OMF - Angry Lou returns; The Yankees are everything the Red Sox are not. 10-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, October 19th

HOUR 3:Lou doesn't remember his halloween costumes as a kid. The Yankees are good and likeable, unlike the Red Sox.Yankees vs Dodgers World Series would be HUGE ratings
Patriots ratings are down. Glenn “Watching the yankees, the sox need to sign a "Stanton" player” Glenn “Alex Cora will be announced as the manager on Monday.” The Red Sox need to be likeable for business to be good. NFL ratings are down due to the protests per the latest study. Angry Lou returns


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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 or wait compares his potential you know going past carrier Irving is the number one guy on this team because I think he's gonna have missed you he's gonna be your number one he always on quick routes you make it a great point quickly and Lou and Christian I enjoy amid big guys by the way I know they bubbling to his short America give another show more credit and we didn't know you know I know we didn't say we're not gonna do it in what was I doing it for a hates my guts I could hear that yesterday believing the jealousy bleeding over the air which is fine. Comment on math and orbit Malone before in my guys there the best sportsman at issue in this investment to issue a single thing else you think they do a preacher that made this show for me right now is working -- they got into the good job they've clearly found a rhythm we think they do a great chance I think what I was saying it too wasn't it was a busy taking phone calls from 96 year old. Outdoors through a tube is a tip that those guys tough talking baseball. On Sports Radio WEEI. I would recommend quite useful when I was in the market. You really know song yeah he's on the physically and if you crown from little decry anything re wanted to try to reproduce the drugs the study was weak to you Duhon there was little nervously yeah service. Apologies it was a lot of back and forth like it's like dirt can reclaim it with each other. They'll get better. Yeah he's going to be back while it did make it worse and might get a little bit well I don't worsen to get better hopefully our viewpoint on Halloween committee terrible storm all the style at least different you know customs that he doesn't brother stuff like that is not a problem is now. It's great for Halloween and in a custom now. But I would hope that I was invited. If I had time what would you go to this little until about a motorcycle went what do you know restless and shackled up like that big of what's you don't want to you don't clean or some like there's a growing. It is Wednesday we'd what you want you to get better information. They'll. I eat out and out like talent he hated how we would never dress up for Halloween it I hated despised and it's one of candy thing. Not my favorite holiday actually I'm an honest nobody it's not hated it so we'll look not my vote I was always a bubble and might get I was gonna say it you always affordable and Lou what baseball player program when your kid. It was a baseball you never did. Now don't that it wants now. The only Halloween costume not an owner was that was a good on the auto loans I imagine orderly really be really into Halloween houses way to experience and you can't you know let him in every Hamlet as a result was on here mr. early I'm usually one. No I think goes it was like Lego like a bomb. I don't know what you all know I don't know I don't know dissent what you tell I don't remember as always if I have an old football uniform out of stats I don't but by the way that is not politically correct. While I'm human analyst as a homeless guys I think it's going to be outside that's a politically correct and you just bombing. Minister olives he had a cork in the ninth in new article are pour into the black stuff on the court than you currently you know yeah I'd like. I doubt we do I'd like with a but he just ultimately all of without a court all of you feel one quarter. Yes. Covered to death -- different really I'm like do you. Take a plane today that a court like a woman like anybody I want to put all of his face and I early phase of like Bernie and then use it on you for so keep league wild life and economic base and on and on fire burning it. And then did blow off the plane up and walk right now that's what's that they can then use it I that you can make our collective yeah riding past all of your face is just. It Cassius marsh of what's life and others are you can't ultimately give him any I can't. Do remember is. At what cost because he eats ice. When you won here it was Tom Cruise Tom Cruise from risky business had had had it my underwear all over the world when and underwear and Mike fox. That was there has on this night and it doesn't tell us how cold while I don't think how and when as Tom Cruise in risky business. And did well that's good luck. Items as the Michael PBG says okay all right Jason and. Nobody cares if one is that Richard Nixon won here. But it was a mask a bottom that this is so cheap version rightly Wal-Mart Alyeska Arnold plastic mask that's pushed him I think a lot of effort into an apparent but it was it was good stuff it was created enough of a talk about this is you know Red Sox fans think two years ago. It's working we're looking at the Boston Red Sox and we're talking about the the minor league system we're talking but the abuse. We're talking about how great this is going to be a whole new generation base the base of the next championship. Unit of Boston Red Sox. And then were