on that bill. After 10 o'clock the ball and I gained yesterday they stopped earlier this week that the I don't want to augment. And you know take the ball and Elisabeth was with Barnes. Is that you know last year his first you really go in the bullpen goes for anyway you know and there was some struggles with it this year you may be you. Yet expectations of what you want and and I think that maybe eventually he'll get there maybe it's next year maybe the year after. Put forcing it. You know forcing the guy he's a corner they're trying to walk the leadoff hitter I know that he's going to try to give up hits we all know that. Blizzard chairs this conference will be shot. The fact with his deep into the season now and it's been going on now for five months that he struggles on the road that we steps any warms up in the bullpen on the road he knows that. Seoul you try to avoid these situations as much as possible meeting he's a high leverage guy at home yet finds not on the road yet it and is the report we got it sought Pena head against the wall. And give into reality. He he's one of those guys have the situation like this comes up again and and and all the relievers in the bullpen are sitting on a bench and he's looking for I contacted trying to figure out who has the the right mentality to go out there Barnes is looking at issues bars and please don't call me I don't know the answer act like he's doing something else at a whole different story. Face to me now that that you have the answers now. Like so so when this comes up again in another serious situations that will come up. Right you'll have this still a lot of games left to be played lot of crucial games ultimately depending on where you want you don't you finish in the standings. Just don't use on on the road exit just like the same kind of DeLia bella Addison reed and Kimbrel not playlist and Barnes I love your guy. You're never gonna pitch on the road. Barnes is high leverage situations at home. Rob he's got to still be situational lefty. Work in his high leverage on the home and home or on the road Addison region eighth inning guy in both situations. Unless Kimbrel is unavailable and Addison region closer. Go with it that's it that's it end of story. Just go to save yourself to start and Maloney Fauria. No orderly sexy back tomorrow couple segments to go before we called it a day. Both still taking a call 61777979837. Still a big game rest of the series here from Boston quote in Detroit. It's Carlos Carrasco overs Doug Fister takes more calls me combat. On air and online via FaceBook Twitter and he should grab more of or wade we're loading in 48 right now. Sports Radio. Thumb and missed the find mass money dot com and when you Larry Summers over those muscles oversold. And can't keep playing it writes a summertime jammed right it's a moving in the right you're right now a new script out more audit I'm working on now. Look different separation though. Own angry Lou has has been requested and to say and that's that's what the people want I guess so. We're trying to figure out a way out of working now back to school and angrily at the same time really now. Regular work in progress as we can do some work in progress and can do that means spiral out of treatment I thought it as it. A oil back to the calls go to Mike who's in knoller might might dead body on him efforts. I adore the largest water saying the problem your current deal. Is mismanagement has our car all at which it can we agreed got worse gain that in short series. Well the question. So you combine now back you know blow came on his own. Signal to do. In match that's two games right here so that's not where all year old girl. But big box in the first round. Watching him back you'll. I gotta be the question like I think that's you know always talk about this year. In back in April restart promote John Ferraro Jessica age zero year. You know unless you know April starts off field. Ten point you know lawyer essay the other sweet spot was. Based in about ten days to two weeks after. The trade deadline of who say let's impossible it's too lenient I never thought it was because of on the GM and I give you the pieces. You'll perform. In U commodity. You know good trade deadline. Four and thirteen. I think we can both but instead you commodity 1414. So that its score board team is when the team is very talented. And that's the bottom line that's really kind of vote really matters for now it's I think you're actually arriving to kaposi's that's it last year. Even you even get to the point we had to lead the post season those three games in eighty and get the point it was. This is only decision. On the bullpen was too Palmer that he can bring him out Drupal one after another every game. Three get to see it. This year overseas away from Matt Morris especially on the road and they lose whole field. What's he doing here is will still bitumen road so big deal suitable play the big deal but you know a year later and find out how portal feel was last year finally the truth comes out. But it was important. Let's go to Mike in buffalo my dead body on him efforts. We get a quarter though look look at work on. My Quarshie. What's the matter with rusty because you don't ask me yeah on EU. Important that this team almost any seventeen. Are important