watching how it faded out. At. How we didn't have ourself for real face of the organization and you certainly didn't have a power that align left you lost David Ortiz. And then you're watching the Yankees and I'm watching the Yankees again last night. They have everything. That we thought we had here in Boston. They've got the face of the organization if god could young players that are probably going to get better. They've got pitching right now they've got a bullpen that if you if you don't get to him in the first five innings six innings simulator goodnight you go to lose to won't. In out of nowhere they're getting people from Alaska. Pitching out of their minds right now rotations he's tired you have a 129 ERA 125 ERA against his Houston Astros and and hears the can actually going more than two winning isn't it unbelievable here's the killer. They are really. I'll say it really took me favorites like sweet Carolina something to get my mind off I think I'll get I don't get I don't honestly say that they are they a lot. Likable. Yeah in in just the opposite I don't want that's our fans that we sitting in December that if they are simply this there are such an unlikable there and I I don't. The Yankees are so freaking. What are the things and writes out the idiots in minute plea for for the Red Sox right idiots it was like goes public the reds beat the Yankees were corporate yet it's flipped. But the Red Sox a cauldron in the corporate titillated there's no emotion there is no fun you washed out with you watch the Yankees and it's it's it's. Fun team to remind you because it is it gets additional knowledge or Red Sox manually do you hate Yankee fair. You know I mean you hate them because you don't want them to win but he watches team and I I don't know how you hate them you hate the Yankees you hate Yankee fans. But how do you hate this team. Two when the Red Sox have everything that you you want in this type of which is co counsel for magical year it started with a one game plan. They were down 02 the first series down 02 again against this Houston team that we all saw how powerful how dangerous their entire lineup was. And they got that they and they got so they got Aaron Aaron Aaron judge they got all these other players they got the symbol the thumbs down and well. It means is that yeah. I'm outta hell I don't know who's coming and just started I thought. I've got to at least yelled out there that we have to sec guy named in. The Mets who stood up with a thumb down the side to connect these things are good at these press conferences these fake press conferences and Chicago which is like hysterical you mentioned to. This young group has already created late you know history here. You're in a one game plane in the one you know in judge had a big role in that Sanchez and are down 02 outta Cleveland. Nate they already as a group now Noelle what it takes to come back 02 against a very good team. You know then it down 020 to Houston and he did it take the next three and it might take a bigger take a series. They're already created history and stuff that they can always go back to in the future no question it's jam nightmare. Yeah and the young and the young Red Sox players are not. Getting any of this stuff when you think all of it Columbo but you really haven't ever met that that was those things those years of those teams. Would you say kind of happens. Just by chance know this is not a not not so good my point is but if you put them and another good it could put that you know it was created because. You've had a one game poignant and and you will both be here anyways anchors to rattle me personally don't know. To let me do this with you could we said you've the last couple years talking about the Red Sox. Are solid for years to come at shortstop and right field. Center field this year you might have developed a they left fielder and ranchers let her base OK tell your so so so let's do it at shortstop would you rather have Zander OK would you rather have DDO based on his passion do you have any Erica okay. Aaron judges' good as shallow right yet Hillary it'll take air every judge is as I who said he's the MVP he's the one that created this he started the whole journey changed that are on the ropes and and is watches Vasquez had a terrific year this year you get. Oh look there's just like why can't it social from bats. Have a section like a bolt out yet but it worked like club you'd only reason when he gets a hit or something like that anybody wears like a bowling shirts and will keep that's what do you do that he's leverage our catcher but there's never been. About this last year that rookie debts could very well been the MVP of the week. And yet he doesn't have that persona out there. There are judged it for you could even argue that every judge actually believe right now but the Yankees create peppering her judge. I don't know how to create I don't assignment he was usually he had been hit in the game you okay yeah. They admit they they are marked him out and marketing help it. The market does the market itself help it would he did was everything you know that's why I still say he's MVP the American League he carried on more. Mitt and more responsibility. I think that ultimately ever did down in Houston you right. This kid was he took on everything candidates and to do with the mid summer slide because the responsibilities and what he did everything. He get distracted what do you want it's Paula welcome to detain anyone who are they didn't didn't play very well. You're right this one he's the MV in my mind you want he's gonna win it I think ought to be is gonna win it. You know but you're one of the things we've always talked about the hate with the Yankees and their Red Sox rivalry and in one thinks we missed was the fan bases. This is I think fan bases had given up you know we're Yankee fans though right now even the last ten years right. Nowhere to be found TV restore awful shot at he eighteen was mediocre and nothing. Now all of a sudden you're gonna start to hated again what I thought he might bring back some of that because they get the Yankee fan column and even security you know what. After you like I did now take this team and you see you need the teams need everything neat and bases yankees gets out now. I like it and I liked his little good base he said I tell you you hit it right and head to. The Red Sox on the corporate uptight he's a bit they're dirt model all the issues and try to be politically correct at least that's what it feels like your president it. And but in the Yankees like they're a fun team there that there they're the blue collar team. I saw this last week and are. Judge was asked questions as he struck out of twelve all eyes fourteen at bats or something like that was. Ask a question after the game about all the strikeouts and he came up with a creative clever. Answer with a smile on his face on the whole war. David Price is asked the question of you know what did you think about your performance tonight and you get nothing out of so the personality is part of they are extremely likable and for all we went to the summer so how much pressure resistant. On Dave Dombrowski right now to treat at least three or drive both the Yankees are rivalry now. That is right the runner is that good let's suppose you can't match them. You can't the arrival leisure matching. They dumped by the Red Sox. As far as what is. And if. Yes. And I think they have which is good because they you back in the day they always wore. In Albany I don't sit there in Singapore Red Sox and Dave Dombrowski correct the last two years and signed David Price to trade for Chris Sale. In the water's gonna add another big bet this year so they gonna be I would say probably on the same. Playing field. The differences. Is what the Red Sox have done the last two years in the post season what this young group is doing right now okay had his complete opposites. So you've got a group next you're walking in the post season deputy yankees. And your experience though they might blows there's less safe than cinema blow the series whatever it is but they've already accomplished stuff there. They're gonna be comfortable. Next October. Your team is not. Your entire rotation is not. I that your your core young youth in this organization won't beat. You know and if you could bring in Stanton house eBay in the post season. At scenic OG Martinez summing you to bring in anybody you want in TDs this this year but. I just yeah they got to step ahead because of what they're doing right now on what you but it voted for the last two years. Remember that the Red Sox were talking about Todd Frazier at the infiltrate into. And finally he answered go to the Yankees and what most people said here except a little homer and every once in awhile but he'll be irrelevant. According to the players he's changed the entire mood of the clubhouse always. Knows yeah. He can. They would always. He's a topic that Christine you always have always need a yes and you know always been a good clubhouse guy you know I don't you know. I'd I don't I don't mind now one but the minute they made that trade we said the biggest. Addition they had that deal was Roberts yes he's been any has spent the spectators that no freaking clue what he's doing right now. Robertson is is the Andrew Miller for them Robertson the data comes in tough Campbell becomes Robertson. He was the biggest pick Japanese aren't going anywhere he's your next year to. They're only gonna get better but usually get better as well. You play any of resource to go to improve this team didn't as today it is what's made do you think they would have trouble against calculus I thought they would have some difficulty and it came must if there and it got to. It amazes me is what their rotation doing this one. Right but they're doing what on what you get to the Houston bullpen you've got right. And you get past fur lined you guessed that you get past cycle you you've got when you get it's an apple and well that's the bullpen has always been the weak link of Houston's the Red Sox were good enough to expose it. But we said before the open open open that's why didn't believe in Houston but your Red Sox team the first two games never showed up and just could not take advantage of it. Just what could not take advantage I don't know one Yankee fans to call Allred I don't hear that. Need to give the gloating okay so let's difference or Red Sox fans especially off a little but it doesn't off a little bit yankees are good. Their likable and might even win the whole flight which is amazing oh am I benefit you guys take that job may be. A street. Please don't do it on Sports Radio WEEI. Other right handed Giles has sent. So you feel if that's what's fun about that rally. Is John what are your thoughts. Know that there two nights ago was going on as they were hit the floor. Allows it. Is that Depp as the Yankees were rallying judge at a double to tie in stages at double a go ahead of their jewelry on misery you know one of those things so this is gonna be so I don't value message sterling sterling is obnoxious to begin with he's even more obnoxious. When they're good guys like that that that's. Yankee fans. See you see I have this overdone it a rock for