or big competitor need greater good out no one could say is well. We've got curriculum. Who hit. 200 since then work to make certain Kirk he. Why this Chris don't go on this roster and rust and the steel down in the minors. Well how much is how much is Chris Young boy. Well but what when he plays he's gotten ago. Immediate home runs or not it's 600 who have done not to mention a bit of bad. Like the reason why rule now. The reason why I'm cruising at the Steelers on the big leagues because this contract. That's the reason because the fourth outfielder or fifth offering up a carry and put him on the bench and playing sparingly. And because of that now. You've got to pick up his eleven million dollar contract. For the remainder of his life of the contract the rules have changed who a couple of years back when media Faye Resnick is Deion Allen Craig. They could take them off the forty man. Neither one of those guys who gonna offer free agency because if that's the case and lose their money. So they kept their money. This except that assignment that AAA in the Red Sox can wash their hands as far as luxury tax the rules have now changed you can't do that anymore shall be called Bruce nick is steel. You take on his contract made eagle the luxury tax threshold was are trying to stay under and then in the future. You better be damn sure he plays a lot for you because he's eleven million dollar contract he hit on the luxury tax the next light of Yahoo! which is what four years. 500 off. This young keeps you on the luxury tax and play sparingly and he's done after that your life. Now they're I get sick you answered this you know I when the kid came out you didn't play great but it was known for your real urine sixty. The part we watched her hands of them he's producing down there are pockets. Better than all the other prospect brown. Travis. I mean. He did not edit in quite. Every position in the outfield in pinch run he can he can give all these guys as are all of us felt. And you don't need be can convert to a person who broke. An athlete like that just some good ones. Their boats autos contract and it maybe your right no mating maybe playing a certain level to where you could trade the player away because I tied the keys useless. On this team. I really do there's no guarantee you know Tripoli hitters it certainly hitter and I was between her. For a guy getting hit the big league level humidity damn sure that he can produce the big league level what he's doing AAA via call mom Pamela million dollars for the next four years. I just don't see that happening I'd rather Chris Young making less for one year in the move on a final look at it I mean just don't see. Artsy wanna you wanna you wanna change topics real quick call said he does somebody the Celtics. On some goodness yes yes what's his which should be. I guess concerning and a bunch of different ways but we talked about. Thomas earlier wall like guests earlier when the pictures started camp it seemed like he was taken this. Latest four. You're he weighed it seemed like he was will not only reassuring people that he wasn't hurt anymore and it was right on schedule getting healthy again. But he also deserve a lot of money. But it looks like some people are a little bit you know I'm not sure about some of whether or not he'll be ready to go in the season so. Hispanics and vertical said download Brad Stevens and had a discussion Isiah Thomas name came up. The last time we saw icing on the court he was battling hip injury in mid July Gainey came out and say he's not any surgery where do we stand with Isiah he's injury and how prepared you expected to be coming into camp we still don't know we have here is another follow up another scandal on sept an early part of September when he arrives back here Al east and then from there we will know an exact time line obviously it's a it's been a lot of appropriate rest a lot of rehab you know there have been some good strides here certainly in the last month a few weeks and we're not gonna know that until. After that early September time for him. And don't know. Not sure how September. It makes sense right because he starts earlier this year to writes it moves he's not good yuppie column jeweler. Be cousins before the season starts wanna make sure it's progressing in the right direction right. But I still go back to. The date they signed this kid chain lock it very a year or every was over in Europe. You know apparently turned down like 55 and a half million dollars over there and came over here. Inside a minimum contract but it is less than a million dollars they brought him over here. And he said he talked to dean he liked what he heard so there's a game plan there so this kid wants to get back in the NBA show we can play. But so is he's gonna make the team. But why would you come back leave that kind of dull on a table to come back and and either not make the team or sit the bench there's a plan for this kid. And it might have been effective when I'm quite sure what the hell's going on Isiah Thomas. Returns on all that money that that was eye opening and the people talked to by the time the media haven't given enough attention to the fact that this hip injury. There are many injuries in sports that can really ruin a career. Hit is one of them. Yet the neck is the other right now than back but I whatever we're asked what I say spine injuries that are temperamental. Fine in him neck spine in your head when I seen any as he so many guys have hit injuries. The whole ball and socket type deal or click it credit it's hard to treat. It's even tougher to rehab. And if you don't get surgery just you're just really hoping that everything goes exactly right without opening somebody up and taking a look inside. So as a lot there's there's a lot of gambling going on when it comes to okay how healthy are you really. That's what that's what he saw it looked OK so what does this team look like without as the accounts for about. The money whether he deserves ago is that conversation I don't think exist anymore so you know he's healthy and you see him on a regular basis what does it look like. Here's his usually the guy he's he's the catalyst of of everything that you've been trying to do. So it is looking at some young kids I dishonestly out streamers put this thing about Jason Needham. A they they pulled all the rookies in to say it out which which rookie will have the best career. And then lob the ball came in first and adjacent hate him came in second actually tied all the bodies and him actually tied. So it was one of those things where are. I. Just cancel ninety. So. That's that's not the answer your answer and it being more Terry rose zero B Marcus smarts. It would be one of those guys wrong but you're not if you bring Isiah Thomas off your team you don't have the same feel good. Vibes I will do with him that's him that's it. An issue. Isaiah to me still that this team right now it's funny because we think long term equity in a way could sit there and say it's it's really vote short term right now though without Isaiah. Because this team right now. The way they built I expected to be needs to conference finals and if things go crazy in Cleveland they could be in the in the pot in in the championship right finals. Without Isaiah Victor and a close. And the other concern too is unique it's a disabled Isiah is gone and nail to give a Max money won't. It's not like you know reason why they give a Max money they can because he's he's bird rights. So if they don't give Max money to a guy like Isaiah is gonna be really difficult to get another match player on this roster given where they are as well if the work really hard for that. The really moving forward the best opportunity is to have Isiah and his other on this roster moving forward and an opportunity to win. If he can't go audit or values hurt this year and tries to play because if you're Isiah Thomas. Knew every athlete with the goal is to avoid going under the knife right between the last of course so you're trying to push it off. For a couple of reasons and one that I can get through the year and show them healthy enough to play basketball I'm a free agent in my contract. The other option school in the ninth and missing an entire year. And they try to send a big concert at the missed an Italian sisters for him at times such as always studio I'm try to play all right I'm trying to get through the years like get my money. Yeah and then and then how long can hide it release that he's healthy or he just trying to hide it yet and even if your head coach is saying. Not not not even Chacon is like we don't really know. We don't know yet we're not sure how it's gonna look a problem immediate I know it's August on the sees it really feels like a season just end it but it opened camp so. Open camps known and that Imus at the first games in October now a early October when I check on that right look at a from please. Yes this is this is a serious issue not only for him but for the Celtics moon for because. I can easily see him missing almost like a first half of the season. You know if he misses the first half of the season because it's just not right but if it but that it could turn the north those nagging things. What else got their employer have a surge in the off season anyways more as a matter. Mountain and read some Biarritz on. Little to concern the I do idea of the reduced when your record so you rated text the Colbert punch. Punch those entering this McGregor Mayweather fight has come of this set who will be in Vegas actually coverage Thursday and Friday. They tax the Colbert punch 237937. Right now within the next ten minutes to be entered to winning McGregor verse Mayweather pay per view party pack. Includes a 200 video gift card by the fight general contest rules apply messaging generates. Also apply some text the word punch. 