years Austin winning and in the senate infuriate latency and the race dominated you know Boston fans suck too and they win but Yankee fans saw more. You think bad winners you think they're better suckers and we are bad winners though. There. That's the missing that's the missing piece you always hate Yankee fans what they they've had nothing to cheer about another gonna come back on pagan religious hatred again. And just add to the hole in old crappy ratings for the F belly that the baseball ratings which have improved you've told us that ratings have been out say they're gonna go all through down the Frick in a room off its dodger Yankee dodger yankees. So school. Almost all bettors Columbia deep into the fat or online games got general notions of hatred with dia patriots local ratings were down 8%. Saw that in 27 of the thirty they only do 31 teams because there eliminating the charges apparently out of the blocks that take. How they feel about thirty out of 3127. Teams readings are Dallas Cowboys 7% Europe patriots eat. There it's the voters are yet our caller I took down you know start the start throw that in there and go wait for that our other we're talking about the Yankees Yankee readings were up this year by it he. 4% goes to what Louis same church Yankee shuttle off. The Yankee fans shut shut them down here this election I don't jump 58% to 50% because nobody walks last year exactly you know I mean it's it's it's back to where they probably should be but if Red Sox on the Red Sox brass right now. I am watching that. Out in new York and I'm saying to myself. We need what can stay in the offseason. We need to go and and and and change they change the attitude in the face of this team and by the way. By bringing in Alex core who'll be announced the manager of the Red Sox on Monday 800%. I don't care what that there are media outlet in in San Juan saint. I've got an at all or under per cent fare that's not gonna change the attitude out there so stop it gives you some. The pick and. Have to measure things there and those. I I think Stanton makes a huge nothing changes stains that every you know third inning he was he's a star. Okay anything is a long ball hitter it is exactly you you've already heard the Khyber European fans out there is a bad game they don't care they still love can you imagine. I'm John Carlos didn't come here you don't think there's going to be none I already manager it's more than that. That's nonsense I think it's more than I mean if its stand comes here in and plays and hopefully he stays healthy he's you know but nothing else. Changes in his is disconnect. With this fan base in this team you know if if nothing else changes on the stand changes anything really don't play well. This marquee vets who is a terrific baseball player. Is there a personality somewhere there you actually yanking guys and they're doing it abuse their. This personality to the team but their budget guy isn't there. That all their personalities that led to which one guy I don't judge may be the MVP he may be the leader but CC sabathia is an interest in duke wouldn't say. This fascinating. You know fat does a funny as a father now that it went up as a personality with smokey but there's there's that feeling that it's it's. Us against the world which is which works for some teens but this team here or if it did the brows she's got a job to do it and say and Gary's got a job that if you cannot sit as they go oh my god. People in Boston or Los is post season and there actually picked they picked at Yankee teams likable and ours isn't. Like that that's its is that this and Kennedy issue the what does he have to do. You know lately you know just that marketing kind of guy you know president of this organization now it's great point here is getting a zone and it. It in the hole the hole and Shakespeare medal hobble animal experiment that was too. To use like character. Into the pit Harvick tried to do any or all these things have to happen organically naturally. Force the issue Abbott who's right about Sam Kennedy he's got a lot of work to do now. Because your body your goal and think about this your fan base was brought out. On heating the New York Yankees he came out of the woman the first thing you did you hate the Yankees all right if they've they've bridging generations and generations here where the this the Red Sox can be played any team and people start chanting 37000. Yankees suck okay. Not play any yankees play in the royals let's say now suddenly you've got Boston thinks they're going. And other New York this but that's the type it is not like that. Outside there and I don't like now everywhere ready they're the underdog that made me want to. Now from a marketing standpoint lose right champ Kenny got a lot of work to that's a big thing to over over today. I telephone calls his Villa Riviera bill. Guys. I live and greet us and sports moment I had met suck and don't let it all went to. Read about it. And yeah I just look at all. I epidemic and we why we don't have. It. This rebuilding new York and we. Are. And I ERA in general pointed out our project. I you've got. I met in your little loose. By that people. Think of them are you asking why I like that are out. All of the people we hated gone through attrition we lost the last one being Iraq you're on the team. Probably still. Wet chemistry. I liked I'll order image and a huge appetite. Someone threw eighty. There an end and richer and richer and me. That would rock. You wouldn't like it right now at all about them including Dustin Pedroia went when that they were looking east. Pretoria would be a leader now appears to be a lost soul and acting and chemistry and huge. Yes personality I think is a big problem that's all edited have to improve this roster. But the personalities and issue I mean it's as it is it's it's it's the weight the disconnect between affair thing about the media. The fan base. You know the fans you know again they you'd you'd have disconnect with the media all you want nobody cares of what we're seeing a Sports Radio or old people right. Our but I just think the fans have a certain and it's not just us that they're talking about it and and convincing a fan base and brain washing a fan base this team isn't likeable. Not by any means it's not their heart to see. That that they weren't so you're there in first place all year long and it just never seem like don't you welcome this team now at all known exploit. Imagine if they were struggling there were reports fourth place Canada but getting. They if they always talk about how they always communicate stands and falls to browse skis and Paul Johnson Paul Toms involved. Actually haven't those meetings right now if you're watching what's going on their annual get together you say from a marketing stance four point from baseball competitive standpoint. Gentlemen we've got to do something about this David Price we've got to make a decision we either find a way in this off season. To give him on the same page. Or we've got to which scrapped and we got to find a way of of working around this. Because he's a killer on all of those fronts Luke he's not good enough right now to go out there and and started off games for yeah. So that he takes all of the heat off you can be able. If you're out there when he. One against Arroyo at an away. You know it is it's kind of put the NFL's going through a potential kneeling thing as a business. Business decision you're affecting business. Okay this is what we need to do. You know we need to actually have our fans like that not come off as an ass. You know because the media is is the middleman. You're asked the media mode yet that message he says that a fans. You know we are asked to somebody on in an interview because you don't like the media we are asked to somebody with a clamored for any face because you don't like the guy asking the questions. That interview was seen by your fan base is written is who is read by your favorite base. And then it comes office for us. That's an ass. Right yeah I mean it's got to it's got to hurt so weather's David Price Indianapolis and spring training when a ticket to. For approach I was on me while I'm sorry. But this is a business decision somebody's got to get to and they have to do it as as a group because it affects them on the field. And it certainly affect certainly affects from the box office in the TV you know Christa was bringing up bubbles and of and I agree with you Christian I think they looked at said who we're gonna lose David Ortiz here in the next couple years we need to have another big puffy. The somebody that we can you know people look at things that kids will think he's wearing a costume or something. And so they wanna got problems. What should the baseball people for allowing it to happen and not realizing the Pablo Sandoval is a single share. That you're gonna bring into war ballpark where if you can't hit doubles you can't get to second base and you can't score from first in in meet with doubles. You're in trouble okay and that's what he was. And they get excited about tool out of three appearances in the post season which might have just been perfect timing for him he got hot at the right time. But they'd look I think people looked at the marketing aspect that we you've got to look at David Price right now and you've got to think about the marketing aspect. And all you have to do is look at the Yankees right now to see the flip side is that why am I doing. Some do it now. Are usually articulate that there's other news that Robert I know when it's sent in a cat island Albert. Let's take a Christian you should open your mulch for the rest of the. I agree at all root root Albert OK okay Albert Albert room and allow you to say something okay we just tried not to act like a total idiots ready. A but he did you shop located UTZ as soon as you sound like an idiot. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna shut you off point so here's your children to shut them a lot of talk that already out or are you ready for they go. Soon as soon as you'll just stupid mouth we turned I'll be glad taken out of the I'm I'm on your side Albert. I want you go ahead and make some sense go. Oh. When. Count I'll have a look like I'm glad to have mount Albert that's that's glad I'm not only been in this. Yeah that's not me I have no additional over isn't done to our isn't always loved the puzzle but in the signaling that it settled its long and it doesn't get it. No reported I you're. Quite well. I'd now with a three I don't hold let's all of these things that stood. Hard. I mean he's he's got a lot of morning we got a break. All why. I won't aren't I don't let don't don't you wouldn't. You can think he's acceptable let who want to slow it. On number knucklehead who hears us deep packet. We're not an accident here easy as they say he said this and I am the TS and there are success was all based on me now in laws here that chemistry happens by chance by you guys have been the opportunities have the right chemistry have the right guys and it's created go. So so public having the right to exist. Without it happens by chance I get lucky yeah lucky you have the right group the guys get lucky. Patriot Act chemistry yes they had the right they did