23797. Right now to enter to win I read back at that is irregular across the Owhali keeps coming up next it's Fauria and Maloney. Look at it takes a more because guys still lined up there as well right after this break. You may not like him personally U three guys individually Glenn Miller foray go screw. He's a fan of the show. First I'd like to me bishop it's Fort Wayne Loney and forty. Listen for 10 minutes until 2 o'clock on Sports Radio WEEI. As mentioned earlier that. We are going to be a picture of that and I give him the guest Thursday and Friday I'm I am jealous I'll be Detroit you've been to try not to go to show -- yeah see. Talk limbo despite the stellar nightlife she kind of interest. There is a that there will be interest going going into it but. This public there's a dissertation when I saw this as can be security sought. This is like a great idea but up and there's going to be a million problems associated with this so you wanna Lhasa Mayweather McGregor fight on Saturday night. You go the mend and drive in theater when they're gonna happen fights on those in the big drive in movie theater screen. So this fight starts like how leaked on. 12:31 o'clock. Imagine. You're at you have to drive in punitive NR Durbin on the drive and there are having a es salaam involved I still take him OK but. Drink can think at dusk just like to watch you know we don't pair trample our relatives barbecue and had a Randall time out against further PJ the day this is going to be a disaster of an end to try to get a refund. It's going to be a blast how many fights you think you're gonna see on YouTube. And answer questions because it's just as you saw this on Twitter. You know injuries right yes give me an injury. That. You know if they wanted to maybe fake an injury or for an athlete was distant wanna play would come up with because it's really tough the proof. It's easy was backward in efforts to would you say lower back. Yes and as such today please Matt Barnes and into the withhold backstop. Items at the not a virus. That's primarily as a place Matt Barnes and attending disabled list there's now. With low back strain type in recall that's the blessed us and AAA and low back strain out. It is the one injury that nobody can prove you know it's just my back sort of OK okay you know even if you if you're gonna if you take an extra. And is it you know your rules your missile everybody get everybody's got to everybody over thirty has a bulging disks and a K because it's just what happens you your life just yet so that's not surprised by that at all. So now they're Pitt take that they did it take that option off meant all ranting and raving and yelling and screaming. And days we'll see you September 1 rosters expand anyways. Dozen or so window for some guys to maybe take a little bit of a breather. Com I'll say that I I don't think his back is strained. I cannot and I areas because it does kind of say what you want we talked to Bob Barr's left and right. But at home he has thrown the ball real well we've taken a guy like that out of the equation. At home so almost surprised by it but a additional mental breather I don't. What's going he can't get right. Can't you write so we got to bring a bag until he can figure that means cut you know. 59 appearances. 66 and two thirds innings at second the AL as far as appearances ago. This to mean to smells like a breather down. This smells like just what's his grass I'd and then high towers back to practice and I talked out about it practice full pads off so you get some bad news or good news depending on who you are and what's out of offense you've used it Eddie that's great news. It's a worry or wonder a little bit more about hightower and his availability going into the regular season. It comes back if these he's cleared to play which means he'll probably play in this game. Categories. It's a experience headed to attend radio with. The one danger that nobody can really prove whether it's even heard an odd is that low back strain rich Keefe what's up buddy I was worried about it last night the well that's when we were probably about 10:10 that morning yes. I was as they are hoping it is able to make it through some know Matt Barnes on Nome at Barnes and when you're out of the equation does choose not the pits anybody in the now lost that is a real shame there's no amount arsons or have to use other guys in the states on your follow last night using your word about me yes. Was it just making things up or oppose it was legit. I think it was legit and the thicker the proposals would they would talk about that were due more to today we've been talking about how he's handled the eight innings all season long and for everything loves to issue Warren. Map borrowers says just last week but why does he love Matt Barnes so much we don't know what the the Chris Young pinch running for Christian best is the weight to lose 30. But what took you so I know how to check if you get that our troops by somebody here every second pitch. What do feats you'll pitch like I don't know I don't get them on a prop called stealing more than a Friday night to does a good reason Anderson it brings. Did not Dave Roberts type out there by the people have stopped bitch is done they're waiting on further first place those guys upstairs to hold about you know the body applications radiate and and those salaries there's we've got a benefit plan from Hollywood and you can enjoy good health care we have a moral life packaging for dale that you Larry bottler but big opening I don't know you're growing company rolling out there are times that the parties. I. There. Is no there it is really you guys got that in to a lot of this on that. A lot of that is yeah Ali and keep it coming actually from two to six the boys get to cover will be back at its bloated than law. Or way really is back which is perfect. Is I'm tired of talking on them. Annan I've enormity of efforts owlen the real boys we come back yet he attended a good day everybody. He needs to stay fit right in his ass.