a good job bringing the right guys together and the ought nobody and nobody was just the other yes that structured to write a dot. Really get to play GM CN go ahead yeah for me a second go Albert you have a more all yourself we will not cut you off. Item by item are definitely it's I don't know much you I love to brilliant minds together and really get us. I don't know who is dying and I do shiny toy. Used to have never told me about netcam. Never I don't think they they installed it here and you can't reach her uncle elegant and I'd like to do well it would if it goes now so. So did they did they take a look at the staff. Did you can region. To region that can reach is Callahan probably us again. I am an intern Google vigilant but you point yeah we should. Stop and that's when he. Is. It's pretty lines in the company should. You. Removing. Or hey do you like when normally he's a little bit of a fraud. And this and I told the mess he wants everybody else to be as good that he wants to feed a nice guy standing in the back I grew out of a 1000% grandma Sports Radio. Do we. Prevalent form this government. What. Why Albert Albert from Rhode Island that you wash now. Homeland. Got a real big big video shooting at a woody woody was video shipments for but for myself people people when you're doing. Do and as soon as disparate as well says he wasn't it is that this is a middle of the program yes when we sit here we go over what the next segment is going to be like it'll just be Lou and myself YouTube users were trust you guys always say there. Rated about why would you do this at the end of the program tomorrow. Tomorrow because get things to do obviously earned a sort of article she can't go to tool part what is or about what I'm doing after the show it is where you idolize him that dial and Aaron here are. Offended somebody thought if you had a it's our. Where we go Disco all of this is right around Alan B album for an hour and a half but why it's Brian. I'm gonna shields up. Not much so yeah I actually in. So attractive. Or Gordon Hayward to close games out or them with with the departure Isiah. Since the addition of Skype recently out for a second and so Hayward you know he had been used to doing that. Utah he been doing it in college. If you look back at the fourth quarter that Isiah strung together last year. I from him making. A tremendous clutch shots. You live a free throw line. Country is a tremendous shock creator but not necessarily agree that getting himself to the free throw line when. That's that that is 100% incorrect he is one of the best drivers and finishes in the end. Not Federer. Finishes those place he goes to the free throw line. I don't yeah I know I'd I question how much you've seen Kyrie Irving place. That she's gave way to meet he's better going to the hole. Then Isiah Thomas. If you I would like at all happy not accept it there and at that actually show you had an hour and a half fumble in June but at the local. First we will decent. Stuff. I did today and if I love you know how many free throws. Her quarter eyes Eric and it and I think that he recruitment center that sat well I don't know acts I. I don't think you've seen carrier from played much. Carrie Irving's gaming is you get him warm on one off the journal. He you're gone he's going to take off and he's gonna head fake Q he's delusional he's going to the hole and you're gonna catch up in your gonna commit the fall from beyond. What he has trouble doing right now we start last night's game. Is he can't play the isolation game when you've got two people and sometimes a third cheating over to defend him. You've got to give up the boy you gotta get the ball back he's got to figure this out. My point is he's got to be calm now with no Gordon Hayward he's got to become more like Isaiah Thomas in the fourth quarter. Or they're gonna be a 8841. Team this year. Yeah 100%. I agree I'm. I think it's gonna go to hold on what it's worth the wait and yeah. Yeah and had a good time to watch videos secretly watching kinds of different restaurants and he. Access to. Should we don't usually don't this is particularly if you go to Atlanta and third this analytics as well. Honor free toys in the political Emelianenko somebody to look up an excuse that the look at what it off. On zealots in the car pillow. They were on the peripatetic. What are good that come from you know a big. First person almost you know Celtics patriots fans are the two sport orbit the my lips. Are going into that they're even. A public saw a little bit whacked and stressed that it never felt I don't think you're just have things that are changing people's minds or make them not watch. If you look at anything that you hear about you know well. They're just big salute negativity. Whether it could sell giving somebody your band with no audience. Or you know someone. In the domestic dispute getting arrested or precaution. I haven't seen a lot of the domestic stuff to seek this year yet that's been at and that's that from college. And that's been gone back and forth traffic to mix and jets don't I don't. Usually it's it's one guy out of how many guys and it for a I don't know but figured to exit issue I think that's down. Come dogs because you ambassador Sikhs have been a big case right. But to be honest and mowing the and its unique case that the more you centered him in his girls after he's you know already set up yeah he's got a case dole. Yeah me Corbett now with the NFL Wellesley where there's smoke as well I don't I don't care and came right or wrong gap she's usually putting an album and if I am I'm concerned ratings aren't OK so what does NG percent in this market which you never thought was gonna happen their depth. Last year it was a record low right and also actors at all because of the election on Monday night there was debates it was everything else will be shoot it down from last year. That was historic low. Last year we blended debates. We're all on cloud cap McNealy I do think it has a lot to do with trump and the patriotism and zero researchers showing that you mention it as well. You're a couple weeks ago Christian talking to somebody from CBS. The internal research is showing that it is the nationally and that's what happened these meetings and really got to realize. It's all sports. It's of baseball playoffs it's all sports other than a baseball Cutler ratings are going down that other than base of the baseball because people. Just watching sports differently and they don't wanna face the fact it's more than that and last year it was election this year it's gonna be the kneeling next year at an original. How has it in Alex and make it until I sat talent of the people at the yes I really thought the whole focus group it was just song like some you know four truck commercial. But I you know and and wall opens at length is picked the Ford F 150. I actually did it multiple times it's it's almost like they didn't believe the first number that they got so they did it again. The numbers came back even that either the same or worse. So this wasn't just you know some ire from so person or hurt no problem horse's mouth right. Any of the independent studies what is he out here they're showing well it's nice that the race had it it has the most. If they affect the ratings are down at little or nothing to do with the way they're looking and watching games. 80% of it had to do with CONCACAF chronic and and the players taking a knee as like he essentially yes that's a real number. Or they're actually she in the digital numbers down now as well Lou which is amazing because you think you would like that more people are now switching over to digital. And that had the you know their new games on on digital stuff right now seat at the what they I don't think we we talked about this last year there were a lot of crappy game especially on Thursday night. There are some good games this year. Good games now this note Dominique team out to the worst game with Stanford and LA and it was outstanding stand the best game right 'cause it was a high scoring game lot of parents read a sports. But I think big games have been better I find myself more intrigued. But the games but I do that's why they're making such a big huge deal. But getting together with the owners and the players can now it's affecting the pocketbook. Of the owners will get its of that coming up the next hour. Where we don't you're gonna mark mark symmetric. Pentagon announced that corrects up met this with you is if you don't you don't write mark you don't pronounce the deep mess. With us. Yeah RB I meant that some aren't. I wanted to born great some boxer and an author OK open a lifelong yankees trail okay and I with the current state. That I did not expect it and they even get through one game playoff game against Minnesota let alone in one went away. Complaint and at 28 world championship. Its estimates. There. Let's not okay. No one cannot I want to let the New York except actually won't predicting. I actually liked it when I assume that's how likeable you know that have so much talk about equal am I know you don't get a to duplicate it exactly when you've got 027 edge you out and 02 and a technically to lead and they want to wait alt the World Series. It is a problem what they did receive. What is it is also the flip flop the old. You know the stereotype of what the Yankees the Red Sox percent of corporate team and an edit group with the yet if it kind of makes the comment. That standard of Bogart's made. About what everybody thought we were gonna get swept the whatever kind of the next year jet kennel last that whole thing off for accountability that sounds evens itself and your group that doesn't know. Doesn't get it the doesn't know anything yet. Do you think the Red Sox are right now sit at home watching this and we wondered did you. And our products are not uncommon I'm done with you was a caller and I don't know crackdown and already trying to govern our government a Yankee fan I get rid of them. But he only if he's right in a pisses us off but he's right. But it should really to softer Red Sox front office right now they have to do something about this because is one thing about your team being good and you know maybe they can be good pictures Lucent they let the confusion all year more. Wind dance repeat great theater dance act but cemetery three nearly the only Red Sox team respond but she'll tell you were watching god was. And it wasn't. Sorry it wasn't Willis some great wins shore extra innings. That they show the resiliency that John Ferro screened every single opportunity could then yes they did when times are tough but. They were they were good and today they wanted to corporate way they win a laughable way. We really enjoyed it when you talk about the grip there were times we sat there and talked about what it really gritty two point seven out of the last thing and then they don't want to swoon and and the horn Stan. They would they would lose a home stands at it without just out. So they they were inconsistent. Record but I think it's deeper than that I think Iraq. He's going to be by the way if it is the Yankees and the Dodgers moved on TV ratings or he's gonna audience so I don't outfield and you'll be reading good radio at a very day by day basis yet as they don't get they won't get numbers they engage as I don't know but the Charlotte's to see the wheels and I don't know officially glitzy and almost he's not alone. I didn't and I didn't know if you know that the numbers are I don't know I don't know what we'll look at it right now Otis is whether ratings are good but then again a concern of baseball's dies there on the effective to be like that wait a minute you've got New York the number one market -- you've got Ellis the number two market and you've got Chicago the number three market in the only a free just baseball franchise that people care about Chicago right. She get the top three markets and the state tires because you large statewide water excuse liners or anyone is indeed the daily excuses in my football ratings are down. Like baseball ratings are up but she's getting tired of defending that. Because it's just it goes back to a whole baseball is dying the demographic nobody cares anymore it's it's it's just not truths on society put let's not let's put this on a home ward if that's not true at all. No one out with young people mat owner sorry L ratings are going up as others. So I am curious theaters or any opportunity for baseball to go the World Series to go up against football head to head generous wall known look at the schedules. It's not an apartment as far as like if you look at schedule there's only one again I'd be game five up. Some Sunday October to organize without BS announcer tonight in right. Mueller was but it beat the giants Dallas game. Playoffs beat details that Monday night game a cynic. Just by Aron president bitter small market and mortgage doesn't doesn't matter. Well and anyone with a New York in Dallas went in football you look at those small markets and I don't John York to Dallas started talking a little jealous is down well then than I thought of nausea what's the child's abilities why aren't they rolled it in America stunning new you look for God's eyes if yeah -- even on now sitting on now what night got a double person be adult leadership I suspect they can beat up beat 0% I hope they get married again tonight and hear about it African month. I put downs order ways might that's what I really yet really Lou and I should each have a personal legal hand held device. Just like this one right in it like to put down the bottom of the callers can do that. Happened bit of a playoff game lost like a ball game and and here in order to prevent defense. So baseball game he's a football game and now we get more excusable or his use of sensors. And not the markets in Dallas in New York market looks an awful lie. I hope I'm here with you guys for for a long time I just opened here long enough of the day when his Sunday selection processes that. And given a baseball I wanna go play lacrosse are so I don't know we just. Waiting for the open and that's that's gonna help him out on Long Island and how baseball president so excited because this kid plays baseball right now media how the lord is my son's. I feel the helicopter dad everywhere aren't I don't often does an. Did you do anything wants except as Leila Ross. But what I'm looking forward to the game and I'm looking forward to is locked in here one day and Brady is gone into problem breaks it called blown and Gillette's not sold out because we'll all would never diagnosed now with the patriots after about two years and not make it a post season because football never die in his town. So are dying in his town because that's something. Okay. The Sox this. Now that I will meant to meanwhile the Red Sox at this and every last that is in a row and still get ratings the only team that appears the last. It's a good ratings patriots finished last may as well that like in Don. All right they had done it might not happen applied sixteen years fifteen years but yeah well that's what it does is gonna happen mark my words in my sunk into everyone knew he had played across. You'll every little this. Isn't going to be on the back of junior Ron in. Positions that last. You're listening to Halloween this year you mark Lilly Gotti. Lou it's a Gotti was in did you would you rather than your Wal-Mart peroxide and I don't care boat loads of loads guiding. Yeah like yeah I criminally little good days coming hate what day we've all been there days coming when you kid walks in the room. Since. That's why don't care but I don't came up big deal to keep in only a part of it looked okay amount that's okay president Eduard I don't know I know that it's on this particular bit of your key community daddy had a Libyan radio and I don't forget to remind. Did the inventor of radio sun doesn't. Like but I'm telling you they I want to be me is when the patriots. Almost in the number one team. It is illegal for so long we think it's ever gonna die it's always gonna die it's it's it's it's its sixth what's called sickle. Don't think the call gain cyclical it's going to be staying with a knowing the patriots are third and every person who degrees and a lot of gall and Angela Mason but it will trust me when I go on into another hour. Don't go that sort version of all never die let some guy. I don't know deal with. Coming up tomorrow what occurred in Callahan Mike Mike nasty series which cherry. And tomorrow but man. Then Richard Geist from must would object that we're stuck in my tomorrow that was the equipment okay motor vehicles I leases for Michael all the times and there are I'd weekend you know what is true Israel walk at least there's a lot of these mornings with Kurt can. Morning starting at 530 on Sports Radio 937. WEEI and WEEI dot com box Dayton.